Monday, May 6, 2013

Q and A 2013 - Kat Kerr Speaks About Christ's Victory

1 hr 13 in. Kat recounts the age of dinosaurs.

1 hr 26 min Kat talks about the impact of watching movies with negative content. God is going to have his own movies produced. Hollywood is going to have a revival. 14.2 million young people are now watching the bible and Jesus' series.

What is coming - movies are coming which are moral, with good scripts, and great stories.

Kat released on anointing on Hollywood. Many are changed. Hollywood is coming out with good stuff.

1 hr 37. Creativity anointing. You can pray this.

2 hr 7 min in. Moses was shown video of the whole history, so he could write the Pentateuch. John received the same type of revelation. These guys were summoned.

2 hr 29 min in. If God shows you darkness, you stand up, you use your words to take authority, and you take the darkness down! This is another change the church needs to make.

In the last NDE I posted, the African lady, our fashion is not appreciated by the Lord, and is even culture which follows that which in hell. God is releasing fashion entrepreneurs on this earth, and he is going to bless them. Christian entrepreneur, take note. The Holy Spirit will release ideas to you.

2 hr 33 in. Here is something I've always had an impression I could do, and this comes from God. Kat teaches to declare God save your whole family branch, and even your family line. You can be an intercessor to save your family branch on the vine. Rather than a few grapes, God will pick the whole bunch. I have for a long time held the theory, and I feel this is from God, partly for I am a gardener, when the harvest comes, you go, and you collect all the grapes on a single branch. Yes, you clear the branch. In this case, the branch who are saved in completion is your family. Will you declare? Will you stand for your own family? This is from God.

2 hr 37 in. Kat talks about these idea seeds God drops. I have always had these technology seeds dropped in my lap 6 months before they appeared on the market. I knew the invention and had drawn it before it came out. It's true. God is dropping these creativity seeds upon the church and upon believers.

11 min in. Mary is discussed.

29 min in. Kat teaches Christians they have power and authority in him.

39 min in. Jesus goes to Hell. Satan lies to his kingdom about the fact he's got the Son of God. He sets up a torture display. Each day, Satan is surprised God did not come to get Christ. He called in all his guys, and he was going to torture Christ. Day 2. No rescue party. Jesus was saying nothing. God was saying nothing. Good story.

44 min in. Day 3. The planned timing for the display. Christ strips jewels off of Satan. Christ shines. His light impacts all the powers of darkness who have shown up to watch his torture. Demons do not love each other.

I will propose this could even be like David's song. I am wondering about a connection. This is a bit like that song! Wow! This almost makes me shake! I've been listening and singing this for a couple weeks.

When God the Father shows up, he sends lightning and thunder out.

Do you hear this? God first responds. Then, Christ stands up. Yeah!!! 46 min in.

Then, this goes to 58 min in. 58 min in also agrees with David's song. With prophets and prophecy, there is recurring fulfillment.

Look at what Jesus did? This is the Jesus we have access to. Do we get this? You get this when you ask Jesus into your heart. God permits this same anointing to come into you when you ask Jesus to come into your heart.

This would be a good movie. Celebrate Jesus' victory. This is excellent warfare training.

The tribulation does not seem like such a big problem when you hear this training.

Do you see the praise bracelet? Is that cool? Don't you want one?

22 min in. Family structure in heaven.

Here's a small Lord of the Rings teaching point. God calls each of us Precious.

We get how Golam loved that ring. Well, God loves us that much, except with no ugly.

No time in heaven. Yeah!

31 min in. God explains conception. At conception, your guardian angel comes and stays with you.

33 min in. Fire flies in God's breath. The Father of Lights (the lights are us).

38 min in. (Heb 12:1) The Holy Spirit is a Drama King. They call him this in heaven. When he reveals prophecy, he likes to reveal it in poetry.

45 min in. Michael holds Lucifer for judgment. God kicks him out.

At 1 hr in. Kat sees a couple hundred years ahead. She sees the tribulation here ahead in time. In another post, I interpreted this to be 30ish.

1 hr 3 or 1 hr 4 min in. We create our own negative or positive atmosphere with our words. 1 John 2:27.

The anointing in this verse breaks the yoke. She talks about the garment hem. The garment hem coming over my foot in my last song (God's last song) is about receiving an anointing. I am just learning this as I listen. We are supposed to do this. Peter and Paul did this. Here is another clue for us.

1 hr 6 Spiritual warfare tip.

1 hr 8. Addiction tip. Carry through to 1 hr 15 or so.

1 hr 20 min 49 s. You are friends with your guardian angel in heaven. You hang out.

1 hr 23 min in. John Wayne's conversion experience.

1 hr 26 min in. This is the concept of doors opening to other landscapes. This is the concept of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. People have doors to other landscapes from doors in their homes. God put this idea down to us, and the concept does exist in heavenly home structure.

1 hr 30 min in. The mark. Kat shows how Satan basically makes a copycat of what exists in heaven. He's borrowed the idea to corrupt people.

1 hr 32 in. Art comes to life in heaven.

1 hr 37 in. God sends out lightning bolts of love. When that love strikes a person, they fall on the floor. When God does this in heaven, people fall on the ground, everywhere. They giggle.

1 hr 49. When a man curses, you fill Satan's moat. This is below the castle.

The Holy Spirit loves dance. Jesus loves to dance.

Jesus provided for his disciples.

Jesus also did not just receive a couple simple gifts when he was 2. He was brought 3 caravans of stuff. The family was completely supplied. This is the year of the Camel on the Jewish calendar. The money this year is going to change. God is bringing his camel trains to believers.

1 hr 56 min. Kat says prophets train people today, so they know what to do - basic skills.

2 hr in. Kat has you pray for yourself. You lay hands on yourself. You receive an anointing. You receive training how to release it. Release the anointing. It breaks up darkness. Anoint a set of tissues. Those tissues can travel. Wherever they go, they heal. Kat takes dominion over a hotel as she walks in.

I release the anointing and I evict any darkness from my home right now! In Jesus' name.

This anointing is a spiritual tool!

2 hr 8 Kat shows a fire angel. He is going to every state in America. This is a photo of an angel.

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