Friday, February 28, 2014

Leader Training #10 Our Father Source of Wisdom

God arranged for me to get some wisdom training this week.

It's funny. I pray for wisdom for another - for them to receive wisdom, and God brings me wisdom. What a lovely God. Okay, so my teaching source is a friend Engineer. He pulled together the various sources of wisdom literature going back 30 years from his shelf, and the ones he has consulted over time, and he preached.

I have 4-5 articles I think. I am not sure. God makes deposits in me as he wants me to train you.

For this first wisdom meditation, we are going to think on how a father gives wisdom or life counsel to his sons and daughters. Men, fathers, you are a model of the true nature of God. God is our Father.

Fatherly advice is wisdom. So, as your children grow, you invest in them. For each little life stage, starting with, "Daddy, why is the sky blue?", you begin investing you in them. God invests in us through our fathers, and if we don't have a good father, when we come into the church, God sets up those people around you. God starts placing godly men around you like a bridge. This is a good reason why you should participate in men's groups. Recently, my pastor did a men's breakfast, where policemen demonstrated courage to men of faith through testimony. This is the sort of thing which God does to build his men up. If you had a father who was not so godly, do not be shamed. If you had a messed up family, also do not be shamed. When you become a son of your Heavenly Father, he covers you with a mantle of his love, and he will start training you into a family line which will be blessed for 1000 generations. You will step out of the cursed family line from sin, and you will be cultivated into a human producing vine which lives in the God stream part of this world. In the God stream reality, God grows good families like producing vines, and he uses you to bring good to the community around you. When we sin, a sin curse is brought to 10 generations. When we become God's through the spiritual birth, God blesses us to 1000 generations. Do you see God's math? Is this not generous? Also, when you come into God's covering, you can use your new position to break the curse of sin which has been upon you. Yes. The sin curse can be removed.

Okay, so since God is our Father, he raises us up through our fathers. He raises us up from the knowledge of his words which we read. It is not exactly the pouring over wisdom literature which changes you, but meeting the man of wisdom who wrote the wisdom literature. There could be some who spend hours trying to integrate that wisdom - but it is more the Spirit which arrives from you reading which is your source of your voice. Do you have to have integrated all of it in a short time to be a good leader? If you are just starting out, just read some of God's wisdom literature, and invite his Spirit. This is quite odd. As I write, I literally write stuff in scripture I have not read, recently anyway. I have not recently seen it. I did not know - at least not that I'm aware. But God the Word who is in me spoke it. Then, I find the concepts in the bible - those things I would dare not speak on my own, but for the courage that God is speaking through me. What this proves is that God the Spirit of Wisdom is alive in me speaking. This is actually who you are seeking. He comes when you invite him.

As a Father, God will use all you natural world training and job experience and all your life experience. He does not waste even one bit of your life. He uses everything. He uses the intuition you have developed. He uses your school. He uses your knowledge of hobbies or sports. He uses the language knowledge you have. He uses absolutely everything. So, as a leader, you have some major decisions to make, and those are based on context analysis. God uses your natural logic and thinking, and he will use your own system to lead you through to the right decision. John Paul Jackson talks about having peace in your belly. When you make a good decision, you have peace in your belly. If you have made a bad decision, you have a scratchy belly. God just recently taught me this out of a real life experience. He let me have the scratchy belly.  The circumstance worked out, and that feeling went away. God uses this as our intuition to know if there are complications with our present decision.

God honors your choices, just like you had a son or daughter who chose to go into the Arts, and you had hoped they would be a lawyer. God honors whatever choices you make. He gives you the right to make those choices, and as long as you please him, he produces fruit from all your decisions. God also honors our opportunity to learn from error. He lets us make some mistakes, for he has things planned 20 years in the future, for which that little tidbit of life experience will assist you later. God is growing each man into a man of wisdom. That nature of older men who have large life experience - that is the nature of the godly deposits in them.

As I am reaching out to nation leaders, you may have wise people in your reach who have been involved in government for ten or twenty years, or who are your own country history experts. Make use of these. Take in their counsel, as part of your overall assessment of situations for your country.

Also, in your decision, do call on the Lord. Okay, so an engineer presented this. God the Spirit speaks in a still small voice through our mind as either words or pictures. When scientists or engineers or doctors have epiphanies, they are listening to the still small voice. That exact means they hear or see their epiphany is the means which God speaks to us. These inner impressions are God. God leads us to progress. Good professionals record their new knowledge, and this leads to advances in science and technology. This is the same means of decision making which men have for maneuvering in war. God will speak. He will give you the knowledge you need, and what to do for your country's best interest.

No decision set to trust in God will ever go without fruit.

There was an interesting question posed: Would you rather have brain surgery performed on you by a Christian with no medical training, but filled with the Spirit? Or would you want an atheist who has 20 years invested in medical sciences, and who is a leading researcher in his field? You can guess the one everyone picked. The crowd picked the atheist. This is because God will use the skills of the atheist, and even when they do not acknowledge God, God will use them to perform his good works. God is all knowledge. God has invested in them. It is God's deposit in them which makes them good at what they do. So, atheists, here is a bit of love for you. God's love is the deposit of knowledge in you. If you are good at what you do, you have him to thank for it, for God cares you are cultivated into a good professional. God is your father, right to the day you breathe your last breath, for he keeps reaching out for the whole of your life. If you say, "Father, or Jesus, come in", you are instantly born anew.

Okay, where am I? Okay. I am wrapping up. God uses everything he invests in you as wisdom. You do use everything from your life education, experience, and profession to make your choices. And in that context, you also seek the Lord's voice into that situation. You can pray over the situation, that God will bring his kingdom and will to that situation. God speaks to you, in inner impressions. God brings wise counsel to us. We can make use of that. We receive some wisdom from reading the bible, but you don't have to pour over the bible with a religious spirit in order to receive Wisdom, for he is ready to speak to you from the moment you have received Christ as your savior.

Like a Father, God allows you to make decisions. If you are his, even your decisions, whether the ends are good or bad, God crafts into his greater will for you. He tenderly guides you toward meeting your destiny, whatever that is, but I expect that reward is tied to it. Think of how you have guided your children. God is exactly like that. He sees you like that. He gives you freedom to make choices. He's got the outcomes in his control. Do not self-condemn or review a 100 contributing factors of a decision you made. This is a spirit of condemnation which seeks to tie you. Rather, give the decision or situation to God, and God will make it work, whatever was done. God is an expert at making our paths straight, for our good.

We have both investigated Wisdom and the nature of our Father. I have revealed his two identities to you.

Ask your Father to come. He is Wisdom. You can call him Wisdom. Call him. He will come. He will never fail. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jeremiah Study Assignment

Jeremiah Study Assignment

1. Watch Jeremiah the movie on YouTube.
2. Read Jeremiah.

Ask yourself from the 900 names of God site which God names are revealed in this book and movie.

Get a Word .docx file open, and copy paste the names of God or identities of God into your file.

Basically, you are identifying them. It does not take more than about 8 minutes to skim the God name page, to pull the God names revealed over to your page.  Copy and paste.

What is the pre-eminent God identity, which comes up 3-4 times in verse sets through the book?

I am going to give your the verses mid-week for the pre-eminent God identity, after I gave you a chance to do the reading and viewing. If you have read Jeremiah, skim read it. Also, I suggest reading the last chapter first. For in that last chapter, there is a story summary. Read that first, and then, do all the preceding chapters.

I have introduced this concept already. It is an identity of God which we have explored in the movie visual gospels.

I will give you the final answer in a week. I will also go over the 900 names of God, and I will make you an answer for this exercise. I am not looking for pouring over the text. I am looking for you to skim, recognize, and pull. Okay?

All scripture is a revelation of the identity of God. We learn about him. Ask yourself, after you went through the God's names list below, are there any other names of God or identities of God revealed in your study. I often will now find God's names or traits, and these have not been covered by my present resources.

Your Resources

Personal Note

Oh, and I really like the actor for Jeremiah. For him to take such a placement/role tells me he is a man of God. I am crying out enthusiastically, "Yeah, one more great actor for the kingdom of God!" I feel really sorry he had to give up his love in this movie. One might question the love integration, but God does talk about a love in this book. Christ's own later sadness for his love comes up. Notice that. While the book does not specifically speak this, God does tell Jeremiah to not marry, for he is bringing judgment to the land. This is the type of time God would say to not marry. Also, the abuse Jeremiah takes is brutal. Who would take care of his wife and family? If there is blessing on a land, he would want men to marry to carry on a ministerial line.

Good Sermon Pastor

I was so happy listening to your words.

Yes, I am getting caught up.

Viewer, you will not get better.

Go to FAC. I mean First Alliance page. Click on "Streaming" and then the arrow.

This is time well spent!

And pastor, you did a great prayer. That was powerful.

Pastor, I pray that God will grasp onto every soul who walks into our church from now, from our church family, and right to the day we go home. I pray you will be ridiculously successful in bringing in the harvest. And this goes to your ministry team. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Viewer, pray likewise for your pastor!

Son of God Movie Declaration

The movie Son of God will be seen by more people than watched the Princess Diana funeral.

Let the ripples of change begin with the first screen shot. It's tomorrow!

What are you doing tomorrow night? Make a date.

Use the profits of this movie to invest in further For God movies.

The viewing will be over time. It will include the initial theater launch and further viewing later. However, this will have a major impact. You have joined Christ in being fishers of men on the right side of time.

Update: Your work is a beautiful praise offering to God. 

In that Place of Intimacy Updated

In the place of intimacy with Christ which I pursue, God has offered me all the desires of my heart. My place of intimacy is pursued in praise and meditation and worship.

While I have give my audiences many things to journal for, this is my task. I am to write out all the desires of my heart, such that God may begin working to prophesy over me, and bring these to pass. Yes, his means of bringing these things about is to speak over me the things I hold in my heart as my most intimate desires. In this place of encounter with Christ, once I have journaled, he will then speak that journal over me.

When asked for what these were, I also added, Christ's desires for me. I would have there be a mutual accomplishment. What I am teaching pastors and leaders is the same means which Christ uses over me.

One thing I will ask him: 

1. I will ask him to multiply the harvest of 1 billion souls to a multiple of that. I want more of you with me in eternity. I am asking him for billions of souls to find salvation. Humanity, you are my desire. You are my prize. You are my family. You are my future. You are my inheritance. When we are one in spirit with Christ, where we start and Christ takes over diminishes, and what I want is what he wants.

Note: I've heard a couple others also pray this, so I know I am not alone on this prayer. They prayed "billions".

2. I will ask him to raise men in leadership over nations to stand for covenant with Christ, personally and in their leadership over their nations - against population reduction, and for bringing down God's kingdom. Of these things, you may be sure.

My church First Alliance available on the right pages is doing a series on Covenant soon. Please nation leaders, tune in and watch this as training.

Update: I asked him. God asked me if I would change my list of desires, for I have just raised two, based on just three desires being fulfilled. Would I change my list of desires to him if he only gave me three of my heart's desires? I said, "No."

Songs of Joy:  Your Word My Blessing Strong Melodic

Your word is my blessing Lord
Your word your word your word
Your word is my blessing Lord
Bring down your words to me

Let all your words break apart
Into each lovely letter
Let your words fall upon me like rain
Let them fall again and again

Let your words be my shower Lord
Let them fall on me
Let them fall in a mingled dance
Let them fall all around me

Your word is my blessing Lord
Your word your word your word
Your word is my blessing Lord
Bring down your words to me

May all your words come true Lord
In their time and place
May all your words come to pass Lord
In both these connected worlds

Your word is my blessing Lord
Let you word fall upon me
Your word is my blessing Lord
Bring down your life to me.

Your word is my blessing Lord
A lamp unto my feet
Sweet as a honeycomb
Bring down your words to me

Taking Performance Off Husbands

Here is a challenge for women.

What if God has whispered to you, "Take performance expectations off your husband."

I am whispering this to you, in hopes you will consider this.

What will happen to your marriage when you follow the Lord into this?

I expect a marital blessing.

We are to love our husbands unconditionally for who they are. We love them for their minds, for their sweet spirits, and for their bodies. We love them wholeheartedly.

I love my husband. The Lord is challenging me to go further. I am supposed to give unconditional love.

For the best demonstration of this, look to people's pets. They are good teachers of what this looks like.

Now, I know that pet love is not a perfect transfer, but let it be the basis of demonstration.

We love our husbands. How will they know?

Speak lovely things over them while they sleep. Speak your love to their spirit. "Honey, you are the best man for me." Speak love. God will grow this into you. It is a spiritual gift. It grows with practice. Start with this, and God will guide you into how to use this.

Yes. We are not to apply performance lenses to our spouse.

Taking Performance Off Christ

I know Christ has blue eyes. He looks a lot like the Son of God actor. This actor has brown eyes.

When Christ comes to me, sometimes he has blue eyes which are so brilliant, they are like sapphires.

Sometimes, he has brown eyes, like this actor.

I've been expecting him to have blue eyes, and I see him immediately in the form of the Son of God actor, and change his brown eyes to blue.

Christ has asked me to stop. What my transformation of my lens on his eyes does is reduce the speed of our connection. He does not mind having brown eyes. I've been judging my encounter quality and authenticity on the color of his eyes. He says this does not matter. What he wants is for me to see him in whatever color eyes he shows up with.

So, what have I learned. Christ has mood reflective eyes. His eye colors may be different. Yes, he may show up with sapphire blue eyes. He may also show up with brown eyes. I do not have to work to change the image he brings to me. What I am supposed to do is look into his eyes and connect.

So, if the Jesus who you see in your mind has blue eyes or brown eyes, this does not matter.

His eyes are connected to his identities. His blue eyes are his mastery over all waters. His brown eyes are the fabric of trees and construction. His eye color is another nature of his glories.

However he shows up, we are not to judge him. I have taken my performance lenses off of Christ.

I've also stopped judging the nature of my spiritual encounters too. He has asked me to stop, but to just partake. It is easy to compare with others, and this is not what he wants, but personal encounters for growth and bonding.

Father's and Husband's Blessings

Father's and Husband's Blessings

Scripture: Number 6:23, Leviticus 16:21

Tied to Samech.

Okay, Dads mostly. I am reaching to you. Husbands too. Even boyfriends. Sometimes, in relationships, you may be with one who you mean to marry, but there may be a wait.

Obviously, Dads and mature men have had a whole life of opportunity to get to know Christ. When we bring our children into Sunday School, we are imparting a godly education to them.

However, in this end time, God has revealed to me that he has intent to mature fruit quickly. This strategy will do this. Also, this strategy steps over rebellious spirits, and you have authority as the dad to do this. A girlfriend who respects you will give you this, as a choice of her will. As a wife, I do not see why a wife would reject these words, but ask her, and based on her response, you can do this.

What you do - is you take the knowledge of the identity of who your children and wife are in Christ, and you speak those identities onto them in the form of a blessing.

Okay. Imagine my husband is blessing me. What would he say to me as his wife?

"Donna, you are a daughter of God, born of God, destined for this very moment in time, and chosen before the foundations of the world. You are God's delight. You are born of a creative spirit, seeking to bring light to dark places. You..."

Do you get the idea? What you do is you go to scripture, and you find the promises and identity forming scripture, and you rework that fluidly as your blessing over your children or your wife.

There is a book called Blessing the Human Spirit.

This is the general practice demonstrated in it.

Ask the Holy Spirit. Write out your blessing to your wife and to your children in your prayer journal, where you record God's thoughts to you. Then, in your family time, you bless your children.

Dads, do you have children in university? Do you know you can bless their retention of learning? I have realized there is so much dads can do in blessing their children, and in blessing their wife. And God honors it, for he sees the spirit of love behind your words.

Okay men, write out your wife and your children blessing in your journal today.

Deliver them this next week.

This battles the rebellious spirit. You are putting it down. You are, through the blessing, creating a beautiful spirit in your family.

What you do here is you invest your maturity in knowing who you are in Christ into less mature individuals.

Could this be done as a church member and colleague to another who is less mature? Yes. With their permission. They must trust you as a brother to do this.

There is a spiritual outcome here, and it is real, and yes, you will be rewarded for it.

Think of this blessing: "Son, you will be a mighty man of valor and leadership on this earth."

Wow. I would not mind getting that blessing as a son.

The options are limitless. What does the Holy Spirit say to you? Bless away. It is impossible to not love one who gives such blessings. You are building your household with words. You are building up the immature to maturity. You are setting pathways. Your child or wife gets a boost into their knowledge and identity by these words. You are shaping them into beautiful spiritual trees, rooted in the garden of God. What I am also saying is you are gaining increased spiritual growth in a short period of time. You are turning dead branches into live branches.

Nation's Leaders and Pastors and Principals

Leaders and Pastors, likewise, after you have built your family, and only after, for your family is first, then, you may ask the Holy Spirit how he can adapt this to your leadership.

What you say through the power of the Holy Spirit is spiritual creation of a future over peoples. What you say has an eternal fruit. I trust you will seek the Lord's thoughts on this matter, and you will begin crafting positive futures for your nations and peoples in your journals.

Principals of schools, in this same way, you can invest in your teachers. Teachers, using this, you can invest in your students. Employers, you can invest in your employees. Children, you can speak positive futures on your pets. All this is sought, not in manipulation, but in a spirit of edification, investment, and permission. Ask in the context of you relationship if you may have permission to give a blessing.

As a leader, if you had key staff in close contact with you for leadership and responsibility, you can do this out of relationship, and call godly fruit and callings and fulfillment onto your staff. This is not performance based love. This is godly based calling downs of God's will and kingdom into your work situation. And God honors those who seek him with spiritual actions and releases.

Positions of Authority in Christ

It would be my goal for men to be in the position of purity to, as they need it, to command evil or unclean spirits out of those under their authority. Why would you stand to have a rebellious spirit in your child? Or your wife? Or one under your authority? However, we are not going there yet, for the bond of love and unity is the first step. You start by this blessing, and later you go to command the spiritual structures around your home.

We build relationship first. We build the home first. We bless first.

My Position of Exhortation

When I reach out to men, as Men of Eli, pastors, and leaders, I do write to you as a teacher. I've been thinking about who I am in relation to you. Some of this has to do with recent Christ encounters.

My position related to you is your sister in Christ. When I speak to you, even leaders, I am speaking to you as your sister. I am investing in you, due to the love of God in me which overflows, and wants to envelop you in my thoughts. I am a lover of the masculine heart. At the same time, I love women. What I then say is I honor you, by reaching to you with my thoughts.

The Lord defines the audiences, mostly according to what he gives me daily. Whatever is on his heart, is then the audience for the day.

What I want to say to men out there - I do not seek a position of honor before you, but that as a placement of your sister, who loves you, and who wants you to succeed as a husband, father, and in your occupation for the sake of your family. For leaders, that family is extended to your country. For pastors, that family is extended to your church.

Men, do you recall at one point, I asked you to break soul ties with former girlfriends?

I've talked to you about the benefit of the soul tie in marriage, which God builds?

There are soul ties which are godly, and God does not mind building. The soul tie to our wife is a godly soul tie, and one of the ways which we can build unity of heart and mind with our wife (for women, wives to husbands) is to touch them. Yes, we do establish soul ties with touch. And the second is to ask the Lord to build your godly soul tie to your wife, and this will build your closeness.

This works both ways. Wives can pray for this for their husbands and them.

God also builds godly soul ties on ministry teams, and between godly friends, where like David and Jonathan, he builds lasting deep friendships. God does that too. Whether that friend is a brother, or a work acquaintance, or a tennis or golf partner, this does not matter.

If you sense that a friendship is exhorting and edifying you, you can open this up to the Lord to establish. However, at the same time, if this relationship at some point turns on you, and there is bitterness and hurt, you can also ask the Lord to break the soul tie. Ask the Lord if you need to break soul ties with people who have been close to you, but seek to manipulate you. God will tell you.

What God wants is networks of exhortation and edification for men. Yes. Pastors. Family men. Leaders.

As men get rooted deeply on God's loving desires for them as men, men become great lights for the world. Christ was not meant to be the last shining light. No. He is holding this position for you. Men.

Often in couples, either one or the other, and I mean husband or wife has more time, or more interest or connection to the church, to spiritual growth activities. We often see this as a disconnect, or as a disparity in interest in God. What happens is a religious spirit can rise up in either spouse, and judge their spouse. When condemnation steps in, then a little fissure is set up, and the devil will use that with one of his hammers, and try to split the wood. A marriage is meant to not have fissures for the devil to hammer at.

So, here is the deal. You have forgotten one of the main aspects of your marriage. God has built into your relationship unity of heart and mind. Whatever you or your wife is involved in, and understand that not all the time do you both have the time to go to conferences, or to be involved in spiritual growth, but whoever of the two of you has the time, and you invest in spiritual growth, all that you have to do to share that spiritual investment God has made in you, is to touch your spouse and ask the Lord to transfer the blessings, anointings, learnings even, and spiritual deposits he has made in you.

It is like you just fed the plant some plant food. The Holy Spirit transfers from your touch, a mere laying of your hand on your spouse's knee, and you pray for a push. The Spirit pushes all that is in you to your partner, and you grow in a like-minded direction and in common ways.

By this touch, and mutual push using godly soul ties, you build your household unity.

And this is not manipulation, but this is Spirit focused, and the Spirit is the one who does the work.

So, I started of telling you how I relate to you, and ended speaking of how we can relate to our spouse.

In all this, it is about building our common unity of heart and mind in Christ.

I know God has good things planned, and that they are starting in you.

You've been armed to do damage to the devil's kingdom by building up your family and marriage. You can do deposits of the Spirit in your children. That can be the next post. I am counting on you to use this to build a common bond of love to your wife. And when we all get to heaven, and you have been built up to do damage to the devil's kingdom, we are going to party before God's throne. Yes. We are.

P.S. I will find a soul tie breakage prayer, and one to build your marriage. I may be writing one, from the Spirit. These are good to know. This will be an update. And yes, there are women who may also use this concept. We are to be one with God, and with our spouse, and our family. We are one with friends and acquaintances who build us up. If they tear us down, even after formerly building us up, if there is a manipulative spirit which seeks to destroy your household, you break them. You break the soul ties.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Whirlwind Study

Please review the whirlwind keyword study:

Whirlwind Keyword Search Bible Gateway

Okay, so what I noticed is that in Jeremiah, there's whirlwinds associated to the end times. Judgment comes as whirlwinds.

So, what are whirlwinds today? What are the names we would use for these?

I focused my study on Jeremiah, but you can expand it to quite a bit more here.

To get the most of this, start by reviewing the Context selection, and then, the chapter.

The Fig Study

Please do a fig keyword study.

Fig Keyword  This is on Bible Gateway

Why do this? Jesus cursed a fig tree. How is this significant?

Well, in Jeremiah God writes a whole chapter about either good or naughty figs.

I think it might be related.

There are some other interesting angles.

God has more to say. Jesus was the clue. What he said was meant to get us to dig deeper.

So, what can you find? What other messages has God got for us around figs?

Christ Glories in Jeremiah

The Four Faces of Christ

As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.
Ezekiel 1:9-11 (in Context) Ezekiel 1 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

Ezekiel is one of the revelation passages - where we see angels. These angels are made like their Creator God. Jesus bears all 4 glories. He appears as a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a Son of Man.  When you hear "Son of Man", think made as a man, and the one who kicks butt for mankind, and represents them. Jesus is the one who yields the hammer for righteousness and justice. In law, we often hear a hammer. Well, that hammer is for position. It finalizes decisions. Christ makes final decisions about destinies and reward.

Christ Revealed as His Glories in Jeremiah

Earlier on the blog, I had talked about the 4 faces or glories of Christ. In Jeremiah, I found these 4 metaphors of Christ.

But I was like a lamb or an ox that is brought to the slaughter; and I knew not that they had devised devices against me, saying, Let us destroy the tree with the fruit thereof, and let us cut him off from the land of the living, that his name may be no more remembered.
Jeremiah 11:18-20 (in Context) Jeremiah 11 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

What is this Jeremiah passage about?

In the gospel videos we have been watching, you see all the times Christ is stepping into a trap? You see his disciples watching him, wondering how he is going to get out of it, for the Pharisees and Priests were setting him up for some manner of arrest. They wanted to get him to step in a trap. Christ does not. He always has a wise answer. 

This passage is about all the plotting which was done to take Christ down. The Ezekiel passage is about angels, who take on a glory of Christ's various glories. There Jeremiah passage, though it uses "like" is identifying the Messiah Jesus and how he faced plotting on his life.

I encourage you to read the chapter. That's the center link.

This fills out some of the cultural problems around Christ. Israel - and here Judah - broke the covenant with the Father.

Two More Glories of Christ

Please read Jeremiah 49 Bible Gateway.

See the Red Sea in verse 21. Vs 21 Red Sea for me. There's 2 meanings. 1. Literal. 2. Hell. I think this is some of the events after Christ returns, and cleans up on his enemies.

Here are verse excepts of Jeremiah 49 I find interesting.

19 Behold, he shall come up like a lion from the swelling of Jordan against the habitation of the strong: but I will suddenly make him run away from her: and who is a chosen man, that I may appoint over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time? and who is that shepherd that will stand before me?
20 Therefore hear the counsel of the Lord, that he hath taken against Edom; and his purposes, that he hath purposed against the inhabitants of Teman: Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out: surely he shall make their habitations desolate with them.
21 The earth is moved at the noise of their fall, at the cry the noise thereof was heard in the Red sea.
22 Behold, he shall come up and fly as the eagle, and spread his wings over Bozrah: and at that day shall the heart of the mighty men of Edom be as the heart of a woman in her pangs.

Check My Work

How did I do? Sometimes, a lion or an eagle represents a rival power to Christ. We must watch the context of how a metaphor is used. In parables here, we have seen the godly eagle of diverse colors set beside another eagle which stole the people's affections. In your review of this passage, ask yourself, "Is this eagle Christ?" How do you know?

Sling Study

Keyword "sling" study

In Jeremiah, I discovered that God slings. God taught David to sling stones. Whose skills was it first? God's.

Please notice David's story in the Samuels, and God's story in Jeremiah and another spot.

Who was David taking after when he slung the stone at the giant? David was taking after God.  It seems to me that the whole use of sling stones is not over yet, and there are yet a few giants to kill or will be.

Do you see that the first contact Abigail had with David was bringing him a prophetic word from the Lord?

In Judges, slinging stones was a war strategy. It is like guns today.

Besides slinging enemies from a land, Christ will also sling stones. And his warriors.

Read the various passages. What do you see?

Sling from Bible Gateway

Zechariah 9:14-16

King James Version (KJV)
14 And the Lord shall be seen over them, and his arrow shall go forth as the lightning: and the Lord God shall blow the trumpet, and shall go with whirlwinds of the south.
15 The Lord of hosts shall defend them; and they shall devour, and subdue with sling stones; and they shall drink, and make a noise as through wine; and they shall be filled like bowls, and as the corners of the altar.
16 And the Lord their God shall save them in that day as the flock of his people: for they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon his land.

Jeremiah 10:17-19

King James Version (KJV)

17 Gather up thy wares out of the land, O inhabitant of the fortress.
18 For thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will sling out the inhabitants of the land at this once, and will distress them, that they may find it so.
19 Woe is me for my hurt! my wound is grievous; but I said, Truly this is a grief, and I must bear it.

Verse Study Jeremiah 23:29

Please use bible study tools and find Jeremiah 23: 29

God's word(s) is fire.
God's word(s) is a hammer.
So who is the hammer? Christ.

Why does the hammer break rock in pieces? The resistant rock is the proud and sinful unrepentant man.

Stolen glory: Thor's hammer.

When we receive fire, we are receiving the Spirit in our belly. That is also the Word. That concept of the hammer? We receive him too.

Tonight, we watched the Avengers. I noticed Thor, the character, swung his hammer. Might Christ do this? I wonder.


I found "hammer" appears more than once. So, take the word "hammer" to Bible Gateway, and see how this word reveals Christ. Put "hammer" into the Keyword search box.

Seeing the Bible Visually

Holy Spirit gives Christians a sanctified and divine imagination.

Having seen these bible videos, can you trust the Lord to bring you video from him to your mind, as you read.

This is new to me. However, as he works, he also brings meanings to light, and integrates purposes and ties in his message. This is the gifting that producers have. Perhaps it is also the script writer, but there is a gifting, and Christians can have it, if they know it exists.

Rest and Rescue Prostrate - Leaders and Pastors

Rest and Rescue Prostrate

I know Christ prostrated himself, such that my debt could be paid. In worship, I prostrated myself for him. This was prayer and worship in silence. At the beginning of this time, God said to me, "I am your rest and rescue."

Then, for 10-15 minutes, I was there in prayer, listening. I fell asleep for more than an hour in that position. My arms were straight forward. My face when I was prostrated was up off the ground. And so yes, I fell asleep. That hour or more later, I woke up. Something very bizarre and out of the ordinary happened.

My face was held by God several inches from the ground, while I was asleep. My face never touched the ground. I had no carpet burn. I had no redness from having my nose hit the floor. God held my forehead up the whole time I was asleep.

This demonstration of God to me was proof to me that he is both my rest and rescue. He put me asleep. He held my face from touching the floor.

This message is not just for me. It is for leaders and pastors - for whom I am revealing God as both your rest and rescue. God did this for me. He will do this for you. In your leadership, you can trust God to take care of all aspects of your life, personally and in your work.

Oh and I am now reminded I have a dream to record. I shall go.

Overcoming Temptation

How Do You Overcome Temptation

Okay. Recently. A demonic voice of impurity spoke to me. It stayed for quite a few minutes. 

However, I've been seeing Christ recently, and I've been looking at his eyes. I know what his eyes are like up close.

The demonic voice was being persistent. I knew the origin of the voice. I knew it was not me.

I looked to Christ in my heart. I asked, "What do I do, Jesus?"

Jesus said, "Look at my eyes." I did.

The voice dropped, and there was no more temptation. Not at all. 

So, this is for both guys and girls who have heard a voice like this.

I tell you it is not you. You may have thought it was you before, but if I can do warfare with such things, and defeat them, why would you think it originated from you?

As Christians we are called to purity. Christ will help you be pure. To do warfare with the enemy, we must be pure. So, ask Jesus for help.

What is being established in this? Well, Jesus is a highly jealous God. He dotes on me. By overcoming temptation, and choosing God, we are building the security and trust of our relationship with Christ. We do not need to make him jealous.

We should not even hold that such thoughts that come at us are part of our identity, for we are pure. We are set apart. We belong to Jesus, and such things have no hold over us. I know that Jesus will take care of any competition, and he will strike it to the ground. All we have to do is ask, and he will say, "Look at my eyes."

So, let's take a strength from this new Son of God movie. You examine Jesus's eyes. Get to know his face, and know it well. When a demon of temptation comes at you next time, you choose purity. Recall Jesus's eyes.

In being pure, you have a position as a warrior. Also, you are nurturing your family relationships, and standing, for when your household is attacked, your word against this comes out of a position of purity, and that is powerful. What is your word in the spiritual realm worth? It is as good as the relationship you keep with Jesus. When we are right with him, we are safe. Please notice the intimacy of God with his believers.

You see this nature of God in Jeremiah chapter 2 and 3. He is highly charged about the faithfulness of his people.

Jesus Christ is the husband who will take back the polluted woman. When she has played the harlot, or mistaken her identity not as a wife, but as a wild ass in the wilderness snuffing up the wind in her pleasure, taking any lover, Jesus still takes her back. He forgives the woman who has made an indiscretion. That woman is you and I. Believers. Let us not try the gracious nature of Christ, and let us be faithful. Let us be pure. Let's change our identity. How? We belong to the Lord. He will strike his rivals for our love dead. We will be with him, instead of in the bed where a spear is thrust through two.

Dealing With an Emotional God

God has emotions. He is Spirit, Body, and Soul.

I found a verse that said this in the bible, and it could be in the three books, but I totally don't remember.

When I find it, I can add it, but search for the three words in Bible Gateway. You can find it.

Because God has emotions, that is carried out in the writings to man in the bible.

Has anyone ever thought about this? God is not made of stick and clay. He is not carved of stone.

God has as many emotions as us.

Now, our emotions operate in the natural world, and they do not help us make decisions or to see God.

The Father, Son, and Spirit - three guys - all three have emotions and separate personalities.

All three are different. They are likely as different as three people in a family.

In prayer, people can investigate through relationship the emotions of their Godhead. Though you do this with respect. Sometimes, people who are stressed or emotionally charged from recent life events speak not so nicely to God, and God understands, and takes it, because he understands we are impacted by our emotions. He sees the whole context.

Where I think it is important to understand that God has emotions is in how we live, what we watch, and who we are friends with, and what we are willing to compromise for that friendship, for in doing that, we are treating our God as less.

God is a highly emotional sensitive God. He is a person. We are made like him. If you think you can be emotional, you think he could be? If you think as a friend or spouse, you can be a little jealous, or your spouse can be, so can you imagine God being jealous of your affections?

He is.

Huge. Your choices where you prioritize sin, where you show you don't care about God's ways, you are making him disappointed. Where you honor a woman or a man for illicit pleasure, even images, over him, you are making him ticked off. When you dishonor time spent with him, like a girlfriend or guyfriend who notices his friend abandoned him for another, you are making him a little emotionally charged.

God is very emotional. We need to begin, if we have not already, to picture our God as a person in our minds, and a Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus - who talk to us personally. These persons are each in relationship with us. They are our family. Do you have emotions about your son or daughter? Well, they have emotions about you. Do you have emotions for your husband or wife? Well, God has those emotions for you.

Live your day knowing that how you treat your God does have an emotional impact on him/on them.

Yes, as you get to know God and he restores you, he restores your emotions.

However, when you think of sinning, or even of saying words which dishonor God, or his commitment to you, stop and think what you are saying, that you will not hurt this loving emotionally available incredible God we serve.

This emotional nature of Jesus Christ is demonstrated in the Gospel of John, where a whole bunch of Jesus's disciples take off, for they do not understand him, and he is left with few. They walk away. Jesus turns, and says, "But I chose the 12 of you." Look at the emotions in Christ's eyes, in his face. Jesus is highly emotional. He is emotional about his closest friends - two disciples. He is emotional about children. He is emotional about his church.

Good Night Folks

I see some across the world, so enjoy!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How Many More Days?

How many more days must pass till the Son of God comes out?

Will it come out at the same time all over the world?

Would you fly to get to a showing?

Look Alikes in the Bible Mini-Series

In the Bible Mini-Series:

  • Who looks like Vin Diesel?
  • Who sort of looks or appears like Simon Cowell?
  • Among my close friends, if you read this, one of my close friends has a look alike in this series. Can you find this person?
  • In the movie, who is the character who tries to give Jesus a cup of water on his way to the cross? Who does she look alike?

Okay, one more question. Reader, who are Jesus' two closest disciples? How do you know?

You may also ponder this question in the upcoming movie release.

Producer, that was good artistry bringing this character forward in the scene where Christ was struggling, and met this woman. It is not in the bible, but man, it is good. Good thinking. It is also good critical thinking for the viewer.

The Lord Thine Husband

The Lord Thine Husband

One of God's identities is this - I am the Lord thine husband.

When, in prayer, I danced with Christ, he revealed himself to me by his gentle treatment how a husband nurtures and protects his wife. He held me close to his heart. He made me safe.

The Lord has shown me the applications.

Husbands, you are the metaphor of Christ in your wife's life. You are the same to your children.

Pastors, you are the metaphor of Christ to the bride your church. 

Husbands, fathers, and pastors, are a manner of revelation of God to us everyday.

Christ displayed tender intimacy.

This name is really one of the names of God.

Perry Stone says there are two instances of wives. God the Father is the husband of Israel. Christ is the husband of the church.

Husband, father, and pastor, I know how special I felt, how valued and esteemed I was by Christ.

What does this revelation mean to you? Does it have meaning for  you?

That love you have the day you marry - that romantic joyous love is the love your should carry like an Olympic torch for your whole life. You should carry this for your wife and your children.

Pastors, you should carry this for your church.

Church, what does this mean to you? You, as the bride, should be careful to not offend your jealous husband's affections. Christ has a passionate heart for you. All of you. Men, women, children. As the church, we should respect the living metaphor of Christ in our midst, who is our pastor, and also the spiritual living husband, who sees us in prayer.

This calls for reflection. Does it not? Please notice the names of God which support the nature of Christ as he revealed himself to me.

Off the 900 Names of God Page, here are a few:
  1. Jealous (Qanna'Exo. 34:14)
  2. Jealous God (Qanna' `ElExo. 20:5Deu. 4:24, etc.)
  3. Love (“God is love”) (1 John 4:816)
  4. Machseh (Hebrew—meaning: “Fortress,” “Shelter,” “Refuge”—Psalm 91:2): His arms were a refuge. He held me, in that way a husband would shelter his wife.
  5. My hope
  6. My hope in the day of evil
  7. My judge - It is helpful to have your husband be your judge, for he will be merciful to you on your day of evaluation.
  8. My King
  9. My lamp
  10. My love
  11. My strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort
  12. The LORD strong and mighty
  13. The LORD that doth sanctify you - He sets his wife apart.
  14. The LORD that healeth thee
  15. The LORD that is faithful
  16. The pearl of great price - Whoever finds this husband never gives him up!
  17. Thine everlasting light
  18. Thine husband
  19. Thou preserver of men
  20. Thou whom my soul loveth (Song 1:17)
  21. True God (1 John 5:20)
  22. Thy Maker
  23. Who calleth those things which be not as though they were
  24. Who comforteth us in all our tribulation
  25. Who commanded the light to shine out of darkness
  26. Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment
  27. Who crowneth thee with loving-kindness and tender mercies
  28. Who giveth us richly all things to enjoy
  29. Who loved me, and gave himself for me (refers to Jesus Christ)
  30. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction
  31. Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things
  32. Wonderful (Hebrew: pelehpele’) (Isaiah 9:6)

Extended Study

A Google Search: The Lord Thine Husband

From this, do a verse study on the various links.

Video Study:  Christ is the Law. He is one with his law. The blessings of having the Law as your husband puts the wife in a pretty good place.  Notice how performance comes into this. God has this twice here. The Law (Christ) is looking for a good wife to receive his provision.



In a Renewal Weekend

In a renewal weekend, repentance prayer, blessings, and activations are done.

I am looking online to see examples of the sorts of things which we did.

Pastors, as appropriate, you do these things to open up and to practice people's hearing and seeing.

As well, you use all opportunity to get people in your congregation to minister to one another, building friendship and bridges of common experience.

Yes, this can be done in the context of your teaching, according to the Spirit's lead. It is all about the Holy Spirit. It is not about anything here specifically. I am just finding you tools, for you to look over, and filter for yourself. Maybe, this opens up a path of research for you, and you will find way better ones than I do.

I am just a research kind of person, and I am trying to find you the things which ping me, hey, they could use this! Okay? So, check these out. Yes, this list is growing. If I find too many, I will have to split this up into three three content topics.

These can take up 5-10 minutes of your meetings, or according to the whim of God.

Since there are few activations online, I refer pastors to Sid Roth, who regularly activates his audiences on his show. I think the Lord will have you develop all your own.

By the way, these "terms" when I search them online pull up New Age. You need to be able to sift.

1. Reach to Your Left. Or Reach to Your Right.

Okay, from the weekend, some of the best which I think no pastor would have a problem with was asking church members to extend their hand so someone either on their right or their left, and just to speak words of blessing on them. That was great. It felt great. How often do we go through life, and we get cursed at situationally by all kinds of interactions, and then, you get this. This was a profoundly positive experience, and simple to do.

2. A Few Moments of Tongues

A few moments speaking or singing in tongues, as mandated by the preacher, either in prayer or praise.

3. Hannah of Hannah's Cupboard Examines Repentance

Keep following the bottom right arrow tool, and you are trained on prayer through the bible.

4.  Pastor Created Repentance Prayer Based on Congregation Personality and Persona

Just Food For Thought: See this...

As pastors sift through this, make up your own Holy Spirit prayers on some of the big issues.

What are the issues which you see in your church? Holy Spirit is custom designed, and he uses your revelation to deal with your church. I did not even read in depth on this. I skimmed. You do not have to know all this. If you skim it, do you see any words which jump out about your church? If you do, with Holy Spirit's help, write up a prayer and use your own repentance prayer in your church, and lead your congregation through it. You introduce your prayer leading. What are you and they praying about? Ask those to whom it relates to stand. You pray. They follow. They get released.

You are playing battleship for souls. Yes. That is what you are doing. Do you recall that FAA Art image I posted here about a man playing chess with the devil? Then, on the Jewish fables site, I found a story about the pope playing chess with the devil for souls. Well, when you are doing deliverance, you are poking the bear. You are playing chess for souls, in the sense of freeing them.

You are poking the bear, or playing battleship, looking for the issues which are impacting your congregation.

I trust the Lord will bring to your mind your sheepfold's greater measure of sin, and the Lord is going to help you lead them through repentance prayer. You will write them with the help of the Holy Spirit.

What this does: 1. people get healed via forgiveness.  2. emotions are restored. 3. people's division is cured.

God is great at playing Battleship. He is also a divine chess player. God will lead you. God knows how to play the game. He always wins. When you play either chess or Battleship with Jesus behind your right shoulder whispering what you need to do to win, you always win.

This weekend, as people participated in repentance prayers, I saw many spirits leave. It was like they were leaving through the roof. So, yes, this is a pastor activity, and yes in this game of deliverance, you win.

Pastors, how is your Battleship? So before anyone criticizes about this concept, if you can't imagine playing Battleship for souls, would you play Battleship for Christian victory? Then, think about that instead.

Gospel of John Tie

One last word which arises from the last Visual Gospel of John which we watched. There is a scene there, where Jesus is in a room. It says, Jesus did not go out to visit crowds and talk with them a lot, for he already knew what was in their hearts. He knew all the secret sins and situations. He knew everything. This is my encouragement to you. You, above everyone in your church, have the largest conduit of Holy Spirit as revelation. You can ask God for what sins are plaguing your church, and you can write the issues down out of revelation from Christ. Then, either you, or your ministry team, or your elder team, you work together, and you write out repentance prayers to cover that set of sins or restorations. Then, do 1 per weekend over the coming months. It takes just 5 minutes to bring it into your service. Maybe 10, but you will figure this all out.

The fact that Jesus knew what was on everyone's heart means that as a prophet pastors can ask Jesus to reveal the sins of their people to them for this purpose. That was not mentioned on my post about this gospel viewing, but it is a message of God to pastors now. It has arisen as a key strategy for pastors in my mind. This may even change what you preach, for you know Jesus preached to his revelation. If you are going for your flock, and you have been revealed their sins, then you will preach to convict them of their sin, and bring them to salvation and renewal. What I am talking about is just being open to the Spirit. You must trust the words and pictures in your mind, or messages, and know the Spirit is guiding you to free people.

5. Dance

Integrate movement and group dance into your praise songs.

When you move to the left, we move to the left. When you move to the right, we move to the right. Dance, dance, dance to the rhythm. Dance, dance, dance to the rhythm.

I adored the dance!  This was just fun.

6. Stop and Intercede for One Another

Take 5 minutes and have people pray for one another's life issues in threes or fours. Commit results to God. Agree for God's kingdom and will to be done.


Holy Spirit is always enough. What is here is enough to get you rolling. As I come across anything online with cool bits in them, I will update this post. I notice this material is not abundant online, for it can be put into conferences. For my pastor, I direct you to the couple I was with if you need further information, and write them for activations and repentance prayers. Or get them to come do a conference. I do expect some of the videos on YouTube from Toronto Airport Church to have bits of this type of content in them, so the video sermons from them may be a good resource.

What I see is a massive movement of God coming our way. Yahoo!

If anything like what just hit me is going to hit our church, this girl is ready for a holy Stampede! I hope it does.

Donate Feature

Suppose my reader would like to support me in some way, there is now a Donate feature on the right.

I do not have a charity. This is a business.

I had a need lifted to the Lord. He asked to put this up.

If you should feel called to donate, I would accept.

This is tied to my business account. Thank you.

In doing this, you are supporting me.

Refresh please

I added to the parable.

God Asks, "Can I Have 5 Minutes?" Update


God asks, "Can I have 5 minutes of the church service?"

There was a preacher. He preached and had a very nicely structured church service. Every week, the service started with the same hymn. Then, the choir delivered a very ornate and beautifully orchestrated song with instrumental. Then, the offering was gathered. The church congregation stood. They sang two hymns out of the hymnal. There were different ones every week, but from a roster of favorites. Then, the preacher stood. It was his time to shine. For the Lord, mind you. Right? So, the preacher stood, trying to be all efficient, and he fit his sermon into exactly 35 minutes, where he quoted a bunch of scripture at his people, and delivered very well spoken points into that topic of the week. The polish was exceptional. Timing was efficient. Right at noon, right on the button, God got up out of his seat in church, and left.

Then, there was a day. That preacher had the Spirit of God stirring in him. Revival fire had shot down. The winds of Love had been moving over the city like a hurricane in the supernatural. God asked the preacher, "Can I have 5 minutes of the church service?"

The preacher said, "Well, what would you want 5 minutes of the church service for, Lord?"

The Lord said, "Trust me. I will manage the structure and I will create the delivery. You do not have to control or manage anything."

The preacher said, "Well, I don't know what my elders' board is going to say about that. Hmmm. You say, just 5 minutes. Well, I really don't know what I am stepping out on to, but I decide right now to live as faith in action, and you God will manage that 5 minutes of my church service. When do you want it?"

The Lord said, "Well, how about the last 5 minutes of the church service. I can use that."

The preacher said, "Okay, when it is time, I will announce to the congregation that you have the last 5 minutes of the church service."

The man preached. He ended early, and told his congregation that God told him he was going to have the last 5 minutes of the church service.

The glory of God came down, and many people were hit with the Spirit, and many people were healed. Nobody had done anything. The spirit of God had come down, and moved on the congregation, and delivered people from demons and infirmity, and left people in wonderment, each personally gazing on the majesty and wonder and glory of God.

The preacher looked around in amazement. "Wow, God, that went surprisingly well. You really did a lot in 5 minutes."

The Lord said, "Thank you. I will take that as a compliment. May I have 10 minutes next time?"

The preacher looked over his routine, and he said, "Well, I don't know God. If I don't preach, why would my church pay me? I have to earn my keep around here, you know, or everyone starts to complain."

The Lord said, "I can take care of that. 10 minutes. May I have it?"

The preacher reviews his plan for his routine for the next week. He says, "Okay, if I nip and tuck, and say, cut a song verse here, and shorten my point on grace here, yes, I can find you another 5 minutes, Lord. Yes, you can have 10 minutes. When do you want it?"

The Lord said, "I will take it at the end of the meeting."

The preacher starts his meeting. He runs everything efficiently. He gets to the last 10 minutes. The preacher announces to the congregation that he has given God the last 10 minutes of the meeting.

God arrives. His glory comes. Healing angels walk about up and down the aisles healing the people in the church. Other angels drop mantles and tools into people's tool kits. Others are dropped words to speak to their neighbors. Some receive the spirit of repentance, and they over overwhelmed running to the pulpit to ask for assistance in asking Christ in their heart. The pastor is standing there, doing nothing, and he is suddenly activated to the fact the Lord has a group of 5 before him he needs to lead in a Salvation prayer.

The service is done. The Lord's sweet fragrance rests on the sanctuary, and on the people. The walk out of the church as firecrackers, starting revival in the streets surrounding their houses.

The preacher is there, later in the day, and he is drawn to the sanctuary, where God's presence still resides, and he can smell a rose garden. The preacher stands in there. What is God doing here? It is like he is tilling the ground for a garden, right in the sanctuary. The soil has been turned. The seed has been planted. The light is shining down. What was a seed is a rose bush, and that rose on its branch carries an intoxicating smell of Love. The preacher stands for half an hour in the sanctuary, where God has chosen to be, for his will and kingdom had been brought down to this church, and God is speaking to the preacher's heart, that in the presence of his congregation, he was building a kingdom, and it started with a garden, and a particular red rose.

The man reaches into the spiritual realm, where he sees a rose bush growing up beside the podium, and his hand is pricked by a thorn, and a small blood drop emerges. He sees the rose, and he sees the thorn, but if any were looking upon him, they would ask, "What is he doing?"

The natural realm emits a testimony that the man did reach into the supernatural realm, for indeed, his finger did emit a drop of blood.

The week passes, and the Lord asks the preacher, "May I have 15 minutes?" Then next week, the Lord asks, "May I have 30 minutes?"

Soon, the service does not look very much like the professional and efficient all ducks in a row service as before. It is a good thing the superintendent is not coming around for about 3 months to do his evaluation. God is having some free reign on the service. And he is having fun.

So, this progresses. God softens and tills first the preacher's heart, and then given the room he makes for him in his church service, God ministers to the healing and deliverance of his people in the context of the church service.  The Lord came down and dwelt among his people. And they were healed and they were fed.

This situation becomes, though not ordered, ordered from a higher realm. The people who are healed and filled begin to shine brightly for the Lord in the streets of the community. Soon, they are evangelizing out of their testimonies of being healed by God, and their families and friends are all being awakened with the news. The people in the community say, "Well, I have a need. Perhaps the Lord would minister to my need."

The love of the Lord spreads through the community as a revival fire, and God has his way in this community. God's love spreads, and an open heaven breaks out over this town.

God is so happy one preacher listened. He had this city on a fire and brimstone destruction countdown, and one man who had ears to hear listened. This preacher made the heart of God so glad.

Are you that preacher? Do you need to make 5 minutes for the Lord in your church meeting?

In the Bible Mini-Series, Nicodemus is the preacher who gets it. Those moments he has with Jesus are life changing, and represent his direction to conversion, and his attempts after to represent Jesus in a theocracy - a world based religious government. I see Nicodemus as a man who later steps into building the church. I do not recall any records of him afterwards.

Update: The two most recent Sid Roth guests seemed to second the message here. Today is the 1st of March.

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Russian Valentine

Okay, folks, for several days, I've been receiving anointings and laying on of hands, and eating from the Lord's table, and I am full to overflowing of the oil of the Lord.

He asked me to leak. So, I am leaking.

No surprise. I am directing this amazing leak of love potion to President Putin, to prepare him to do good works. The Lord has found your heart fertile soil, President Putin, and because of your heart, he is going to pour out that which I contain upon you.

We can call this an anointing of the Father. It is an anointing of love - directed toward you.

I've also been teaching you, so as you have been pulling this information, I know you have also received instruction.

Okay. So, yes, teachers do bless students.

Where are we.

I declare that you have the next 5 days off, completely free of all leadership concerns, and God is taking care of your country, while you rest. You take your family, and go on vacation. The level of concerns you will face will be less than a college student off to Europe.

Not one concern will be raised.

On this trip, your family relationships will all be restored and put in good order. If you have any marital matter, your marriage is restored. If you have concerns with your children, with regards to relationship, that is restored. God is pouring love on your family. His love provides unity and oneness, and all matters of criticism drop to the floor.

I have a huge well of love to draw from today, so over the next five days, on your vacation, you are going to be hit with the Holy Spirit five times, and you are falling down. You are not sick. You are falling down with a love anointing from the Father. Each time you get up, you will have a new deposit of something you need to be a leader, a father, and a husband.

What you are getting is largely love. I also asked him to give you wisdom. Great volumes of oil from heaven are falling on your head, and you will feel it dripping down your face. Oil. Love anointing from God. Each time you fall, you will feel the oil.

For any matters of physical healing, I direct you to your local church pastor, for the Lord also directed me to mine for a healing. God likes to have us come to our pastors for healing. He brings us to our church.

However, I am going to take care of the spiritual war tools which have been implanted in your body, right now. On your knee, I see a metal buckle with screws, and the enemy tightens those screws to torment you. Right now, in Jesus name, I release that metal buckle off of your right knee. And you will no longer feel any pain. On your right hand, I see a cuff, and a chain, and the enemy pulls on it. I remove the cuff on your right hand, and release you now in Jesus' name. This cuff has limited you in leadership. You have been tormented. Now, you will have more freedom in doing what you need to do, for the enemy will not pull that chain on your arm. I am doing this release, so that you can experience the healing of God on your body, mind, and spirit. I seal this work, and it cannot be undone, in Jesus' name.

Okay, so Jesus is the Valentine I am sending you. I understand Jesus as a Valentine as a woman. I have heard the expression of how Jesus is a Valentine as a man. When we love Jesus as a man, we nurture him in relationship as our wife. That same romantic special mode of treatment you hold for the precious place of your wife in your heart, that feeling is also for Christ, for he is the originator of your protective romantic instinct. Anyway, where this leads is to a great friendship with Christ. You have deep ties, and much in common. This heart of Christ drives us to be good husbands and fathers.

The purpose of this break being carefree for you is to show you that God can take care of your country while you rest and relax. God is my rescue and my rest. So, he will show himself to you. On this 5 day break, you will see God. You will see Jesus as King. So, yes, I declare dreams and visions on you now.

From this break, the Lord will be working with you, transforming your heart, such that your heart is pure.

In this process, he will remove the strategies of the enemy toward you, and he will bring forth blessing in like manner to your fertile heart, he will break forth agriculture in Siberia. At the same time, I declare you must stop working so many hours, and you must nurture your family. Rest on Sunday, or whatever is your Sabbath. God can perform all that is required in a 40 hour work week, even with a country leader. Take time off, and be present in your family, and build relationship, knowing God can handle everything. God can manage every form of a attack and release you from it.

Are you ready for this? Love come down. Pour on President Putin and his family. My vessel tips, and pours out a golden oil of love right now.

Love, pour in abundant amounts. Love, pour in extravagant measure. Love, revive, protect, and nurture.

Love. Great love. Come down, Valentine, on President Putin! Yeah, God!!!

About 7 Million

Does my visitor recall I declared for 7 million in my past blog posts?

Okay, so this has now been pulled, but I speak to those who keep this in their memory.

I learned this weekend from a colleague, that right after declaring, the enemy shuts things down to test our faith.

So, keep your faith in God. We are not setting him in a performance box. We believe he can bring forward 7 million, however he chooses to do it. I declare with you for your context. You may join me in my declaration for this site.

About the Conference This Past Weekend

About the Toronto Airport Church Meeting

I said to my husband, I was going to travel to Toronto, to go learn from this church.

God brought the church, rather its ministers to me.

It is funny. When we commit something to God, he brings it to pass.

I think I said that about 6 months to a year ago.

Now, I know what I need to know. 

Helping a Reader

Look up: The Bema Seat in the search box here.

Yes. Rewards. Great rewards. The treasures of the Lord's heart.

Do you see the little orange B icon on the top left of the page? The search box is there.

Olympics Safety Prayer Thanksgiving

Lord, you are such a gracious and tenderhearted God. Jesus. Jehovah. Ruah.

Thank you for providing safety to the Olympics, to the athletes of United States, Canada, and Israel, and to all the prayer upliftings around the world for nation's athlete participants. Thank you for sending them angel bodyguards that walked them to and fro.

Thank you that people had fun!

Thank you that the whole zone was safe from uprisings and explosions.

Thank you that Russia, and her President, were able to extend warm hands of hospitality to the world, and experience the best out of this whole event.

Let your blessing fall on Russia for her kindness.

Thank you Lord for also accomplishing your will and kingdom in the spiritual dimensions of this place, time, and event. Thank you that the enemy failed.

Also, Lord thank you for the turn of events between Russia and Ukraine for this moment, and bring forward your solutions Lord. Thank you for the present peace.

Lord, Russia has not had some areas so great for food production. I ask you Lord, that you will open up grounds not before useful, change their eco-climate, and make Russia able to produce food. You have been changing climates, Lord. I ask you would open up some areas to be fertile in the way you blessed Israel, as a message of favor to Russia. Russia, your source of knowledge on this is how Israel opened up deserts to become flower gardens. However, you have cold temperatures in some areas, so I trust God is going to work it out. He is going to bring wisdom to the agricultural experts in Russia. You do not have be anxious when you trust God! Whatever technology or process is developed is excluded from the hands of the controlling rich forever. You may not have it. It will stay in Russia. It is not something that will be released, or traded, or published to the worlds technology data. This particular blessing will meet the needs of Russia. And they will not go hungry. I see Siberia producing fruits, vegetables, and just because God loves being gracious, beautiful bouquets of flowers for men to take home to their wives.  Siberia, be fruitful. Deliver up the prisoner, and in exchange, bring forth fruit!

The Lord is the one who delivered peace to the Olympics, and all the comings and goings and socializing in Russia. I acknowledge you Lord, for you are mighty, and your hand of protection is more than able to provide peace and comfort, and you do bless man, with your mighty manner of provision. Yeah God! Yeah for the athletes who had fun!

Thank you Lord that athletes were physically well, not sick, and able to perform to their best to break records, and to have a whole lot of fun! Thank you Lord. Thank you for the healthiest Olympics ever.

Mighty One, I adore you, and I thank you that you care, and that you look upon the places I have concern for, and you bring down your good will, and you make things so great! Thank you that you are able to fight our battles, and take our concerns, and make with them social art. You have built many great memories and experiences for people out of the Olympics, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Most High. Thank you, King of Kings. You are glorious, Famous Three-In-One.

In Christ's name, I raise my flag of heavenly appreciation, up to the courtroom and glory room of my Great God, Amen.

Thanksgiving prayers like this are brought before the throne in heaven. That's why I have prepared this.

Leader Training #9: Performance Orientation Needs to Stop

Performance Orientation Needs to Stop

When we are small, we look to our parents for feedback, and we get positive and negative.

When we get negative feedback, we get started into being performance oriented.

School is all organized this way. Actually, so is university and so is performance evaluation for teachers in the schools systems.

All of this is opposite how God works.

When we are performance oriented, we have these expectations of ourselves. We also put performance boxes on God. We can expect neither to provide a flourishing relationship with God. 

We must stop placing self-expectations which are performance directed. This is a religious spirit. We must learn instead to be relationship focused and be in relationship with the Father, establishing a continuing presence of him in you, and being aware of him.

We must not be disappointed when God does not answer a specific prayer, but let God be God and make decisions for our best. I learned this weekend that we gain favor with God, just by waiting on our prayers. God does not answer for whatever reason, but when he sees we are faithful in circumstances and we love God all through it, and we are not disappointed, or angry with God, and saying mean things to him, or giving up on him, God really appreciates it. He comes around with our break through, and he will respond according to what is best.

This is a bit of faith in action, like Abraham waiting for his son. Many of us give up way sooner than Abraham.

Performance orientation is the lack of faith Sarah had, when she gave her servant girl to Abraham to bare a son. 

We need to change how we wait. We need to let God be God, and trust him for what he is doing.

We walk in obedience, walking according to the revelation we have at the time, and we let God work out our path.

We do not order God around. He is not our puppy. We do not get dismayed with him when he does not roll over when we tell him to.

We trust him. We honor him. We seek him. We do not waver in thinking he is the Spirit of Revelation.

If you seek God, he is going to let you find him. And even more than that, as he has said to me, he told me to walk into spiritual places unhindered, to not fear making mistakes, and even when I would make mistakes, he said he would carry me, with his hand under me, making sure I was okay. That means God manages all the outcomes. Yes, I could make a huge mistake, even here as a prophet. Maybe I even have. But God has promised to manage every mistake I make for good. How can I not speak? He is taking care of everything. I have no reason to not speak for him.

So, I speak for him. I want you to lead for him. We must not let performance orientation to take away our lenses for God. You are exactly the guy who God can use to change the world.

Will you let him? God will take care of everything, including managing all the world events around you, so that even if you make a mistake, he can correct it for the betterment of your nation. You cannot make a mistake with God.

There's a verse in the bible. Get your local pastor to help you find it. God looks to and fro through the earth for a man who knows he exists and who earnestly seeks him. That's what King David was. He was a lover of God. All you have to do is be a lover of God and he will love you back, taking care of your nation.

How about it? This is not a bad offer. It is one you can take. You are a leader. Set your hand out to Jesus, and let him assist you in your end times leadership. I am hoping you are going to build your nation in heaven, establish a future government for yourself in the future, and be dangerous to the antichrist, and support a revival and renewal movement in your country, and push back the famine, human depopulation, and commercial control of the antichrist against your nation. I am hoping  you will examine your position related to Israel. You need to think about this, and choose rightly.

I am really excited about those who pick this up. Those of you who join with Christ are going to be a huge advantage in these end times. There is hope for the peoples of the earth. Are you it? Christ will give you the strategies and wisdom to overcome and block the antichrist movement against killing your people. As a nation leader, will you resist the antichrist? Will you choose life for your nation's humanity?

God is truth and grace. As truth, he reveals all the lies and strategies of the enemy. As grace, he covers your error as a human. God is able to carry you in your leadership in these times, and use you for the overall betterment of God's kingdom.

Please also consider how performance orientation may be a hindrance in your systems. This is a matter for later consideration. God has not given me all the pieces yet.

With God, we can take on antichrist and his children and evil creation. We can even take on all of hell. With Christ on our side, it is not a fair fight. We are on the winning side. God can knock out or destroy a nuclear missile on our behalf. He can make our enemies kill one another, instead of us. He can also heal our family, when the devil tries to attack either us or our family personally. God can heal pets even. God has our family so totally under his control, that the devil can't even get a glimpse of their future or anything to do with them.

We can take on hell, with King Jesus standing right behind us marring the jawbones of our enemies.

Glory to God! And in the places which honor him, he puts green pastures, provision and safety.