Friday, August 30, 2013

Scripture Reading Tip - Holy Spirit Trainer

When the Holy Spirit sets upon me in bible reading, he reads like a rap. There's rhythm. It sounds a lot like it should go with music, or that it is a song.

So, I just asked for people to memorize. If you call this voice of the Holy Spirit upon you, you will also get this. The rap or the rhythmic reading is very fast, and it carries you through chapters much faster than traditional reading.

I am noting this for my reader, so that if you notice the heavy presence of the Lord upon you, and your mind falls into rapping what you read, it is Him.

He has set upon me days ago, and he has not left.

The dramatic reading sample I did for you is much like it sounds. It feels like there is a beat, like it could easily be set to music, and it carries the content. I think this could be a carrier for memorization.

You know Shakespeare and Moliere had this poetic presence set upon them, and they profited from it to make a career. I have no intent to follow that, but right now, all my thoughts are moving in poetry.

I am not writing poetry here, but his Spirit - the Holy Spirit Poet - rests on me. He's overtaken my mind, and it is wonderful. My mind is barely able to contain all of him.

If you happen to notice the Poet in your scripture reading, invite Him to stay, for he will speed up your intake, and teach you.

Question: If the Holy Spirit sets upon you in music and rhyme and rhythmic reading, is that a trance if it stays for 4 days? I kind of say yes. If such a status falls upon you, read God's word, for the word is quickly read in this kind of status. I am not sure what to call the Holy Spirit coming and resting upon one. I do not yet have the right word for it.

Memorize Isaiah 53

Please, readers.

Memorize Isaiah 53. I have linked the KJV Isaiah 53. If this is not your liking, switch the version.

This passage clearly identifies that Jesus Christ made his death bed of suffering with the rich and the wicked.

While there, he took on our suffering, and he received the punishment we all deserve as payment for our sin.

This is a key chapter, and given he is our Redeemer, this sets his redeeming role out.

I strongly suggest you memorize this.

The Deliverer in action is Isaiah 63. This is the one who comes to deliver his Bride.

God Takes Credit for Birth

Isaiah 46: 3-4

Here, it basically says, God takes the credit for each man's birth. (By "man", I include all humankind.)

This eliminates any manner of mother or father worship. God gets it all.

The KJV version I am using has a couple words in Italic. Here is that version: Isaiah 46: 3-4  In this print version, it goes "borne by me in the belly."

He totally takes the credit. Yes, God loves mothers, but he is above them, for he uses them in his creative process. Yet, he is the one doing the forming in the belly and in the womb.

Men's Future Surname

Why would men change their name?
It will be acceptable and praiseworthy.
In Isaiah 44: 5-6, men will one day call themselves by the surname Israel.
We will call ourselves by the name of our Redeemer.
We will be proud of what he has done, and want to declare his works.
This lends support to my theories on Christ's names.
The future king hosts Israel among his own names.
I am sure, we like Christ, we will be able to carry more names than we know here.
Our memories will be extended and we will know and carry names which host our traits.
In knowing God has many names, if we take this as a hint of our own identity, we can assume that those names which we earn through acquiring various traits - we will carry.
I hope one of my names is Devoted.

Blessing on All Readers

Every person who accidentally or purposely lands on this page,
God's Spirit will alight, and in the next few days, he's showing up.
He's going to ask you about some of your private stuff,
He is going to ask you questions about where you align
He is going to reveal to you his nature divine
Please be intuitive to hear his voice
Answer back when you hear him.
Baseline: Get a bible and read. Go to church. There, God's good men, and extremely God blessed men will bring you more of God's good stuff. Their teaching, take it all. God has prepared them to teach you all.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Teaching Question

What did Jesus and Obadiah have in common?

You may have to read the study notes about the book.

I will give you three days to look into this, and then I will add the answer.

There is encouragement in the story of Obadiah for all of us.

I can't wait to share the details...

Churches Grow Tribes

In the Second Earth, with the work done here, churches grow tribes.

Message of Victory

When God had Moses lead the Israelites through the desert
He was showing the devil that he could their protection and provision be
For already at this time, there had been many many prisoners in the lower kingdom
Crying out in misery for all their days, but God showed the devil that he had one man's regard
And that man Moses could lead his people to victory, and he could lead them through to the promise of the eternal king, to bring out a man of promise much like him that would their savior be
God brought his people through pass-over and release of their sons from death in the streets which pride and sin brought forth in that kingdom
God held out a covering for all his people to see
God could provide water, cloud, and fire all along the way
The desert experience was to show victory over death, victory over famine, and over weakness
It was destined to show victory over hell in all its hopelessness
God was showing the lower kingdom that he would live up to his name
God would lead his Israel kingdom from shame and condemnation in their slavery to being proud of God's good name in establishing a good law which lifted up God's ways
God loved his own even as he led them through the dry land
He was living up to his everlasting promise having them follow him in the sands
God in a desert an oasis yes is he, he is everlasting promise in a dry and scorching and famine stricken land
God can provide in all conditions no matter what they be
God has all his lambs names recorded in a book of his eternal kingdom
God will pull his Jewish people back to him
God will call them to the Redeemer, an eternal king
Jesus Son of David Son of Joseph
Jesus lift him high in his righteousness
God has plans to pull his people's rights to slavery in a foreign land
God has plans to lead them into salvation where the Savior once did stand
No one ever call Israel down, for she will never cede her victory crown.
God is for Israel, test him now this day
Any who counter Israel will best be on their way
To hell's fires to belong
For God has no remorse for sending her bullies to hell's throng
Neither do deceive her, for she will be defended by Jehovah at her first plea
God has great hope for his bride, and Jesus had plans for her to be at his side
God is for Israel, yes do you see, just like she is the first head waters of salvation and to us she did it bring
God is for Israel, yes do you see, God has her clothes in white robes of purity
None of her enemies better kick her when she's down
For the Lord is going to turn you right around
And to your people destruction he will bring
Just try him, and he will there on your next watch
God is for Israel, and let all hear
God is for Israel, and she is his dear
No one touch Israel for she will awake
And when she calls out, all the ground, it's going to shake
God loves his people, please let all know, and he's going to make his enemies tremble with his show
He will not let his people fall, no, he will not
Any who try Israel, from history their names he will blot

Scripture: Isaiah 28:14-37 with a focus on the Ch. 37

Jehovah Shammah

God's image matters. The Lord who is Present: Jehovah Shammah
This has points in common with Pastor Scott's words.
God present is victory personified.

Jehovah Tsidkenu Poem

Shout to the Lord

Jehovah Jireh

Prayed for You

England, I prayed for your prayer intercessors.
If you did not have them before, you will have them now.

Languages God's Gift

Languages are God's gift. Man's tongues are God's gift.
When man lands in hell, there's no more need to speak, for everyone knows his life story.
His language is reduced from enjoying making utterances to being read.
In hell, all languages are reduced to swears.
Hell's poor privilege of literacy reduces a man to pitiful stares.
For all of us, we are empowered speaking out.
This is taken away in hell - there is no doubt.
If we want to extend our tongue's use, use it to praise.
Tell of the Lord everlasting and of all of his ways.
Do not be reduced to hell's vocabulary.
Swears including blasphemy for all eternity.
Step above the habit and shake it off.
Swears have no place for you; in fact, their very use you yourself they scoff.
Swears have no place in victory, swears do abait your territory.
Tell idle words to get out, tell perverse words and swears to be gone.
The Lord will only hear good things from his own.
He loves to hear from their lips honey straight from the honeycomb.
When the Lord's lambs, they do speak, they bleat out praises as from only the meek.
God adores his own, and he has to ignore all the infamy, however he calls you to be free.
Tell those tongue devils to get out. They are not required in God's men.
Any language that does not praise God - it will die.
It will not be spoken even if some do try.
God will cause a dying death to the tongue of disease.
He will not spread rot among his growing trees.
God has more languages for you to learn.
You will yourself these foul languages all spurn.
God calls you to stand in victory.
God calls you to stand right here between him and me.
We will take a stand for righteousness.
It will begin in mastering the tongue to release God's giftedness.
God's declarations will bring what is right to man.
Any man who joins him will eternally stand.

May it be so forever, Lord.

Who is Ariel?

Who is Ariel?

This name has been stolen.

The name has been used for common fiction.

The name has been borrowed to bring acclaim to a myth to become a reality.

Ariel, the true Ariel, is Jerusalem.

Our vision was misaligned.

In Isaiah, her name was designed.

God called Jerusalem Ariel.

Ariel is not a mermaid.

Ariel is God's bride.

I Believe Declaration Song

I believe in God the Father, and Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Glorious Three in One
I believe that God looks down upon me from the sky
I believe that he hears me every time I cry
I believe God sent his son for me to die
I believe that God permitted his own heart to break for you and I
I believe that God took on the wounds for all my sin
I believe that God made the way for me to return to him
I believe that the cross was the curse that Christ bore
So I could come to live with the Father, yes, forevermore

I believe. Yes, I believe. I believe in his everlasting, glorious, and mighty name
The Most High and Powerful One as luminous as the Sun
In that plan God did perceive he did provide
He provided the sacrifice to sanctify
Now, I host the Mighty One in my heart
I've been raised to new life and given a fresh start
I believe in the Holy Spirit's life in me
He creates the evidence of his own presence
While he abides in me
His voice speaks into my every circumstance
His light throws his perspective on every happenstance
I believe. I believe. I believe that the Trinity will dance with me.
They bring their sparkle to my every day
All the souls are diamonds that they do bring my way
I love the Lord Most High, so what do I bring
More than just resources, for he owns everything
What he wants before him more than all else
Is to bring him family, renewed to him
I can bring my friends, my flock, my parents too
I can bring my teacher, my cousin, their hearts to renew
The Lord God he was there at my birth
He was also there the day that I met His Worth
The Lord God he is ever precious to me
He stands above any created item, and that includes my jewelry
For God is most precious, He is Most High
From where he is standing, there are diamonds cascading in the sky
I believe. Oh I believe. I believe that he created me.

I believe in God the Father, and Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Famous Three in One
I believe his joy is cascading from the sky
As he looks upon my praise lifted for you and I
The Lord is my savior of Calvary
He is calling out to all of Calgary
More than all, he calls out to Vessels of Praise
They are to listen, for them he prepared the Way
I believe Oh I believe I believe Oh I believe
In the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

God streams his rainbow of promises
He fills it up with all himself creating sundogs in the air
He spreads his giftings upon us from the sky
There is no storm with out an end that he can't realign
The Holy Spirit holds a hand on all of us
He fills us with himself when we feel loneliness
I believe Oh I believe I believe Oh I believe
Praise the Lord, raise him high
Do you see the sparks from his Presence
Crossing the whole sky
We have no one to fear but the Lord
He has our whole life mapped out on his chart of accords

Praise the Lord, sing Hallelujah, raise it loud
Shake the ground of heaven's streets with one loud voice
Praise the Lord, the King of All, and King of me
Though I have problems now, they cannot last into eternity

Praise the Lord, he's got his hands spread all around
Holding in my family, making sure that they are sound
Praise the Lord, for he's got his touch on me
He has his hands shielding us from the enemy
In the Lord, there is life, health, and prosperity.

Praise the Lord for he alone is worthy.
The Worthy One spent his whole bank account on me
He emptied his whole account to pay for my sin
He took on my punishment - all upon him
He redeemed me from my accuser for all my days
I never have to pay for my freedom
For he secured my liberty for all my future days
I will not fear the enemy - no, I will not
I will not fear his strategy, his minions, or his plots
I know the Lord is able to take care of me
I know the Lord can provide extra-ordinarily

My whole life will be spent before the Holy One
My whole heart is open to God's precious son
The enemy has plotted, and yes, he tried.
He tried to take away my mother - and you know, he's not going to win
His plots they all will die
For my God has healing in his wings
God has plans the enemy does not know of for he to me the healing brings.
God my Provider and Healer, he is here
He is intervening, and he will not subside

I believe that God takes care of us
I believe that God has knowledge to direct us to himself
I believe that to my mother, he will bring
His everlasting healing, he can restore the damage done
I will not cede, no I will not cede anything
That God has given me today, I will not accept defeat
God has promise built into each of his seraphim wings
He has plans to build my family into his sheltered vine
I believe that God has his eye on all of us
His tender heart cries when mine does
I believe Christ conquered my enemy
He has the power to fix absolutely everything

I believe Oh I believe I believe in the name of Jesus
He is my Beloved Savior, he hears me in my despair
I believe Oh I believe, he holds my every care
I believe Oh I believe, he holds my mom in his tender care
Just like each day I water and caress the vine
I tell her that I love her, and I tell her her roots are divine
She displays the love of the Lord God the Trinity
She blooms from the Lord's blessing just as he abides in me
My family will flourish just like that vine
For the Lord God, he is a tender of the Great Vine
Yes, he does care for all his church - that's his family
He reaches out to cover all of them with the sun

I believe that the Lord God abides in me
I believe that my blessing extends into eternity
I believe that my future is his Second Earth
When the Father finally can step onto a renewed ground
I believe that day will be a happy one
With new wine, marriage, and mothers taking joy in their sons
I believe that on my life God has his eye
He is making generations for me in his sky
He is planning out the descendants of future days
He is creating priests and teachers who will tell of all his ways
All of my descendants to him will carry praise
For my loins are dedicated to his Holy Praise
All of my children will declare the stories of the Lord's intervening stays

There is no other like unto my God
There is no other than my JAH who angels glorify
You can trust my account for he has been good to me
Providing many miracles that to his presence glee
The Lord he has looked over even the small
For he carried Thomas in his healing arms back to me
I cannot praise him high enough for all he's done
He loves the little creatures, he loves the trees
God is a romantic for the earth
He loves all he's created and he loves them for all he's worth
Yes, his worth it carries, it carries me,
On his strong shoulders he carries me.

Praise him. Praise the Glorious one. Praise him. Praise the Worthy Son.
Praise him. Call him Wonderful. Praise him. He's the Prince of Peace.
He's the Judge. He's the Redeeming one.
He's undone the rope to the ox to which I was tied
He's set upon himself the yoke, and for this I cried
That enemy he has no more influence on me
The Lord calls me and directs me right home to him
There is no other possibility than life for me and my family
God has his love provided, wrapping all who come to him

I believe Oh yes I believe in God the Father, and Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit the glorious Three in One
I believe in Freedom and Democracy
I believe he will walk down to heal the world
We will one day see him face to face
His holiness, righteousness, and judgment to bring
I believe in God the Father and Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit the Glorious Three in One
Can you see his hope which is carried to us in the sky
His mighty river of anointings prepare us to be like him
I believe I am more than this flesh I wear
I believe that God has plans for me and that they are with him.

I believe that Jehovah Rapha has healing in his wings.
I believe that Jehovah Jireh has provision sent to us in slings
I believe we ought to praise him for he opened gates of gifts
We can now accept our heavenly citizenship
When I praise the Lord, though he is lifted up, with him I rise
For his glories lift my soul into the rafters of the sanctuary skies
My spirit dances with him above the crowd
I am dancing for restoration, salvation, and for new identity
All my people, they do love you much
Show them who you are and awaken them to your touch

I am but one cedar sapling who has come to know the Lord
I will a forest be when my lineage line up to praise the Lord
All my generations will bring praises to his name
They will share the Lord's wonders and his great name
If there were unsaved souls on this universes' shores
The Lord can send my seed to tell them of his Son
There will not one unsaved soul among my children be
For they will know all about the Lord, for I will teach all of them.
We will be a mighty expansive forest that spreads across the Mount
Of the Holy One's Great Temple where he receives the world
Let praises ring, let them sing, all little pine cone seeds to him I bring
Let future generations from my belly sing.

I believe Oh yes I believe in God the Father, and Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit the glorious Three in One
I believe Oh yes I believe in God the Father, and Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit the glorious Three in One
I believe Oh yes I believe in God the Father, and Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit the glorious Three in One
In my whole life there has been no other so kind to me
I believe Oh yes I believe in God the Father, and Christ the Son
I believe in the Holy Spirit the glorious Three in One

Context: One precious to me was dealt a huge blow by the enemy. For this, I praise. The enemy will not win! God has me and my loved ones in his own hands guiding them to health and redemption. This is a praise prayer response to being squeezed by the enemy. The Light I hold in my heart is squeezing back!

Why the Attack: The enemy Satan does not take joy in marriage or joyful celebration. He attacks the bride. My Mom is she who is the bride in this circumstance. He is making every attempt to leave her face scarred by his attack, and I declare right now that every scar will leave her face, and she will have a perfected healed face, just like baby skin. She will have every contusion healed, every fracture and bone renewed more solid than before, and every bruise turned to the color of the pure white wool of my Savior's hair. There is an anniversary celebration coming up. These are the festive occasions where the establishment of generations is lifted up. The groom for his bride does his burden bear. He would give anything to restore her to wholeness. Right now, your strength be set in his arm, and let his right arm bear his bride through everything. Just a short time ahead, there is a party for all of us. We will rejoice in God's family and marriage and personal tenderness. He is going to heal this bride - yes he will. As a sign of his lovingkindness, he her will restore. God has this bride set upon her redemption path. As she heals, she will fasten her bridal ornaments. God has joy, thanksgiving, and redemption upon us. God has set his favor on this bride in his great tenderness. To the devil of this world, I return his pranks. This bride he may not have, for she will not be joining the lower world's ranks. She and her husband are destined for heaven's gate. The Lord will not have any of that Satan's hate encircle this lovely bride, for God will defend. He will strike him down with arrows on the ground. You better get your soldiers out from this family's ground. Satan, you better run really fast, for God has his defense on its way. Run and hide and cower in the caves, for all God's light, lightning, thunder, and judgment is on its way. Run away and take away all your related ones. You better run, for the light is coming from the Son. God has his redemptive power over my family. You have no hold that his own victory has not already seized. God the Healer has his hand upon my beloved one. The bride will be restored to her glorious day. Her wedding day will be celebrated as before. Only joy and healing and hope will with her stay, setting her bones, her flesh to newness in every way! Long live the bride, the beloved of the Great Redeemer, the wedding of the bride and the groom, and her generations!

Lord God, Most High, Father of all generations of man before me, my Father, and the Heavenly Father of my family, where that Satan knocked out my mom's tooth, with your redemptive healing, please bring a brand new one from the root. I call upon Rapha healer to my mom. Surprise her with a brand new pearly tooth from your heaven's stores. There will a brand new tooth grow into her mouth cavity, and she will wear her new tooth for her festivity. I bring my praises to the Son. I bring my praises to the Holy One. I bring my praise to you. I lift it high. I know you have options for us in the sky. Praise the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit - the Three in One. I bring praises before your throne for you are the Glorious One. Praise the Lord, praise Eli, praise him from my whole heart. Praise him for he called us home from the start. Hallelujah Hallelujah Praise him from your core Let his fire burn inside us so we will see him more.

And now Lord, let it be so. Let her tooth grow brand new from its root, and let it begin now (11:18 am, August 29, 2013). Let her prosper. In Jesus Mighty and Glorious Name, Amen

(Notice the pattern: praise, then lift the need).

This is also Donna's Song of Deliverance for her family. David declared it, Christ fulfilled and uttered it, and I continue it. What Christ conquered, we may also claim, for we are God's own children. I declare Psalm 11 to this circumstance.

Here is a sure spiritual truth and fact: Jehovah the Provider, Christ the Root, and the Holy Spirit Love - who favor romantic love and marriage and family destiny - the Nested Three in one exist for all eternity. It is this Three today who will provide a tooth from His inception - his glory to provide. There is no tooth fairy - no, there's not. But there is a God in heaven, and today he is wroth with the attack upon my family, and he establishes his presence with acts of provision and fertility. God will grow a tooth in my mother's mouth. When you see this tooth, know God did provide. God the Most High, the Great Eli, he has his hand on me, and will direct and lead me on paths of prosperity. Forget the myths of tooth fairies, for they are lies. Seek out the Father, Christian, and on only him rely! Only secure transactions with the Son. Do no transaction with the devil, the lying and deceiving one. It is only God the Father who can in the mouth create a spring, starting with a root, dentin, and then enamel, and nerve and elastin. God is the only tooth provider, for he is the Lord. Shun the tooth fairy, for you have the Lord.

Teaching Question: When Joseph wore the gift of a robe of many colors, and this was brought to him by his father, but was set up by the Heavenly Father, what various identities of the Holy Spirit giftings were set upon him? Evidenced by his life, and now that we know the 7 Spirits, how many can you count from his life story? Are all of the identities of the Holy Spirit present?

I already know Joseph carried many of the traits of Christ and his salvation story in advance. How can you see the Holy Spirit tied into this? If Joseph literally was robed in a rainbow, as is God himself, wow, what a privilege! So, think about this. Since my current focus is the Holy Spirit, think of the personalities of the Holy Spirit, and think of where in Joseph's life story he demonstrated these traits.

God provides these giftings to all of us, as we reach out for them. Sometimes, God decides in advance, and he provides a meaningful gifting which we do not understand, but which in retrospect, it all makes sense and we realize that the gifting was a prophecy of the good things to happen in our life. Our life becomes the prophetic fulfillment of God's word.

Update: Please note that in the line where I tell the vine she has roots of divinity, that the vine - the plant - is merely a teaching tool of the Holy Spirit, but the metaphor of the vine, when I say this, I am speaking to the church her substitute. The vine is no idol. She is just a representation, but the Lord parallels the working model of the church in the same way. If the church realizes her roots are divine, she will think, live, and act differently. She will produce fruit. She will lean into the light. She will know where her maker is, for she will lean his way all the time, seeking more of him.

On Sunday, Brad said, make sure your activity which draws you to God does not become an idol. Whatever activity you are involved in should draw you closer into relationship with God. So, that applies here. The vine is a revelation of God, but never a substitute for God.

This is one of those divide the truth things. God is not replaceable by anything.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time to Pray

I received a message this is a significant day in Syria.
(I have already prayed.)
The situation is delicate. There are several countries which are being impacted (based on the news).
Christian, bring the news before the Lord.
There are groups of people who will be annihilated if a group takes power.
Pray for his protection over Israel. Pray for his protection of the small people groups.
Where you do not know how to pray, ask him to direct the event.
This is a good time to pray for your country's leader, giving him wisdom.
God will speak to your leader, just like he spoke to me, giving him direction in his moment of decision.

I praise the Lord, for he has a hand in managing the world's events.

Let Freedom Come

Freedom, come down.
Freedom, come down.
Freedom, come on down.
Let freedom reign, let freedom reign, oh, let him reign
In our hearts, in our hearts, in our hearts.

O freedom, come down.
O freedom, come down.
Let freedom come, let freedom come, oh yes, let him come.
Let him come, let him come, let him come.

Have you seen my deliverer?
Have you seen him in the clouds?
Have you seen my deliverer?
Has he been around?
Have you seen signs of my deliverer?
Have you seen his traces on the ground?
Have you seen my deliverer?
He has freedom in his hands.
If you see my deliverer
Tell him I am making my stand.

Tell him to come, tell him to come, please tell him to come.
I am ready, I am ready, I am ready to be free
Tell him to come, not to wait, and to come and get me.

Let freedom reign.
Let freedom reign.
Oh yes, let him reign.
Let him reign in my heart today
Let him reign in this land
Bring justice down to this ground
Bring blessing down to this people.
Purify, renew, rebuild, knit and restore
Oh, let freedom reign.

Let freedom come down.
Let freedom come down.
Let freedom come, let freedom come, Oh yes, let him come.
Let him come. Let him come. Let him come.

Question: Who is Freedom? I learned today, he wears a few names, for without him, some of these things would not be.

(In between much of this, I was singing in tongues. However, I think this is the gist of some of the tongues.)

Okay, so after singing all this, I open the bible to Isaiah 63. Does that startle you? It should. He is very ready to come, to deliver, and to bring freedom. If my readers would like to carry on, read to Isaiah 68.


This is the revised set of lyrics.

Freedom, come down.
Freedom, come down.
Freedom, come, come on down.
Let freedom reign, let freedom reign, oh, let him reign
In our hearts, in our hearts, in our hearts.

O freedom, come down.
O freedom, come down.
Let freedom come, let freedom come, oh yes, let him come.
Let him come, let him come, let him come.

Have you seen my deliverer?
Have you seen him in the clouds?
Have you seen my deliverer?
Has he been around?
Have you seen signs of my deliverer?
Have you seen his traces on the ground?
Have you seen, have you seen my deliverer?

Have you seen my deliverer?
He has freedom in his hands.
If you see my deliverer
Tell him I am making my stand.
Tell him to come, tell him to come, please tell him to come.
I am ready, I am ready, I am ready to be free
Tell him to come, not to wait, and to come and get me.
I am ready, I am ready, I am ready to be free

Let freedom reign.
Oh let freedom, let it reign.
Oh yes, let him reign, let him reign.
Let him reign.
Let freedom, let him reign, let him reign in my heart today.
Let him reign in this land
Bring justice down to this ground
Bring blessing to this people.
Purify, renew, rebuild, knit and restore
Oh, let freedom reign. Let freedom reign. Oh, let freedom reign.

Let freedom come down.
Let freedom come down.
Let freedom come, let freedom come, Oh yes, let him know.
Let him come. Let him come. Let him come. Oh, let him come.
The bride is ready, she is ready to go.

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Pastors Are Community Developers

Yes. They are. They are community developers.

First of all, pastors bring God's truth and light down to dark places of despair, lack of provision, and lack of hope. In places where people have forgotten God made them, and that they have been made as sacred pots for the Lord to fill with goodness, they permit their minds and bodies to fall into behaviors which feed famine, futility and despair.

Where God's men preach, they bring hope. This is not just an ethereal hope. It is a real hope. Wisdom sets upon the preachers to bring them ideas, and these ideas are to help retrain men to know that can be in relationship with the Most High One, and when they do, they benefit from a God download on how to prosper that community.

Pastors yield the voice of hope, so it should not be surprising, they will have God directed ideas for how to grow a good community.

As God puts them into conditions which require this Wisdom, he speaks to them in dreams, in his voice, through the voice of his wife, through the wisdom of his parishioners, through the wisdom of his team, through the wisdom of even children, and in a few circumstances, from observing animals. God uses the whole environmental make-up to speak. He also speaks through prophetic voices of those who surround him.

Pastors are bent reeds yielding to the voice of God. They are required sometimes to say things that are not popular. They are required to tell God's message first and foremost.

In the context of community development, for pastors, as I have my feet wet, I will give two pieces of advice.

1. Involve the community in the solution. When Oprah rebuilt homes for people after Hurricane Katrina, there was a team with the family, and the family had a part in building their new home. That is empowering. Give them new life skills as they participate in their own solution making. This is a quick observation from my life. I visit friends. I have friends come into my home. I do invite participation. I have never not learned something new about house care strategies, or other ways of doing things when I invited or observed a friend in a task. Those helping will learn new things. Those being helped will learn new things. That positive exchange rests as a friendship and growing experience. It is not classroom learning. It is real-life learning. It also stays that the person valued you, and cared enough to teach you something. What I am saying is involve opportunity to not do it all for the community, but to involve them in creating pathways of positive digging out of their circumstance.

2. I believe, and others may disagree, where God shows up, an economic revival comes bringing hope to a quadrant. Where there are even a few Christians, there will be an increased prosperity. This also can be said of Jews. God increases the economy and even the ungodly benefit. God maintains the prosperity around the godly, to make all the services and products flow he needs to go to his own. Where God is not in any hearts though, there great misery, selfishness, and deception flourish. People are desperate for money, for a meal, or for pretty much anything, and they will kill the unknowing tourist to get their Cornflakes.

These are very dark communities. Know this. God shows up. His light, love, and invitation to life and provision are extended to all people. If you make room in your heart for him, and you must believe he is able to meet your needs, he does. He is a good Father. He is a good Provider. He has all of heaven and earth to meet his needs for you, and all you have to do is yield yourself to his voice, and he will teach you to prosper. It starts with belief.

Why be desperate? Be desperate rather for Jesus. He has good things for you!

It is a pastor's role then to build up the faith structure which looks to Christ for community solutions. Because he knows everything which is in the ground, on the ground, and in the town, he can direct you to the people resources, and the material resources to get a business started. Be aware of the Lord's leading, and second the leading in your wife, and intuitively listen as God gives you tips.

Community: Bring your local dilemmas to your pastors, for them to lift the matter to God, and ask him for guidance and solutions. God answers. He answers those who are in constant relationship with him. He will bring more wisdom and guidance to the pastor, than to a man who just checks in once in a while. Pastors are the key go-to guy. If you have a local dilemma, invite your pastor in and see what he has to say.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Is It Okay to Love Your Pastor?

Is it okay to love your pastor? The answer is yes. It is a wholehearty yes. God calls his sheep herders to give their life for their sheep, so God demands of his pastors and priests an extended love for his sheep. One ought to expect a pastor loves his sheep. That is normal in God's realm.

Is it okay to love your pastor? Yes. When the church is all operating as she is supposed to, love flows among the church members freely. That is God operating in the church. However, I am going to go through a few circumstances and situations to watch for, for the infiltration of the enemy into the church and human relationships.

I begin in a classroom. My reader must understand that all people are human, subject to the emotional flaying of the human spirit in relation to their self- concept. The issue of people not adequately thinking of themselves as worthy and contributors, and not esteeming God high enough, that same issue lies in the church. Emotions set a man to scheme - for the basics of social relations and management of friend's time and tie-in to social importance. In a classroom, a teacher is subject to all the same social involvement set, and this can sometimes cause complications in the classroom. Children compete for a teacher's attention, and this can be directly related to misbehavior. A teacher can use their positive or negative attention to encourage different types of behaviors in their class. They are managing the overall emotional status of a group.

In a church, managing the group of people in a church can be similar. This is why churches operate on ethics agreements. I am not sure if membership signs those, for my agreement is from when I was 15. There are basic operations agreements.

These agreements work in corporations. I have been part of corporations where an overall ethics policy and agreement was made. This was the means of resolving disputes among staff and teams.

Here, I will bring in leadership worship. Can a pastor take the place of God in your life? I offer a hesitant yes, for I am not happy to present that this is a possibility, but watch your own and other's reactions.

In classrooms, corporate teams, research settings, households, and churches, one person in a social group can become the strongest influencer, manipulator, and say for all things going on in that group's life, and people either compete for favor, or operate in unkind ways to manipulate their way to the top of the social pile.

Where does such behavior lead a man? To piles. To infirmity. From sin.

We are not supposed to worship leadership, leaders, or the strongest social position in a group. In a school, this can be a department head, or a principle. We give the leader his space enough that he does his job, give him recognition, but do not connive and manipulate around that leader. Much of that manipulation creates social strife, and most of it starts with words, not actions.

Many people float on their own fabricated identity, which they have created about where they stand in their own social rank, and they have word seeded their way to their position. They believe they operate among the elite, and they work their way through life this way. What they don't know is that they are trusting in the pride of their social scale, rather than in Christ to value who they are for their social contribution.

This story comes into the man who is received as a guest and has either the head of the table or another seat open to him, and he assumes he is the head of the table. He should wait to be shown his seat. He has a place in the social event, but he should be glad to belong, not to rein the social arena.

To love one's pastor is a good thing. Did Jesus love his disciples? Absolutely, yes. Did his disciples love him back? Yes. Love your pastors. Be loved by your pastor. Let him make deposits of love and faith in your soul.

When you, or one in your immediate social circle start conniving with words, cut it down. Social conniving leads a church to piles of rubble, instead of growing God's branches into societies' families.

There is a tendency among man that when led, there is great admiration built for the leader. Be aware of this, and moderate your and other's responses, for people are people, subjects of Christ, and what you should be observing in your teacher is that he is humble. If you see his humility, you see his behavior and adapt that into your life, keeping Christ central.

Being overly impacted by the great admiration of followers could lead to sin in circumstance. The earlier this is not dealt with, the more dangerous it could become. To be publicly acknowledged for a good trait, a good job, or a worthy accomplishment, find your way of casting your crown to the Lord. Let the admiration which most impacts you come from your family. Yes, your flock will admire you, but use this admiration to imprint, and permit the duplication of values in their families. The best reward you will get is God being a family historian, and he will record all your endeavors, and he will brag on your feats and accomplishments and life stories before his own throne, now to his angels, his kingdom, and his elders in his throne room, and later on, when you arrive, and he joys before you over all the good deeds he admires you for. Love carries admiration in it. If God loves you, he will admire you, but to get to that future place, humility is the cloak which carries the mighty man forward.

Be on God's watch list. Submit to Christ, and permit him to recount your tales through your social fabric, contributing to God's weaving of poetry through earth's life history. He has the needle. You are the thread.

Jesus Vs. Fables

In many fables, and I am a literature teacher, so I am acquainted with a few, fish are caught, offer three wishes to the fisherman, and a fisherman makes wishes and a story ensues. Or, fish are caught, and money comes out of their mouth. A story ensues.

There is only 1 real guy that does money provision and multiplication, and guess who that is...

Yes, Jesus.

If my readers go to the bible, you will find Jesus paid his tax with money which came from a fish's mouth.

Now, how could that happen? A miracle. Jesus could have had that good little fish pick up money from a little bank of money in the stream, or he picked up the only glinting item on the bottom of the stream, or he just put it there for his men to find.

Jesus, unlike the fiction of fairy tales and fables, really did have his men pick up money from a fish's mouth.

What does this say to my reader? Do not believe in fables and fairy tales of magic and deal making, as notice, the fisherman who made wishes - there was a deal - the deal was he was not going to be cruel to the poor fish, and in return the fish gave him 3 wishes.

Jesus is the provider. He does not engage in vain fulfillment of three wishes. Jesus provides daily. Yes, greater than the fish, Jesus provides your daily sunlight, water, food, your family, everything.

Jesus does look for for acknowledgement than just being one who has a fish pop up with a bit of money. He wants his people to constantly look toward him in relationship.

He is not a fish who is caught for a moment and thrown back. Jesus rather is the fisherman, and he catches us. And when we, as fish, recognize the Fish Finder, and what he does for us, the little line which pulled us in is our life saver. Jesus, as the Fish Finder, can see the depths of the ocean, and when we want to be found, he will go to any depth of the sea to pull us out. He is an effective fisherman. His fish must cry out.

Jesus is the only character in our world dynamic who has ever made money come out of a fish's mouth.

Jesus stands above fables. He is real. If you see another, you can expect it was done by slight of hand. The money which came out of the fishes mouth - paid a tax. That's its authenticity.

It means if you are in a financial bind, and you do not have money, who should you approach? Should you approach a fish that talks to you, and offers you a deal? I say, "No!". If a fish did talk to you, I would anticipate some manner of spiritual involvement, and you are not talking to a fish, but a spirit. No deals with anyone but God. If you are in a circumstance where you need revelation of God the Provider, call out to God the Provider, and Jesus will show up in your circumstance with a miracle. He does not command a deal of peril or compromise. He requires faith that he exists and that we love him with all our hearts.

Fishermen among my readers, how many of you have found a coin in your fish's mouth when you caught them? I must answer none, for my family is composed of fishermen, and I have never heard of a fisherman finding money in a fish's mouth. If a man did indeed find money in a fish's mouth, it was a miracle, and that miracle was the hand and word of Christ. That voice of Christ is available to all man for his miraculous intervention now. Yes. Did you know? Yes, Christ is still miracle working to shape us into more confident believers. He is still miracle working to show himself evident to humanity.

When Jesus shows up, he pays your debts, heals your infirmity, and unites your family.
When the non-Jesus shows up, he makes you accountable for your debts, gives you infirmity, and destroys your family.

You have an excellent opportunity. Now, while you have no pressure, or very little compared to shortly ahead, do your research. Who do you need to know? Who can be the answer to your life's problems?

Know Jesus. Ask Jesus in your heart. He is the real thing. He meets your needs.

Magic involves some personal manipulation and power to cure life's problems. Miracles involve ceding life's problems to Jesus' power and trusting him for his answers - healing, restoration, provision.

Holy Spirit Trainer

Are these things actions of the Holy Spirit or his traits?
If these are traits of the Holy Spirit, which of his 7 spirits do these belong to and why?

1. Encouragement
2. Comfort

Review the 7. Decide why and where you would place these or not - and be able to explain your reasons.

Hint: You could use the word on a "keyword search" on Bible Gateway, and see if that helps you find any data in the bible to help you out. I expect a few bible verses may show up.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Holy Spirit Glory - The Dove

The Dove on biblegateway

Please note the "More" button on these searches if you have a limited selection.

Holy Spirit Glory - River of Life

The River of Life

In my Psalms readings yesterday, I encountered the "river of life"

Here is a search, but it does not capture the one I found.

I will come back later, likely Sunday, to add that.

Examining Spiritual Warfare in Light of Victory - God Can

This post is to bring forward an issue for consideration by pastors and priests.

I am not a know-it-all. In this, I am seeing a potential problem, examining position, examining past prophetic responses, and wondering about a turnaround in strategies for spiritual warfare.

I cannot say this is a prophetic word from God, for I think that pastors and priests and elders will have additional spiritual insight to add to this. I am not dictating.

The parts where I do play a part here is bringing forward the evidence. That is God's part here.

As Christians, we also have choices. We have a portion to play in eeking out our own ends, with the access to God's victory already accomplished in heaven. We have responsibilities. We have a call to be educated. We have a call to spiritual practice. We have a call to spiritual solutions.

Starting forward and looking backward.

1. In the Millennium, there is a non-tolerant approach demonstrated by Christ to sin in the world. A banner flies through the sky saying, "Do not lie. Do not steal." Then, as any man in his private and unseen world does either, he dies. Sinners drop like flies and are forgotten. Obedient believers live to experience the life of Christ. Do I think a first time or troubled sinner dies if he sins and repents? I do not think so. However, the one who thinks he can cover up his sins dies in his sins, for he will cover up his sin even when confronted with it in the light. The disobedient man joins the spiritual land he has chosen to belong to, whichever that is. The judgment is that he has lost his privilege of life under Christ.

2. In the last Sid Roth, the guest Norvel (I must check his name) was a young boy, and his mother, who was a soul winner and active Christian for the Lord, died of cancer. Norvel asked the Lord why she died of cancer. The Lord told him, "It is not the custom of your church to teach that I can heal. No one in your church believes or teaches that I can heal their people." Norvel learned that his mother was a producer for the Lord, and a loss to God's progress in his kingdom due to a lack of belief.

What norms of this world have we accepted as life truths or limits because we do not believe God can.

Norville changed his approach, and then he did not accept disease and death on his own daughter. He would not yield to the enemy.

3. Today, people who are on active fronts are being confronted by violent mobs, with all manner of evil directed at God's people. Are God's people, and God's women supposed to accept physical, sexual, or any manner of attack? Have Christians bought into a life reality and belief that they are not protected, or that God will not protect them? Let's look at results from a God who produces a defense:

  • God can kill multiple hundreds of thousands of an enemy on a battlefield with only the assistance of an angel.
  • God can call down fire from heaven and consume batch after batch of military detachments who come to collect a prophet.
  • In the example from the Apocrypha about a young woman falsely accused due to lust, God has an angel standing with sword in position to cut down her attackers.
  • God can turn the tide of events for Daniel to send his enemies and their families into the lion's den planned for Daniel's harm.
  • God can render an entire Syrian army blind, and lead them on a goose chase around Israel, by a prophet merely calling a blindness induced by the Lord upon the army.
  • God can break down a 32 or 52 foot wide wall (I forget the exact width, but a width upon which 7-12 chariots can drive) built by iniquity around the city of Jericho.
  • God can stop a river from flowing to let his own pass, and drop it on their pursuers.
  • God can place a curse on anyone who would attack Cain.
  • God can call confusion upon an entire crowd who have intended to kill Jesus.
  • God can open prisons and let his captives go free.
  • God can make a man who has come to curse his people for hire bless his people.
  • God can sift a savior or a redeemer or a judge out of a social movement of death meant to kill off God's stock
  • God can kill a nephilim giant using a mere sling and stone - David was the servant.
  • God can curse a man and his forever bloodline for stealing from God, or misrepresenting him - case in point - Elisha's servant went to receive payment from the Military aide from Syria, and God laid upon him that man's leprosy - on him and all his future children.
  • God can render the occult expert blind and spiritually silent when God's man is witnessing before kings and government, but the man must speak the miracle upon the enemy
  • God can send all his enemies running as their spectacle of abuse and torment is public - Samson
  • God can burn down enemy territory to a boundary line based on a curse - case in point - Derek Prince
  • God can permit a demon possessed person to accept Christ when the Christian binds the demon first from speaking and interacting with a person - Derek Prince
  • God can curse the roots of disease in a Christian - Sid's guest Norvel
4. At the cross, in dying, Christ won the victory over sin. Christ also yielded himself to our further punishment in hell, paying our hell redeeming price, taking on further wrath of God in imprisonment and slander. Then, God arose and Christ arose and their enemies were scattered. Christ won the victory over his enemies.

I am coming to a point.

Do Christians need to accept any manner of spiritual attack when they are actively trying to produce results for the Lord? I say no. What types of attack? All. They do not need:

Physical attackers
Slander attackers
Computer hackers
Any enemy plot

This applies to all Christians of all ages.

In the end times, there are prophetic declarations that 7-8 year olds will speak out as gift filled Christians producing miracles just like Oral Roberts. Who will train them to not take attack? These children are operating as full fledged gifted Christian adults who know God is for them.

This applies to women. This applies to men.

A Christian with faith in God should be able to walk through a crowd of attackers just as Christ did.

We need to trust God that he can produce results.

At church on Sunday, I talked of faith with a man who prayed for me. I do not have all the details, so for this you are getting a part story, but something true.

I have often talked to my readers about establishing a prayer journal, where you can write out your prayer requests, and then record your answers. Have you? God appreciates this practice, and this I can say for sure.

In the Christian faith, there is one Christian person who wrote a prayer journal, and in those journals, they asked for 35,200 miracles.  (I did not verify the gender of this person, so if I clarify that, I will update this. For now, I shall refer to the person as a man.) The Lord answered this many requests. This is how many times the Lord answered affirmatively with a result. This may not cover all the requests, for as we know, God answers according to the best for us. The man who had all these responses from the Lord ran an orphanage. He gathered the children. However, he had no means to feed the children he gathered. A large portion of these many miracles were the Lord producing food to eat, so that the children in this orphanage could eat a meal. 

The man would pray for food and present a thanksgiving. The food would arrive. The meal would be served.

In this situation above, the Lord responded as the Food Deliverer. The faithful man recorded all these prayer requests and their responses in his prayer journal. 

How many times would the Lord have to produce a miracle for my reader for them to know that God can?

When a man is supposed to die as a martyr, the Lord will tell you. What do you think? Did not the Lord tell his followers what manner of death they would die? Did the Lord not inform King Hezekiah death was approaching? A Christian who will die often gets a heaven heads-up. They at least know they are going to die. Till God is done with you, I think God's men should resist with spiritual means against their attackers.

How? Well, look back to the bullets starting God Can.

Christians need to drop any victim mentality. Christians need to drop a this earth belongs to the bully mentality. Christians need to recognize their boundaries and dominion in Christ.

With words, Christians can call on heaven's artillery. Even Christ said so.

Christians can call upon their heavenly back up. They call to God for their protection.

1. Christians under mob attack can call to God for angelic protection.
2. Christians who are sexually attacked can call blindness upon their attackers in the street in God's name.
3. Christians under threat of guns and knives can call upon confusion.
4. Christians under attack from a spiritual half fallen - half flesh entity can call on God to defend them.

Pastors and priests, am I wrong?

We need to change from a victim mentality on this earth, believing we are already conquered by the bully to being one where we know God will defend us, till he and he only decides it is time for us to lay down our life. Till then, there is spiritual advancement to be done, and only God decides the margins of possibility.

Till then, we should be trained in spiritual arts and how to do what God needs done.

I am submitting this to the leadership and administration of churches for your thoughtful consideration.

I speak as Donna here. I am not the one to call your mode of operation into question. I am the one to bring this forward for a conversation among your leadership, and to see what you think might be done in God's name, and within the context of spiritual warfare to extend the capacity of trained leaders out on the mission field, and here as violence increases against Esther and hers.

What would happen to our victims of enslavement - Christian women and children - who can declare safety upon themselves and who can trust in the Lord to defend them. Can they call fire down upon their attacker? Can they shake the walls which imprison them and be freed? Based on the victory of Christ, what can the previously and mentally enslaved do to shake the victim mentality and take on the prophet mentality of God can.

"Let God arise. Let his enemies be scattered." The Psalms

Become Regular in Habit

As we become regular in picking up our sword daily, after reading the Lord's Prayer or saying it from heart, then, also apply Ephesians 6 to yourself, and the Derick Prince Prayer of Confidence in Protection and Safety in the Lord. This is part of doing a piece of what God needs done every day. You can find that prayer on Sarah's Letter - a website noted on the Work Desk Page.  The fourth page tab down, Jesus Loves You, is also a step to this site. Then, tab around to find the prayer.

Keep a prayer journal. In that prayer journal, say these prayers till you are familiar with them. After you know the content you are praying, if you have the time, read them aloud. The key is to know what you are praying to yourself. Then, just keep the copies of the prayer in your journal, and name them. Then, apply them as tools to yourself each day, being aware of the content. So, say, I apply the Light Prayer by John Paul to myself everyday as a tool. I must then know that when people look at me, they see the light of Christ, and I should respond to them knowing that. If they see the light and they are attracted to it, then, I should check to see if they are ready to hear of Christ. I should group all those prayers on the Work Desk. I will get to that if I have not already. In the meantime, search this blog for "light" if you would like to print the Light Prayer and apply it against yourself daily.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Ultimate Revelation

Was Jesus's own story of his descent to hell captured in the Psalms.
All the NDEs and visions and summons all support that basic truth in the scripture
When you see those videos, go back to the Psalms and read them with new eyes.
There's dichotomies in the Psalms. There is trial and then praise and declaration.
In the midst of the suffering and turmoil, when one could lose heart, there is constant redirection to God.
I am wondering if this is a pattern for our own reflections. Yes, we have suffering and problems here, but as we maintain our own prayer journals, as David did, as the revelation of the Christ experience as well, we should not stop in our turmoil, but turn to the Deliverer who lifts us out, and declare our confidence in his ability to deal with our problems and our enemies.

The way out is hope. The way out is relationship. The way out is knowing we have an advocate.

The Holy Spirit Tidbit

The Holy Spirit has always been hiding in plain sight.
His names - not obvious - but always displayed
His traits - fun, life giving, entertaining.
We apply a serious paint to him, but he is passion with joy.
He's been long awaiting his opportunity to be beheld.
Who knew it required humility to let his voice show.
He was waiting all along to sing and to entertain
He has plans to benefit all who to him will yield

Would You Feel Sad If...

When we got to heaven, we lost connection with our pastor?

Pastors are overwhelmed with their sheep's needs for one on one attention here.

In heaven, I anticipate our pastor will have time for us and it will not require any special attention seeking.

I see a forever relationship with your pastor - one that extends into a Second Earth.

That flexible fabric of people relationships being built in your church now - that will be a basis of building social connections in the Second Earth. That will be more powerful than LinkedIn.

I have no desire to impose, pressure or hassle my pastor with my desires to be noticed, but God does have a promise that one day, I will have that man and his wife in my living room to deliver teaching to a future family I do not now have. That does not have to be here in this life - for God is busily leading him to guide the whole church to deliverance.

I trust God I will get some time for one on one training, not just with my pastor, but with God himself.

Yes, God has a garden, and we will walk talking about philosophy, creation, and community for a long distance into the eternity timeline.

So, dear reader, take heart. In heaven, there is time as an abundant resource. Make sure your pastor has rest. Make sure he has time to meditate on the things of God. As he is rested and positioned, he will do his best to bring your church into the right standing here.

In heaven, how does a pastor choose where to live? Our Pastor Scott has birthed several churches. Has anyone thought about that? Which congregation would not want all their pastors in their community?

I would want all of those available to us to be there for us. Would we not all want our pastors to live near us?

Since God Is Light, Diamonds, and Makes Rainbows

Since God is light, diamonds, and he makes rainbows, I have something for my reader to do.

We do this in the morning with our cats.

In the morning, take your wedding ring - this works for both guys and girls - and let the sunlight from the sunrise come and shine on your ring.

You will see rainbows on all the walls of your house. Practice. You will see God's rainbows come into your day.

For us, we generate these to send our cats running about to catch them.

For now, this is just fun. I think it would be fun for children too.

Your wedding ring is the only one which generates a rainbow, and it does not matter how big or small the diamond is - it will make a rainbow - for that is how God works. He makes rainbows in our day.

Other things work too: CD covers, cell phones. There is a skill in this art form. It involves reflecting the light, knowing how to grab it, and get it to successfully be in the right spot so a cat can chase it.

The Music Has Been Lacking

Sorry. This is really beautiful. It definitely qualified as Praise Opera material. See the previous post: Come Away My Beloved.

Notice please - the words are simple.

God does that. Does it matter if the words are simple? No.

One day - and I sing in tongues - my husband asked me why I was repeating certain phrases. I sing in the car on the way to church. He is my audience. This is part of my heart setting.

Okay, so one day, the Lord revealed to me what I was repeating.

You know what I was repeating? I was repeating: Deliver my family, Lord.

All of a sudden, I realized that the repetition in its various musical formats was really important.

Just a little note. If there were a bit of repetition in your tongues for example, God's got a purpose.

Come Away My Beloved

Discerning Voices

As a prophet, I hear voices. God teaches me.

One day, in a conversation, I agreed with a thought which counters God's purposes. This can be a context of judgment, slander, put down, or even a comment about God, Christians, or this world of the church.

That error of agreement happened about noon.

Then, I saw a movie, and I received teaching.

However, after the movie, I asked God, "Was that your voice?"

I received a troubling answer.

I had agreed with a sinful thought - basically an untruth - listening to a person earlier in the day.

What did I do?

I had all this content in my mind which I received. First, I repented and asked forgiveness.

Second, I rebuked the lie. Third, I asked the Lord to burn up all revelation from a false voice. Sometimes, the things you hear stay with you. The voice of the Lord who has dropped a post upon me - that post can stay for literally months if need be in me till I get it written. Anyway, the next day, all the content from the false voice was gone. I had forgotten it, and it is still difficult to retrieve it. I am not trying.

I think the lesson is this: the moment we step into agreement with a lie, the enemy starts to work busily messing us up. It can make a difference in a part of day, and waste our time.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Readers, Do a Search

On the term "mercy seat"

It should pull up 4-5 posts.

It is very interesting.

New Book Release: Blog Based E-Book

Update: We hope for this release to happen late this week or early next week.

From the Pellirojos Blog, you will see on the Amazon Catalog page a new product in about 12 hours. The product is an e-book.

The title is: Psalmist Meditations: One Second After: Volume 1-3.

The compilation is 505 pages.

It is this blog minus two or three themes coming out as other books.

In a hard copy version, the book will be split up in three books.

We expect the finalized draft up there in 7-10 days. Wait on the purchase, but check it out for now.

The product is essentially in a beta-phase.

The 2011 NIV scriptures are being all verified.

However, blog visitors may see the product.

A few other books coming from this site will be:
  • Men of Eli: Pastoral Reflections 
  • The Madagascar Jasmine: Lessons for the Church
  • One Second After: Prophetic Insights on Tribulation
  • One Second After: Guided Bible Studies
  • The Trinity: Riddles, Mysteries, and Revelations
No guarantees on these as final titles, but the content is in there and could be easily grouped and released.

Update: The book is up. In the Kindle preview, where you see the word "Check", those are my keywords for updates. I am fixing those. I tend to wait on purchasing publications, sometimes too long.

I also can tend to wait on the publishing of works too long. I felt an urgency to get this up.

I created this book to be a trainer on spiritual warfare. I believe that pastors can take this book, and they can fashion a course around it, just adding their bible knowledge. These are truth meditations to launch discussions.

Pastors and Christian teachers, I suggest you first read the book yourself, and then as the Holy Spirit instructs you, use it. If my readers are Kindle savvy, please get the e-book. Then, as you become well acquainted, you will know how you want to integrate this in your class.

That's what I hope to do. I hope to teach a course - 1. assign or read a reading. 2. you have a basic ethics or life decision discussion - as I teach - I may post these here 3. deepen the discussion into the bible scripture, teachings about God, and also teach a couple principles which the Lord leads you to about spiritual warfare.

The gist is this. We are supposed to teach warfare skills to sharpen the practice of people hearing God's voice. This shapes their confidence as Christians. We are developing the bride of Christ to be confident.

If you are my prayer support, please pray for me. I have about 40 scriptures I am verifying, about 8-15 references, and coming up with standards for putting a blog into a book form. Yes, I can use a little deposit from Wisdom. Thanks!

I do have a personal request. I would like the "young women" passages shared with girls entering say the level of "high school". I think the elements of "beauty" and "love" become major idols for young women establishing their identity. The truths here can perhaps pull a few young church women from compromise. The Kindle preview has those two posts, for I just read them. I see an error to fix. Isn't that the way?

Question: Can our Kindles be connected to SmartBoards? If not, my readers/teachers will have to use their computer Kindle accounts and project this onto SmartBoards.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Synopsis of the Alien Agenda

1. The two races will always be incompatible, for an alien must kill anyone who accidentally touches their child.
2. There are 2-3 earth like planets, potentially inhabitable by man. Man must move.
3. The other earth like planets are not as warm as this one, and not to the liking of the E.T. (Earth is preferable.)
4. By moving man to another planet, and limiting his travel technology and other basic knowledge, he gets dumped like James T. Kirk on a frozen planet. Incoming ethics options: Choose who to expose when it is either too cold, there's not enough resources, the animal or other alien species are hostile, and there's not enough resources such as food and water.
5. To move all of mankind, it must be reduced to a minimalist number, not quite to Adam and Eve, but you should get the point. To cut down the current numbers to a number capable of moving in some aircraft, and you get human population reduction.
6. To merge the planet to be one the aliens would prefer, man must kill animals. Animals don't appear to be involved in the move. So, on the other planet, what does man eat?
7. The alien species is building a future business scenario: providing resources, water, and food to humankind in a similar type of circumstance which caused the Tea Thrown in the Ocean on the North American coast.
8. All alien agenda, teaching, and knowledge, and social movements are meant to teach insane backwards thinking to promote the loss of humankind, and create their own new species - for what purpose. Do they only eat animals? Or what?
9. The alien species may already have deals with the Shadow Government, the rich, and the powerful, overlaying its own law and agenda above any law.
10. The deception: The alien agenda could be to disrespectfully disassemble mankind, first by breaking apart identity in countries, in community, in family, in church, and then throwing massive food and economic controls to purposely put mankind on a starvation diet to reduce the population. Hunger for the masses worldwide is a worldwide concentration camp.
11. How many of mankind think we can actually live with no animals? Animals are our salvation (God made earth, animals and wildlife, etc and man to live in synchrony), for they are the ones who pull minerals out of the grasses, that our own body system cannot. With no animals, man dies. How can man move to lab made meat? Has that cloned meat ever been in contact with pulling nutrients out of the ground? No. It will look like meat, but be inferior in delivering food sustenance capacity. (The argument for moving to lab made meat is that cows produce gas. So do we, by the way. By killing off biological organisms, this is a solution to global warming. Did you ever think the argument would go that far?)
12. The alien species diss our God. Any man or woman who has been around those at school, or in the context of a relationship, where one is constantly dissed, that is their relationship to men in putting down their God.
13. One of the 20 species which are our visitors are Nordics. These are the most like us. They look like platinum blond Scandinavians. They can move about in public somewhat unnoticed for their likeness to us is quite striking. They are very white, not albino, but fair. Yes, they've been among the public in Vegas. Have you seen one?

Note: For undercover projects, they generate their own counter-hype. CNN just published counter-hype. This is smoke to cover the tracks of what is going on. Are you satisfied with the last CNN report about Area 51? This has been a long term strategy. In matters where you need the most discernment, if you really want to know what is going on, you are going to have to confirm truth with God. If you don't hear his voice, you are going to be walking in a great gray mist. The pun is intended.

Update: The reader may ask: How does Donna know this? Well, it could be just her analytic personality. There is the God factor. The River of Living Waters runs from her belly. Once released, I will not take it back. God has often proved himself right.

The Lord showed me a passage about Elisha. This prophet knew what the King of Syria was saying to his leaders in his bedroom. The king accused his leaders of betrayal. He was going to kill one of them, like you see happening in the movies, to make a point. One of the leaders informed the king that there was a prophet in Israel who could repeat everything the King of Syria said in his bedroom to the king of Israel, giving them a defense and political advantage. If this prophet knows what is going on behind close doors, I would like to inform my reader, that it is the Lord who reveals. He can report anything which is going on.

Find Elisha and read about him in the bible.

FAA Psalm 18 Contest

Dear Readers,

I am featuring an FAA Contest, which is now over, but I like the art submissions, so I thought I would try to link them, so that you may enjoy them too. This is art based on Psalm 18: 32-33

You can still view the art. No guarantees. This is the first time I tried this.

From what I recall, these are closed contests. The members vote. I can check that, and perhaps give you a contest in session another time.

This functions like a slideshow. You have forward and backward arrows to view all the submitted pieces. I find all these contests equally created. There's good work and thought put into the submissions.

My work is not in here. One of these days, I will have to submit a piece. I enjoy this type of creation.



FAA Artist Feature

FAA Feature Jim Barber Hove - Interwoven

This is an image of an eagle over a city.

This is one of the symbols of Christ. I like the title of the image. I think it fits.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Gifting of Stand-up Comic

At First Alliance, our Pastor Scott has a gifting of a stand-up comic.

Where does he get this?

First of all, all of us are endowed with personal gifts at our birth.

This was in Pastor Scott since his birth.

My brother has this same gifting.

It is impossible for Pastor Scott to live and not make jokes. And really, with my brother who does the same, the laughter makes life seem so much better. I have been in the throw of laughter sessions.

Pastor Scott - well, the gifting is the Lord's seasoning to his message.

This gifting will last into eternity.

Think of the future king Pastor Scott will be. He will reign his kingdom with direction, and with humor.

Who would he take after? Well, we may not know this yet, but the Holy Spirit, when we meet him as a person, is a bit of a stand up comic. Yes. He will make you giggle. If not just from the waves of who he is, he will do this with his entertainment facilities. He carries the laughter in who he is.

Pastor Scott takes after his Creator.

The Creator dispenses gifts to all of his creation.

If there is something everyone tries to eek back in you with criticism, re-evaluate it. Perhaps that's it.

The enemy does not want us to love the gorgeous things God creates in us. He wants us to remain self-condemning through other people's sinful words, and to not express who we are.

There are a huge variety of personal giftings. Go over personalities, and the list is very long.

If you have more or less been silenced, perhaps it is time to ask the Lord for the parts of you which you and others squashed to reappear. The Lord has the seeds still in you. 

Sid Roth Teaches

I felt that while Sid Roth is teaching here about the Word of God and Him as the Deliverer of the Jews, that at the same time, he was also revealing the Jesus who suffered in hell for my sins, and who carried on him all the wrath of God (which can be great and evidenced by those in hell) and he redeemed me, you, and us.

We need to recognize our Deliverer.

I felt this was good teaching. It complements the themes here. Sid Roth is a good teacher.

The Jewish people are earthly stewards of the Old Testament. The Old Testament holds in it the container from which the New Testament sprung. Where is he?

The Holy Spirit Trainer - Psalm 68

Read Psalm 68 from Biblegateway.

Please notice the verse or so about the dove.

Think on this and the last couple of posts.

Does this image bring about an awe of beauty for you?

It should. This is an image of the glory of the Holy Spirit.

I have included the whole, for really God's flow is in chapters, not just verses.

You also see the future Hill of Bashan as the worship site.

Please also notice the traits of the Word, which are integrated in this chapter. Do you see his traits? The one with Woolly locks? The one with crimson lips.

This psalm reveals the Nesting Three. All of them are in there.

Back to the Holy Spirit, what do these metals represent? Silver - refining and redemption. Gold - holiness, righteousness, courage. The dove - an arrival of the saturating traits of the Holy Spirit resting down on people's shoulders like a feather falling upon their hair, before their eyes, or one providing their head rest on their feather pillow.

Good Thoughts...

If you encounter profound thoughts and wisdom here, I am sorry, I can't really take the credit.

It is Wisdom. I am merely a witness and conduit.

I will not take His glory. I am His maidservant.

I awake and listen to His thoughts. Then, I write.

Refresh please

I've been writing on both posts. :)

Holy Spirit Trainer God in Nature

When we see the 7 Spirits of the Holy Spirit demonstrated in animals, birds, or any created thing, the thought and emotional structure God created in them, that is his deposit in them for maintaining life and community.

When we harm any, trying the traits of the Godhead in them, we are paining the Holy Spirit who created life.

Men pride themselves in finding the structures of life in the created. God is the one who put that structure of life together, all the material, structure, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Men can be elated only temporarily, for this life ends.

Men who find the structures of life and then acknowledge God in that which they discover, they take that wisdom and they change how they interact with the world.

Men who are bird trainers and birders, if there is that word, it is impossible to study rock doves or doves, to see how they function and think and act, and not be revealed traits of the Holy Spirit.

Having been revealed the traits of the Holy Spirit from the birds, how then might this change how men react with nature?

Does anyone know a loved or respected bird among any nations?

Are any given any due attention?

The Holy Spirit has been present in the form of help to men through birds, using the infilling nature of the traits of the Holy Spirit in the birds, to be an aid to men.

Who among men are kind to the birds?

The birds are a constant source of music to the earth.

Who appreciates them? The birdsong is the joy of the Holy Spirit who created this space and this life.

If one wants to know the Holy Spirit, study the rock dove and the dove.

Make this a study. Draw your parallel to scripture and the traits of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord will take you further than what this text does.

Perhaps you will write a book.

To know a Holy Spirit infilled man, gauge it by how he treats his birds.

Last question for immediate reflection: What good has God accomplished through his birds?

Personal Note: When I (Donna) experience love from my pet, I am benefiting from Love - the Holy Spirit nature - in my pet. When I experience devotion, caring, and so on, I am benefitting from the Lord placing an ambassador who naturally displays his traits to me, and shows me favor, love, and that implied acceptance, which only the Holy Spirit imparts. When I act as a pet parent, I get a deposit of the Holy Spirit in me to enable me to be a good pet parent. As I need more grace and mercy, God gives me more, and especially as I ask him for it. In both, the pet and the pet parent, the Holy Spirit takes joy, for he is the glue of relationship.

The Holy Spirit is the glue of friendship. In hell, there are no friends. Even though there is collaboration, there are no friends. Friendship is only of the Lord, and of this I should qualify that self-seeking friendship is not of the Lord. A self-seeking friend seeks rights and privilege via dishonesty and misrepresentation. A friend who gives and thinks of the best of another, that friend quality is that of God. How often have I  benefited from God's favor by my cat licking my forehead, hand, or cheek? In that moment, though many do not know this, it is as if the Lord were imparting to us Love. We are accepted. We are his children. We are loved. Love created mankind his companion animals, so that he might experience one of the Godheads constantly as his companion in the physical world via relationship.

Birding in Calgary

I did not know "birder" was a word for sure. It is. Here is the term searched and there are clubs in Calgary.

  1. Birdwatching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  3. Birding - Nature Calgary
    Nature Calgary's Bird Study Group's goal is to encourage birding in the Calgary area and beyond, by helping local birders develop their knowledge and skills.
  4. The City of Calgary - Birding programs
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