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Looking Back to a Prophecy #2

An end times vision from 1961.

This indicates that in the end times, missions and healing ministries will be performed as Jesus did them, with instant transport and stealth mode protection - both which Jesus used - to perform evangelism and healing.

That which is taught by Joshua should at least be reviewed, so that missions workers are ready.

This prophecy also refers to a visitation by Jesus. So beware, this could be the very time Jesus is calling us into his ministry, via offering anointings. I do not suggest rejecting that which he offers, for those who do fall back into blackness.

Some examples:
  • Philip was trans-relocated 70 miles.
  • Ezekiel was trans-relocated 1500 miles. Ez 3:14
Has anyone wondered how the disciples traveled all around the world to lead people to Christ?

I expect that as they began to move in obedience by walking in the direction they were supposed to, that God instant transported them to where God hoped them to go. I am sure that God has time on his mind, with regards to his men, and their time on earth, and God would redeem time by jumping them toward their ministry.

It is not much spoken of, but it is part of being full of the Spirit.

Put it this way. If the trip, as was done with Paul, God has intended meetings the Lord has for God's missionaries and disciples, and each visit is an opportunity to lead one of them closer to God, then, expect a natural transfer, and all that is okay.

If there is no benefit to God to have a trip happen naturally, then, he would have you go supernaturally.

Music for the Soul

I found a Messianic music page.

If you find you use this music, there is a suggested donation.

Dreams as Action

God trains us in dreams. He trains us, and accomplishes real battle in dreams. If the outcome does not turn out right in the dream, when you wake, you go back into the dream in your wake status, and you finish the outcome correctly. For example, if you do not win in a battle with a spiritual enemy, you go back and you set it right while you are awake.

Let God use your dreams to accomplish heavenly warfare. Be an actor in your dreams. Be a warrior.

You will have a basic idea if the dream is meant to be a message or war. If it was war, go back to the place in your mind's imagination, and finish it. You can speak aloud if you want, but let your imagination take you to the end.

Let's say you had a moral failure in your dream. Don't accept it. It depends on the time you have. You can merely rebuke the dream. Or, you can go into it, and you can pick up anywhere in the dream tape, and change it. The devil can't have your identity shaped in dreams anymore! You will have dominion over your dreams.

When you are awake, visualize stepping on the demonic enemies. Let your footsteps work for you. You are stepping on: snakes, asps, scorpions, spiders, frogs and so on. Do not do this to the real critters - those are God's babies. But for the spiritual enemy, go for it. This is part of changing yourself into a spiritual warrior for change. If you have a common version of demonic apparition, grab its throat and squeeze. God is the greater force, and his power is in you.

The Glory Room Plan

The glory room plan has become a glory house plan.

However, where I sing a lot is the bathroom, for the acoustics are great.

I think stairs and bathrooms are the best. I think when our church does one day get set up to record some songs for sale, they should go and record in the stairwells and in the bathrooms, perhaps only with a cell phone to capture the voices, and maybe a drum to keep beat.

What do you say? Are there plans to build music CDs?

For me anyway, I've been singing in the bathroom a long time. That is my heaven portal.

God manifests there. This week while I was singing in my shower, a rainbow manifested in my bathroom.

I've never seen a rainbow in the bathroom before. It manifested in the midst of mist on the shower, and I kept checking it, looking around.

What I can say is that God always has rewards for praise, and the reward is his presence in one way or another. Yeah God for bathroom rainbows. Have you seen rainbows in your bathroom?

P.S. I have sung in the stairwells at church, and I loved it. It sounded amazing.

Ruach HaKodesh Teaches #2

I called the Holy Spirit. The first thing we did was say his name.

He has a beautiful name too, doesn't he?

Ruach HaKodesh.

On his mind, during prayer since completing this last article, is to explain the roar.

Pastors must roar. Christians who do warfare must roar.

When the devil comes, we tend to meow a cute little mew which does nothing.

The purpose of the spirit man building exercises is to build a dual voice. While you are doing something here, even saying something here, at the same time, your spirit man can roar.

Mine - Well, if I sing it - it is "I'm Yeshua's."

When I am dealing in warfare, I need to roar. I am practicing the sound "Grar!"

Okay, is this weird? Well, how does the voice of the enemy come. Is it verbal? Or do you hear it in your head? You must speak to the domain in your head with your spirit man voice, and you growl and roar.

In your mind, you grab your enemy and you roar at him, which is the release of the power of God at him, and harms him.

Practice in the natural around your home. Roar. Make a nice scary sound. Make sure that you have practiced, so that when you do it in the spirit, it has been worked on. Your spirit roar is real. And it does damage. It does as much damage to the demon, as the demon has done to your church by speaking gossip and lies to your people. You are a spirit man. Develop dual thought, so that you can on one hand participate here, and on the other, kick down some demons and send them packing.

Your practice can be aloud, or it can be silent. For either, expect an action in the spiritual.

Declaring scripture into the spirit realm is also part of this. Speaking to the spirit realm is part of this.

On the cross, despite what we know, but evidenced in a testimony of a vision, Christ did war on the cross. He warred in the spirit man. Some of what he did is this. And as I see scriptures, I have seen confirmations that this is true. The whole of hell came up to bring Christ down, and he rebuked it. What he did, you need to do - in your spirit man.


Later today, I practiced my roar to praise music. The grar called Martius to me to see what cat fight was going on. I call that a success. He was impressed with his CatMom's lioness roar.

That's the type of roar that puts down the enemy. Use it. Developing your roar is part of establishing your dominion.

This latest teaching is a revelation to me too. I am ready to let the enemy approach, for I have my roar ready. I can't wait till his slinky miser servants come my way. I am ready! I am establishing the spiritual boundaries around my places with this spiritual roar. Sometimes aloud. Sometimes into the spiritual atmosphere from my lioness nature, given me from Jesus.

Update #2:

You can roar "Jesus"!

Jealousy Leads to What

In the story of Cain and Able, where Cain slew Able - today, the field is the church.

Pride motivates jealousy. Jealousy motivates hatred. Hatred is the seeds of murder. Today, the spirit of murder is operating in the church. Murder is the fruit.

When we speak with someone, we are encountering them. When we respond in words with jealousy about someone else, and we do not have love for them, we are permitting the spirit of murder to rise up in us, and our words are murdering those around us.

In the Psalms, you see how words are often compared to being weapons and being inflicted wounds by weapons. In the spirit realm, they are. Consider this action in the spiritual. To gossip and tear down one beside you - even if you did not physically kill them - is also murder. Why? You may be tearing down their spirit, which the Holy Spirit has been carefully growing toward heaven. You rip them up with your words, and you destroy them - causing them to recoil from the church, from following their heart's action call from God, and them stepping back to the confines of a smaller world, means people die, for they stop their flow of the Holy Spirit's words and actions to bring people into the kingdom. It could even result in a real imminent bodily death. It could cause bitterness to take root, which leads to offence, and disease, and ultimately death - and the one who yielded the weapon of words is responsible for murder. If you act according to the spirit of murder, your fruit is murder. That is not a pretty wine to serve at the wedding banquet.

When the spirit of Murder operates in the church, you hear gossip in the church - each time releasing demons to work in the church. Negative behaviour, backstabbing, self-idolatry (demanding our rights), sharing things in confidence, making yourself bitter by pulling others down, destroying other's beliefs in the church by tearing them down, and is effected by those you have known for years saying "Oh, did you know that..."

When you agree with their comment, you release a demon of murder to go through and destroy the body.

The spirit of murder takes the Spirit of God away from us and those around us, making blockages among us from hearing from the Spirit of God. Pastors can be isolated by the spirit of murder - by gossip and havoc in the church. People are trying to grow up in their authority in the church.

What is the result?

Genesis 4 God drove Cain out of his presence. This is the end result. God will leave you. He will drive you from his presence till you repent. "I can't feel God. I can't find God." This is because a person has been operating in the spirit of Murder - allowing it to manifest through you and upon you. People who operate in the spirit of murder will be driven out of God's presence.

You must repent of allowing it to work through you. You must recognize its operation upon you.

Acknowledge your part in being under its control and influence and operating under its power. Let go of the offences and the bitter roots in us. Renounce the foothold of its operation. Renew your mind and heart actions. Reconnect with the body of Christ.

It destroys your connection with God in your prayer life. It destroys your connection with the Word of God, and the Holy Spirits ability to work with you through revelation. It destroys your connection and intimacy in the body of Christ.

Ian says God is going to visit the church. He wants to bring unity - because for the church to carry power and to establish his kingdom on the earth, this spirit of murder must be put down. It is contrary to everything God wants to do. This is important today. (My thought!) The spirit of murder needs to be dislodged from the heart of the house. If the body or soul of a believer in a church carries the spirit of murder, then the spirit of the person and their church is influenced and attacked by the spirit of murder.

God commands a blessing on our lives. He wants to bring unity. However, sorcerer spirits are hanging around trying to grab the connection to power. They are after position to get power to get connection. Whatever happens in the spirit world affects the natural world. What we speak, like how God spoke, impacts the spiritual world. God created the world through the power of his speech.

When the spirit of murder is in action, we get defiled. God needs these spirits taken out. They do not want us to achieve our destiny. They want us dislodged.

God would like us to get in our head in this spiritual battle thing - we win. We must work to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. We start with us. We must be aware that our words cause great harm if we speak them carelessly, and especially those of judgment. Immediately repent, if you have said something incorrect. These words of criticism also work against our own prayers to have our family and friends saved. We must repent of judging words, if we would like to keep the power of our prayers in place in heaven. Those we have prayed for will not have their miracle, if we do not control our tongue.

Your words are supposed to bring truth, light, power, and liberty. You must be fruitful on the earth. As a Christian who is in the winning position, you are making a choice to either live under the power of the enemy, or you are operating above the enemy. It requires your choice.

The devil wants you to believe that it does not matter.

A phenomenon is described. Here it is about a body member going to a new church, and how the new church phones the old church to get the juice on them. This is the spirit of murder! It wants to suck all the juice of the Holy Spirit out of church members, and cut them off from everywhere they go to get fed in the Word.

The spirit of murder grows fruit of anger. Anger can be a legitimate emotion. What you do with anger is important. Recognize behind behavior is a spirit. Love the person and hate the sin. In your heart, hold them under your covering and embrace. Cover them in love. Approach them in spirit or in body, and embrace them, and at the same time, in your spirit grab onto the spirit, and beat it in the spiritual. In your spirit, growl and roar. Kick its butt! Deal with it in warfare. Push it away from that person's life. Deal with the evil spirit in your prayer life even while in an embrace - and kick it down and send it running. Let your anger assail the spirit world. Fight them. Let your emotions be involved in this spiritual action. It is exactly what God would be doing, so you can be involved in this warfare too. Your prayer is a silent spiritual assailing of that spirit.

The purpose of this is to allow the unity to come to the church, so that the anointing God wants to pour out onto the church can be carried to the city. It is actually about regional transformation, but it starts with the transformation of hearts and minds in the church first.

There's two kind of people who need to be set free.
  1. Those who have used the spirit of murder to set up action against a person in the church body.
  2. Those who have had the spirit of murder used against you. You need the defiling thing, the thorn of reproach and offence taken out of you, and not just you, but of the soul and spirit of the church. 

Challenge it. Tear the meathouse of destruction down! Confront it. What you are tearing down is a house of hell operating in destruction in the church. It is destroying God's fruit and God's opportunities for church and regional transformation. Words of destruction leads to plagues in the house of God, like what happened to those in Numbers - and those who spoke against Moses.

In spiritual warfare, and especially in churches, pastors, please listen. We need to start going and engaging the enemy and stop fighting his fires, or allowing the tail to wag the dog. It is time to start brazenly, like Jesus' feet, which are brazen bronze, going after the devil where he is operating in the church. You need to engage the enemy, and get the devils to manifest in whoever is operating under their influence, yes, and then you kick them out. To passively sit about, and let God's church be torn down is ludicrous, was ludicrous, and always has been. It's a war. Stop letting the devil take potshots at God's sheep. God has a plan here. It is get ready and fight. Fight. As mature warriors, you must be ready to do spiritual battle wherever you are, and that includes at a tea party. A teacup may get broken, but a life may be rerouted from eternal destruction. That matters today.

Next step: A repentance prayer for the church. Speak out a confession and a profession. Lead your church in a a repentance prayer for working with the spirit of murder, yielding to its power, and letting it destroy the working of the Spirit of God. In Jesus name and by faith in the name of Jesus, I turn from the power, operation and influence of the spirit of murder. I choose to forgive those that have hurt me, to release them, and where I have hurt another, forgive. By faith, I receive the blood of Jesus Christ. I take these issues to the cross, where Jesus gives me victory over sin. I receive your cleansing, forgiveness, liberty, and joy of my salvation which comes from having my sins washed in the blood. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Donna's Source of Notes and Inspiration for her thoughts: Ian.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heidi Baker's Key

Heidi Baker's ministry key is:

1. make a festive event with singing, dance, and maybe food
2. heal people - getting little children's faith involved as miracle workers
3. lead people to Christ

Key. It is not about pushing Jesus, but allowing the Spirit to open people's eyes to his reality, and then, leading them to Christ through a revealed presence of God. Also, before going, Heidi writes down instructions from God as to how he wants the healing manifested. This may include a list of names of people and their illnesses to be healed.

Jesus the Morning Star

Jesus is the morning star. Lucifer sets himself up as the morning star, and this is not true.

View this page which has a bunch of codes about the identity of this devil Lucifer.

Jesus is the morning star and the star of David. He is our hope.

One Person Missing Their Destiny

A person discovers their destiny as they become healed.

If one person missed their destiny, because they never were healed, a whole city could miss its healing.

Failure to bring transformation to one leads to eternal consequences.

It does matter that you meet the one, and that you counsel the one. It's huge.

Don Moen Foretaste of This Friday

Okay, so this Friday's concert is both - Krystaal and Don Moen. Okay? Here's is foretaste number two.

Come and experience some glory! Same thing - check out First Alliance on the right.

Okay, so Don has tons of free concerts on YouTube. This should open a stream of entertainment for you for a while!

Krystaal - A Foretaste of a Divine Encounter in Praise and Worship

This is a pre-taste of this Friday's concert! The 4th video 12 min in has a bit of Christian praise rap! I am moving!

Come to First Alliance Church. Check out the page on the right side.

Evangelism, Healing, and Miracles

Don Moen and the singing group Krystaal are at First Alliance this Friday.

Tickets: $35

Need to be healed? Show up. God's pre-booked this meeting. It is your time to meet him?

You can buy tickets at our in church store, and I think online, but I am not sure, so try the booking system on the First Alliance Church website, and see if it permits you to. That tool typically takes credit cards.

Added to the Work Desk

Ken Peters' blog is on the Work Desk.

I see one here by that search term.

The Passion Translation Song of Songs

If my reader were to review the Song of Songs in the Passion translation, you would see basically a scriptural support for my Christ encounter - and that which I have said is available to both man and woman, for we are in a bride relationship to Christ in the spirit.

I can very much relate to the Shulamite woman.

In there, there are various invitations - come up, ascend, and so on. That is all part of this.

There is visitation in the stars. That is in there.

The Song of Solomon is an indicator of the type of relationship the end time bride has with Christ.

There's even dance in there. There something about the bride dancing like a gazelle.

I read that this afternoon, babysitting my kitten out of doors. All the passages which correlate to Christ encounter are there.

Okay, so let's just assume that my place and my encounter is merely showing you a potential pathway. Christ is the gate. As you press into him, desire him, praise him, and so on, you can expect there to be an opening up in the heaven through Christ the gate. I am not sure if I am a forerunner, in the sense that I am meant to mark a way, which Christ himself has marked for me, so others can find it. I think I function as a testimony to others that this is a wonderful pathway which I have experienced towards being a daughter of God. And it is for you. It is time for a wave of identity of sons and daughters of God to be released.

So, I had forgotten the material in the Song of Songs, though I love it. Today, I tell you, the whole Christ encounter thing in the stars - it is there. It is scriptural.

Here is a prophecy about this type of experience: Kenneth Copeland

Details About Jesus

I've been asking questions. Some answers have come up in teaching I am listening to. Some have come up from testimonies which I have already referred you to - the same website. Some have come from the Holy Spirit.

Did Jesus spend time looking at the stars in his life on earth?

Yes. So, where would you put Jesus if he came to your house? I would put him in  my spare room, right?

In most of Israel, the spare bedroom was the bedroom on the top of the house. There is where I expect Jesus spent guest visits. Yes, he spent time in the Garden, but he also spent time in the homes of his followers.

I think Jesus spent quite a bit of time looking at the stars.

What about Jesus. Was he poor? I don't think so. He had more or less 10,000 followers. You can potentially gauge that from the meals he provided. He was rabbi to these. He received offerings.

His mother spent a fair bit on her son. And if I were Mary, I would do exactly the same. So, Jesus' robe - it was worth 1 year wages. When the soldiers were playing for it below the cross, the robe was a fair gain, unless it was ripped. It is hard to say.

I've been thinking about Jesus' following. I think it would make sense that the temple priests, pharisees and sadducees would have been very jealous that Jesus was pulling offerings from their temple teachers. They would have seen Jesus' followers as their own potential clients so to speak. They would have been upset that he took part of their marketing or fundraising attention. They would have been counting their overall funds, and going, now if we had that Jesus guy's offerings, now it would work. They thought, "Then, we would have enough."

What do you think?

I think Jesus was full of virtue, and I think he remembered the promise to Abraham and said it aloud to himself, as a reminder of what he was aiming for, as he looked up to the stars above in heaven. I think he did that when he was sleeping in his follower's spare bedroom, looking up to the heaven. Jesus stood also on the promises given to Abraham. He held onto that, for he saw hope in the stars, and the identity of his Father revealed in the Star of David, and that the options for deliverance included all the heavens above him.

Am I right? I don't know. What I do know is that picture of Jesus looking up to the heavens inspired me to think further on how and where he would have looked upward to the stars and what he was thinking when he did so.


The Jubilees has been read. Refer back to that post.

A Prairies Issue

Okay, so I have dealt with water spirits on this blog. I have to deal with an endemic issue which is witchcraft and occult for our peoples.

This is water witching.

Within Christian families, and those who established the prairies, water witching is another manner of unclean activity which we need to repent for from our generations.

I am not saying much about it. I am saying it is not too far from having water spirits. The activity of using a branch to indicate where water is - that is a spirit induced activity. A spirit is tied to it.

God is more than able to provide access to water or the intuition on where to dig to find it. The problem is we focus on the natural, and fail to ask him for where to find water.

It seems this water spirit things tends to creep up everywhere, for water is key to having a healthy and successful life. Let's get this thing off us. It is part of cleansing our land.

Controlling Natures

In the context of male/female relationships, from time to time, you come across a controlling person. A controlling person who seeks to dominate and fulfill selfish wishes from others is filled with a Jezebel spirit.

I kind of had associated this to women, but it is not. It can be in either a guy or a girl. So, where are examples of this? Well, in the bible, the Queen Jezebel used beauty to control others. She was very much the witch portrayed in recent movies of Snow White.

Jezebel, as a controlling spirit, is witchcraft. It is occult for it is a person seeking to manipulate outcomes and people by imposing their self-will upon them. The Jezebel spirit is a territorial spirit, which tries to dominate its influence on groups of people, so this is not just contained to a single relationship - such as a family or a marriage. It can sit on top of false religion, especially those that engage in dark spirit realm trading and contracts.

I am bringing this back now to the male - female relationship.

In the context of forced desires of one sex upon another - that is also a spirit of Jezebel. Either a man or woman insisting on specific requirements of sex in domination of another is buying into this spirit. We are familiar with the masochist movement of beating someone for pleasure. That is this. Or a man forcing any manner of thoughtless behavior on their wife/theoretical life partner - same thing.

If you find you have been allowing the Jezebel spirit to dominate your life, you need to seek deliverance. The deliverance process starts with repentance. Controlling others is not okay. You should love your spouse and not control them, but seek to edify them through your behavior. Value them. Build them up. Encourage them. Make them feel they are worth a diamond to you, but as a diamond continually discovered each morning. Your spouse is a gift God gave you. He intends you to value and esteem them. They and your relationship to them are a bit of God's heaven established here on earth. Worked correctly, you will receive the satisfaction and joy God intended from that relationship. Your repentance will also include repenting to your spouse. Make a choice to verbally support and value your spouse today. Show them you love them. You will be surprised how when you make this change, God brings down a satisfaction you  have not felt before.

So, is the Jezebel spirit restricted to sex? No. It can be related to all manners of control. Some people control families with what they say. Some control them with funds. Some control them with access. All manners of control, even in the context of management, can be traced back to a Jezebel spirit.

As a Christian, I watch to see that I am not controlling and manipulating people. It is important as a self-check. I am careful with my remarks and my intents and motivations.

Please think about this. Where can you allow God to invade, and take over the delivery of your heart's desires for you, instead of sitting on delivering that desire yourself--when we yield to God, we get pretty good results. Now, God is going to instruct us when we do not have desires that match his. Be open to that. However, when we sync with God, somehow everything feels so much better. That's what I notice.

The Jezebel spirit is a class of spirits. There are plenty. If you notice them, get them kicked out, and work to not let them back. It helps to have a lovely large dose of the Holy Spirit instead.

Monday, April 28, 2014

God's Name in Lineage

Follow the names of Adam down the line of Seth to Jesus through the articles string started here:

This does not cover all 70, but a bunch.

One of God's names is the lineage of the 70 names downward Adam to Jesus.

This is a neat to know fact. Right? What it means is that God intends to use those who submit to him, and who fear him.

If God would do that for all these imperfect people (Jesus excepted) - to include them in his divine plan, and to love on them this way, what will he do for you and for me?

You can be in a covenant with God through Christ. What would you like for your future lineages?

Building Your Spirit Man #5

Feed Your Spirit

Without having received the Holy Spirit and having the gift of tongues, you are without your defense. You have no gun. In attack, you will have little ability to resist and turn back the devil and his children. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Exercise your gift of tongues. Train. Connect. Edify your house. Make a tabernacle for God in your spirit. Speak forth the word of God. Let the Spirit of God captivate our heart, so that our words flow life. Speak aloud and confess what God says about us - will build our faith in the Word of God. Hb 10:23.

These are spirit man building exercises for exercising the dominion:
  1. speak in tongues in your head, while you read the bible aloud, or quote scripture at the same time.
  2. reading the bible aloud, while you speak tongues in your mind
  3. read the Commandments and apply them to your heart as a regular exercise and bind yourself to the Lord's commands
  4. speak in tongues in power - not in a weak wobbly voice
  5. in prayer, apply restoration, restitution, and the blood to the years of your life, the months, the days, and the hours - revisiting memories of brokenness - inviting righteousness and wholeness.
  6. develop spiritual 5 sense anchors to host the Word of God - eg. visit a meadow - anchor Ps 23.
  7. develop pictures in your mind of grabbing and dealing with the enemy - permit your imagination to be anointed to the purpose of spiritual warfare - practice in the natural and transfer that to the spirit man
  8. a good roar to practice - a decree for your own growth and dominion- "It is finished!"
  9. step in and out of the kingdom in faith - one step in and one step out - each time you transition back to this dimension - you bring back a little of heaven, and strengthen your path
The third - the Lord is one with his statutes.

The fifth - do to the degree of instruction the Holy Spirit leads you to.

The sixth - builds the Word of God onto something you will retain.

Key. Does anyone remember the development of a theme strand of guns on this blog? I do.

Ian says that the scripture - the bible - is his gun. He uses it like that. He shoots down his enemies with scripture. He develops his spirit man reading scripture aloud. It riles the hell kingdom. As a man who believes God's word holds power, the word of God can be used to put down the enemy, or activate assistance to put down the enemy.

As a man who has developed his spirit, Ian has no fear of hell, the devil, or any of his servants. Ian will walk right into hell, and take back the treasures stolen from the church. He will take down any manner of spiritual enemy - dragons, whatever.

He has a Warrior nature. I say that is good. I am following in his steps to become spiritually mature, so that I also can go down to hell, and take back whatever the Lord says to take back. If there is work to be done, why not?

As a person visits their life memories, and applies the blood to them, and is healed, they become more sure in their sight and sensory pickup of the spiritual realm. Any demon or evil thing which approaches Ian, even in the covering of a person at church coming to bless him, he can pick it up, and war with it, whether those present know about it or not. I call that a good thing to have. What do you think?

Regarding the development of the spirit man - Ian knows Jesus is the hammer. He found himself a big clod of dirt, and took a hammer, and he beat the dirt to dust. Then, the brought that into heaven's courts fights with the evil spirits who came after him. He would use a demonic attack to pull them to heaven, and beat them there. Know what your options are. And use your anointed imagination to beat down the spiritual enemy.

Teach the Children

Ian taught his child to war at age 3. Isn't that great? His child could fight off a spiritual enemy at an early age.

When a buffalo has a baby, and this is from family experience, one of my family had to give it an antibiotic. To do this, they separated the mom buffalo from the baby, and brought in a needle. My cousin gave the baby buffalo his needle, and before he could make it to the edge of the enclosure and get out, the baby buffalo at 10 minutes old hit him in the back of the leg. Now, I am not sure how hurt my cousin was. What I would like to point out is that this is the kind of child we should raise.

We should raise children who are able to protect themselves by seeing their parents fight spiritually for life. We should teach them to sift the apparition of evil, and to know what to do with it.

Good scripture start: Psalm 91 and ones like it. Your identity in God. Its not what you do, but who you are in the Lord.

Yeah, I am missing an error here. I will review and find it tomorrow. Those spelling errors.

An E-book on How to Access Your Spirit Gates

This is a downloadable .mp3 book.

You find them. Sometimes, they are blocked by a spirit. We repent and get rid of the door blockers. We go.

What Are Our Gates

Jesus is this gate. Just like when we go to heaven, Jesus is also the gate to this realm. You are invited into an experience as a heavenly citizen and to fight the war.

Any other gate into the spirit realm is illegal. And it involves trading your spiritual life and your body's future generations to the pit.

With Christ as the gate, this invitation is legal. Now he is the gate, but we engage those gates through us. We have accesses through our being to Christ the gate. Obviously, Christ the gate is an open invitation to us, for he wants us to come up. For our gates to be accessed, we need to know we have them, and second, based on life experience and belief and sin, we need to check the status of our gates, and if they are not open, we must clear our gate with repentance, and kicking out the door blockers.

What are your gates:

  • soul - will, emotions, part self-conscious of brokenness, conscience, reason, mind. Prosperity of whole life related to the health of soul: Jn 3:2 What's in us affects our life experience. Heb 4:12
  • spirit - be aware and connected to the spirit world, Eph 3:1-2 Intuition - know without learning, by the Spirit of God.
  • body - 2 Cor 5:1-3 - care for and bridle this body Jm 3:2 for out if this temple flows the river of God.
Soul servant to spirit, our spirit is a bond servant to the Spirit of God, and our body is a slave to your soul.

We need to clean the gates. The gates are two direction. They permit flow to us. They permit our access.

To clean the gates, you may need to take a spirit off it who is purposely blocking your gate. This is where repentance and healing is required. You dispossess that which is standing in the way. It is these which are behind the drive to sin.

These gates either help or hinder communion with the Lord: they affect your reverence, worship, and awe of God. To have heart to heart sharing, intimacy to know and be known by the Lord, and to have your spirit with the Holy Spirit - we need to be healed and have gates healed and opened.

We must be quickened by the Word of God. You must allow your spirit to be birthed into revelation that the Word applies to you. Dream about the word. Mt 4:4, Jn 6:63 Meditate on the Word of God.

Understand the Word. What application does it have to you? How does it change what you do?

Jn 4:24 Worship

This book above is highly recommended. It is the start into the rudimentary parts of this.

As I listen to teaching, I hear confirmation after confirmation. There's lots of confirmations of things I have experienced first and then heard in Ian's teaching.

A Good Goal

Wake up and decide you are going to be the devil's worst nightmare. Wake up and decide to go grab the enemy and fight. Wake up and decide to train up your family into being capable for bearing and carrying life, being renewed in Christ, and then bringing life to everywhere you go, at the same time squashing everything to do with hell.

Something I Love

While Ian's class of people were doing a prayer cry of warfare to release God's glory to earth, many cried out, and what was very cool, was one had a trumpet and played that like a shofar. That was awesome.

Some of the roar: Jesus, Holy God, Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus! Glory!

A voice cried: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

So, it was not I Am, like Christ roars, but it was a great combined roar. Have you ever had your congregation roar after doing a decree or battle for the kingdom? I think it shifts atmospheres, operates as the hammer in breaking down demonic holds, and opens gates.

Exiting: Massive clapping and thanks and praise. Maybe a trumpet.

I have told you once I heard that which was like a sports rally, but it was for God instead. This is a whole lot like that. That concert which was a sports rally is the gate of opening up the heavens for the glory and for entering God's Court.

Warfare and intercession is most successful done in the courts of God. Individual. Group.

Okay, so this opens up a point for me.

Your roar can also be: Jesus!  Merely crying his name is like Jesus shouting, "I Am!"


I have had a thought. There are CD products of the bible on tape. You can listen to these, while speaking in tongues. Speak strongly. You are using your tongue as a sword, like that which Christ does on his arrival day. I plan to do this. This is parallel to the two part exercise I heard Ian run with his classes.

Then, there is a reverse. When you speak in tongues, and read the bible, just let your eyes focus on the words.

Also, note that praying in your own tongue, even if it is your maternal tongue, and you are praying the Holy Spirit's words, you are speaking in tongues. This is an awakening to me. We should never judge. God is doing amazing things. Just speaking prayer in the spirit for others, that is a stepping stone toward all the tongues God will use. So if you speak or pray in the spirit, even in your tongue, you are on your way. God has means of working with you.

Beat Temptation

The tempting spirit which seeks to pull man down is called an Ob. This familiar spirit - is assigned to a person. Yeah. Too bad. We have real protecting angels when we are born - who help us when we are on track with God, and also sometimes when we know nothing about it.

The familiar spirit category which tempts us is Ob.

The teaching and model for understanding this comes from Jesus' explanation of wine skins. When we drink from the wine skin of the Holy Spirit, we engage in life and trading with heaven - and with the kingdom of heaven.

When we drink from other voices we hear, and by this, it means we are convinced by them to think or agree something, or do something, we have engaged in an exchange on a different trading floor, and we have drank from their wineskin - which is the kingdom of hell. Putridity. All that.

Then, on the heels of Temptation is Condemnation and Shame, shouting at you, trying to destroy your identity in Christ, to make you think that God can't save you. And that is a shame.

Business and drinking seem to be very strong analogies for understanding what goes on in the spirit realm.

I've learned a strategy. When a tempter comes my way, I begin to pray for 1 billion souls to be saved. If the tempter comes back, I pray for 2 billion souls to be saved. And so on. This is a great way to intimidate your familiar spirit.

I've learned something else. This is something to know about worship. Whenever the church congregates for worship, because it is powerful in taking down the enemy as praise, the devil sends distractors and tempters among the church congregation. Men and women will receive horrible temptation - lust, murder, hate, disgust, judgment - and it all happens during worship!

Imagine that. While I am seeking to see God, that devil sends bad thoughts to condemn me. Or he sends some manner of distraction. He may send it to the one next to me too. The devil loves to start a beehive right in the midst of worship, the kind of beehive which is from the kingdom of hell.

Well, I have learned I can beat temptation, or any of my familiar spirits.

When they come tempting me, I can speak in tongues, and step up to God's kingdom, and call the tempter to come with me right then. Then, I can address the tempter in court, and beat it. I am going to practice beating a few things here. I shall do a bit of work, so that I can engage in a battle in God's court, for this justice is where this happens. We can beat the tempter into submission, till he agrees to not come and speak wickedness to us again. I am going to beat down every single one of mine.

How do you know if you have a familiar spirit? If you hear thoughts that are not love, joy, peace, unity, and the basic traits of the Holy Spirit, you have a familiar spirit - and it speaks in the first person to trick you.

So, the more the better. Come on right to the feet of Jesus, for his kingdom rests in me. Wherever my familiar spirits are, all of them can come, for I am ready to give them all a good beating.

Christian, believer, are you ready? Beat down temptation in the spirit. Beat him till he says he will not come again. Just so we know, these spirits who come and speak in the first person to us hate our guts. These are the same spirits who torment our kind in hell. Spirits work in groups/families to work us into submission (Mark 5:2-15). So, it is time for a good beating. I am just doing what has been shown to me that we can do, according to God's provision. I am taking down the hell kingdom around me and replacing it with heaven.

When wanting to move into kingdom authority, this is step #1. We must establish the kingdom in us first.

Just a few more tips:

  1. If you are tempted in worship or elsewhere, you can rebuke the devil, and tell him to go away.
  2. When you are tempted, you make a choice to not be distracted from worship, and you ignore the devil/spirit, because you belong to Jesus. It is like the spirit is a fly or mosquito trying to take away your focus. Don't let them.
  3. Withhold judgement during worship. Recognize the devil does not want you to praise and worship. 

One More Thing

What if temptation comes to you, and you already failed. (There is a legitimate accusation against you.) As a Christian, step up to the court room having failed, repent, and then, let the Lord's judgment reign on you, and on your accusers. That can be both spiritual and flesh accusers. You are God's son or daughter. Do your part. Repent. Get in right standing. And let God judge all who are in attendance, for those who accuse you - flesh and spiritual - are in attendance in the court. It is your job to repent, and get back to functional in God's kingdom.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


We watched Matthew today. In that, Christ talks of men's fruit.

To have discernment - is not a spiritual sight thing where you see demons or anything like that. It is an application of this verse Jesus spoke. When a man speaks, or you examine his life, you look at a man's arms. Sort of. What fruit hangs from them. Is it good fruit? When a man speaks, it takes little effort to examine what is going on in his life, and his heart attitude, criticism, sin, bitterness, unforgiveness, and whatever. So, you work from what you hear, and yes, you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit assisting you in naming the spirit types which need to go, but much of it is apparent from speech.

Then, you go through a process of forgiving and asking forgiveness (repentance), and so on. When it is time to evict unwelcome tenants, by hearing, you made a list, and that list will be that plus all the under things - all the spirits beneath the one you identified, so that you are pulling the whole set out. The same is done for bitter roots.

The basic of this - is you do not have to see a bunch of ghouls to do demon eviction. You do push in the Holy Spirit after. You seek gifts from heaven too.

Scriptures: 1 Cor 12: 10, Mt 12: 35-36, Gn 9: 20-22, 2 Peter 2:10-12, Numbers 16

Some people do have sight. Spiritual senses. Impressions and feelings. Here is an example of using this for discernment:

You may get a feeling. You may feel the pressure of loneliness, or rejection - emotions are trained by the Kingdom of Heaven - to permit you to know its presence/identity in the one you are delivering. You use this to help you in your deliverance event. Or you may see these types of things:
  • Seeing rotten parts on a person.
  • Seeing snakes, or chains, or other manifestations.
  • Seeing a wall or barrier or a behavior - a recurring problem.

Restoring Church Unity

Rebellion is detected by words of rational expression and argument and criticism, disclosing faults like Absalom seeking agreement or sympathy to his hurts from others - to use others to gain recognition/authority for himself, or Ham criticizing his Father's nakedness. A religious cloak which seems good can have an intent of rebellion. Example Korah and his sons were after ambition.

Rebellion - criticizing or speaking evil of someone in authority. Those who rebel - those of like mind come together. They stand in presumption. By being freed of rebellion, you are given authority. That comes with dominion and power. That stays under the proper authority of the structure of your church government.

The spirit of rebellion destroys unity. With loss of unity, there's loss of power.

Restoring church unity means ending gossip with purposes of rebellion. If someone says something to you, ask, "Would we have this same conversation with this person present?" Then, arrange an appointment. It ends the gossip.

Cats Soak

Yes, CatMom can't soak without her cats. Today, Lulu layed out on top of CatMom's quilt laid over her, and he measured armpit to knee. CatDad says so. CatMom was soaking with her feet on CatDad's lap. The cat, of course, had to jump up and find a comfy spot. The right hand cat, Martius, was on CatMom's ottoman.

Soaking is a cat inclusive activity.

You know the movie Dr. Dolittle? I think it would be great to see the scene where Dr. Dolittle is singing to one where he is praising God, and then having an animal choir help him out with all their manner of merrymaking. That would be great. If you have not seen Dr. Dolittle recently, I love the show, and it is on Netflix.

New Albums

Besides All Sons and Daughters which is on sale right now by the way, and the whole album is excellent, I bought a couple albums from church. After I listen to them, I shall hunt down the YouTube material and share them if they are there.

There is an African Reggae flavor to the ones I bought today. If I memorize them, I shall have learned a few words from Africa to praise God. I love languages. So, great!

That's coming in a few days.

The All Sons and Daughters album is excellent. It has a really long play time, which is excellent for spending time soaking. I love the lyrics and the songs. You already have these posted as a concert from YouTube. That's a few weeks back.

Sermon Comment

Brad, good sermon! You hit on a lot of needed things.

To see the sermon, click First Alliance, then streaming media, then the arrow.

Dog Praises God and FAA Meditation

I have a story to share with permission having been received.

This is a man from my church. He is a psalmist. He does songs improv style at home. He records them - these songs. With the arrival of singing praise in his home, his dog became likewise inspired. His dog sings with him. His dog even does solos. He will often start with his dogdad, while he is singing. Then, sometimes this dogdad will act as a music conductor, and encourage with this hands a continuation of the dog praise music.

The longest song his dog ever sang was one and a half minutes.

The family encourage the dog to sing. After the dog sings, the family applauds.

When we praise God, animals join in. I love that this psalmist recognized a psalmist gift overflow to his dog. I love that he encouraged his pet to also praise God. When we love God, our lives should be harmonious to include our household creation in their praise song.

Hallelujah! Arooooo! Aroooo! Hallelujah! Aroooo! Arooo! And yes, when I heard this story, I howled like a dog singing in church - however, many people had left by then.

Arooo! Sorry, I couldn't help it. By the way, I heard a recording of the dog. It was great.

Here is a correlating art image from FAA:

Artist: Marjorie Lynne Wagner
Title: Vanishing Grey Wolf Wanted Alive

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Stealer of Names

The devil steals, kills, and destroys and defames.

He's tried to take away God's name and names from the church. He replaced it with a name for himself - an established idol name for a god - and this made God's own heart very angry.

In addition, for every true thing God has, the devil puts out a smaug false truth, based on a part-truth, to confuse everyone.

In the early 1900s, there was a person - who had revelation of heaven, and knew 190 names of angels. He talked to them.

There was a church trial of some sort - and they made a rule or law that no one could name any name but the names of the three angels listed in the bible.

The paradigm is that the religious sect surrounding the trial meant to limit God and his kingdom and its use.

When we say God's name, we bring his presence, for in the saying, he comes. He inhabits praise and saying his name he comes to check on us. I obviously like saying God's names. He came.

Now, eliminating saying the names of angels - what this does - is you are treating them like a prisoner of hell. You are taking away their name. By removing their name, you are also invoking a similar treatment to what the devil does to every human who enters Hell. It is an evil thing to do. You, by taking away their name, have no access to their office, function, and role. Anyway, it is time to get to know all the angels, and to not be freaked out about the fact that they have names. You have names. You were created. They were created too. They have names.

It would be a good thing to be aware of the society in heaven who stand to partner with you. God's end time strategies include acting as a heaven citizen, learning about how he does things, and then bringing that here.


Please view Metatron #2

Friday, April 25, 2014

Metatron #2

Angel Identity: Metatron

Stolen Glory: Megatron

Imagine this: a game honors God: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

In early Judaism, there was greater knowledge of angels and how they cooperate with us. This is some of the knowledge which was cut from controlled Christianity.

About the Wikipedia link - Wikipedia is a great source of initial research. Among prophetic teachers, you can also get an understanding. The understanding is derived from Jewish knowledge.

The Angelic Hosts Around God the Father

Angels are part of the canopy of glory above God the Father. There are 10 layers each of 100 million angels going upward - and each layer of angels is a different species. Metatron is a captain of one layer of one angel type. The appearance of all these angels above the Lord God is as a honeycomb viewed above him.

What this opens up to us - is that even without extra-terrestrials - which would be interesting to see - all the varieties of angelic species - would be enough to blow our minds. They are all different. They are all incomprehensible to our current paradigm.

In the end time, the concept of the reptilian - at one time the form of a reptilian was an angel - a fiery reptilian - and it is this angel type which fell with Lucifer. So, they have different bodies than us. And the devil is trying to re-establish that race in the end times. That is one of the species which he will try to supplant man with. The others are nephilim - which includes a giant but is not limited to that, and grays. That's three perverse flesh seed streams.

So since body forms are so different in heaven, I guess we should undo paradigms about what this world holds. At least, we need to expect some different body forms.

I do not want to end with a focus on the devil here. Instead, we should push ahead and get to know who the occupants of heaven are, and those with whom we can cooperate with to bring about heaven on earth.

I want to be an expert on all that the Lord wants to share about his heavenly domain, so we can do similar things here. It starts with understanding his government.

The Upwardly Mobile Believer (The UMB)

Make it a goal to live as Enoch. Please God so much, it would please his heart to pull you home.

Make it a goal to live in such a way to please God he could put you on his elders board of heaven.

I think it is time to focus on God, and let him transform us in glory. And work for the inner court intimacy of the future. As a bride, I have intimacy with Christ. However, one manner of reward in our future is our nearness to God. I am going for near. The nearer the better.

It is my life goal to be able to enter the glory of the Father's dark cloud - and to live hopefully, but if I don't I will die happily. I am hoping to risk my life to walk into God's presence. That's my life goal. I am an upwardly mobile believer (the UMB).

God, Famous and Glorious Three-in-One, here I come. I am upping my chase. Wherever you go through the stars, I am chasing you. I am not giving up. You are my First Prize. You are the field with treasure. Leave traces for me to find you. Leave veils in the air to chase you. Leave your footprints of gold in the sand. I want you God, more than anything I have ever known or seen. Make it a little easy to find you. For I want to be enfolded in your arms and carried into your adventures. Please be known as Donna's First Love. You are.

A Conversation Between Two Babies

Incredible Analogy - In a Mother's Womb Were Two Babies (general)

posted by PureWord(R), 12.19.2013
In a mother's womb were two babies. One asked the other: "Do you believe in life after delivery?"

The other replies, "why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later."

"Nonsense," says the other. "There is no life after delivery. What would that life be?"

"I don't know, but there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat with our mouths."

The other says "This is absurd! Walking is impossible. And eat with our mouths? Ridiculous. The umbilical cord supplies nutrition. Life after delivery is to be excluded. The umbilical cord is too short."

"I think there is something and maybe it's different than it is here."

The other replies, "No one has ever come back from there. Delivery is the end of life and in the after delivery it is nothing but darkness and anxiety and it takes us nowhere."

"Well, I don't know," says the other, "but certainly we will see mother and she will take care of us."

"Mother??" You believe in mother? Where is she now?"

"She is all around us. It is in her that we live. Without her there would not be this world."

"I don't see her, so it's only logical that she doesn't exist."

To which the other replied, sometimes when you're in silence you can hear her. You can perceive her. I believe there is a reality after delivery and we are here to prepare ourselves for that reality."

Source - unknown

Blood Found on the Ark

The cells DNA were alive!

Difference Between Two States

When a person accepts Christ as their savior, they sometimes are conflicted when they try to then live for the Lord for they have not placed Christ on the throne of their heart. There are 2 processes to cover.
  1. Accept Jesus as your savior - Christ's life and light comes in. 
  2. Abdicate your place or other things on the throne of your heart - so that Christ stands there alone.
These two things need to be dealt with together to further a believer's walk. This can save problems in a new believer's discipleship. We often assume the second step has happened when it has not. What can we do to fix this?

Coupon Discount

Coupon Discount - EGCTGV - 20%

Yes, I see a regular visitor over on my art profile.

So, I made this discount.

It is good till April 30.

I am uploading some new stuff. It is currently going into Garden 2014, but I will sort it a bit later.

There's 20 coupons available. If they get used, I will make some more.

God's Science Experiment

God is a teacher. Do you see that in his names in the bible?

God taught one of his prophets to make a galaxy and he did.

He even learned from God how to move about on his own (the initiator into every event is God) - and there he made a galaxy.

God is a Science teacher. The best kind.

So, while on earth, important men trade to get a few tidbits of energy and transport technology, prophets make galaxies.

Who is better? God or your impressive grays.

Calgary Photography Afternoon

Things are just sort of benefiting from rain around Calgary, so besides dandelions, there's buds on the trees, but little else to take shots of. Yesterday, I packed my camera on a trip to see my girlfriend, and truthfully, I did invite the Holy Spirit. The meeting did not work out, but I said, "So, it's what's next?"

Have you ever wondered what photography would be like in a cooperative event?

Well, a woman came and told me. When I came to a point where animals were, and in this case, it was horses, a woman came and visited me. She told me the horses were on the far side of their enclosure all day. Yet, when I came, they were on my side.

In one case, I went to see a horse - I am going to call this a Lulu style horse - it is a young horse, still playful, and not fully educated in the world, but explorative and excited about everything he sees. I came to see the horse. This horse came right to me - for treats and for love. The whole camera event sort of fell to the wayside and I hugged the horse and pet this horse for 10 minutes, instead of taking photos of him. I even kissed his nose - a few times. You know I am not set up for horses, but this horse was certainly the type that said, "I am a very cute horse. Take me home."

I did not have treats. I have taken a few photos, and loved on this horse. I told him, "I will come back with treats." Either today, or this weekend, I am taking a bag of carrots and a few peppermints to the horses - three of them - to provide the promise to the horse(s), who came for a loving visit.

That horse knew English too. When I told him it was my time to go, good-bye, and I would come see him again, he knew. He walked away. I have a photo of that horse. I am not sure if all my camera settings were right. I am playing with those, and experimenting, trying to figure out all those various settings. However, what I have will do, till I refine my selections further.

Add caption
One more thing about the young Lulu horse. Recently, there was snow on the ground, and that horse had a sleep. It was really cute. The other larger two horses stood in attention around him while he slept. It truly was like they were cradle protecting. The other two horses love that little horse just like a little baby. It was beautiful.

So, yesterday, I visited Calgary's cows, geese, and horses. At the second horse photography stop, a goose was living with two horses. Yes. It was disconcerting. The goose appeared to have her nest right by the horses - now there was a gate, but for all the world it looked like she was there for a community visit. She was like a metre or two from the horse. You would think they were sitting there talking about the weather, under the shelter of a tree.

That social horse, which visited the goose - he or she was itchy. For 5-8 minutes, that horse self-itched on a tree. I tried to take a video of him, and we will see if that worked. It was kind of funny, checking out a mother goose, laying on a nest on the ground, a few metres from the horse who used their shelter tree to relieve a good itch. Then, add me. There I am not so far away, talking softly to creatures, and getting set up to take their best photo angle. The goose knew I was there. She gave me several of her best photo angles, and I shot all of them. I said, "Thank you." Yes, the visitor woman also agreed that goose probably was on a ground nest, so I could not really approach her too closely. I could not scare her. After the horse at this spot finished itching, and I had finished photographing mother goose, then, mother goose's husband came, and soared by her, and beckoned her to the air, and she went. Then, it was me and two horses left. Social horse had a white horse enclosure companion who came nearby. Both withstood me coming a little closer. I took shots through the fence, or as close as I could come with my lens.

All the animals came for visits, as nearly as they could, considering I held a camera. Their win was loving words, and being entertained by the camera girl, and my entertainment - well, you will see too. I am putting a few of these up today. You can see these on the gallery to the right. It may take a while, for I fix up little things I would not want to show if I ordered these to put on my wall.

The horses right now are shedding winter coats. They are ragamuffins. It is like me without my hair brushed. However, don't let that fool you. They are lovely horses. They are magnificent. Given a wash, and a trim, they could prance around Cavalia which is playing in Calgary now. There's a special horse show on now. I think it's now. The whole affair is in place. I wonder how many are going. That would be a fun place to take a few shots of horses. At the same time, remember, my horses are just as beautiful as those horses, and no beautician has trimmed their coats or polished them up. If they were, they would be just like them. They had spirit. Now what Cavalia horse would you get a shot of itching himself on a tree? None. They are all far too groomed. Mine did. Mine was very well average class for a horse. Yup. So I see from my pictures there's two trees. The tree the horse used to itch himself is a bit over.

Okay, so you can distinguish the horses in my photo shots, I will call one the "Juvie horse" and the other the "Social horse". So, as I am thinking about it the "Social horse" was probably a girl. You will obviously be able to tell from the photo. Oh well.

Another stop - I visited cows. I used a distance lens, but what I tried to capture was two calves playing out in the field. They were just like little boys, bunting and pushing one another. They were among a bunch of adult folk, with a few more young ones like themselves further on. They were playing. It is not like two cats fighting on the floor, but they were rustling up the dirt and having some fun. I hope I have a good shot of that, for I love to see animals play. A few cows and bulls observed me. In the past, when I went to visit cows, whole cow herds followed me. These cows were not as in love with me. However, they put up with me, for they have not seen me too many times. If you know cows though, they too come for visits.

Here's the geese:

Dad Goose
Mother Goose
And here is the White Companion Horse:

Oh, and here are the cows:

This is the nearby view - a few roads over - and this was between the two horse shot locations:

And here are a few of the beautiful adult cows we have here - not too far from these others:

Now, do these not look like cows you could love? One thing I like about cows is they know how to herd. They always stick together. God the Father is like that. He loves us just as much as a cow mom loves her little baby calf. And he sticks with us, all the way through. And he is not very much appreciated or understood. But he is very loving. I think that is one reason that "milk" is one of the traits of the Promised Land. God provides the milk for babies - and that is one of his prime loves.

The Kind of Afternoon I Had:

Writing about what Lazarus thinks of Jesus, the Sanhedrin investigator wrote that Mary & Martha told him: "He thought him to be one of God's prophets. He said when they were out in the mountains, as they are most all the time, Jesus can tell him all about the flowers, trees, and rocks, can tell him everything in the world, and that none of the animals are afraid of him. He says often the stag and the wolf will come and stand for Jesus to stroke their mane, and seem almost loath to go away from him. He says that no poisonous serpent will offer to hiss at him. Their brother thinks he is perfectly safe if Jesus is with him."

This is a non-canonical source. It is just a testimony of Jesus. Make up your mind. However, my afternoon was just like that.

Here is the web source of this testimony:

This is just like what I experienced yesterday! I carry Christ's presence, and the horse came right up, and wanted me to stroke his mane. The horse would have stayed for half an hour or more, till I finally told him I had to get going. We will visit some more.

This reminds me of my former walks in Panorama Hills, where it was always so easy to spot my Where's Waldo coyotes, for they come to me somewhere in the foliage. The only time it felt bad was when I had a mosquito or bug in my eye.

So, I am going to point out here that the gift I carry for animals is a nature of the Holy Spirit in me - for I have had this since I was little. I became a believer at 4 yrs old, and I have always had a soft touch for animals, and they have loved me. Based on what I found here today, it is Christ in me which brings me this benefit. Christ's soft touch is in my hands.

God's closure on this with me is that when we invite him into our day, he will not fail to teach us something and tie it to his own spiritual truth, and how it relates to us.

On My Art Portfolio

On my art portfolio, I will go through these and color enhance them and so on. They will be up later. These are "as is" shots.

Remember the Gardener

Do you remember the Gardener image of Jesus in the visual gospels?

I am linking here something here one of my readers is reviewing:

I had not noticed this before, but after Jesus rose from the dead, in that large mountain on Mount Zion where there is or was a big graveyard - 12,000 people arose and testified to the story of what happened in Hell. The Gardener Jesus opened up 12,000 tombs of those in that graveyard. He was the gardener of the Zion graveyard, and he opened life to all these.

Here is a testimony from bibeprobe:

This is about the other people who arose by Christ the Gardener, who tended Israel's tomb, and brought people to life.

The early church which had Jesus for the first 40 days and had the day of Pentecost 10 days later, had a membership which was made up of former living saints and I am sure the story of what went on in Hell was all shared. I am wondering why there was no record. What happened to their stories?

Anyway, the whole NDE thing is a secondary release of this knowledge cover-up for it came at the end of my NDE studies and not the beginning. This was knowledge for the church, and it was shut up. Why? I don't know.

The church lives an exciting life. Jesus does not stand for death or disease. He fixes it. I am so glad I serve a risen savior who stands for people, and opens himself as a gate to all the best in the universe.

Here's a nice link to how bible codes reveal the story of Jesus in Isaiah 53:

Please notice in Isaiah 52 and 53 - and how there is a semantic map or rather field of confirmation codes in there which confirm Jesus' story as Messiah of Israel. Is this not also absolutely amazing?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

FAA Art Meditation Worlds Without End

Animated Revelation

This is the KJV version. This one has the fancy endings on the words which I don't mind. That's the version I grew up with. For the New Living with plain words, go to this YouTube link.

At 37 min in, you see an angel come down, and sets a foot one on land and one on the sea, and the angel roars like a lion. Cool. Warfare. Just like I've been shown. Can we say "confirmation"!

The Father The Ox

I am studying. In Hell, you see demons/fallen angels - and they look like bulls. Why? Yes, they are in a fallen state. However, before the fall, is it possible these forms also were reflective of a trait of the Creator.

This is in a sense a proof that once they were created by God, for they reflect God's image, even though they have fallen into massive evil and unholiness.

Now, their form is representative of being a bully, and tyrants. They are horror personified to man.

God the Ox is loving, faithful, and dependable. God the Ox is the type of ox that helps you clear your land and plant your crops. He is the one that helps you achieve the setup of your homestead. God the Ox is the type of ox that works with you everyday.

If we are yoked to the Father the Ox, he will be our burden bearer. The yoke is easy and the burden is light.

What the demons/fallen angels who look like bulls in hell - those are the complete antithesis of everything God is.

How do we remain yoked to the Father the Ox daily, to benefit from relationship, which we have gained through Christ?

The Alien Thing: When aliens come and slaughter cows and ox and bulls and so on, they are actually committing an act of atrocity against the Father. In the same way the devil and his work to harm and destroy and deface the image of God found on man in Hell, so the animal the cow/ox/bull is offensive to them. This is also why there is an end time move to get rid of cows. When you take this element of animals away, you also take away men's livelihood. Everything will fall out of order.

It's Not That Scary

With the end time thing, all of it, it is not that scary anymore. I see a few on the RFID article.

It is not scary at all. If we live all for Jesus, we can count on Jesus supplying everything. We will be living very well.

Even though the whole antichrist thing develops in countries which cede - and from a base and natural nature are mind controlled and live in fear and starvation, the countries which build a throne for Christ - they are merging toward the Millennium. They are essentially moving toward heaven early by bringing the future down.

I don't know where you sit today, but the most important thing is to establish a Christ throne. We do that with the declaration of God's word, its truth, its teaching, and by living as Jesus - healing everyone around us, and also by living in abundance by giving the tithe. This world, though the antichrist thing happens, is undergoing transformation toward the Millennium. It is on one hand going to be amazing to see.

What you see as technologies in heaven are going to be dropped down here. If you live in relationship to the Lord, anything is possible.

Final Wedding Wine

When a couple is getting married, at first thought, you get your wine ready. We did.

On that last wedding dinner, where the church is gathered, each life and its spiritual fruit is set into a wine.

At your dinner table, your wedding wine is served. How great that wine will be will be based on your life fruit.

How is your wine being cultivated? What is the scent? How good is the fruit? Would you be willing to share your wedding wine with others?

Here is a key question. How do we cultivate a good wine from our life here? I would like a good wine outcome. Oh yeah, and if it was really good, I would give it to everyone around, and just take a sip myself.

Host the Holy Spirit

This is a two part series. Go to the YouTube page for your second part. There is a book on this. How do we host the Presence?

This is a single.

Here is a second. You will have to decide if this is a double, or original.

Yes, we have the Holy Spirit. Occasionally, the Lord manifests his presence, similar to how he manifested in the Old Testament. How do you engage the presence of God?

There's two parts to this. We are the temple. We host His Presence inside. We host His Presence in visits.

Here's a book:

Here's the course:

Hebrew Study Tools and Courses

Free study documents are available for download. If the user benefits, make a donation of $30.

The mechanical translation can help shed light on scripture.

Second, here is Paleo-Hebrew - a course:

Same thing - if you benefit, make a donation.

Please notice this course is supported. You can ask questions for clarification.

You may also go on a forum, and interact with other students.

It is a good idea to know the images which go with the letters:

Here is a Second School:

This is the iTunes page:

This second ministry spends a lot of time teaching about the Hebraic setting around the teaching and understanding of scripture. I will be checking it out later.

Sportsmanship in the End Times

A lot of believers are into sports. Last year, with the flood in Calgary, there was no boating.

As a believer, I would like to encourage you to declare for some good weather days which cooperate with your life for enjoyment. Obviously, there are weather patterns which are required for agriculture. However, ask the Lord for 5-6 days for your outdoor sports. Pray for the good weather, and its timing for your family outing.

I think this is a way that the Lord can walk with you into your life experience. Shift your life toward an awareness of the Lord, and even let him walk with you in this good weather.

When the Earth is Renewed

Since learning that in heaven, you can walk and live in rivers, I am looking forward to the future water properties of a restored earth. Mankind will be able to walk and live in living water, for it will take on the manner and traits of heaven's water. I think that will change everything.

I also think that this was how water once was on this planet, before the fall. If we had not experienced the fall, we could have explored the water depths. With the fall, it turned into a boundary between sea and land. That's my theory. Many of our long stood paradigms will change in the future. There are unbelievable things coming. Imagine walking down there, and watching all the sea creatures.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Lord Our Husband

On various times in the past where God's presence came down, one of them was when God came down to the 70 elders and Moses when they had come out of Egypt - and God gave them his commandments and more or less asked the Israelites to marry him.

God wooed the slave bride to himself with a covenant and his law set in sapphire stones - gems of a supernatural relationship and inheritance.

If the Lord has come down - and he has come as the Warrior - I can't help but think he is here to free and redeem his bride from the trading floor and to prevent her from being sold. As he buys her back from slavery, and sets her free from theft/debts etc., like Hosea in the movie, that bride owes her husband a bit more doting and love than ever before. Are we the rebellious bride who ran after the world? We sit dirtied in the nature of sin, and it is time to be redeemed and carried off and cleaned up and set apart.

The cost of the bride was blood. She was the love of the Warrior's life.

While we know the Lord has come as Warrior, also engage him as husband. He is wooing the church - the bride - back. He is setting her up for success.

Visions And Summons Testimonies Repost

I see interest on one of this topic related articles.

I am reposting this to bring this article to your reach, for the material in it.

About Kingdom Training

I have done a lot of reading and skimming and viewing videos.

I am putting this on 2 levels. First on a post - and then on the work desk.

Here is the gist of what I picked up. Kingdom and nation transformation starts in the church. The church transforms first. The hearts and minds of individuals are purified, and then that flow of the Spirit overflows to the nation.

Second, I have received a bit of insight. Nation leaders need to come to places laced with worship - and where there is peace set on the boundaries. Many infrastructures have strongholds. When nation leaders come to places where God has set boundaries, they will also tap into heaven's currents, and they will get the insight they are looking for. I am not saying nation leaders cannot get this already, but from experience, I can tell you that God downloads more content at praise portals than anywhere else.

With this prophecy of Christ coming to nations - I think Christ will be revealing himself to nation leaders over the next 6 months. I am working from a combination of forecasts here. Ahead, there's 7 years of prosperity followed by 7 years of lack, like in Joseph's time. In those first 7 years, people set aside food, like was done in Egypt, and you work to transform the nation. This means all that stuff on my pastor's heart - which is undo systems of slavery and set justice right in the nation - it starts being done. It includes reformation down to even how animals are treated. I read Psalms - and somewhere in around Psalm 86 - what struck me was a verse where God said he provided enough food on the earth for all creation - for all animals. In countries where transformation is, you even need to think about little creatures. You don't feed refuse and waste to God's animals, and then that God El Shaddai - the God of More Than Enough - is going to in return be all that you acknowledge him to be, and you will have enough. I heard in my browsings that God said to a prophet that there were as many resources on the earth in the 30s as in the 20s and the 40s. It was a manufactured lack.

In stepping toward the Christ Constitution concept, the first thing is to get your government leaders trained in intercessory prayer - and to be delivered. When we are delivered, we experience personal freedom.

There are the introductory steps. Here is some supporting research:

Here, I have a paradigm that God's throne room and war room exist, that we have a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on, and that we have heavenly support for transforming whole nations toward that "change the world" dynamic Christ spoke.

Despite the numbers of the population on the world, and some men's concerns that there is too many people on the earth, God will release knowledge to help us have the numbers, and do well with them. Those who live with a mindset of lack - will eventually exhaust every resource of good will toward them, and find themselves in insecure places. God is about expanding states of glory, not decreasing his children - the sons of God. God's plan includes your nation. He wants you to know who he is, who Jesus is, and that God is for you, and not against you. Tap into God.

I am giving this out a bit early, but that's okay. I am still working on photography and music. It does not hurt to release this.

A Current Compromise

This is a bad decision. This is very thoughtless toward creation. Why can't the pipeline come out of the already established port? You are serving Money/Mammon and not the interests of the Creator.

Just because there are short term gains on establishing a project, does not mean it is right for our nation.