Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day Very Special

When I awoke Christmas morning, and I am not sure if my reader will agree, but these mornings are often rushed with getting things ready for social events, but I had a pleasant moment.

I have moments where I stop. I just stop. I stop because something or someone has grabbed my attention, and because I realize the moment is special, I don't move, but dedicate all my attention to capture.

I've done this with red finches, and other lovely birds which fall in my sight, and should I move or rustle, the lovely bird would go away.

That morning, Christmas morning, I was supposed to be getting ready, digging for things to wear in a drawer, when I merely stopped, and sat still.


I heard someone singing. Yes. Who? God. I heard God sing love songs to me on Christmas morning.

He sang two verses, no chorus. I stayed transfixed to receive him. I could not picture him, but I could hear him and his words of love toward me. I started my Christmas morning with affirmations of God's pleasure and love for me. He wrapped up his Christmas greetings in a personal song. God does sing songs over us. This was not Jesus. This was my Father. Jehovah.

Am I alone or did any of you stop and hear God the Father sing on Christmas morning?

God sings over those he loves. I remark this so next year, on Christmas morning, if you hear something, stop and enjoy the moment. As I prepared the rest of my day, I did so, with a warm wrapping of God's love tight around me.

I attended Christmas services. I felt the Holy Spirit rise in me as water waves coming on a shore. He floated in the melodies of the celebration and he shone upon the gathered group.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bit by Bit

God reveals these bits of the future to me bit by bit. I must put down the last, it seems, to get the next.

So, if details arise in a growing post, this is why. I must be faithful in releasing the former, to be given the next.

It is very much like following a trail of breadcrumbs, right to the throne.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jesus the Root Springs Life Forth Earth Renewal

Jesus is often described as a metaphor of a root.

Since thinking on the renewal of earth post-Tribulation war, and seeing that Christ has survivors plant branches and all those branches re-establish forests, I've also been thinking on the root.

On the earth at that time, it will be a barren dry wasteland, in which nothing flourished.

When Christ comes, even dead roots of plants will become cleansed, moisturized, and they will grow back all the lush vegetation which died off, and though seeds will have been controlled, none will be needed.

This is part of the renewal miracle part 2.

This is a future Jesus Christ miracle.

When you look at all the Apocalypse movies, the landscape is a wasteland. Now, imagine the steps of Jesus Christ walking across that land, and everywhere he steps, small shoots spring up off of formerly dead roots. That is the Jesus again that I know, and I know the whole world is going to witness unbelievable miracles.

Why this is so crucial is that for a time all this will have been controlled by the beast system to stop people from eating or having resources. Christ will open up the resources of the world once again to all man.

Yes, I found a verse about this in the Psalms.

For my own search, I will do another Psalms sweep. I like to leave little bits in there to hunt down.

This was a single verse.

The verse was about how more or less God could make a root in a dead dry ground come forth and become renewed, and this is where I picked up this revelation, for I had already been thinking on these metaphors from before.

There is a second occurrence of a fact related to roots which is important. The cross - the base which held the cedar crossbar - that was a tree. That root structure was held as a timepiece in place for years and years, hundreds of years and hundreds of years. It delivered Christ's blood to the mercy seat. That detail of how the root fit in was important into the overall timeline of Christ as the Deliverer of all Creation. Jesus Christ the bent reed and root and spring of water - all this sort of picture superimpose on the world renewal. Christ's traits if you like - predict the nature of the renewal miracles.

The long given up roots of the earth will be restored by Christ. He will make all things new. Depending on those roots, some of them may be short term roots, but Christ might also restore some very old roots, such as this tree he died on which bore many a sinner's punishments before his. Jesus will restore glory to the roots.

This might be just me, but that tree that Christ was bore upon, for his disgrace, I see Christ renewing those roots and making a great tree out of that tree: the tree of victory. The dead roots of the cross will regrow into a live amazing tree, as a testimony to the life and amazing story of Christ.

And Christ will bring back to life some long stood trees, just because he can. There are several sites of Redwood forests, and Amazon forests, and many sites have been deforested or cut, slashed and burned, and I see major world tree reforestation. Man, as a group, will mourn the loss of some of the great forest sites, but Christ who also enjoys these sites, will bring them back. It is a cool thing to see really old trees live, under the blessing of the Lord.

Why? The devil does not win. Nope. Jesus Christ is the winner. He already won. And he can.

He can bring back the things which are honorable into his time. He can clean things up. He can maintain man's heritage, those who get that he is the Second Adam. Jesus can do all things to make us joyous on this earth, and that includes giving us some heritage pieces, and of those, I see some significant trees.

This is leading me to a riddle.

Do you count a man's age by his first life years or his life time in heaven, or his life time on the second earth? The man earns crowns with his life years. Each crown is a crown of life produce resulting from covenant with God, coming out of that greater love of the Father given to man.

Do you count a tree's life by its first life on earth, by its restored years in the kingdom of heaven, or by its lifetime on the second earth? The tree earns rings with its life years. Each ring is a ring of life covenant from God, of love of the Father given to his trees.

In the new earth, God the Father is going to a joyful God, not sad as he is today. He longs for his lost children (lost to sin) - much of mankind who do not recognize him or acknowledge him as their Father. In the Second Earth, God's heartaches will be greatly reduced.  As a people, we shall be a greater people than today. That day will be glorious - and that word will hold many meanings.

Jesus Christ is the Saviour of man. He is also the Savior of Earth and of all Creation. He is the Savior of this whole region of space. He is the Saviour of the Moon and the Sun. He is the Savior of all the stars. He is the Saviour of all the Angels. He is the Saviour of all species which could be spread across the universe. God the Father rejected a rebellious set of worship angels under Lucifer. Those are ones who would bring us false stories. Those foolish stories will prove untrue with time, for Christ's fulfillment of the prophecy and the law is perfect, such that all deceivers will one day be held to account. In the meantime, get to know legitimate revelation of God, and find that in the Bible.

Scripture support - Suppose that Christ even spoke life onto a tree, just as he cursed the live fig tree and it dried up. What would happen if Christ did the opposite? If Christ looked upon dead tree roots, and he spoke life on them, they would start to grow. The Aaron's budded branch and the fig tree are sort of miracle opposites. Christ may indeed even speak the trees and plants to life, however, I think we will see the whole set of actions he will do - and that these are various fulfillments of the nature of Christ in the bible.

Suppose you want the scripture support? Take the concept to Biblegateway, and hunt there for the verses.

Besides these metaphors, the actions of people in the bible, who were God's faithful followers, may also have manners of fulfillment in Christ's future. For example, water came from a rock to provide relief of thirst for the Israelites. Might Christ do this? He may. Or he may do something greater. The great river which comes from the temple may be the greater miracle we get to witness, as from the gate/throne, water gushes forth from the rock at Christ's command, and this waters nations. I anticipate not one life of a believer written of in the bible will not have some manner of positive confirmation in who Christ reveals himself to be, for in the seat of hope and faith, is Christ. If we happened to see correlations to people's lives in the bible, don't be surprised.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Was the Christmas Stollen Stolen?

In the 18th of the Yuletide season, the father of the family had rushed to Costco, and he had purchased his Christmas Stollen. He bundled it up, with his wife's gift, and a few food extras for the Christmas meals he would share with his wife, and made his way home on the very snowy Calgary roads.

He brought in the Christmas stollen. The next day, the father MacDonald had invited over a few friends for a visit. They congregated for an evening coffee, to visit and discuss the plans that everyone had for their family visits. Those there were all the neighbours, as the MacDonald's lived in a senior complex, full of many like minded and aged couples, all getting on in years.

Mr. MacDonald, let's call him Terry, had set the lovely package of Stollen on the back corner of the kitchen counter. Now, he had plans for that lovely little stollen. It was to be served with eggnog in the coffee, along with a piece of the prized rum, raisin, and marzipan filled stollen on the night of the 25th. The Mr. and Mrs. would be alone that night, cuddle up to a Christmas type movie, and would have a bit of couple culture for that evening each year. The house was decorated in all the Christmas garb, a little different this year, for the Mr. did it, instead of the Mrs. He had all the elves and Santas and sleighs, and Christmas ornaments in rather unusual places. As a matter of fact, it was the first time his grandson noticed the Christmas elf, that he had a red turned up nose, and he looked quite quirky. The Mrs. blamed the unusual meeting to be that the Mr. had indeed placed all those pieces in the most unusual of places. They were not the usual. That's for sure. That's because a man's way of seeing the world and the woman's way of seeing the world are quite different. The important thing was that the Christmas celebration ornaments were out. We could see them in their glory, and they did add to the cheer of the occasion.

On the 19th then, all the condo friends were over. They had been together around the kitchen table, and had visited for several hours. They may have even pulled out a board game, and played a few rounds of either dice or Gin Rummy. However, those details are not exactly what this story is about. No. It was what transpired between the Mr. and the Mrs. as a result of that evening.

Well, the evening was fun and all, and everyone wished each other a Merry Christmas, and said their goodnight. The Mr. and Mrs. went up to their kitchen, tidied up the coffee cups and plates, and in the midst of cleanup, Mr. was arranging the counter, after setting things right. Can you guess what happened? I'll bet you can. What might happen right now in the story? Well, you can imagine. Yes. That package of Stollen was not on the counter. It had not even been opened. All the crumbs were clean off the counter. All the surfaces were wiped. Where the Stollen had been, there was an open space. The Christmas Stollen was stolen.

Well, that was a fleeting thought. However, the Mr. and Mrs. conspired, and they decided that perhaps it had been misplaced in the cleanup. They looked in the secondary fridge places, and looked around a bit. Could it have been put into a cupboard for some reason? It was a funny thing. It was not in the other fridge area. It was not in a cupboard. It was not anywhere.

The couples they had invited - none of them seemed the type who would outright steal a stollen. It seemed quite absurd. Why would someone take a Christmas stollen? Was it that great rum smell? Was it the packaging which was clearly Costco? This meant the Mr. and Mrs. clearly had a problem, for they had no treat for their Christmas night. The Mr. got on his coat and headed out to the nearest grocery store, and he bought a replacement.

They think this a mystery. Is it possible that this stollen is going to turn up, behind something? This stollen, they thought, would perhaps show up and still be good to eat. The stollen is a bit like Christmas cake. It keeps pretty well, the Mrs. insists. If they find it in a month or two, they will still give it a try, just to make sure they are not missing out.

The Mr. and Mrs. hope that they find their stollen, however, they said, "Perhaps the stollen will turn up for the Christmas Neighbour Coffee again for this time next year." "If it does, since it seems to have disappeared this time, they shall make sure to serve it to those visitors next year. Will it stay good for a whole year? We hope so."

There is nothing like the mystery of the missing Christmas stollen. Were we to pick one up for next year, this one may still turn up. As we approach the holidays, we shall ask all the visitors in our home in the upcoming months to keep their eyes open for the mystery missing stollen, for it surely would never have walked off all on its own. There's not a guest they would believe would take it. No one is poor. No one is in great need. No one looked like a kleptomaniac.

Or is it that the Costco Christmas Stollen is just too good to resist? Hmmm. What do you think the Mr. and Mrs. should serve for their Christmas neighbour gathering next year?

The writing here is a means of  giving my readers a bit of cheer and Christmas love. When all complete and ignored, I shall swap this story across to the Family History Stream.

YouTube Movie Favorites

Just to let Paramount Pictures know - I think it was, but for Christmas, I bought the videos I've enjoyed on YouTube.

Even though the YouTube version is all there, it is say an 7 or 8/10 on delivery, and since I quite love a couple of them, and have viewed them twice, I decided they ought to be ours.

So, yes, what seems a bit odd in putting a whole video up for viewing on YouTube, and seems like an infraction, it leads to sales.

I also bought those movies for family. So, the collection extended into more than just me. I likely bought two of each of those, and distributed them as gifts. I hope I am not the only one. I hope you have sold tons for introducing your movies on YouTube this way.

I will be honest. Viewing some of the YouTube videos on the TV screen - they are not great, but we put up with it to hear and see the story. It is much easier seeing it on a laptop, and I've watched them from TV couch distance just on a laptop (good vision), but then once the enjoyment of the story builds, that title gets added to the desired gift list.

What I would highly suggest, is you get those YouTube channels with these movies to link to your product sale as a friendly exchange, and get sales from it. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gentile Meaning

There's a verse in the bible that God keeps everything running for the good people.

What a Gentile is - is this.

It is all the really good people (RGPs), who discover that God is their father, as a result of the good news of Israel of her Messiah for all man.

God has this call to all man, and his call to be like him requires us to identify with him. Because he is a holy God, who separates and identifies himself with loving behaviour, we are to identify with him, and live loving and holy lives, which in all they do, accomplish life artwork as our final ends.

For example, the outcome of Billy Graham's life artwork will be millions of people who the Lord counts as precious jewels given to him.

For some, it may be real artwork, which pours from their hearts, and that art will adorn hallways in heaven's courts. Prophetic art.

For some, artwork will be the invitation to make things, for the art they built in themselves was creativity, while on earth, learning to make systems like Google. That's pretty amazing. God must have his own version of a network for us in heaven, so we can connect, if we want to tell people about free new technology handouts.

God has places in his world for Gentiles. Gentille - means nice in French. Nice people.

If you are a nice person who has missed out on this amazing God, pick up a bible. You have a destiny. It is to be with God. And he is pretty, so you will never tire of looking at him, and he has built you a mansion for your submission to his Lordship. Not bad.

You know, nice is one of those words we have lost meaning for.

Nice. Think about it. Nice people. Nice God. Nice homes. Nice everywhere.

Are you nice? Then, think about God's deal for nice people to make atonement with Him. Jesus. Your Saviour. Your Redeemer. Your gateway home to God.

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's a Merry Christmas

It's a merry merry Christmas
With cranberry sauce cooking on the stove
We've got the house sealed up tight
It's warm in here, and so bright
We have cleaned the walk and done our shopping
We can just hang together as a family

It's a merry merry Christmas
With family together for a dinner
What a wonderful thing it is to be around
The family - how they grow and change
How they all seem to be happy
As they press in for cheer, yes, they gather

It's a merry merry Christmas
With everyone safe so far
I am so thankful we are safe and sound
As we move through the days we encounter
All the loved ones around someone's counter
We have herbal tea, apple cider and coffee
There is plenty of drinks to go around.

When we look out at the high snowbanks
We have a snow white Christmas
We are lucky to have just this morn fresh snowfall
And when you make your snowball
You can see the glistening snowflakes
And remember to keep your gloves on.

It's a merry merry Christmas
The family are healthy and strong
The yule log is on the TV screen
There's just a little Christmas singing
There's a little Christmas giving
There's a Christmas service on the 24th.

It's a merry merry Christmas
My heart sings from a glad heart
For my savior's song sings right out of me
Salvation's song celebrated in festive eating
May it not be long in the bringing to all the family
Let our hearts join to sing we are part of one family.


It's a merry merry Christmas
God the Father sent us a Christmas Card
On his heart he wrote a message the gospel story
And he spoke love to the whole human family
Yes, it's a merry merry Christmas
I can't contain the story
Have you heard of this nativity scene
It's a merry merry Christmas
The Lord of Love lives within me
And he's made room in heaven for all my family.

A maybe verse:
It's a merry merry Christmas
Windows are lit in all colors gleefully
Let all the city celebrate the day Death became a reprobate
And life became for all man a possibility
Life came in a baby Jesus to live a mission for our safety
He came to be a god man to live in man's family

Cat Christmas Story

Hi there.

Yes, I am still writing another piece.

However, this piece is from my pet blog.


This is a cat Christmas story.

Christmas Music Playlists


I have a search started here, so you can look for something appropriate for yourself for Christmas.


My Christmas album gift - to me - from my husband is Susan Boyle's Christmas album.

That's my listening pleasure for this Christmas.

Susan, a great Christmas blessing on you this year!

First Alliance Web Service

You may find this weeks service, by clicking on the page.

This was our Young pastor. A Scott. He's part of my tribe.

Please come to hear some dynamic preaching.

This service was to show the thread of how the Lord had a plan to redeem us from the first crunch of the apple in the garden.

Some messes are a big deal to clean up. David's story is a small scope example of a big scope human example.

The minor chord transgression lead to major movements in the heavenlies in order to set the alignment of men's path right.

One day, Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of being the Lamb of God, and he cried, "It is finished."

That glorious day Jesus completed the work of bringing us back into hope and faith positions of reaching out to his hand, and hanging on, that was the greatest day in history. Jesus defeated death. The next greatest day was his coming back. Jesus provided life.

If my reader is so inclined, look to the hand grasping moments in the movie Titanic, and do you not see salvation in it. The metaphors of hope and faith and covenant are all over that scene.

Do you see the unselfish nature of that promise? That's the same hand grasp Jesus gives, pulling you out of death into life, and into a glorious future of long life with him forever.

Hallelujah Chorus Meaning


20 Facts about the Hallelujah Chorus

Do you know the Hallelujah chorus, that has been so popular throughout the years? I would like to talk to you about the meaning of it. Here is what I think it means.

Let's just review the article (above) - in this article Hallelujah was compared to an orgasm.

To understand this song, given it is spiritually derived, you need to go to scripture and have studied the material related to it , to understand it. Or you must understand praise. This chorus is about the intimate heart. There's a lot of people who know David lusting and taking Bathsheba, lying, and covering up his actions as the whole story.

However, the Hallelujah of worship is intimate. David broke his intimacy with the Lord, and there you have your minor chord progression, as the story of sin progressed in his life. He covered up one sin with another, and progressively withdrew from God.

When his sin was called by the prophet, and he knew, not like he did not know, but he knew he was called on the Royal Carpet in Heaven for his deed, he fell into deep remorse about breaking his relationship to God. Before, he was running in this plot line and just getting deeper and deeper into it, when his whole heart, even as a father and husband, he was supposed to have dedicated it, and his inner most intimacy to the Lord, such that he would kick off such temptation.

David's recovery was his repentance. His broken Hallelujah was his means of the Lord of Lords to look down on his big mess of sin, and begin God's recovery and salvage plan for David's eternity and re-establishment of covenant. David had big promises, and he was supposed to be obedient on big promises.

Both the happy Hallelujah and the broken Hallelujah are the start of defeating the devil. The broken Hallelujah is the pit recognition praise, when you've gotten as deep as you can go in your problems without an intervention from your God Father, and to not get taken down by your enemy. Other kings who took Sarah, for example, they received punishment. David could have faced death. Even though he was king, he could have been stoned.

Then, where would our adorable David be? David had to kick the idol of self-fulfillment and love. David had a pre-disposed nature to this fall. He was a romantic. He thought he had fallen in love in that instance, and he acted on his soul man feeling, instead of all he had known of God, and leaning into God for fulfillment.

I think this writer, Jeff Buckley, also was a romantic. He had some similar hurts to David. He had some peacemaking to do with God. He was a praise worshiper. Those of us with an intimate and romantic heart - God loves us. He also knows our predispositions and means of fall to the enemy. If my reader is either of these, you need to base your intimacy around God.

God passionately loves you. You have a potential for a passionate heart, and that heart drinks deep of God's waters, when fully connected to God. You need to be in right standing with the Lord.

Elvis Presley did his own version of this song. I wonder if you know which one that is. I've read up on this once before, and there I found that detail.

I have not written this song, but one about romance, and it interestingly enough, went through all the bible characters' and their love relationships. That was the one that was thrown away. I'll see that song again when I get to heaven and remake it. It was good. It was a gift to my love.

When you get into a sin mess and there is no way out, and there is a soon to be faced downfall such as a stoning, it's time to get on your knees and repent, and sing a little Hallelujah, to cut down the enemy inside, and to raise our spiritual eyes to our status. God lifts us up in our praise, and he cuts off the enemies' cords, while we sing our chords.

For those who have this predisposition to fall, it is time to center your intimate heart on the Lord. No more Bathshebas. No more young ladies throwing themselves at you. Please. If you have covenanted relationships, keep them. That includes marriage. Resist. Sing. Focus on God. He's way better than any love offerings here on earth. And you already have been given the Lord's fulfillment. Be thankful.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Psalm Sweep Mystery #1

There is 1 verse in the whole of Psalms.

That verse is about the fact that God sent Joseph to Egypt to prepare to save his family, the Israelites, from starvation during a famine.

God meant to keep his people alive during a tough time on earth.

God sent a famine for a reason.

The reason for the famine is given in this verse.

So, if you have never done a psalm sweep, do one.

Speed read, or casually search all the chapters.

See if you can find this verse. I will give it to you in the New Year.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my blog readers.

I rather hope to write either a poem or short story as a greeting.

It may be after Christmas, but before Jan. 1.

In the meantime, many Noel blessings on all my visitors, and God's best to you and your family.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sylvester Stalone Inspired

Listen to the messages here.

Confirmation - Movie Producers Inspired by God

So no, the movie clip is not here, but in the next post.

Often, I write here based on what I hear, and I am casting my reputation on God, for there is sometimes no proof at the time I write, but I see God's logic, and I write down all that I get.

So, now, look to my next post, and see how it is that God uses any man or woman submitted to him to produce works which are fruit for the kingdom.

Movie producers who are submitted to the Lord, or who are even in relationship to the Lord, the Lord uses.

Some of these may waiver in their personal victory, and even then, God uses the movie production work to renew them and to speak to them, and even to prophesy through them.

So, in the next story, underneath my release is a great hurray, for I love this actor. I am so glad he is a Christian--that he believes in Christ. He is going to be a movie producer for God when he gets to heaven. God's movie industry in heaven is going to be rich! Yeah God.

When I look at this, I would also like to encourage politicians, teachers, principals, business leaders, police, firemen, and all ranks of society, that if you have Christ, he draws from your heart great fruit, and the manner of fruit varies, but God knows the ends, and the artistry of what he is producing.

When we get to heaven and watch movies, we are going to get to see the tales of some of your lives, and the intricacies of your path. God produces artful fruit out of the career of every Christian.

Okay, so hurray with me about this acquisition for God. This man is a treasure to God.

He is a treasure to Hollywood. I pray for more like him to come on in. Expand the movie industry converts, Lord. There's a bunch like this one I can think of who need you. In Christ's name, Amen

Lastly, if you are a movie producer, your meditation time with God, as you use it, God will use all the random and non-rational thought to bring images to your mind, and you should probably work on discerning the devil's symbols from God's. God has many too, and can use the engine of your movie to do good.

Do not defer your relationship to the Lord, and make sure your people do too, and use their ideas at your round table, as you are working through the film production, to keep in tune with what God is saying to those who know him. You will have more punch for God in the time of the movie presentation.

Out of the heart of the saved man, comes eternal fruit. That which you do here, earns you placement in your future God's Movie Production Industry in heaven. There's room for lots of actors and producers, and you ought to be there.

And praise God for Captain America who recently acknowledged God. Praise God for the Producer. I pray an abundance increase on the net profits of this movie of 10%.

What Captain America sort of presents, except right now we don't have the Second Earth to work with, for the politics of Earth will change greatly with a world 640 times larger, the character of the Avenger is a simile of the next body that we will get as we pursue the nature of Christ, and as he transforms, we transform to what he is. Christ is going to tranform into a Superman of sorts, and we follow. So, if there is any hope in that image of Captain America, it is this. We get that second body.

While all the folk constrained to hell, are stuck with a body that does not work or does not feel good, we get a superman body.

My great hope for this body is I will have children with no suffering. Women will have children with ease.

That's our great future, women. No child-bearing pain.

So, folks, hang on, for as good as heaven is, it gets even better than heaven, for God always has very interesting plans for development in the future.

P.S. I am eating some breakfast, so we are waiting for the next post. See it say about 3, in an hour and a half.

MorningStar TV Rick Joyner Features Pope John Paul Story

This story is a confirmation of something I was watching for.

You know it is freaky when you are looking for something prophetic, and you realize that it was accomplished 10 years ago or so.

However, all the pieces slot into one another like a puzzle.

So, what happened?

In the prophecies of the end times, there has been a prophecy of major revival among the Catholic Church.

That has already happened. The Holy Spirit movement into the Catholic Church, in reaching out in the baptism of the Holy Spirit - that has now taken place, and was in fact headed up by Pope John Paul.

The Lord spoke to him, and based on his trust in the Lord's voice, he brought in a group of people from the variety I belong to, and he had them teach about how they knew Jesus, and this knowledge spread like wildfire.

So, again, I am floored. God has been moving. He has already accomplished that which he has to do.

This movement required a bunch of people to drop their prejudice, and to open doors between sects, and that is just like Jesus.

There is an intercession story here. When the pope was shot, two friends heard, and two friends got together, and they interceded against demonic powers for the pope, to prevent further attack, and for God to become more involved. If you see the story on Rick Joyner's television show, you see see more of this.

Also, Pope John Paul is a hero for the world. Why? He stopped World War III from happening. He told Russia he would be on the front lines, and they would have to kill him in order to take Poland.

This is a tremendous story.

For everyone who comes here to learn about intercession, this is what it means to intercede. Something happened. Intercessors gather, and they take down the dark heavenly realm.

Russian believers, please take no offense, for my love and God's love extends to you in openness, and you are a site of major revival as the Olympics approach, and for all I know, God has been working in you the past 10 years to in order to accomplish that which he is going to through the Olympics. Praise God!

God is for the people, and against the dark heavenly forces.

God Claims Titanic Movie

Last night, I watched an old favorite. However, I watched it with new eyes, as Ian said in the NDE movie here. I watched it in the light of the Lord's prophecy and dreams interpretations symbols.

Since the God of Wonders and Mysteries produced this movie for an exercise in decoding his messages, I would like my reader to watch the movie, work back through the blog posts to that post Hickory Dickory Dock, and you should have studied metaphor interpretation there.

Hickory Dickory Dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one
The mouse ran down
Hickory Dickory Dock
Live life to its fullest
Meet me at the clock.

In this movie what sprung out to me was, God has layered this movie on top of the messages of Hickory Dickory Dock. The central role of the clock on the ship, in marking the entry between points and to a place of luxury and if you like royal society and all its traits, it is a metaphor for us to decode.

The message Jack gave to Rose was something like this: "Live life's moments to its fullest. Meet me at the clock." You can look for that message and double-check it. The message at the time for one, seemed to have a similar nature to the nursery rhyme, and was short, and could almost have been tagged onto it. God shouted, "Yes. It's mine."

In this movie, there are themes: mathematicians, engineers, accounting, time, rich vs poor manipulation, chance, royal society (which Jesus offers those he saves, so Jack is the type of guy Jesus goes to save, and all those at the party below), the snobbery of society, women's customs which favor the passing on of a topsy turvy social world and fear Money more than God, and more.

The rhyme deals with these matters. God is the greatest mathematician, engineer, and accountant.

God did a few things in this movie in his own pity for the poor. Many of those poor and children and wives and husbands of the poor, they are with God, for they were chased down as they died.

Many of the rich - their hearts were dubious and their outcomes, based on their idols, were dubious. Some of these served Money/Mammon.

The gods of the sea were against the ship. 

The situation was salvageable. Had there been intercessors on board, and had they got together and prayed, God's hand could have moved the iceburg. What is not possible in the natural world of time, math, engineering, and so on is possible with God.

God could have again broken the sea god's heads, and he would have saved all on board, but no intercessor's voice was lifted to him. That is the tragedy of the event.

God had at least a dozen messages in this movie.

You can delve into them by first studying how to decode this movie, by reviewing the post Hickory Dickory Dock.

Then, use the metaphors, and pick out God's messages. I saw at least a dozen.

God uses people's names as symbols too. Can you find a name of a character, and then use that to help decode a few messages?

Anyway, the Prophet is speaking this morning, and this time, he wants this left not totally explicated, for he wants to teach the reader himself.

Over Christmas, check out this movie, and review here, and be taught by the Prophet.

Were I to write this, it would be 8-10 pages long. However, my dear, it is your turn. You will learn from the Great Mathematician, Engineer, and Accountant.

If my language in explaining this escapes you, you may have to review my many posts prior to writing this.

There are ties in this movie to Hickory Dickory Dock, so you could study the two together to draw out the messages if need be.


Update: I finished the last 50 minutes. There are 2 part hymns in the church scene to explore. There is an on deck sermon and prayer. This movie is a whole lot like an NDE. The scene of something like 2200 people in the water, that was a whole lot like seeing people in hell to me.

Also, the responses of people to the telling of the story were very interesting. The clock theme is carried through the ending, with a variety of scenes supporting that thread.

Do you recall Jack's response first looking at the necklace he would draw? Do you then recall his response to the woman who would be drawn? Who is the heart of the ocean?

Here is a little question to generate a conversation among a few which I bantered with: Why does Rose throw the necklace back in the ocean at the end of the movie? This is a just for fun question, for there could be a few takes. I have mine, and I will put it here in the New Year in January sometime.

As precious as that gem is, God values us a greater worth than gems, for in us he placed hope and faith and relationship.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Pay No Attention

I have a bad video ad, and I don't have a control on that.

Ignore it, please.

You will know.

I pulled it. It's gone. 

New Book Volume 4

In January 2014 on, I shall start working on a new Volume, focusing on lessons from the Holy Spirit.

We'll see where that takes me.

It will be, I think, similar to volume 1-3, and perhaps more manageable for readers.

Bore Name of God

I am editing. Third book. Hmmhmm.

Bore = Creator

Recently, I've been very aware of the Holy Spirit for his part in being Mom.

Moms everywhere, the Holy Spirit, who grows your baby in you, is your Creative Partner.

Moms have been blessed to have the Holy Spirit work within them, and this is moms of every creature.

God so thrills in motherhood, he lets little baby birds hang out on the Ark of the Covenant, and in his Holy Presence. Little baby birds make their baby sounds and coos all around God. And mom birds feed them.

That's in the Psalms a few posts back. I encourage my readership to look through the blog, so you will have to hunt a little for this.

I've been, via editing, meditating on the names of God. The word "Bore" came from my names of God resources.

I would like to make a motherhood link to understanding God, for my readers.

Picture this: A mother has three children. Okay? They are 6 months, 1 and a half, and 3 and a half.

The children often have little accidents. They have either emotional or physical hurts, and they run to mom for comfort, to be held, and to get band-aids. The Holy Spirit is the same way. He yearns for us to run to him for all our hurts. He will be as a spiritual mother, and he can heal both types of hurts. He can heal emotional hurts we bring to him, by telling him about them. He can heal physical hurts, when we bring them to him, and he will heal them.

How does this have anything to do with God's names? God's names are revelations of his various personalities and traits, but they are also in the revelation, a means of us calling out to God for his power in that name. Since God has 1000 names, then, we have access to 1000 types of help.

If the devil has created 1000 idols to take our attention away from God the Creator, it is for this. He wants us distracted, so we do not know about how to access this amazing resource of help God made for us as his creation.

How we lean into God as our Mother, and yes, we will build a base of trust and relationship with all three, but if we understand our mother relationship, this can be the base we start on, that same faith and trust is the same type we must trust God with.

We get hurt. We lean into Bore (Creator). We lean into him as Mom, even after we have perhaps lost our real mom, and that strategy of comfort is no longer accessible to us. We lean into him, and we tell the Holy Spirit Mom all our problems, and he wants to hear them all. As we lean into him, he takes all that, gives us counsel, wraps us around with love and comforts us, and then sets us on our way with a solution, and a Holy Spirit set of next events which he controls for our positive benefit, just like our Mom used to. This is accessible to us as adults, and as stranded adults who have lost our parents. Death and abandonment are strategies of the enemy, but God would never have us feel alone, without hope, and abandoned.

He wants to have this relationship. Just as we call our Father, Abba Daddy, we are to call the Holy Spirit, Mom, Mommy, or whatever name you use for your Mom. If I learn the word in Hebrew, I will be one more word rich.

Okay, so the Holy Spirit is a he, but he contains all creative power of both he and she, so he expresses himself in moms, and as a mom in himself. This is a mystery, so if you want to lean into God to understand this, focus on God the Creator for your revelation.

Back to God's names. Okay, so we have life problems. A bunch. I wonder if God matched up his 1000 names to our 1000 life problems. That would be handy. Every name is a means of us being in relationship to our God.

So, if you have a life problem, and you worship, or you've learned to worship and thank God, and in that worship to speak to God by his many names, then, you call God, like a child crying, and you call that name. God, who is all these things, hears your voice, and his godly eyes, are turned directly to you, as a mom leaning over her baby boy or girl, and he listens to your babble. Most babies know how to say Mom or Mommy. They cry. The most basic utterance sends mommy running to her baby. God is the same way.

God hears his name, and he knows you need a miracle, and whoever has the faith to utter the need, based on their action, which is the speaking, God performs the miracle. Faith in action by speaking out.

Now, this can be the person themself, or it can be a person representing another.

Moms, this post is a gift of the Holy Spirit to us this Christmas. God is very active at Christmas. I can tell he is very happy about all the Christmas concerts, and he is enjoying every one.

As he reveals, use what he gives us, for the growth and protection of your family. Every name of God gives you one access point from which to derive his support and power and empowerment for you as moms.

He understands. He bore us all. Bore. Nice name for God the Creator.

This is my Holy Spirit Trainer lesson for today.

God's names are included in some posts on this blog and as a page resource.


This is a sound file. Yes, a song of the alphabet in Hebrew.

I realize this may have a small audience.

However, in the utterance of the Lord's language, even in the miniscule presentation of an alphabet, there is power.

I recall a story of a young boy, who went to the wailing wall, and all he could do was put the alphabet into the wall as his prayer, for he could not write yet.

God was touched.

So, yes, in the presentation of the alphabet, you may be touched.


Just humming takes down the enemy, so how much more the language of a mere child: an alphabet.

Quick Heads Up on My Books

On Amazon, there's a means of offering a deal, say on buying both the print and ebook.

Having done an edit of the print, I shall be working backward to the ebooks, and the monster ebook.

It's the holidays, so I do not have an absolute day here to get that ebook all tuned up.

When I do, I'll update this post. It may not take very long, for a bunch is copy and paste, but now, I am protecting the various advantages of an ebook, by making sure I don't erase all those cool links.

Okay, so there you go. You can still purchase the ebook as is, if you like. I think the deal is a couple of bucks, if you buy the print. If the deal is not set up, I will set it up in January - early.

Donna's Estimates on Man

I anticipate we, through all our generations on earth, have numbered about 22 billion.

I say that because before the flood, I think the earth reached the same numbers as today, and were basically reduced to a matter of a few hundred thousands, with great bullies treating them like garbage, not like God intended it all to be.

Then, I estimate the regrowth numbers took a lot of time.

Of all that humanity, about 1% at times (when people were not moved by God) went to heaven.

At times of revival, there have been huge local increases in populations going to heaven, which have reached up to 7-8%.

In these end times, and understand, I know the bible says 1/3 come through to the Millennium, but I am counting on God for 50%. I am calling for a Jubilee count for God's harvest.

In my prayers to God, when I mourn and cry and plead, I ask God for 50% of our end time 7.2 billion people to come through on his plans, and you know what? I think he could bring more, just to amaze me.

The shaking and storms and all the stuff which shows us what it is like to have God's hand of protection lifted, all that is to direct our attention, and say, "God, are you there? If you are there, what have you to do with me?"

I am looking to God to birth humanity in the largest numbers ever into spiritual newness. Heaven, get ready and grow, for the Lord has good things planned, and the Lord's worship room can ever accommodate more of his creation.

We need to stop falling for the devil's lies. When I hear a lie of the devil, I smell trash. When you smell trash, tell him to go away. We are worth more. Christ died for us. He gave us his blood for us. He loves us.

You should be watching for all that goes on with God in this great shake-up, and if you are a Christian, he provides. He also provides us opportunity for great testimony. Get into the groove with God.

An Emotional Response

For those who don't take this seriously, think of all your forefathers who did not know God, nor Christ, and think of the fact that the devil has legal domain on your family, for they did not do business with God.

That makes me mad. What makes me even madder is that the devil has taken down the church, like a pack of dogs taking down the hind of an ox. That makes me very mad. The only thing I can do to direct this anger positively is to place it in worship and pleading to the Lord.

Lord, for this Christmas, bring revival. Bring revival, Great, Awesome, Mighty God, Holy, Holy, Holy Famous Three-in-One. Remember the man you created with all your hopes and dreams, Lord, and bring us new opportunity to be sheltered by your wings, Most High God. In my heart of faith, I bow before you Great Lord. Remember man this Christmas, and convict great numbers of man for their sin, bring them revelation of you, and of your ways, so that they may recognize you, and grab onto the bloodied hand of hope through Jesus Christ, and that their hearts may be made new, fit to head to your heaven's ground. Remember us, O Lord, and do not look away. Forgive us, Father, for we are dust. We are easily led astray. We are not very smart, making gods of our own hands. We have been tricked by the spiritual manifestation of the devil and his children. We are your creation. Our lips were made to worship you, Oh God. 
Please remember us, O Jehovah, Yahweh, and please cast humanity upon your great grace and mercy, that we might be given many opportunities to know you. Forgive us of our ancestors lack of recognition of you, Lord, for we know that the stain of their relationship to you casts a shadow over us. Forgive us, Lord. 
Forgive us, Lord. As to our numbers, Lord, bring new life that where Jesus treads in our hearts, great gardens of prosperity and light, hope and joy will break forth to groups of people, to masses of people, to towns, to provinces and states. God set the boundaries. Set boundaries of safety around us Lord, that translate into law, state policy, to government, to church. Forgive us, Mighty King. Look upon us with your favor. Our chances now is as dust blown away in the wind, with an eternity of punishment to follow. You warned us. You told us plainly by your prophets. Even before all these NDEs, visions, and summons, you wrote it all down in your bible. Deuteronomy 28. I lay before you the path of life and one leads to death and one leads to life. Choose life. You said it. We did not heed you. God, we are proud people who think we know everything. We don't. Have mercy on our huge lack of assessment of your wonder, and you mercy and your plan. 
Bring earth revival for Christmas, Lord. Bring us both a Christmas present, and make it last, Lord. Let the embers take off and make spiritual forest fires, that burn the devilish powers down. 
In the precious, pure, and holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Okay, so suppose we are now then 7.2 billion.

1% of 7.2 billion is 7,200,000 souls saved. (Is my math right? I am using my screen calculator.)

1% of all man in time is 220 million.

50% of 7.2 billion is 3,600,000,000. Or 3600 million.

I dare pastors, who have a special place in the heart of God, to cry out for 50% of man of all time.

God knows numbers. He can achieve in miraculous ways. This is a God sized dare. Pastors, do you take dares?

By the way, what is 50% of 22 billion? Is it even possible? Do we have enough man to fulfill this today? If you do the math and it is not possible, still consider that God sits out of time, and he makes adjustments based on prayer, and he could work strategies through all time to complete his task. My point of perhaps an exaggerated effort here is pray for mankind, maybe as I do for a Jubilee Count, maybe more, according to the Spirit, and God-sized in the prayer. Increase our expectation of what God can or will do.

God should be asked for incredible things, but who will ask him to do it?

I've demonstrated the concept, but God wants pastors to do it. I could do it, but I feel this is where I hand it off to pastors and priests. Dream big. Put your prayer in your prayer journal. Date it.

With regards to building faith, if a nuclear warhead were launched against your country, who among you would have the faith to ask God the Father to destroy it, as your Shepherd? Use spiritual tools. I believe a brotherhood of 2-3 preachers together, or one man with exceedingly great faith could speak to God the Father, and bring about the destruction of a set of warheads directed our way. I ask God to build up such men.

Pastors, Why Are You Pastors?

Pastors, why are you pastors? Yes, you love God. God has included in our lives' snapshots of reward. Our own prophesies, if you like. God rewarded Job for being tested with more. Heaven is one nature of reward. The Second Earth is a greater nature of reward, greater than heaven.

God placed within my experience a snapshot of my reward. I walked the length and breadth of Versailles. My place in our Second Earth is a parallel of that ground and castle and comfort. You have access to reward. You must be obedient to the Spirit's whims in you to achieve it. You have it in you. You have the Spirit in you. Go for it.

Each believer has an opportunity to be like David (David's line is that of the Messiah - we do not do that, but we have opportunity), when they attune their hearts to the things which matter to God's heart. However, without your assistance, they are stuck with a bunch of lies about them about who they are, and it is your job to clear the air and present the truth, in discipleship.

We limit God with our belief and our disbelief. We need to use the Spirit to realize the great nature of reward in God's kingdom. It starts with identity. It gathers with revelation of the awesome nature of the Father, Son, and Spirit. It builds with footsteps on the path. The more we bend to the Spirit's will in our walk home, the greater our reward.

God's Great Treasure Trove


The dragon of the Hobbit seeks little rocks and metal bits.

God the Father seeks you! You are the treasure.

His throne room fits billions, and we will all be doing this!

I should also tell you God bejewels you, and covers you with all his best. That's in the Psalms.

I can add that later. He brings you jewelry you never paid for, or sought for, and he just layers it all over you, because you chose him as your treasure. There is no greater God anywhere!

There's a link between this particular song, and the last post testimony. Hunt for it. God does this just to make it interesting. It is not my doing.

New Page on the Bottom Right

There is a page of NDE, Visions, and Summons.

I can't say I've watched all of those stories, but I expect I've seen more than half.

Despite as many as are there, there are more online.

This is a great repository though. The creator who pulled this content together has been doing this quite a while, and has been making better organized resources all along.

It pretty much does not matter where your point of entry into this data is, I find it all very engaging.

Perhaps my personal favorite is Ian McCormack. I keep watching his various renditions of his testimony, and I always pick up new details, and those details match the observations I've made across this blog about hell, and that detail may not have been there. I find watching various versions of these stories to be a sort of cross-check. I should say that God has called me to watch some of these with great glee, for he had things to reveal to me. You know if you give God an audience, he takes great pleasure in teaching. I am his audience.

Okay, so here is one. I've watched about 5 versions of this testimony, and I always pick up new details.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Jesus of This Advent

Meditation Psalm 101-150

I read this over today, and looked over again the pages, focusing on favorite parts.

Okay. When we celebrate Christmas, often today, we think of St. Nick.

You can look that Saintly guy up on Wikipedia.

What did he do? He redeemed two women socially by paying their dowry, so they could get married, and not have to face a life of prostitution.

What will Jesus do when he comes?

Jesus is going to go out to all the garbage dumps of society, and he's going to bring all the people home with him to his mountain. He's going to give those people the lives of princes. Adopted children, just the same type of relationship God offers us as Christians now.

Why does Jesus do this? Cause he loves people. He is righteous. He is just. He loves the poor.

What does this also prevent? It prevents people being in circumstances of poverty which favor prostitution and acts of extreme lack of hope.

St. Nick, who loved the Lord, tended toward doing the types of things which the Lord would do.

When you look back a couple posts, and you see hell, and you see that people are stuck in gutters and are treated like trash for eternity, and they are in a legally founded place for choosing other gods and lives of sin, it pretty much crushes your heart for them.

However, on earth, where there is still a chance, Jesus tries to show people extreme abundant grace and mercy, as high as the heavens, so that they are able to see the love and liberty the Lord has planned for them, if they will accept it.

I am really thankful St. Nick loved the Lord enough to pay the dowry of the two young ladies, so they could marry.

I am really looking forward to Jesus coming, and pulling to Mount Zion tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people to his Mount to be delivered from lives of poverty and lack.

Will Jesus have enough?

Do you remember that Jesus provided for his disciples? Jesus blesses one meal and it feeds 5,000.

He has the Lord's bountiful river from heaven to feed people. He will also receive tribute from nations.

And yes, he's going to fix things up, and build some buildings and all. But most of all, he is going to take all the presents people give him, and use that to build up a great society of impoverished people, who believed a whole bunch of lies and had no expectations for their lives, and he is going to make them his princesses and princes. He is going to invest in teaching them, and raising them to be his servants.

He will take all the good things brought to him, and he will not only support the Levites, or temple caretakers, but he will care for this great tribe of his doing, making them set apart, holy, respected, and not for an exchange of a trade or deal or agreement, but out of the pure deep love of his heart.

That's the Jesus who is coming back.

Why is it that so many people can come back today to give us witness? Because Jesus won the keys to the Gates of Hell. Jesus won. That's why. He can go gather someone from Hell, and give them another chance to do better. (The NDEs are ones who have brief moments in Hell, just before they are retrieved for their life review. Many of those retrieved are those who have deathbed or en route to hell salvations. I am not saying the system has changed. It has not.) He can meet you and decide if it is the best time to go home, or if he still has plans for you to bring in some of your family. People on earth are so much more useful than just say declaring from heaven. Jesus is hoping some of us will do more good things here, to establish the presence of his church on the earth.

What kind of focus do you have for this Christmas? Is is St. Nick? Is it the commercial Santa that everyone removes meaning from, and holds as an almost fictive character? Is it the real Jesus who is coming back to us?

This Christmas, think on this real Jesus, if I may have my say. Jesus redeems us. He did it all. He did not fail to spend one bit of his privilege of Godhood on us, when he took on a human body, and even human punishment to atone for our sin. That Jesus is calling. Do you see him in Christmas Carols? Do the carols you listen to honor him?

Are you cheered we have this amazing Jesus to call upon in our hour of trouble? This Jesus has mercy and grace that extends to the sky. If you fall on him, he can make it all right. If you ask him into your heart, saying, "Jesus, forgive me of my sin, and come in and be my Lord," he will make you clean and white as snow, and make you pure and whole. That's the Jesus I serve. He is the Jesus who redeems man from garbage dumps, from slave markets, and with all his workforce possible, to redeem people from the claws and catches of the devil and his trump card of sin, which tries to take each man down.

I serve a Great Jesus!

New Book Releases Print

Korean Visions Update

This shows the humans in the gutter as trash.
This shows the mudslide to hell, from one point of entry.
The video has almost a million views. Good. I hope this blog ends up topping it up to the million mark.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What Being Born Again Means

Psalm 89:19-37

Living Bible (TLB)
Psalm 89: 19-37 Bold is mine

19 In a vision you spoke to your prophet[a] and said, “I have chosen a splendid young man from the common people to be the king— 20 he is my servant David! I have anointed him with my holy oil. 21 I will steady him and make him strong. 22 His enemies shall not outwit him, nor shall the wicked overpower him. 23 I will beat down his adversaries before him and destroy those who hate him. 24 I will protect and bless him constantly and surround him with my love; he will be great because of me. 25 He will hold sway from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea. 26 And he will cry to me, ‘You are my Father, my God, and my Rock of Salvation.’
27 “I will treat him as my firstborn son and make him the mightiest king in all the earth. 28 I will love him forever and be kind to him always; my covenant with him will never end. 29 He will always have an heir; his throne will be as endless as the days of heaven. 30-32 If his children forsake my laws and don’t obey them, then I will punish them, 33 but I will never completely take away my loving-kindness from them, nor let my promise fail. 34 No, I will not break my covenant; I will not take back one word of what I said.35-36 For I have sworn to David (and a holy God can never lie) that his dynasty will go on forever, and his throne will continue to the end of time.[b] 37 It shall be eternal as the moon, my faithful witness in the sky!”


  1. Psalm 89:19 your prophet, literally, “your saint,” apparently a reference to Samuel, who was sent to anoint David as king.
  2. Psalm 89:35 his throne will continue to the end of time, literally, “his throne as the sun before me.”

When we are born again, we have an Abba Daddy relationship to God the Father. We are adopted, and held as if we were his first born.

As long as we serve and honor God, and shun sin and other god worship, we have all the benefits.

However, despite all these glorious things, if you read the psalm further, things were not going so well, for David had fallen into some kind of breakage or sin between him and the Father.

Christ came to show us these things, and how to overcome them. We are to regularly submit, and not be proud, so that we may continue to please the Lord. That's why we pray the Lord's prayer. We wash the sin from our feet.

When we are born again, we are inherited into God's kingdom. Based on a manly version or interpretation of it, since it does not make sense to the flesh, it has been called becoming gods. See Psalm 82. It is becoming under great favor, and stepping into the spiritual realm where we worship and live under the pleasure of God the Father and we commune with the Three-in-One.

Also note the testimony of the moon. I found that interesting. On Judgment Day, the moon herself will bear witness to the facts of time, of the nature of God, and what he has and has not done for mankind, this earth, and indeed this whole area of space, for she sees it. Though she does not speak now, she will that day, for she will bear testimony to God's nature. And yes, God created her too. He made the lights of the day and of the night.

David Sees the Slippery Slope Confirmation

Psalm 73:1-20 Bold is Mine.

Living Bible (TLB)
73 How good God is to Israel—to those whose hearts are pure. But as for me, I came so close to the edge of the cliff! My feet were slipping and I was almost gone. For I was envious of the prosperity of the proud and wicked. Yes, all through life their road is smooth![a] They grow sleek and fat. They aren’t always in trouble and plagued with problems like everyone else, so their pride sparkles like a jeweled necklace, and their clothing is woven of cruelty! These fat cats have everything their hearts could ever wish for! They scoff at God and threaten his people. How proudly they speak! They boast against the very heavens, and their words strut through the earth.
10 And so God’s people are dismayed and confused and drink it all in. 11 “Does God realize what is going on?” they ask. 12 “Look at these men of arrogance; they never have to lift a finger—theirs is a life of ease; and all the time their riches multiply.”
13 Have I been wasting my time? Why take the trouble to be pure? 14 All I get out of it is trouble and woe—every day and all day long! 15 If I had really said that, I would have been a traitor to your people.16 Yet it is so hard to explain it—this prosperity of those who hate the Lord. 17 Then one day I went into God’s sanctuary to meditate and thought about the future of these evil men. 18 What a slippery path they are on—suddenly God will send them sliding over the edge of the cliff and down to their destruction:19 an instant end to all their happiness, an eternity of terror. 20 Their present life is only a dream! They will awaken to the truth as one awakens from a dream of things that never really were!


  1. Psalm 73:4 all through life their road is smooth, or “they never have any pains.”

David saw the entry point into hell which I called a mudslide.

This was in a recent hell visual update.

Recall I had been looking for it, for the same type of thing surrounds the devil's castle. I called that a mountain of compromise, or a slippery slope of compromise.

This mudslide is the thing which people are not expecting, as they approach this kingdom, and they fall into this mudslide and they are covered with all manner of disgusting grubby filth. That muck is the stuff which goes down sewers. It is literally poop. Waste. All the crap man never wants to see.

This is the disgusting type of landscape the antichrist can offer mankind as an inheritance. But don't forget, man is not served, but a slave, and a condemned slave and prisoner there, being torn apart worse than he can imagine, or burned in sulfurous red liquid that co-mingles with this filth.

I call this a confirmation! This agrees with that vision.

Also, Christian, please note the nature of this revelation. David was having a difficulty with a perhaps wrong belief about God, and he was being tempted, and he too almost fell to that slippery path, but what God showed him was protective. He shared the outcome of the wicked with David, so that he would re-establish his trust in God. That slippery hill - compromise and temptation. Don't give the devil ground in your life. Kick him out.

Man of Mankind: Don't want to go to the hell described here? Choose Christ. Read the top 5 pages.

Mount Zion Will Contain Glory

Psalm 68: 15-23 Bold is mine.

Psalm 68:15-23

Living Bible (TLB)
15-16 O mighty mountains in Bashan! O splendid many-peaked ranges! Well may you look with envy at Mount Zion, the mount where God has chosen to live forever. 17 Surrounded by unnumbered chariots, the Lord moves on from Mount Sinai and comes to his holy Temple high upon Mount Zion. 18 He ascends the heights, leading many captives in his train. He receives gifts for men,[a] even those who once were rebels. God will live among us here.
19 What a glorious Lord! He who daily bears our burdens also gives us our salvation.
20 He frees us! He rescues us from death. 21 But he will crush his enemies, for they refuse to leave their guilty, stubborn ways. 22 The Lord says, “Come,” to all his people’s enemies;[b] they are hiding on Mount Hermon’s highest slopes and deep within the sea! 23 His people must destroy them. Cover your feet with their blood; dogs will eat them.


  1. Psalm 68:18 he receives gifts for men, implied in Ephesians 4:8.
  2. Psalm 68:22 to all his people’s enemies, literally, “I will bring back from Bashan.”

Personal Analysis: I recall thinking that the Mount of Bashan which had been a former worship site would be once more. I thought it would be the site of the Court of Justice.

However, the place where God will live is Mount Zion. So, I have a question. Will there be a separate court of justice? Or will the palace, temple, and court of justice co-exist?

I do not think it impossible for Christ to go from mountain peak to mountain peak for different functions. What I understand is the forests of Bashan will look up to Christ, but is what I am seeing that the mountainsides of Bashan look the direction of Mount Zion, or am I right in thinking that the Court of Justice will be on that Mountain of Bashan? For me to know more, I would need to compare the scripture which was the basis of the post about Bashan to this new scripture section.

Also note, the nature of the ingathering of the Lord's enemies. He goes into the deepest sea to find them. So, suppose there were Tritons? He'd go after them.

Those captives who were the poor, imprisoned, and so on...were they the captives of the Lord, I expect them to be having the happiest day of their life, for the Lord will take them to himself and give them a bountiful share of his provisions. To be a slave taken to the Lord's mount means to become as a son or daughter.

As for other enemies of Christ, when the Lord bids them come, they will come, perhaps thinking it their own idea.

Crushing Poseidon and Triton

God crushed the sea-gods' heads. Bold is mine.

Who are the sea-gods? I propose Poseidon and Triton.

Psalm 74:12-23

Living Bible (TLB)
12 God is my King from ages past; you have been actively helping me everywhere throughout the land. 13-14 You divided the Red Sea with your strength; you crushed the sea god’s heads! You gave him to the desert tribes to eat! 15 At your command the springs burst forth to give your people water; and then you dried a path for them across the ever-flowing Jordan. 16 Day and night alike belong to you; you made the starlight and the sun. 17 All nature is within your hands; you make the summer and the winter too.18 Lord, see how these enemies scoff at you. O Jehovah, an arrogant nation has blasphemed your name.
19 O Lord, save me! Protect your turtledove from the hawks.[a] Save your beloved people from these beasts. 20 Remember your promise! For the land is full of darkness and cruel men. 21 O Lord, don’t let your downtrodden people be constantly insulted. Give cause for these poor and needy ones to praise your name! 22 Arise, O God, and state your case against our enemies. Remember the insults these rebels have hurled against you all day long. 23 Don’t overlook the cursing of these enemies of yours; it grows louder and louder.


  1. Psalm 74:19 the hawks, literally, “the wild beasts.”

God from heaven will and will again crush any manner of god, known to him as either flesh demon, giant, monster, or half-breed, and he will do this as many times as he has to. These sea-gods are Poseidon and the Tritan geneologies. It also refers to the lasting spiritual entities of these things.

However, atheists who face such things will have no hope but themselves to call upon.

David, who saw this, could call upon God.

There is another interpretation for this. In battle with one of the Canaanites peoples, there may have been those who worshiped the sea-gods, and while Israel fought the ground battle, God may have defeated these spiritual enemies for Israel.

Hang on. There's more. In the Stolen Glory Art post, there was a Triton statue. Wait.

Let's bring a piece of that post forward.

The Ariel of folklore based on Greek mythology and idols: Who is King Triton? Note that Triton is offspring of Poseidon. Where does Poseidon fit into theology? god of the deep? Hmmm.

This Ariel is lineage stock from a Nephilim species. The Triton body forms include mermaids, mermen, nymphs, satyrs (Tumnas from the Chronicles of Narnia) and Ichthyocentaurs (horses feet for arms).  What the Chronicles of Narnia movies do for us, is they illustrate these other species.

Read the section: Triton Since the Renaissance.  The unexplained crushing of a child blowing the conch shell is: The child being crushed is the son of man who represents the genealogies of  Christ and his family, and blowing the conch shell is to deprive man from being saved in the rapture. The conch shell is the ram's horn or the shofar. On the seashore of humanity and of time, the conch shell is the trumpet. This is a mystery. Here, we have the Holy Spirit assisting me. Here is an excerpt:
In Jacob Jordaens' 'The Family of the Artist', now in the Prado, Madrid, a Triton is depicted gripping, perhaps crushing, a child with its snake-like tail, a scene watched over by an exotic parrot. The significance of this motif in the context of a painting of domestic happiness is unclear, but it may involve a transfer of functions in that that the child appears to be blowing on the conch shell (referred to above) in order to frighten away those forces that threaten family peace.

  • The snake like tail more clearly identifies the Triton offspring with the pit for me. How about for you?  Here is the conflict of Genesis. 
  • The blowing of the conch shell by Tritons was to manipulate the waves, either for peace or for conflict, and to scare away giants. These came from a time of giants and nephilim. 
  • Jesus clearly showed mastery over the waves, and this triton mimicry is to emulate a godly trait. 
  • The sound of a trumpet calling for God is holy. The tritan conch here is witchcraft, or calling upon the powers of hell for manipulation of the sea in overcoming enemies. 
  • The exotic parrot represents the comforts of the rich and of commerce. The trade of exotic species is in an established setting of trade.
Here, in the scripture, you have a parallel about what one does to the other. So, the Triton tries to crush the child, but God crushes the sea-gods' heads.

Does anyone see the parallel here? Oh, and in addition, why does God feed his people with its flesh? These are his saved people. This applies back then, and as a prophecy, it will apply again.

Why this is important? There may be another version of sea-god coming. The dragon may be of one or another model. It could be our prototype of a dragon from The Hobbit, or it may be a sea monster which comes upon land, but has terrifying characteristics. Or it may be a reptilian, which under magic, transforms to harm those around--the concept of a growing catastrophe. That has been envisioned in movies recently too. There is a potential octopus. Or is the end times dragon a Triton. So, all these models. I have never known what Leviathan looked like, but the end times sea creature may be some manner of off-breed of it. Or it.

God will beat down this next sea-god.

There are 2 creatures God made that he has pleasure in: a Leviathan and a Behemoth. Somehow, the original leviathan does not seem like a good end times beast. I think there is another. I understand the Behemoth to be sort of an ox--I think.

Birds in the Throne Room Verification

Okay, I am doing a Psalm sweep.

I am in a different version, for sometimes, when I read a different version, different things come to light.

What one ought to expect from visions is: By accident, or not by accident, you find something in God's word which confirms it.

Today, I found a verification of the fact that God allows birds to nest in his throne room.

Psalm 84:1-4 - Bold is mine.

Psalm 84:1-4

Living Bible (TLB)
84 How lovely is your Temple, O Lord of the armies of heaven.
I long, yes, faint with longing to be able to enter your courtyard and come near to the Living God.Even the sparrows and swallows are welcome to come and nest among your altars and there have their young, O Lord of heaven’s armies, my King and my God! How happy are those who can live in your Temple, singing your praises.

I have theories about King David. Yes, I think some of his songs are built by a relationship to the Lord similar to Moses, in that he had a prophetic gift.

How else did he know this?

Yes, perhaps, he could have just had a vision in his mind.


However, I see passages in there a prophet wrote, and not necessarily borne of personal experience, though many personal psalms write parallel experiences to that which Christ had.

David, though King, was a man of sorrows, plagued by enemies, and responsible to lead men to victory over enemies, that if they could, would have demeaned Israel, and he did this victoriously.

This emotionally distraught man, sought after by enemies, turned to God's care and God's ability to protect him, and with all that tender outpouring, God did.

I sort of see the psalms could be put into a different order. I see a different order. I would like to put them in the order of Christ's story.

I might separate the Faithful God of our Past, The God of Forever Promises, the Majestic God Almighty, and the Passage of Christ.

Each verification or interesting note will be one post.