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Compare the Ascent to...

Remember when Esther is climbing the steps to approach the king her husband?

She was ascending, and each step was special, for in it relationship and destiny were being established.

The Ascent psalms are the same thing for the believer who ascends the steps to the Lord their King and Husband.

Each step takes them into contemplation of who Jehovah is and their relationship and destiny.

After they get up those stairs, then what happens?

What are the activities in the temple courtyard?

An Ascent Psalm #2

Yes, this may be a hint to a previous question.

Here is a page with a Q and A to a rabbi about the Ascent Psalms.

On each step, the note of the song - it is based on raises.

Here is that article:

Look at how David, according to the Talmud, stopped the flood. That is interesting. Is it not?

Do you also see that wine was poured as a river below the temple? That's also interesting. I don't know what to do with it. I don't have to. It is just interesting.

Today's Application: We can use these Ascent Psalms in approaching the Lord in song. We can use the set of Psalm in approaching our Lord, just as Esther approached her king. Read them. Sing them.

Do whatever the Lord may call you to. Perhaps dance to them.

The Spirit of the Lord Manifest

This page describes the Spirit of the Lord from the 7 Spirits manifesting at a meeting and what he looks like:

Go to 2/3 down the page.

Don't worry about the dropped content, for as I go through material, I am looking for a certain return, and this is good for now. As I go through sermons, I may bring one back up. 

The Arrival of Yeshua HaMashiach

When Yeshua or Jesus comes, and this is in Jeremiah as well, but was taught by Neville, Jesus sends out angels. Before the world slaughter of evil flesh, the angel goes out and marks the forehead of humans who are not in agreement with the Beast and antichrist, but are weeping tears over what he is doing to humanity.

After the angels have marked all the people who care for humanity and disagree with antichrist, then he and his mighty men will hunt and fish out all the evil man, nephilim, perverted creation, and demonic flesh, and raised dead evil flesh, and fallen angel flesh and kill it all. Yes, that includes giants, and dragons, and sea monsters and everything.

What does this mean? The Lord showed me in scripture that regular man will live through to his times. Yes, the rapture pulls the Christians or rather the believers (those who have accepted Christ as Lord, for Christ is above religious titles) to himself.

I am hoping that number will be a billion. I can hope, right?

I am hoping that many will make it through.

These are the unsaved man, including atheists, who will have a sad heart toward the antichrist and how he destroys the plant of mankind. These undecided people who do not embrace the evil of antichrist will be saved. Many of these will have their eyes opened to the Messiah when he arrives.

Why would Christ do that? Christ is not a dictator. He educates. He teaches. He woos. He shows us things in the bible. He loves. He provides. However, he places a choice before each of us to choose him, and when we do, in the spirit realm, we have a birth party.

Christ will rule with an iron rod. Those who do sin will die by their own thought and deed. It will be mandated in the heaven, and those alive will see it. They will live by it, for it will have been declared as a truth and a law. Men will in effect reap immediately what they sow with their words and actions. If they sow death, they will die.

However, this trending in society will be that people work to teach people how to repent when they sin, so that they can be always in Christ's favor. We will learn how to embrace all with love, and how to woo the sinner back to the Lord. That is a key skill. It is actually a key skill now, which has not been taught thoroughly.

This concept follows how Christ went to the streets to find the sinners to draw them to himself. He does seek us through all time, and through all circumstance. Here is Romans 10:20. There is a little piece here of this.
I was found of them that sought me not, I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me; here also the Gentiles are meant by "them that sought me not, and asked not after me"
It is Christ's way to go out into the byways and find all manner of not sought followers. He will always be this way. He finds his people in the most unusual ways. In the end, we all have a special story, and he loves everyone of us.

Does this mean those who know Jesus as savior do not have to tell of the good news? No. Those of us who know Christ ought to speak of his salvation, for the sake of drawing close to his spirit, and rejoicing in our salvation and the extension of Christ's kingdom. As we know him, and draw from him daily, so we should leak daily. We should give living water to all around.

Neville's Words in Jeremiah

What Neville said was that the picture of the end times is in the bible, woven in bits throughout the whole.

Yes, even half a verse can be a little shard putting the whole together.

In Jeremiah, it does state that at some point all the cities of earth will be destroyed under the arrival of God.

Are you afraid of that? I am not, for if God takes a destroying ball to earth for any reason, I know he will pick me up first.

Neville talks about Hollywood going into the sea. That will happen if the rot in Hollywood remains. However, there is a revival in Hollywood among the producers.  I pray that the revival will spread, and that Hollywood will build a remembrance of holiness in her borders.

If Hollywood does go, Holly people must be ready to listen to the voice of God and move where he says.

There is some reconstruction in the end times. However, you know that show where the whole house is destroyed, and a dream house is made. That's what God is doing. All the rot goes. A beautiful home will be created.

Christ will lead our humanity population in exploding numbers we will not have imagined, and he will do it by setting the earth right. If we are 7.2 billion today, he will host a multiple of that during the Millennial Reign.

Now, the rich fester over keeping meat for themselves. Jesus will teach us how to be abundant in all we do.

Oh and yes, I am going to start to use puns. Have fun!

And yes, I feel a little reckless. I am reckless with the words I receive in the morning, reckless and abandoned to knowing Christ can fulfill every word he declares.

Acts Visual Study So Far

Jesus stayed with his disciples 40 days after his resurrection.

Acts affirms the gospel.

I like that Bruce is Jesus in it, for I like continuity.

We are half done. I will grow this.

As in the sermon Sunday, Christ's disciples respond when they hear God's word. They obey.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

God's Visual Pun Silver

God has a visual pun in the bible.

Have you ever seen silver at a subatomic level in a picture?

The silver looks very much like blood.

Silver 7 times refined is a visual pun of blood. It is a pure sheet of red.

The blood of Jesus is the truth. It is the refining agent of the human heart. Truth refined leads us to Christ's blood, and his story in the bible.

Where this sheet of red also fits in is in the Revelation view of Jesus, and the red cloth he wears, which is a white robe stained with his own blood.

Yes, that's a manner of divine pun. God has fun.

Son of God Question

What are the thing Jesus carries around on his back?

There's a couple things. What do you surmise they are?

I will give you my guess based on study and reflection in a week. In the meantime, as you watch the show, decide. Please have reasons - a couple why you chose your answer.

Consider: Culture, Social, Political, Economical, Religious reasons.

Vitamin Art

Look at all the amazing colors emitted by vitamins. They are art at the subatomic level.

You need to click on individual names to see the photo.

The Lord is Colorful In Progress

The Lord of Living Color

This is a study of the word "manifest".

This word in Hebrew and have some fun with it - is a verb - but also means to be of diverse colors.

The Holy Spirit loves color, and that is why he made us all so diverse, including his other creation, sea creatures, and flowers, and even the insects.

He is an artist painter of life.

I am not finding what I expected. The word manifest is a testing and proving of character. It yields what is in a man's heart.

Here is Bible Hub from Biblos: We are going to the Hebrew to see what the word "manifest' means:

Manifest is like light on men's hearts, proving either good motives or evil and making it known. This is also referring to light as a means of correction to transform us. Having Christ or scripture is helpful to us in becoming that which we hope to be.

What does the "Manifest Presence of God" mean?

I have this term in my mind. Here is an article:

Who is it written by? Neville Johnson. Notice in the story the Angel of the Lord, who is among the 7 Spirits.

The story references the light which emanates from Christian faces, or rather those who are born again.

Do you see the cloud of the Lord around Walter?

Here are key quotes:

1. The Lord “hides” the precious, special things from these, such as the knowledge of His
presence. The babes to whom He reveals these things are those who are simple, humble,
lowly, and willing to learn. Their spirits are “open” to His manifest presence.
2. The Godhead is an example of the secret things, which belong to God. The Lord has never
revealed how He can be three, yet only one at the same time. We may attempt
illustrations, but none are satisfactory. Also, the fact that God has everlastingly existed
without having a beginning is beyond our ability to comprehend. 
3. The manifest presence of God is more than this. It speaks of a presence in which the Lord reveals Himself as a person with personality and feelings. “He that has My commandments, and keeps them, he it is that loves Me: and he that loves Me shall be loved of My Father, and I will love him, and will manifest Myself to Him.” John 14:21 
4. The pastor is complained about for the moves of the Holy Spirit. Page 32. On this same page, the rich deep masculine voice of the Lord is heard by Walter. This is the voice who sings with me.
5. The word Manifest defined: The fact of this personal visitation from the Lord is established in John 14:21. “He that has My commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loves Me: and he that loves Me shall be loved of My Father, and I will love him, and will manifest Myself to him.” 
The Lord loves everyone, but this love is for those who “meet the conditions” He sets forth. The evidence, or reciprocation of this love is that He will manifest Himself to them. In the original, this word, “manifest,” means that the Lord will make Himself “personally real.” Thus, Jesus is saying, “I will plainly show Myself to him.” 
The Pulpit Commentary, which refers to Thayer's Greek Lexicon, says that this word, manifest,” is so strong that it can mean nothing less than a manifestation of the presence of God, perceivable by one or more of our human faculties. Thus, it is possible for each one of us to “experience” the personal presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives. 
Those who “set apart” quality time to seek the Lord and in anticipation, “wait” in His presence, will be given “revelations” and “openings” in the Word, and may be blessed with “movings” and “manifestations” of the Holy Spirit. This is more than spiritual, or inner perception. It means that the Lord will make Himself known to us through one or more of our five physical senses. 

Pages of Interest 

 Page 22 refers to the 7 Spirits. Page 27 speaks of the Lord's entrances and how he showed himself. Page 28 - the Lord arrives in glistening white garments and his sound is the rustling of leaves. Cool, eh? Page 28. The Lord's presence arrives in Walter's classroom. A girl stands and sings opera due to the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Page 35. The Lord's presence is manifest by hearing an orchestra, by a beautiful smell, by a knock (I've had the first 2).

Further Thoughts

Okay, so how this article finishes is by speaking also of a few other manner of presences, which I have experienced. One is songs in our soul. Another is songs in the night. Another is him singing his own songs. Another is him being the duet voice to my song. All the manner of presence or at least a variety of them I have experienced.

I think we were supposed to look at these verses:

“And Moses said to the LORD ... Now therefore, I pray You, if I have found grace in Your
sight, Show me now Your way, that I may know You, that I may find grace in Your sight:
and consider that this nation is Your people.

“And He said, My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.

“And he said to Him, If Your presence go not with me, carry us not up from here. For
wherein shall it be known here that I and Your people have found grace in Your sight? is it
not in that You go with us? so shall we be separated, I and Your people, from all the
people that are upon the face of the earth.” Exodus 33:12-16

We were supposed to look at the word "Presence" in the Hebrew, not the word "Manifest".

I am not done, but I am turning to a few other things.

Throne of God

Okay, so this article talks a bit about the glory of God.

I am profiling this because a bit of study has been put around God's glory and his future. This speaks of the New Jerusalem and the New Earth.

I see the 144,000 as regents of Christ's human expansion into the universe. Do you remember the guy who headed up the Federation of Planets in Star Trek? Well, it is sort of like as man expands in God's future man based space age, he is going to have these men be leaders in various regions of space.

I see them higher than kings. They are Christ's obedient servants, who he can trust with their lives.

The Royal Lineages to Jesus Update

Do you remember God gave me a hint to look at the DNA strand of Mary - or Miriam?

Jesus was of special descendency on both strands of his parental lines.

I totally did not know this. It was the voice of God.

Here's the article:

The level of data on this site is deep. Go in only as far as you can without becoming overwhelmed.

As I find nuggets of interest to process with you, I will bring the article forward.

A Few Things:

Mary was a princess. Joseph was a prince.

Both lineages were connected to royalty.

There were ties to right for being High Priest.

The British Royal Ties to Messiah's Family

Nation Leaders: Do You See You?

Here is my song post: Donna's Psalm:

You have been prophesied to come into life - to be renewed in Christ and his future purposes and adventure.

The line "prophets, priests, and kings" - the last word - nation leaders is you.

Pastors will be kings. The 144,000 will be rulers - I could say kings, but there are different levels of rulers.

Kings includes today's earth kings who have submitted to Christ's love and authority. Kings includes kings which will spring from my belly in the future. It includes you also, for from the well of the Holy Spirit speaking from my belly, you will be saved and brought into the future I see.

You are part of the plan. The Lord has his eye on you. I am declaring for you. You are special in my sight.

Sweetheart king of the future, come on in. Be showered in the goodness of God's presence, great gifts, and spiritual newness.

May the Lord's truth of the future be opened to you through his scripture and through his Spirit.

Why Can Demons Harass My Thoughts?

I've been asking the Lord why demons seem so able to pick up on our thoughts for the purpose of harassing us. So why? Yesterday, I learned why.

From a pre-deliverance perspective - let's go there. We are talking about me. At that point, there seemed to be quite a lot of competing thoughts to Christ. Christ was one of the voices, but there were many voices. Christ taught me to listen to his voice, and I had to, by nature of the circumstance, to pick his voice out among the many, and choose to ignore the evil voice, and listen to his.

The demons watch us. What do they see?

When we are delivered, there is a key step. You can forgive with your words, but even with that forgiveness, the heart must be healed. Not just that. You must heal the heart, and then you must drain the hellish muck which resides on the interior of our being, and let it go. That is how our body is healed in this process. That is how we are able to carry more of God, for space has been made by letting go of the hell poisons.

Can you fill good oil in a dirt filled vessel? There is a spiritual displacement which must happen. You must release the hell waters.

Each Christian carries a light. Each Christian will, to the degree they have been delivered, emit a color signature which is their own unique color signature into the spirit realm. When their heart and spirit and belly and mind are dark, they do not emit color, but sort of a gray darkness, not too unlike what people with evil spirits have, but a sort of that color. What it is - they do not emit the light, and that color around them is a dingy smoke.

As Christians are filled with purity, love, and so on, this increases with each step of healing. This healing is walked out. The Holy Spirit is in control of the healing. He brings you one step after another forward in this. As we walk into our transformation, we carry more and more light. All the colors emitted at once are the white light you see in Christians. Their light signature broken into color - all that is the Spirit of Life in them, and all their good qualities shining to all around.

The reason a demon can harass us - first is they watch us for our thoughts and words - unrepentant words and vows which are either limiting or contradict scripture or are negative curses. They watch that and our life, and they also see the either color or smoke signature around us, and they know based on how we emit light and color how to attack us.

The further my reader walks into healing, and agreement with scripture, and pulling off the enemy weapons of warfare, and forgiveness, and receiving anointings and presents from God, the more light you emit, and the less there is for the enemy to attack. That means as you walk into the light, that you can look forward to having fewer voices distracting you from God. In the process of healing, you receive more of the Holy Spirit. When hellish muck is released, into those places you fill the Holy Spirit as 1) calling him to fill the person, or 2) maybe laying on of hands. There are more ways to take in the Lord's presence, but this will do for now.

Learn and walk into deliverance. Churches, figure this out and put it into reasonable lessons that your people can follow. This is part of your job. Restoration. Claim the ground. It starts with people taking their own ground first. They need to reclaim their lives from the enemy. Show them how.

God's Revelation Banned?

Lord God, is it true your revelation has been banned?

God, bring all the truth in the form of lucid dreams to all those people who have been banned by a law to see your revelation.

You are greater than any human legislation.

God Speaks in Puns

I was at a course this weekend. I am still chasing my God down. I am having fun in that chase.

This weekend, I discovered to be able to hunt God in his mystery and wonder, I need to know Hebrew.

Why? God is tricksy. He loves word plays. He loves to speak visually. He speaks in puns, and words we must seek out.

He gives some clues in the words in Hebrew. He also gives hints in very nearby passages like we see in poetry. He speaks in acrostics as well. For this type of study, I need Paleo-Hebrew, as far as I know. I will be asking the Lord for the source of where to find this language study. I would be find with his angel download or visitation of study to receive this language. I know the language is pertinent, and I would like to know the language intimately, for the purpose of knowing God. Will he bring this to me? Will I receive instruction from one of the 7 Spirits he allocates to me? I do not see why not?

God does not spread his word clues far away. He keeps them co-located so that we get he is making a pun.

All these puns are lost in translation. The Hebrew retains the pun.

These puns bring forward new meanings and understandings to a bible passage, and its application to us.

Watch for the Lord God's nuances, for he uses words to dance, and he keeps us in play while we search for him, and when we find him, it's great.

Why would God do this? Because. He lives. He likes intellectual challenges. He's the guy who released the e=mc squared equation. His Hebrew notes were the key of making possible the human genome project.

God is the source of all intelligence. He expects us to use our God made intelligence to figure him out, and because he made you, he made you able to do this. Come into the dance.

A problem with all God's knowledge releases is that shortly those who have released the knowledge take credit for his data, and have set it on perverted pathways, not honoring God. In the future, under the Messiah, there will be massive releases of intelligence, and all of it is going to be used to benefit mankind, and not be a hard rod of misery, selfishness, and slavery upon man. It will be all different.

I learned from someone in the last couple days, when Christ comes, and sets the earth right in the Tribulation War, he is correcting the earth tilt from the fall. This means he is physically correcting our earth in its rotation.

Then, plants will grow much different. He may also set our atmosphere differently. How we grow things will change. Our population on earth will become very large, when men live 1000 years. And it will be possible to maintain such an earth, for Christ will make it so.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Visual Study Continued in Acts

We are viewing Acts visual gospel this weekend.

Notes will be up on that hopefully.

I will try for late Sunday, and if not early Monday.


Find the visual gospel movies, for this really simplifies your intake of the gospel.

I help to break it down for digestion. ;)

White Knight Syndrome

Some men have something called white knight syndrome. They need to be needed by a maid in distress. They find their meaning in life fulfilled by being significant and meaningful to the damsel in distress.

We need to clarify something. I know this from experience. You, my dear, are not the solution to a woman's full set of life problems. You can never be that answer. Jesus is the answer to the full set of life problems and dilemmas in a woman's life.

It is super sweet of you to want to be the knight. That is a lot of pressure to take on yourself. Wow. Meeting all of a woman's physical, material, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs.

It is a lovely thing to want to be that, but God does not want you to be that. God wants to have a chance to show himself loving and strong as a Creator and Problem Solver in your life first, and in your love's life second. He really does. You were not created to fill all the gaps in another person's life, but God was. The Holy Spirit can nicely fit in all those gaps, and he can speak to every need to heal a person and bring them to wholeness.

Let the pressure off. Pray for the damsel in distress. Seek counsel from God for this person. Let God provide the circumstances and counsel and means of ministry to the person, through you perhaps, but maintain healthy boundaries.

In a well balanced couple, God seeks to have first place in your heart, and then also in your damsel's heart. When you try to take on the whole role of the white knight, you are actually trying to be Jesus, and that's impossible. Really, it is. Jesus is the white knight. God does not want you to be the dark knight either. You do not have to be Batman or the whole city crime fighter. Jesus does that. You could be an intercessor for him, and he would most welcome your help in prayer for your city. As you pray, God will establish justice and reinforce the local systems making them work well on behalf of citizens.

We need to let go of white knight syndrome. You can't be responsible for another person's response to God, to their life problems and how they deal with them, for their addictions, for their brokenness, for their financial trouble, or for their previous lack of care in their life. What you can do is direct them to a church, a life group, a life skills course or a boundaries course. Many people who act like a damsel in distress do have problems with boundaries. Let's say you really like the person. Let them heal. Let God heal them. When you see them progress to health and wholeness in their spirit, if you were romantically interested in them, that would be the time to start something and not before.

To start a relationship early with someone who has boundaries issues means that you become entangled in a mess which confounds your relationship to God. It complicates things for both you and God in your spiritual walk.

Men, let the white knight identity only belong to the one who is able to carry the anointing. Let it be Jesus. In the meantime, let the Lord guard your heart. If you listen to him, he will direct you to the right love match. God the Father is a matchmaker. He loves doing that. If you listen to his voice, he will direct you to a bride of his choosing and she will be perfectly matched to you. Praise God. The Father sent the Son as the White Knight. That White Knight will choose you a princess and daughter of the Father as your bride. He has only good things planned for your romantic life. Praise the God who loves marriage and makes them successful.

Turn Potential Churning to Christ Focus

In the dedicated Christian searcher and watcher, we pay attention to a lot of things. We pay attention to our daily news, the analysts, conspiracy theorists, perhaps bloggers like myself, most recent authors and speakers, prophecy leaders, different angles of courses to take to mature our Christian walk.

There is a lot of content to churn. Having discovered there is a gut brain, all this information overload can lead to churning in the gut. For all the amazing information and revelation we can receive, we must not turn our eyes from Jesus and walking in intimacy with him in scripture reading, prayer, and encounter.

What we focus on we multiply. If we become worried or focused on other theories, or become distracted in our walk, even information gathering can lead us off track. News and conspiracy could lead us to fear. What I am saying is if we do read that conspiracy, decide with God if its the right time. What is he going to have you do about what you read? If  you turn it into intercession, there is value in the reading. If you fear, you just ceded a chess move to the devil. And you don't want to do that.

Just be aware. Grow in your walk, but don't be taken off track with distraction. Keep Christ the focus.

Nature of Mind, Heart, Gut

Today, I was hanging out with a nurse, who recently took training, for she is part of heart surgery work. She said she was at conference, where she learned that the same type of neural masses we have in our brain, which host thought and manage body function - that same type of tissue also surrounds our hearts, and lines the exterior of our entire intestines.

That means when I tell you I write or sing from my belly, where the Holy Spirit resides, or when we are inspired in faith, where we make decisions from our heart, that can really happen. There is a neural mass of tissues there which can yield thought, hosts memory, and communicate.

We are complex creatures, made in the image of God. The Holy Spirit lives in my belly. He resides in my heart, where heart sometimes struggles or cooperates with the mind. There is a mind - body conflict to operate for God, according to his word. There is also heart and belly domination of the mind for the will of God to be done in my body. There is teaching and instruction of the mind.

When God tells us to eat the scroll of his scripture, he means not just to read it, but to process it with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, and let it pervade and fill our gut.

If we study this a bit, I believe there are scriptural principals which will apply. Okay, so let's assume for a minute here, the Holy Spirit is the teacher. Okay? So, just a few posts ago, we talked about "dark clouds"? The Lord uses clue words to stream me through material to notice and post topics here for lessons.

Now, here, is this article:

God reveals himself with dark sayings, riddles, clouds, and mysteries.

Notice please the start of this article. The wording says God had this planned, and it is part of the streaming of his teaching here.

The Lord who resides in my gut is the teacher and writer of this blog. Let him be glorified with the magnitude of this thought toward us. That gut is the conduit of his light and lightning and your tummy rumblings when you read this blog. Yeah Holy Spirit.

This article should more fully explain this concept for us, and goes into the topic more in depth. To explore this topic further, you can search "heart brain" or "gut brain" or "stomach brain".

There is some good research done in this area.

Here is a good one!

This is Dr. Aiko Hormon's teaching on this topic!

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Confirmation of the IFO in a Dream #2

Confirmation of the IFO

Regarding the IFO thing, in a dream some time ago, I saw God form a white cloud into the USS Enterprise.

At the time, I might have thought, since I had a pastor and 100 people present, that this might have been a big undertaking of the church.

Now, I think there are duplicate meanings for this.

This is a pre-confirmation of Neville's vision of large ships in the future.

This may also be some manner of space mission in man's future, and there's some people from my church on that ship. There's exciting stuff ahead. The dream even had Spock--the real fellow, not the vulcan.

However, these people better be ready to meet all manner of different creation, for Howard Storm, the atheist who since became a Christian due to an NDE, saw a bunch of very weird body forms.

Here's to the U.S.S. C & M Alliance in Stardate...


If this post does nothing else but confirm for everyone that yes, space travel, and expanded technology is in the future for man, and that God used the show Star Trek to reveal it, great. Let it also encourage us that we will hold out for our good God, the Living God, and his plans for us, and we will not fall for the deception, and the stolen and false glory of the evils spirits and the antichrist and the star children and any form of alien who claims to be some manner of god or forefather to us. Laugh about it. Let all lies about false origins fall to the ground. In Christ' name, Amen.

Second Dream

I had a second dream of the future with spaceships taking off, with youth driving them. That is a detail, but relevant. That particular dreams was tied to discipleship.

My Song - I Believe Declaration Song

I sing prophetically. In this song I sang from the Holy Spirit within me, you will notice a few lines about the future and the church spreading out across the universe:

Feast of Tents Experience

I have had impressions of the Holy Spirit before. I have also talked of the nature of the Holy Spirit too.

I have said men with the Holy Spirit in them are God's supermen.

Yesterday, I tabernacled with the Famous Three in One. That means I sat with them in their tent, fashioned by the Christ.

Who I am focusing on today is the Holy Spirit. All three of the Godhead are incredibly good looking. Does it make sense to you that the three men who are the Godhead would emanate perfect beauty? It does from where I sit. I think many of us now have a good idea of Jesus and God the Father.

The Holy Spirit, who we breathe in, looks like Clark Kent. That last Superman movie, I said was a "for God" movie. I still say that. Take of the glasses, and you have just a beautiful man. Ladies, the Holy Spirit, who we carry in our innermost being, and who makes us feel great as feminine beings, is a gorgeous stunning male who looks like Clark Kent. (Having said this, be aware that I expect the Holy Spirit to have as many diverse means of physical expression as God the Father and Jesus. Keep open to his manifest presence, which may include some diverse expression.)

Prayer: Holy Spirit, come.


The Beauty of God

It is my thought that when we receive the Holy Spirit, and we emanate his beauty, we can't help but emit a beauty which is ours, but is made by him. The Holy Spirit is women's and men's beautician, the best kind. The beauty of God is a wonderful thing, and he preserves our uniqueness when we are one with him, for he loves us just the way he made us.

Scripture Correlations

This experience is a revelation of two aspects of scripture. I do not know when the Feast of Tabernacles is. It is also called the Feast of Tents. This is very much that Feast. You are in a tent, and you draw close to God.

This experience is also the revelation of the scripture "to be seated in heavenly places with Christ in God."

Just prior to meeting the Godhead, I had asked Christ to meet my family. That correlates to when Jesus says, "Who are my family? This is my mother and brother. Those who do the will of the Father are my family."

This correlates as well to that scripture.

So, yes, I feel vulnerable, but I am courageous. God will have to protect me. The main thrust here is there is a Trinity. They are three persons. I met them. They are all males. They are all different. They are my family. If you have accepted Christ, they are your family.

Though I may be feeling alone in revealing this, I hope I shall not be alone for long in experiencing this, for in these times, we are to take authority as it is given, and to work to take back the earth, and reduce the impact of the evil of antichrist in these times. We are to win man for eternity and for God. Press into God. Seek to know him. This is what is possible.

Ministering Well

In reviewing the Neville Johnson teaching on ministering to God, I am aware that in some of my visits to Christ, I have been preparing to report in that moment, and I am letting that go. I won't be visiting for the purpose of reporting. I would like to go to just visit. At the same time, know that though not all may have this calling, some may, and perhaps you should look into how you can minister to Christ. Neville said that people who did this had great ministries. Is this what Christ did in his prayer? Did he go to his secret place and commune in friendship with his Father?

The Prophetic Declaration of What Came About

This song is a pre-declaring of the experience I had in my encounter with Christ.

The words which describe this experience were here.

Invite the Living God Into Your Life Experience

I am keenly aware after this that I can invite God into my daily life, and he is able to co-participate with me here: in accomplishments, continued tongues and singing, working creatively with him, and even celebrating and thanking him for conjoint success. This week - the Holy Spirit helped me make Peanut Butter Cookies. I know he helped, so I thanked him for our mutual success. He enables us.

The last question then is: How can you invite God into your daily life? He is a living God. He is the Famous Three-in-One. The Holy Spirit lives in you intimately. How can you permit him to have a greater friendship and companionship in your heart, mind, and pursuits?

The Trinity - have a flow of all of who they are among them. They are one. They are three. I talk to each by name, and have been doing so for quite a while. I am aware of the three persons. I am not sure what my reader will do with this. Let it percolate. I am sure God will let you know what to do with it, if anything.

I am just the servant. I try to reveal that which is helpful to him. Have a good weekend.

Here is the Next Feast of Tabernacles:

This is what it is about:

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Later On Resurrection Body

When the rapture occurs, and the dead bodies are pulled from the ground, I've been thinking about this for several weeks, and it is being discussed by one of the preachers I am listening to right now - those bodies become the seed stock which God transforms to the next glorified body, so our body now has relevance.

In heaven now, there are spirit bodies. And that's all fine and everything. However, God has building plans of improvement all the time.

There are escalations of glory to glory.

This comes from that scene in Ken Peter's account, where he sees the bodies rise. Does that mean our spirit man does not now live with God our Father in heaven? No. Our spirit man is there. However, that body seed is going to be part of God's plan. We may not see it now. It is going to be understood one day.

The Roar of the Lion #2

The roar of the lion means that as Christians we have all authority and power to trample on the devil's works.

The devil has blinded us to our position in Christ. It is a position of dominion and authority given us in Genesis 1. This was lost with sin, but gained with Christ.

Have you ever wondered pastors about having the congregation roar as a means of warfare for your area?

We host the voice of our God in us. This is a bit of prayer warfare for your local geography.

The devil intimidates us telling us we are failures, and picks on us about our soul and flesh.

He says, "Give me a man I might fight with" (1 Sam 17).

It's a roar in the devil's mouth for you to war with him in the soul and in the natural realm. If you fight him in the spirit, like David did, he loses. In the soul/natural realm, he can always win, so his focus is to keep you looking at that. He keeps you looking at your unresolved soul hurts, offences, and conflicts. He keeps you lonely.

You can learn about this the lion warfare by studying lions in Africa. You learn about devil vs Godly lion warfare through this.

The devil is not over us, but is under our feet. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places (Eph 2:6,12). When we fight the devil, we do with from our spiritual place in heaven. (Our spirit already has a home there.) We rule from here. We rule through the anointing of sonship - anointing he has given us to roar like a lion and trample on the devil's head.

The devil robs your faith, steals your hope, and steals your vision. He does this by intimidating us about our sin. When he roars, his roars go unchallenged. He devours the isolated and weak. There's a verse - The lion goes about seeking those he can kill and destroy.

When we remind the devil of his problem, our problem starts getting smaller and smaller, for we are not being the one intimidated. We carry the full name and authority as ambassadors. We carry the names of God as our banner of identity. That's why we are supposed to know God's identities. We clothe our spirit in the identity of God. Do you see ties to my experiences with Christ? We have a roar. My name is written in the Lamb's book of life. I have a new name, a new character, and a new nature. I have a new roar. We carry his names into the earth. God's names are all opposite of the devil and his roar. God's names establish dominion. (Some of this is my interpretation here, as I listen, so you are getting my thoughts.)

Search keyword "living waters" for this is the sound also of God's voice. Look on Bible Gateway.

Ian also says, like my pastor, the lion is toothless. He is really a snake, moving around on his belly. It is time for the church to take the fight to the devil, instead of the devil taking the fight out of the church.

If you are unsaved, the devil can attack you as a lion. As a Christian, we deal with the devil as a snake. He is on the ground, and we can trample him. We use the authority of the rod of God, the Shepherd's rod, against that snake. This is a good reason to dance!

What makes us weak: lack of prayer, fear, lack of intimacy with God, fear darkness more than God and his angels. When Jesus cried, "It is finished", we gained authority. Lust makes us weak. Anything that draws from us that intimacy with God. Lust for anything. Idolatry. Idols of people, or sports, or things.

David had a different roar inside of him. He had the Lion's roar. The roar in him was greater than the devil's roar.

Develop Your Roar: Pray. Pray regularly. Talk to God in your life throughout your day. Let that link expand. Be accountable. Tithe. Be obedient to God and his authority.

The Roar in Community: In the spirit and church - worship. Strong prayer. Tongues. You must be edified in order to build another up. God edifies you in tongues. He makes your spirit strong, so you can speak and pray for others. Fast.

Building Your Roar in Dominion: Exercise your authority over the area he has given us. What is your area? We wrestle with principalities and powers. We are seated in heavenly places. We are to take down the devil from the heavenly places. We do not let him rule by abdication of our rule. We rumble with the devil. We are to be the devil's worst nightmare. We are to plunder hell and populate heaven. We build the church. The gate of hell is the condition of a soul at the gate of death. We are to change that. We plunder men's souls as God's treasure.

Be a lion. Ask Jesus in. Jesus is not either still a baby, or powerless as a dead savior. He is alive and he roars. When you invite Jesus in your heart, you ask the lion in, and you can have dominion over that cruel lion. You can help win the war.

You can change your position as a mouse before the devil lion. You can ask Jesus to be your savior. You can give your life to him. Jesus can save you from the lion. You can be saved from the gates of hell.

The ultimate territorial spirit is Jesus. There is nothing better. I am so glad I could stand with him roaring from where we stood. He sent all the other spirits from hell running.

A Type of Calling Ministering to God

Did you that ministering to God is a type of calling?

The women who did extravagant things for Jesus demonstrated that calling.

Guys also can have this calling. This is a spiritual calling to be company, and to love him.

The sound is odd, but the message is good. What Neville is teaching is soaking. This is spending time with God. This is what Jesus did with his Father. You just visit God.

God has needs. He needs to be loved. He needs to be loved, without being treated like Santa Claus. He enjoys genuine love. You tell him you love him and thank him and appreciate him. He is a person. Put your arms around him. Talk to him and he talks back. You are not going for guidance. You are going not for requests. You are going to visits. Praise. Talk to him. Visit him. The Lord needs to be comforted from rejection. He is cursed. He gets grieved and hurt from behavior of those who follow him and forget him. You can comfort him. Think of this: Who comforts God? Yes, the Holy Spirit comforts us, but who comforts God?

Having done this, I will tell you, though I watch Dancing With the Stars, Jesus beat this for me. We did dancing in the stars. It was a great experience.

I have told God I will dance with all three persons of the Godhead forever. I love all of them so much. That's my future. I love the whole Godhead family. I love Jesus.

Christ generates his own floor, as one walks or dances. He seems to have everything in control.

I found a Psalm about this the other day, about a pathway being brought forward nobody had seen. That still is.

Update: In my song, I wrote the Trinity would dance with me, and this was prophetic song. So now, see where I have come?


Notice the end of Anna Rountree's story which I remark for pastors. I just noticed it mentions bringing believers into experiences of being in the stars. I did not remember this. I just think it is interesting.

Covenants of God With Man

Covenants of God With Man

  • Adoption
  • Promise
  • Blood
God's methods of work for end time ministry
  • Healing
  • Love
  • Gospel news

God the Father's Glories - Profound

Update: My perspective of the sapphire - in Christ's eyes, and God's appearance - it's actually blue diamonds, or at least according to the words of Ian. I am not sure what to make of this. It is either sapphires or blue diamonds. The sapphires carry the same appearance as a crystal as a diamond.

Jehovah's Glories

In the Old Testament, God reveals himself as a pillar of light and of cloud. That cloud can be light or dark.

The day Jesus died, the darkness was the presence of God attending the crucifixion of his son. His presence came to the land.

A couple of Ian's observations of the Father - I have had. His eyes are deep blue, like his son's sometimes, and his eyes hold eternity in them, and you want to sink into his deep pools of water, which are his eyes. Infinity unfolds in the Father's eyes.

His skin is a whole mesh work of blue gemstones/diamonds made into a living skin. Sapphires? I am not sure what to make of this. On the surface of his skin, just like the sea of glass emanates, so God's skin in its surface emanates rainbows and fire, flitting across the skin. The whole of God's skin is akin to a great sapphire network of skin. See Ezekiel 1 in the search below.

His face - when you look at it, the face changes: Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man. His faces turn. The seraphim take after the glory of their Father God - Creator. Remember, that was my theory? All God's creation reflect their Creator's glory. Okay, so Ian also says the Lord's face almost appears as a screen, like these are images emanating from him, so I am unsure of if or how there may be turning, but this was also what emanated from Moses, and is in the Hebrew. Moses emanated this glory from his face.

His son Jesus Christ - also has these same image representations. He transforms to these. He carries distinctive traits of his "red" through his various glories.

However, now I know where Jesus gets his lovely blue eyes. I said they were like sapphires. They are a parallel to God's whole face. They carry the same nature as the Father. You want to fall into them, like a well. Like Father, like son. Please recall Jesus comes with different color eyes. When he comes with blue eyes, his eyes are like sapphires. They are organic, but they carry the glory of sapphires, if that makes any sense. They make me want to drink in his eyes.

Ian is one of the very few who has seen these glories of the Father. I am so happy to have been revealed this through him, and it makes sense on the various manners of revelation I have had.

God the Father may show up as one of these creatures. You may see him in the Spirit realm in one of these glories. You may encounter the Father as these glories. We've seen that in people's spiritual experiences.

The Father's Creature Glories

Lion: Fierce protector, kingship, rulership, sets boundaries, dominion, authority, power, and might, Manifested by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, fiercely protective of us (like jealousy)

Eagle: Hunter, trainer, hunter, patient, nest builder, Spirit of Wisdom and Knowledge and Majesty and Liberty, free, uninhibited, and expressive (Jamie Buckingham wrote books on eagles - which help teach us about God, based on what happens in nature. Eagles have been 35,000 ft in the air. It can see a rat on the surface of the earth, at that air height.)

Ox: burden bearer, desire to heal people from sin and disease, if we are yoked to Christ, when a weaker believer falls, and they are yoked to us, we bear their burden. The Spirit of Might.

Man: empathy, closeness, understands the power of the flesh, understands temptation, vulnerable, expressive, can be touched and relate to us, Spirit of Understanding and Counsel

Stolen Glory: Blue skin girls in X-Men, and elsewhere in Science Fiction movies/shows. You can find them.

Our Future Glory: In the future in heaven, this is our image. We will have these faces.

How God comes to us as his glories: God the Father has shown up to his prophets as an ox, as a lion, as an eagle. And so far, each of these prophets have not witnessed God in multiples, but as one creature which has come. God requires us to be in a body of the prophetic to get the complete picture of him and his revelation. This also refers to the future.

These are:  Donna's Notes From Ian Clayton

If we are yoked to the presence of God, our burden is light.


Search the bible "key word" for "dark cloud".

  1. Psalm 97:2
    Clouds and darkness are round about him: righteousness and judgment are the habitation of his throne.
    Psalm 97:1-3 (in Context) Psalm 97 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  2. Psalm 18:11
    He made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thickclouds of the skies.
    Psalm 18:10-12 (in Context) Psalm 18 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  3. Exodus 14:20
    And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloudand darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.
    Exodus 14:19-21 (in Context) Exodus 14 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  4. Deuteronomy 4:11
    And ye came near and stood under the mountain; and the mountain burned with fire unto the midst of heaven, with darkness, clouds, and thick darkness.
    Deuteronomy 4:10-12 (in Context) Deuteronomy 4 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  5. Deuteronomy 5:22
    These words the Lord spake unto all your assembly in the mount out of the midst of the fire, of the cloud, and of the thick darkness, with a great voice: and he added no more. And he wrote them in two tables of stone, and delivered them unto me.
    Deuteronomy 5:21-23 (in Context) Deuteronomy 5 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  6. 2 Samuel 22:12
    And he made darkness pavilions round about him, dark waters, and thick clouds of the skies.
    2 Samuel 22:11-13 (in Context) 2 Samuel 22 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
Ian says the Lord clothes himself in darkness, and this is to prevent us from dying from his glory. Though we often are looking for white glory clouds, we should also be aware of the dark clouds which carry God's presence.

The dark clouds which enrobe God are mystery. Dark sayings refer to this.

False or stolen glory: The dark cloud/mystery/cave around Batman. Jehovah is the ultimate arrival in the dark cloud!

Another Juxtaposition of Truth and Lie

Truth: Jesus is the Savior and Messiah riding in on a white horse to save us. Christ shrouds himself in mysteries, dark sayings, and parables which can only be understood by those with the Holy Spirit in them or speaking to them.
Lie: The Dark Knight is correlated to Bat Man and does not represent the Christ, but a false Messiah.

Why is this False Messiah a lie and deception? Christ does not come from a bat cave. He comes from glory. Where he is, there is no bat guano.

Gods Appearances With Sapphire

Search Bible Gateway for "sapphire".

I am studying a bunch on God the Father and the four creatures today, so this may grow.

I did a search on "sapphires".

When God the Father appeared to the Israelites, the sea of glass appeared under his feet. The sea of glass appears as a large sapphire.

Look at how sapphires are tied to God's identity in scripture. Look at this! In these texts, notice the Seven Spirits here. Notice how the ephod is tied to this. Is the ephod colors not also tied to God's glories?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where the Spirit of the Lord Is...

The Seven Spirits of God Lesson

Red - Spirit of the Lord - positional dominion - enables us to see the Throne Room, divine order out of heaven justice, exercise dominion, authority, power, sonship, divine government on earth, mandates us for position, and is separate from the Holy Spirit, the center of the Menorah

Orange - Spirit of Wisdom - equips us for position, prosperity and delight toward God, judge and justice, bring divine order and authority into the spirit realm, bring divine justice out of the spirit realm, releases contentment and joy, teaches us what to do in the rulership of the son, where to and how to access the realm of God

Yellow - Spirit of Understanding - authorizes us for position, helps us decipher revelation and visions, teaches us where to and how access the realm of God, how to perceive, how to use what we have at a given time, instructs us how to inform and teach others about the realm of the kingdom, how to rule in the realms of Gods as his son

Green - Spirit of Counsel - prepares us for position, teaches us which way to rule as his son, teaches us how to access the councils of God, how to consult with them, how to resolve issues, how to bring the advice of God out of the realm of the spirit, how to commune with God and to obtain his advice, how to work in the council chambers of God, and the role of his advisors to him, about the Holy Spirit and the Son and the Tri-une nature of God

Indigo - Spirit of Knowledge - empowers us for position, teaches us how to access the knowledge of God, how to apply that knowledge to the world around you, enables us to be aware of our access to rule as a son of God, and how to use what you know, enables us to gain access to the supernatural realm of God, how they operate and how they function, reveal, teach us to retain what we see, to retain and store the information till it becomes permanent in us, teaches us to meditate to receive divine insight and revelation through visions, visitation, dreams, and to bring from them God's will to bear on circumstances on the earth

Blue - Spirit of Might - reveals us for position, teaches us to exercise the supernatural realm and dominion of God, teaches us about the counsel of God, to reveal the power and dominion of God and exercise it in the world and the spirit realm, teaches us about the heavenly places of God and how we are seated there, teaches us about counsel chamber of war, and how to war in the heavenlies, instructs us about our seats of rulership in the heavenlies, instructs us about our seats of rulership and the governmental areas we rule as a king, and how to do the works of the kingdom.

Violet - Spirit of Fear of the Lord - Awe - brings accountability for position, understanding of the awe and might and wonder and majesty and dominion and power of  God, all about and around the person of God, teaches us about holiness, intimacy, reverence, righteousness, worship, teaches us about the application of this to divine order of the world around us, brings accountability for position. This is the color of royalty. This Spirit cloaks you with a garment of majesty. The purple robe represents honor of the person and presence of God and his mystery and wonder. (I see the receipt of this robe as graduation or a coronation. He delivers you into a role of rule. You receive a rule over something in God's overall kingdom. See the unseen. See the goal. See God's intended ends. Work to get there. Being here means to be conformed to the image of Jesus. We are Christ's ambassador. We reflect Christ's image and glory with who we are. The goal is to take back the earth. The saints shall possess the kingdoms.)

Thanks to Ian Clayton. I am seeking approval to keep these learning notes of mine up.

These 7 Spirits are separate spirits who are in the throne room of God. They are additional spirits to the Holy Spirit. These are our tutors (teach/instruct) in the realms of the  kingdom, to present us in the courts of the king in his mountain as mature mandated sons of God. When we have learned all we need to, then God can release us to bring his kingdom to every stratosphere of the kingdom he has set up. This sets up God's nature and light in us. When you manifest all of these, you emit white.

These spirits search to and fro on the earth for men willing to be tutored. They seal us for position, by the ring of the Father. They declare "mature son". They give us a throne. Jesus fully functioned in all these spirits. When Jesus was transfigured, he was a mature son, and was revealed in white. He was glorified - and he had the manifestation of all 7 spirits in him, fully acknowledged as the Son. The 7 spirits manifest the nature of God and his kingdom. We are tutored, equipped, and mandated in our spirit man to become a mature son. This is God's Education System. This whole system is based on spirits educating us. These are teachers. They come to teach us. Teachers under greater teachers under greater teachers under God.

"Father, I submit myself to the spirit of... Thank you, Father. Where he goes, I can go. He shows me the things of the kingdom and reveals them to me."

They reveal the kingdom of the fullness of God in us to earth, and likewise present us in the kingdom. Their purpose is to show us how to take the earth back from the hands of the enemy.

The Holy Spirit - is also the Spirit of Jesus. That is not really touched on here, but remember the Trinity is all about flow. They all flow from one to the next. They are very intricately related. Jesus had the Holy Spirit within him. The Trinity is one of my favorite mysteries. Jesus is the Father revealed. Jesus is called Father. Yes, we can go on and on.

These 7 spirits are referred to in Isaiah, Revelation, and something Paul wrote. Hmmm.

Orange, yellow, and green are feminine. Indigo, blue, and violet are masculine. Red has both.

7 lamps burning - another mystery to explore

Synthesizing What I Learned

These spirits, according to Ian, are Throne Room and heavenly personalities. I have written about the 7 Spirit nature of the Holy Spirit, and these are different and their nature is unchanged by this new data.  The Holy Spirit manifests as the above 7. He manifests as an additional 7.

A couple of Holy Spirit's natures are the Prophet, Teacher, and Love, and more. I've written on this, so you can find it. God the Holy Spirit, the light through him, is our rainbow. The colors of the rainbow are first identified with him, but here we see a second application to these holy tutors. This is not a conflict.

God is putting this together for me this morning. These characters are in Marietta Davis's story. Remember there are what we thought we angels called Justice or Wisdom or something. They were witnesses. Some were announcing Apollyon.  Some were speaking to what was happening at the same time Jesus was dying on the cross?

(I would have to revisit Anna Rountree posts to see if I commented on these. I do not recall these being referred to there.)

These are the Lord's assistants in training us.

Where else does this all tie up? Recall the 7 mountains. The 7 mountains are very large precious stones which sit on heaven's horizon, and they are perches to gather all the data from earth - for the Holy Spirit, and for the 7 Spirits, and they are data gatherers about man, like satellites, and they provide information to heaven about us. In that geography, remember also there are 7 metal mountains? I do not know their importance, but they seem to be sort of arranged with the 7 precious stone mountains. Anyone who does not get the precious stone mountains, these are the eyes of the Lord looking throughout the earth to find a righteous man, and which also delivers information about places which are doing well, or are deserving of judgment.

This new information does not conflict with anything I've learned so far, but it goes with it. This spirit of wisdom is described in the Apocrypha. I encountered her there, and I know her.

I have not seen her spirit body, but I knew everything about the person which was described. I knew her super well. This is all making sense. (Update: It was like I was looking at myself.)

I have spent time with these 7 tutor spirits. Now, I recognize the tutors. By the way, Holy Spirit is my main tutor. He is in me, and with me all the time. He is the one who is your teacher on this blog. I am the voice and conduit. He is the teacher, though I am his translator and clay pot. I am intrigued though about these 7 spirits, for these are part of the Lord's servants who teach. They also teach us.

Marietta Davis Cross-Reference

Okay, so in this book, in the page references I have, but did not comment on, there were references to several of the 7 Spirits. This witness lived in the 1750's or so. You will see Wisdom. You will see a few other talking to her. If you are interested, read this book. I did not remark on it, for I did not know what to compare it to as a frame of reference. This above is a manner of confirmation.

You can also search the term "summons" in my search dialog box to get more stories of heaven, but I do not recall the 7 Spirits being referred to in them, so direct your specific research to this one. I am saving you time.

Bible Cross Reference - Bible and Apocrypha 

Use the Common English Bible Version which includes the Apocrypha.

Search the Spirits by name. They are in Proverbs and in the Apocrypha.

Correlation Teaching: 24 min in:

John Paul Jackson also teaches about the 7 Spirits. He says these are the Spirits of the Holy Spirit.

He identified the same ones. All three teachers received teaching alone, not in group revelation, and they all say the same thing. That accounts for something.

A Mike Bickel Thought

Okay, so we know I am working on knowing God's identity. Why?

Apparently, there is a End Times movement - something God is doing where we, like David, get to know God and that he has emotions.

By knowing he has emotions, and the special relationship we have with him, which is characterized by all the emotions we feel - he feels - that understanding leads to holiness.

David was very focused on knowing the why of God - his emotions.

Once we get to know the amazing identity of God, and that he lives, let's be very careful with his Holiness, for his holiness sets us apart, and has all his hopes and dreams ahead for us.

This movement is accompanied by songs and song movements directed to youth.

Here is The Mike Bickel Thought. See p.14.

Online School - Beauty and Bridegroom - God's Identities

The Beauty of God

The Bridegroom God

This is an online prophetic school. There is so much here. This is Mike Bickle. This site has a ton of resources. Why I am selecting these two pages is because I seem to have a lot of these themes. It would be nice to have some preaching. Right?

A Brand New World

And no, I did not know this person when I wrote my post. I release, and then I find.

The list of sermons on the right side on the YouTube interface - you could watch for hours. There are so many interesting sermons. Select a few to hear. In this, he says America will initially respond not well, but that she is going to get it right.

There will be a university teaching how to run a planet God's way from Jerusalem. God will have us taught on astrophysics. His churches will be embassies. Suddenly, our church project has a place in this future.

Who is going to control the end of the age? Is it the antichrist by abdication of our church's lack of vision and engaging in war? Or will it be the church who preaches and brings down the kingdom age? We bring home to the times. We have the task of bringing heaven to earth. This was Adam's task. Now, it's ours. Our life demonstrates what heaven is like. That's our purpose. Rev 21:2.

Millennium: Technology explosion. IFOs. Identified flying objects. Yes. Ships to bring people to Jerusalem. Ships are a mile long by a half mile wide. Cars which are like hover craft and derive energy from their roads. About 1 hr 19 in The Big Picture.

The New Jerusalem on earth is a 1500 miles long by wide by high, with many levels. The new earth is a combination of both natural and spiritual. The top level of this city is where God hosts his temple. The is when God brings heaven to earth, for the new earth. The New Jerusalem is capital of the universe. He is going to expand his kingdom out. He continually enlarges his seat of reign.

The New America 1 hr 12 min in. The Big Picture video.

In God's future, he will expand his kingdom from earth outward, and some of you will be there.

In heaven now, there are textile industries, vehicles, homes, and boating recreation. It is a good place to be.

Earth's Fall:  When Adam fell, the earth went out of tilt by 22 degrees.

Donna's Metaphors Notes on the Sea:

In Jeremiah, the last chapter talks of the vessels of the temple, and they all surround the sea which represents the Crystal Sea. The rest of that book, despite where God speaks of the sound of the waves of the ocean as representing might and praise, there is also a meaning of the sea - which represents the judgment and kingdom of hell.

In the new earth, God removes the sea. He also throws away hell. He sends it as a discus far away. And then, God feeds the earth with rivers. So, we know God. He will have a place for all our ocean creatures.

1 h 15 The Big Picture - The stones of city are stained with sin. That's what we are to spread the stain of the kingdom's wine to spread righteousness.

Yeah for IFOs!

Leaders of Nations Note

Compare the riches of God's future with the ET's technology trades you are doing now. They want to eliminate man to take the earth from you. And look what God has in store for man. This is prophecy. It will come to pass. That is the nature of the Holy Spirit the Prophet. Pick the future. The one where you go to where the antichrist goes - back to hell for 69,000 years of waiting to see the beautiful eyes of God one more time, or live and die for Christ with your life completing your destiny, and be part of this amazing technology world, which includes doing a bit of Star Trek stuff. How cool is that?

There is nothing the devil's creation or star children can offer you which Christ does not already have in some better form for our future. Nothing! Those who are humanist, and this earth focused are going to miss the point. We have a future. The future is meant for humanity through Christ.

God Bless My Newbies

Hello! Welcome.

Chocolate Flavored Port

I walk today stained in chocolate flavored port, from my toes to my knees.

That's because I was at a meeting, and at that meeting, God poured out, by his angels, many kegs of chocolate port. He was pouring out his best. And he made a pool in the building up to our knees.

The Holy Spirit is manifested in these amazing ways, when we are infilled. This is the preparation he gives us to do his work. Wherever I walk, I leave stains of chocolate port on your ground. That's because God intends to birth revival in the footsteps of those who seek him with all their heart, and they were all together at once.

I have left wine stains on carpets where I have walked. God had given me this vision before. It was well over a year before this happened. God does make a difference by bringing revival in the footsteps of his people.

The purpose of this revelation is to show you how extravagant God is with his gifts. He has good things for us. As a lover of God, as you seek him, God can use you this way. Even just where you walk makes a difference.

So why would God release Christians with wine releasing feet to their community? At the same time, there are sin stained places, and these footsteps of Christians is meant to bring God's transformative change to the world.

God Jehovah has great supplies for the wedding. It is going to be a good time.

Stolen Glory: Holy Smoke

When we see God, we see glory, and that cloud sets about us like a holy smoke, which is the Holy Ghost. When we are in the glory, achieved in music between a believer and God, we breathe in Holy Smoke.

The stolen glory of this is smoking. What we breathe in when we smoke is not the essence of God, but something which brings disease and death.

When we stand in God's glory cloud, he sets life upon us, doing miracles and wonders and infilling us.

Seek the Glory of God in your life. You will breathe him in. He is Holy Smoke.

The Not Great Exchange

The devil once had a cool position
He lost it and he lost his glory and his body
You were made to occupy a position in Glory
How are you going to like it on Judgment Day when you realize what you lost was an amazing life option?
How are you going to like it when you see that life with an amazing body and benefit?
Suddenly, sin is not so cool. It is totally not. Death is not cool.

Passover vs. Easter

Psalms 120-134 are all songs of Ascent. Do you know what this means? Each year, that the Jewish people who lived outside Israel, and those in Israel would all travel to Jerusalem for the big party of Passover.

That means there was a special movement or travelling of all the people of God to the temple, like all the animals of the earth who walked to the Ark to be saved by Noah's boat. (Okay, so that's the belly writer, for I had no idea I was writing that.)

Yesterday, I read these to my husband. When the Jewish people walked up the steps of the temple (which you see in the visual Gospel of Matthew (with Bruce Marchianno), on each step, the Jewish person would read one of these Psalms. With each step up, they read the next psalm, in the concept of ascending toward God.

Each psalm contains a new idea, though a poem, each idea carries you closer to God.

It was normal near the temple for there to be harpists playing. They played the songs for these poetry songs to be sung. So they are not just readings, but songs sung to the Almighty. Also, from the entry into Jerusalem, the singing started right at the perimeter of town. When Jesus was being led on the donkey over the Palm leaves, the people were very likely singing these songs of Ascent. He came as King, and he received the praise of a king. That's my theory. I leave you to decide for yourself. Some people carried the travel harp, and they would play on that walk. In that commotion of Jesus on the donkey, I expect there was harp music.

In the Maria di Nazaret movie, the script used the word "Easter" for "Passover". We need to merge our understanding of Easter and Passover. At least, we need to be bilingual in our culture.

God owns his feasts. That's why we need to know them.

What is the Passover about? What was Noah's Ark about? What is the Ark of the Covenant about?

How does God's promises tie into this? What is our part in that Covenant?

Yes, Easter is amazing. Let's see it set upon Passover as its base.

Note: I just did a bit of fact checking, and I am glad to see Bruce has made a bunch of other movies. I shall be hunting them down. I saw the Encounter. It was good. It was like a theater drama in a movie, if you like that.

Also, our dinner conversation was that David's harp would not make it all the way to Jesus, for harp strings are under tension. If Jesus had a harp, it would be more likely someone would make it for him. There's 14 generations between David and Jesus. Do you know how many years passed between David and Jesus?

The Passion Translation A Poet's Version

In the Psalm that talks of God creating us in the womb, the original Hebrew says God embroiders us in the womb.

I am a Brodie. The art of embroidery is a big deal in my family history. That prepared me to look for God's threads in the ephod and the scarlet thread. It also set up the type of poetic threads of how I think, and how that translates in the way I see God. I called God the Dressmaker.

God actually embroidered us in the womb. He did not throw stuff together. He artfully embroidered us.

Is that not special? I like the Hebrew notes which are in the Passion Translation.

The writer is a poet. Now, it is about equally poetic to the King James Version, but has modern speech. I still love the King James, for it is what I read when I was really little. It is the version most set in me.

Change of Plans

Yes, my husband has decided to be the harpist.

We've learned a lot about how David was a maker of instruments, and how God talked to him, and prophesied through the harp.

He has decided to be the one.

Here is the site we are picking from:

Here are the harps:

On each product page, you can listen to a music sample.

These are gorgeous sounds. Listen to how amazing the song of these harps are.

We are unsure if we are just buying construction plans and part kits, or if we are buying a wood included plan. I know several women who would like harps. I hope he also makes harps for them.

David slept with his harp above his bed. God the Holy Spirit would blow wind in his room at midnight, and David would wake up and praise his God.

When he praised God, the Spirit of the Prophet set upon him and revealed things to him. When we praise God, God sets upon us.

In family histories, we value things our forefathers did. As Jesus' father was a carpenter, what are the chances he also made instruments? Do you think, in the same way we take piano lessons, that perhaps Joseph made Jesus a harp? Or do you think that a harp was handed down father to son to Jesus? If God intended Jesus to have David's actual harp, he could have done it. I know for I have the treasure of my forefather, or at least what I would call our emotional treasure. Do you think Jesus played the harp? When I see Jesus, I expect him also to be a harpist. When we have this harp, I am going to ask Jesus to play the harp for my husband, so that he can be inspired by genuine works. I hear what I sing. I hope he will hear what he plays. I have heard or read that what David played, he heard from heaven. That's what I hope for him.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

From the Sheep Posts

One of these posts is acting up, so I am working in a new one.

In the linked articles, you see one which talks of a shepherd sleeping at the sheep gate, which is the door to the sheep pen.

This is what he does, when he is not up playing with them perhaps.

The reason he sleeps on the gate is so that if any try to get out, they bump him and he wakes up.

Jesus is the door. He tends our sheep pen. He stays at that sheep gate.

I thought there was an interesting tie there.

You know how today our first job is getting a paper route or babysitting?

I wonder what the likelihood is that Jesus slept at a sheep gate as one of his youthful jobs. What do you think? In the story, it was a youth who tended the sheep gate.

Sheep Run to the Shepherd

The Sheep Coming Running to the Shepherd's Voice

This is so cute!

Nazareth and Sheep

Since Jesus was from Nazareth, and he shares similarities to David, I'll bet there were sheep around him when he was young. I did a search:

Bible Encyclopedia: Sheep grazing near Nazareth 

Duplicate Fulfillment

In prophecy, I believe there is duplicate fulfillment. I watch for multiples, not just two.

So, at the end of Psalm 77, there is a reference to the people being led through the Red Sea.

Psalm 77 Passage Bible Gateway

Do you think this is possible?

1. Moses and Aaron leading God's people through the Red (literally red) Sea.

2. Moses and Aaron leading all the people in Paradise out and up to God - the Godhead - Christ and Jehovah.

When God rescued his Son, he sent out arrows. This correlates to David's song.

I wonder did Pharoah and his army benefit from arrows from God. Did God fight the battle for crossing the Red Sea? This is interesting as a reverse view of the same concept of repeated fulfillment. Has anyone thought of this?

Okay, people will have opinions on this. My husband thinks this may be specific to this circumstance, and that God did not send arrows when the Hebrews went through the Red Sea with the Egyptians following them. What do you think?

The Whirlwind Study

God is associated with the whirlwind.

Here is the Whirlwind keyword study.

The righteous have nothing to fear in God's whirlwind:

  1. Proverbs 10:25
    As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more: but the righteous is an everlasting foundation.
    Proverbs 10:24-26 (in Context) Proverbs 10 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
I like Isaiah 66 where God speaks of a new heaven and earth coming, and of the seed of man remaining. I found this in this study.

God speaks out of whirlwinds. Whirlwinds typically cause us to fear, but as a God seeker, we will hear his voice in them.

God's presence comes with a whirlwind, so if he physically comes to you, the whirlwind is first:

  1. Ezekiel 1:4
    And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.
    Ezekiel 1:3-5 (in Context) Ezekiel 1 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
So, does one of these refer to the end times? In my bible, I thought I had read that the appearance of the "whirlwind" correlated to the end times. Yes, one of these does refer to the end times. Find this one.

You will need to read the Whole Chapter which is your center selection:

  1. Jeremiah 23:19
    Behold, a whirlwind of the Lord is gone forth in fury, even a grievouswhirlwind: it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked.
    Jeremiah 23:18-20 (in Context) Jeremiah 23 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  2. Jeremiah 25:32
    Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth.
    Jeremiah 25:31-33 (in Context) Jeremiah 25 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
  3. Jeremiah 30:23
    Behold, the whirlwind of the Lord goeth forth with fury, a continuingwhirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked.
    Jeremiah 30:22-24 (in Context) Jeremiah 30 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations