Friday, January 31, 2014

The Night the Coyotes Called My Name

I am releasing this book: The Night the Coyotes Called My Name

The print and ebook are done.

The print book should be approved tomorrow.

The ebook will take 12 hours to refresh with the new cover I have made it.

Please watch my Amazon profile for these books.

I won't be adding any more to my book carousel, for it holds only about 12 books.

This has been a good writing day.

Update: There is a short delay for the book, as it is being reviewed by my husband. He's reading the story on his digital device. I will let you know when it is ready.

Print Versions Psalmist Meditations

All three print versions of:

Psalmist Meditations: One Second After

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

Will be available on CreateSpace and Amazon. I expect Volume 3 to be approved tomorrow.

These are available for the promotional on Kindle.

Today, I am practicing the skill of holding up a cat paw on a finger, and still typing.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Regular Visitors

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Warm greetings for the day!

Getting Up for God

I recently heard of this.

I get up. I greet God. Do I ask him this question? No. But this is kind of cool.

Another asks while just awake: "God, what is my mission today?"

After receiving an answer, that person's day proceeds.

For me, I lie and listen. I hear the things God has for me to write.

However, I think this is kind of neat, and I will also ask the Lord if he has any specific thing he needs done.

Will it go to a "To do" list? Perhaps.

However, if we can integrate our to do list, perhaps we will come across those who are ready for harvest.

Part of building in spiritual discipline is to be in conversation with God, not just in traditional prayer time, but all the time, so that we can be acting on God's behalf all day.

We build this skill.

Slain is the Lamb

Slain is the Lamb
Before the Throne
Worthy from the foundation
Of all existence known

Slain is the Lamb
How his blood flows
Cleansing restoring
His people come forward

Slain is the Lamb
Bless the King of Salvation
King of Ages eternal
King of kings, gods, and stars

Slain is the Lamb
It is finished
Christ the everlasting
Has redeemed the foreknown

Slain is the Lamb
That blood does wash clean
The vilest offender
And sets the man free

Slain is the Lamb
He's known unto me
Lion of Judah
Ruler of heaven
Your warriors are shod

Come down from heaven
Make your rule firm
Teach your ways yonder
Bring justice and righteousness
To us all be bread and water.

Heavenly host bow
Down to the Lord
Shine just a bit brighter
For his days are soon to come.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Next Weekend Matthew

Reader, next weekend, Saturday, I am posting from YouTube Matthew. I hope it is there.

Anyway, I invite my readers to do a sit in, and watch the 4 hour completion in an afternoon.

Then, over the next two days, I will post on what God has shown me.

Recall, I have done this several times so far.

Viewing is worship. I am showing my dedication to God by watching the movie in completion, for him to talk to me about it. He is undoubtedly going to. He loves to talk.

You will also get understandings from him. I call upon this viewing this weekend by any of my blog readers your special oil of understanding, Lord.

If you ask God to teach, he does.

I love him for it.

Pay attention to scenes in the garden.

Pay attention to the love conveyed in the actor's eyes.

God's spirit overcomes these actors. God works through them.

God is honestly invading the actor for our instruction, for he is the teacher.

We see so many vile and profane things on TV these days, that I am absolutely thrilled to see amazing learning tools drop to us from heaven from Hollywood.

Praise God. Glory to God.

Okay, the plan for Sunday. Popcorn. Blankets. The whole family. Say you have unsaved people in your family, and you want to lead them to Christ, grab a laptop, go to my material on that on the top five right pages, and you my dear lead them in with a Salvation prayer.

I am excited today. My heart is optimistic with the love of Christ. God is strategizing to bring us in. Really. That's what I am doing with you now. Invite an unbeliever.

In my vision/NDE review, I discovered the detail that Jesus looks down on our life, and he literally plans and strategizes how to bring us in. He plans our evangelism, and how he will bring us his words of life. He does this for each one of us. I am just copying his ways.

Visitors Using Google Translate

I am excited to see more visitors using Google Translate.

Where you come here, and say you find something interesting, see what you can pull from your second language, and from time to time, do use that translate tool from Google Translate.

It may help.

I have a tendency to sometimes not write complete thoughts. I am writing as I think. That could complicate things, for you may be looking for a subject and verb. Most of the time, those phrases are thought extensions on the previous sentence.

I pray the Holy Spirit Helper, who is trained in all literacy, assists you.

He is so good to us. I trust he will.

Two More Years

I am hoping in the two years which are before us, we will evangelize as we need to. Based on the sweep I did today, we are to first focus on our own family. Then, according to God's voice to us, we should do whatever is on his heart, listening, so we can have the most impact. A lot can be accomplished through prayer.

The Answer Elvi Sapata


This is the confirmation of Ken Peters.

You still need to take bits of this new vision and confirm them.

Will We Discuss Theology?

I am reviewing the visions, one with Sori Park, and I am wondering were I to see God, would I need to discuss theology with them, or would I merely experience them?

What seems to be the order of things is that theology is the science of knowing God. If we are in the presence of God, do we need the science?

Okay, so either way, I can tell you there are little things which I want to know about the bible, about stories of saints, about how God works in this world, and how he works in people through the Holy Spirit, and those who have positively made an impact for him, and about the little mysteries he placed in us, so we would recognize him...

All this I want to know about.

I would like to know what God was thinking the day he tied my embryo spirit in my mom, and what hopes he had for her and for me that day.

Whatever you call all this stuff, I categorize it as theology, but perhaps the concepts are wider than what is covered in theology, or known in a different way.

Yesterday Flowers Bloomed

One of the ways I see the Lord present with me, is the lady I visited with yesterday, just as we visited, that afternoon, the flowers at her table bloomed. A hyacinth and three tulips. In particular, they noticed the tulips.

As we visited and prayed, the tulips opened up. There were three flowers. They were purple and yellow.

I do not see this as a mere coincidence.

Where I am, flowers bloom. God showed favor with the timing, and he showered favor on both of us with his fragrant perfume. I did not get up close to smell them; another did.

This totally makes me want to go out and buy several pots for our home. I may also find the bulbs in storage and plant them, for this was so beautiful.

Today's Task

I am hunting through the NDE Vision page for a specific testimony. That could take all day, but I am asking the Lord for his help.

When students sit down to study, ask the Lord to join you, and to use the Internet to bring you the research he thinks will most benefit your task. You will find cool stuff.

I've been on research tasks occasionally, where a site becomes a sinkhole. It wastes time, so ask him to also direct your eyes.

This won't be up long, for once I've found it, I will take this down, but God can be your active research partner.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blind Autistic Boy Sings

Here is a link. Embedding is disabled.

Continue to this video. About 4 or so minutes in, after the introduction, the boy is given the mic.

I cried. This offering of praise is lovely.

Can Vaccines Cause Autism?

This article says this woman associated her child going for a vaccine created autism in her child:

This is not the only parent to say this.

You have a perfectly normal and healthy child.
You take your child for a vaccine.
Your child gets autism.

In the for and against vaccines, there is this problem.

This makes the decision to vaccinate or not very difficult.

Here's a few more articles:

  1. 22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism

    Sep 12, 2013 - Please keep in mind that multiple courts worldwide have ruled in favour ofvaccines causing autism, brain damage and other complications ...

  2. Breaking: Courts discreetly confirm MMR vaccine causes autism

    Sep 3, 2013 - "There can be very little doubt that vaccines can and do cause autism," Dr. Wakefield recently stated from his home in Austin, Texas. "In these ...

  1. Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism - Underground ...

    Jul 29, 2013 - The news that vaccines cause autism has spread across the US despite a coordinated media black-out. She takes her concerns one step ...
  2. The issue I see with vaccines is they pass sometimes without full testing. Vaccine histories need to be known. The companies are eager to earn back their investment, and yes, research is expensive. I understand that. However, some skipping of steps is done to push forward the return of investment. There have been other issues like this in the past. I can't remember all of these, but there are preventable medical diseases from merely not doing things right.

Welcome Visitors

Today, I have visitors using Google Translate.

Welcome! We have cool technology today through Google!

I hope you find what you need. Blessings on you. 

Worthy Is the Lamb That Was Slain

This voice speaks on behalf of the young who were slain!

I raise this as a pure voice of praise before the Lord!

Mourn God's children, and trust your Father with them.

NDE Vision Hunt and Sweep

This time, I am sending my visitors on a quest on the set of NDEs, visions, and so on. That's a page here. You will look through them, perhaps even as a group in a church, each taking one to find this detail.

Mother Theresa is in heaven. Today, she hangs out very closely with Mary. She has a testimony for her people. Find it.

You can look for another detail. Nuns wear their habits in heaven. I do not remember if this is the same story. We wear in heaven our favorite outfits. Nuns enjoy their outfit. It looks all crisp. It comes with an attitude of prayer. The Lord honors that which we enjoy about ourselves.

Friends, I wish I recalled if the one who received this were Catholic. However, confirm these details as a group, by praying together, and asking the Lord specific questions which can confirm it, and as a group share what he says. There are quite a few testimonies with Catholic revelation. This way, you find confirmations.

-See Sori Park 1. Do you see the song? Praise the Lamb of God forever and more 

This is a confirmation of the song I heard. This is the same topic area of singing that I heard.

-Also see Sori Park 2. 3 min 24 sec in.

The Sweep Details: 

Sori Park 1. Some earth related stuff for tribulation.
Sori Park 2. The rapture will be explained as abduction by UFOs.
Dean Braxton. Make sure your family know Christ! God wishes we bring our family in! That is your first line of work. We are to pray more laborers go into the field. Jesus strategizes evangelism! Each individual he works with, he looks to strategize, first for their salvation, and then for their evangelism. God chose many men to do a miracle ministry, and they all rejected him. Kathryn Kuhlmen accepted. Doing the will of the Father is worship. When we experience the Glory of God, he is singing to us.
Gary: In the throne room, he hears, "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world." Confirmation 2 for what I heard. The book of life is called the Lamb's Book of Life. When receiving a miracle, declare your faith, "I believe, I receive." Jesus asked him to do this. As people pray for you, pray this. 7 min in is good. Jesus has olive color skin (like his olive tree metaphor) and blue eyes. This is about 8 min 30 in. 2nd video - 8 min 10 s in notice how a man's transgressions are wiped away when they receive Jesus. The book is recorded "Paid in full by the precious blood of the Lamb." There's 7 lambs which represent the Holy Spirit's 7 spirits. 10 min 15 s Did I become a bearer of a new song?
Janet Balderas: Speaks of Mary. A confirmation. Does the message sound the same?
Faisal Malick: A Muslim who becomes a Christian. I should actually say a believer in Jesus, for Christ is above all our labels.
Akef Tayim: A Muslim who becomes a believer in Jesus.
John Bunyan: Atheists in hell.
Sori Park 1: Catholic topics. Covers Christ's heart image. We are saved from the tears of Christ's heart.
I hope the detail I am looking for today is not Jesse, since it is gone. Here's an interesting scripture:
Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation of things. 2 Peter 1:20
I wonder what the horse drawn carriage with three seats means, for it comes into several visions. It's in Young Moon Park, and others. To understand this, we would need to bridge the information in several.
Hyan Sook Na 2: Tribulation events described. Seals have already been opened. Shows a physical description of the antichrist.
Elvi Sapata: Similar details to Ken Peters. Jesus says the bride will be raptured, and miss many horrible events.
The last one Augusto Perez: Covers tsunamis.

PS. I have removed some of my writing content, for I am supposed to be facilitating my readers doing their research. 

God's Name El Meditation

El = God or High (seems like He)

This name which my reader can continue to study on the Hebrew page is God or High.

I recall others borrowed the name god for others.

However, the name in and of itself is God's. His names pre-existed the earth. If any have taken them, they are riding on God's own forever reputation.

El or the high one - places a nature on all high places that these honor God.

To be in a place where we are in his presence, in a majestic place, from the viewpoint of the Father looking down, as is his during worship, we would need to be high. Higher than the mountains. Higher perhaps even than the moon.

However, the earth has its own metaphors built in. In high places, we pray to God. We honor God. We receive visitations from God. In those difficult to reach places, those where a man has worshiped through his walk, has thought of God with each step of the climb, looking forward to seeing his face, God comes and came to bring down truth.

In metaphors of man, Christ was El. Like in either Numbers or Chronicles, whichever speaks of the brazen snake lifted up on the ensign, Christ was lifted up on the cross, such that all men who looked on him would not die but live, would not be sick but live, would not be surrounded by fiery snakes, but live. Christ super-ceded those fiery snakes with his action of being lifted up. He took on death off of his people, while those in death looking upon him, received his breath of life. He gave up his breath, to go and rest in the hearts of his people.

High and lifted up. We worship Christ, and we worship the Father. In both, the whole of the Trinity is satisfied, for they are so intricately related they are one body, and they receive worship. Christ also worships the Father, for he is his Son. He models how.

El speaks of perspective. He sees down upon kingdoms of earth. He is raised up in our heart. When we have El in our heart, we soar above the permanent atrocities of men. Our spirit goes up.

The Lord has just received 72 men. He's received one for each of his names the earth has no knowledge of.

They are receiving their heavenly names. Will men have names with -el? Or will we have names with -ius?

I wonder how all the 72 are now called. The elect. Before El.

The God of gods. I raise a prayer for the 72, that their lives raise a standard where they have been slain, and that wherever a man comes near to where they were, they will have hearts raised upward in memory of God's name El. And all his other names. Let all the high things come down! Let the fortresses be broken! Let the walls be broken! Let the false temples be destroyed by the fire of God! Let the names of the gods be remembered no more! Let God reign! May his name be spread through the region like foxes with their tails on fire, and may this all be holiness! Crush the fiery snakes who spread death. Let your ensign burn bright, and burn the high things from their places of regard. Lord, bring your fire down now. Bring honor to your name. Spread revival. Spread salvation. Crush darkness. Send to darkness those who love it. In Jesus' name, Amen.

The devil may try to imitate the 72 names, but were one to seek them out, they would all be names of death. Death to the 72nd power. If this is what men want, to see all their family lines engulfed in flames, let them continue to shake a fist at God El and his children. In the end, justice will be metered out like a reed. To life the living. To death the corrupt.

72 more praisers are singing and dancing before the Lord, already established in their homes. Life to the living.

Spring of Living Waters

Jesus is the fount or the spring of living waters.
When a man is baptized, he receives a drink.
That drink changes the rock into the rock that delivers water.
Men who have received baptism become water that satisfy thirst.
At the same time, he is washed in the blood of the lamb that was slain.
Coming up, he is pure, set apart to walk in holiness and honor.
Passing through living waters sets a man's destiny to recovery, not drought.

The metaphor of fountains, or springs are the life giving water of Christ.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Heard a Song

I heard a song from heaven about a week ago.
The song was, "Slain is the lamb."
For a day, I began singing variations of this.
I may do the song, but it is not the song I heard. It is motivated from this.
If God overtakes the controls, which he tends to do, I would tell you.
As I am looking at the image of the I Am video I linked for you in my posts, I am thinking of that.
God created the order and completion through the two images the Lion of Judah and the Lamb.
If we are rightly associated to God in these two ways, we do well for our life.

It is in the washing blood of the lamb that our sins are forgiven, and that all our imperfections (habits, thought patterns) are rinsed and made whole.

God of Symbols

Okay, so listening to the I Am 365 names of God, I hear, "I am the God of symbols".

Understanding symbols is from God and his setting upon a man.This is where my gift comes from. The Lord who rests on me is the source of my understanding.

He also says, "I am Wisdom".

"I am your rock full of living water." Why kind of rock? The kind who satisfies your thirst.

He says, "I am both the warrior and poet." Hmm.

"I am the artist that all artisans draw from."

"I am the word of life called the bible."

"I am three in one, equal and eternal."

"I am all my names."

"I am the rock of ages on which you stand."

"I am he who was and is and is to come."

"I am he who inhabits eternity."

"I am the god of multiplication and reproduction."

"I am Adonai, Elohim, and there is no other."

"I am the God above all gods."

"I am the God of all creation."

"I am invisible and all creation speaks of me."

"I am jealous over you."

"I am your next breath." (I named him rightly!)

I am pulling these forward, for my reader has experienced these names of God in my posts. I have experienced God in these ways: as a poet, as a warrior, as a jealous God, as the invisible God who speaks out of my belly, who brings forth wisdom of a greater source than any I have. He is the God of all his names which stand in the bible, and which Jesus stood for, when he said, "I am".


See all the bible movies on the right ribbon? There's quite a few. Daniel. Elijah. Samuel. Joseph. Those I think are worth something.

Please use these books as part of personal study making a parallel between each reading and the related books of the bible. I am asking you to read the bible books which go with these movies.

I expect the Lord will use this to help you pick out things you might not otherwise.

Short Study Version:

Drop the cursor anywhere in the movie. Watch 30 minutes. Go to the Word. There, find and read the related passage. You do not have to read the whole book or see the whole movie to do what I do. You can minimize or expand the study to what is realistic and reasonable for your time.

The Visual Gospel of John

Since I watched this Sunday, I bring if forward for your examination.

At about 12:40 min in it fails, so start the arrow again.

I wrote on the Jesus riddle presented in this gospel.

What Footwashing Means

Sermon Central: What Footwashing Means

This sermon, as text, demonstrates the symbolism of the footwashing scene in the visual gospel of John.

This site requires you advance, and if you want to see the sermon on a single page, there is a fee.

So, have patience, and move through the 5 pages.

The insight is good.

Just revisiting the movie, it is 6 jars for ritual washing which become the wine for the wedding at Cana.

The theme of washing again.

FAA Meditation: Hell the Alternative

No Boring Sermon!

There is no such thing as a boring sermon!
No manly ordained teaching strategy changes the delivery of truth!
No manly method changes the heart of a man who emits truth!
It does not matter how boring a person could perceive a sermon, God finds not a single word boring!
Please, for the lack of hearers, do not stop preaching.
Please, for lack of the willing, do not stop preaching.
Do not criticize a man for boring preaching!
Let friends encourage one another, and listen to samples for yourself, but never think a single word uttered on God's behalf will not be rewarded!

God's Greatest Preachers

All God's greatest preachest dared preach on hell.

Sermons on Hell

Sermons on Hell   My recommended ones are here:

Try Charles Spurgeon. See John Piper? See John Wesley?

The Sermon Central site has the sermons marked with stars, like movies are.

The one which appeals to me is: Tearing Down the Temples of Hell.

  • What I like about that one is how when the disciple of the Lord comes and sets up what appears to be an insignificant ministry to an area, and pales in comparison to the god of the day, how the burning branch shows up and burns the temple down, and blows his breath on the new Christian church. Historical records around these things speak volumes about what God has got going on.

Check out Sermon Index.

We have a page tab for this.  On this site, I am listening to David Legge. You click the topic to open the page and listen to the audio sermon. This sermon is on the passage about Lazarus and the Rich Man.

David Legge's sermon is very good! Look, a missionary had had visions of the same thing David saw. This is a common vision to the NDEs and visions. The last 15 minutes or so is very powerful. There's a poem. There's this story of the missionary. This one is commenting to be the most convicting of 50+ sermons.

God's Mysterious Word Parallels

Readers, the two stories in our bible about hell and death both contain men named Lazarus.

This is not by accident.

The second Lazarus that Jesus raised, whom those non-believers sought to again kill (according to the visual gospel of John), is named so by the Lord to bring out attention to the story in the passage of the beggar and the rich man.

The parallel is a style of metaphor. The second man Lazarus represents all men who have fallen to death.

Who is Lazarus in the story? What were his benefits? Christ called those known to him upward with him in his victory.

Efforts at Super Soldiers

In God's truth, no super soldier will ever exceed the greatness of the Spirit of God in man's heart of faith.
Billions of dollars are spent which could amount to the delivery of a single prayer.
Men who cry to God in battle will always have the advantage, when facing a mighty opponent.

Example: God just showed me that there is a set of robots, which will be based on remote control. You take down the hive of operators, you disable the army. Men don't want to fight their battles anymore. They prefer to hide, and place fear on others, with the life likeness of their mechanics. Ask God for the hive location (I've shown you how to do this here), when this happens. He will help you take it down.

Here's an article on the topic:

The point of this is God sees it all. He has no surprises.

Hello Friends

Nice to see you!

I am listening to John Piper's sermons right now.

The Gospel in 6 Minutes

Use this to refine your gospel message in 6 minutes. Or borrow this one.

God Arranges Good-byes

When those who love the Lord lose a special family member in a context where there was no chance to say good-bye, and this is not in those circumstances where you have been together for weeks or months prior, but where one is in deep grieving, and been removed from being able to say goodbye such as:

  • a child loss
  • a spouse loss
  • a parent loss

God arranges for his children a goodbye. This happens as a vision or dream. Sometimes, like Jesus did, for a short while, they are present in the likeness of glory, in the sense that for those moments, they have a body.

They only have what Jesus accomplished for us, for those who belong to the devil, could not have this body.

God, who is our tremendous love valentine, is the one who arranges these good-byes.

He knows what it means to mourn for a loved one. Look back a couple stories. He knows. He is merciful and compassionate, and he arranges the good-bye.

God arranges other types of confirmations for us as well, that he has our family member, and those confirmations, though we are lonely, we do not grieve as deeply, for we know God has our family member, and they are in heaven. This would be counted as God's revelation, not information. God is the revealer of our destinies, and it is his heart which breaks when we face death. If you have been comforted by God in this way, thank God.

Not a Ghost But God

The Godhead shows up to people in their visions, in a heard word awake or sleeping, yes, in dreams, and so on. In some of these cases, people have mistaken the vision as a ghost. Or they have mistaken the Lord or the Lord's messenger as a ghost.

We need to clarify this. The Lord Holy Spirit shows up/sounds like your Mom. The Lord Father sounds/shows up as your Dad. Jesus sometimes shows up/sounds like your brother.

Yes, I have read a lot of material focused on history. I have articles about the war.

There is a ghost culture from England. Right? For there were ghost stories.

What I recall in particular was how a ghost appeared to have saved the life of a born again Christian in the war (or a man who became one). There was a man and twice in the war, he was warned which side of the room to sleep on, and where to go and not to go, and he avoided explosions.

This is where the Warrior Pre-cognition post can start from. It has happened. Ask your family for war stories, and see if God did not warn them at some point. He did. God speaks in the voice of warning to us.

There is a second phenomenon. A man, for some reason, knows he is going to die the next day. He has a couple of really good mates. He goes and leads them to the Lord, or delivers them their final message that they need the Lord as their savior. The next day, just like the one who received the message seems to know, that person dies in an explosion or gunfire.

Anyway, God needs the credit for saving men, not ghosts.

It is God who showed up as men's moms, men's dads, and men's brothers to warn them, to save their lives.

Ghosts are deceivers, and they are not there to save your life in a war. They come to torment.

Let's clean up that perception in England, and revisit the stories with the new light that God looked after your family in war.

It could be a while till I open up those papers again, but someday, when I do, I will add the year and the paper and title. It seems to me it was published in the 70's when my grandmother went to investigate the Brodies in England, and this was a war ghost story, where men who were soldiers told how they had been saved by what appeared to be ghosts, who warned them, and they saved their lives.

As a Christian, who has dedicated your home, and perhaps anointed your doors and windows with holy oil, you would not expect a ghost in your home. You would expect the Spirit of God or angels. Were you to experience a noise, consider the presence of the holy, not the profane.

Also, filter your media, so that the home is not impacted by evil. Pray the boundary around your home.

See how God speaks to us:

Watch Daystar TV, John Paul Jackson, Dreams and Mysteries of God, Episodes 6 and 7.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Am the Light of the World Song

Beautiful, ladies! Glory to God!

John Piper Preaches on this Jesus Riddle

Here is a song declaration for you to enjoy!

I love singing this!

The Jesus Riddle

In the visual gospel of John, Jesus said, the Jewish people clung to the teachings of Moses and Abraham (to whom God revealed his name as I Am). He said, if they they knew the Father, they would know him.

Jesus tells them he is I Am.

In that encounter, Moses saw the burning bush. Jesus is the manifestation of the burning bush, for who men take off their sandels, so he can wash their feet. Jesus said, for those who believe in him, that they are clean, but they also need to wash their feet, and his disciples must wash one another's feet.

What does all this mean?

The burning bush was many branches burning, connected to an impassioned heart for the Lord. Jesus who overturned the money-changers' tables, did so for his heart was on fire for the Lord.

The temple burned down from a burning branch.

What glory did Abraham see the Lord as? Do you recall?

Did Abraham see an angel of the Lord? Did he speak to him?

Jesus and the Father are one, so his church must be one in spirit and truth. If we have seen the Father, we have seen the Son. If we have seen the Son, we have seen the Father. Jesus is our earth manifestation of the Father.

From the historical readings I have done, I believe the Caesar was a believer at the time of Jesus. The centurion came to have his servant (Matthew)/his son (John) to be healed. He may have reported the news to the Caesar, or the news had spread. The Greeks also sent a team to ask Jesus if he was God. In this, Jesus is the God of the whole world. The Lord spoke to confirm Jesus before the Greeks, at least how it appears in this visual gospel. Read the gospel of John, to see what it says.

The world was shaking around Jesus. Pilate was convinced he was the King of the Jews. He put the sign for him in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew - all our biblical language sources, and all those who were among wise men seeking confirmations. I hope for Pilate and his wife, that they were forgiven, and stand as eternal trees with God.

Another interesting thing in the visual gospel of John, is Jesus is accused of calling himself a god, and Jesus points out to them, that their own scripture says that as children of God, they are gods.

What is a god? Well, the devil seeks to steal all that is true. What men have typically assigned to their mythologies of idols is to replace their own potential heritage for life eternal, to ascribing it to someone else who is fiction and a demon, such that their end is with the demon and the devil. That which men mean and hope for is eternal life, and the only eternal life is with God through his son Jesus. The men who will live the benefits of the gods, are those who accept Jesus as their savior.

Meanwhile, the spirits of the devil and hell come masquerading as beings of light and truth and origins of men, claiming to be the creators of men, and pulling all men to deception and hell.

Let this riddle be understood.

Listen to this I Am recording, which defines the Light of the World, and all he stands for, in his union with the Father.

365 Names of the Lord Father Son Spirit

God identified himself with many names: all these with stems of I Am. In this, Jesus was using a short form to tell these men he was the fulfillment of all these names in the scripture. Do you see this? Jesus is all this.

Jesus is the fulfillment of all these scriptures.

Though I knew these resources, I did not put this association together till I wrote this to you now. The Teacher is teaching you and I. I knew this video was significant, but not as the answer necessarily to the riddle. God pulls these meaning ties together. However, I have enjoyed putting this together.

If Jesus is all 365 names, can we understand he is God, and the revelation of all names of God in the bible, in his union with them? His heart declared the will of the Father, bore the blessing of the Spirit, and that he shared as his breath on his disciples, and in himself related to us as the Son of Man.

In this John visual gospel, John the Baptist says he is not the Messiah. So, for the 100,000 people who think he is, set your eyes on Jesus.

Did I know the truth before? I think so, but the nature of how I write - all this is not planned. I knew that the I am statements were names of God.  I am not sure I realized that Jesus was presenting this set of words as the clue, like he has done with all the other things he has said. You can take every statement the Lord said, as a mini-clue to opening up the whole bible.

One or two words of revelation from God, speaks a lifetime of volumes of revelation. That is what this is all about. God gave us the word of God - the bible. When we are given a word from him, this is the pattern we follow. We take that word, and we go back to the bible, for there is a larger message there for us all the time.

Truth Confirmation: The I Am Search

Bible Gateway I Am Search

Reader, by doing a brief viewing of all the results of this search, you see this is true.


See the John Piper sermon in the next posting. As well, see this post:

Why Trees

Jesus taught people under trees.
Yes, the trees of earth have been defiled.
Jesus, by his presence, made those trees a sanctuary.
He purified the grounds where he walked.
Where do you think Jesus lived?
I say Gethsemane.
In the gospel of John, they say, "Where do you live?"
I say, he lived in the Garden of Gethsemane.
He answered, "Come, and I will show you where I live."
If you walk in the Garden of Gethsemane, you are lucky.
If you walk where Jesus walked, there's hope ahead for you.

The Exchange

Gather together people from a variety of sects, and study the things of the Lord as he has revealed them to you. Combine your hearts as one cry, in seeking to know the Lord.

Do this in all your houses. Build the faith of one another, by sharing that which you know.

You do not forsake your own worship, but you do this to build a holy bond of love among you all. Let this be a seeking time together, looking to one another, and seeking the Lord to the level of seven times of truth.

All you know, you will find confirms one another. Lay out the evidence, and be confirmed in the love of the one who sought you out, and did not lose one of you.

This can be an electronic house.  

No Hindrance in Worship

Dance is worship.

Recall a long time ago, I went to a bar. At that time, I did not understand dance is worship.

I saw some dance with no hindrance, embraced in the music, and the spirit of the music.

Now, I dance, or move in music, for I am embraced in the Holy Spirit.

The Lord's movement is upon me, and I dance as David did.

A couple days ago, I saw a group of 4 guys, and they danced in worship to the degree that people danced in the bar. I could see the joy of God had taken over their body. They were lost in the movements, and dancing with God in the music.

I admired the closeness they had with the Spirit. I could see him upon them.

There is a difference between spiritual dance, and bar dance.

In the bar, everyone judges you on skill and beauty.

In worship of the living God, he does not care if you fit a standard. There is no judgment.

If all you can do is move one digit of your finger, and it is in beat with the movement of God, it is acceptable worship. If you move awkwardly, God does not care. He just seeks communion.

Dancing is training. It is training for our body motor responses to come under the Spirit.

God takes joy in his people dancing. All the variety of movement is an indicator of the diversity of God, and not one movement is ever to be judged. God made everybody just perfect.

He adores your movement of praise. It was a wonderful thing to see four men dancing in their abandonment to the Lord, and his Spirit resting on them.

Please, when you worship the Lord, expect either in singing or dance, to anticipate him coming upon you. You should notice his presence. We are highly aware of him.

Various Temple Burnings and Visual Worship

Solomon's temple - was burned at the time of either Jeremiah or Ezekiel (I read Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel in a go, so this is why I am unsure). My hunch is Jeremiah. I have to verify the detail. I was paying attention to it, for in 60 AD or 80 AD, the temple was burned by Roman soldiers.

In Ezekiel, God showed the prophet how the temple priests had defiled the temple with pictures of their false idols on the walls. The walls. More or less, paintings. There were carvings too in there.

God had his prophet dig a hole in the wall, and to go in and see the defilement. So, God's temple became so defiled to him, he had to burn it down and start from scratch.

It was rebuilt. It was then defiled by Antiochus. God's own priests, being stubborn in their hearts, may have repeated the same sins. Outwardly, they served one god. Inwardly, they served many. The defilement: what Jesus showed: usery, money exchanges to charge a premium on making the people pure, hidden worship to other gods, which includes having an entitled and proud attitude of maintaining one's position and power with manipulation and control.

Okay, so here is the interesting detail. The caesar did not order the temple burned down. A soldier carrying a branch, not asked to do this, thought there was great treasures in the temple, not just God's worship objects, and he threw a burning branch into a temple window.

The whole interior burned down. Now, with Jesus, and with the New Covenant, we are the temple.

If we defile/define it with idols and images of the impure, Christ comes in his second coming to purify the temples.

That's us. Purify your hearts. We do not want a burning branch to come our way.

I recently heard, do not be puffed up or proud, for if we do not learn humility on our own, we stumble on a rock. Pride is one of the things which locks us in our prison of sin.

Instead, we allow the corruption to be burned off of us, and purified we walk.

Anytime, I have been defiled, even from a memory of a gross scene in a movie, and if there are several corrupt words or scenes, I ask the Lord, "Burn that scene out of my mind, Lord."

He does.

This is a tip, for purifying our temple, so the Lord feels at home.

What is Visual Worship

Last night, we participated in visual worship at church. If you watch our service, I hope you see that.

I said that visual worship drops me into deeper meditation. Here is its other benefit.

Visual worship starts the process of erasing all the idols and corrupt images, and replacing them with purity and cleanness of heart and mind. It is funny how looking at the evidences of God, in his making of people and animals and nature and fun society, and freedom of heart and movement take us into worship.

He loved us. He created this world of beauty and fun. We focus on our relationship to the Father, to Jesus, to our family, to our church, to the world, to animals.
There is not 1 object, other than the corrupt images of idols and vile thought, which does not speak of the Lord.
There is not 1 landscape, or created thing which does not cry out, "There is an amazing God who made me."
The rocks cry out. Looking at a rock, you should be convicted of sin, and come to salvation. Just a rock. That's all we need. Looking at how God made rocks, should lead us to wonder, "Wow, there is an amazing God out there, who paid attention to making all the world's rocks."
On your next nature or discovery channel show, think of this. God made rocks with huge diversity.

When we combine images which speak testimony to our loving Creator, and we put it to worship, we have a medium for meditation and spiritual growth.

P.S. I use quotation format to highlight data here, not to indicate I borrowed a piece of writing. The difference is - to know - is I would include the reference if it were someone else's.

Prophecy Exercise for Pastors and Those Learning God's Revelation

Follow these instructions.

Hold a rock in your hand or your view.

Ask God: God, what do you have to say about yourself with this rock?
Record his answer.
Ask God: God, what do you have to say about me with this rock?
Record his answer.
Ask God: God, do you have any messages for personal change for me with this rock?

Could you do this for a church using the same method? Yes. God uses object lessons. He will use anything in front of you, and he will teach you, but we must ask him. Pastors need to develop the nature of conversation in prayer. This is so they may teach this to their flock.

Stolen Glory: The devil tries to portray his information to soothsayers in the concept of a crystal ball. God has all the revelation that any Christian needs. They are to build a relationship of light and truth, basing all they know from discernment and from God.

What Judaic Praise Means to Me

Okay, so the beats came from within, when God sang from me in my prayer and meditation.

It sounded from the interior like a Jewish party was going on. A wedding. The people were dancing.

And the beats and singing would go gradually faster, like a folk festival, and this was done either with words I know, or in tongues. And what was funny with the tongues is it did not matter how fast I sang, the words were always complete. It was like God was having a blast.

There had to be a wedding. That had to be jumping and rejoicing.

I've found a sample of Judaic praise. Look at Tehilim 121.

Here are now, after happening upon some images of what I think it is like. The instrument set includes: bongo drums, harps, if available, acoustic guitars, melodic voice - not a shouting voice - but harmony and melody. I shall reflect today on the others.

My thoughts of styles: well yes folk music, but also remember that the Lord's people went into dispersion, so Spanish cultural music has emerged as a style for it, using the above instruments.

The Lord's people in dispersion cry out to God for their return to their homeland. The cry in the music, for example in the other languages/cultural styles, is deep and mourning, almost like a dove's coo through my window.

If you have any wonder, ask God to help you find your samplings, for he is the Master of the Internet. He will bring an artist to your house, and have him play in your front room, just because he loves to lead us where we are hoping to go, deeper in his presence.

I would love to hear more Judaic or Hebrew praise. So, I sing.

About Hebrew Letters

See this? Every word is a picture.

That's what I meant.

For Broken Links - Judaic Praise

For the post Judaic praise, erase the end part of the address. It will open up the site, using the root site address. I just did. I will update that address.

Friend Try a Gospel Marathon

Today, watch an entire gospel series: Acts, John, Matthew.

Get popcorn, a blanket, and cuddle up.

Last week, I was doing a repeat run of Matthew. What I noticed, is just like my pastor said last week, the healing we receive is according to our belief in God's ability to deliver.

I either do this, or long readings, but this is more comfortable for a cat to sit on my lap.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Declaration for Pet Parents

Okay, my reader, you can do this for your city, for you are to be raised up as prophets.

Sweet Lord,

Calgary, as of right now, let a windstorm of compassion and love and Holy Spirit hurl about you, and whip up the stirring to care for Calgary's pets, the way you care for us.

Let thousands be stirred to become pet parents. Lord, empty every shelter with adoptions, and let each parent who takes a pet, carry that love which you carry for me.

Let pet parents enjoy the nurturing you provide through pets back to us, as your gift from God the Father for our friendship.

Come, Breath of God, upon Calgary, and make a difference in our cat and dog situation.

Put down the enemies of God and the enemies of your creation. Let God fill our hearts with love.

Let us all take joy in the provision of love and resources to our pet.

In Christ's name, Amen

In my meditation, the Lord asked me to add this:

Let every new pet parent who goes to adopt a dog or cat, and who does this borne from the Spirit of Love, and from the outpouring of the Father, as you carry your pet home, you will find a sparkle on your right hand, for this is the will of the Father that we are good nurturers to creation, and not my words only.

Let the sparkle be an encouragement to you, that to be loving, and fournish a living to his creation is a good thing, and that your ability to deliver a good life starts in asking the Father for what you need daily. So, then share as a good father to your family, and those pets you care for.

My Love My Darling - the Sole Strong Heartbeat in Hell - Update

Update: Jesus may have had his bones and teeth broken based on Lamentations 3. This passage also refers to how Christ wept non-stop for his darling, and some of his thoughts

Jesus Christ took my pain, my punishment and my suffering for my sin. For a week, and the impression to write this lingers, though I hesitated to write of this. I could have done it as a mystery, for my reader to answer. I am just telling you instead.

Jesus Christ did not go to hell with a fallen man body. He suffered as anyone would suffer being in that environment. Go and get off the plane in Shanghai, and see if in just under 10 minutes you are suffering.

Jesus did suffer.

However, what I want to stress for you is he had a whole strong heart and heartbeat.

He, in his small imprisonment, had a strong beating witness that he was different, and that he was loved. He could hear his own heartbeat.

In that heartbeat, he meditated on God, lifting prayers. He prayed for his darling in his heart. Jesus Christ is the love of my life, for he thought of me before he came to earth, while he was on earth, while he was on the cross, and while he was in hell, and too after he rose again, and took his position of authority.

His heartbeat could be heard from heaven, and just like I've told you God the Father and Holy Spirit breathe an intimate common breath, though Christ could not feel it then, for his circumstance was overwhelming, they were fanning him in their breath, in their own great suffering that he had to go through this suffering. All of the Godhead suffered.

In Christ's heartbeat for me, silently according to his heartbeat, he cried out in the spiritual to God the Father and God the Spirit to not forget him, to save his love, his darling, which for today, is me.

Yes, it is you too. But let's leave this personal. It is me. Jesus cried out in prayer and intercession for me.

He cried out so one day, he could protect me, as a covering of holiness and sanctity.

He cried out to redeem me from the slave market of Mammon, which is hell.

Jesus had a heartbeat for me. When my heart beats, now, I try to remember how his heart beat for me.

When my heart beats, I strive for his Presence to be with me, so that we can have a common heartbeat, or one that beats in sync.

As a spirit born individual, we have a forever heartbeat in us, for we will always be under the grace and mercy and tender care of God.

How does your heart beat?

Think of this. Jesus had the only strong functional heartbeat in hell. He used his heartbeat to meditate on God in prayer. How can we be more aware of God's heartbeat?

This heartbeat in hell does correlate to those in paradise. They too had heartbeats. Recall, however, that Christ was for a time, stuck in the sea of blood, where none had fully functioning blood circulation systems, for they were constantly be cut and burned.

Jesus was whole, and God maintained him whole. He had a whole heart, and a broken but beating heart for us. All that love. All that love.

I see a man hanging in a pit, crying out in his heart, and tears running down his cheeks in constant intercession for God the Father to come and change the circumstance of sin, which dominates man. I pray his tears make a lasting difference in that pit, in clearing it out of all those the devil seeks to gather there.

Jesus is my love. Mine. My love. Think of this amazing heart of Christ this Valentine's. Who can love you more than this?

From Ezekiel, God asked his prophet to lay on his side, one after the other, for punishment of Israel for a total of 440 days (a lot more seconds than I have estimated with my calculation). Please read it for yourself. I correlate his time in prison to 3 x 69 days. Loosely, more than 2,000,000 seconds in hell. Assuming that a second passed as one heartbeat, could you last for 2,000,000 heartbeats with purity of speech in a corrosive pit of guck, surrounded with blasphemy, screams of horror of your fallen creation which did not recognize you, lies, criticism, outright bragging of your enemy to your own fallen people, and in the emotional separation from the Father?

Jesus had not just a heart full of love, but full of purity. In this, he never uttered a word.

In this hell also suffered, for Christ's words are life. The lack of Christ's words are death and torment.

Christ saved his words for us. The bible is his love letter to us.

By the way, I just looked at my song, and I had no idea there there was synchrony between the song and this, except the title. It appears the song and this have a common wording. God gave me these clues, which led to this revelation. Look at Donna's Songs, and see the peculiar detail there. Holy Spirit is working in my breast (the site of faith), bringing this forth, and this is my confirmation. No planning. No studying. Just belly writing.

In the Psalms, there is a verse: I am black, but not with dirt.

This refers to a pre-death experience in a prison circumstance, and it refers to the hell imprisonment, being bodily touched by the corruption of the dirt/defiling gunge excrement of hell. When Christ arose, he brought us the opportunity to be clean, like he now is. See the top 5 pages on your right for your spiritual cleansing.

Update: Cool! Thanks, friends, for the +1.

Kat Kerr Correlations

I would have to go back to Kat Kerr's work, and review. Kat did not mention if Christ was beaten before being put into the prison pit. She said when Christ arrived to hell, and went into his prison, he did it in silence. She said, that the devil had a show planned to torment and torture him in front of all of hell.

I believe that scripture does hold authority for confirmations. Lamentations 3 and 4 hold some.


With further scripture study, I realized Jesus did endure worse body circumstances in hell. 

Breath of God

This morning, I am thinking of Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit comes to live in us, as a spirit born individual, and let's face it, how can we have God in us, and not be changed, not of our doing, but of his, he enlivens us to life and joy.

This past week, a friend sent me pictures of kittens, born to a feline CatMom, enjoying her kittens. I was able to show the variety of God's creation to my husband. We could see that Thomas, Martius, and Lucius could all be born in one litter.

All the colors of those kittens were the Lord's doing, through the process of the matings of cats outside, and it is so wonderful.

The mother cat was all white, with sandy ginger spots, and her kittens were all over the place in their appearance. There was a Martius. There was a Thomas. There was sadly no Lucius. There were many other types of colors. It could have been a cat show.

Where are we going here. The breath of Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit tends this process. The Holy Spirit is that CatMom love, and it is literally her breath spread over her kitten brood. I do that with my cats. They should be well acquainted with my breath. They can't escape my breath. They are under the kisses of my mouth at least once a day. They live in my breath.

That nurturing of the Holy Spirit, like a CatMom, who feeds milk to her kittens, and who cleans them, and teaches them, and warms them, and plays with them, that is Holy Spirit. He literally breathes over all his creation, tending it, being personal, watching for the small and minute detail to fix.

Holy Spirit is proactive, as good moms are.

Think on this. Living in the breath. He makes an atmosphere with his breath. His whole kitten batch, through his nature in the mother cat, he blesses the whole batch of kittens.

None of them know they look different. They are. Most kittens don't have mirror technology to tell they are different than their brother or sister, till one day they meet a mirror in our bathroom, and then there are mirror greeting responses.

Holy Spirit is intimate. The nature of his union in us is intimate. He breathes the same air with us.

We draw both a natural and a supernatural breath.

We live in the two dimensions.

When in the cat tents we make for our boy kittens, there is a key essential ingredient to making them stay. They must hear the sound of our breath sleeping, or together talking. That voice which we speak over them, while they are in their cat tent is what makes them stay. They are there for company and intimacy, the same way a child is comforted by their mother's voice.

Right now, I feel surrounded by the Holy Spirit's breath. I live in that breath. I breathe his air.

I breathe his voice. I live in a tent of intimacy with his breath all around me.

The Holy Spirit loves animals. He loves the love which a mother cat gives to her kittens. He loves the love a pet parent gives to their pet, for Holy Spirit is a tender of many life gardens.

The roses of his life garden are all manners of creation, which he values.

When we are pet parents, we are taking on a nature of the Spirit. When we are parents, we take on a nature of the Spirit.

When we breathe our breath over our own baby, or our cat or dog, we are breathing our blessing over them.

We are breathing our intimate self over them.

Think of Holy Spirit as Mother. His nurturing nature is as a mother. His nurturing nature includes all manner of nurturing in every mother and father, and in every creation he has spoken to creation.

I lived in God's breath. I lived in his exhale.

I originated in God's lung. I was a little spirit light ember God breathed out from his own lung. I, at one time, lived in great intimacy, even organic fellowship with my God and my Creator. God breathed me out in his inspiration. I came out of him, and then I lived in his glory, dancing in the light and air  and breath tabernacle of his praise and glory for thousands and maybe tens of thousands of years, till God decided to plant my little spirit in my mother's belly.

While living in God's breath in heaven, I hung out will all manner of creation as a little light ember, soaking in the praise of the glory room, and I did not distinguish between myself and any other spirit there, for we were all light and breath and glory, and we were at peace with the Father.

Holy Spirit and God the Father share a union in their breath.

I shared a union in their united breath for me to be.

Jesus Christ came down to restore me into this amazing fellowship I had before, so that I could never be lost to God's breath.

Holy Spirit is my breath. I lived in his breath. I live in his breath. It feels wonderful.

When you worship, do you feel his breath blow upon you?

Do you awake feeling God breathe on your face, from intimacy kisses on your brow, waking you as a mother cat washes her kittens? God breathes on me. I live in the embrace of his air. His intimate breath over me makes me want to know him, please him, and find him.

I pray that as you read this, you will feel a puff of Holy Spirit breath upon you, in Jesus' name. You, as God's creation, are most loved.

Update: I watched the visual gospel of John. There's a scene. Jesus breathes on his disciples, and all his disciples inhale. The inhalation is the Holy Spirit, and Jesus identifies this. He also refers to salvation being born of spirit and water. This means when we have believed, we go get baptized.

Friday, January 24, 2014

For the Respectful Visitor

I love you! Thanks for listening. I am going to find you a little bit, so hang on.

Here is my latest.

On the NDE, Visions, and Summons page, and sorry, I did it in a whole sweep, there was 1 person who had a very similar account to Ken Peters.

You can easily find Ken Peters here, or look up his name on YouTube, for those links go dead every once in a while.

There were two versions of Ken's testimony on YouTube. There was a long one, and I listened to it all, and found it fascinating. And then, there was a short version. That is something you show someone who does not have a lot of time.

Ken had much of this revelation as a 5 year old.

The one on the right side, and maybe next week, I can sift through that, and bring the confirmation testimony forward here, there is the story all over again.

It makes me think the rapture could be very soon. Though at the same time, I want there to be enough time to save souls.

Please come back next week, mid-week, and I will find the confirmation testimony to Ken's.

Were you wanting to sweep the testimonies, you can do it. It takes time, but it depends on how important it is to you.

The Messiah Healing Prophecies He Fulfilled

Please review these healing which Jesus did.

I feel like God is leading me to this all prepared.

There will be more.

Jesus performed here 30 recorded miracles:

Here's 300 prophesies he fulfilled: At the end of this article, it says a cross appeared in the heavens over Golgotha. Another confirmation.

Good work out there!

Found it!!!

Okay, the Messiah had a pre-described list of miracles he had to fulfill as the genuine bridegroom and Messiah of Israel. This is it.

And notice the bride's unreasonable nature in requesting a man dead for 4 days to be raised.

Read this:

This is why Jesus had to wait to go raise Lazarus.

So, what is the likelihood if I put out a fleece like that to God, and called him as a group to do it, that all of these would be fulfilled if Jesus was not God?

Why would God take the time to complete all these miracles other than to be a sign to Israel?

The bride made the list. The bridegroom fulfilled it.

I find the article hard to read. Perhaps copy and paste it in a Word file to better see the text in a good reading size. Or email it to yourself. I see that seems to correct the font size issue. If you can, remove the blue background, and it will be much faster to assimilate.

The revelation is excellent!

Since this article talks about True Shepherds, I have a scripture post on that which refers you to Ezekiel.

Jesus Compared to Other Wanna Be Bridegrooms

The other wanna be bridegrooms, who wanted to be considered Messiah, or were alternate in the day, could only provide the public with 1 miracle which fulfilled the wish list. The fleece.

Jesus performed them all!!!

Israel, who is your bridegroom? Who is the one who will chase down the Edomites? Who is going to come get you? There is only one. Jesus!

How God Reveals

Okay, so this is for my visitors who are still trying to discern: Do I take these testimonies for real?

God drops revelation in multiples. He does not just drop it to one.

For example, I heard Jesus weeping.

I am absolutely sure I am not the only who has ever heard this.

Look around. You will see that in the dreams and visions, more than one, more than twice, and more than three times.

Also, most revelation is given all over to all sorts of people, but few speak. More need to speak.

Yes, I do revelation confirmation. I may have seen it myself. That is one way to confirm it. Or, I may see it in not just visions, but in sermons, or in the bible, and it is confirmed. Or I see the revelation in several visions, or there are matches between visions and summons.

And there are children. Do you know any family or children around you who have had visions or dreams of Jesus? This is the time that God has dropped this for us, so we could know, so look around. I will bet you if you search, you will find one. I just heard the other day about a child who was in heaven with Christ. The child was 9 at the time. Ask God to lead you to a witness.

And you will find confirmation of the more known testimonies presented here.

God does common drops, like the U.N. dropping food supplies, and he is counting on us picking it up.

Get your own revelation. Ask God to show you. Meditate on the bible. Memorize it. Sing it. I received a vision from meditating and singing the same passage for a week, for an hour or so a day. Sing it. I saw Jesus hanging in a pit in hell. For me. For you. I cried that day. Speaking of it makes me cry now. He did not deserve to bear the cross and hell punishment for my sin. And while he was hanging there, he was lamenting for us.

If you really want confirmation to know what to do with your spiritual life, the time to ask is now. The time to seek is now. Revelation is as close as the nearest bible. Start there. Then, pray and ask for more from God.

It's All About You Jesus

Praise Adonai

How Great Is Our God!

Jesus You Have Overcome

Every stronghold must be broken! Every barrier must come down!

I declare that any who have truly loved the Lord and been in the way the Lord has established will have their eyes opened, and their ears unstopped. Change churches quickly. Run. Find truth.

You Are the Light of the World

Pit Prophecy Sample

In Farscape, Episode 9, Gene Mixup, I think it is called, you see an example of pit prophecy.

I learned recently, that hell prescribes it future, but does not hold the power or authority of heaven, like prophets who speak on God's behalf.

What it does - it is gets you to gaze on a future, for the purpose of imposing or inscribing futures upon you. It is functioning as a declaration and prophecy to you through you watching it.

Such horrors of creation do exist in hell.

This episode demonstrates the plans or the desires of the enemy to corrupt creation.

The little piece of truth in there, is that men have a part in creating their enemy, as in the end time, men will be participating in ungodly creation. The scientist created her own bully and tyrant. The word tyrant is used in my King James Version.

Did you notice the level of deceit in the show? That deceit is a characteristic of dealing with the devil.

Thankfully, for the story, the woman was saved. The tyrant was undone.

In our future, we need the help of Jesus to undo the tyrant.

What do you do with such pit prophecy, which imposes a future upon you, using the known methods God uses?

You must verbally reject it. You should pray over the viewing, "I nullify the work and power of the devil in this movie."

The tyrant in this is an image of a demon.

The tyranny is wholly gruesome, and may indicate a type of what being overtaken by the mark may do to people. It transforms people into creation destined for hell, to be burned up.

Anyone who saw the creation attached to the wall, that is the sort of thing the devil creates, and he decorates his domain with beings stuck in misery.

We are to hold to the Creator who makes us pure and perfect. He also restores us to the pure and perfect. Once we have taken the mark though, folks, it's a one way ticket. There is no return.

When God prophesies over you, he prophesies good things to come to pass. This is in keeping with how God treats those who honor him. If one were to want to see what he does with those who worship idols and demons, that is in Ezekiel. Note that even God's own children, his own people, the Israelites, he will not spare, but he will pluck them up, and let their vine and branches dry on the ground if they bake cakes (worship) to honor the Queen of Heaven.

God punishes and calls evil down to those who worship the Queen of Heaven, so do not be caught in it, for this is a lie and web of the enemy. Those little innocent cakes are made of spiritual poop, so if you would not eat sewage outright, or not make cakes out of sewage, then neither should you make cakes to such a Queen.
The palace of the Queen of Heaven is a hill of bat guano which towers over the sea of blood, and torture of our human forefathers who did not honor God.

Seek God, who made you beautiful, not to honor lies, and reach out and change your identity.

Say, "Jesus, I'm yours" and be birthed into the spiritual world, and let God grow your spirit.

While watching this show, I cried out to God for the woman, even knowing it was fiction, telling God, I could not bare even a fictional woman to be destroyed, and implored to him, let there be a good end for her here, God.

Jesus is the key ingredient for overcoming the enemy. He is our only ingredient. We need him.

Pit prophesy works from the soul based dimension, and from deduction and induction, but not from heaven's revelation. You would be surprised how experts of the bible the devil and his are, for they are constantly trying to watch for what is next. As for you, if you have spoken it it private, the spiritual world has seen it. And even negative thoughts track to bringing on spiritual attack, so they must read body language, and be assessing us. What they do is make guesses. God speaks to a future no one has seen or known, nor derived by logic. God has the authority to bring things to pass, to the stroke of the letter.

Christians and Jews, any who might be interested in substituting your worship of God the Father for the Queen of Heaven, in any manner, here is what you lose. As one born in the spirit, you are adopted sons and daughters, a royal priesthood, with an inheritance given you by God. You are the Lord's future queens and kings. However, just as Christ was tempted, you are tempted to bow down. Follow Christ's example, and bow to no other than the Famous Three in One: God the Father, God the Spirit, and Christ the Son.

Why would you throw away your inheritance for stupidity and vileness? What king or queen goes and makes their bed in a garbage dump?

Other Episodes

Episode 18 demonstrates demon possession. The movements were snake like in the one who carried the virus, and the virus hopped person to person.

Episode 19 demonstrates the fish man, with white skin - also shown as an alien in some movies. Notice this one has a black crocodile suit. Also notice the presence of the female companion, who is the girl brought in a pot to the earth. This is an example of the female evangelist for the antichrist. I am not happy she has red hair. That is supposed to be a nice trait. However, take note. They made the character like Jessica Rabbit.

What we are doing here is looking at flesh demons, or those forms.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Very Sad Condolences to L'Isle-Verte

My very sad condolences are offered to all the residents and families of the Senior Home in L'Isle-Verte.

Here is an article of the Senior Home which burned down: has the stories related

Having been in these types of residents for years as a volunteer, and as a family member of residences, and having been trained in evacuation, my heart cries for you, and for all the would have beens and should have beens.

I pray for wisdom and the comfort of the Holy Spirit to your town, and for corrective measures which will make real differences in the safety of your elders.

God bless you.

I cry to the Lord for emergency buildings which are appropriate to be made available to you, and for adequate resources to address all the issues you identify in your investigation.