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At 2000

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I am shutting down writing for a time to focus on 7-12 books.

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This Is Amazing Grace

We Are

Deep Cries Out

For the Sake of the World

Waiting Here For You

God Is Here



Wake Up - All Sons and Daughters

Waiting Here For You

My Beloved

Revelation Song

You Are For Me

King Jesus

Fling Wide

A Brief Glimpse on Gifts

Regarding gifts, Christians, practice and participate in the leadings the Lord gives you in your gifts and use them all for God's glory.

I am reverting very briefly to the topic of the hell landscape.

In hell, the devil and demons and fallen angels - that group when they receive men, women, and children -

they do not play fair either here or there.

They punish you directly based on your gift.

Say you are a singer. They cut out your tongue. You play piano. They cut off your hands.

They undo your ability to practice your gift.

They, in God's mercy, kept their gift. However, God's mercy is not upon them in their nature and how they operate.

Basically, you have a choice. God offers you salvation, and that is your means of never going there. By not choosing, by default you go there.

Where God is you practice all your gifts, and he even makes you studios while you are still technically growing up on earth, before you even arrive to heaven.

God crafts your gift studio to perfection, bringing all the instruments and resources and electronics and everything. When you arrive, after you are shown your home, the last thing you are shown is your Creative Room and this is customized to your specific gifts. Then, as you are creative, God is glorified.

In hell, everything is taken away. You are made to feel like less than nothing. Your gifts are tarnished. You know when a wall is painted on - graffiti. Yes, your spirit receives spiritual graffiti as you and all you contributed to the world and to God - even that which he took pleasure in during your life - is all crossed out.

Your creative gifts are a marker of being a son or daughter of God and being made in God's image, and this is why this is done. The practice is meant to destroy you and your identity and leave you in a deception.

This is a phenomenon I saw as a trend in the hell landscape. Be aware. As a Christian, we need to be aware of giving up idols. In particular, holding up bitterness, unforgiveness, and gossip.

Even holding up a thought which is counter to Christ which defames him is a problem.

None of us Christians ever want to see the orange glowing light of hell. I wonder if that is why there is no orange in heaven. It is a strong color in hell. Hmmm. This is also a color of the pumpkin for the upcoming season in October. Another hmmm.

Getting Even: Practice your creative gift here which God gave you. On the simplest level, this is warfare against the domain of hell. Practice your gift for entertaining society in both the secular and spiritual realm, for all the other aspects of life are also among the sacred for God. Practice your gift as a means of getting even for all those of your family and lineage who have been cut off from practicing theirs. It matters. Let your creativity flow.

Now, we alone, we can't get even. However, the practice of being creative is a manner of communing with God, and together you crack down missiles upon the realm of the devil's forces. Being in a status of creativity is similar to being in praise. God takes great pleasure in seeing men enjoy creativity, just like he enjoys seeing people run.

I learned this principal from reading all the accounts of people who had visions and NDE's of hell. This is an example of spiritual warfare which Christ teaches out of these visions. This is an example of a message meant for the church.

Welcome Indonesia!!!

Welcome Indonesia. Your visits have spiked remarkably. Wow!

I am so glad to receive you. :)

Blessings on you and may the great glory of the Lord shine on you right now!

Folks, Indonesia beat the United States today. That is amazing! Yeah, God!

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Glory Come Down

A part of this I like is: Let your fire fall, let the wind blow, let the glory of God come down. That's about 3 min 20 s

I could sing that for an afternoon, but I might need to present the whole song to my husband...right? I need to expand my lyric knowledge.

I find this uplifting.

I have not sung this yet to him, but I will as I get to know these lyrics.

I think God's glory does come down. I've witnessed people in a status of extended worship, and you can see the presence resting on everyone.

You know how the artist who was sitting looked like she was in a status of meditation. Everyone was like that. Everyone.

This song also opens up God's voice. It's a process, but yearning and being desperate for his voice, and we can fall into this as an emotional status as we sing, this starts opening us up, and there's a flood.

Your face and your hands receive the Spirit of God. When you worship, lift your face, and lift your hands, for this is your connection point. Pick up the beat. I recently learned God is music - at the core of his DNA. He reveals himself in music, so it makes sense this medium opens you to his voice. God has revealed himself to me as musical in nature. If you feel drawn to him in music, this is why. God made us to be nurtured by music.

This is also why the devil makes many strategies based on music. The only reason the devil has any music gift is because the Lord originally gave it to him, and when he fell, God did not take away his gift.

Just be knowledgeable of this fact, and step away from music that destroys your spirit.

Draw Me Nearer - Meredith Andrews

Your lyrics are on youtube. Sing this with Meredith. This is your prayer. This can connect you to Jesus' voice.

Why I invite you to make a glory room, somewhere in your house, is to begin this habit of praise. Yes. We can do this on youtube. We can do this on our TV. We can do this with a screen. That's your job and you will figure it out.

This regular worship opens a connection to the spiritual things of God. This combines with your bible reading, and a conduit channel is open. Some people read their bible in this worship state. That can be an option. They also journal in this basking of music. They draw. This sets a tone to your space.

Closer Concert

Notice this lady singer feels best able to produce sitting on the stage. Is that okay? Yes. Whatever status brings you to that place - that's what you do. What makes you able to emit the Spirit? It is a status of prayer. Singing is very close to prayer. It is also quite close to tongues. These are almost what I would call the same Spirit expressed in different ways. What is going on is the blanket of the Spirit is upon one - even in basic prayer. Do you see the cry to know the heart of God? That's how a person also becomes more accustomed to hearing God's voice, by asking to hear God. This prayer activates the relationship. It becomes stronger.

At 8 min, I notice a dancer. I do not know she was there all the time. Hmmm.

Visitor, fall into this meditation. Begin to ask the Lord to open his voice to you, if you have not heard it. Meditations like this have the effect of opening up that voice. You need to yearn for that voice. There's a whole bunch of self-interested people that don't want to hear God's voice. They want the salvation, but not the walking out. By being this way, they lose out. We can lift up God, and in doing so, that status causes God to bend down to our spirit, and he starts to whisper.

This is a long enough meditation, that if you shut off your lights, and you fall into this, sometimes watching, sometimes shutting your eyes, and lifting your hands in worship, and then, start crying out, "Where are you, Jesus? Where are you?"

The impact of this worship will close your gap, and you will start to hear the voice of Jesus!

Please give this a shot. All Christians can tap into the vine, and the vine has a communication network to every believer. The Vine, Jesus, desires to water you, and you start by hearing his voice.

Silence or moments in the music where there are no words, that is just a moment for you to meditate on Jesus, and hear him.

It starts with, "..., I love you more than anything." That is him speaking to you. He lathers love on you like butter and honey.

You should feel a deep falling down of love all over you. You will be basking in his love. Jesus desires for you to feel this connection. Try this.

I Love Your Presence Lord

Because of the way Jenn interacts in worship, if the video were turned to the audience, just like her, they are all waving, reaching out to God, and as in it as she is.

You know like a group of geese flying South, it is like in worship, Jenn leads people to fly in the spiritual realm of praise and worship. That's what I see. Every worship teams needs at least one of these. It is an inward trait you need to pick. Tell me, what do you name this spiritual trait?

Holding Nothing Back - Praise

There are other versions of this song on youtube: Holding Nothing Back. This is Jesus' culture.

If I was going to let people jump around, like in that concert, I would do that in a gym, preferably no chairs. What would the jumping about in that last concert video do to the infrastructure of a building? Do people who plan for a church facility where there is a concert - do they plan for people jumping?

This is another amazing song. These build the soul spirit.

Deliverance Basic

If you accepted Jesus in your heart, based on his victory, and the fact that he conquered all of hell, and all of hell's evil society, and despite them, he came up out of death to reign as King, now we have as Christians through Christ's victory over demons and fallen angel onslaughts. Because of Jesus, you say get out, and they do.

Someone - you or someone else is demon possessed. There is a more polite term for what the Christian has, but basically it is the same thing. Okay?

No one wants to think they have a spiritual parasite. Even admitting we have a potential body parasite is highly humiliating. We must set this aspect of social politeness aside to deal with the corrosive and corruptive nature of demonic affliction on the saints.

Okay, you want a demon out. You recognize one in you.

What do you do?

The Holy Spirit, or Jesus voice - that is if you hear Jesus's voice - he identifies the demon's name to you.

Then, you just say, "Lust, get out in Jesus name. Go." Open your mouth, like when a person is dying, and let that spirit out. At the same time, shake your fingers.

As God names each of the offending characters in you, in succession, name each and tell them to get out.

Every Christian who hears God's voice can take authority over the spirits in them through Christ's name.

There are some sneaky ones. These are the ones which come in, and they hide under your own identity.

Again, the cleansing of the spirit man is a process. The Holy Spirit will lead you to know more of the names of the characters who are hiding in you, and in a process, you kick them out. One by one.

Eventually, when it is just you and God in a voice relationship, you will feel a whole lot better. It is natural to feel more straight when you hear God's voice, and no liars.

I forgot something. Repentance prayers. This is rather important. That's where the Neil Anderson prayer repentance template can be useful, and it is online. I will have to look for it and attach it.

There are repentance prayers that as you say them, you undo the foothold the devil has as a basis to inhabit you. Also, when the character comes back, you must rebuke that character/demon.

This is as key as kicking them out. So, for my reader who is watching the Derek Prince videos, Derek includes the repentance prayer, and it seems to me, he also leads you in the kicking out. So, you are on the right path by viewing and repeating those prayers with him.

Here is a Neil Anderson basic:

There are quite a lot of resources. You may want to look around at Google yourself using "Neil Anderson" or "deliverance prayers" as your search term.

A John Paul Resource

John Paul teaches a breakdown of a miracle and a healing.

In his teaching, he explains the role of faith, and how that works to produce either a healing or a lack of success of healing.

He explains how the miracle and healing differ.

He explains why Jesus did the things he did when he healed.

There are two levels of healing. One is having a disease or issue taken off. Another aspect is being made whole. What is the difference between the two levels of achievement. The second is the creative miracle.

How do corporate bodies participate in healings? In church, when healing services start, everyone files out. Should they? Or should they lend their faith toward healings?

How can corporate bodies work together to help the Lord produce healing and miracles?

Sorry, I will update this with the title. This is training I took at home here on Tuesday.

What Does It Mean to be Root Bound?

I am asking this question today. If Jasmine, the plant, took off in her growth due to being root bound, then, what does it mean to be root bound as a Christian?

What do I have to do to become root bound, so that I can both grow and take off in producing God's version of fruit?

First of all, what is the fruit I am seeking? People. Yes. People. That's what God is all about. He is all about saving the lost and bringing them into a status of eternal salvation, starting with their present, and healing them, and straightening them out with good teaching, and setting them on a daily path which fulfills the human soul, spirit and body.

I feel pretty root bound. I have spent quite a lot of time combing scripture to write. That has built a familiarity with it. That familiarity, loving the scripture, is part or one trait of being root bound. What are some others. Hmmm. Praying every day - the Lord's Prayer, plus.  Yes. Thanks. Regularly remembering the Lord at meals. All the participation at church. Being involved in communion, and worship. Having followed in the way. After salvation, being baptized, becoming a church member.

I think it is a good exercise to think about this. There are Christians who do not hear God's voice. They feel lost. They need to know how to get to a point where they can hear God's voice. What if your family member or friend do not hear God's voice? How can they grow?

I see this God's voice also as a manner of living water. It is having Jesus himself speak to you.

As a Christian who cannot hear God's voice, one is constantly seeking it, trying to figure out why the guy or girl next to you has it and you do not, a person gets frustrated. It makes you doubt your salvation, for you wonder why you are not good enough. Or you are running to and fro trying to get advice. You need others, and their opinions matter more than they ought to. Who matters? Jesus. His opinion matters. For his opinion to be heard, people need to hear his voice. How can a Christian love Jesus the way they ought to if they cannot hear his voice?

There's a bunch of Christians who do hear God's voice. There's also a whole bunch of Christians who do not.

Stepping in the invisible realm, I am taking a shot at a statistic. 50%.

If Christians do not hear God's voice, tell me, how do they avert a tsunami? How do they avert conflict? Race riots?

Someone ought to troubleshoot. Maybe in small groups. If people do not hear God's voice, then, some people need to pray that God will start speaking to that believer, and pray the Holy Spirit to come upon them, so they are not lonely and resource poor. The reason Joseph took Mary and Jesus to Egypt was he encountered God.

How many people know how to pick up God's messages, for instance? How many know all the ways God speaks to them?

In matters of the conscience and in the matters of God's existence, I believe all humanity hear God. However, we do not all know how to connect with him on daily or moment by moment matters.

I would like to propose to you that if people do not regularly hear God's voice, they are not root bound, and not likely to produce fruit, for they have not established a communication and will connection by which they can move and operate in the will of God.

I feel the Lord requires some spiritual troubleshooters. We are excellent at troubleshooting electronics, but who pays attention to the spirit of man? It's time. I believe opening this voice to people is one of the messages or spiritual techniques we should use in preparing people to hear Christ, to in turn withhold them from the antichrist influence. The spiritual influence of this antichrist engulfs certain peoples and leaders who surrender to being Christ haters, and by this hating all he represents, including the Bride. He stands for the Bride. We need wisdom as we work our way through our current landscape.

We have great works of the Lord ahead of us in revival. There's a lot of pressure to produce, but let me share a little tip, if both Jesus and we carry a load, he invites us to shift the emotional load onto his shoulders and to walk along with him in these responsibilities, for he is stronger than us. He is able to carry the load of ministry, the burden for others, and grief. He is partnering with me, to help me carry my load. My hands and his are grasped, and together that load does not seem as bad as it once did. It is Christ's own hands which are to lead us to preparation, to troubleshooting that we know how to become root bound, and to get living water, so that we can take off just like this plant Jasmine.

This post is not done. I have scratched on just 2 traits.

I am coming to pastors. Yes. Pastors. Okay, what is the fix? Is there one? I propose all sorts of things here, but you are the real experts.

What can be done to train people to pick up on all God's means of signals and messages so that we can hear and know we are in the centre of God's will and that we have his direction all the time and that we can be safe?

Update: Sin is one reason a voice connection is lost. There could be other reasons. What could they be? Say someone had the connection and lost it and forgot there was do they reconnect?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Do Not See

Christian and Christ Worshiper and Praiser,

Do not go see the new movie which is coming out, Kill the Darling.

Speaking on behalf of Christ's heart, this would not make him a happy guy.

Though you see it on the market, do not grace it with your attention or money or praise.

The concept is the destruction of Christ's bride, which is the church, no matter what metaphor is used in her place.

Do not accept the curses and malevolent prophetic video wishes this movie would set upon your life.

It is not healthy for your spiritual life.

God says to define the boundary and that's a no to this movie.

God's Great Dance Floor

Look around youtube for a few versions of this. In a version I saw, the camera focused on everyone dancing, singing, and praising, and I was moved. Yes, I might have danced. The one I saw had a fairly up close focus. This is the same event.

Videos like this put in your glory room - you can move to. You can dance. You can jump up and down. You can sing and move your arms.

Focus your eyes at the timepoint 2:19 min and see in that centre how everyone is moving. By God's grace, the whole dome never fell. But he would never let such a one fall who praises him with all they are worth.

As a pastor, for example, does this not make you cry to see all these people glorifying God?

When I think of Christian and Jewish evangelists going out to stadiums, preaching, praising, and healing, I see this. Don't you? Masses of people both coming to Christ and witnessing God's grandeur.

Here is a version. Excuse the ad please.

The sound is better in this second set.

Song of Songs

The Passion Version

I heard this Passion version of the Song of Songs read this past week.

It was captivating.

The concepts in it held you as you watched the bride and the bridegroom work together to see the birthing of the spiritual nations.

When I look at this, this could easily be the basis of an opera.

I would have no work to do. You could transliterate this into parts - add your songs - and you are done.

Principals Carry

Update: I re-release this word. Let the words God speaks stand. Let them be fulfilled.

Often, when I write something, I find at a later date, a confirmation of the same words via another prophet. I hope that confirmation will occur for my reader. Last week, I had a confirmation of something I wrote through a different source. The same concept had been launched elsewhere, and I never knew. I had no knowledge of any other words at that time I put them out. It has been 6 months or so.

God is starting a city type of transformation in which schools play a part.

Now, here, I mention the provincial results. My reader may wonder about this. When the Lord wants to demonstrate success in a school, he may still use those achievement tests, however, what I am pointing to here is a new means of assessment, where people weigh the Lord's outcomes. Do I know what that looks like? Well, if I get any further revelation, I can add that when or if it comes. In my reader, the word should provoke some multiple levels of interpretation.

In the vein of gifts, recently in training, it was said, prophecy is no greater a gift than a child care worker, as every gift is a means of assisting the kingdom to grow. Every type of gifting in a body of believers is worthwhile.

In here, quite some time ago, I reported on a results improvement program. I used that program. It had spectacular results. It used a small group self-reflection system for teachers to improve their practice. It modelled teaching plans. For schools, teaching methods which focus on student self-concept related to learning modelling see-say-do, and teaching examples is a sort of solid method or taking what exists and re-packaging it into working social products.

This program focused on having games and quizzes based on covering course objectives as one of the fun activities and confidence improvement activities for students. It boosted student's emotions in that realm of positive confidence.

Pray about this word. I will find that product and tie the post which was about this teacher training tool.

One thing I am sure of in this word - God wants his schools to distinguish themselves from the non-God schools. Boards for God's schools should be active prayer supporters for schools, praying boundaries around the school. The war for city transformation starts in prayer. I pray the Lord's blessing on all those who consider these words.

Original word:

I think, like pastors, principals of schools need to carry a greater spiritual responsibility and learn all the means of spiritual leading as a pastor and prophet, because they are responsible to the Lord for their work and their population.

When a school principal meets God at the Bema Seat, he will ask them if they did their job in the natural (basically without God's spirit in them, there is a tendency to use natural means to lead), and what will they answer?

If a school principal has been trained in operating in leadership in the Spirit, they have God's input into every school decision, for he can speak into their decision making, and that will in turn cause revival, Christ functioning, unity, peace, and success around the school population.

I would not want to be a school principal before God that day, for the weight of this responsibility is very large - a mantel from the Lord - and if they unwisely carry out their role, they lose their reward for all their work.

We are supposed to do our job in the spiritual, according to spiritual means, and not based on natural means.

That means your reputation does not count.

That means Jesus' reputation does count.

That means God manages finances and numbers.

That means that provincial scores - though interesting - are not God's measure of success.

That means Mammon - the god of money and who has his fingers in your budget decisions and therefore your means of management - you need to kick him out. Mammon is a high rank evil spirit in this world. He does not inhabit you. He impresses upon you. His fingers restrain your shoulders and blind your eyes, covering his hands over them to keep you from seeing hope.

Do not invite the moneychangers into your school. You are different. You have the Spirit. The moneychangers have no place in God's schools.

The principals of kicking Mammon out are spiritual warfare.

Let there not be one principal in any of God's schools who does not begin to learn to fight and establish the grounds of their ministry in the Spiritual and of the Spirit.

If there are any who resist, may they be gone. God has an appointed time for revival. It starts as soon as the carriers are ready to yield to the Spirit of God.

The really sad thing is this has been possible since Christ rose from the dead. The believers in Acts got it.

Then, rulership and social influence wiped the practices and beliefs away.

There have been few carriers.

Be a carrier. School should be about allowing children to realize their destiny, their various strengths in giftings, their establishment in memorizing scripture, and they opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ to their fellow man at school as they learn.

Are you a God school or a non-God school? I am not going into this, but I would like my reader to consider this. What are the criteria for a God school? If you claim verbally you are a God school, then you must consider first the responsibility to lead well, as Joseph did in Egypt, with the spiritual coat of many colors, and if you do, then let also all the abundant blessings, gifts, opportunities and success be applied as all the colors of paint artfully applied to your school's walls in the spiritual. These colors, in the spiritual, are all the various identities of the Holy Spirit expressed in the building, where you do your training, and may the Lord breathe life on all who merely enter your building. Let their life change with their first step in the front door.

Let the veils fly off the corner of your school as a sanctuary of God - to tell the spiritual world your community belongs to God. Then, even the troubled children will find peace, the learning disabled and handicapped will be healed to a complete understanding, and the Lord will himself walk among your staff and sit at the table in your staff room. The Lord will be on your lips all the time in praise, encouragement, edification, mutual support, and freedom of movement in cooperation. This is yours, but it starts with the principal - who must be the first carrier.

What the principal carrier is willing to hold, that falls upon his or her staff.

The gates of heaven are open and the river is flowing. Carrier - go meet your pastor, and let him lay hands on you, and permit him to give you a draw of eternal life giving water. Seek the Lord in matters of prophesy, for this will open his voice to you all the time. As you improve your seeking, you will fall into being the Joseph leader God wants.

This word, though from me, is not of me. Let it be so, Lord. Bring godly leadership over all your schools, and let there be not one led by an unworthy or unfaithful person. Open their eyes, Lord to your majesty, and how that majesty brings new ways of thinking and operating. Let it be. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Test the word.

Principals. I say, if these words be of me, may they pass away. If they be of Jesus, these words will stay on your heart for days, till you respond, and ask, "Okay, Jesus, what do you want for this school, for this ministry, for my leadership?"

If these words stay upon you, then follow the suggestions, and go take a draw of the Spirit from your pastor.

I have noticed the nature of the Revelatory Spirit of God - Who is Prophecy - when he brings revelation to me - it is tenacious. It does not leave. It stays with me - and it stays with others for months and years till it is finally pronounced. When it is finally pronounced, the fruit may be borne. God manages timing, but he also manages interpretation, and personal nuances, and he customizes the application to your specific situation and personality. He takes the generic word I produce, and remember, I don't understand all the levels of meaning he carries in a message, for he is greater than me, but as you think on the message, your own interpretation is going to tweak the customization of the meaning to what you are doing. He will lead you.

I must tell you that stepping into a relationship with God who prophesies into your day is exciting.

Literally, you can ask God any question. If it meets God's desires, he can tell you.

What God wants is an opportunity to build this relationship.

I heard that recently, a young lady (student at a Science Fair) built or rather created a flashlight run by the energy of the infrared heat off her own hand. Who revealed the nature of this invention to her? The answer should be easy. Would you not like your own students to benefit from your awakening of the Spirit to them, as you arrange them to receive teaching? The options are limitless.

Passages on the Prophetic

John 9 or 10.
Ephesians 2 and 6.
1 Corinthians - loaded.
Acts 2

Did you know there's a difference in 1st covenant vs. 2nd covenant prophecy? The second covenant is about exhorting and building up believers in the faith. It is about creating recognition and prophesying release and healing based on the victory of Christ.

The Lord sees each believer through the lens of the cleansing of Christ. Our sins which were scarlet are no white as snow, ... as wool. It is not quite that, but search a bit of the phrase, and you will find  the verse. Given that, we all can be carriers for God.

Every believer hosts the ability to prophesy.

Certain believers are called to the societal role of prophet.

The ability to prophesy makes a person's witness more effective speaking directly to people's problems, and decreeing an end to their problems via the Lord's word. This is a means of the Lord as healer and deliverer.

Anyone who has Jesus in them can prophesy, even children.

The verse in the bible, and I think it was in 1 Corinthians, which says to the believer to seek to prophesy - the word in its original language means to lust after. God wants us to seek to prophesy.

These gifts are to be used to edify the body.

We did some comparison of Old Testament prophesy to new.

There was a cool explanation. In the end times, there has been a forecast of the moon turning red, and the sun being significantly lighter. That happened at the cross. The Lord revealed to the speaker that this event happened when Christ was on the cross. It is the marker of the end times, all the times after the Lord in an age where each of us believers can prophesy and carry gifts. Ever since the cross, all believers had this ability. (I think this was Acts 2: 20-23).

The speaker also referenced that Saul in the company of a school of prophets also prophesied, and this in my terms is the leaking of the gift. Anointings leak. For God the Holy Spirit starts a river in someone, and a sole human spirit is barely barely enough to contain him, and where they are they leak their anointing all over, on the ground, on people they touch. Yeah. Pretty much, God is greater than previously thought. So, this little point here is a Donna-ism.

I was told last night my gift from the Lord is mercy. Or was this a description of my heart now as I am - that was it. Let me think on that. I am freed to explore all the gifts of the Spirit, to see with spiritual eyes, and run in the Spirit. Even my mistakes trying to fall into the Lord's ways, God will use them all. God carries me all the time in his hand. I am completely safe from everything.

Note: A sermon last night. That's why the approximate results. Search the word "prophesy" on biblegateway.

Second, the word "gifts". That will bring you up a number of the related passages.


Name the Holy Spirit personalities.
Name, if you can, the gifts and traits to each personality.
You hold all of the various personalities.
You are stronger in a couple. Name a couple.
God never just gifts one.
Now, practice the gift.
For example, start being the 1 word prophesier. That's okay.
If you do that, eventually, God who trusts you with a little, starts opening the gate.

The gist is this: you must be faithful with the little to be given responsibility for much.

Example: When I was small, and I did not know why, I would stop and pray for healings for people and animals. Why did I stop? Did it become not cool? What stopped me from displaying my compassion in action? Whether there is a result of the healing or not, and it is not based on my reputation, or your reputation, you are called to this action. Yes. Will you pray even when there is no healing? You should.

You are stepping into the unknown. You are stepping onto stairs and pathways that appear as you step.

Take the step. Start. Then, as you begin to recognize the Lord's hand supporting you as you go, then, basically, there is an increase. More. More. More.

Before you know it, you shall be growing as God's servant. God who is mighty shall be reknowned as mighty, and you as his host.

What about it? Step into your healing.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prayerfully Consider

The Congress situation in the United States.

The issue is Obama Care.

The may be a stalemate and an end to funding.

I am concerned about the impact on race riots.

This is a manufactured crisis.

Please intercessors, lift this matter to the Lord and ask him to weigh and determine the outcomes. Ask the Lord to blow his Holy Spirit onto the politicians and decision makers in this event, that their decisions will reflect what is best for God and his people. Basically, if it is for God and his people, you have a democracy and financial blessing, and an upheld status for women's rights, minority rights, and freedom of religion. We all win. Even the unbeliever.

We are to be asking him for justice in this matter.

On the same token, if the stalemate continues, and there are race riots, beginning attuning yourself to God, and go where he says to keep you from harm.

If I Had Moses

If I had Moses today, I would grab his hands, and I would spiritually suck or draw into me his holiness, and his love and humility. I would drink from the spiritual river, the head waters of a river, that the Lord starts in his belly.

Is this possible? Yes.

A holy man, like a preacher, who God has made a large conduit of living water into, carries a whole lot of healing traits and Holy Spirit spiritual dynamic.

Last week, I took a draw of this life giving water from a man.

Though I do not have Moses, I had a man with a very strong character and holiness of Moses.

Does God do that today? Yes! By all means. God does not leave his people resource poor.

Do you see the cartoon "Living Water" on this blog? This is the kind of water I took.

The man had to invite me to take it. What was involved was he held my hands, and he pushed Jesus into me, and he pushed holiness and a specific Holy Spirit nature upon me. It is one of the 7. Can you guess which?

It should not be too hard to tell.

Or will it. Will it be all 7 manifestations of the Holy Spirit, with a little extra on the one.

Pastors, do you do this? If you do not, why do you not?

You are the Carrier. You have the position and authority to allow your anointing to carry onto your flock. You can leak, for you have no worry about the inexhaustible supply for it will be renewed.

God has a head waters in you, and you are to release it on your flock.

Start with releasing it on your praise team. Then, on your prayer team. I recommend releasing it on  your entire staff one by one.

You are the means of initiating a greater opening of the gate of the living waters first on your ministry team, so that they may in turn deliver it out to people under them.

Could the wife of this man have been upset by this? She was used to it. She released her husband to this ministry and joined him in it. And in addition, a large number of women placed their hands on this man, and pushed anointings and giftings and Holy Spirit impressions upon him.

In a discussion afterward, the sensations, the visual impressions of both the giver and the receiver were confirmed to match. As well, even in the group, there was a harmonious set of messages and impressions, and you could tell the Author was the Holy Spirit, for it seemed all the messages sent and received had one focus. Try this in your staff. Then, begin releasing your river and get your staff to do also.

So yes, I drank living water. It is available. Your church has access to this. Your pastor is the first source, and from him, a waterfall will gradually fall from person to person. Pastor, this is your position.

Do you want to see fruit? Let the water flow. Let the vine flourish. Let the vine bloom.

The Nature of Praise

Praise is a co-constructive activity.
It builds us up. It creates art in the spiritual world.
It generates an offering to pour into bowls before God.
It, in turn, is reworked into warfare advances in the Kingdom of God.
It creates the praise bubble in which we can bring about God's kingdom on earth: by healing, bringing about the preaching of God's word, and so on.

Praise is like living in the River of God, and getting carried in its flow.

Sandra Kennedy Sid Roth Episode

Torn lip restored!

Supernatural healing training.

Still Thinking...

I am thinking of the day Jesus overthrew the temple money changer's tables.

I think that what he did was an action metaphor of the change of the corrupted system based on the physical temple, to an organic temple which was he himself.

I think that the shift began occurring that day.

Then, Jesus died and rebuilt his own temple. And this became a model.

Now, for people to manage their holiness and lifting of sins, they could go to Jesus direct, and that system God has used to foreshadow Christ's arrival, that system which had been used against his own people, God shifted.

The physical temple became the organic temple, and that is why each of us presents our body as a living sacrifice.

That means, like in the temple, when the glory came down, now each of us can manifest the glory of God in any way God chooses. God can surround us with flames of fire or a cloud or with whatever he wants. God can express himself through and around us however he wants.

We need to be willing sacrifices. A temple site is a place of the declaration of the holy scripture, praise and worship, and baptism.

As we become the temple, our body becomes the site of scripture declaration, praise and worship, and might we baptize the others who require it? If the church structures fail, in our future, I think believers should consider doing this for other new believers, for baptism should not be delayed.

Remember also how Christ overturned the tables. We are to kick out the systems of thought which would drag us into bondage. We are to maintain our position of victory in Christ via repentance, and using Christ's authority to kick out invaders - the same invaders who formerly invaded the priesthood - for they are spiritual beings, and in addition to depurifying God's own temple, they would also seek to depurify your temple.

Therefore, Christian, become aware of the spiritual enemy and kick him out of your own flesh, soul, and spirit. The three-fold nature of your temple stands in the three-fold model of God's - and you should protect it with spiritual means. Declare. Pray. Repent. Cast out. Lay on of hands. Heal. And yes, you can even do this upon yourself! On your husband or child. On the one who the Holy Spirit draws you to free.

When Freedom comes down, freedom reigns, and freedom falls upon those who are seeking.

He reigns first in our hearts, then to places we declare, and then, to hearts desirous of him.

Freedom is Christ. Freedom stands in your heart as a Christian. Do not submit. Resist the devil.

See the next Sid Roth show! This guest speaks to her own body to heal!  She speaks to the Mountain...  

God Quote - God is Greater Update

Last week, I learned about Christ shifting the Jewish Tabernacle/Temple onto himself, and how there are parallel passages in scripture that -

1. describe the Temple made with earth materials
2. describe the Temple as organic with the Trinity - and Christ as central

Then, I learned about how we Christians can host the Presence and view our bodies as the Temple.

Anyway, at that course, I heard this quote, and sorry, I do not recall the name of the one who said it.

"God is greater than previously thought."

1 Corinthians was used greatly. Hebrews 4 or 6 was used. Two passages of the River of Life were used - Ezekiel and Revelation. Psalm 45. Psalm 32. Psalm 6. Psalm 145. 1st or 2nd Chronicles.

The theme "light" was used and I can find that on biblegateway.

I did not write notes. I try to memorize the chapters approximately, and then I go back and review the books. So, the above - if you want to look them up, you may find it, or you may not.

We focused on the presence of God as he revealed himself both as cloud and as fire - the same presence viewed in different circumstances, seen differently - over the Tabernacle. We reviewed the presence of the Lord at Saul's meeting of Christ on the road. We reviewed the Spirit alighting on Jesus as a dove or in the form of a dove.

We looked at the same passage we recently reviewed at Church about the glory of God coming down in the Temple. Was that Nehemiah? The passage was centred around a revival.

Also, the word for gifts in the bible is poorly translated. The word for gifts is pneumaticus - which is Spirit.

If you have the Spirit of God upon you, the result is the apparition of any or all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is like his choice how he chooses to present his supernatural personality upon you. We get gift and success focused. We need to think less of ourselves, and be more submissive to the awareness of the Spirit.

What we should be saying at any given time is: What are you doing here right now for this individual, Holy Spirit?

This attitude should be different than focusing on giving longer, more accurate words for people.

We should let our Holy Spirit presence leak upon people wherever we go, and even, if we notice it, focus it and let it go. Letting our River of Life flow from us - that is part of the Holy Spirit healing those around us.

In our interactions, as we carry the Coat of Many Colors upon us, we should be aware that in our interactions, we will be demonstrating the various ribbons or identities of the Holy Spirit constantly with people. If you are aware of that, perhaps at that time, you can think of the color/personality of the Lord, and call upon him for more. Allow your river of life to leak. Let that, through processes unknown to the natural methods of healing and reasoning, coat and stay with people, bringing them to understand via a spiritual means a spiritual truth. God the Holy Spirit, who is greater than all our conscious actions and efforts, is able to self-represent, and he is going to heal and initiate action responses in your encounters even you have not thought of.

What I am trying to say here is this. Say I have a prophetic gift. I share a word. Do we think with my natural reasoning that I understand it? Likely barely. I get a word based interpretation. The one who is meant to receive the word - that person or audience will perhaps get an additional set of meanings from it only the Lord set up. Never think the one who emits the words to be greater than the Origin of the words. Add for example, the Holy Spirit then provides the meanings of the word to the receiver. He interprets. Truth is gradually expounded in a meaningful way by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit operates not just on words, but on words and pictures. So, a person receives a word. The Holy Spirit gives them a picture. That picture explains the word.

Say I have a gift - and I get focused on the 1 gift. What did God call me? He called me a Spiritual Arts Practitioner. He did not say a tongue practitioner. He did not say a prophecy practitioner. No. God is  via his flow all the gifts. It takes me to be humble and to emit whatever part of the Holy Spirit needs at a given moment.

God also works with moods. God will ask me, and my initiator is a particular tactile event, he will say, "Do you feel like coming to praise me? Will you sing for me today?"

I have a choice. Say somedays, I do not feel spiritual or I've been down or there's been a series of events - and God will ask. Then, being invited into the encounter with God, I decide. I either sing in praise shorts, tongue praise shorts, or longer whole songs I know from church, or anything he brings my way.

Then, as I fall into praise, I am carried along on a river, as if I was not the one leading at all, but him.

God does whatever he feels like, and I sing like the red finch.

The outcome? I feel great. Sometimes, I think, "Hey, that would be a great recording."

Other times, the outcome, I feel nurtured in my soul, and I have engaged in some manner of spiritual dance with the Lord, and I have enjoyed his presence greatly.

I am constantly aware that in my own effort, you would get basically the level of voice from me when I was about 19 - and yes, I took a voice class, but in no way had I mastered any aspect of singing.

With God, I encounter God in myself. He does things which are amazing, and I am just coming along for the ride. I am in amazement at what he does. I am in amazement of his moods, for when his moods set upon my moods, the two blend, and I am carried into his mood, and my mood lifts and evaporates, and all that is left is his mood.

Does this make any sense? This is a small explanation of my state of being as a Christ carrier, as a light and praise carrier. As a holy bowl of incense before God. With all my being, I want to be under Christ's and the Holy Spirit's authority and under obedience to his voice, so that I can please the Father. In the end, and this shall seem rather odd, but both Christ and the Holy Spirit serve to engage me to please and honor the Father. That is how they work. Even when I worship Christ, the pleasure of the Father is met. Everything which is done is ultimately presented to him.

Jesus' Tabernacle Skirts of Light - Why It Is Important

In Ian's testimony of his NDE, he chases Jesus in skirts of light, and living veils holding stars and diamonds. Light surrounds him in these veils as he chases Christ, trying to see his face, as Jesus reveals in the veils the words of Psalm 23.

Why is this important?

When each believer accepts Christ, we become just a bit like Christ receiving some of the light which shines from Christ, and that shines from our interior. When we are baptized, our light is increased. Christ sets one of these bridal veils over us, and though ours does not contain living stars and diamonds, it shines with light, and instantly - spiritually speaking - makes us look to the spiritual world a whole lot like Christ.

Those skirts of Christ, he makes and gives us one - and yes, we take on a trait of Christ.

Why do we have this bridal veil? We have it to tell everyone in the spiritual world, who are many, that we are Christ's. It is our identity mark for Christ.

Now that I am aware of this concept of the bridal veil, I have been seeing prophetic art, and I see that it shows people, and in the sweep of their encounter of heaven and Christ, they are covered in little gems sweeping off of them. This is another spiritual concept, and it is holiness, that holiness of being in Christ's veils, applied to us now. It is a prophetic future applied to our souls, spirits, and bodies now. The gems I see in the art - are like little lights and diamonds quite similar to Christ's and the layout of those look as those applied from a veil.

In heaven, all is alive. When you see someone painted with gems or lights - in heaven, if they had them, all these little glitter points would be alive around us. All we see in heaven around us is alive.

When we become Christ's, we are surrounded in life. We are also surrounded in the metaphors of his likeness, and it comes with the great privileges of even hosting his spiritual likenesses.

We are not as glorious as he, but as we press into him, and we carry his light, our bridal veil shines brighter.

That light we host burns darkness.

Recently, I spoke of the impact of Christian volunteers going into flood affected basements. I said their light would counter spiritual darkness and physical muck and mire which Satan would use to create an environment akin to hell - to bring rot and decay and corruption.

All the volunteers brought their lights to the basements, and all beautiful swinging of their veils of light about in this darkness makes all darkness flee.

The impact of their presence has the hosted impact of having Christ there, helping out people.

I am not an artist, but I would really like an artist piece done, showing people cleaning out flood basements, and to see all the light shining from them, from their veils, and how that light was killing corruption and decay.

When people accept Christ, before it is like they carry a layer of dust or corrosive dirt on their skin. When they accept Christ, this metaphor of being a bride comes upon them, and their spirit becomes clean, and it is the light that burns off all the ugly layer of grime.

The light is huge in understanding the spiritual impacts of why it is important Jesus has Tabernacle skirts which house him. Most of that shows us how awesome he is and in transfer, how he shifts some of that glory on us, when we accept Christ as our Savior. We are the bride from the moment we accept Christ.

We bear that spiritual resemblance right away. We ought to want to host that Presence of the Lord in a veil of holiness and swing our veil in means of praising the Lord. That light, that holiness is now part of us. Cool!

Update: There is a theme of skirts in the bible. Try it on Bible Gateway as a keyword search.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rest in Promises

I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises

What does Jesus bring?
He brings life and healing
What does Jesus bring?
He brings transformation
What does Jesus bring?
He brings renewal to men's hearts
What does Jesus bring?
Where his foot steps, renewal starts.

I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises

What does Jesus bring?
He brings an end to suffering and pain
What does Jesus bring?
He breaks down the lies of his enemy
What does Jesus bring?
He brings resources to the poor
What does Jesus bring?
He brings relief and comfort to the sore

I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises
I can rest in your promises

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our Spirit a Thread

When God initiates life in a fetus, he ties a thread which is our spirit into the belly of the fetus.
I do not know what color thread, though I might like to ask God what color my own spiritual embroidery thread is.
When Christ comes into us, by our own invite, Christ's scarlet thread joins our spirit's thread, and the two entwine, like the vine which wrapped around my blind's cord in the window.
Do you remember the three threads in the ephod which were manifestations or symbols of the Trinity? There were three colors. Blue. Purple. Red. Right?
When we come into relationship with the Trinity - all three threads then tie into our spirit thread, and they all - and you would see this if you saw my vine as a whole bunch of branches twist together and stabilize one another every which way - there's 3s, 4s, 5s, and so on - so the Trinity then binds and twists with our spirit thread.
Our spirit becomes a multi-color embroidery thread of life inside us when we have God hosted in us.
When we die, God unties the slip knot, and our spirit comes free.
If we have God's colored threads of royalty and salvation around us, our spirit chases God home.
If we have nothing, our spirit falls into the darkness.

Tonight, I am asking God what color thread my thread is.
When our threads are entwined with the Trinity's threads, we naturally embroider life and healing with all we do and say, as long as we maintain repentance and holiness. It is the natural outcome of our life. It is better said the supernatural outcome of our life.

What Knocks Down Muck and Mire?

The light, praise, and truth bearers. Christians who bear Jesus Christ in their heart, Christian bodies as living temples, and hosts of the Holy Spirit river of life and healing.

Recently, I provided some thoughtful natural and spiritual solutions to the flood's remaining muck and mire - which in a sense like hell - present degradation, erosion, disease, destruction.

God provided me further clarification today - and I might have already said this. I do not remember.

The Samaritan's Purse volunteers and the First Alliance volunteers as hosts of the presence of God - they are the light, praise, and truth bearers.

When these people came into residents home's and neighborhoods in Calgary, the hosted manifest presence of God in them destroyed the works of the devil on the environment.

Have I said this before?

Praise music can do this. The actual volunteers who came were the cause of both a spiritual and physical renewal in the environment.

Unlike natural relief efforts, these church and believer based movements - these will actually kill all disease and rot - for it is a supernatural flow of Jesus Christ onto our home, streets, neighborhood, city, and province. I anticipate that unlike the respiratory ailments which happened with the relief movements related to Hurricane Katrina, that the results are with God - there will not be 1 case of a respiratory ailment related to this clean-up. There will not be 1 case of lack of success in cleaning up someone's basement.

If you had these people minister to you, you received Christ's own relief into your problem, and you should have felt some spiritual lifting of weight upon your soul. Hope came in.

He is still calling. He would love to see you at church.

Hosting a Presence vs. Evangelism

When you host a presence in the Lord, you ask the Lord what he is doing with an individual.
You ask him to reveal a picture or impression you need to release to them - and that may be again words, picture, or scripture. 
You do not necessarily have to do a whole gospel presentation to someone - you may only present a piece and God will finish. We need to be less argument and natural reasoning focused, and more on letting the Holy Spirit use you to start the work, and he will finish the work. He is fully able to take the individual further. 
You yield your spirit in humility, and God takes whatever you do for him, and he multiplies the spiritual impact, meaning and so on. Just as Christ could be a man of few words, and accomplish the fulfillment of scripture, the Holy Spirit can be a man of few words, and even with one word, or gesture or action, the Holy Spirit can speak to the deepest needs of an individual and heal them.
If you have an opportunity to work through your scriptures when you lead someone to Christ, excellent. I suggest you have a card made up with a scan QR code to take them to an online presentation, and let God bring them there later, if you do not have time to accomplish your whole task in the time and place you have.
This means we do not have to be hung up on either achieving or not achieving a score so to speak. God will use you in a process of bringing people to him. It is always nice to be the one who sees that person make a decision, and you may try, but what I am suggesting is to shift our focus a bit.
This is a blend of the "Word" and the "Spirit".

Why Memorize Take 2

The purpose of memorizing the bible - is to initiate a meeting of your spirit and the Holy Spirit, God the Father, and Christ.

The purpose is to be revealed some truth about God's ways which changes your life and your current way of thinking.

The purpose of memorizing scripture is to begin to receive the Holy Spirit manifestations about that scripture. The Holy Spirit begins to bring images, visions, video, tactile impression, and various word presences.

When you host the scripture, you can then release it on people. You touch them. You think of the Lord our Righteousness, say for example, and you release it on someone.

You hold the scripture to meditate on it while visualizing releasing it onto those around you - any piece of it that the Lord begins to bring an impression upon you for, which is matched to the need of the individual beside you.

The Coat of Many Colors

Recently, I asked a question about how the Holy Spirit was represented in Joseph's life, when he received an anointing or gifting of the coat of many colors.

Joseph's life represented many demonstrations or manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

When a Christian receives the Holy Spirit, they are receiving a coat of many colors - that is the Holy Spirit, and in that, they are also receiving the possibility of all the manifestations of the Spirit.

The initial arrival of the Holy Spirit in a dripping upon their forehead is to initiate hunger. They are to hunger and thirst after God and seek more, and that more often involves some kind of asking for it.

The more they receive the more they become like God - more straight, less twisted.

People must be aware of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit to appreciate them and to recognize the things God is doing in the spirit, in among the people around them, and to direct them to respond in ways which heal and bring life to wherever they go and whoever they either touch or come into contact with.

God can respond in our environment in any of the 30-40 ways which he has already demonstrated his ability to reveal himself. When we know that which he does, we recognize his signature. We acknowledge him.

Joseph shared the multiple manifestations of the Holy Spirit with Jesus. His actuation was the delivery of a gift which announced favor by  his father, and by his heavenly father. Jesus received the same in the form of a dove, but he received an impartation of the Spirit upon him in all his 7 personalities. The gift was that Jesus was wrapped in a coat of many colors - also known as the Holy Spirit.

For the average Christian today, I think this receipt is first experienced at salvation, again at baptism, and then at specific leadings a person has to ask for more. It is voluntary.

Since Spirit transfer happens through hosts of the Spirit, the laying on of hands allows the Spirit to transfer from other Light and Spirit carriers to those who need it.

The Spirit is manifest in the Holy of Holies in the 7 articles which reside in the room.

I Shared a Taste

Of my heart's worship tonight.
This worship feels great, especially with a bit of room to move.
The young lady featured, for me, is an example of what happens to children raised up in a church where worship has been mastered.
I would like my children, if I had any, to be raised in such a way. It would be great.
The confidence is great. The demonstrated body communication of just being totally in love with Christ - all that is years of being built up in the confidence of the love of God. This artist has a Christ centred identity.

That is beautiful.

You Alone

Come to Me

God I Look to You

I Can Feel You

Spontaneous Worship

I like this young lady. I like how she is barefoot singing, and how that seems to be her connection to singing powerfully. In three or so videos, she is always barefoot. In a worship session, having someone demonstrate the body communication to the Lord of lifting worship - that naturally through being viewed to the audience or singing public also picking it up, and everyone starts to sort of pick up a worship anointing.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Good God Name

The Holy Eternal and Uncreated One

Singing Full Out

What happens when you sing full out for an hour and a quarter? You go horse.

I had planned to record a song this weekend, but my praise voice is horse. I could still do it, and sound like Rod Stuart. Hmmm.

If a person sings loud a fair bit, it is natural to put a strain on your voice.

Moderate. Tomorrow, I will moderate. You can't be a George Beverly Shea for hours, right?

Non-God Movie Study

I hesitantly forward for your viewing the movie Jack Carter.

As sole Science Fiction, it is amazing.

From the point of view of Christianity, it carries forward the name of Isis.

This is an obvious influence a Christian might be impacted by, so I suggest my Christian viewers say a media prayer before launching the start. If you view the movie many times, pray the prayer every time. Ask the Lord to nullify the devil's tools and messages in the movie meant to turn its audience.

The main character is quite adorable. The male strong character.

His "for god" characteristics are that he champions the woman.

In most of these movies, you will see some kind of Satanic initiative against a woman, and this hero does some adorable things to save her. The intended outcome for her was horrific, and he was most definitely a champion.

Why I forward this movie to my readers for Christian research is that, like in the Time Machine, the enemies of God have been glorified. Here, you get a really good concept of what a fallen angel is like, through the presentation of the Thurn.

There is a play on the antichrist character, which in this case is a warrior lead who is easily replaceable if he disobeys orders. Though this is not an attack on humanity, you see in the movie, the Thurn have been to earth, and have plans to dismantle earth society as well.

I was a bit shocked by the Thurn race in this, and realized a comparison. I had withheld this, but feel if you carry through with a media prayer, it may be informative for Christians.

Think of the metaphors, symbols, and so on in this movie. Is there any insight you may glean from this movie about the end times? Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and point things out.

The value long term for me: This movie is good at demonstrating that fallen angels are actually another race, and that they are competing with us for our earth, our resources, etc. We see glimpses of this agree both with the bible, and with the NDE's of hell. The fallen angel race is our enemy. It is Christ's enemy and our enemy, but it is a challenge to get man to see the concept. When men fall to hell, they fall to their enemy. When men fail to recognize the evil in the world, and they do not attribute it to the devil and demons, nor to any choice which is being made each time we choose either evil or good, we fail to discern the battle.

There is a battle. It is for your soul.

Pastors as Community Developers - An Extra Bucket

Pastors are similar stock to missionaries. Today, this is for both.

In the Munro short term mission recently, I was shared a story.

When the team go, they purchase and carry all their supplies in. They even carry extra. They carry extras of things they expect people along their way might want.

What is the long term benefit of carrying in an extra bucket? You might be surprised.

While the Munro's were working their way through the back country of Nicaragua, they met a woman, who was either there was a patient or accompanying a patient. That woman had no means of income.

The Munro's assessed their materials, knowing they had brought a couple extra buckets, and they gave this woman one of their buckets.

What does this do? Anything? You might wonder.

By this woman receiving this bucket, which was a resource she would not be able to pay for, she received a means of earning a living. She used the bucket, collected clothes in the village, carried them to the river, washed them, and returned them to her client for a wage. It is surprising.

This bucket made a potential life for her.

So, yes, when you are on trips, find out if there are any useful extras you can take along. It might make a huge difference in the life of another.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jasmine's Bloomsets

Jasmine's Bloomsets Pellirojos Writing Ltd.
In the window, that which we do not see, Jasmine has 8 more bloomsets, and not small ones either. The ones facing the sun are the largest sets. Every once in a while, I peak up under all the window structure to see what is going on. It looks pretty from outside. I have a flowered window.

For places facing flooding, I hold the hope of Christ for you, for though great masses of humidity has come your way, God blooms the church in adversity. Every problem is an opportunity.

Marriage Protected Under the Vine

Pellirojos Writing Ltd.

Verse Study Zechariah 14:21

Zechariah 14:21

King James Version (KJV)
21 Yea, every pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall be holiness unto the Lord of hosts: and all they that sacrifice shall come and take of them, and seethe therein: and in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the Lord of hosts.

Use the study engines and figure out this verse.

I focus on the latter.

Does this mean the Canaanite before the arrival of Christ has been in the House of the Lord?

Does this mean say how the temple is desecrated, that there is a re-dedication?

Is it possible that the temple priests were children of mixed marriages and prone to not recognize Christ? I found a verse in the bible, and it said that it took 100 generations to bring children back into the temple, if a man had children with the other nation. How many of these people in the temple were Canaanites by God's definition? Were they qualified by heredity to be priests? I am sure there were some legitimate priests. At the same time, I open up the possibility that Christ's enemies were infiltrators into the priesthood, and they were not his priests at all. All Christ's priests in the temple recognized and believed in him. Those that were staunchly opposed and remained so were not legitimate priests of God's choice, but held idols in their hearts, and were creating practices to drag Israel down, and worshiped their idols in God's sacred grounds - which is why Christ responded in anger to the moneychangers.

It has been my theory that the customs of the Temple morphed into selling salvation, instead of keeping the Lord's practices, due to mixed marriage, and other idol religions placing their religious ideology over top of God's law. I think false religion was even practiced in the temple, while selling the average Jewish person layered requirements of salvation, such as having to buy their temple lamb or having to use a "holy" pot, instead of a man's pot from home. Basically, the temple grounds were turned into a business. 

Could I be wrong? Maybe. Instead, think on this for yourself. What do you think it means? The page tabs have various bible study engines.

Again, pastors will be able to make better observations than I can.

It is worth highlighting for a verse study.

Here is an excerpt where a prophet highlights this issue

After the time of the Canon, Daniel is introduced saying, "O thou seed of Canaan and not of Judah" . Ezekiel had spoken of ungodly priests, not only as uncircumcised in heart (according to the language of Deuteronomy Deu 10:16; Deuteronomy 30:6), but uncircumcised in flesh also, altogether alien from the people of God Ezekiel 44:7. The prophet then speaks, as Isaiah, "It shall be called the way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it" Isaiah 35:8, and Joel, "then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more" Joel 3:17 This shall have its full fulfillment in the time of the end. "There shall in no wise enter into it anything that defileth, neither" whatsoever "worketh abomination or a lie;" and, "without" are "dogs and sorcerers and whoremongers and murderers and idolaters, and whatsoever loveth and maketh a lie" Revelation 21:27Revelation 22:15.
According to Joel then, at one time, I can assume that abominations, lies, defilings, dogs "a seed of Bashan" based on Christ's own description of his enemy, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, and those that love the lie - those had at some point infiltrated the temple.

Pastors and priests, if at the time of Christ, there was any concern about infiltrations to our practices and beliefs, perhaps at this time, we should also focus on preventing those possibilities in our today churches.

Those practices and beliefs are not new, though they look new, but they are old, and they originate from the idol based religions. They may be packaged as new swings of thought, but they are the lies of the enemy seeking to lead the new generation astray.

The purity and holiness of the house of God is what is broken, and when Christ comes, that purity and holiness will return.

For many of us, when we are asked to cast down our idols, we apply many vague concepts to them. Every thought and every image and every hand made thing must be cast down before Christ.

Part of supplanting what we think about everyday with studying and speaking the gospel, psalms, hymns, and so on, we bring the Lord centre.

In the side references, it talks about either eating or not eating unto God. We bring our words and our practices into a centering around Christ, such that all we do and say is for Christ, no matter what we do. I have confidence that as you examine this matter, God will have some personal insight for you.

The Book of Remembrance

16 Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name.

Malachi 3:16 Biblegateway

This verse ties to 2 posts here.

1. God is composing a Book of Remembrance. This book is not the Book of Life. It is the book recounting those who kept the Lord on their lips.
2. This book tells of the lives of those in the end times. This is the book I told you of where God keeps good records.

God provides confirmation later on when I write.

I just found this. Will your name be in this book?

The Feast...

The Feast of Trumpets - the Feast of Booths is now.

The celebration of our church anniversary - I am glad we are participating now. When we celebrate, though we celebrate our anniversary, I also celebrate Christ's return, for he is everything to the future of man.

I have a hunch, though I could also be wrong, that our rapture day is a feast, and may be the Feast of Trumpets.

Today, I am studying what the Feast of Booths is. I am looking at the Psalms they read and so on. Here is one set of readings of the psalms: Psalm 113-118.  Is this the Talmud online? This is read aloud. You can follow the suite of the readings by clicking on the chapter numbers.

Also, watch the skies. If there is a tetrad solar and lunar eclipse, don't miss it.

That is very soon.

Here is a bit of my reading:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Night the Coyotes Called My Name

I am currently publishing to Kindle a family story shaped today as a Christian Historical Fiction piece. I finished during dinner tonight. It is: The Night the Coyotes Called My Name

I expect that up on Amazon Kindle tomorrow.

I will update this post with a product page when I see it appear.

It will be available on CreateSpace in three weeks.

I just ordered about 7-8 proofs. A bunch of hard copy books will appear for order soon on Amazon, after I see them.

Update: The book has been updated. On Monday, I may do another. I am assessing covers.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Individual or Nation? Look for Israel

Hosea 14

King James Version (KJV) NOTE: Israel should have a capital. It does in mine.
14 O israel, return unto the Lord thy God; for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity.
Take with you words, and turn to the Lord: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips.
Asshur shall not save us; we will not ride upon horses: neither will we say any more to the work of our hands, Ye are our gods: for in thee the fatherless findeth mercy.
I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him.
I will be as the dew unto Israel: he shall grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon.
His branches shall spread, and his beauty shall be as the olive tree, and his smell as Lebanon.
They that dwell under his shadow shall return; they shall revive as the corn, and grow as the vine: the scent thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon.
Ephraim shall say, What have I to do any more with idols? I have heard him, and observed him: I am like a green fir tree. From me is thy fruit found.
Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? prudent, and he shall know them? for the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them: but the transgressors shall fall therein.

Read this passage. Please note the substitution for a man Israel for the country Israel. Then, please, also note the description of the man.

I am sorry folks, but the man is not the Israel we knew, but the identifying features of this man are Jesus.

In my post, the "Proposed Names for the Eternal King", it is these types of passages that kept leading me to wonder. This is why I tell you Jesus lent out his name to Israel, and his name is Jesus...Israel. I have a bunch of names there, and I play with them, however, Israel is one.

In verse 8, those who stand before Jesus, and see him themselves, fortunately, those people will finally get it. No more idols for them. And early on, before the Day of Judgment, people will live a sort of parallel, for they will stand in great groups before the Lord and offer praise and worship.

The people will stand as a forest, and they will see his likeness as a Creator of all, and they will call themselves "a green fir tree". They will be the start of the Lord's everlasting forest, though a complete renewal at this time starts in the heart of man, and the real everlasting forest, from what I know so far, return at the second world transformation.

Tell me, do you see the substitution? Do you see Christ standing in for Israel?

How could you tell? Hint. If you see the word "beauty" in the bible, other than the bride, and Sarah, I first check to see if it is Christ. 

See also "the scent of the wine of Lebanon". His return brings a return of civilization again to the earth and wine is once again made. Jesus made wine. Jesus here means there is communion wine. Jesus, like one of his deliverers found treading a wine press, is also accompanied by the trait of a scent of wine. Celebration and happiness returns.

Look for all the symbols of Jesus Christ here. There are many.

My theory here is God lent a name of Jesus Christ out to Israel, as a name prophecy, to bring about the nation that would be under Jesus Israel.

Also, the work of getting our heart right starts right with our lips. Lips offer praise and worship and focus. What we talk about all the time - is often what we love. In those days, people will talk about Christ non-stop. All the former things which occupied their eyes, hearts, and minds will be forgotten. This comment relates to Verse 2.

As Christ lovers, tell me, what would happen if you could not help but talk about Christ all the time? Would you call that witnessing or would you call that merely love? Dedicate your focus to Christ, and the words will naturally pour from your lips. This should make the last post about speaking up a little less frightful, for it is easy to talk about the things you most love. If you love Christ, you will naturally say so.

One more hint "the one scented like wine is Jesus" is here:

Please notice the lily carries the scent of a fermented fruit/wine/vinegar and that this calls the pollinators.

This is another signal this is Christ.