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Alberta Restoration Concepts #23

Apparently, there was a clip of a woman's wardrobe coming out of flood conditions on the news.

If that wardrobe was MDF, it should probably go to the garbage.

If the wardrobe is wood, I would recommend letting it dry.

I understand the paint came off it, when the wood swelled.

In building boats, there's wood products that stay in tact for 100 years.

Okay, for this wardrobe, should it be wood, it would swell, and then as it dried, it would shrink again.

A few junctures might come undone, but a wood worker could put these back together.

Sand the furniture down.

Treat it with boiled linseed oil with turpentine (solution #2 here mentioned for in an earlier post I had another).

I am assuming the turpentine kills stuff off and the oil displaces the water in the wood - I think.

I wonder if the same type of oil could treat 2 x 4s.

Okay, then paint.

Just One More Step...

I've been praying all the prayers I have prescribed here.

There's been a compelling on my heart.

I went to the store and bought a bunch of grape juice boxes.

I've added to the day, the Lord's supper.

Why? Well, it finishes the battle off.

According to Derek, when a Christian does this, when the demonic show up, the light of Christ burns them.

It sounds good to me. I could use a little help here. If my reader is feeling under attack, pray. If you find in any way you are lacking, grab the components for the Lord's supper. Juice and bread.

Then, follow your convention from church.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #22 What About Concrete?

Alberta Restoration Concepts #21 Wood Strengthener

If you have OSB floor base, or other wood which has been compromised, let it dry completely.

Then, apply this:

After this has dried, I would consider either installing on this (check their outcome expectations) or I would install in the opposite grain another layer of floor base (OSB or plywood), or concrete board, and then install your flooring on top of that.

This would be for upper floors I think.

This product is paired with this:

Here is a greater spread of the products:

The Song Bearer

In Christianity, and in marriage, we are in covenant with God. In both cases.

In the Lord of the Rings, Bilbo was the ring bearer.

Having memorized a song, God made me a song bearer. It is a little like being Bilbo. He's breaking apart the truth of the song. Piece by piece. What a reward for holding a song within me.

How about you? Have you got a song from the Psalms hidden in your heart, mind, and soul to transform and change you from the inside out?

I plan to take John Paul's prayer to be a light bearer and put it into song. That is a complete song based on scripture declarations. There's not a piece in it which does not support scripture.

When that is made, please consider listening to it, and then you don't have to use my song, but make your own. Be a songbearer. You will find God will take you on a teaching adventure.

Or find a psalm off of the Donna's Song page links to the Psalms.

However you do it, be a song bearer. God speaks through song. Did I know that before? No. The adventure brought me here. Are you on a learning adventure with God? Start one.

What scripture might you make into your song? Then meditate on the waves of melody, and watch if God does not start breaking apart a revelation for you.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #19 Hardwoods

A friend of ours had a dishwasher flood 3-4 weeks back. The hardwood was treated with fans.

Here is the impact on hardwoods.

It has finally dried out. Some of the little corners on the edge of each wood panel has worn.

The hardwood when wet buckled against each other from swelling.

Now, it has dried, and there are some little warps.

Now, consider the new hand scraped version of hardwood.

The homeowner chose not to change the hardwood once it was treated. That is because it is not that bad.

It is passable. I do not know if the floor was treated with a chemical sanitizer. That would be interesting to know.

Bruce Goodfellow might have some insight on what to do in a flood.

The floors have been salvaged and are not being replaced. If there's a few ripples, and it looks overall not bad, you just gained a hand scraped look on your floor.

Check out your floor. What do you think? Does it pass aesthetically?

Alberta Restoration Project #18 Camping Towels

Any readers who camp or boat or clean their favorite car, there's camping towels that soak up 6 x or more of their weight in water. There's sponges like this too.

This would be a handy clean up tool. It is faster than using a regular rag.

You need a bucket to put the water into, and empty it frequently.

Mountain Equipment Coop and Canadian Tire are two likely suppliers.

Alberta Restoration Project #17 - Plant a Garden

In the event that worldwide flooding or droughts and heat waves impacts our agricultural crops or food transportation, after the house emergency is tended to, plant a garden.

Put in a bunch of stuff including canning and freezing items.

You will be bringing down your grocery bill.

There is also something therapeutic about working the soil. There is pleasure in seeing a positive outcome and eating it.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #16 - Pull Out and Air Dry Carpets

Now, not all can do this, but it is worth considering.

Pull out your carpets. Treat the wood floors underneath with sanitizing products. Let it dry.

Then, steam clean your carpets on the driveway. For the underlay, I would consider changing it.

Then, re-install the carpet once it is dry. This requires again some version of a tent coverage. Get one from Costco.

Put down tarp short term on your lawn, get the carpet out, and get it treated.

Now, regarding the re-install, many carpet installers won't install used carpet, for that does not make their company money. However, it can be done. The tools are not expensive. You need a kicker. You can leave your strips in place or replace them, if you want the area under to be exposed to dry and be treated.

The only potential issue is you might overstretch it, but just watch and adjust your kicking to how the carpet is reacting, and cut the extra off with a knife.

I think we could save the carpets. Most of the work involved in installing the carpet is done already. It is cut to fit. Check this out.

Alberta Restoration Concept #15 - Stop Extra Accounts

For many who just received Alberta aid cheques, that money needs to stretch.

Get out your accounts and contacts, and stop all the services which you are paying for for your home right now.

All those accounts add up to hundreds of dollars a month, and in a flooded environment, the service adds no value.

What can you stop on your accounts?

Would we still pay heating on a destroyed home? Or security payments? Or the phone bill? Or...the list goes on. You will know the things to stop.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #15 - Open Windows and Doors

For supervised periods of time, open windows and doors. Let the air and breezes fly through your spaces.

On a nice warm afternoon, open everything up. Add a few fans. Get the air circulating. If you home air exchange fan works, get this running.

If you have dehumidifiers, get those going.

Alberta Flood Restoration Concepts #14 - Don't Worry Be Happy

Yes, this is a psychological approach resting on God.

Recall my friend Albert (the missionary mechanic) who did not have all the right resources for his job.

He had to make a concrete project out of salt water, for that was all that was available to him in his area.

He did the project, asked God to manage the results, and the project worked.

He went back there some 20 years later, and his project was still standing.

Commit your result to God, use what you have to do what you need, and then yes, ask God to manage the result to be one which you can be happy with.

Don't worry, be happy now.

Having joy and hope in the Lord is also a warfare tool. It brings positive results your way. This attitude and response infuriates the enemy, so all the better.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #13 Saving Classic Cars

Of course, who is going to look at this when there are homes to save. This is again a team sport.

Guys who have classic cars, buy a tent from Costco for rain coverage for your car. Install this on your yard.

Then, disassemble the interior and let all the interior car parts air. Let them dry. Treat them with the pet type spray products, or consult a local parts store for suggestions. The most important types of things to pull out are things that can be saturated. Pull out the car carpet and treat it with pet upholstery cleaning products or others.

I would treat my interior with pet based products. The key is getting them out to air.

As for electrical, there is an electrical job to be assessed. On 10th Avenue downtown, there's an upholstery repair shop, and I found them quite good. I do not remember the name.

I also recommend taking cars for an exterior detail. By my North Chrysler, the guys who detail their cars, they once detailed my car, and this would be a great time to do a detail on the car. $200.

I would also consider some type of anti-corrosive spray, but focus on types of products which do not harm your own breathing, for then the positive impact is not worth your own exposure.

I can find out the name of that group and update this.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #12 - Use Olive Oil to Treat Furniture

Read this article.

This could be applied to all your furniture surfaces.

This can save your wood based household products.

Also, notice the cleaning solutions in the linked articles. Those are helpful too.

I am sort of looking for a hardwood cleaning concept.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #11 - Pet Run Cleaning Solutions Update

You may be surprised about this suggestion, or perhaps it will be one with a natural fit considering who I am.

All the products which clean up pet messes could benefit flood situations, if they could be retrofit into convenient application methods.

Many of these are enzyme based or chemical reaction based (oxidizing).

My favorite bulk is available as 1 gallon. This is an enzyme based product. My product is meant for a dog run. So you have a dog run on the side of your house filled with gravel. You clean what you can out of there. A little of the dog waste is there, and you want to biologically clean it up. You spray this pet waste solution enzyme on it, and it breaks it down. I do not recall if the solution is organisms, for some could be based this way. Or it is enzymes. There's two methods.

What I like about this solution is that it is easy to spray and apply. It is large. It is about $30.

It is meant to be used for months on a dog run, so it probably has enough to start treating a room.

This is available from pet stores.

I would use the pet cleaners in spray can form to cleanse my cupboards and drawers.

Check these. A bunch are completely safe.

I have used several. I should update this with the names. This is an amazing idea - I think. However, apply your own thought and your own local resources.

I shall go through my basement, find my cleansers and come back.

The stuff is tested by me. I had a diabetic cat who deposited urine on my basement concrete, and we treated it, and I have to tell you 100% improvement was the result. We put our face about 1 cm from the surface, and the concrete smelled like flowers. I successfully retrained my girl, and we carried on. Many of these cleansers are substrate specific, so you will have to evaluate each cleaner to the type of job your are cleaning.

Do not forget the pet store pet mess cleansers. These may help enormously.

I am not saying not to use bleach, but there are appropriate places for bleach, and there are appropriate places for these cleaners. Test use it in a spot. See if the result impresses you. Then, use it.

Sprays could be applied to the base of 2 x 4s. Making a solution and flooding the base of 2 x 4s - in reasoned small amounts could also help. I am not sure which, but think about the possibility.

I keep thinking a spray solution would be a good fix for in around 2 x 4s.

A question I would have is: Are pet and odor removers killing the bacteria? If they do, boat cleansers might work too.

Another question I have is: What other oxidation process treatments are out there?

Here's the products from my basement. I have more, but there are a few key ones.

Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover - Grass Treatment  Available at WalMart
Stink Free Urine Odor Remover - No scrubbing required Based on an oxidation process similar to sewage treatment plants

This second product suggests this can be used on carpet. This type of solution could be used on carpet.

Notice the guarantee applies to the pet context, so don't give the group a hard time if you get part results. Any positive result is an improvement.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #10 - Ultraviolet Light

I have been wondering about the possibility of using light in a basement to flood the area with light to kill bacteria.

If a person looks at a construction light, it seriously damages the eyes, so be wary of that fact.

Say a person put an ultraviolet light in their basement and shone it, would that kill mold on surfaces?

Could a construction light work?

I have bantered this idea with my husband. 2 x 4s in direct sun gray and weaken. Is there an amount of time which could kills the bacteria and not damage the construction materials too much?

Light has some potential benefit being shone in areas of flood damage.

I recommend doing a bit of research. Get your children hunting this down as a little science project.

Ultraviolet does kill bacteria and small things. Check into this.

When I self-treat, I snowball methods. If I were treating my basement, I would snowball. That is, I would use several methods.

Obviously, folks, bringing an electrical appliance into an actual flooded space, unless all the water is gone, would bring on another form of electrocution disaster, so do not do this in a space where there is any water present.

No Darwin awards are given out for lost life.

A source of knowledge on this matter would be our water treatment specialists.

My husband said that the worst spots are those which are hidden, under the joints of surfaces. I have a concept on that which I shall post next.

If we remember my house fire incident, do not put an ultraviolet light into a construction light. Whatever you do, use the appropriate bulb for the appliance. If this is a reasonable solution, someone should make it. That requires an expert opinion, or perhaps a Science round table in this city, where scientists are invited to engage in solutions forming for flood responses. I think they would come up with some very remarkable solutions.

My Issues With Thomas

Thanks for praying. For Thomas, 7 family members and friends prayed. First Alliance Church prayer team prayed with me. As many blog reader follow both blogs, this and my pet one, I have to say a thanks to my blog readers, who are also active in prayer.

Ultimately, God, you get all the glory, and I also provide you a great thank you for what you have done.

Today, we are happy pet parents.

This might be an odd request, but there is a Calgary Zoo giraffe who is depressed and under the weather from stress hormones of feeling he or she could not run from the flood. That giraffe wanted to run for the hills, and was stuck in a rising water table. I would like this giraffe to be prayed for. I am. I appreciate community prayer. That giraffe has been returned to the enclosure it has been said - though I thought the giraffe had been stuck in there. If I were able to, I would lay hands on the giraffe and pray for him or her. Distance prayer also works. Please pray for this giraffe some good things through compassion. Without a bit of prayer support, this giraffe may die. Poor baby!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Joshua Word on gods Before the Flood

Judges 24:14-15 Bold and italic mine

Now therefore fear the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye the Lord.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Chuck Missler revealed that the Greek and Roman myths refer to real things, stories of nephilim pre-flood.

The nephilim ruled the earth - and it would appear here that men worshiped them. In addition, nephilim ate men, offered them as sacrifices, and also were miserable to God's creation - the animals and so on.

The Greeks and Romans did somehow pick up this set of narratives, perhaps from either demonic or fallen angel involvement, in worshiping gods of their hands.

In the above bible passage, the people of Israel were imploring one another (read about 12 chapters near the end) to stay true to God. There was a disagreement in this book about a region of Israel that had fallen, and the groups met, put up a stone, and said amongst them - We serve a God of wonders, so whom will we serve. The stone was set up as a memorial.

The gods on the other side of the flood, the cause of the flood, those are demonic forces. When God blesses people, people are to recall his kindnesses, not forget his existence, as he carefully keeps our environment together for us. Repentance, worship, and acknowledgement keeps God's hands of protection stayed upon us. In fact, this places a holy rulership over the land.

To study the passage further, copy the passage, and take it to biblegateway for a search.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Command the Ground #2

When a Christian has a disease, they often get treated by a doctor, and then also pray. That's what we did with Thomas this week.

When we face overwhelming circumstances, we are called to do what we can, sometimes sit and do little except pray, and sometimes it is to praise and take authority.

Here is a spiritual response to a flood circumstance.

This could also be titled: How to Command the Ground.

Many people who have been flooded will fight non-stop against rot.

In my recent study of David's Song, in hell, one of the key environmental factors is mud, mire, putrid guck, uncleanness, and basically the equivalent smell and feel of a latring - outhouse.

It is gross. Yet, Christ's light over came it. His power overcame it.

The flood leaves an environment of just gross all around us. As a Christian, what can we do. Technically, our house is under our authority spiritually.

We can command the ground in Christ's name. We can undo rot in Christ's name.

There simply is not enough manpower and trades and clean up crews to do the job that needs doing right now in Alberta.

I need to borrow from a missionary story here. There was a missionary. They had their leg damaged. A portion of her leg was amputated. They could not get to a hospital. They asked God to fix the leg, as if he were a surgeon, not to replace it, for she felt she did not need that.

The circumstance was left alone. The leg healed. When seen by someone in the medical field, it looked like a very proficient doctor had done a surgery. There was no access at that time to a solution. God provided.

Okay, so this flood. In Howard Storms NDE, he talked of our Millennial time on earth, and how the human population then would command the ground. They would call to the earth and command her tummy ache to stop. They would stop the earth's tremblings. They would command the ocean tides. In effect, they would command warfare based solutions to global warming. Using Christ's Authority.

I expect at that time, when the tribulation war has been fought, that mankind will also have authority through Christ's name over the moon, the Morning Star, and the Second Heaven. At that time, men will be able through Christ's name to command the tide of the moon. Christ will have vanquished this territory.

They will command the ground to love good and repel evil.

They will command it to be fruitful and produce.

They shall, in Christ's name, set order in their immediate environment.

In our flood circumstance, we could use a bit of this.

Some will try this, and they will experience results.

The spiritual response will save money, and destroy rot and disease. Things in the environment will recover and renew.

In your affected space, speak to the materials that have been flood invaded.

Speak the life and light of Christ upon them, for Christ's light burns all the ugly and restores. Here is your script. Speak to your house, the rotted spaces, and so on.

"Love good, light, truth, holiness and hate and repel evil, lies, immorality, and darkness."
"Repel the waters of Hell - any putrid rot, muck, more, and attract the living waters of Heaven. Bring blessing, honor, fulfillment, creativity, life, and holiness."
"Shine the light of your power Christ into this basement. Clean up all the ugly rot, microbes of destruction and disease. Be a bleach to my walls and floors and sanitize this home."
"I declare prosperity on this ground, in Jesus' name, Amen."

Since this flood has come, do a spiritual cleanse on the objects in your home. Be intuitive to the Holy Spirit, and throw out the accursed objects, and do not replace them. Pray a cleansing on all spiritual neutral objects.

I am not saying to not do all the things you are compelled to do. The results are always with God.

For the faithful who have absolutely no help, and no hands to help, or even the strength to help themselves, in a status of emergency, this is action.

These are war words. Simply have faith in Christ, that he will accomplish that which you are not able to.

I would play praise music in my basement for even this lifts the muck, mire, rot, and destruction. When I sing and play praise in my home, it is like my home received a face lift. Those who come here remark about how I must have painted. I did not. Praise has been here. That's all.

Why could I say that we can accomplish victory over rot and infectious disease ridden messes? I read a biography of a doctor missionary who went out and treated people with infectious diseases where no one would go. He never got sick. He had the Holy Spirit in him. He did this for years with no adverse effect. A lab decided to investigate. They put live virus on his hand, and the virus died. The Holy Spirit killed the virus.

That's because God's Holy Spirit kills evil, rot, mire, disease, and anything which works counter-purposes to his cause.

God is about life. God loves people. God loves even us people who are facing dire circumstance.

Okay, miracles are going to happen. Watch for a physical transformation. God will be faithful to those who seek his face. He wants to be recognized by you. He wants you to lean upon a spiritual means of finding relief, for in this he builds a relationship with you.

Pray and allow God to cleanse your ground. When you see a transformation in your destructive circumstance, you are to praise and thank God and acknowledge him for doing this for you to others.

God has miracles in store for us, for any who will call upon his name or command the ground in Christ's name. I challenge even non-Christians to give this a go, for God loves all of us. He will use this as an introduction of himself to you. I expect only good things. When good things happen for you, come out to church. I am at First Alliance. There's also Centre Street. That's two of the biggest churches. There are many many good churches. God has you in his sights. He is hoping you will find victory in your circumstance.

Jesus conquered the muck, mire and mud and hell's waters.

He conquered this with his light.

He is the Deliverer and the answer for today.

This can also be applied in all the other countries visiting this blog, who are also encountering flooding.

All over the world, it is the same. There is too much negative that we would strive non-stop, become fatigued, and then come under attack by the enemy, for he tries to fatigue us. If we rely on both spiritual and physical means of combat, we will get more sleep, and we will get better results.

Pastors of churches, you have spiritual authority over your churches, and over the spread of their ownership.

You can pray on your churches behalf to have all the rot in all the affected homes stopped.

We need this because: a basement in a humid flood environment begins to weaken in about 3 days. That is not good for the upper floors. After being wet for 7 days, then there is a significant damage.

I think pastors should take authority and do some of this warfare for those who do not have the background or faith or confidence for taking this step.

Many churches will be involved in relief and this is good. Also, pastors, pray over your congregation doing warfare against the enemy in this flood circumstance. Your flock will appreciate it.

Pastors, inquire and see if you congregation would like this. Your flock's members who are business owners may benefit from your warfare prayer. Do a group prayer over your flock to keep their business productive.

For non-Christian business owners, you may want to go to a church and have an elder pray for this need for your business site. Go ahead. I do not see why any church pastor, elder, or leader would refuse you. That's what prayer ministry is for.

Extension: Say a man is a farmer, who supports our national food source - would it not be amazing for the farmer to command his ground and ask it to produce for our food?

Command the Ground #1

The Lord is teaching me warfare skills - to share.

God required me to take authority on the ground of my home.

This week, there have been several serious attacks upon me and my family.

However, my spider senses are awakened. What I should rather say here, and this is the truth, my senses to the Holy Spirit are awakened for the purpose of survival.

I was on the deck writing in my prayer journal for family, for people.

At that time, I was with a couple cats. They were on the deck, quite cleaned off from preparing for the rain.

This lesson has to do with speaking to your house as your ground. It also has to do with discerning the enemy.

I was writing, and whenever I paused, I looked at the threshold of the deck door, open, and the ants and a single spider on it. I have been bit by a spider, and the culprit was - I thought this one. This one goes into shoes. When I was bit, the dilemma and crisis lasted seriously for about 3-4 days, and the wound took a very long time to go away. Now, the scar is fading.

My slippers were about 14 inches from the threshold.

I was bit last time slipping on slippers to run out the recycling in the dark.

This spider was in plain sight.

I watched him for between 5-8 minutes.

As he moved about, I spoke to the spider. I also observed the impact of my words.

I understand the apparition of animals to be 3-fold. 1. natural God made 2. nephilim spirit infected creature 3. an apparition of a fallen angel as that creature to do evil.

When I saw the spider, I commanded my house to love good and repel evil. All such commands are not done in my own authority, but in Christ's name. Never me. It meets my needs, but Christ is my protector.

I kept the spider in my view. My Lucius walked through the transition the spider was walking, and this caused the spider to fall to the ground. Then, the spider tried to climb the transition, and it was like he had lost his spider grip. He could not climb the house.

Realizing the spider's difficulty, I then commanded the house to only allow the entry of natural creatures, and leave any nephilim or other behind. The spider again tried to climb the wall of the door threshold to the open house, and he could not.

That spider foot grip had weakened.

Finally, I spoke to the spider. "Spider, your type has harmed me. You may eat of anything on the outside of my home, but you may not enter my home, in Jesus' name, Amen."

I looked down for a moment to continue writing in my prayer journal, and then looked up, and the spider was gone. I got up, and looked all around for him, near the threshold, in all the cracks and crevices, and he was gone.

The spider disappeared.

What does this mean?

The spider was a fallen angel. That's because these transform into different apparitions.

I realize he had been heading to my shoe. This was his purpose here.

God led me into a word war with an angel.

If the creature remained, it would have been a nephilim infected spider.

As the main purpose of the appearance was barred, the creature left.

A spider is a small creation with a big bite. For any creation of any size, the same process works.

On the threshold, my ants remain. I am fine with my ants. I have a few in my kitchen, but these brought me no worry. As we listen to God, he leads us through even things we do not understand, and we may not even know the impact. He does lead us to safety. He leads us to war. The war is our safety.

Man has no authority on the air. For this, he appeals to God. He has authority on the ground through Christ.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love Song by Herself Transposed

Jesus Love Song to Lily by Herself - yes transposed lower

This is a first run at this song. I will practice it for this is a capture.

The next round, I will try to solidify up the voice a bit, to sound more masculine.

It would be so much better with a guy. However, this will do for now.

If guys take a stab at singing this, I understand if you bring the song down to your preferred range.

There's no written music. I guess it is Accapella.

Chatarani Song by Herself

Chatarani Song by Herself

From Pellirojos Storage

Please note - this is tongues.

In Him I Trust Song

In Him I Trust

From Pellirojos Storage

This is based on a piece of poetry I (Donna) wrote. Typically, I say by Herself.

My husband likes this! I am so happy! He likes the words and the tune.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

God Bless and Anoint Our Mayor Nenshi

Dear Father in Heaven,

I pray for the Lord's anointing and blessing upon our Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Our mayor is the best mayor for these times. He has studied all the life quality and community development courses which give him an education many before him did not have.

He is the right mayor for this time. Thanks for his positioning and his leadership, Lord God.

I lift Mayor Nenshi up to you, oh glorious and awesome God, and anoint him personally with all the intellectual gifting and reason to rebuild Calgary.

Bring your Holy Spirit upon him, and first of all, give him sleep. Give him rest. Lift him in fatigue. Feed him with your strength. Bring him back to a status of peace and hope. Lift the stress of not being able to lift the chaos alone be lifted from him. Let him see that God plans to team with him, and he will be God's servant in bringing about positive change.

I bring you praise now oh Great God of Heaven and Earth. I thank you for all you've done to hold back the chaos. I bring you my worship, for you will be faithful to Alberta in bringing us the right leaders to rebuild.

Let the land of Alberta shine as never before. Let her land be as a walking path for the Lord's own footsteps, as he guides and protects all Albertans. Praise the God who loves our peoples! Praise God for stopping the impacts of the enemy. Thank you God for being faithful to Alberta. We have benefited from your protection for so long. Now, in a time of testing, God, we will shine. We will see you, God. We will know you, God.

In Jesus' name, Amen

Soon 100,000 Visitors

If we account for the Google Blogger network reset, I am very close to 100,000 visitors.

This is of course very exciting. The mileage metre for me is hitting a milestone.

Thanks for your visits.

Please excuse any ads that might conflict here. 

Why God Saves All Nations...

Just to show the enemy he can't have even one single national future.
Just to show the enemy he does not have that amount of power over man.
Just to show all of us his incredible joy at creating us all as unique peoples.
Just to showcase all the incredible giftings he has given each people.
God has plans to show off the creativity of all nations.
Be there. One heaven. One tri-une God. One family. One man. One future. One blessing. One Jesus.

God's Names Revisit - God Can Pick Us Up

Here is a post on God's names: God's Names I Am...

On the last visit to this post, there was 5,000 or so visits. I noted I could not believe how underused this amazing resource is.

Now, there's over 180,000 visits.

I am so glad this video has been spread out to be viewed.

Here is John Paul delivering a bit of teaching on God's names.

When a person meditates on the names of God, God comes down for a visit.

Yes, he has you in his radar.

This man was in an accident, and he was going to fall off a bridge to his death. What happened? He was being pushed by a large truck right over the edge. God's own hand reached down out of heaven, and picked his car up, and he put it back onto the bridge.

A man called to him, and told him to come out of the car. All the people on the streets saw God's hand.

They all came to him, "Look, I am not a religious guy. I just saw God's hand pick you up and set you down. Who is this God?"

John Paul said, "This God is Jesus. You can receive him now by asking him into your heart saying 'Jesus, come in.'"

John Paul led all the people on the bridge to Jesus in the rain, and they all knelt on the pavement in the storm, which partly contributed to John Paul's accident. That day, many were saved.

We nurture our relationship to God, and God in return has us in his constant gaze, making sure things work out.

So, we recently saw God step down out of heaven to rescue in the context of David's Song. Is God's rescue a thing of the past? No! Humanity is not over. As long as his babies are still growing up, God's grace, mercy, and miracles will not end. If you love God, he loves you back!

When I tell you God has his hand out, I mean it. He can pluck you from Hell. He can pluck you from on your way to Hell. He can pluck you up from sure death. Just when you think your chances are all over and run out, when you call out to God, God shows up, extends a hand, and he pulls you into a blessed eternity!!!

Joshua - A Lesson From the Tribe of Levi

We read about the tribe of Levi in the book of Joshua.

The tribe of Levi - they did not receive any ownership of items in their country.

How did that work? Legally, they owned nothing. Their inheritance was the Lord.

The rest of the tribes owned things and land and paid a tithe and a tax to their king.

How would it feel to own nothing? How would it feel to only have the Lord as our treasure?

The Lord is my treasure. When I say this, does this mean I hold my meaning and value for God above all material possessions? Yes. It does. It has to.

On Sunday, in the sermon, there was a story about a writer of a praise song.

That fellow wrote the song in the midst of being told to recant his faith. Either that, or his words were put into a song after. He watched his wife and his children all be put to death for his faith in Christ.

He would not recant his faith.

Nothing and no one can be our reason to recant.

Let this also be a lesson for us. Material goods and people are not to be our idols.

Even our own nature to want to provide for our children - God has that in his control.

We may want to do all we can, but God calls us to do all we can for him. The objectives have to be aligned.

God is our Treasure. The tribe of Levi gains the Lord's portion. The Lord's portion turns out to be pretty generous. They eat of the offerings. They use the Lord's possessions. Why is this tribe of Levi detail important? The Lord's share is our share of the future. God who owns all things shares all his things with us.

This sort of leans into how the church will be sharing. Above all, the Lord is our Treasure. The material stuff is just tools of living. Our inheritance is God's portion. Since God's portion is quite great, we gain all in owning nothing.

Alberta - Time for a Baby Boom!

Married couples - it is time for a baby boom!

Take comfort in your marital partners' arms.

May Alberta gain a whole bunch of baby Albertans this year!

We have a big clean-up. It should be with hope. It should be for our children's future.

I pray a baby boom on Alberta today. May there be massive baby births for Albertans.

I declare this in Jesus' name.

Christians, Kat Kerr, on this blog, had a married partner love blessing - a passion blessing.

It is kind of different, but we serve a passionate God, and he has created marriage, and he will gift our blessing out of marriage. A type of warfare we would typically not think of is to be passionate to our partner.

God adores this type of expression. Thus, if you are married, I recommend you listen to that recorded session which I will find and link, and take the anointing for passionate love and the blessings which come from it.

Okay, I have a second source of this information and the anointing. It is from this channel. There's 97 Kat Kerr audio recordings here on a youtube channel, and the passion anointing was at about #14 to #17. I have to re-listen to give this precisely. Come back.

I am not preaching a prosperity gospel here. I am telling Christian couples that God does unusual things in his mandates for blessing peoples.

Bring on the baby boom, Lord God!

In Jesus' name, Amen

Note: Please check back as I will hunt down that post, and then update this. There is no need to look for it. Please come back tomorrow. I've linked in one, but I am now re-listening to this to make sure it is right.

There may be a couple. I have to review the audio recordings. I believe I have the right range. I will extend the range of #14- 17 to about 23. However, the link above is like a site index of a bunch of Kat Kerr content, so it may take me a while. I recall being very excited with this anointing. 

Alberta Restoration Concepts #9 - Bake Mint

Okay, this is from a microbiologist perspective.

If there's mint to be had in our environment, gather the wild mint.

When families have returned to their home, and you want to sort of clean the air in your house, and sanitize the air, this is something I have done. I love it. I really love it.

Collect the mint you can, and place it in the oven. Bake it as tea. Should I say roast mint as tea?

The terpenols and whatever chemicals it may have in it - we know mint kills bacteria and stuff, right?

That mint chemical content goes through to every crack and corner in the house. When we cook with a fragrant version of curry, we go around the house, and we shut all the doors and closets. In this case, open everything. Let the mint carry to every corner of your home and belongings. Open the drawers. Open the closet doors. Open the room doors.

I think that this process sanitizes the air in your home. You do not have your windows open in this process.

The second thing a person can do is get an ionizer. This would be my second step. Get a negative ion filter/fan. This also cleanses the air.

Perhaps our plant sellers could grow specific plants for us to use. Some of these wild plants grow very fast, and put them in a greenhouse, and they will grow very quickly. I am sure that mint is not the only good plant. I would also consider oregano.

I would consider frankincense. I might consider any of the fragrances associated to Christ, if you believe God gives you hints. At the time I had enlightenment on the flood, I was writing about the fragrances of Christ, which are all special herbs and trees. Those plants - I would check out as a plant resource for the purpose of sanitizing the air of the home. Biologists, what do you think of the trees in this reading? Can these plant's aromatic features cleanse flood damaged homes?

Here is Enoch for your research. Do a reading focused on the plants.

When a person boils herb combinations on the stove, this sort of air filtration or cleansing can occur. This is a way that some of the university plant experts could contribute - by coming up with a product people can either boil or bake, and insodoing clean up the air in the homes. These products also infiltrate belongings and construction materials which could be damaged, and could stop the rot in the materials.

In addition to bleach washing belongings, this air sanitizing will stop the progress of decay. This can help save all types of belongings. I would lay my stuff out, and start the process. This may even save hard wood floors.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #8 - Focused Calgary Charity

Focus on re-construction first.

Does my reading audience remember when they were building their house? There was no clutter in the way, right? For all the people who had their basements flooded, they do not need a bunch of stuff.

What they need is their building space cleared and all the clutter gone. Building construction requires clean and clear work spaces with room for trades to move around.

Why do I know this? I've been working over a bunch of stuff. Now, most of it has been construction supplies. As I use them up, then the supplies are gone, and the space gets more clear. My situation has not been that bad, but just enough to tell readers if a person now needs construction, that  construction time is a phase of their life, and they need no stuff in that development space.

In our culture, we have used item stores. I admit our used item market is a bit expensive. Given the debt structure which has been described for people in our current economy, I would like Albertans to be judicious in how they help out.

Anyone with a basement flooded, they are not going to care that much, later on, for it takes some time for the shock to wear off, about the housing supplies that are gone, if they are gone. Remember, mostly people's basements are flooded, except in strongly affected flood areas where whole houses floated away. The upper floor or two of household goods, where most of us store our current use items - that is all okay.

The basement - storage - is where items have been ruined. If the items in this space were extra living items, then one could consider the impact a bit less. This depends on a case by case evaluation.

I would like to look back to I think it was one of our last floods. United Way, I think it was, collected a semi-truck of supplies. Somehow, that whole semi-truck was taken to the dump. That was discovered. There was a scandal. We need to look to organizations, like the chosen Samaritan's Purse, to help administrate.

Also, I would like to point out the easy come, easy go attitude. Say a person spends $400-$600 on items for another, and that could either be new spending, or contributions of your best stuff in your home from a heart of giving - and I will tell you what happens with that. The receiver who does not value what you gave, for it was easy come easy go throws it out as non-essential supplies. They did not choose it. The item holds no value, even though you say spent $100 on the individual item. The next person does not care. It could be worth $2.99 to them. It is sent to the dump.

People need to match their giving to something a person invests something in getting. Something. Even if that is putting up a request to get it. There should be some effort involved on their part.

The city could make a Joomla exchange site where people list their needs, and this is matched up to givers. That would be a good option. Carrying a bunch of stuff without having a destination for it is not a good idea. That breaks men's backs. Storage is an issue. Stuff should stay where it is till the right customer for the stuff comes along. First Alliance Church has made a free exchange site. Those who donate to needs get a tax receipt. Perhaps its designers could also make one for the city.

In disasters, sometimes there is what could be called foolish giving. Relief agencies pop up, and all the donations go to terrorism. That is a huge exaggeration. The example is just to show us that just because a relief agency representative contacts you, you need to stop and check them out. We are in a world with a lot of financial scams these days, and I would trust the major agencies first. I would not trust email based solicitations of any kind. I would not trust most of the marketing phone calls either. Go to donate buttons on real websites, or perhaps the City should manage a charitable donation means. Even websites these days can be replicated copies of the real website, and that paypal button is easy to use. We want our money going to our designated source of hope for the people.

Also, divide the needs. Make sure what you are donating to meets your giving desires. For example, let's say a non-essential item is up - someone wants a snowboard. Is this an essential item for life? It's up to the giver and what they want to do, but just think about it.

Many charities can now collect in their yearly requirements for funding. That is not all bad. Please study how you plan to give. To give and not know for sure there will be follow through just is not a sound plan. Research your giving institution and see what they have done in the past. I would be strongly hesitant to donate housing supplies or even brand new supplies to the organization who dropped them into the city dump!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

No Insurance Coverage

No, likely most of us will not have insurance coverage.

This is where community can make up the difference.

I am interested to see what is possible from the government.

Do not let the loss of this flood stress your family so much any family member gets sick.

Give this to God. Let it go. No bitterness. This frees us to receive blessing.

The most important thing is having your family all together safe and sound.

Home Flood Safety and Fixing Flood Damage

If residents go home and there's water on the sidewalk or street or main floor, do not go in, according to the City of Calgary.

If the water in the basement is above the plug level, leave.

Typically, right up to the water level, all the walls and studs must be removed. The insulation acts like a wick, and carries water up. So do 2 x 4s. You will need to replace a foot to foot and a half upward from  the level of water damage.

Say you empty your basement using a sump pump, and the flood water did not meet the plug. Industrial carpet cleaners have whole truck suction pumps, and they can pull water out in minutes. The carpet cleaners with a couple quart carry containers are not of great value.

Once the water is pulled out, our dad had a professional spray and sorry for I don't specifically recall it. That spray sanitizes. Then, you set up professional quality dryers/fans and you leave it for 2-3 days or more.

I sort of recall bleach being used somehow, washing down things, though this cleaner spray was very convenient and quick to use.

We do not want a city of black mold, so this is a process that would be very helpful for our Mayor to publish. We need to do things right for the health and safety of our loved ones.

Flood in India Lives Lost

I hear a flood occurred in India for a week and there's been 1000 lives lost.

I am so sorry, residents of India. I am so sorry. Please accept my deep condolences.

We here have lost about 5 lives so far. We are hoping more than anything to stay safe.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #7 - Cooking for Disaster Victims

For people who have had a recent tragedy, I recommend Chicken Soup and homemade bread/buns.

This food makes you feel cared for. Dr. Oz said  that this chicken soup is a curative for colds. I think it is a curative for sad too. There is a bit of effort put into the food. There is a message of care behind it. It is tied to Grandma's ways, and those speak volumes of love to us.

From a convenience point of view, I recommend women make 1 pot meals in slow cookers.

Many of the one pot meals can be bought in cookbooks as 4-5 ingredient meals, so they are easy to shop and prepare for. They are also significantly less chopping than other recipes.

These cooking strategies are lower stress and result in moms enjoying the food occasion more, for they are not tired from preparing the food. In these times, families will be very involved in renovations, and these types of meals are wise use of time and resources.

One other cooking preparation style, though there may be more chopping and slicing, is using a wok. Stir frying is a healthy and convenient way to prepare food. Pull out what cookbooks you can, and if not, often these types of cookbooks are at Canadian Tire, and they will be near you as you are getting housing supplies.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #6 - Neighbourhood Rebuild

Early communities on the prairies had community kitchens and community freezers.

As neighbourhoods begin the rebuild process, start by buildling the community kitchen, oven, and freezer on municipal space for locals to gather, eat, visit, and rebuild from.

This was how meats used to be stored. Men would go into town to bring home the meat for the family from the community freezer. There was also salt based storage of meats and fish. 

Alberta Restoration Concepts #5 - Filter Trades

Volunteer handymen contribute.

What is needed here is a strong organizational ability such as Habitats for Humanity.

An organization like this could be the housing for volunteer management to rebuild people's homes.

First Alliance Church has a ministry like this. They and their team have a bit of experience to offer.

In a world where a trade coming to the house charges a Senior $2000 to change a couple of taps, I think it would be very very good to set up a filtering organization which credits construction business with honesty, and in this case, bulk work for a 10% discount. A real discount. Not a fake discount like I've witnessed. Perhaps the filter organization can negotiate the needs and the price, so that it is decided in advance. The problem with many trades is they set a quote, and then charge significantly higher after doing the work. They can do it.

Senior citizens cannot afford even the discounted rate, so for these, I recommend solely church volunteer trades.

This could be the time that those who have tools can positively contribute. I highly recommend not doing this on an individual by individual basis, but rather in teams. There is a great degree of satisfaction in the job from visiting and having coffee and sandwiches together. As a team event, the rebuilding is very fun. It is not so fun alone.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #4 - Street Port-a-potties

Rebuilding communities means for a time the area is a construction zone.

In areas where this is a main event, trucks should bring port-a-potties to the streets.

There is nothing like evacuating on the ground to massively increase local diseases.

Learn from the early pioneers, who at relocation centers caught diseases from poor sanitary habits.

Start the rebuild with proper sanitary options on the street.

Alberta Restoration Concepts #3 Home Construction Methods

In cases where it is clear that home cannot be re-inhabited for safety reasons, families and neighbourhoods should get together and cart away the debris.

Then, the city could fast process new package homes or SIP homes. Log homes also could be a solution.

What I like about SIP homes, the home is cut in a factory. It arrives on a truck, and with a group of young strong guys, and not necessarily skilled, for the process is simple, a house can be put together like a LEGO project. Such homes leave options for families to get a roof over their heads without a lot of expense. For those who want two story walls, you will need a crane.

The package homes which are used on acreages are also a great option. These are not just old style. They can be purchased and put up in very elegant styles these days. Large house packages are 2-3 of these packages connected together on site. Options are good these days in this area of business.

Log homes also could be an option. Home packages could be delivered again on trucks. Groups of 7-12 men build a house. These are gorgeous.

Consider what quick building option meets your needs. There are reasonable prices.

Donna's Favorite concept is to plan build modular. You build a third house now, and in a couple years, you add on the next component.

In the economy housing plan, say one builds a condo, the lower level is developed, and the upper two levels are shells for future development. Then, these can be developed over time as finances permit, but the key need of lodging is delivered right away.

Restoration Concepts - Saving the Lost Items #2

This is about the lost item which drives you crazy about your circumstance.

I have personal experience for you here.

Tell God about whatever key items the flood has taken from you. Often in losses like this, we have a tendency to get focused on one thing, and that is a tipping point in our mental health. We get bitter with God, or we drop our estimate of God's nature and character.

So, let God show himself strong to you. You give God a list of a few items of importance to you.

God saved his scrolls in an Irish peat bog for something like 1200 years.

He can save you something. So, reach out in prayer, and ask God to assist you in retrieving a couple of key memorable items to you. You will be pleasantly surprised, for you will find he will do exactly that. He will restore a few items to you to specifically let you know he's there, and he cares about you and your family specifically! Yes, he knows your name.

So, please consider asking him to assist you in finding a few items. He does not necessarily restore it all, but he does enough to make sure we know we are special to him. Then, it feels pretty cool knowing you and your family are in his radar.

Dear God (Father), the items of loss which drive me crazy are .... Can you please help restore this item (s) to me. In Jesus' name, Amen.

God, who loves you to bits, will answer when you call. When you receive your item, praise God, thank him, and declare that God is indeed wonderful. He will continue to speak to you if you invite him to.

For any who wonder, the story of Gideon supports this. There was an item put on the ground, and in two circumstances, God confirmed a message to Gideon. Once, the ground was wet with dew and the item was dry. The second confirmation, the ground was wet, and the item was dry. In matters of wet and dry, God can manage all this.

God might have a different route to the answer than I had. He might use a restoration process. However, he answers, the circumstance will speak "this is God" to you.

Alberta Restorations Concepts #1 - Use Community Kitchens

Many community kitchens exist in funeral homes, churches, community centers and so on. The level of equipping varies.

Calgarians, and based on real need which needs to be assessed, could create box meals to take out to those who are affected.

Okay, I lived on boxed meals once. Yes. 14 hours a day as an acting extra. So, here are the components I ate.

Breakfast - Box 1. Tetrapack juice. Muffin. Apples or orange. 1 slice cheese. (Maybe add a yogurt tube or a milk.)

Lunch - Box 2. Sandwich (tuna, egg, or meat with cheese). Carrots and celery. Tetrapack juice. Apple or orange.

Supper - Box 3. Deli Sandwich (graded up a bit - better breads/meats) with cheese. Tetrapack juice. Cheese. Chips or crackers. (Vary this.)

Communities can make up box lunches and these can be shipped to where the Mayor Nenshi needs them.

This system could be used to support construction groups as well.

Alberta Restoration Concepts

The Province of Alberta can invest a little in extending the campground facilities around the city.

I am not sure if many are aware, but there are a lot of trades workers living in campers around the city.

These types of longer term living campgrounds can be made, and many of the out of house families could grab their campers, and use them at these grounds.

In some cases, families might lend out their campers or trailers, and perhaps indeed, they already are.

These camping solutions can be a great savings on hotel bills for many who have no insurance.

Many hotels will rent month to month, and the prices vary. $6000 a month might be too much for someone, unless they are covered by an insurance quote.

We are coming into the warmer season, and camping is a nice option.

Also, any small near non-affected towns - and their campgrounds can also be a site of respite with your camping vehicle.

Restoration Concepts - Saving the Lost Items

Here is a brief thought on how Albertans can work together to save people's clothing. This will be a series all starting with Restoration Concepts.

In a day where a good shirt is $30 and a pair of pants $40, we can do some things to help one another save our clothes.

We have to pull these clothing items out of flood conditions.

I've been wondering about options.

Say for example, clothing were taken to commercial washers or any washer with a sanitary cycle.

If families or church members had washers with a sanitary cycle - they could be run through with color fast bleach, and be saved.

If communities did this en masse, say each taking a bag of laundry home, and then return it to the church, then a bag of laundry for a family could be saved.

The dirty laundry bag could be dropped off in plastic garbage bags, and the washed laundry could be dropped of in a new bag with a label drawn similarly to the original, or transferred if it was just added on with a twist tie.

Clothing is a big expense, and we should do what we can to help affected families save their clothes.

Families Are Together

In Alberta, many families have congregated much like Christmas or other significant holidays. Doing so has  been with consideration of travel bans. Some are co-lodging and some are short term family comfort.

These times have great potential for restoring family relationships, comforting, and building one another up.

If my readers are with their family, keep reasons for family division subdued. Give those critical voices and even critical memories to the Lord, and let him burn them up.

God has love planned for us. God loves our families. Just as we may have once been self-critical, and here, I have informed you, we must raise our self-estimation to the hopes the Lord had for us, then, we also, raise the profiles of our loved ones before the Lord.

Many of the events which lead to opinions about our family, you would be surprised, many of those are lies and suggestions from the enemy. They are as wrong as the opinions we held of ourselves. Lift the judgment. Give that thought to the Lord. Criticism, division, judgment, be muzzled, for the Lord loves...(name them). In Jesus' name, Amen.

You will have some amazing times! God will pull you together. We need this now. This is good for our family. As our family becomes more cohesive, then God will use the family as a cup of blessing to their immediate neighbors and community. Yes, God needs your family. As a family, pray for your family, your neighbors, and your friends and contacts impacted by this flood.

Immediate Prayer for Our Land

Lord God of Heaven,

Most holy God, I pray the Lord's continued love and hand of protection on Calgary and Alberta, holding back potential dangers, and reaching his hand out for us to grab on, so he can pull us out of our spiritual messes and current natural disaster. Jesus is the Deliverer in all these things, and he is the Restorer. A while ago, I prayed that God would take a photocopy of Calgary and keep it in his archive. I anticipated a day when Calgary might be destroyed, but I had faith then that God could restore Calgary. This restoration project has come up front.

God will use this event, even though meant for evil by our spiritual enemy, God will use this event ultimately to build Albertans. I am declaring now that great spiritual good will come out of this, and I declare the Lord God's hands of holiness be held over our province for good and blessing and prosperity.

God will use his church as a means of blessing this province's people. Praise God in our worst moment of calamity, for when we cry out, this brings us right into his holy presence, in his courts of praise, and God hears our every word. God the Father Delivers. Jesus is our Man Made Deliverer, who accomplished for man the position to fight from. Praise God in my sorrow, for he has plans for good, and not for evil, but he plans for us to overcome the enemy.

This morning, I love the Lord for me, and I also love the Lord for you. Some of you who do not presently love the Lord, you will, for you will begin to see how his hand has been working to bring you into a place of spiritual blessing. I pray the Lord will set Alberta's boundaries as boundaries of holiness.

I also pray, that despite our many cultures and peoples and religions, that all our people will begin to recognize this Jesus I know, and that against all worldly odds, that we will be captivated by Jesus Christ, and that his own love which flows like a river of life, will flow among us, and that love will bind us together with cords of unity and citizenship and peace and progress. God bless Alberta.

In Jesus' mighty name,


Thinking on the Race of Bashan

In the end times, Christians need to be aware that the potential enemies of mankind are like this race of Bashan. Have you ever encountered a particularly evil person? The evil jumps out of them. What you are experiencing is a demonic force. Now, is that the nephilim of pre-flood borrowing a person? Maybe. Is it a mixed race? In these days, you need to be aware that such exist.

My eyes are now opened that Christ himself encountered some of these nephilim enemies, just like David fought them. Yes, some were around seeking Christ's downfall. These may have been the sources of mobs against Christ. Christ held them back till his work of reaching his key workers and building them up was complete, and then to accomplish God's will and answer for man, he worked with God and allowed that protection to lift to become Israel's Passover lamb. Till Christ chose to lift his own protection, he walked through mobs of enemies.

When we start to understand that there is a constant spiritual war around us, we begin to get the key role of prayer. And no, it is not possible to be on our knees like those who are in a life career of being in the ministry. We all have jobs and families. Those in our church who have the extra time - if you have the time, devote your life to prayer. If you have responsibility, pray on the move. We can be responsible for using our flux time for prayer, and memorization.

We have had quite a bit of what I can call entertainment time. We've been lucky. With this time, we build into us the key tools. Know your prayers down flat for for picking them up daily. It is not a hardship for me to pray. I enjoy it. You have no idea how many worries have been lifted from my mind from the result of knowing how to pray. And it is not just the daily prayers. It is managing the external voices - I know what to do with those, and I can terminate their influence. The Holy Spirit is the Terminator! Then, my heart and mind is at peace, and I can bring peace to those around me. The Holy Spirit terminates worry.

We need to know some scriptures, so that as God desires, we can share them. If you have not memorized them completely, keep referring to them, and sharing them till they are memorized.

I saw a very neat development on the Biblegateway blog. The writers there have a blog which is based on the topic - what this scripture means to me. I think this could be a very interesting exercise for people to do in church - just as a short 3-5 minute activity. This allows personal expression and a teaching moment for people for this: How do I naturally share the scripture?

With all the writing on this blog, it should not be surprising, my flow in sharing the scripture verbally is much easier than it used to be. I feel more natural doing this.

Pastors, please, bring this little 3-5 minute activity into congregation meetings, and get people used to the flow of sharing a scripture. Happy Sunday to people out there, for the Jesus of the Sabbath has hope for everybody, and we just need to take a little from him, and he begins to fashion our life into his masterpiece.

Get people to use Top Verses or their bibles or their true bible favorites, or their life experience where they had a key scripture speak to their circumstance.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Supermarket Food Shortages

CBC has a story if it wants it.

I've just been to the supermarket.

The shelves are half empty. Either it is disaster food hoarding, or trucks are not bringing in enough food.

The spirit of people there is stressed.

It's time to get your groceries. This afternoon each till  was 30 deep.

At Superstore, notice the BBQ Chicken meal - a ready to go meal for $11.99.

For many who may have cooking access issues, Superstore provides a great meal for a moderate price. It is one I really enjoy. There were a bunch of chickens out, and people did not seem to notice them. This feeds 4.

I wonder if the Supermarket food resources - the bakeries for these chickens could be part of a disaster relief response. There are also hospital commissaries.

I once was a movie extra. We received our meals boxed on food trucks. With all the people in evacuation places, this method could perhaps help.

I understand only about 1500 people are in the evacuation spots. Most people have gone to relatives, and this would, of course, place a stress on the high area grocery stores, for family are feeding 2-3 families.

Praise Movement

If there are those who would like to pray for this enemy chaos we are currently enduring, and for the spiritual and physical protection of our communities, I have noticed a few readers on the song post, "Jesus, You Are Beautiful." I invite you to sing a round with me for spiritual war. Thank you. I know this is helpful. This is also pleasing to God's ear. If you do not know the words, just hum. That's good too. You can open the lyrics and sing with that open as well.

Cat Praise Song

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise God all creatures here below
Praise God above ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise God all creatures here below
Praise him Thomas, Martius, and Lucius
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

This was CatMom's Thomas comfort song on the way to surgery.

It calmed her cat down. His incessant mewing stopped.

In CatMom's pre-surgery prayer with Thomas, she appealed to the Lord to leave one of her own guardian angels with Thomas for the whole day. She trust the Lord that he took care of Thomas.

Quench Enemy Chaos

This is one piece of the David's Song in my mind today.

"Quench enemy chaos"

You see how important having all the bits of scripture correct when you study, for just 2-3 words can be used to speak to us.

This is my word for today.

We are in the midst of a record breaking event storm in Calgary.

There is chaos, but I perceive less chaos that what could have been.

We had a chance to pray.

When we pray, we bring God's hand of protection down over us, so even the attempts of the enemy for destruction - they are much less.

Many people are affected here right now, so I covet prayers of Christian audiences for us here.

Having also seen the flooding in Europe, I shall pray for relief for you.

Please team with me for prayer for this area and vice versa.

When we lean on Christ, he delivers us from present chaos. He is only your whispered request away.

He leans in and helps us with our steps through what is before us.

I would like to be clear about something. I want to explain this event, based on what I learned from John Paul. This event - this chaos - is not from God. If there is chaos, it is from the enemy, and if we have not appealed, we do not have as much protection from the covering hand of God. This God protection can have personal coverage, to greater and greater impacts depending on the coverage of your prayers. When we appeal to God, we are having a positive impact on our community. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beginning Declarations

Today, as Thomas is being worked on, I am home writing out declarations for those I love.

This is going to be a new habit, and it might take a bit of time from writing here. This is a private practice. The audience is God. Here, I write for a person, say Oprah. Then, I write out all the positive things which should come out in her life. I leave room for verses. I will add verse declarations as Name of Chapter/Verse identifiers which will apply to her, or which the Holy Spirit leads me to add, for they remind me of her. I will put down 5, but not right away, as I want the perfect ones for her.

I plan to do this for my family and friends. Any good thing I can think of for them - I will write it down, and God and I are the witness. This is a form of written prayer. I can look back. In Kat Kerr's stories, I learned God keeps everything.

He keeps everything I write which has an honorable eternal purpose. I once wrote something which will not make it to God's shelves. I hope this writing will be of eternal use. This practice can go in your prayer journal, if you would like to join me.

So, this version of writing is not meant to have a benefit of recognition here, but for the purpose of bringing good to people in this life, helping them succeed. Then, as you study the bible, you also declare scripture to their page. God will help find those perfect verses for them. You revisit these pages from time to time, remembering your prayer for them, revisiting the requests.

Try this. This allows us to contribute to positive outcomes in the spiritual world.

Use to find your declarations. You can look at the subject headings - and you know if the topics apply to a person or not. Just look around thinking of that person. God will lead you to some excellent verses to declare. As you become practiced at this, God will expand the uses of this tool for you.

Update: I am re-releasing this for teaching purposes. I did this back when I had a health emergency with Thomas.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You Bring Me Joy

When I see people studying to prepare spiritually, this brings me joy.

I see my readership studying. This is very good.

Please keep it up. A couple other pages to go on -

The Work Desk - skip over my short proposal, for there are many tools on the page for you.

Also, on the Donna Songs page, though I bank my stuff there, there's again some personal development tools. Those are for memorizing using songs, but consider it a part time strategy, and one of many. I would say the the songs are good for building recognition of scripture, and that improves other ties a person makes to it.

2 Week Disaster Warning

So, while I am in the midst of a waiting to get Thomas into surgery, Calgary is also getting a storm.

I think we should be praying for the protection of Calgarians from the violence of this now upcoming and impacting storm. I see many storms approach Calgary, and I am on the edge. We have pretty bad wind now.

Please, appeal to the Lord for our safety for Calgary. The main potential is flooding on the rivers.

Here is the recent news on flooding in Europe:

On this link, there are quite a few interesting world scene articles. I found the page interesting, not just the article.

Update: Here is the latest on Calgary flooding.

Update 2: Here is the original post. That day, I wrote this post. I then stopped. I read scripture - a whole book. I read Judges. There, the Lord taught me about the prophet singer Deborah. Then, similar to Kat, I invited the Holy Spirit to come upon me in dreaming. I slept. I awoke and I updated the post immediately based on the dream.

Here is the Lord's word for Calgary last Friday. Quench Enemy Chaos

Here was a praise movement during the disaster: Praise movement

Here is my advocation for Alberta: Immediate Prayer for the Land

Here is God's declaration of blessing for us - albeit, I am calling it down, but this is what the Holy Spirit brought me to write today:  God Bless Alberta!

Closure: To God be the glory. Great things he hath done. So loved he the world that he gave us his son to live and to die an atonement for sin ... Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the earth hear our voice. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the people rejoice.

Please Read Zephaniah 1

For now. I would like to post on it, but my mind is elsewhere, on my little 16 yr old kitten.

So, read Zephaniah 1.

You will find in it that at one time there was a religion where people worshipped stars.

This is among one of many false religions. In this case, the star represents a divinity.

God does not like this.

You can find this on biblegateway here as a page tab. Copy the book and chapter reference, drop it into the chapter/verse or book search tool, enter or update, and off you go.

I've been being showed so much stuff about star related stuff.

If you have not already done a "star" study, I recommend it, by doing that study I set up here, which goes through all the references in the bible.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brass and Iron #2

I've been thinking about the brass and iron study.

In Don Daae's book, he reveals a great mystery.

There are great excavations of the earth which are in very early time.

What is revealed is metal mining in amounts which are unimaginable.


I have a theory.

I think Hell, though in a different dimension, uses real metal for its cages and its implements of destruction. It uses real metal for its creations.

The amounts, and the holes in the earth still exist, are astonishing.

How could man even pull that much out of the ground.

Now, the giants could have pre-flood.

Each time the Israelites conquered a city, they were to re-orient the metal objects to the Lord's purposes.

There is a bit of a resource war for the fine things God provided. The metal - Satan and fallen civilization use to harm God's creation, which technically still includes fallen men, though they rejected God.

God seeks to take the resources back, and re-designate them to holy purposes.

If one were to revisit this brass and iron study, and cross-reference to the Don Daae finding, they would also feel there is a sort of mystery tied to it. This is my attempt at resolving it.

Metals were meant to build and support civilization, not create prisons, bars, and gates to hold people in.

Satan Wants You Dry

Here is a post from a blogger on my Work Desk:

I like his list of supports for why Satan wants you dry.

Being immersed is a very positive step in your spiritual growth.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Some Predictive Traits of the Carpenter

What would Jesus' personality traits be as a carpenter?

I expect Jesus was a good carpenter.

What can I learn about Jesus by knowing his profession, or at least the business his family ran?

My husband is a carpenter.

Can I draw potential parallels of what Jesus could be like based on my husband?

My husband is a good carpenter.

Carpenters are creative. This is a gift.

When my husband works, the reason he does nice work is that he is able to adapt. When a person builds a house, for example, as all the trades come in, they have to clean up or adapt to a mess or a problem which was created for them by the last trade, who was not informed about the problems they were creating for the next trade. They did not stop to find out the next guy's business, and how their decisions impact that next step. It is like a frustrating fabrication process.

When a homeowner picks up the construction process, there's the lump of all the mistakes, some covered up, some discovered, some just plain missing, of good decisions and material inputs which ought to have been there, and are not. Then, there are what I'll call natural holes, but those ones we mind less fixing.

In order to be gifted at homeowner style construction, my husband has to be good at accommodating solutions for gaps, and to be able to fabricate or insert some sort of backer stabilizer. As we go, we fix all the errors in construction we can. We improve all we are able. He does some pretty creative things, such as fixing twisted boards (replacing them, or planing them to fit).

In cases where we are installing ceiling, he makes little box inserts which make platforms to attach the ceiling to in spots where there is no structural backer. We are doing another Armstrong Ceiling for I enjoy creating ceiling colors and cute patterns. We are doing a sort of replica of a Vegas/Louis XIV detail.

What we are doing is pre-work, and this work makes the next step very easy. I've worked with this carpenter long enough I can predict what needs to be done. I can predict the next adaptive piece we need to create. We must think alike by now, for he produced at the right time an already constructed little piece to fit in that corner, and stabilize the strapping we are installing.

So, what does this have to do with Jesus. If Jesus was a good carpenter, he would have had these strong adaptive skills. It is a broad base of problem solving. He would have likely worked with someone, and I would predict his brothers and dad. This leads me to think he would have had pretty close affectionate ties with his family, given his good parents.

Here is another thing about carpentry. If there ever were a desire to swear, it is when something does not work right. I predict for you that Jesus never swore, even when a piece of wood broke. Or whatever.

He had lots of opportunity to demonstrate patience, while doing carpentry.

Now, I have worked with another really handy guy in carpentry. I worked with Mr. Anderson. He did carpentry and did it all with process, and when things did not work, he never seemed flushed. He just continued working it till it worked. This is a trait of relaxing in the Holy Spirit.

The beginning of a trade there is more doubt, more fixing, and more disappointments we'll call them. As one becomes more competent, there's less potential for swearing.

When Jesus worked with his dad and brothers, I anticipate he never swore, and that his brothers and dad might have. They would have seen an immediate difference in how Jesus worked, even when he was new at the trade, and was being taught.

As Jesus developed his skills, he would have developed the adaptive skills my husband now has. He would have been very good at all the required building, but given his particular love for creation, I would like to predict he probably built a bird house. That would require a bit of Israel research for that day. However, animals fit into his culture, and if there were dog houses, I'll bet he built one. Guys who love animals do crazy little projects for them. I believe Jesus loved all the little and big animals, and he did a few projects for them. I'll bet he even built a few neighbour children some toys.

Where is this going. Okay, so Jesus had all these carpentry skills built up. How does this change a person? What does this do to their social skills? I learned something about Jesus recently from someone who spent some time with rabbis in Israel. So, what about it?

This last week, we learned at church the identity of Jesus as a man of suffering. This is sort of related, and comes under this personality dynamic. Jesus was a man of accommodation, to the point of issues related with holiness. For all other interpersonal issues, Jesus was very pliable. He bent like a reed in social situations. He allowed those around him to resolve their living issues within their context with him, for he was travelling with a crowd. It was like he was the tour guide, and open to suggestions. He would take people's suggestions, and lead them to an answer, and let them perform the solution. He was training them. Enabling them.

The same troubleshooting which applies in construction, Jesus did in working with people. Jesus was not a tough proud guy who micro-managed. He was a social enabler. He was soft. He was humble. He spoke words to get people to come to solutions.

Guys who develop skills in construction are developing their adaptive problem resolving skills set.

Guys who develop these skills should be able to apply these in social situations.

That relies on there being a kind constructive boss, who is open to hearing all the information, and like Solomon, then providing good feedback to get his team feeling like they are making a positive contribution.

In construction today, like in any field, there are bosses who control. That leads to stress in the workers, unhappiness, lack of teaming, swearing, addictions, and so on.

Having a Christ like attitude as a Christian boss should radically change the experience. When we let our mind and trust rest on Christ, we know God loves us to be fruitful and successful, so we know his leanings are to bring us forward. We trust him to manage our projects.  We don't need to manipulate, control, or yell, or any type of uncomfortable behaviour which makes those employees under us feel less.

In my audiences, there have to be some construction employees or managers. You have a great understanding about construction and building. You can go beyond me. What do you think Jesus' traits would be? How does knowing this allow you to sort of let these dynamically positive personality traits in construction transfer into your personal life of managing your family? I know there is opportunity for positive overflow. Let it.

The Answer Key

Please refer to Biblegateway's post the Top 100 Searched Verses.

This post provides you the answers to both Question 1 and 2.

For question 3, refer logically to your previous exercises, and use judgment.

The correct answers will have been developed in your reviews along the way.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Acts Visual Bible

This is a favored version of the Acts telling. Do you remember the early movies of Herbie? That actor is a main narrator, and he has a nice voice. Dean Jones. You will enjoy this version. The producer is Pathway Media.

Where's the Choir?

Just briefly, I heard that he has been egged. For all the good which Simon brought to music culture, I find this a very disrespectful thing to do. I hope some precautions are being set up to prevent such things. I love and respect Simon, and I think he's contributed some very good things to modern entertainment.

Acts Comic

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good Teachers Maximize Review

Here is a review tool.

Though the test is up Sunday, I expect readers to do the review.

Why? The review is actually part of the learning cycle, though it should be done after significant study and organization of the notes for reference purposes.

Say you have a test for a course coming up. You should be doing 8 hours or so of informal types of reviews.

You should be trying out informal ways of seeing if you are retaining the information.

This is a very big practice run, including all the content.

This is not reworked into random order. However, the final will be bits and pieces pulled from all the quizzes.

The total questions for the final will be 75 questions.

Teachers, should you be using this material, this review I am posting permits you the freedom to make up your own test.

This overall review is the base overall review of all the material I've taught.

All this material is available on the Internet - on a blog for Biblegateway, for a post titled, "The Top 100 Verses of Biblegateway" or something like this. Search it on the Internet. It will come up.

Look for the next up post. It is not yet the test.

The next is a review. Copy it into a Word file. Use it for your study and review for the test.

Friday, June 14, 2013

What God Sees

When God sees a city or a nation, what does God see?

When God sees me, he actually is looking at me as a representative sample of my family line.

He knows the relative fruit of all those who came before me, and he also knows all those who will come after.

We individuals get very focused on our very particular problems. We think we are defined by our life events, and the emotions we have based on those outcomes, which either helped us or harmed us, and we get stuck.

For us to see what God thinks about us, we need to look into the scripture. God tells us what our life options are. God tells us what he thinks of us when we sin. God tell us what he thinks of us when we are good.

Emotions are not the best indicator of what God thinks of us. Often, the shame or labels we apply to ourselves, God never applied those to us. We did. Yes. So, we heard someone apply them to us, and we eagerly picked them up. This is a bad idea. God never applies insults to our name. We are always redeemable. We are his babies. Basically, imagine a parent, and would a parent (in loving conventions) ever say anything mean to their child? Never!

No matter what emotional problem or situation you think you have that has condemned you, or set up a certain life route for you, God can pull you up out of it, and set you on a nice flat ground, and he can get you started again. Yes. He has hope for you. You have hope for you.

I am addressing Christians. You are to have hope. Others who have not accepted Christ into your heart, you have access to this great hope too. Christ died for all of us. Say aloud, "Jesus, I'm yours." God will send a dose of the Holy Spirit into your heart, soul, and spirit space, and he's going to quicken your life.

I mean he is the Healer. He is the Counsellor. He is God. He starts fixing us up the second he comes in. He adores us. Then, as you meditate on all the good things God says about you, his believer, in the bible, he will bless you. Cast off all the lies of Satan about who you are, your inability to find success and overcome.

When God takes the throne of your heart, he leads you into righteousness and good pathways of blessing.

God's got you. Comforting, right? If God's got me right in the palm of his hand, what can possibly go wrong?

God sets us up on a faith journey where he teaches us spiritual truth and about him - his identity.

You are in relationship with God the Father. I am not sure if any of us can really comprehend what a blessing this is. God, the maker of the universe, wants something in common with us, his children.

God has plans to restore you and your family line to his blessed future of a new earth and righteousness and a forever life, with no death, dying, or sickness. Just fruits. Just grains. Just marriage. Just family. Just celebration. Just praise. Work ceases. Get the party started! All that this pop song promised is delivered in Christ. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours."