Monday, February 3, 2014

Truth Refined 7 Times

I ask the Lord to bring to this blog, and to my eyes and heart, your truth 7 times refined.

Specifically, what I am going for - I want all the proof that Jesus is the Messiah - to 7 levels deep.

I know you have given me great truth already, and that we are part way there.

Readers, I am on an adventure, and I invite you along.

I have been watching the visual gospels of John and Matthew. I am doing these each 6 more times, each time listening for what God says, and each time, I invite you to join me, and to read the articles which come out.

This is a preparation phrase. You are being prepared to host the Word of God as pure silver.

The Lord is the Revealer.

Follow these viewings, and do these on your Sundays.

I pray the Lord who reveals these things to me, will teach you also, new diverse different but consistent truth to exactly his nature.

May the Word of the Lord break open above you, and surround you in truth.

God will reveal his secrets and mysteries to those who seek. Let it be you.

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