Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Divine Orator of Poetry and Songs



Can you see the Divine Orator of this poetry?

There's two possible methods of interpreting this.

1. Romance lights ones face for the thought of a loved one, sleeping inside the window.

2. Or for the one who can sleep on God's brow, or who has the promises of Tehilim 121 covering their path, who might be the speaker if they can speak of "My own son". He is the other sun.

I've talked here about the Three-in-One Divinity.

Tease apart the roles of Divinity here. The three care for you in the rising and setting of the sun, and watching over you while you rest.

This is literature study, and look for the words which speak of the expression of the Divine.

P.S. It is no coincidence that the greatest opera singers also sing the Lord praises. The Lord hands out according to his pleasure the gift of song, and it goes to those who first rise in the morning seeking to eek out notes to him, based on the Sunday hymns they know from their congregation.

The Holy Spirit enjoys moving in submitted artists as much as the audience enjoys hearing beautiful music.

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