Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Hunger Games Movie Release

The new Hunger Games movie is being released in about two weeks.

Once I watch it, I shall post a teaching lesson. It will be similar to the last one.

What I expect: Some manner of discipleship in the movie.

I call it now, and pray for it to be a positive teaching tool for Christians.

I will see it early and have the lessons here.

I might wreck your movie experience, so don't come here unless you are cool with having the questions first.

I suggest doing the movie and home download combo and watch the movie for pleasure, and then come here for the lesson and re-watch it.

Yes. Good movies. This should be a good movie.

Revision for Video Size

Hi. As I see changing my format has affected video. Sorry.

Over the coming month, I shall go through and edit my view sizes to look pretty with this format.

Warm regards, Herself

Metaphors as Realities

Those of us who study metaphors in God's word are given small indicators of the world ahead.

It does not make sense now really, for we live in this world, the one fabricated for the test of dedication.

Who will we dedicate ourselves to? In all we are and do.

Those who pick out and rest on the treasures and promises and even the unknown or wondrous or incomprehensible, those are pictures of the eternal place and body, of the things of God and his ways of bringing order and justice to the timeline and to all creation.

Bits of our life ahead are in those metaphors. How much of that content do you claim?

You can. Put your hand on your chest, and read the word of the Lord to your future.

Israel itself is a metaphor. The people are a seed of all man eternal. They are the image-bearers who are to teach us God's way and truth. They brought us the bible forward. They are to teach us we were made in the image of God, and that no idol can bear any likeness to his glory or that bestowed on us by him making us as he is. A man who stands is a testimony to Christ, for he is made in his likeness.

When one says that their people are as great sands, we know how little a sand crystal weighs, yet a few buckets of sand weigh something like 50 pounds. David spoke of his future generations as great sands within him. There is great hope for foundations of civilization in our future.

This is a metaphor and a glorious one, for it speaks to a great and prosperous future for his people.

Let that also be us, as we join in as adopted sons and daughters.

On my next review of those psalms, I shall add this verse. My reading today thus far had been Psalm 97-150. It's in there somewhere. Skim for now if you would like to find it. 

Different Purposes for Metaphors

In God's writing, and in the Holy Spirit inspired writings of the ages, metaphors are God's teaching tool. You might say this creates a word veil on writing to bring in the disciple and leave the dissenter outside. God reveals the meanings to the seekers. This applies to parables.

Also, when God uses metaphors, it is for his own poetic nature. He exists in his own language poetry.

God's purposes for metaphors are for teaching, for revelation of truth and prophecy, for edification, for mystery building (to give us something to chew on), for building a poetic nature in us like unto him, for enjoyment as he created this nature in us, and to build a common love of literature among us. You know how when two people watch a movie, how they have that landscape in common? God, with the bible, builds a landscape knowledge of all time and human history he shares with us, and when we know it, we have this knowledge in common with God. It is like we share a common culture and landscape and even knowledge. We gain God's insight into success for man. That set of uses of metaphors is also built into all God stream production of any man headed to heaven. That includes: books, art, movies, sculpture, landscaping, and building houses, etc.

The devil's purposes for metaphors are also to reveal his manner of truth which is a lie, and to prophecy (but with shaded and lesser power or ability or lower agendas), for destroying people's self-concept and identity of being made in the Creator's image, for deceiving mankind into his control and death machine, to destroy and pervert all human production with his face, his symbols, and his perspective. The devil distorts the meanings of the contributions of God-loving production. He destroys the landscapes of God's creation in his production and layers the landscape with the dominion of hell's creatures and plans for the extermination of mankind, and replacing man with his own kind. The devil hates children and self-destructing habits are placed into his production, creating lies and rebellion to parents, and getting children to identify with demonic apparitions instead of godly ones. He models behaviors which open the door to the demonic, to enter the home, and bring down the family. The devils metaphors are also entrapment using mezmerization and brain training. He puts his symbols of occult through many visual places seeking to build familiarity with the occult all around. You would be surprised how many movies have occult images in them. You won't know them unless you study them. There is a YouTube video on that here--not mine but embedded. The metaphors of the devil create a social mental platform for building his future agenda of replacing mankind with a hybrid kind. The man derived spirit is substituted with his own progeny. Much of his literature includes sucking man's spirit from his body, and this is in many children's cartoons and movies. His love of his own children, the star children, is right through most anime. He creates a value for his children, while socially removing the rights of children to life. His evil plots carry his message as metaphors to deceive, enslave, trap like unto a poison, and hold minds at bay, so they cannot see God or his saving plan for man.

Recall the devil never plays fair, so in his domain of strategies, he holds all the sexual naked images, and seeks to pervert hearts, cause the heart to take the seeker's eyes off God, and to behold the beauty of the hell prostitute which would engulf and eat the potentially heaven bound man, who God loves with his whole heart. Within his strategies are all the flattery, and gestures of "Come on" and "Don't be a prude" as judgments to wear ethics down. The word prude should be replaced with holy. What he is saying is "Don't be holy".

In the game of discerning these purposes, remember God has called all of us to be holy, and this includes discerning all the media we use.

We are to assess all the avenues, inroads, and portals to our family's minds, hearts, soul and spirit, and we are to either shield or shut down the influence.

Christian, if you see something visual, and it tweaks something in your conscience as either ugly or inappropriate, shut it down right away. God uses our sub-conscious to speak to us. You do not always need an overt message. You can act immediately based on your conscience. You can walk out of  a movie which delivers something you did not expect.

My Thoughts on Dr. Seuss

I think the author Dr. Seuss, whether a pen name or not - that the author demonstrates a high character of the Holy Spirit in literacy and love.

I can't say from personal knowledge, for I have not researched the author, but I would say based on his fruit, that he is a man of God, full of the spirit, and likely in heaven entertaining God's kids.

The works are a wealth to the nations, great in schools, and even though other writers may copy the style, and not that they can't produce good books, but the original concept is clothed in the character of the Holy Spirit, and I think there is an authentic feel to the author's production which will always say, "There's something special about this book."

Children enjoy the books. They are excellent in children's libraries.

Do I know Dr. Seuss for sure is a guy? No, not if this were a pen name. Dr. Seuss, good work.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New App to Save Women's Lives

Dr. Phil's wife made an app for women's cell phones.

It is programmed, such that if a woman has an attacker, she pushes 1 button.

That button notifies a web of trusted contacts all at once.

They contact the police, report the issue, and then the police use the app to GPS the woman to her location.

This is a great app for every woman.

This is an example of Holy Spirit Creativity. This is his heart.

Good Pet Parents On Land - Two Sea Lions Freed


Two sea lions were disentangled and set free.

This was released 4 hours ago.

Thanks Whomever You Are

Thanks to whomever you are.

I am encouraged! :)

I return your blessings.

Gravity Movie Assessment

The movie is Gravity. This is an activity to focus Christians to use this movie to reflect on its meanings and potential spiritual messages and metaphors. Oh, this is a God movie. I claim it. Good job, Sandra and George.


1. Randomly, list off 20 words which sum up the overall visual experience using any grammar part of speech.

2. What is the thesis?

3. Identity a symbol or metaphor:

Hint: M----- the M------

  • What does this metaphor mean or add to the movie? 
  • Is there any irony? Is there a values assessment implied? 
  • Is the placement of the symbol merely to hyperbolize a moment? 
  • What is happening right then? 
  • How might this add to the overall meaning of the movie?

4. Identify in the movie two very obvious messages to Christians and three not so obvious (gathers input from a great deal more data) messages about humanity, science, progress, and survival.

5. Identify two moments which demonstrated non-rational or non-conscious input for human success.


If my reader answers these questions, you have essentially an essay. This time, I am not writing, but pushing readers to think first, pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the answers. Listen for his voice. He teaches me during the movie.

If you have not seen the movie yet, pray in advance and ask the Holy Spirit to be your movie interpreter.

Frankly, the message is the same as one repeated in the last 10-20 posts. Yes, consider that a hint, but only use it if if you get really stuck.

Son of Star Dream

In my dream last night,

Satan's son - a son of the star - who looked in an approximation of a much younger version of the evil "David" on the movie Prometheus and dressed neat came after me. If I had not said it before, David in that movie is an example of a son of a star. He comes to man with stories of an alternate history and creation.

In the dream, I was living in a house of three stories, like an apartment condo, and with me were many others. There were us, and in my life, there were friends, and their family, and the elderly.

In the dream, I had gone with my friends, for example a couple, and we had dropped an elderly couple to their home nearby.

I had a network of friends (the church) in the condo.

There had been news brought to us that were we going to be attacked.

In particular, those in the basement, those who served the devil, thought we were unknowing, and that we had not heard. The devil had launched a dis-assembly team. One of Satan's sons was sent to kill me.

Just before, I had made plans and told all the others who were going to be attacked to pack up and get out.

Many were scrambling. My friends were grabbing a few things, and they were leaving down the stairwell.

They knew they had to run.

I was dressed. I established a meeting point, an obscure one, at the dropping point where the elderly couple had been dropped off. I would meet them there if I made it.

I said good-bye and went back into my room.

My room was quite vacant. Almost whitewashed. Like a tomb. Why was I living in an apartment like this?

I looked to grab my things and head out.

Just then, a blond David Satan's son walked in the door, searching for me, sent on a mission.

All of a sudden, I knew I might be had, and weirdly, though I had been clothed, I was naked.

Note the theme of naked. What does naked mean?

Was I actually naked or did the enemy want me to think I was to shame me, induce fear, or to take away my confidence in the Lord?

I was standing against a wall, behind me was a window of a world to freedom, and just inside the door, the enemy faced me. He pulled out a large silver metal 18 inch knife to carve me up.

I stood there and saw there was my enemy - strong, with a weapon, and in the natural fully capable of dis-assembling me.

He stood there all neat with his knife. I stood there naked with nothing natural to protect me.

However, the game was not equal.

No. Not at all. I had the Spirit of the Living God in me.

I spoke to the evil David. I said, "In the name of Jesus, I immobilize you. Lay down."

I disarmed the David with my words of the Lord. For a few moments, I set the boundaries under which he would operate.

I was unsure of his status. However, for about 10 minutes, I told the David about the love and mercy and grace of Jesus Christ.

(Afterthought: I believe that even faced by oppressors, we are to speak the truth of Christ. Maybe to a son of Satan, that is of their future judgment. Or it is the futility of their means to attack the church and they will not win in the eternal timeline. In every scenario, for me as a Christian, God wins.)

I preached to the previously armed man. The knife was no threat.

I was completely unaware I was naked.

I was busy addressing the spiritual enemy.

In this dream, I acted as an Old Testament prophet. The authority of the Lord was surrounding me. The Spirit of the Lord was my clothing.

In my interpretation of this dream, I say the "naked" was a projection of the enemy to disable my faith and action in the Lord. Also, the "naked" is to induce fear of a multiple manner of attack, but God is able to defend the bride!

Where does this end? It ends with all the power and tools the Lord has - we are to use to disarm the enemy. Even if the enemy appears to be a son of Satan himself, we are to stand in the Holy Spirit, and fight with the Sword of the Lord for we wear a white robe and we have a God who defends us.

We are to believe God is our Protector and make use of God's tools.

Note: Before anyone criticize a method of warfare, note we are supposed to start somewhere. Could it be worded differently? Maybe. How important is that? That is something to determine with the help of the Holy Spirit. Ask him.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good Deal on Sauna!


I say this is a good deal. Years ago, when this product was just on the market, this would have been closer to $4000.

As with time, many products come down to a reasonable cost, this infrared sauna - in about a 30-40 min session provides the benefit of running long distance - I can't recall the amount - but it detoxes and it increases the metabolism of the tissues. It treats bursitis, repetitive strain, and the list of health benefits is my arm long.

I should be a dealer for that. I love these products.

So, a good price. Check this out. Just so my reader is clear, I am not an affiliate. I just think this is a good deal and a good product to pass on.

So how do I classify this marketing? Just because I love my audience marketing.

These products are 15 min set up. 15 minute take down. Easy to move residences.

Also, you can use essential oils in the air to treat respiratory health.

If used not deep into an illness, it is good. If a person already has a cold, deep in their tissue, it can carry the disease further. There's an instruction manual and many sites online that talk about this. Find a few user manuals if you get one, for the amount of information which comes with the product may not describe all that it can really do for you, nor the health parameters and treatments.

Article Grind Your Own Flour


A Mill Grinding Product

A Costco Mill Purchase Option - Yeah!  Costco Food kits

Canadian Grain Sellers

Suppose that wheat prices do escalate, don't ship wheat. Use it locally. Sell it locally. Set up economic initiatives to provide residents wheat locally and even to grind it in homes. Simplify the process to make the wheat affordable.

Security Food Packs US  If this does not work for you, use the list of foods and buy local. It will likely be close if you remove the transport charge.

Heirloom Seed Packs

This site here is going to be a prosperous business in the near future.

These links are best for the US.

I have ordered grains from the US before. There are companies that sell with reasonable purchase terms to Canada.

Red Mill Long Term Storage

On the Costco bread site, you will see also under the Gourmet Category Wine kits. This is a good time to make your wine.

New Affiliate Company Added

A health and beauty affiliate page is being added.

That will have a page here and on a beauty blog - which I think is unavailable now, but will be again open for traffic. I have not checked that for a few weeks.

New Affiliate Company Added

The New England Trading Co. Ltd. has been added as an affiliate page.

Welcome aboard.

For US shoppers, though I am an affiliate from Canada, this permits you to buy local.

Updates to Break Your Machine

Okay, so yes, I kind of agree with this writer.

Just as corporate releases merge to their final gate, many technology owners are pinged to do a software update, and while these are technically supposed to protect you from malicious code, corporations deliver malicious code to break your machine, in order to get you to upgrade.

I don't actually think it matters how great a machine you have, for I think it breaks the base processes of success and happy computing with whatever computer, device, game, or software you have.

This is marketplace manipulation.

On a different edge though, and the problem is one cannot un-update an iOs upgrade, if you keep your old platform and do not upgrade (unlike good techie behavior), you can work with a communications aid from Telus, and they will teach you how to live on the old iOs and make it by reasonably well.

Gone are the days of innocent upgrades. Or free upgrades. If the upgrade wrecks your machine or software or device, it is going to cost you between $200 and maybe $1200.

If you watch the license agreements with the software upgrades today, you will now see plans to charge you as well. If you have logged your credit card with a group, you can have untracked or unknown charges placed on your credit. This is not cool. They do not bill you. They leave you notice in their own system, which they assume you access.

So, don't automatically upgrade the next time you have to. You may even have to disconnect from the Internet to stop the upgrade ping. I do not know what the whole solution is. What I do know is this author is not the only one to notice this issue with breaking people's products to force them to buy more.

Sri Lanka Christians Service Buddhist Nuances

I think it should be said that when we construct church, many of us do not lose our culture.

A Small Beginning in Sri Lanka. During a visit to Sri Lanka I learned of a wonderful dilemma encountered by a para-church evangelism organization. Successful evangelistic mission to rural areas was resulting in small clusters of new believers. A young national Christian leader expressed incisive concern about how to establish churches similar to the house churches of the New Testament So he organized a support group to aid in the founding and nurturing of churches that meet in homes. "Kithu Sevena" (meaning "Christ's shadow") is an indigenous movement, including social programs in which the churches give community aid. These small-group home churches intend to remain true to their cultural worship style, influenced by an oriental Buddhist environment. The church-planting mission will provide leadership for the new churches while fostering the development of capable elder leadership from among the people. The new fellowship has already witnessed the birth of ten house churches during the first year. 

Is this bad? Well, only the occult and idol practices absolutely need to be thrown out. And any unkind practice to the slave, the outcast or untouchables, the woman and the child, and the elderly.

God honoring practices which are good to the elderly and so on - that's okay.

Conventions which are more or less like procedure which we are comfortable with, not unlike sect variations in Christianity, are not a big deal. We should know why we do them.

So, yes, if a Christian church has a few influences of the Buddhist culture or tradition in it, all that is God and neighbor honoring could stay. All that is contrary to the bible goes.

I found this an interesting comment. 

Global News Canada Needs National Earthquake Strategy



Business in B.C. will have impacts.

They are a major port receiver of goods internationally. Cheeses and so on. The list is longer than I can imagine no doubt. Transport of goods across Western Canada will affect us. Could this be an impact on the delivery of groceries to stores?

This was posted 21 minutes ago on Global News.

Kingdom Business Association

This website above is a Christian Business Development Association.

In this blog, I highlighted the Mondragon Initiative. A priest who had been in the Hitler death camps looked around, and God called him to make a business that would boost the local economy.

In North America, with 15 million or was it billion jobs moving off continent, there are going to be, if there are not already, large populations on unemployment and who are hungry.

Coming into a poor economy, the church is called to create cooperative business which can pick up provision and create jobs. The government used to do this. The funds of government and people's taxes are not supporting job creation for local citizens anymore, but are mismanaged and supporting foreign companies, employees, and investors, essentially building the wealth and maintenance of other countries and lining crooked pockets.

The problem is going to get worse, and unless there is some community action locally, eventually it will get bad enough that the philosophy that the "jobless and non-contributing members of society should be euthanized and their property redistributed to the elite population of choice", whether that be determined by economic participation or other traits may be touted and enacted.

I trust in the option that there will be lands which will stand till the coming of the Lord. I trust in this. My city and my region are already being declared for. Any Christian who loves their land and their people should do the same.

Given this belief, I think churches are in the business of community development and supporting local leaders in creating positive support strategies to maintain all the population of a city. Do I think God's grace extends to all the non-Christians? Yes. An absolute yes. I think the Christian church is called to help out the whole of community. It is in the delivery of grace that the Lord brings his yield. As populations see their success in comparison to the absolute famine and desert which is coming to some regions, they will know the love of Christ for them.

Business leaders and business developers should gather and focus on principles of bringing God's initiatives into the workplace and corporate economics. God sees business leaders much like church leaders. Enterprise exists in heaven; it is just not paid. All that is produced is given freely to citizens. Those that collaborate and work together to produce technologies do it for the combined pleasure of being productive as a unit. They make the cool gizmos we get to use in heaven. There are some pretty cool gizmos there.

Please look to this website and organization above and see what is there that can transform your thoughts.

I hold there are God stream organizations out there. There are. Much of the heart of the corporation is held by the leader. If you examine these principles, God will benefit you in applying them.

In an age where many serve the god of money and profit, what is needed is organizations that survive just for the base purpose of making sure people have shelter, food, and a living.

Are there any takers?

I wish I could do this. If I had the money, but I don't. I would love to do a doctorate at Mondragon University in Catalan, Spain - on a part-time period there, rest distance education program. I would like to see a few businesses send some representatives there to take training. This Catholic organization is God stream. I see this organization as a key model for Christian business development. It is highly successful.

I may not go, but perhaps God has it in his heart for you to.

Check out the link at the top of this post. This has resources to support the development of Christian business values and practices.

Update: In truth, I am not against any country or people prospering. I am only against business removing jobs from locals, knowing their home country economy will collapse, and not actually caring. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Christian Movement for Role Playing

So, here we have a Christian perspective on playing Dungeons and Dragons from the link above. It is based on the Lord of the Rings type stuff. You can take on an archetype of a fantasy game. There's a nice big rule book on evil creatures you can find, and spells you can use. A Dungeon Master creates the world his group will play in.

Christians need to reflect on the benefit vs. disadvantage of this game.

Here's my take.

Manipulation is the sin of witchcraft.

This game, even practiced by Christians, holds within it potential door openers to the occult. The participation in fantasy, the use of witchcraft means to manipulate one's way through a game interface, though person to person, still lays upon a Christian inner ways of thinking akin to an occult theology.

You may not recognize it as such, but these games are entrapments you must discern.

All gaming which constantly brain trains a person's life methods and philosophies and perspectives - it is going to have some impact on your life.

You will transfer or impose manipulative strategies, and you will create your own mental prison or God limits from which you will operate at a lower level that what you ought as a Christian, in the working of the Spirit.

I am not telling anyone to stop. I do tell you to assess. Ask God. He is the authority. He will tell you.

Perhaps find some positive way to contribute to ministries at the church. Be creative and figure out a means of teaching discipleship instead.

The House Church Movement

Here is a Google search on "House Churches".

This is a movement.

In an end time's revival movement, do we all move to the church, or do we build house churches which are a flexible network of churches connected to the teaching of churches and leadership. Do we build a blend of strategies?

I've encountered a house church movement. Three weeks of four, groups meet in homes. The fourth week they go to the church building. Could groups alternate who is at church? Could this be a church model for growing small?

Notes based on studies below so far: 

Large churches are targets and are controllable organizations. On the world scene, churches are tending toward operating in houses in preparation for the days when the church is harassed and attacked.

Whether large or small, both require the direction of the Holy Spirit. Either approach could be taken based on the vision of the Lord for his people.

In the WWII, large houses and churches were overtaken to run Reich movements from. The same can be said of other wars. With a people that pray, God will constantly lead and grow the church, and it appears that under conflict the church grows more than when she is at peace.

Here are Study Articles:

  1. Why House Church? - Church Planting Movements

    Apr 26, 2010 - He went back to his village and has started house churches. So many people .... Because the house church concept in contagious. Now they  ...

  2. House Church Concept - YouTube

    Oct 11, 2013 - Uploaded by Michael Hatcher
    Speaker: Lynn Parker Bellview Lectureship: 2013 Theme: Innovations.

  3. The House Church: A Missiological Model (Birkey) *** (I like this one!)

    This article focuses on the house churches of the New Testament and their unique ...scholarship to grapple with the household concept of New Testament times.

  4. How to Plant a House Church - Joel Comiskey Group

    by J Comiskey - ‎Related articles
    Some in the house church movement believe that the city-wide church concept is one of the most important expressions of the local church. They base this on  ...

  5. Cell group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    David Hunsicker suggests that the "cell" group concept in church structure "is ... The cell group differs from the house church in that the group is part of an overall  ...
  6. Frank Viola and the Organic Church | House Church, People

    The “organic church” is a concept promoted by Frank Viola and his associates. Part of the larger house church movement, it has been called “church with little  ...

  8. House Churches | Movements | A Study of Denominations

    Small group tendencies within denominations are also similar to the house church concept, but do not go to the same lengths, nor represent singular cohesive  ...

  9. House Church | Internet Audio | NTRF

    ... divine order, etc.). They were recorded as various NTRF house church seminars throughout the States. ... Great introduction to the house church concept.

  10. Urban House Church Planting at Xenos - Xenos Christian Fellowship

    Concept. Xenos sees itself as an underground indigenous house church-planting movement. Underground means that our growth is primarily through  ...

Good Pet Parent in the Sea

This diver grooms a dolphin, rather freeing it from fishing line and a hook. This is a very good pet parent!

West Coast Quake Coming

The spirit of delusion must be lifted in order to open up spiritual hearing.

Who is ready to run to chaos? Will you perform the harvest in the midst of chaos?

For those there, ask the Lord if you are to move or stay.

8:23 min in: Movement to bring God into schools.

One of these prophets saw a 200 ft tsunami going up a river.

According to 3 prophets, this was supposed to take place in early October. These 3 prophets are not the above 2.

There's 3 days left in October. I shall be watching these three days.

Let's also recall that a purpose of prophecy is to repent, and to pray for a lifting of these events. That is so much easier than waste and river water cleanup of communities!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, if this quake event does come, prepare your people for the right time, waking them and moving them in the night, following the signals of their animals, and bring many to safety before the event happens. Trigger some pre-signal to the authorities which can give those who heed warning enough time to get out. I know that though you lift your hand, Lord, it is always your hope for the lifting up and restoration of people, and I pray that your church will flow into flood areas like their own version of heaven's water, and bring life to regions, peoples, and families. I pray that businesses also will be quick to respond - and in particular those which relate to food distribution - that the community will work together to continue our taken for granted food distribution networks. Help us O Lord reassess our transport channels, and help us roll with the punches of the disaster, in keeping step with distribution. Give business leaders great wisdom, dropping your Spirit on business leaders, with the hope of maintaining good society, and bringing your sunshine to the land, shining into people's hearts, and turning our hearts, minds, and souls into a reflection on you. Let us not take you for granted, Great Provider, and let us reflect on making our heart right with you. I pray for all the municipal leaders across the country who will need business and management insight, and that you will be their wisdom in the night, particularly to any who call out in their worry. You are a great and awesome God, great in mercy, great in holiness, and we need to become more aware of the breakage between us and you. Convict us, O God. Send you Spirit, O God. Bring revival, Lord. Bring relief in suffering. Help us respond to the whisper of your voice and develop our ability to hear and know you, and to respect your ways. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Here is a Canadian Perspective: 

US Quakes:

Google Search:

  1. 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off B.C. coast - British Columbia ...

    Sep 3, 2013 - A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the northwest coast of Vancouver... zone, but this is a complicated section of West Coast tectonics.

  2. Massive Earthquake To Hit West Coast Today, Internet Prophets ... › Religion

    Oct 3, 2013 - Californians! If you've been planning a long vacation, say, something out of state, now might be a good time to get in your car and hit the road.

  3. Earthquake could send huge wall of water to West Coast ports

    Sep 5, 2013 - If a monster earthquake struck off Alaska's coast, tsunami waves would rush toward California, crippling.

  4. 9.7 Earthquake Coming to West Coast On October 3, 2013 ...

    Sep 26, 2013 - Three independent sources have recently claimed the Lord told them a large earthquake is going to hit the west coast on Thursday, October 3, ...

  5. Western Canada - Earthquakes Canada

    by C Majewski - ‎2002
    6 days ago - EarthquakesCanada main index - Western Canada.

  6. Western Canada Earthquakes of the last 30 days - Last month of ...

    Sep 25, 2013 - Western Canada. Canada::Western Canada ..... 2013/08/29, 20:25:24, 47.98, -124.32, 8.5, 1.4, No, NEAR COAST OF WASHINGTON. 2013/08/  ...