Friday, November 29, 2013

Not Afraid of Flies

Do you think a Christian has to be afraid of flies?

Beelzebub is the lord of the flies on this world, but when Christ died and was raised again, he has the full right to manage our kingdom.

In hell, and in particular shown in some more up to date hell testimonies, flies are shown in hell.

Right at the gates of death and hell, there are flies all over.

Why? Flies are attracted to dead tissue, for they are clean up creatures.

When we go to hell, we go there with a spiritually dead body.

Those flies are attracted to dead corroding tissue, and yes, they are going pester fallen man. Is this the pre-cursor of the maggots which grow?

If maggots and worms are a signature of hell, one could likely assume the fly is there too.

I had been watching for it, but had not found it in testimonies till recently. Flies are one of the creatures of hell.

As a Christian, who knows Christ has been raised from the dead, they can speak to the flies, and ask them to not pester them. Flies here can accomplish either God's work or the devil's. Any Christian who believes in God's mastery over the natural can speak to the natural. So, if you are being particularly pestered by flies, enough that you realize you feel tormented, speak to them. Declare the Lord's boundaries over them, for what is bound in heaven is bound on earth, and what is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth.

Try it. I have. My reader will note the Lord's kingdom includes the insects. He is kind to all creation, and he includes them in all he does. We also can be aware of God's reign over the earth.

We are not there yet, but there may be a time where people are insecure about bees. Or are we there? Call the bees in Christ's name. Call the pollinators.

If anyone does not like flies for an eternity, it is a good idea to think of your salvation in Jesus Christ, forgiving you of your sins as really good black fly  and mosquito protectant or repellant.

Don't like black fly bites? Repent. Ask Jesus in your heart. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours." You deserve an eternal home where no flies exist to hassle you, except to sing a happy song to you and to the Kingdom of God.

Under the Home page on the right, you will see 6 pages which will show you the Salvation Plan in either text or video, and you will see this blog full of opportunities to see God stories, or testimonies of life transformation. Check them out, for these are here for you. I should really add Pastor Hagee. He was good too. Added!

If Not Flies Then What

P.S. If flies are not enough to provoke you to examine your heart, think further on what flies are attracted to besides dead and corroding flesh.

The River of Life in heaven is specifically what we Christians call on for miraculous healings of people. That River of Life is a gift from the Holy Spirit whose name is Ruah.

In hell, the devil has a river of death, and it is the streams of this which you see in movies which are threatening mankind today. There are visual metaphors in children's movies of the river of death coming to viewers.

What is that river of death composed of? Well, as heaven is filled with praise music and creation song, hell is filled with curses, foul and obscene speech, blasphemies, praises of Satan, and death song, which is the sound of people being tormented. It is their weeping, gnashing of teeth, and screams and moans of agony. That river of death is filled with both the speech and screams resulting from acts of violence both on the earth and under the earth. This is my reason for keeping my speech pure. I will not contribute. I will not be cruel.

That river of death tastes and smells like a latrine. Where the devil and his spirits go, you find this metaphor.

Hitler's death camp treated people this way, for they were motivated by devils.

However, those unrepentant of Hitler's death camp who have fallen to hell, they have all they gave to others as their eternal inheritance.

They rest in a latrine. Hell is one stinky large latrine, for it flows with the river of death.

Flies are also attracted to excrement. So, they are attracted to that scene.

The river of death originates in the moat which encircles the devil's mountain of bat guano and his castle.

The mountain upon which the devil's castle sits is the hillside of compromise.

I looked to see if there was another hill like this in hell.

There is. There are a couple modes of entry to hell. One is to fall off a mountain, as Christ was incited to do.

In the spiritual, you fall and feel all the pain of falling off a mountain, and yet do you not die.

There is also a slide of compromise. Yes, there is a mudslide hill entry.

Guess what it is made of. The river of death - those muds are the base of people's slide into hell.

And it is gross. It is the sewage smelling guck which they get layered on them right at the tip of the hill, and they can't control how they slide in it, right to the bottom.

Then, in addition, that river of death which encircles the throne/palace of the devil overflows, and it spreads to those around hell. That river spilled into the pit, so while also surrounded in burning liquid, there is this guck there too which makes people smell a horrid smell and feel a disgusting liquid all over their body.

In hell, there is a great overwhelming smell and feel of excrement.

We on earth are God's soldiers and messengers, and with these floods, God calls us to be lightbearers in cleaning up. We need the faith he is going to protect us. God's light in us will do the cleanup.

So, yes, if having black flies around don't bother you, the excrement should.

This is a place. Hell is real. People without God in their heart get this inheritance. What manner of inheritance do you choose?

If you want pretty smells in your afterlife, you need Jesus.

I see mankind, alive and dead, as two communities.

Restored man inherits a body of life, and is a citizen of heaven today, with its benefits and promises.

Spiritually dead man inherits a body of death, and lives in torment and sickness and blindness now, with more to follow after his life.

It says in the bible, and it is God himself that says it, in Deuteronomy, "I set before you either life or death. Choose life."

Also, if I were to add one more thing, there are a lot of Christians and believers in Jesus (to expand that for all of us who believe in Jesus for salvation are included), who need to realize they carry in them the Garden of God's kingdom, and the presence of the Holy Spirit, that they are a temple of the Lord, and they have access to God's promises via the bible, and protection from the devil from the bible, and they have a means of overcoming.

That white horse, which I am, and I found out, Jesus is, that white horse is an overcomer. That white horse is every Christian who carries the Holy Spirit in them, and you are to champion the lost and sick and overcome and downtrodden. That white horse is the gospel.

Christian, do you realize the power of God in you? Do you know who you are? Which kingdom do you identify with? How would I know?

Ever Wondered What the Bible Harp Sounded Like

Have you ever wondered what the harp David played sounded like? I have.


Do I want this? Yes, perhaps, but I am working on the system to manage it. You see it operates with a particular software. The demo here is pretty though.

Don't miss the 6 song demos at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Higher Ground Praise

Scriptural Promises

Jesus took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses.
By his stripes I am healed.
(Thanksgiving and praise)

Acts 4:29-30

See the difference? When we have the Holy Spirit and baptism of the Holy Spirit, we are controlled through the Spirit. Then, the Lord gives revelation through the Spirit.

Based on Christ being the second man, sealing off the Adamic inheritance (1 Cor 45,47). All begotten in Christ, we take on the form of the life giving body.

Follow With Me

I am training on the Derek Prince post, and adding the media I've been listening to on that post. It's only a few back. Right now, I am listening to healing mentoring, where Derek is healing and lengthening legs. Forgive me, for the context, for obviously what I mean is Derek is submitting to the Holy Spirit in partnering as a healer.

Do you need healing? See the process?

He also does allergies, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. Very exciting!

My Hope Is Only Built on Righteouness

This song supports healing and deliverance concepts.

The White Horse of the Gospel

Do we recall I was called/imaged as a white horse?

What the symbol of the white horse mean? A white horse is a conqueror that goes forth in purity and victory. This is Jesus. The concept is tied to the victor's medal in the Olympic games. This speaks to a movement of the gospel which will radically save people. There is a gospel movement.

Purchase The White Horse of the Gospel Sermon

This relates. I think it is the gospel message taken to nations.

This is metaphor hunting. Note 52 min in to the end. There is a key passage. The white horse is the gospel and there is no time to lose. We must just stay ahead of the destroying horses of judgment. This is urgency. This is a parallel to my messages here.

The YouTube Site

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hunting for Details - What About George

I am rereading the Christian literature in my library. For some time past, my books were available, but for construction we were always busy. My books are organized, and I do have quite a big library.

It is not quite Charles Spurgeon large. In there, I have an A.B. Simpson book on the Holy Spirit. It is not his only book. When I read the book the first time, I was struck by a passage around page 100 which spoke of the Holy Spirit again taking credit as man's mother.

Such an understanding, that the Holy Spirit sees himself as our mother, this means we cannot elevate any other to any manner of godhead replacing the Holy Spirit, and we neither can allow any earthly parent to take the place of the godhead by influence or manipulation. God takes the credit. God, in his divine nature, is both male and female, and chooses to persist as male in form. Even God the Father hosts a belly and a lung of creation, not just for man, but for all creation aside from man, including the earth, and all that is precious in the earth. There is a verse in the bible which describes God as a hen with her chicks. I am not sure where that is, but it refers to this nature of God. Basically, there is no mother earth, or womanly god of earth. Such others are fabrications meant to be substitutions for the Holy. Such fabrications are spirits which lead to death. Spirits also invade the religious. Can you spot such things?

I have not found it today, but I am persistent, and I will keep scanning that book till the detail surfaces again.

The Man With the Orphanage

In this blog, I had learned of a detail of a person who had an orphanage, and had a remarkable list of prayers answered on behalf of his children and the care of the feeding of his home, including the children. All the children.

It is George Mueller. I am pretty sure. So, let's find out. I had never been given a name. A hint about an orphanage came up in this book.

Here is a small excerpt from the conclusion:

Mueller was non-sectarian in his general outlook, and was one of the 
founders of the Brethren movement.  His influence touched the lives of 
thousands--perhaps most notable, that of J. Hudson Taylor.  His most 
moving reunion with an orphan was on October 19, 1878 when a 71 year old 
widow met him...she had been his first orphan over 57 years previously. 
10,023 other orphans were to follow her there and have Daddy Mueller rear 
them.  Mueller read the Bible through over 200 times, half of these times 
on his knees.  He said he knew of some 50,000 specific answers to 
prayer...requests to God alone!

Over 3,000 of his orphans were won to Christ [through his ministry]. 


I would need to go back and verify the # of prayer requests answered, but this man's testimony has the nature of a man who had great faith, and due to that faith, could trust God for his provision and resources.

I wish that we all could trust God this much, and even moreso, myself. What an example he is for us.

So, let's see. George Mueller was full of the Holy Spirit, so he became like the Holy Spirit in taking on a mothering role, or a parenting or daddy role by setting up orphanages. The Holy Spirit in him was the natural hen which covered her chicks.

God in man, God in individuals, he is responsible for wanting to take care of orphans, and any of those not considered valuable to the world. Every orphan is a gem in God's future diadem, and he wishes for not a one to be missed, and how ought they know the word of God, but by the delivery of mercy, education, and adoption to families, and not just families, but to warm and accepting bodies of faith, none other than the body of Christ, surrounding them as the church.

Because this George was full of the Holy Spirit, desiring to bring the Kingdom of God down to the poor, God granted his requests liberally, for they were in line with the will of God.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fasting Source

Derek Prince Renounces Infirmity - Body Parts Renewed

Look to the media: Questions and answers on deliverance.

This models getting rid of Infirmity.

Note the same scriptures as I recently focused on, and which were in last Sunday's message at First Alliance Church.

I see the thread continued here.

This takes me one step further.

Also, note Derek Prince says someone was impacted by the Wizard of Oz (21 min in). Therefore, watch the nature of your production. Adapt it. Can you, in the words, find any spirits? Remove them with that which you need to. I prefer the Yellow Brick Road, for it has in it the road home. Create a base which brings viewers to God's messages. When I read or watch a show, I tend to be assessing for spirits.

P.S. Most demons enter Christians via television. (Definitely, this is a reason to get rid of television, or to be more aware and pray over the use and viewing of it. I will extend this to media: books and so on, but the most obvious unchecked one is television and movies.)

Also of interest to First Alliance, Derek discerns between tongues from the Holy Spirit and that of an evil spirit. A woman who sought tongues was prayed for by a demonized woman, and instead of the Holy Spirit passing, a demon did. Derek found the language gibberish and offensive. It pays to have people dispensing prayer to have been cleansed themselves, for is this not a worry with laying on of hands. However, I believe God is giving us the insights we need as a good teacher to help us overcome these issues, and we should not fear going ahead with healing and teaching healing.

Also of interest to pastors, in this training session, a religious spirit was a king spirit for some 30-75 others. You check the detail, please. Derek references a "doctrines of demons" passage in the bible, which refers to these things being taught in the end times. These doctrines of demons were spread and taught by pastors. Derek makes reference to a "Jesus only" doctrine. Each doctrine was a root or a spirit that sat in the believer and messed them up.

As I become more aware of these various demons, I am more able to see them and identify them on the go.

The purpose of deliverance of demons is to help believers who are committed to advancing their spiritual relationship to God to give them means of spiritual warfare so they can defend themselves, and others.

When one is committed to this lifestyle, we must be aware of the enemies tendency to then bring an unending list of people to us, so that we tire and become stressed and then sick. The last thing the devil wants is healthy intercessors.

We need to work maturity into our lifestyle, and good Christian habits into it, so that we are ever ready to do God's work, and as Bill Johnson does not do demon hunting, neither do we have to, but we can deliver whoever comes in our path, as the disciples did.

This works our discipline and lifestyle of deliverance into a natural lifestyle process. Wherever we go, the atmosphere can shift, in that the kingdom of God invades it.

This was a good teaching. I will likely listen to it a few times. I may add a few more notes. It is worth my viewer also listening.

The teaching here shows me the very important place deliverance has in being a part of the life timeline of preachers, in that they should be delivered early, and taught spiritual warfare as a life habit. The demon of religion can cause a man to put undue importance on everything religious, and not on his family. So, a good Christian pastor, involved in work, may ignore some relationships with his kids. This is just a stab at an example, but what I am saying here, is that it is worth doing co-deliverance sessions.

So, recently, I studied sozo. How do you learn? You find people interested, and you co-sozo for practice, or find willing participants. In the process, you deliver people. You learn self-deliverance.

This is the same with any set of tools. God has a set of tools for us. We are just to learn them, and use them.

I am sure the Church can do this, and I am not just speaking of the specific church I belong to, but to the whole body of Christ.

Were a person to listen to all the audio messages here, you have a good foundation for understanding the basics of deliverance, though there are more tools to learn.

The Holy Spirit is the one who is interested in helping us deliver people to freedom.

The key thing to remember is every time we release to God a demon personality or group of personalities, every time, God trades up, and he gives us all manner of spiritual gifts in the trade.

God has a load of presents waiting for us, and sozo is the one training where a person leaves feeling particularly spiritually blessed, not just to have lost a problem, or a prickle in their spirit, but to have received from the River of God abundant blessing. God has presents to give those who pull the roots of sin out of their soul. Those are the anointings in which God wants that person to operate in his destiny for them. In a sense, sozo is in tune with God's work in bringing the kingdom of God down.

We are in a season where we need to ask the Lord to find any wrong or offensive way in us, and to reveal it to us, and the Holy Spirit will. And when he does, he can then assist us in getting rid of such things.

Further training:

There's a Deliverance page on the right now. I'm keeping it. I've got there Derek's teaching.

On the bottom are .mp3s

I just finished Reasons for Not Receiving Deliverance. There's a model prayer. You might want to do the prayer, and when you understand the list, stop the tape, for there are 2 lists, and make your lists, and then do the repentance. Let Derek perform your deliverance through this tape. See all the ailments and infirmities which get healed. God's got warriors online. Derek is in heaven now, but his work continues.

This training is the same basis as Gloria Copeland. There's a couple steps different, but really that comes down to personal differences. People who want to participate in deliverance ministry, write out the prayers. Study.

For those new to this, I recommend taking all Derek's training.

For healing teaching, listen to mp3s:
  • Q and A on Deliverance
  • Reasons for Not Receiving Deliverance
  • The Nature of Man part 1
  • The Nature of Man part 2 (limbs grow)
The healings are quick. Derek knew in advance due to the Holy Spirit's voice the range of healings needed in the room. He's looking for people with the various infirmities he's heard.

People are being healed a second time. The thief will try to steal blessings. We must stand on the firm belief that Jesus is our healing - and based on the scriptures which are our healing. We must believe. Thank and praise him. Isaiah 53:4-5.

Without standing firm on the healing, we lose it. Limbs grow back in. A couple people Derek heals he confirms the scripture, and to keep praising.

Do you see there is no shame to not keeping the healing. It is an identity thing. People are encouraged to know where they live, and their address are the verses of healing given us from Christ, and we stand on that. We finish the healing with thanks and praise. Note the role of tongues. Spiritual warfare against the demonic in the infirmity is done using the tongues. Also, note one woman lost her healing when she lost her temper. This is just a little reminder that we Christians should put off anger. Derek had no problem re-healing her. She had been at his last meeting (a year before perhaps).

Romans 8. Many Christians think the body is evil or that sex is evil. It is good. This is from the Nature of Man part 1. Psalm 139 - I am fearfully and wonderfully made. The gist here is going toward having a whole body - as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Do we recall Jesus had a body which fulfilled the requirement of the Passover sacrifice? Jesus was perfect. Those he reaches out to, he makes perfect.

It is my thought here that with the Gloria Copeland video on Netflix on the healing school, and with the above videos, that a pastor has the fundamentals of healing.

I put things together on the basis of objectives.

Healing Practice for Calling Out Spirits of Infirmity

Now, who do you practice on, preachers, if you have no one to heal?

Try your pet. Derek's wife cast a spirit of fear out of her poodle. Start there.

I have full confidence that God wants this practiced.

If you have no willing lab partners in this Spiritual Arts Practitioner class, which is this blog, work with pets, and if you have no pets, work with flies. Then, as you heal these, God can bring you more patients.

If you are on a ministry staff, begin working on healing each other. Do you see here Derek Prince trained a guy on the job? Well, it looks like we can do this,  based on Phillippians 4:13 (I think or is it 8), for it is Christ who strengthens us. All we have to do is keep holy. We can do that, right, so we can be a conduit of God's mercy, grace, compassion, and charity?

Like Derek, start with small stuff. Start with lengthening legs. Work toward pulling out multiple sclerosis or the bigger things. Derek calls one of the types of healings the Whole Package Deal, like at MacDonalds. That is for people that have a laundry list of 8-10 illnesses, including a messed up body.

So, work on those Package deals last. Also notice, that Derek offers two options. He will make you taller or shorter, based on what you want. So, if you need a leg lengthened or shortened, he does what you want. He has had instances of people who were too tall being shortened.

Also note where faith is weak, the leg grows in after it grew out. You encourage your subject to trust God, praise and thank him, while God unknots all that's wrong with them and sets them right.

When God talks to us and tells us he can set us right, set us on a path of uprightness, he means it. He does it in style. Glory to God. Hallelujah! Amen!

Pastors, you are great stewards of God's electrical conductivity, and it is more than just for preaching.

It is for healing, and you need to teach others to heal in the name and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

God unknots other problems too. He can unknot economies. He can unknot finances. He can unknot a whole bunch.

Finally, as in sozo, God does not heal memories. That is a focus on the soul, and the spirit in these things is focused on rather than the soul. God does not work to heal emotions, though I can tell you the overflow of living in the spirit is joy, and that is an overflow onto the emotions. It is like golden water is poured on top of those injuries and scars, and really, like that river of Life we encounter when we go to heaven, God can heal those with time, as we praise him.  So, when you work to heal people, you do not focus on talk therapy of all their problems. Notice, Derek does not talk alot. He gets to the point of whatever the illness is, and if it is physical, he deals with the physical. If it is a spirit, he pulls it out.

How is that going? What is our firm foundation? There's cool verses on that. Based on Psalm 22, what Jesus went through, based on Isaiah 56:3, and based on 1 Peter something "by his stripes we are healed", we stand on declaring scripture and applying it to our circumstance, and based on that foundation which is our life truth, God grows out our limbs. Also, we can rest on his promises. When we have Christ in us, we have the riches of all God's kingdom resting in us, and we can claim the benefits. Cool! We find the scripture to match our need, and we call it down from the Lord's great richness. There is no other lowercase god who can do anything like our God! Praise his name forever!

You know, all the people who have been taking body parts from the poor? By the grace of God, regrow the parts which in violence have been taken away. Regrow the parts on women who have been victims to breast removal. Regrow people's faces. Regrow eyes.

You can do it based on the foundation of Christ alone.

Pastors, stand on the foundation you teach. Speak out God's compassionate call Jesus himself declared as his ministry. You are to bind up the broken hearted. You are to heal the wounded in his name.

Blog readers, what you should see here is a stark contrast. Destruction, confusion, conflict, violence, and maiming and carnage are all the fruit of the devil. God the Three in One does the opposite. He gives people the right mind. He heals them. He teaches them. He adopts them.

We have every reason to follow Christ wherever he needs us to.

Christ is as alive and real and amazing as ever.

We don't get it. We have so much revelation, just in the bible we have. The disciples never had that. They had the Old Testament, but the New Testament did not exist then. Do we realize how lucky and spoiled we are? And we have the Holy Spirit, who will work in us and teach us his ways. All we have to be doing is seeking.

Are you seeking?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Enemy Mine Christian Movie Review

Let's start off. This is a movie review. There's what appears to be a reptilian in it.

Reptilians typically these days, and some you see, are being used as characters which support occult message movies.

The movie Enemy Mine represents to me an unknown to us, but maybe known in God's creation, a species which was at war with mankind who attained space exploration. Here's the wiki:

The movie is a perfect example of why we won't be going beyond the Second Heaven till God is good and ready. He would not permit to spread the fruit of sin here to other life.

There are 4-5 indicators that this is a "for God" species. The drac has in his law some sort of "love your neighbor, love your enemy" word. I don't exactly recall it, but I recall thinking, "God would put that knowledge out there."

Jeriba took care of his enemy. He also did something we humans have lost the art form for. He memorized his law and even his lineage all the way back. He held it as an honor. In a moment of sharing, he taught it to his enemy, who became his friend. Davidge had been given favor by this custom to be taught the lineage.

Jeriba was a different reproductive form. I thought, hey, God probably has a lot of different species out there. He said, "In your species, the man and woman need to find one another to be whole." That's true.

Davidge overcame hatred, and embraced Jeriba's child as his own.  Yet, in this fiction, this is beautiful.

The creator of Jeriba did a very good job in coming up with a different life form.

You also set in themes which are very God honoring.

Davidge set out to free his adopted child, and insodoing, he also freed a race of slaves. I do not classify Jeriba with the reptilians of the end-times.

I learned something godly from this movie. I learned it from the producer's creation of Jeriba.

I learned we can informally share scripture we have memorized with others, by reciting it. We can gently aid them in memorizing the story for themselves, with no bible required. You can make use of time you are together. I've done a bit of this since. I've been sharing the memorization task with my husband, providing him the cues to things I know.

P.S. I just noticed Davidge is close to David. The stories may not be close, but the concept leads me to think there is some additional meaning to this overall story, or lessons to pull out.

Punished for Not Necessarily a Good Reason

Christians, say making a difference, have you ever suffered or been punished for absolutely no good reason. Can that happen?

Yes. If you have raised the radar by being a good heaven's citizen, and you are doing damage in the devil's space, might your health be attacked? Yes.

I watched a movie. For this movie, by the time I realized it was going off track, I had not prayed a media prayer for it. And I continued. And I never heard God's voice teaching me.

By the time I made it quite a chunk through the movie, I began to recognize the spirit attached, and I prayed the prayer. I either should have prayed it earlier, or I missed the specific spirit attached to it, and it was free here and allowed to be a pain.

The next morning, I had a wicked headache. The headache stayed for 10-12 hours. In the evening, after I had tried everything else, I thought "witchcraft". Oh. Oh. The movie last night had a lot of feminism. Oh.

I prayed against the spirit of witchcraft. I asked it to go. I did my own deliverance. I repented for watching the movie. Then, after finishing that, I asked it to go.

What do you think happened? The headache left.

How long in my family say have we had headaches and not known that a spirit was part of it, or that it could be troubleshooted for.

So, here, I watched a movie which may be the cause for why it was here. What about a person who is just doing good, and has not done anything wrong. Yes. A person who has not done anything wrong may also get this spirit, for a person/spirit on the other occult team may have an assignment against them. And a spirit which has come to hassle you can be sent away, in the same way, less the repentance, if you did a quick self-check and did not see anything. You see here, I caught that I needed to repent for the movie.

If a person has a wicked headache (interesting words), check for wickedness. Do a bit of troubleshooting.

Update: When I get tips come across my mind, these are not my thoughts, but the Holy Spirit bringing something to my attention. The Holy Spirit, as a teacher, allowed me to do other troubleshooting first. I threw a bunch of remedies at it, and nothing worked. Then, when I was ready, he gave me the tip.

Also, spirits come either by invitation or intrusion. See the Derek Prince audio in the next post upcoming.


There are two types of spiritual afflictions: an intrusion (in a weakened, stressed, or injured state) or an invitation.

What was mine?

Someone falls and gets a concussion. There is at the time a great depression which results. Which of the above is it? Then, how is it healed? Is repentance involved?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sozo the Holideck Experience

Sozo Training

This weekend, I repeated my sozo training with a group.

I have remarked that sozo training does indeed involve establishing a spiritual meeting place, where the Tri-Une God operates.

Every man has a spirit, and in that spirit, he is able to connect with God with his spiritual senses, even non-
Christians. A sozo disciple becomes trained in metaphors of God's communication, and his ways of revealing himself to people.

In a managed encounter, with combined Holy Spirit conductance, and yes, the laying on of hands, people are brought into one on one, or two, or three meetings with the Godhead.

Here, the roots of sin are pulled out. Repentance happens. Healing occurs. Spirits are expelled.

And, it's easy.

By observing this a second time, I have noted it is very much a holideck experience, similar to that seen in Star Trek. It is that. The person being brought through the sozo, they are in a space, and there, they see their environment. Sometimes, their environment is their memory. The sozo transformer, I shall call them, they actually see and hear some of what the sozoee is experiencing. And they hear God. So God actually directs the sozo, using the platform of teaching which sozo has established. God the Holy Spirit actually uses the training and tweaks people to examples they learned there. He reminds them, in a similar way to how he uses scripture.

For a period of time, all of the participants see and hear in the holideck, but the sozo transformer is unseen there, for the purpose is not to have a board meeting, but to set the sozoee up to be in a personal experience with God.

There is a spiritual space these operate in. I call it the Holy Holideck. If you want to see this place, book a sozo. See the work desk, which I think I included the "Sozo Network" on. If not, search the term "sozo network" online, and you will find the ministry.

The word "transformer" should be perhaps "transformation assistant".

Lord Fill This Place Let Embers Burn

Come Holy Spirit Live Inside of Me

Let the Spirit of the Lord Come Down

I recently saw this song in a more popular style. However, the beauty and theme is the same here. Also, I love the accents. Beautiful!

Women, Your New Song

There's a few more I need to find. This is a good substitute for the last song I showed you which led you the wrong way.

There's a series of songs like this. When we focus intensely on Jesus, he shows up. He comes to you personally. You will meet him.

I Am On Fire

Yes, I am burning for Jesus Christ.

Here is a pop song dying for a set of Christian lyrics.

The concepts here are good and  true when applied to Jesus being our rescuer. The girl cannot pull herself up out of the fire by herself. That is the mistake of an independent spirit. Her head is up in the clouds. She is deceived.

Permit me to say that when we love Jesus with all our heart, and we are filled with the Spirit, that God calls us to be hot, to be on fire for Him.

There's a scripture that says to be hot, for the Lord will spit us out of his mouth if we won't be hot.

For a second here, how many people like to eat a cold dinner. This is a quality control measure. At a restaurant, if you receive a cold meal, one which is supposed to be hot, you send it back.

This girl - using God's prophetic lens here - is supposed to be the church, and she is not supposed to be hot for the world, for any man idol, or passion or sex idol she might have esteemed as having higher importance than the Lord God Most High.

If you are a girl, and some guy has inched his way onto your heart alter where Jesus is supposed to be, throw him off. Now.

No guy can replace Jesus.

Now, when you have Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and he finds you your love match, he himself will give your relationship a love anointing which will exceed any counterfeit a worldly spirit can offer you. Lust can't. Passionate perversion can't. If perversion is masquerading as passion to you today, repent. Perversion cannot offer you a heavenly oil for your love life.

The woman in this song, as a character, is hoodwinked. She does not see. She is blind. You don't have to be. You are not to be on fire in this way. Why? The character in this song lives her life on fire for herself, seeking that perversion spirit, living by an independent spirit that does not need Jesus's help, and those spirits take her right down to hell when she passes away, where she lives on fire for an eternity.

You are born to be on fire for Jesus Christ. Repent for sexual sin and perversion and having an independent spirit. Be released. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours." Walk free. (Look to the top right pages for the Salvation Plan and follow the steps in prayer.)

Prepare your bridal ornaments for your eternal walk with Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of young girls and women crying out this song. Church, take note, and address this with young women who have internalized this.

P.S. Jesus Christ is your only means of flying up and away from hell, noted here as her needing to fly away. Jesus could lift you up on his wings, and carry you off as a bird. There is a hell reality and a heaven reality. If you are in this reality of not being redeemed yet, you need to find Jesus. He's your means of rescue. This song is speaking of the non-redeemed on fire. It is hell bent. Do you want this as a reality? No. You want something different. There are two phrases - she can fly away, her head is in the clouds. Do not be hoodwinked. Wake up.

Corporate Church Movement in Business

Recently, we saw in the My Hope movement, a signup process where people registered names for their "To be saved" list similar to my Christmas Card declaration here, where you work in combined prayer movements to see family and friends and beloved saved.

Apply this in churches. Allow your local businesses to register on a "Committed to the Kingdom" list, and they will commit to seeking transformation for their community and the international community, and then they join their prayer with you. This could become an organization.

There is power in declarative prayer. There is power in having the pastors and prayer team pray for your business.

God has people in key positions who should take this step today.

It does not all have to be First Alliance Church.Your local church pastor is the right guy to be setting up this program.  God's transformation process starts at the church - with your pastor, and his direction or starting of the movements will lead you down the trail to advancing the release of God's kingdom on earth.

Stepping in the Spiritual World

I went. I stepped into the heavenlies.

I stepped onto the Crystal Sea again, with that same blue amazing floor, and I danced with Jesus Christ.

We danced the box step. I could feel him directing me in the dance. This is my second visit.

I had to be willing. I had to understand it could happen. I had to desire to be with Christ.

This intimacy of desiring to be with the Lord has again produced a dance.

When we danced, I sensed we were lifted up in the throne room higher and higher, but it always felt like there was a sure footing under my feet. The music was praise music that stayed inside me from several days before. It was ballroom dancing, and he spun me/twirled me in the dance. It felt beautiful.

I've written here to pay attention to the praise music which we participate in and which stays in our spirit, and how it impacts our life in Christ. This is the music I hum and sing, for my spirit is rejoicing in the Lord.

We danced to this music. This was a kairos moment.

We wore "Easter Egg" clothes. I came across this in either an NDE or vision. He wore blue - a pant and shirt. I wore pink. I had dance shoes on. One thing I can say which has happened from studying all the NDE's and visions. I have a grid for understanding the unseen. The Easter Egg clothes were spoken of by a Howard who said as people went to heaven, they wore clothes in Easter Egg colors.

Pastor Scott Praises God for Cadbury

Pastor Scott praises God for Cadbury Chocolate! I join in with my Amen. May the Lord bless them in their business. May their next quarter be profitable. Cadbury, continue seeking the Lord in your just ways of operating.

Why? Because they care that they do not use slavery to make your chocolate.

By our trade sometimes, we become guilty of injustice. To eat the fruit of poverty, slavery, and injustice, brings infirmity and malaise to the one that eats it. It brings a curse of non-chalante satisfaction off the back of those who are mistreated.

Can we do better Chocolate Industry?

I realize it is difficult to track your sources, but your movements in business should be revised.

You can make movements toward improving the industry. What would those steps look like?

I too watched a movie about the slavery of children. A village would be attacked, and children would just disappear, and they were set up to work on a cocoa plantation. They were impoverished. In that movie, a hero - or rather set of heroes, went out and bought back children from the plantation.They returned them to their parents. In that case, I think an uncle sold one of them.

It is wrong to sell children. It is wrong to sell women. It is wrong to, for the sake of a few cents, dollars, or any financial amount, even loans with interest intended to bring people into bondage, induce people into desperation, and then push them down in the gutter - with demeaning actions.

You know in hell there is a gutter. And in that gutter there are people littered about like human trash.

You know that place in hell - where and what is it for?

It is for the people who treated others like human trash.

This is their eternity.

We sow what we reap.

We sow in the eternal, and if we sow into this paradigm without thinking, we reap in the eternal.

The Christian Church movement is about reaching out and lifting people up out of the trash heap, and giving them lives, for all man and this includes women and children, were meant to be God's sons and daughters.

We are meant to go and redeem the child slave and prostitute, and we even go for the one who has been duped into doing wrong.

There's a bunch of spiritually uneducated trafficking bosses out there, and they need a renewal. They need the light of Christ. They need to have a vision of God and what he has planned for them. Where God is, renewal is, and this applies to the flesh, to the family, and to the economy.

Come to church today. Swap across to the First Alliance Church today, here, and watch today's service.

God is hope. He is hope in action in reforming society in all its parts.

Glory to God! He loves all mankind. He has a hope and a plan to renew us all. He is more accessible than ever. Praise God for social justice tied into the Lord's movements of evangelism.

Key point. Humanism is not a replacement for the gospel. It is incomplete, for the spirit of this world has more or less placed a human independent spirit around it, and this is contained in the logical rational of argumentation since the Greeks and Romans. However, please notice, humans were made after the exact image of Jesus Christ, and the only ones before us to my knowledge to ever share his form were heaven's elders. That's it. God made us in the likeness of his church government in heaven. Humanism is a short term solution, for if Christ is not in the solution, when one passes from this life to their next spiritual life, they will not go home to their Father Creator without Jesus Christ in their hearts to justify and redeem them.

God requires us to take the step. We invite Christ into our heart. He justifies us. When God sees us, he sees us as clean and as worthy as the lamb of God Jesus Christ who redeemed us from the hell punishment we all deserve. God throws our sin as far away as the east is from the west. He remembers it no more, and he invites us to be part of the family of God. Let's examine this. In our nuclear family, we have our dad, our mom, and our brother or sister. In God's family, which is intimate by the way in a spiritual sense, the Trinity surrounds us. God the Father is our father, the Holy Spirit who breathes new life into us is our mother, and Jesus becomes our brother. The Tri-Une God literally comes around us and surrounds us as their family.

You become adopted into this family of God. You become an heir with Christ of all he gained.

Humanism and an independent spirit is not enough. We need Jesus in the hole in us meant to satisfy us.

Say, "Jesus, I'm yours" and join God's family today. 

Next, review the page tabs on the top right, and read about how the plan of salvation works for us.

Go to a church. Be baptized.

Please note. When God hears you repent of sin, the curse of sin is lifted.

In my reading of testimonies this week, there was a prostitute who repented for her sins. This is a local story.

All her STDs disappeared. The curse of sin was lifted off of her.

When we step into God's space, he heals us. God has such plans for healing all of us who repent and come to him. Isn't this beautiful?

Did someone have to be able to work in the miraculous to ensure the prostitute was healed? I am going to actually say it is not a person's own merit, but obedience to speak for the Lord, and it was God who healed the prostitute. Jesus Christ is a healer today.  He wants to heal the infirm. He needs the people who are willing to pray, hear him, and be practiced in speaking what they hear him say.

When we do that, he leads us to people, and we speak healing and the gospel into their lives, and due to repentance, they are healed. We can also speak healing to reveal the Kingdom of heaven to people. Then, they hear the gospel.

I heard yesterday of a man who decided to use Facebook for the Lord's glory, and he accepted every friend who asked. This turns the whole technology problem of personal access to information a bit on its head, I think. He was not afraid. He accepted everybody. Then, through the chat tool, he led 15,500 people to the Lord.

Can you believe that? Is this not amazing?

Praise God. Glory to God. Glory to God on the Highest.

The concept of online missions can be extended.

Ask God where and how.

You can make a difference today.

P.S. The nature of being born again into the kingdom of God is born of action. We invite Christ with our voice. We speak. We follow by action into being baptized in the waters. Our body, dedicated to the Lord, is now invaded with the Kingdom of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and it is meant to walk in daily deliverance for those around. That's why we tell our God story. That's why we tug on the sleeve of our friend to bring them to church. We are pulling a gem of the Lord up out of the dirt, and we are bringing them into the Light, so that the Lord's glory can shine through them all around and make rainbows of hope everywhere.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Music of the Bible Revealed

The Music of the Bible Revealed by Suzanne Vaik-Vantoura

This is a YouTube channel. This is beautiful and amazing.

If you go here, you find information about the nature of the Hebrew original text of the Old Testament.

In the Hebrew, there were diacritical marks. They thought they were there to indicate pauses.

Suzanne deciphered these diacritical marks as the music of the bible.

The whole Old Testament can be sung.

These markings can be translated into music.

The impact of singing the scripture has impacted crowds with emotion.

This is beautiful. The last video here shows how the diacritical marks were tied to hand motions/the musician lead hand motions for leading someone to sing. Above the line was tied to one hand, and below the line was the other hand, and sometimes, both hands were used. This reminds me a lot of sign language.

A couple posts back I said it would be cool to see the music which would be created by Psalm 23.

Here it is.

This may be what Joseph Prince was hinting at. It is a different process, but here it is anyway. This is Psalm 23.

On this last one, it seems quite a few are created, so you may get to hear the whole book. Praise opera done! English or Hebrew.

Here is the related blog:

Here is Hebrew more explained:

The Early Church Diversity and Union

Let's explore the early church in its diversity and union.

I received some teaching tonight. These are my processing notes.

Who were Jesus's disciples?

  • 3 fishermen. The lowliest class of society. Not quite servants, but not esteemed highly in their culture.
  • 1 royal. Did you know that? Nathaniel was Royal birth like Isaiah. (I hope he was related to Isaiah and that would be just right. That would be cool!)
  • 1 government tax agent. Trained.
  • Zebedee's sons, sons of Salome, are James and John 
  • Simon, son of John, gets renamed Peter (Sorry - I made a mistake. Now, it's right.)
  • 1 finance guy. Tempted by the power associated with mismanaging funds.
  • 2 conspiracy theorists - a group not satisfied and looking to overthrow the current system of government
  • 1 real brother James wrote a book of the bible. That's cool. He's not a disciple. His Jewish name, not fixed up royal and all for the KJV versiCon is Jacob. That does not make the other James not a James, just not this one.

Among these are sets of brothers. James, I think, was a brother of Jesus, who became a believer after the resurrection. I recall a couple sets of brothers. Which ones were brothers? Do you know? How about cousins? The point here is God saves families. He is all about that.

Does anyone know what the other guys did? That leaves 4.

Several disciples originated as pick-ups from John the Baptist, but I am not sure of their backgrounds.

Update: Here is a page about the royal lineage of Nathaniel also known as Bartholomew.

Dictionary of Saints By Brian Daniel Starr

What I think I get out of this is that Nathaniel and Jesus are cousins on Jesus's dad's side. Does my reader think this is right?

What the point?

In Jesus's society, he had a mix. He had the top and bottom of society. He had a variety of skills, personalities, and so on, and they all merged and were a group. They were unified despite their adversity.

Also, Jesus moved from the temple to build a house church movement. Yes, he went to the temple to teach. He also built his base of believers in house church meetings.

His flexible network of believers were somewhat not traceable. They merged into the structures of society, and had to be filtered out for persecution.

When Jesus overturned the money changers system, he was building the alternate then.


Jesse Ventura would be an excellent modern day disciple. That hunger for change is one of the things Christ looked for. That watcher and prepper eye is one that is helpful. If one is not interested in analyzing their circumstance, how do they know the kingdom of God is better? Jesus looks for people hungry for society transformation.

By the way, there is no evidence I know of that Jesus's disciples did anything to overthrow the government, though the two disciples may have been involved in the past, and Jesus may have harmed his reputation by taking them.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Yellow Brick Road Metaphor - Community Transformation Part 3

Partly due to the events I've been seeing, and maybe just God's timing, he has revealed to me an interpretation of the Yellow Brick Road in the Wizard of Oz.

(Insert: God the Holy Spirit is into drama. Part of the transformation event includes delivering community plays in schools. It is the Wizard of Oz with a few pieces perhaps rewritten or rather presented as is with a prophetic explanation of it afterward. However you do it, God will assist. This is followed with the gospel and it goes to your community.)

I wrote here before in a post God had shown me he loves Toto.

Yesterday or the day before, I posted on another blog a story of a cat, and I am adding it here. It is about a house torn apart from a tornado, but God preserved the cat Titi - I think.

God will preserve his creation sometimes as his gift to us, all over again.

That love for our pet is a godly thing. It can be.

Okay, so assume somewhere out there, someone is presenting a drama - The Wizard of Oz.

You have a few Christian lyrics.

This is also part of the community transformation plan I see.


Here is a prophetic deconstructing of that story.

1. Tornado comes. Disaster comes. A house lifts up into the sky and is set down with a girl and a dog.

The girl is the bride of Christ - all man which God seeks to save. The dog is creation.

God uses that house just like an ark. He uses it as a means of salvation, while the wiles of the devil launch their attack, God is in control of the faithful and praying. We are to pray both for our family and for animals and creation during the attack. If we don't our world will disintegrate around us.

2. The house lands on the witch. The Lord eventually comes down on the devil's campaign. He judges fairly.

3. The yellow brick road. That is the Christian path to heaven. All the way there, we don't see that it is a golden trail to God, but it is. God sets us on a path of sanctification and holiness from the day he makes us new through asking Christ into our heart.

4. The 3 men of sorts - the courageless lion, the heartless tin man, and the straw man who lost his backbone - I need to check these three. All these represent believers of various sorts who have lost something in their walk and are disoriented and in need of redemption. They need a leader - Dorothy the bride - to come alongside them and mentor them in their walk.

5. The walk to a palace of wonders. The walk grows them. They grow into their destiny. As they walk, they grow in the ways they needed to. They find themselves.

6. In God's version of the Wizard of Oz, and now I remember I have deconstructed this once before, however, it now has a parallel to the Billy Graham My Hope video for a magician is interviewed, God will eventually reveal himself as a God of wonders. The awe the people and this little travelling team have for the wizard of Oz - that is a charleton, but God is the real God they are looking for. If they have faith and seek him with all their heart, which is demonstrated by the story of the walk of these four on the yellow brick road, they will see God. He will show himself to them.

7. That yellow brick road leads to heaven, and there Dorothy and the three others find their real home. God has a home for all of us, and we don't have to say good-bye to our friends. We are together forever. The foursome are not split. Dorothy will find her way home.

I love that Dorothy. Why did she have red shoes? The red shoes are the anointing, redemption, leadership if you like. She was to act as a redeemer for the whole group. These shoes are the readiness to spread the gospel. She is the anointed to heal and encourage the brokenhearted. Yesterday, I saw a scripture which was about Jesus at his baptism saying something about coming to heal the broken. That's what I see. Dorothy has this mantle to heal the broken.

Okay, pastors and community leaders who are using this drama as a gospel outreach, you have a prophetic interpretation of all it means.

Now, interpret it, and then present the gospel of Christ after, and pray to lead people in a prayer of salvation. Let me add to this. Your gospel presentation could be the My Hope videos from Billy Graham. Ir could be that simple. You decide.

This is part of the Community Transformation - Part 3.

I hope I am not too late for the school play. Hmmm. By the way, don't stop here. Ask God for more parallels. He teaches me, but as he teaches me and I relate this to you, you will yourself see parallels. Use it, my dears, and lead people in.

P.S. Here is the CatDad finds his cat after a tornado video. It is beautiful. I join that CatDad with all his joy, and that cat's love and support will carry his CatDad through this trial. That's why God gifted us friends. When the world is against us, we have our friend. I've seen this demonstrated with other animals. God sometimes gives us champions in animals of pure love. Those love deposits are the Holy Spirit in action. Finding this cat is hope. It is God's love poured out on this man. Listen for the cat's name.

God can demonstrate amazing ingenuity in meeting our needs. That is what the Wizard of Oz story is about.

We Are Here for Revival

In a post I pulled last night, I have there that there are those who predict a rapture this end of November.

There is supposed to be some serious sky event.

I kind of hope that we have the Internet longer, for Billy Graham's message is best facilitated by having access to technology tools. Our system of the ingathering will be so much better served with technology. So, here I ask for it longer, God. We need that system of technology protected through this November. Please, in Christ's name.

Have you ever looked at a big picture, and you get a gist of what God is doing, and based on that alone, you work backwards. That's what I am doing here.

Okay, great disaster. Great need. Potentially great famine upcoming. Apocalyptic dangers.

The church does not get off that easy.

I keep thinking of the disciples in Antioch. I am thinking also of Antiochus - the antichrist type of their day. Then went there, and they were persecuted and ran or were threw out. Was Antioch the home town of Antiochus, I wonder. Why did the disciples joy at their persecution? I think it was due to the Lord's protection and miracles in the circumstance that they had great joy.

We today are the church. We are going to benefit from great protection.

Last night, I had an epiphany. Heaven is an ark. Jesus is a wood and flesh ark. He saved us. The Word of God (the tablets) were saved in an Ark of Covenant, which are our words of salvation spoken taking in Jesus and the Spirit of Life - the Holy Spirit.

In hell, the devil mimics his castle as an ark. Why? There is even more significance to this concept.

Heaven is an ark. In the Holy of Holies, where the most holy signs and words of our agreement are, he holds an ark, which for all of us girls is like our bridal trousseau, for it holds the objects of promise for our marriage future with our loved one. I was thinking this morning. I did not have a dowry, but I did have a marriage trousseau when I married. I had collected many things as objects of a life together with someone for when we would marry, and some of those things were very special to me. Those things are metaphors of hope and a future of happiness with someone. Heaven is a bridal trousseau of sorts, an ark of treasures, and one day, when the big universe is safe, we get the wedding and the whole life which comes after it.

That safe point God decides.

The church is here for some of these cataclysmic events. She is here to see tornadoes in front of her, and to rebuke and lift the wind to keep those around her safe. When those with her hear her cry to the storm, they witness the power of God.

God will allow some of those we love and care for to be in harm's way. Why? To give us a reason to grow spiritually.

We need to grow into character. We will face circumstances where we personally will wish for someone to come and heal our loved one, but God calls us personally to do it. We stand. We do. We do not call for someone else. We stand.

In Ezekiel, God said he was destroying the nation Israel because there was no one who would stand in the gap for the land. God was looking for a leader.

God requires people to stand up. He requires them to be an intercessor and to fast and fall on their face in repentance, and to be open to the words of God.

We are not going to be sheltered from this dilemma. We are here to learn to stand in the spirit.

So, if we don't learn to stand in the spirit, yes, we will watch tragedy beside us, and we will watch our own family and friends die. However, it is our training ground, and if we do not perform, it is not God's fault in any way.

If there is a sort of crazy event at the end of November, use it to awaken the spiritual awareness of people, Lord. Use it to waken the church to action, Lord.

We are boots on the ground. We are those who are your carriers. We are capable of doing all you ask (except that which Isaiah also refused - please do not make us do that).

Tragedy is coming. We are part of the play. What is our part?

Here's another point. God has just launched the "My Hope" campaign via Billy Graham.

God's got a timing for this. It might just be the 40 days till Easter. That might be it. In Ken's dream, the time of the revival was short, and then events pummeled in line toward the fulfillment.

However, God does want us to take him seriously, for he showed a prophet the four black horses in the gate, raring to go. We need to realize it is immediate. We have no waiting time.

Make intentional efforts in your evangelism and discipleship. Our enemy is: politeness, putting off things, being comfortable, being busy, personal projects, and are there more? Maybe a couple.

We need to unfetter our desire and we need to prepare and go to make sure our family is gathered in.

Billy's - rather his son or grandson's crusade had peace. Was that Will?

It immediately preceded the storm.That was in a country I consider not that far from the Philippines, but maybe it is farther.

When the rapture occurs, like in the NDE's, there is going to be a major opportunity for people to be gathered in first. There is going to be major opportunity for people to be engaged in action.

There is opportunity for us to do miracles and to speak for Christ.

It will be in our face. Now, if we act in advance, we will have an easy time of it, in pulling our family in. If we wait, our own witness will be amidst strife. You will be lucky to see your loved ones when you are in crisis. You will be on your own, and only be able to pray for them, and that's it.

We are in training, and don't be surprised if your own family or friends or church need miraculous prayers for healing. Start now and heal the infirm to build your faith.

We get this either the easy way or the difficult way. We get what we choose.

Now, I trust God. Right? Either way. We need to trust God either way. In death and in life.

In life, if we do not pray for our food, and generate the miracle, people won't eat.

If life, if we do not pray for a healing, people won't heal. God also gave a system of doctors to us and that has been his gift. In the end time, that system will turn on us. We won't be able to count on it. So, Christian, if you do not do your job, those you care about will not be healed. You will learn to pray ongoing, for in this way, God is building our spirit.

God has plans. He plans for the church to be engaged in revival. I don't think we are going home immediately. I think we are here to struggle alongside the world to demonstrate our faith. We will be raptured, but I see that in Ken's story profiled here, that God raptured the saints as the trucks were on their way to come pick them up.

God has a boots on the ground mentality. He wants our boots on the ground till he has done all the good he can do, and till it is near hopeless. Then, he pulls us. Till then, and even if we too, are in trucks and on our way to sure destruction, we must hope. We must do what God asks us to.

I am still interested in this end of November. I am watching, wondering, amazed, and praying.

There is a great revival coming. As with Inuit hunting of the caribou, there is a great herd of people coming your way in a short time. Are you ready? Have you prepared? Will you gather in the sons and daughters of the Most High God? Will you gather in the hope of the future? Will you be what you were fashioned to be?

Yes, I look to next Easter. As a Feast, it seems next to the Feast of Trumpets to be a second rapture time.

In the meantime, we have work to do. Were I raptured in two weeks, I would still be happy, but I would also be exceedingly sad, for I have still work to do. Do you?

P.S. God calls to North America as a spurned sweetheart. You know, I hope for a new North America on that new earth. I campaign for that now. I think there is a future for America. What do you think?  North America is to be a champion and stand up for Israel and to stand up for man. She has done a good job in times past, but corruption has leaked in over time. It is time to become pure. (In a sense, I include the U.S. and Canada as one here.)

P.S. Some interesting views of the rapture: in the visions just examined and a few from a while back, the rapture was using all the portals to heaven, and all means of transport to pull the church. Some prophets have taken the time to assess these portals, where they are and so on. Some faithful people have begun making available portals with their own glory room practice, for where a portal is, so is transport. If my reader made a glory room in their home, you have begun creating that space. There were ship transports. In the rapture, all manners of transport will be used. Whether it is viewed as people coming up from the ground, or people in escape pods (benefiting from Star Trek here), it will be an amazing event to partake in, either as the participant, or as the watcher from the heavens, or as the angel doing the ingathering. However it is done, it will be a moment of great hope and reunion.

P.S. This Tribulation event is the opposite of the great falling away of the angels in heaven. God is building his worship population. This event is a great time of release, fulfillment, and a completion of heaven. Yes. We complete heaven. We were always meant to be there, and this brings as many home as possible.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Documentary Metaphor

What is happening to the wild horses?

Why is this important?

The bride of Christ is called to ride her horse, and chase Jesus up into the skies. She is to embrace her destiny and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The bride of Christ who don't hear the call become the ghost herd of the church.

I received a word. I was to step into the spirit realm. I was to operate in the giftings of the Spirit. I was to run like these wild horses. The person who gave me this word saw a horse in a corral, and that horse was raring to go. That horse wanted to run. The horse's long mane was flying in the wind as it raced about that corral. I was invited to run. The corral was large. The horse was running around.

Then, I received my own meaning of this word. This happens. The person who delivers the word provides some interpretation construct. The receiver typically has a personal lens and receives more interpretation. Recall the song I wrote about the Lord examining the bride's captivity from the sky? That song bore witness to me. The Lord wants me to chase him. Here, my readers have witnessed my chase. It has been public. I've been chasing Christ through the Word of God, through prophets, through the non-rational dimension of the mind and spirit - NDEs, summons, dreams and visions and through metaphors in the bible, extended Christian literature, and testimonies. God is upping the chase. He says chase him in the Spirit. He's invited me to chase him on a horse, to chase him in the skies. It is here I piece the pieces together. It is in the skies I see the future court of justice on a high mountain. Were I low how would I see that future the Lord promises, if he did not show the visual pieces to me, or if he did not also show me the relevance of the trees and the forest.

Recently, I had a dream, where a son of Satan came to attack me. Where a person lives in righteousness and in the spirit, there is no means of attack, for the Word/Rhema himself defends us. Have we integrated that word? What can we examine in ourselves which we could speak out to the enemy. The sword is in us, or is at least supposed to be. As we operate in spiritual giftings, which by the way do include prayer, and understanding and explaining the word to others, we defeat the enemy. We spread the Word of the Lord about so that people can have the option to grab Jesus's hand.

Can we take someone's word, and extend that to the whole church? I am not sure. I have been led this direction by RHEMA. He has spoke to me through the prophetic delivery of a word from another.

This is why we need people operating in their gifts. To support one another in these times, we count on others being in a place they can receive a word. Yes, we can receive our own word, but God tends to make us inter-dependent. He wants a herd of wild horses chasing him, and depending on one another.

Don't be a ghost church member, one who neither acts nor speaks nor prays for your human family. Be alive.

There is a second focus in this film. It is women shooting these wild horses, opening up the truth to the world. This too speaks volumes to me. The women are the Bride of Christ who is to examine her surroundings, and bring light and truth to the world events. Where is the justice? Bring it. Declare it. Show the dark corners. Pray for change. Pray for transformation. Live in transformation and that will leak to others.

For this running into the spiritual realm, one has to take off all the cords and gates holding the bride of Christ back. She must be delivered, which is the release of the cords and the opening of the gate. Preacher, you who hears and sees spiritually, it is your job to teach the process of finding and enacting deliverance, and those of you who do not are responsible for leaving the church vulnerable to those that hunt her. For individuals, you are to seek the Lord with all your heart, seek intimacy, seek his input, hear his voice, and press into the Lord for deliverance. It is your job right now to be seeking that deliverance. Be freed from the sinful cords which bind you. Race into the sky with Christ, for in fact, the opening of the spirit realm to you is part of your destiny, and is the promise of the Lord's rescue in our time of trouble.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Post Prayers to Facebook

For the various dilemmas we are facing, such as these natural disasters, post your prayers on your social media. People can join or "Amen" the prayer - which means they join you in the request with a Google + or a like.

Prayers are required for: 1) the Philippines and 2) the Mid-West US tornadoes.

Blessing on Good Decisions

I place blessing on Google, Microsoft, and the China government for really positive decisions recently.

I call God's blessing on you, as you continue into good streams.

Self-Deliverance Process

Yeah God!

Can a Christian have a demon? See the story.

Is Infirmity a demon? Do you know any Christians who need healing from an infirmity?

My Hope Program Airing  Online segments

This is the Canadian Site. To access the US site, click your US flag. As well, there is French.

For my France visitors, please check out the French link.

Do you see, I missed the airing?  The Broadcast Link. However, the broadcast is online. The first is:

Defining Moments Episode - 3 God Stories and Billy

Make your family and friend list to pray for.

Freed from Weight Obsession

Based on watching a Joseph Prince sermon where he taught people to speak to their body to be more fit and healthy and all, I had adapted a habit of speaking to my body.

Now, it has been a series of growth circumstances in this area, for I continue to learn, but I must say it has been freeing to not be obsessed about my body weight.

It has now been about a year, and I have not weighed myself. Neither have I gained any serious amount. I am still wearing the same clothes.

This is coming from someone who used to be quite worried about weight and self-monitoring daily.

Instead, I do what I know. I've repented for overeating.  (I found this concept on Sid Roth.)

I have not had a serious problem since then.

I think there are more things than weight we need to focus on.

Beginning with a spiritual solution is a different approach, and it certainly is not a natural approach.

God helps any who ask him about their problem. So, God is helping me with this issue.

There are things to obsess about. We can obsess about worship or seeking  God, and God is completely fine with that. However, with weight, God is seeking to be your solution, if you will turn to him for this.

Prayer Response to Search in Paris

Heavenly Father,

Please enable those searching for this shooter to find him and bring him to justice. Be on the side of the police and provide clues and circumstances which enhance their search. Bring justice, Lord. Protect the just in their search and acquisition for this is a deadly game. Bring comfort to those who have been harmed by this tragedy.

In Jesus name,


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Borrowing From the Prophetic for Restoration Update CBC News

I think it was Rick Joyner who had this vision.

I think this concept is a potential good idea for the restoration, cleanup, and gospel spreading concept for helping out in the Philippines and elsewhere for disaster relief.

A prophet - maybe Rick - had a vision of cruise ships refitted as hospitals. The prophet saw them going to service countries for aid. These hospitals could be aid distribution sites. Instant offices, services, and many manner of things. Could it be stores for now? Maybe.

I do not think this has been done before.

I think it is a viable concept working around bad weather routes.

It would not be a great idea to be in one during a storm.

So community developers and hazard and emergency relief teams, what do you think? Can we borrow from the prophetic for a solution?

Update Nov. 20, 2013:

I just wrote about this. Here it is. Yeah for Rick Joyner. Does this ship not look like a cruise ship?

This is the first time I've seen one. It is a ship custom designed as a hospital, and it happens to look like a cruise ship.

According to further articles, which you can search as "China peace ark", the ark has existed since 2010 and was used in 2011.

I find the name kind of remarkable, because today I wrote about heaven as an ark. I am very happy China has this and is willing to help the Philippines.

Garritan Harp Sale

Okay, so I feel a bit creative.

I want to do something creative.

What would that be?

I would like to deconstruct Psalm 22 and 23 and translate the words in Hebrew to their related tone, and see what sort of symphony comes out.

So, here is music software.

Yesterday, it was $179. Today, it is $99. Now, was it always $99. I might be wrong. If you want to wait, watch for coupons which come out.

I kind of want to buy it.

However, my next step would be to find out how Hebrew words would correlate to the emission of notes.

How would that be, Joseph Prince?

Who would know?

If I don't do this, someone should.

Maybe you will buy this amazing harp music production tool.

If I do, you will hear my creations of harp music here.

If my audience in the US, and you want a really cool production software, check here for an amazing deal, less the harps. There is also special software I think for violins and grande pianos. This here is the Ultimate collection.

33% off.

Preachers Metaphor Hunt for Spurgeon

Preachers, get ready to do metaphor searches of Charles Spurgeon.

You need Acrobat Pro.

  1. Preachers, make a folder on your desktop.
  2. Then, pull down all of Spurgeon's works to the one folder.
  3. Open Acrobat.
  4. In Acrobat Pro, use "Create index" after selecting the folder.

This indexes all the words in the whole folder. I found a search feature which works on individual books.

Then, you can search by keyword, and you will find in all his works, the themes or threads of whatever you are teaching.

I might have to test this again, for it has been awhile since I used it. I used this as a teacher. I made folders of teaching materials, and I could hunt for specifics.

It is an amazing method. I think my husband fell upon it by accident or inspiration, and he was responsible for a lot of data. The concept was not written anywhere. I think this method could increase your accessibility to data you need for your work.

Of course, you can do the same thing for anything which you are studying, but Charles Spurgeon alone has enough of a complex task for one to grow in for awhile.

This is a way to grow into your teaching, and benefit from research, and decrease the time to do it.

With the use of the works of Spurgeon, for example, you will start to become familiar with his works, even though there are thousands of them. I encourage preachers to use these works because they were created by a ministry team directed under Charles. That's what I see. You are benefiting from God's calling to meditate as a team, done in that ministry.

As we become holders of the Word, we become responsible as advocates for it. How can we find and index and access more. If my reader benefits from this, you can come back and "like" this post.

I recommend a focus. I am doing the Treasuries of David. You could to that. There are many foci to take.

Here is a post that leads you to the study:

There is a setting "Show all". What one sees are a few sample works here, but when you click show all, you will see more. You may still need to hunt around the interface to find "Treasuries of David".

All good tools have been visited frequently, till one knows the interface by heart.

Do that.

I've been shopping. Here is a devotional from Spurgeon which is searchable. It is included with other bible study tools and a bible.

The procedure above makes something similar for as many books as you intend to study. However, I am attracted to this app.

Today's meditation talks of metaphors, hmmm:

I am quite fond of this meditation tool. I like the expression, the creative bantering. This is a nice meditation. I skim read through a set. It is like a word for the day, more than even a meditation.

Husband's Putting Together of Today's Sermon

You must watch today's sermon for this.

Okay Micah 5.

The messiah comes from Jerusalem.

In Micah 6, the Jews say to the prophet, "What do you expect us to do?"

Notice the list was extensive, but God taught: Act justly, show mercy, and be humble before God.

Then, the Messiah came. Just before the Messiah came, the Jews had faced severe persecution from Antiochus. Recall that. They were pretty desperate. They had been severely oppressed and persecuted and they were working with the Roman government trying to maintain a balance, mostly out of a spirit of fear.

When the Messiah came, they were expecting a Messiah to cast out the Romans. What they got was a Messiah came to teach them how to transform their inner heart - themselves. He came to teach them to do the stuff Micah 6 already taught them. He came to be a model of how to do this.

Had the people followed Christ, and become those three things, and transformed their heart, then, the Lord God Commander of all the Heaven's Angel Armies would have come down and erased the Jewish people's enemies from before them in the same way God the Father rescued Christ from the Netherworld.

The bottom-line is we need to purify and sanctify the carrier of God. We are his temple.

If we act justly, are humble before the Lord, and show mercy, then we are Old Testament prophet models, who seek to be like Jesus.

Then, as Jesus said, we can call to the heaven's military support system, and all our enemies can be taken down, by the words spoken from a righteous heart.

Had Jesus taken down the adversaries of the Jews right then, and become king, it would have been a kingship as David and Saul in that God's business of teaching righteousness and inner transformation was not yet complete. God did not want his kingdom established in the external world, but in the hearts of his people.

Why God loved David was he had a pure heart. God wanted all of us to also have this pure heart. God did not want a government where there was godly icing and nomenclature on top, and decrepid dirty secrets underneath, where even idol worship of Baal and Asherah and the heavenly host of stars and lights continued.

God wanted humility before God - and that includes dedicating all we are and all we think of and all we are dedicated to - to all be brought before the Lord. Just as God has us in his direct focus, he wants us in his.

With the right heart before the Lord, then, we can like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, we can call down justice and the Lord will overturn the military and government imbalances.

By the way, here, I thank and acknowledge the Canadian government for their part in the Philippines aid, matching my churches contributions. God's blessing on you.

When we have right hearts, God sets the world right. In French, there is a phrase about a person being comfortable in their own skin. God does that. God makes us comfortable in our own skin. He is the one who makes even our body and mind his holy habitation, and in the doing, he makes it nice in our body for us. No demons. No harassments. God goes further in that God makes the countries and the world comfortable in her own skin, when we go beyond advocating for ourselves, and we advocate for the world.

God can take all our enemies and turn them over on their heads. Christ can turn over the tables of the money changers. Those money changers are the oppressors. Jesus can turn the order of everything over and make it just, right, with no wicked or crooked place anywhere.

Jewish people, mankind. Jesus was the man to teach us inner transformation. He arose. He teaches today. He teaches us the means of overcoming the enemy. We become pure before him. We become the advocate. We sing. We pray. We speak the word of the Lord. We tell our God story. We act in mercy being kind to our neighbor. We do good. From heaven, they see lights turn on, till there is blazing glory, and it is all from us.

Be a God carrier. Say, "Jesus, I'm yours." Be baptized in our next round of baptisms. Act to take one tentacle off of someone's heart and life circumstance today. In the power and Spirit of the Lord, you can.

PS. Today, Pastor Les talked of a few details from the sermons of Charles Spurgeon. This week I had traffic on this site - of reference to that great resource. Pastors, if you visit here, I do suggest you access this amazing bank of church fathers information. It is a link on the side. This library of data is meant to support your work. So, yes, I hope Pastor Les used this blog site as a traffic connector to that site. I hope that all my readers get connected here to the great Lord and love of my life - and that you will be grown by the resources here. I will test the page tab. Hang on. Here I go. The page is and it is labelled "Early Church Fathers".

I would like to remark an amazing trait of Charles. You know he hired people to do research - bible and theology research as a team. I do not know how many churches do this, but I think this research group and writing group also had a manner of input into shaping Charles and his thought and his sermons. It is like he had a pastoral team all working together. That output supported the ministry and grew the reach.

I see the pastor as the presenter of a whole group of people's search for God. A pastor does not have to be left alone, with say writer's block and nervousness, some of which Charles faced. Rather, I see a church board or church ministry team as working together to hunt as a group, meditating together to find all the related pearls to a sermon, and then, the pastor who shapes the final message, condenses the few pertinent parts into the Sunday sermon. I am saying the pastor is not alone. He has a team. By working as a team, this alleviates personal focus to not be tiring and exhaustive or stress inducing, but opens a person up to being reachable for the good that needs doing in their environment.  Churches and pastoral teams, what do you think?

Donna's Word

Some may recall a song I wrote here, and then adapted which was about the bride taking a stand.

God followed that with a personal word he brought me through a fellow believer.

The word was:
Stand firm. Walk in the way. Look neither to the left nor to the right.
I will correlate this also to a prophetic song the Lord gave me. That was how Christ listens for his bride walking a directed path toward the garden, and how that destiny of his beloved is to join with him in fellowship in the garden.

What does the last part speak of? We are not to be diverted or distracted or excused away from our path.

We are to be aware of and rebuke confusion and lies. We are to hold in  us right belief about ourselves. We are the Lord's arm. We are the Lord's right arm. When we act as the Lord's right arm, we can also expect the Lord's arm to act for us. The Lord will send protection to us when we call it down.

When the Lord brings me a word, I am then on a hunt. That hunt carries me through scripture, and it did merge with the program going on at First Alliance right now.

If we either stop, lay down, or decide to be immobilized by the enemy with self-concept, or lack of resources, or lack of mercy, we in effect are implementing hell early. Yes. We are being bullied into inaction and the bully brought you the lie.

You were meant to be the conduit of God's water, light, truth, and action. You are meant to be the bearer of good tidings. You were meant to act.

Consider the HOPE campaign to be the equivalent of Gandolf meeting Bilbo, and engaging him in an exciting adventure. Gandolf is a metaphor. He is the metaphor of these preachers telling you about the amazing adventure which is before you, and yes, death in this paradigm will come, but the future with God goes on forever and ever. And yes, you might fight a couple dragons, for these are the guardians of the palace structure of hell, and those two dragons bully the masses who you are called to step into action for. Humility before God. Mercy. Act justly.

The devil will be washed back to the sea with the godly sands standing firm in the Lord. All those sands will spread the golden holiness of the Lord on the boundaries of the countries, and they will work together to push that old devil back. Let his tentacle be taken off the Philippines. Let God's church all be actors in unveiling the Lord's glory, redemption, salvation, and community building and in the doing, refine the dross, bring out the gold, and let there be righteousness, purity, and honor, and justice, and hope for the oppressed. Lord, bring justice, mercy, courage, honor, hope, purity, and wholeness and healing to the oppressed. Lord, save our men. Bring us right vision. Bring us teaching. Bring us all you would have to make your kingdom in the Philippines.

Readers, today, as you pray the Lord's prayer, after, stop and repeat the words "Your will be done, your kingdom come" and address the Philippines. If you have other countries on your heart, also bring these before the Lord.

A Word Spoken

A couple days ago, in a business, I asked permission to speak the Lord's compassion to heal upon a man. I was given permission. I spoke to a missing arm to grow. In a public place, I had no desire to be showy. I spoke the Lord's words to him softly. I've reviewed quite a number of case studies. I've had some training. Now, at that time, the arm did not immediately appear. On my Saturday, I spent an hour singing and praising the Lord, creating the glory cloud, and there in my praise for about 20-30 minutes, I talked to that arm. I called it out. I commanded it to grow, for now, I had the glory all around me. That day, I praised the Lord for about an hour - in tongues, in natural tongue, in song, and in the Lord's manner of being a prophet which I continue to figure out. The Lord can come upon every believer in this way.

So now, I live in expectation, hope, praise, and glory, anticipating that arm to grow. That life will be changed. The family will be awakened. The community around this person will be awakened to the glory of God.

Glory to God. Glory to God. Glory to God. Glory to God. Arm grow. Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Spirit of Life. Thank you Jehovah Rapha - Father Healer. Come down to this body and heal it. Restore the arm. May all glory rise to you forever and ever. Amen.

Note: I just prayed a Creation Miracle. Am I a risk taker or am I a believer? Am I both? I cast all my lots on Jesus. There is no lotto 649 that God cannot fulfill. God is able to achieve all. If he can make the universe, he can grow an arm. Can't he?

I will update this post with the word "Update" in the title, when I see this man again, and if I see that arm all gorgeous and nice and grown as the perfect man God's desires to bring us all to become.

God calls us to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect. He will restore that which was taken from the enemy. So yes, I will update the post when I see the fulfillment of this healing. This concept is a scripture. When God calls us to perfection, he restores us in all ways - heart, body, soul, spirit, mind, walk, talk and vision.

Christian, can you do the above? If you search your heart in repentance, and follow the wise advice of the sermon from this past service at First Alliance Church, you also can speak creative miracles. It is based on the risen victory of Christ over sin and decay. Christ is King of everything - over all the pure and lost dimensions. He can even hose down hell, and that he can do through you. Seek till you find.