Monday, July 29, 2013

Thanksgiving for the Release of Abductees

May I request some readers join me in thanksgiving to the Lord for the release of abductees in the United States reported today? I love you, FBI! Thanks for such amazing work!

Also, pray that the appropriate support for getting normal lives is provided to the victims.


Jewel Thief Justice,0,750885.story

I pray that the Lord will open up a track for the police to find this jewel thief. In Jesus' name, Amen.

I've been asking myself what would put the fingerprints of God onto this case if it were resolved over the short future. What would that be? I do not control that. I have no control. But, I awoke thinking God would like more.

So, there been several cases of theft recently. I would like to use this circumstance to speak to those out there that God is real and that he is judge. Jesus is Judge. When we pray, he delivers justice, and so if he delivers justice in what appears to be a hopeless case, he can deliver you from whatever your circumstance is.

Let's set some parameter for the Lord to reveal himself to us with. These are God's fingerprints on this case.

1. The network of people in this set of events who are working evil purposes will all be revealed and caught by the police or proper authorities. The right Sherlock Holmes will be released onto the trail, or a team of Sherlock Holmes.

2. The evil the stolen property was meant to fund will be revealed and stopped.

3. No public or policemen will be killed in the recovery.

4. The criminals will be brought to justice in the European court.

5. There will be no hostage taking in this event.

6. The celebration, which from this event would lose hope, will continue with a focus not on materialism, but with a focus on community.

7. I do have one more request. I pray that this heist will not be glorified in a movie. To give glory to this evil deed or the evil-doer is wrong. Any who try will fail from a financial problem which stops the film production. It does not please God when we glorify evil-doers. He gets all the glory.

So with this, I appeal to the Lord for the release the army of God. O Lord, appealing to your justice system, for the fulfillment of the above parameters as a revelation to the nations that your are Judge, and may you present the un-ravelling of the next events to speak your presence to the nations. Praise God. Praise Jesus. Praise Jehovah. Praise the Holy Spirit. In Christ's name, I pray, Amen.

You Version for Your Device

You Version bible app

Here is an app page:

Here is the version Brad said he likes on Sunday.

Friday, July 26, 2013

How Do You Picture the Holy Spirit?

No one has really a picture or image of the Holy Spirit.

We see him as a dove in the scripture.

Probably more than once.

If we can assume the Holy Spirit has a personality, what would break his heart?

It would be all the under-assessed parts of scripture. It's all there, but we are taught on all the popular parts people can interpret. What about the stuff in there no one has tried to interpret? It is not polite. It does not fit. It is not easy to preach on.

Church teaches on the main teachings of the church. We are asked as Christians to investigate the whole scripture. We are not to notice just some passages, and completely ignore others.

The Holy Spirit stands ready to assist you in your scripture reading. Ask. Ask him to interpret.

I just asked him for a password I forgot. He told me. He is a very handy guy to know. For me, he makes up the difference of pockets of forgetfulness in my mind. He loves us, and all we need to do is ask.

The Tree of Life

In my yard, the tree of life is the cherry tree. Today, I sat with the three cats under the cherry tree. She just started producing her fruit. That tree of life, and different from other trees, I find many baby insects under there. While I sat there, a baby ladybug graced my presence. I pulled her off my arm, and up to my eyes to assess her. She was indeed a ladybug. Then, three baby ants walked all over me. They were so small and so cute. That tree attracts babies. Under that tree, the two parent partridges and the 8 chicks sat. As well, the current local mother bunny and her baby sat. I gave them 6 carrots. That took a while for the mother rabbit to eat, and I must have seen them for 40 minutes. They were not going anywhere. That's for sure.

Today, I became aware of a new species bird in the yard. It is a new or different kind of finch to here.

This is the chatty one, who keeps talking to Lulu. I had not got a clear look at him, even though I've been 1 foot away from him in various circumstances. Today, he landed on the tip of a young tree, and waved in the wind like a surfer. He went branch to branch, chatted, and gave me a nice long time to observe him.

He is like the red finches here. But different. He has a black spot surrounded by white and then the rest of him is a sort of gray brown. More gray than brown. His shape is delicate, just like the red finches. And he chats non-stop. I stood under the tree and tried for the life of me to spot him, was only 1 foot from my face for quite a while, and I could not see him. Then, he flew in front of my face up into the air. I had come to see what Lulu was looking at, and yes, he was in launching distance for Lulu. The red finches and this finch hang out. They travel as a flock.

1200 Bonaparte gulls flew over my house yesterday. That was an amazing and beautiful sight.

A Bible Key Word

Not my study this time.

This is yours.

"strange woman"

Who and what is the strange woman?

What does the word strange mean?

What is the fruit of a strange woman with a man?

I think the fruit is a type of creation.

What are the 3 apparitions of flesh?

How might one test for which one the apparition is?

How easy has it been for the strange woman to mate with a man?

Do you suppose we bear any consequences now for this past behavior?

There is fruit from every type of encounter. The fact we don't know we sow into the spiritual is our problem.

Our focus is merely carnality. What we sow we reap. There is no action without some manner of fruit.

Just a hint: The woman in the New Testament who Jesus freed from stoning was not a "strange woman". She had potential to bare a future forest for God. She was part of the redeemable man.

I am not revealing an answer to this one. I know. However, I would like to push you to ask God to reveal the mystery to you. You also could then write an answer. However, I think a seeker should have to hunt and meditate to understand God, and in that hunt, you will find more than just the answer. You will find the Holy Spirit.

If I Can Read the Pentateuch...

If I can read the Pentateuch in a day, I think that some pastors and preachers out there can too.

What you are forgetting is that once you have fully read the bible and you've also reflected on passages over time, eventually you have a bunch of stuff already in you.

I challenge pastors and priests to sit down and do what I would call either a speed read or a global read, which is you read, but you sit above the text. You take it in quickly. You read quickly. It is like absorbing it.

I can take in about a fifth of the bible in a day with an agenda.

I come to it with either a question or a key word God gave me. I go to the scripture.

I read. God leads me through the bible giving me some sort of key word he wants me to hunt. It may be a semantic grouping of words.

I know there's studied guys and girls out there who know scripture.

I would like you to give this a shot.

This would be the read the bible in 5 days reading plan. It is most often used as a reading method just before exams or defending a theses. You should be using your bible a bit like that.

Refresh your view again

Yes, please refresh your view. I am writing as you are viewing.

Reflect on Personal Styles

I've been thinking about demonic possession, culture, and personal styles of fashion and dress.

We can't make sweeping generalizations, but I would like to point out a possibility.

This does not apply to everybody. However, think about it...

In the Hell encounters I've read, details emerged about people's inspirations and sort of personal trade marks if you like, those details of their identity which they are known for, coming from traits of fallen angels in hell.

Why? That's the question for today.

We often like to leave to everyone their personal choice and identity, and we just let it go. Yes, marketing is a factor, and the predominance of examples of that method of dress is in movies, sit coms, and in commercials.

However, what if there was another influence?

When a person has a demonic entity in them, that demonic entity speaks into them as if it were one of their own voices. What it does is it starts morphing the external presentation of that person to the whims and likes of the demon.

That's kind of gross, right?

This can extend into their personal habits, their friendship habits, and their interpersonal encounters.

When people today get to hell, they are going to see the fallen angels exhibiting many of the fashionable traits which youth do today. A person might be thinking, "Hey, I did that!" Then, they see that this is a clothing custom of fallen angels. And yes, that person gets no clothes in hell. Nope. No more opportunity to display their identity according to that culture. And yes, that person had already bought into hell culture before they arrived. Their personal identity markers on earth were hell deceptions.

I think the fallen angel and demonic tribes do have clothes in hell. People don't, for they are placed in pits where fires are maintained.

The demonic and fallen angel do not burn. They are not placed in torment. Now, I probably should get specific with my definitions. The progeny of straight fallen angels keep their bodies and clothes in hell. Demons are a spirit, and they need a body host to have a body. Once in a man, they are then free to express themselves in a body. Who they were way back when they were born and lived on earth, and then died, they can continue to be.

If a person sees themself morphing into something they were not three months before, I would suggest they ask themself if they may have acquired a demonic attachment. Start seeking deliverance.

If you see a person with unusual traits on their external identity, you might ask yourself if they are a demonic host. People casually say these days that in their past life, they were ...  well, that demon in its past life might have been that. And they are the host of that identity of that nephilim spirit. That spirit has had exposure to that spirit's tribe's customs in hell. This is part of the confusion which creates reincarnation beliefs. People attribute these spiritual experiences to the wrong cause.

If there were some other body hosts available, that extra attachment might leave, and then instead of being an internal enemy, that enemy would become an external enemy you would have to fight.

Something I ask myself today is this: Is my culture God honoring or hell honoring?

If we look to our cultural representations of identity and group historical culture - greater shaping influences found in our literature, I must ask, "Is it God honoring or hell honoring?"

Much legend and tradition contributes to either one future destination or the other. It also leads to freedom or imprisonment, and even if the one reading this is not the imprisoned, and you are fully human, then one day, if you have not grabbed Jesus hand for salvation and deliverance, then one day you will be among the imprisoned.

I don't like it like that. My suggestion is start to analyze the motivation and starting point, the origin of the culture and the tradition, and then as you become aware of the destruction and deception tied into the culture surrounding you, you cry out to Jesus for salvation and deliverance. Jesus is the watering hole for all creation. It just so happens for us specifically he accomplished a lot. All we have to do is grab his hand and we are out of the pit.

Let's look to a couple demonic possession examples. A child is possessed by a serpent demon. That child moves around on the floor like a snake and hisses. Delivered, that child is normal. A newly saved man still not delivered from a demon jumps around the floor as a monkey. Till he is delivered, that demon is resistant to participating in bible study.

These are extreme examples of a demon taking over the host to express him or herself.

We commonly ignore the less extreme exhibitions of demonic takeover. We have already accepted many of these customs in our culture. Can you think of any beauty or dress methods today which honor hell culture, disrespect the humility of a person, lend to dishonoring thoughts, and breed inter-tribal strife? I can.

I leave this question to you. If it leads to sin or even thinking about sin, impurity or even thinking about impurity, and I should add shame or even thinking about shame, then you might want to question it.

I believe God made this body just like his animals as a worthy and beautiful creation.

Any custom which causes us to feel we have to hide or feel shame about how we are created, that's not a nice custom. We are to manage both aspects. If we see wrong or a view which leads us to sin or think impure thoughts, we manage the thought. Yes, we look away. At the same time, the one who is being looked upon, use reasonable means to protect your humility. Be beautiful like the birds. Yes. God made you. He fawns over you. So, take care of yourself, and be beautiful. Just don't flaunt yourself with an intention of creating situations. Have humility.

Men, who are the head of the household and hold a position of leadership, they are actually called to higher control. In history, there's been scapegoats. One is women. God does not see women as scapegoats. He will judge men for their own internal thoughts, and for them there is no scapegoat. There is no cultural scapegoat. There is no family scapegoat. There is no gender scapegoat. None. They are all accountable for their integrity.

God created men with a capacity for honor in them. He created them with a potential for enablement.

The way it works with God is this: you know how an electrical appliance gets plugged into the wall and carries a circuit to produce light? It's the same. In order for a man to carry honor within him, he needs to be plugged into the right circuit, and that circuit is Christ.

Once a man has been plugged into Christ, he should be evaluating his own internal motivations, and depending on God's words in his mind to begin morphing him into an everlasting cedar.

I now understand what a cedar represents. A man born into eternal life joins the everlasting cedars: this is all creation of its various forms, including angels, which has an everlasting spirit, and is housed, fed, and led by God the Father.

When a person accepts Christ, they become a cedar sapling. They now have a chance to become part of the forest of cedars who will one day all unite before God to sing his praises.

There is one day, and it is going to be special. I think that day immediately precedes the judgment day.  The people who stand before God will look like a great forest. It is going to be amazing! I am going to be there! A thistle represents a creature destined to the pit. That's what grows on an unsaved person's ground. On a saved person's ground, there's nothing but trees.

Trees are sprouting all over my grounds. I have a forest that wants to grow in my yard. Trees are growing where nothing should grow.

On the unsaved man's grounds, weeds grow. Why? He pays no attention to the grounds.

He does not care.

He does not evaluate.

He does not trim.

He does not weed.

Before the fall of Lucifer and the earth, this world was full of everlasting cedars. (In case you are wondering, there's proof of this in the fossil and geological records.)

God took pride in all the plants he put on this ground, the earth.

When Satan fell, the first thing he did was to stage an attack on God.

When God threw Lucifer back to a be-jewelled and everlasting plant based earth, the first thing he did was torch the earth. He did this to make God the Father mad. He killed God's everlasting cedar forests. Those everlasting cedar forests had been living on earth for at least 800 million years and perhaps longer. God took one further step of action, and he put Lucifer and his tribes to the centre of the earth. Yes, they could roam the earth, but this was one more step of punishment.

Lucifer torched earth. God started again. All those everlasting cedar forests had been burned down. God made man.

Look around. Do you see lack of fertility, no growth, a poor economy, lack of opportunity, and lack of provision? You need to get plugged in. You need to start changing those thistle and weeds based grounds into thickets of life producing trees. I mean metaphorically. I mean humanly speaking. Where there is abundance, there will also be a blessed people.

Do you see the Poet in God? Even from a creative standpoint, all he does is poetry. I would suggest that he is a better poet than Shakespeare. If Shakespeare was any good, might he have had a creative gift from God? If so, he might be still producing his works in heaven. In the scheme of things in history, if we ever get to see the whole thing from God, we will by every evidence see poetry built into everything about him.

If you are a preacher or a priest, study poetry. Get used to that, and then come back to your bible, and ask the Poet to reveal himself.

Okay, somewhere in here, I have "Christ hand" or "Jesus hand" and it should be "Christ's hand" or "Jesus' hand". So, till I find that, we are leaving it. You will probably see it. When I switch views, the error is hard to find. I will fix it when I find that little error again! Hmmm.

My Bible Reading Plan

Thanks to my cousin, here is "My Bible Reading Plan"

Find a reading plan and read the bible in 90 days. This link is specifically the 90 day plan.

Kick start your you and God relationship.

The bible is the best love letter in the world!

If my reader clicks on the host website, there are various types of bible plans.

As well, there a Charles Spurgeon devotional. He's a smart Christian guy. What I mean is he thinks about God a lot, so he is worth the read!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Tree Parallel

I am just looking over a family tree software.

If you had all the people of a lineage together, you would have a forest.

The historical lineage is a tree with various branches.

Like the tree of life, there is development of branches, and setting roots to certain places.

People are like a grove.

Say we all stood together, as we will one day, instead of a family tree, we will be a forest.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Few More Books Coming

See Donna's Author Page:

This page link is now also found on Donna's Song's page for when this post gets buried in the background of the blog with further development.

These are a few books coming from this blog. The books are already part way developed. Mostly, they need covers. However, I am turning my attention to some previous projects which I feel I would have like out quite awhile ago. 

I had worked for another author for a bit, and that stalled some of my projects, so yes, these few I am putting out feel very late. 

The next focus I have are on historical projects. I made a few stories based on material in the family history. You could call them project starters. Sometimes a single word study leads one to write a book. For example, take the word "renewal" or "revival" and what you get is an index. All of a sudden, there's a ton of content. That's what happened with these projects. I did research based on seeing a single word, and the word developed into a book. The first in this list is the next up. It will be a historical book based on Canadian content, rich in understanding of his circumstance, based on the lens of a narrative inquirer and history researcher.
  1. The Coyotes Called My Name (my great-grandfather's near escape from coyotes)
  2. One Second After: Donna's Meditations - Discipleship and Evangelism topics Vol 1
  3. One Second After: Donna's Meditations - Discipleship and Evangelism topics Vol 2
  4. One Second After: Donna's Meditations - ...Vol 3
  5. Donna's God Story - A Spiritual Life Story

Maybe...I will get to the following...
  • Jasmine the Darling Vine 
I might do one that does an analogy of the church to Jasmine, but that depends on how many pictures I get which end up telling the story. The book would have a high biology focus, with strategies paralleled to the church. This would be a picture book for adults.
  • The NDEs, Visions, and Summons - A Narrative Inquiry Encounter
Besides this, I have 7-10 outstanding pieces which I had not released before, as I was trying to get my business process all worked out. Some of that has come together, so I see no reason to not get these out. Those are all the previous featured titles seen on the site

I am not working on translating these for now. Later, perhaps.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jasmine's Image is Coming

Jasmine is my vine - the Darling plant in this house.

She is doing what she does. She is building a tabernacle in her window. She is blooming.

I've been wondering if I hand pollinated her, what would happen?

Might she produce some kind of fruit?

I might try with a Q-tip. Or does she need a transfer of a couple of ants?

She is a very pretty vine.

I am in the process of making a few images of her.

My symbolism in the images are: water, communion wine, the branches, Jasmine's growth strategies, her magnificent blooms, and how she grabbed onto the communion cup.

Is this sale-able as art? I don't know. If photography could be considered worship, then I hope this qualifies as that. Jasmine is a sign and wonder to me. She is the physical representation of what the church is supposed to be in the bible. She is perhaps a bit of a science experiment, for I have not grown one of her types before.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Top 15 Verses for Children

Here's the blog post I shall work from.

I plan to make a poetic organization of these.

Then, recording time.

I hope it works out.

The Naked Prince and Prophet

Isaiah was the son of Royalty. He was the son of the son of the King of Judah.

That prophet so honored the Lord, he would do anything God asked him to.

God asked him to walk about naked and barefoot for 3 years to display to the Israelites the result of their sins which was coming.

He did it.

I might have complained.

Can you imagine the mockery he faced?

In the enduring sense of the Spirit, in Hell, other than the church, no others are permitted long term clothes.

They are naked. There is a dividing line. There were some with no clothes. There were some with clothes which burned off of them.

Clothing is a privilege.

It is a sign of not being in slavery.

Clothing provides protection and humility for the body.

Now, one might want to shed their clothes, for they think this is freedom.

Not having the option of clothes at all, that is no freedom.

Choosing one alternative or another, I will tell you what I choose. For my eternal spirit, I choose the Consecration Gown. I choose the clothes of heaven.

When I think of obedience, Isaiah who was a prince lived as a slave and as a pauper. He walked about as if he had no sign or vestige of royalty as he was a walking sign and wonder to his people.

I would like to consider myself a faithful person to God, but would I go this far? Would I demonstrate slavery and the punishment of sins to them to quench their rebellion?

What Isaiah also did was a prophetic act for the disrobing of Christ. Through his obedience, he was achieving prophetic acts on behalf of the Father.

Why the Poor Inherit the Kingdom of God...

In many cases, family prayer leads to the Lord running after a soul perishing to bring him or her from the flames of judgment, for the purpose of correction and salvation.

Without prayer, God's kingdom runs after the poor, giving them their opportunity for repentance and relationship.

We are aware the soul tumbles into hell after a death.

Not every soul tumbles equally.

The poor who have had to believe in God in their poverty, and this is more of a challenge than when one is rich, for the outward signs do not always make sense, these are raced after by the Lord.

He comes to correct, deliver, affirm, and call in the poor. He has the poor in his constant radar.

King James Version

In the future, I shall be making a fair amount of use of the King James Version. That is because it is public domain. I have a tendency to like the poetic structure of that text anyway. For users who prefer other translations, I shall keep links to Bible Gateway, and there the reader may transfer to their preferred version.
There's also a few spots on the blog where bible verses of some translations are where they will be replaced with King James, even though I really like the wording of the one I had placed there. In instances where a particular version had it right (which spoke to me), I will refer to the version so the reader may look it up.

About Songify

Songify, though it appeals to adults, mostly appeals to youth. I can see why. I do not think the software was intended to ever be shared on youtube. The set up is a private matter, where if you want to see it or hear it, you are sort of forced to their server. Even more so, it is intended to be heard immediately after its recording, and then only heard on the device for small children, for the difficulty of the transfer to the server requires the technical knowledge of a teen.

I see Songify as a memory aid. I am not sure what teaching concepts a person might want to put with it, but it does have potential uses.

Suppose I were making a chapter intended for children to memorize via a recording. What chapter would that be? Who I would want to build up are children - but children who have already met Christ - and who need to know that God is for them. I am thinking of doing this recording, knowing it is for children, and tying in the assurance of salvation. I would like to put together a set of declarations about salvation that children could have embedded through music.

You may see the song I did on Donna's Songs page as the latest addition. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

FAA Artist Feature Zueling Zou

For the visiting Asian countries, I've decided to feature a friend - a colleague on Fine Art America.

We met a few years ago, both shortly after joining Fine Art America.

Her name is Zueling Zou. Here is Zueling Zou's website.

She travels quite a bit, does both photography and paint, and writes artist stories.

Her art does not fit Christian, but it does represent the celebration of cultures. Her creativity represents respect and dignity and desire to understand her subjects. She is a sweet, kind, and intelligent lady with a desire to handle ethical issues with integrity.

Her perspective may not match mine, but through conversation, there is a meeting of minds, and a respect for one another.

I love her cultural detail in her eye and what she targets and represents. She is a lover of people. She tried to capture honesty in presentation. When you see her art, you see striking details representing truth.

We are to value gifts given from the Holy Spirit for expressing ourselves in a way to value and build people. That's what I am doing here. I am recognizing her creative gift from her Heavenly Father.

Thanks to my +1 visiter!

Dave McCann Performs Standing in the River

Always Forever by Phil Wickham

Calgary Delivered Thanks

Thank you Lord for delivering Calgary from potential harm and maintaining a maximum retention of life.

Watch Sid Roth

Watch the latest Sid Roth.

It is a great show.

It is about hearing God's voice. He leads you in a deliverance prayer - forgiving.

Watch the second one back too, please. That one is flood restoration teaching. It is exactly what I felt.

Break Free From Demons Audio

I prepared an audio for the piece I wrote on "Break Free From Demons"

This is on my Pellirojos Fileserver

Break Free

It is free for the taking. Enjoy. I hope the format speaks to you.

I am a metaphor type of person.

I will add this to the Donna's Songs page, but I am not in a rush.

This audio was made from this post:

Since then, I updated some thoughts on the soul man. The Colossians 4 text, I think is was, is the text which helps us recognize we need to subdue the soul man and to experience regeneration. The nature of impurity and sin which builds up upon our soul man is what needs to be burned off of us. We are the silver. The black soot which covers our soul man is the dross.

I hope this clarifies the project above.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do You Feel the Heat?

When you get three Holy Spirit filled Christians in a space, do you feel the heat?

When my family gather, and there are three Holy Spirit filled Christians gathered close in conversation, there is a heat which builds in that corner of the room. It is like a fire flicking flames on logs. Perhaps we are like cedar, and in us the Holy Spirit burns.

When my friends gather, and the same applies, there is a thick presence of the Lord upon the group. When you watch Sid Roth, have you noticed that when guests arrive, that he starts to pick up their gifts of the Holy Spirit for the time they are together? He may not have those gifts all the time, but just being in their presence, their anointing leaks. That means that when a person with a gift of prophecy is with two other believers with other gifts, their prophetic voice falls upon the other present. That happens!

This is how a group of three friends can be a great blessing to one another. They come together all with different gifts of the Lord. When they commune in friendship and prayer and praise, the anointing leaks and all of them benefit from greater insight from the Lord. This holy anointing of course creates purpose to the occasion and great joy rests upon the group. God encourages his believers in this context.

As Christians shift their conversation focus away from complaining, slander, gossip, and so on, and dedicate their focus to the Lord, God will use their presence and their words to leak his holy presence all around them for his glory. His peace. His love. His glory.

I pray my family with these anointings grow. Why? I like to bask in God's presence amidst his people.

At Christmas, my aunt left the corner of the room to cool off. She remarked, "The Holy Spirit is layered thick upon us in that corner speaking out the truth."

I reflected. I realized that there was a spiritual heat that built in that corner. It is a very wonderful thing to experience the Lord's heat and an anointing which spiritually speaking feels like oil or perfume.

On your next God encounter with three Holy Spirit filled individuals, I would like you to set out your intuitive feelers, and ask yourself, "Do I feel the heat?" If you do, praise God within, for God's oil when it leaks has great spiritual benefits for you.

Some to Chew On

Here is a prophetic story. The writer is Rick Joyner.

There is a small link to my popular blog post "Dread God".

The link is a phrase "dread warriors" I think...

This is for those who can read a whole and not try to take it all in in one sitting.

Read it. Let it go. Note 3-5 things. Come back. Do that again.

This is actually an ebook.

There is a second ebook linked.

The best way to go through this is a few repeat light readings.

Then, go back and meditate on parts which you feel the Lord has intrigued you with.

God tends to speak thematically to us about specific issues he is working out with us.

Pick out a few things. What does that do to your outlook?

Memorization Aids

The posters here may be downloaded and used as memorization aids.

I also noticed some of the art is excellent as teaching for the identity and names of God.

Bible college students, these posters which take up a bit of wall space would make great decoration for your walls.

Next Up

I shall be putting up my God story!

You may watch for this.

I think this will only be an e-book from Kindle.

The Men of Eli Scripture Memorization Course

In China, new believers learn 800 verses in two months. That is a very positive trait of enthusiasm and academics. Hopefully, we can follow this worthy behaviour.

I've prepared this for 100 verses. I would prepare 7 more courses - for similar purposes. This follow through will happen when I see enthusiasm build here for building scripture into our hearts, souls, and minds.

How do you choose? I would ask my church. They might identify 700 more scriptures of most benefit.

Here is this one. This is the Men of Eli Scripture Memorization Course. This is your first 100.

New book launch: The Men of Eli Scripture Memorization Course

:) The print version is still in an approval process.

This is intended as a reference for teachers to project to their televisions or screens. This helps them stay on track with their students as they work through the course.

Ebook is updated! It is ready for sale.

FAA - Real Photo Of Lion and Lamb

FAA Meditation: The Lion Lays With the Lamb

One day, my Lucius will lie down with his gray mouse under the cherry tree in the grass.

Look, it happened here! A lion lay down with a lamb!

I would like to think my Lucius could be that sweet and calm, but I got three finger pricks this afternoon when I played elastics with him. He tagged my fingers holding the elastics before I could throw them. That lion must have had some really satisfying lion gourmet food just before the picture. I wonder if he loves chicken pate (and just ate dinner) and that he is here in cuddly mode, so even a little lamb could come in for a cuddle. Hmmm.

I wonder if the zoo keeper is going, "Good kitten!"

Chinese Worship

For my current visitors, I introduce you to this great channel of Chinese language worship. The channel which hosts this video has 160 worship songs.

Sid Roth's Passover Blessing Udpate

Hi folks!

I had up Sid Roth's Passover Blessing as a link, and in creating my courses and books, I discovered it is a self-link.

I have hunted the Sid Roth archives looking for that specific show to get you to it, but I see that I cannot find it on the archives.

It is a great blessing! I have emailed Sid's team, and I hope shortly they will help me figure out which show it is on.

I see you have followed my trail of updates and that some of you are looking for this.

I hope to have it updated soon. This post will disappear. That post will get an update.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Derek Prince Deliverance Books On Sale

  1. Thanks for seeking. I am helping.

    Just listening to Derek's audios and repeating his prayers for deliverance has delivered thousands, perhaps tens of thousands. He has had reports of the significance of his work being distributed, and this is all about people being delivered from demons, illnesses, and all sorts of spiritual plagues.

    God made this resource for us.

    He is one of the best deliverance teachers out there.

    He might not be here right now, but God has his tapes, videos, and courses working still, for it is the power of the Holy Spirit in the recorded work still at work reaching out to release us from bondage.

    Reading audience, I buy .mp3s quite commonly. I like instant access. I set up a computer to a TV, and I listen to mp3s. I also do this for youtube sermons.

    This is a school in the house for us.

    I have an international audience. Derek's work is in many languages. For one, I know much of his work is in Chinese.

    There will be stores and products for you in other languages. If you need that, send them an email. They can direct you to these other sources.

    Please note the specials. In some cases, you get a book for free for the price of buying a course.

    DPM-CANADA Store : Deliverance and Demonology - Derek Prince ...

    Six CD Audio Series • How I Came to Grips with Demons • How Jesus Dealt with Demons • Nature and Activity of Demons • How to Recognise and Expel ...

  2. Derek Prince Ministries - Canada : DPM - Canada

    The latest prayer needs for Derek Prince Ministries are now available online. Click here to see the prayer needs from our DPM offices around the world.

  3. DPM-US Store : Deliverance and Demonology - Derek Prince ... › DPM Store › MP3

    With the ministry of Jesus as his pattern—supplemented by personal experienceDerek Prince exposes the nature and activity of demons, and explains the ...

  4. DPM-US Store : Deliverance/Demons - Derek Prince Ministries › DPM Store › Spiritual Warfare

    10+ items - DPM Store > Spiritual Warfare > Deliverance/Demons ...
    Basics of Deliverance
    Basics of Deliverance
    More in MP3
    More in CDs

Jon Bauer Roots of Worship

Jon Bauer

Roots of Worship

New CD for purchase.

This is just in my email. I am thinking it was just released.

Check it out!

I have told Jon I felt his music qualified as soaking music before.

What I like here is we can take some typical worship songs from church - and we can bring that into our quiet time.

The only thing missing is a song book. There needs to be something left for us to make. A little investment in our private worship time is a good thing. Make your song book. You can find that by hunting the title of the song and the word lyrics online.

These are the songs we sing at First Alliance. This means this CD - we can use for private worship.

Monday, July 15, 2013

How About Those Ants

In Donna's kitchen, there's a few ants.

Since Donna knows that God the Creator sends off many little spirits in the forms of many creatures, including ants, she is kind or as kind and patient as she can be with her ants.

Did you know a queen ant lives for 25 years?

Did you know an ant lives for 6-7?

Donna does not take this lightly. That's as long as some people's pets live!

There was a day recently that Donna and her hubby walked out 30 ants. That day she prayed God would move them.

Since then, there's only been 3-4 lifts out per day.

The transition strip is going to be fixed, however, since (I am switching to I here) I know that being unthoughtful dissatisfies God, before I fix the transition, I need to pray he would manage the move process.

Well, those ants are smart little fellows. Occasionally, I forget they know their own way out of the kitchen.

I bought a small dust pan. It is meant to sweep the counters, and after the crumbs are swept, then I wipe them. The secondary use of this little dust pan is to move ants outside.

The ants are quite smart. They have seen the dust pan before. When I go to pick them up, they try all types of evasive maneuvers like they are Thomas avoiding his medicine.

I've tried to be smarter. I keep clean counters and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Where do I find them? In the dishwasher.

Or, I find them up around the lip of the coffeemaker. I tried to sweep one off of the coffeemaker, and he jumped in a crevice.

My husband insists theses ants have seen my transport system before.

Once in a while, I ignore an ant or two. Many I carry. I've developed softer more patient strategies.

For one, it is like the ants are now trained. If I put my dust pan to the ground, they climb off themselves. Before, I was dropping them from a small distance. If they will get off themselves, that's fine, right? The drop could potentially harm a leg.

The ants are very fast at evading their walk out. I use the hairs of the brush to hold them in place lightly, till I get them to the door and out.

The junior ants have parental instructions on how to come in the kitchen. They walk under a baseboard protected all the way, and then just do a short one to two meter walk to the counter. Zoom! They are up.

They must sleep at night. They are not active in the night time. They all hang out in their den for the night.

So many ants. So little time. Such smart little creatures.

The last time we fixed our transition strip, the ant population in the house went to none.

We need to do this again. I will try to be patient till that day arrives, and it should only be a couple days.

Hey Label

I have gone through and labelled scripture memorization posts with "Hey".

Otherwise, you find them using "scripture memory" or "scripture memorization".

I hope that helps. This is still not a complete sifting of all the posts. I will gradually find the others and add the label Hey.

Why I love "hey" is it is about getting someone's attention, and in this case, with the Holy Spirit.

Sharing a verse of scripture is a "hey" to the soul - it is an awakening.

Housework Spirit Enabled

Many moms and women do regular routines of house maintenance.

We make food, do laundry, dust, clean dishes, and so on.

Within that context, I have to name these duties as productive creations.

They are not specifically art, but they are a social creation which enables the operation of family.

These are of great value. I think the Holy Spirit self-expresses in women who take care of their family in all they do.

This particular aspect of womanhood is undervalued.

There is a point in this though where women need relief. There is nothing as horrible as feeling tied to tasks all the time without reprieve. That's where babysitters or men taking the kids for the night comes in.

Women do need other creative avenues. This helps them feel the creative mood of the Holy Spirit in them. This status of creation feels great!

I met a woman once who was 93. She came into a senior centre when she was 90. As a woman, she had cooked and cleaned right to the end keeping busy, and all of a sudden, she realized she could no longer contribute, and she no longer felt she was a person of worth.

We should not keep moms busy to age 90. We should be integrating other avenues of creativity into their schedule to let them know they are not always ON.

They can have other development venues. That could be paint. That could be courses. There needs to be a bit of blending. I tried as I could to support and encourage this woman who had her responsibilities taken away from her, and that she was still a person of worth.

What does it mean to develop a whole person? Does it mean we keep a person in a role? Does it mean we explore who they are in the context of all their gift potential?

If you know someone who is too embedded in a serving role, such as cooking and cleaning all the time for the whole family, give them an out to blossom their potential. It is not always about the young having all their needs fulfilled. It is about give and take, and the elderly or the aging, or even aging moms also need a break.

There needs to be family balancing to make sure that everyone gets opportunities. Kids, give a little. Parents, give a little. Work out balance. For example, a daughter and mom should take an art course together. That would be fun! Dad and son could take a co-soccer team on. Keep dad involved. Living on the sidelines and getting less fit is not what it is about. It is not about youth having a chauffeur. It is about family mixed living, and working ways to keep the whole family involved and active. Think about this. What can change?

Just as women sometimes fail to get thanks or recognition for their role, and this is a great reason to celebrate Mother's Day, but God the Father also does world household maintenance tasks, and both do not get the appropriate thanks. We need to be thankful to women; we need to be thankful to God the Father.

Thank yous are much appreciated in the context of household communication and in the context of prayer.

The Scripture Memorization Course is Coming

It will be called the Men of Eli Scripture Memorization Course.

It will include the course as developed here.

It will include a few incentives as to why we should memorize.

It will include a few One Second After meditations focused on evangelism.

These are all inter-related topics here.

I am forwarding a copy to my church, for in a sense, they are one of my audiences.

I will let you know here if it is used there.

I am near done. My cover is done. I am doing some final edits today or tomorrow.

My other hoped for organizations to use this resource are: The Billy Graham Association and the Wycliffe Institute. Basically, if an organization if pro-scripture memorization, then this could be used.

I do have to submit an approval for the use of a scripture version, and that might be a hold-up. Getting approvals can take up to a couple of weeks. That will fit into my proofing process, so hopefully in 3 weeks, we'll have a product. In the mean time, use the blog, and start your course.

Kat Kerr Interest

With the great interest in Kat Kerr, I think I shall have to bring her in as a page on the work desk.

I will bring in her website. I will also bring in a link to the site I found with 98 resources of hers there on youtube. That's coming. In a couple days. You will be able to find the same resources I used then.

Kat will soon be writing a blog, but the page is still unfinished. I have linked her under Christian bloggers on the Work Desk. What you mostly see there is her speaking engagements. The other page is coming. It will likely be placed as a link beside her first link, so readers do not have to look more than one place.

Vision and Summons Testimonies

Update: I recently referred to Anna for the last detail I had mentioned about her. I think I said infants were mentioned in her account. I need to correct that. It is Marietta Davis. Also, there is a modern translation of Marietta's book for those who have difficulty reading 1850s speak. For literature studied people, you will enjoy the challenge. Yes, angels take care of classes of children, and educate them, without their parents. Children are hoping to see their parents come home.
These are the leads I was working on, complete with links. Many have consulted this blog for an opportunity to do their own research.

There should be a renaissance going on in the Christian world based on these visions finally being put into context, as we realize there is a spiritual war, and that Christ had a part to play in it, and we are to realize our part in it. Please consult these. These stories should encourage you and build you in your faith.

There is a tendency after a while for posts to get lost in traffic sort of. That's why I am bringing it forward again. I know it is valuable in aiding people in their search. Enjoy!

Don't just take my observations. Hunt. What do you see?


These are the links to the notes below:
References found at 8 min 20 in the last Oden Hetrick video.
If readers want to follow me in this, I recommend that you have already viewed the testimonies of Oden Hetrick and Kat Kerr. If not, you will not have the base to understand Scenes Beyond the Grave. There are overlaps.

An Analysis of Vision Accounts

1. Marietta Davis. Scenes Beyond the Grave.

Note p.35 - This is wording from 100 years ago, but has very similar snapshots to these other visions.
Okay so p. 123 is very cool. Here is this lady from 100 years ago describing 3 D movies. Too cool!
For the book, Scenes Beyond the Grave, what it does is it fills in the rest of the scene of what happened around the crucifixion in the spiritual realm. It touches on other players such as Pilate's wife and what she perceived. It shows the spiritual aspects of the Garden of Gethsemane.

According to Oden, in heaven, part of men's education is to watch this video of the Passion of Christ, and in the watching, and in the spiritual, all the spiritual is evident to men. This book does that for us. Chapter XVI, XXVI, XXVIII, XXX, XXXI. This shows many aspects of the Passion events which Marietta would have understood by watching 3D videos in heaven.

On pp. 170-171, we see Pilate's wife's vision and exactly what she would have told her husband. This is why Pilate managed Jesus' trial the way he did. He knew, but did not hearken to his wife's pleadings.
Okay on p. 200, Marietta still refers to the young as infants, and I am starting to think she may mean children. They are also watching the 3D movie. This point in the story tells of how Jesus, how his spirit while he was yet hanging on the cross in the process of his last time in his body, he had to do spiritual battle with the devil and his forces. Then, he dies.

For Pastors, this is a very interesting read. When Marietta speaks of "infants", I have said she seems to be speaking about children, for they are co-participants it seems as she watches the Passion of Christ.
When she speaks of children, she is with them in their physical space. When she speaks of the Passion events, she is watching all of this transpire in a 3-D movie. This provides all the spiritual dimensions and dialogue of things we have not known of.

So, I note key pages,  pp. 64, 68, 69, 80, 84, 92-94, 102-105, 110, 116, 120, 123, 126, 147-148, 152-154, 158, 161, 164-165 (present), 170 (Pilate's wife), 176, 187 (River), 186-187, 192, 194, 219-221.
I saw a few key things before p. 64, but did not note them yet. If I go over this again, after reviewing either other books by this author or testimonies, I will add the pp. before p. 64.
Nine Days in Heaven seems to be a modern translation of the version I studied here.

2. Rebecca Springer Book entitled Intra Muros.
This book contains some analysis - some self-analysis and some from an advocate preacher.
On pp. 182-183, there is teaching on the verse in the bible, "Jesus wept."
In Kat's vision, she said there were rooms where people could look down on their loved ones, and these were also used to watch one's own funeral. Chapter V is this.

Chapter X accounts a university class in heaven, with mixed singing and praise with John Wesley and Martin Luther.

What this book does is it puts material items, clothes, people, their homes all into the context of heaven. This account also talks of the fountains of life and the river of life in quite similar ways to Oden.
Gloming is described in two spots: p. 85 and another.

Besides this for now, I shall note pages of interest to return later: pp. 12, 29, 40, 41, 56, 61 (7 colors), 99. 101, 112, 117, 138, 145, 151, 163.

3. Percy Collett's  Book: I Walked in Heaven With Jesus Analysis

This is an ebook. It is presented on one long web page. For useful comparison to other accounts, for now, I would limit my attention to points 1-15. This covers comparative topics. The content parallels Oden Hetrick's account.

New and interesting and unique is the fact that mansions have a passageway that leads to a common banquet area for everyone in heaven. Perhaps there's a portal there, and this is where the collective wedding banquet will take place.

Also, look at the time it took to travel to heaven. To go 3 trillion miles, it took 6 hours.

4. Marvin Ford - On the Other Side A Small Piece of His Testimony

This man has similar dimensions to heaven that Oden has, with few variations, but many parts the same.
He is a pan-millenialist. He figures everything will work out.
Here's an other piece of his work. The Final Frontier
No denominations. This account of the personality of Jesus is the same as Kat Kerr's.
Unique: The light of Jesus is like several hundreds or millions of arc lights.

5. Dr. Richard Eby Dr. Richard Eby's Near Death Experience (linked to youtube) TBN Version.

Here is a page with a bunch of Dr. Richard Eby content. This page, though it looks like video, is mostly audio. That's okay.

Dr. Eby says Christ went to hell to retrieve the keys of death - I think...listen through. This is from the TBN video.

Okay, so here the pit is described as a holding tank for hell. The hell civilization proper is the part where torment takes place.

Animals - He said there's deformed cats and dogs in hell. That's sad!
Our judgement - God reviews our part in the book of life. Richard felt compelled to talk.
This one talks about how when Jesus died, he expected men to choose him and come to heaven. That's the plan. Men were made to have one master or the other. It is Jesus or the fallen Satan. They have to choose right.

Even as Jesus died on the cross, as Jesus is capable of relationship with all of us at once, he was thinking of every individual sinner, even Mr. Eby when he was on the cross.

This person does have a book on Amazon. The book would be good to pick up. This is just a part analysis, as I have not found enough data for this person yet. However, I am reaching the end. I have done 4 of 5.

Suppose I Were to Give You an Order of Reading

  1. Marietta Davis of Berlin in 1848 Book titled either Caught Up to Heaven or Nine Days in Heaven or Scenes Beyond the Grave
  2. Percy Collett's: I Walked in Heaven With Jesus
  3. Rebecca Springer Book entitled Intra Muros
  4. Marvin Ford - On the Other Side A Small Piece of His Testimony
  5. Dr. Richard Eby Dr. Richard Eby's Near Death Experience (linked to youtube) TBN Version Text

What's Next

I am putting this piece on the shelf, with an exception to putting in a few notes if I find some good resources for Dr. Eby. My connection would not pull up one youtube video, so hopefully yours does.

I will come back to this in a week to make more sense of it. What I do next is think on all of it.

To do this as a proper study, it would be nice to have the whole book text of each author. I am not sure if I will invest in that for now. However, I see this as an excellent starter framework for a Christian university level course, based around studying these narrations using the tools of Narrative Inquiry.

I almost feel like making it into a course for a Christian university.

I could enjoy delivering that.

Managing Money Resource

This site

has resources - many of them for Christians who need to learn their finances.

As a Christian, knowing Christ is coming, we are to bring all our weaknesses to the Lord, and allow him to make us strong, that there be no area of our life in which we are ashamed.

Were finances and trusting in earthly values of money, fearing Mammon more than God, then we need to re-purpose ourselves.

This view of money is a stronghold of why slavery exists.

There is not enough of whatever to go around.

We orient our focus on God. We learn what we need to know how God functions regarding money. This is a good thing.

I will be reviewing these audios. As I find ones I particularly like, I shall share the title.

I bought a finance course from Sid Roth, and it was pretty good. I can later update the course title here for you.

In that, there's a testimony of a man who owned a corporation and was millions in debt. It also shows how God brought him up out of debt. It has a lot to do with our attitude and faith in God.

When God manages our resource system, slavery does not make any sense. It becomes redundant. It can be cast off.

I believe that in a society of debt, we owe some of our attention to this matter. Whenever I talk about God blessing people's finances when they honor him by trying to implement God honoring money practices, I find myself rebuked with that's a prosperity gospel! Not everyone understands.

There are Mammon curses against whole generation lines, and that includes Christian heritages where the family line did not honor God in this area, but believed in, "There will never be enough."

These curses need to be broken with spiritual warfare, and teaching needs to ensue.

This is one resource. Review it.

For those who would like to get immersed in Apologetics, which means understanding many different faiths for the purpose of explaining how God's gospel fits into that in the sense of using that understanding and correcting it, and using what is of use, and using it as a bridge to God - all that is here. Apologetics is using scripture as a sword. It is knowing what verse pertains to what. And regardless of natural methods of argumentation, God works completely differently. All a man of god must do is apply the scripture to the situation, and God the Holy Spirit does the convicting of truth. We just are the mouthpiece who have faith in God to do the work. This resource I have linked has a base of Apologetics for those who are interested. It is the same site which teaches finances.

Please note the new Sid Roth featuring Gary Whetstone - he talks about Money being an idol in these end times. He sketches that out. The idol Money is backed by the spirit Mammon. I think the timing of this show correlates the Holy Spirit's moving. We can work on this issue. Watch this show on the Sid

I believe the show is a nice harmonious match to this post.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Tree Study 1

I consider this a bit of a jigsaw, for I don't know where it is leading. The revealer will reveal whatever he wants.

I had a dream of forests of cedars. The symbolism is on my mind.

My scripture for study today is 1 Kings 7. The forest comes up. My reader will want to open a second page to view this scripture for themselves. I used King James. Start there before swapping to another version.

This chapter reveals that Solomon built a house of the forest of Lebanon.

That house was pretty huge, and its key feature was cedar.

This place included a porch of judgment. That's where Solomon heard cases.

This was a court of justice.

The wise one rules and hears cases and delivers justice from this place.

Please notice the same chapter describes the molten sea. That molten sea is a model of the pit of hell, and at the same time, it reflects a good thing, the sea of glass. In hell, it is a bad thing. In heaven, it is a good thing. It depends on where we go. The same thing can be really good or really bad. This chapter contains many tools and objects which David helped collect, and which were dedicated to the House of the Lord, and these were anointed to holy purposes. The molten sea is the judgment for molten images men made for their idols. The same process it took to make the images is what happens to men's souls, rather than acknowledge God. See Isaiah 41 at the end of this article and go to the last verse of that chapter.

Recently, I found a scripture which described Christ as one who has cedar legs.

I am making a tie here. You might think differently.

Christ is the judge. This court of justice here - where Solomon sat and heard cases, and was considered the wisest man of his time - that place will one day seat Christ who will judge the nations.

That place - that court - is made of cedar. It is this house of justice and he will sit on a porch just like this.

If at the time Christ comes, all these cedar things have been destroyed by the Tribulation, Christ will give someone the project of rebuilding this structure as exactly given here in this chapter.

This is a future building project, for I can't see this building making it through the destruction. I found a verse about the tip of a branch of a cedar being planted high in the mountain. That court of justice and temple get moved to a high location.

I wonder: Does this hall of justice exist in Israel today?

Since God reveals Christ as the judge, and that is in other verses in the bible, not here, should we not be appealing to him for justice now? Yes, one day, he will be here in person. He is the judge now. He can settle upset situations now. We access that justice via prayer, and bringing matters before him. Christ is the judge.

The verse in the bible which describes Christ having legs of cedar means by him justice is upheld. I have not found that specific phrase tonight.

Here is a bible gateway search for "legs of cedar"

I was surprised to find cedar burned sacrifices. Also, in the cleansing process, cedar, hyssop, and scarlet thread were used. Notice that.

In it, I found the Davidic covenant. The king decided to make the Lord a house of cedar to house the ark.

1 Kings 5 says that the Lord's House was built of cedars.

1 Kings 4 says that King Solomon had a thing for talking about trees. Cedars of Lebanon. Not just that, but other trees, and beasts and fowl and son on. He had many proverbs and songs.

So, can talking about trees be wisdom literature? Is it one of God's parables for those who hunt him to figure God and his identity out? There's a huge tree parable in the bible. King Solomon was on the tracks, and perhaps he even participated in the creation of this. Hmmm.

All this is from the biblegateway search on legs of cedar:

Here is a verse about Christ:

Song of Solomon 5:15

King James Version (KJV)
15 His legs are as pillars of marble, set upon sockets of fine gold: his countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars.

Psalm 29:4-6

King James Version (KJV)

The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.
The voice of the Lord breaketh the cedars; yea, the Lord breaketh the cedars of Lebanon.
He maketh them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn.

Ezekiel 17 is a parable about how Christ will one day take Solomon's place in a court, and that this court will be high among cedars. Yes, it will be surrounded by a cedar forest. God will renew the forest. The placement of the building changes then. Can you pick out the relevant verses? What phrases identify Christ?

I have seen God the Father as an evergreen, yet here, Christ is the cedar.

Here is a pretty profound chapter. Read Ezekiel 31. Here it says a mighty man pharaoh descended to hell. 

Look at this passage. Who is the Assyrian, if not Jesus? The traits sound like a mighty man. God gives the answer at the end of the chapter. It's pharaoh. 
Behold, the Assyrian was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, and with a shadowing shroud, and of an high stature; and his top was among the thick boughs.The waters made him great, the deep set him up on high with her rivers running round about his plants, and sent her little rivers unto all the trees of the field.Therefore his height was exalted above all the trees of the field, and his boughs were multiplied, and his branches became long because of the multitude of waters, when he shot forth.All the fowls of heaven made their nests in his boughs, and under his branches did all the beasts of the field bring forth their young, and under his shadow dwelt all great nations.Thus was he fair in his greatness, in the length of his branches: for his root was by great waters.The cedars in the garden of God could not hide him: the fir trees were not like his boughs, and the chestnut trees were not like his branches; nor any tree in the garden of God was like unto him in his beauty.I have made him fair by the multitude of his branches: so that all the trees of Eden, that were in the garden of God, envied him.
The passage above is a message to a pharaoh that he had elevated himself in pride, and this message basically says Jesus is superior, and that the pharaoh's pride would be taken down a notch.

Basically, no one can elevate themselves above God. There's few who reach the level of power and fame and position of pharaoh. God took him down, just as every other tree of Eden (created man). The story parallels the elevation and fall of Lucifer in heaven. At one time, Lucifer had a high position before God which all could envy. Then, God took him down for his pride. God took the whole kingdom Pharaoh led there.

The passage above is a message to a pharaoh that he had elevated himself in pride, and this message basically says Jesus is superior, and that the pharaoh's pride would be taken down a notch.

This also shows in the garden of Eden, cedars grew. These were part of our first paradise.

The forest which gets renewed around the cedar which gets planted on a high hill - that forest is a renewal not just of a physical forest, but of justice in the earth, and a renewal of humanity. Though men will be few, they will again be many renewed under the leadership of Christ. Just as forests flourish under him, people flourish.

Isaiah 14 seems to identify the Assyrian as Lucifer this time. Notice the fate of Lucifer. He is returned to his people after the Tribulation as a weakling. As a man. No power. All those harmed by him, including kings, ask, "Is this the same guy?" Lucifer is brought down for his pride. This means no jest. I am merely showing the change of power. As pharaoh had been brought down, so will Lucifer be brought down. This causes me to go back and weigh the Assyrian in the previous chapter. On further inspection, the Assyrian is the pharaoh, who had been given great status. Please notice the offspring of Lucifer is a flying serpent. What is a cockatrice? Lucifer gives birth to a cockatrice (a rooster type dragon), which gives birth to a flying serpent.

Isaiah 41 talks of a wilderness which God turns into essentially an oasis forest. This is what has happened to Israel today. When they inherited their land, it was desolate. With God present among the people, it has turned into a producing land. The concept is the same for where Christ lodges.

Here is a piece brought forward from a previous study:

Here is a Cedars of Lebanon search. In this, the Cedars of Lebanon are Christ's countenance as a mighty man. The Isaiah 2 reference talks about the future temple of Christ being high and lifted up on the top of a mountain. Just like the Lord's home in heaven is high and lifted up, and so is his throne, so will this worship site of Jesus be when he comes.

That's it for now. Consider the parable this week. I shall study and post another on trees next Sunday.

Update: This has been corrected for details. Revisit this, as I continue to study the topic. Next week, when I start a new one, that new one will be my study for the week.