Monday, June 30, 2014

Matters of Confirmation #1

Okay, so I have written a bunch of stuff here coming from the prophetic about the nature of the human heart, and the spiritual kingdom which it is.

By listening to Ruach, I revealed the answer to a mystery about the Woman at the Well.

I did not know the truth from any other, nor from myself.

I just reread the end of the Gospel of John - which I read before - and did not notice this next material. Since then, I had encounters, which I released on, and have read again part of John, and then reread all the notes material. When I read the notes the previous time, I do not think I swept read the whole set of notes. I read a few bits. That is why this material is noticed this time, and not the last time. The last time, I just focused on reading the gospel, with a few checking of notes here and there. The confirmation material is new to me tonight.

There is confirmation in there of what I have been releasing.

In the Passion Translation of the Gospel of John, please read notes related to chapters 4, 8, 19, 20, and 21.

There you will find that the writer of this Passion Translation confirms the things which I have written here.

How this is useful to my reader? It confirms this is the voice of Ruach that I listen to, for how would I know the nature of the mysteries of God.

The material here confirms that which I have told you. It specifically confirms the release of the nature of the mystery of the Woman at the Well, and how I have been interacting with Jesus as truth. This truth is the nature of the spiritual realm, and what things mean in scripture.

That woman at the well is Christ's Bride. I count her as one. It is the nature of her encounter which makes her so. She is among the bridal company. She was eagerly awaiting him, as I am and as I do. His arrival was her epiphany.

The bride or part of a bridal company - for now, who cares. I have identified her gift. She is a bride.

Jesus was meeting his bride at that well. That is why that meeting is so special.

One more thing. In this gospel, the Greek word for the "Word" is also blueprint.

Jesus is the blueprint of mankind. The DNA. When we fell, we needed an insertion of spiritual seed or the sperm of the spirit into our make-up. When we receive that, our endarkened DNA becomes enlightened, and we are born of the Spirit. Jesus was the original blueprint for man's DNA. Why do you think we look like him? Then, that fell due to sin. We are being restored to that perfect state which Jesus is when we accept him as our Lord, and we breathe him in as spiritual seed to bring us newness of life.

Jesus. Our Blueprint. How do you like that?

One more thing then. If this material I have written is true, then you ought to be preparing for your meeting in heaven with the Warrior King.

Please also notice that Deborah was revealed strategies to fight the enemy. God works with women the same way, back then, and now.

Saying Your Name

I say Jesus' name a lot.
I love to say it.
Imagine just a moment Jesus saying your name.
Would you not think that is cool?
All those who do not make things right with him lose their name.
I've experienced him saying my name, and that is incentive enough to want to follow him.

When Jesus says your name, it somehow has life.
It is like he breathes life into your name, and your name feels like jewelry.
There is nothing better in this earth personally than having Jesus say your name.
And obviously, whose name is he going to say? Those who love him.
The breath of him speaking - it surrounds you, and it covers you, and it is amazing.

I recommend Jesus. I recommend you seek him out.
After you have lifted his name on high, stay with him long enough to hear him say your name.
My name has new meaning after being breathed at me by him.
I love my name. I love my name, because he whispers that in my ear.

You have a name. Wouldn't you want your name whispered by the Most High?

That is why we obey him and worship him.

The Hoary Head

I came across this word in the bible - somewhere in these studies.

This might explain the appearance of Jesus - the Word - who terrifies the world when he comes to deliver judgment.

As Jesus - well - that is the warrior who steps down on Mt. Sinai, and there will be other events where he appears as the Word.

Jesus in Revelations as the Word has white hair. I said - I think he would look like David Bowie.

The word "hoary" is white gray hair.

Why would he have this color hair? It is a symbol of his stature and his age and his identity as the Ancient of Days, along with his Father who also has white hair. I would think as well, that Ruach has an appearance like this - a form which show the majesty of their ageless and eternal existence.

When Jesus is manifested as the Word - I think he would be terrifying, and I would be checking out his eyes and expressions to make sure I am right with this one, and that he is the same one.

Because I have a bit of an active imagination, when I read of these things, I can picture them, however, despite picturing Jesus' appearance as the Word, I still think that this appearance, and he will take this form - it will be super terrifying and people will just fall down. This Ancient of Days will cause people to fall on the floor, and quiver. Tremble. Yes, they will tremble.

Jesus the Word is coming in magnificent glory to fight his enemies. This is the God before whom we surely hope we have been made right. On Judgment Day, I expect both appearances. I am not sure, but before the enemies of hell, God will be super glorious, and when he judges his own - humanity - I think he would be Jesus. The shift between Jesus and the Word - it is just a release of glory. As he releases his glory, he looks different.

The Jesus you will see in heaven - for now - I expect that to be the Jesus we have seen in recent bible series. I do not expect that Jesus to be represented as the Word. If you go, please share with me how he chose to present himself to you. I expect some who read this are going, or God would not bother to bring you here.

The Time Frame: I expect this to be before the next special moon event. This period of time - Jesus is setting up the who is for him and who is not. This applies to leadership.

A Sample Community Builder

When I was a teacher, I was involved in a community event I thought was cool. I will call this a Community Exchange.

I think this could be done in either churches or schools, or even community centers to help out the less fortunate.

Pick a charity. For a church, I would suggest donations to a church or church project.

What you do - everyone gets a table. They set it up, and they are responsible to put out whatever stuff they bring.

You are doing a garage sale, but it is not a junky garage sale. You sort of do an assessment of what is needed in that neighborhood, perhaps by email, or something, and you have your people - those in your community - go through their homes for things they are not using, and would be okay with someone in church having - and you sell it for a donation to the church.

Everyone knows what is going on. Anyway, there is no bartering. You put out goods which would be useful, or partner with someone to make up your table goods. You do an exchange, where you sell your goods for a reasonable and affordable price set to your target buyers, and you invite a specific set of people to come. It is not open to the world. It is say open to your church community. Or it is open to your specific community, as you are targeting a quality of life improvement in that neighborhood.

There is a guest list. People come. The money used for the trade gets gathered in a large donation box to the church - for a cause. Missions. A school fund.

I helped at a table where goods were sold. I was a teacher covering a class doing this event.

I thought we had a lot of fun. In my case, children were doing the selling, set up and clean up.

The overall event - fun. The outcomes - well, children were happy. And there were funds for a charity at the end.

Use this idea to supply some of the needs in your community.

Harp for Sleep

At night time, my husband plays this household the harp. We are moving the harp playing to the bedroom. Everyone falls asleep when we play. Everyone comes to the sound of the harp too. I come to the room, and climb on the bed. All three cats make their way to the sound of the starting to play. My husband has an audience for his playing.

Now, here is the funny thing. Yes, everyone does fall asleep. Everyone. I've been the harp player too. I have looked around at all the sleeping folk. For me, it did not matter. Even my husband fell asleep playing the harp. When he awoke, he went to bed.

Wouldn't this be great for school nap time? There must be CDs out there. This would be appropriate for the ECS group, where there is an afternoon nap.

Besides this, playing early in the day, no one sleeps. Then, we just play, and figure out strategies for playing it. My husband is very good at playing it, and he has begun his lessons from YouTube. He's also bought a few digital books on harp with harp music.

This concept of harp music would be excellent for people who have sleep trouble. I don't think it takes much to figure out how to use the harp for relaxation music. It could replace medications.

When I become better, I hope to do some visits to animals - pet stores, or shelters, and I will play for them.

I think anyone can play the harp. I think that is because God will release our own personal symphony through it, and that needs no music.

Something Lost is Found

Today, I found something important for recording. It was lost. I asked my Father to help return it. It has been some time. Now that I need it, and I am setting up recording the harp, it has come to our hands.

It is perfect timing. I have done without it. It, this piece of recording equipment, is pricey. You know those little cords you get in equipment, if you try to replace them, a single cord is not easy to replace.

I am looking forward to some improved quality in recording. The lost is found.

Agreeing With the Repentance Process

In this house, shortly, and as other days, CatDad and Lulu are going outside. CatDad is making cahones, and Lulu will be helping him.

Lulu is partly participating in the process. He has checked out all of CatDad's tools and his working spaces. He had checked every bit of lint and sawdust about there. He knows what is where.

Now, on instrument making time, Lulu is able to wander about the yard. When CatDad sands, he comes around the corner, and inspects his yard, so he may do a tour, and he calls for and looks for his cat. Sometimes, Lulu has run away, over to the neighbor, and is under their juniper, hiding out in the shade and dark from the danger of other properties. When he goes away from his CatDad, he ends up operating on a divert and hide scale, whereas when he is on our property, he can lay out in full view, because his CatDad is his protection.

CatDad walks over, and he finds his cat under the juniper. "Come out, Lulu."

CatDad looks in at his little cat eyes, and he says it again, and he means business. This time, if his Lulu does not listen, CatDad reaches for him, and now Lulu must go through repentance. Yes. Lulu must run home, go in the house, and have a time-out (a time-in).

CatDad feels that if his cat obeys his voice, runs home without him having to carry him, and goes to the door, goes in for his time-out, and then waits there, he has made things right. Lulu knows to listen to his CatDad when his CatDad gets serious. There is no game. You do it.

Anyway, CatDad has taught Lulu a bit about doors. Lulu repented. He came in and quickly. CatDad walked from the front door to his workshop, and Lulu had opened the door, and met him in his instrument making zone. "Hi, CatDad." His indoor cycle time was perhaps 8 seconds.

CatDad looked at his cat, at the door Lulu had obviously opened, and also assessed that his cat had gone through repentance, and he pet his cat on the head, and let him join him. This was a good deal. This also displayed a great deal of ingenuity in his cat, that he had figured out how to open that door. CatDad celebrated inside that his cat had figured this complex thing out.

Later in the day, remembering that he had been chased home, Lulu then was a very good cat, staying on CatDad's property, and not having to cower from the crows and magpies.

It is very easy to tell when Lulu has been cowering from a bird advance on him, for he gets mindsets which make him cower and hide. Whenever he stays in CatDad's regional authority, he is his own little feline king.

One thing that is very beautiful is that when storms come, and lightning and thunder make Lulu afraid, when he is out in the yard, he runs to his CatDad, and he stays with him. The two make instruments in the rain. Lulu just left. We kept calling him, and he did not hear that he was invited to go outside. However, when CatDad opened the door, and another door, before these doors could finish opening, his cat was on his way outside.

Regular visits are good for maintaining consistency in cooperation. I am not sure how Lulu is going to help make cahones today, but he does have a part. He could be called Safety, for he actually checks on CatDad's health to see that he is doing okay.

This overall story is about repentance. Agree with the process. The quicker you fall into repentance, the sooner you are back out the door, and you are ruling and reigning in your God established territory. He wants you there. You need to agree with his ways, his laws, and his process. When you follow the process with efficiency, that means there's no room for the devil to steal your experience with God. God is your CatDad. You are the cat. 

Ruach the Meeting Chair

I've been thinking, for I was a teacher, would a teacher have a teacher angel, or would they operate on the 7 Spirits of God.

Ruach is the head of the government of education. That is what I see in heaven, and how it is that he gets all his human choices educated. Yes, at times, he teaches us, and he is in us, but he also wants us to cooperate with heaven.

When a person is receiving instruction from the 7 Spirits, you could also say they are getting instruction from the Holy Spirit, for he has designated his teaching authority to them.

What about teachers? Pastors have angels. Do teachers?

I tend to say yes. Being in the right place, at the right time to stop a calamity seems to be in tune with angels shepherding you around.

However, teachers also operate with the 7 Spirits. Whether they know it or not, they are, if they have accepted Jesus as Lord. God gifts you according to your role. And according to how you desire him, and turn to him for his provision.

Teachers operate off of either 1 or 2 modes. 1. Teaching and instructing and modeling to impart knowledge, wisdom, and behavior and even self-concept. 2. Manipulation.

I would expand on the manipulation, but my reader can fill this in for themselves.

Teachers operate in high responsibility and high risk.

In Isaiah, there is a passage about wisdom and instruction.

When principals are having meetings with parents, they should open their meeting with this scripture, and invite Wisdom and Understanding to be present. That's because Ruach, who is Wisdom, and who send Wisdom and Understanding, and Counsel and Might - he would not mind being present in a meeting.

You merely invite the presence of Wisdom and Understanding, according to this scripture, to prevail in your meeting, and to direct the meeting interests. (This is a typical step in opening a deliverance session. Who wants to be doing deliverance without the help of Ruach.)

Neither student, nor parent, nor teacher is King. Ruach, in matters of wisdom, is King. Jesus is King.

I believe that as principals invite Ruach into meetings to chair them, and as you seek God's counsel and his Kingdom in your school, you will experience his Presence caring for you and your population more as a tangible expression of peace.

This is something - a strategy - which principals must implement in their lives first, and as you get this mastered, then teach it to teachers, and then, after this is mastered by teachers, then teach it to parents, and finally, get it set in a program for children.

Yes, Principals carry Ruach. And Principal and teachers have angels.

One day, I had a task to do, and it was greater than my capacity as a woman. I tried to lift a heavy object above my shoulders, into a trash bin. I was not able. I knew, for a fact, I have angels. I knew I had body guards, for Jesus gave me them.

So, I asked God to allow my angel to help me. I saw in the natural my helper help me lift, and get that thing in the trash. It was the impossible done before my eyes. The heavy object followed a trajectory of two persons. And the trash lid was lifted. And the object was swung higher and up into the trash bin, which I had already failed at.

So teacher, who is in an impossible situation, please ask God, or also ask your angel(s) when you know his or her name, or ask the 7 Spirits whose names are already revealed to you, ask for help, and let God help you.

He wants to. He wants to be involved in your running of your role. As you permit him to be involved, your class will succeed in God's ways. God wants your class and your students to be successful. He wants you  to be successful. He starts with principals. He moves to teachers. Then, parents, and finally, students. The movement in teachers automatically changes things for students. The last student movement is about equipping students, and this happens in Health Class.

Principals, as you study the 7 Spirits of God, please begin to notice them in your people, and not based on performance assessment please, but based on a presence quality, bring this forward through encouragement in your staff.

God has had enough of the whole performance paradigm. If God is present, what do you expect he will do. Yes, things will run smooth. I am not saying to get rid of the performance evaluation, but what I am saying is to value God in people, and to encourage his traits and operation in the classroom, and to build their confidence in teachers' identity in God.

Give God a chance to help you. Ask.

Please discern spirits of criticism, condemnation, and control - in areas of your school. Start with yourself. Build your kingdom outward. Yes, you have an opportunity to be a King or a Queen in God's eternity. You are already placed in a position where you are given opportunity to begin to climb the mountain. Master yourself, gain elevation, and build God's/your kingdom outwards. In this case, where you have Ruach in you, you are building a combined kingdom. It is not your kingdom alone, but a mutual reigning, where your seat of government is sitting on Christ's throne, and you are governing for him.

Ruach the Rapper

When I worship, and I repeat listen to songs, where every note and every transition is built into me, eventually, God Ruach has some fun. I feel him in me, and he is singing, and I open my lips in agreement with his musical nature.

I love Ruach the Rapper.

Ruach sings in rap to whatever song I have most memorized. It is like rap, but it is tongues.

It rhymes, and it is fast, like rap.

I enjoy hearing whatever he produces, and feel in rhythm to him, whether I understand any of it or not.

Yes, Ruach is a Rapper. He raps better than I could. He speaks very fast, and somehow the musical quality of it sounds beautiful to me.

Ruach is musically beautiful.

If you have, believer, learned songs to a point where you know every chord, note, and transition, I encourage you to let Ruach the Rapper take over. I think you could release this rap as a layer of your overall musical production, in praise music. Take it down, or build it in, but I think he is cool, and I am not the only one carrying this gift. All of you do.

If you have Ruach in you, you have it. You must just learn to release this. He's a rapper.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Red Dishes

I honor God at my table with red dishes.

My dishes represent Communion, Christ's blood and body and sacrifice.

If company comes over, as food gives life, I would also impart life from the dish.

Let my dishes impart honor and awe for your name and what you have accomplished, Jesus.

A Feather at Church #1

I attend First Alliance Church. I found a feather outside the doors of the church. I know I bring my angels in to worship. I hesitated to take the feather, so that someone on the ministry staff can go find that feather, and you can begin your own angel feather collection.

I don't just want angels on the First Alliance property. I want many birds. I want releasing of God's praise to nature, though whatever way. Speakers. Open windows. Let creation join the praise. I don't mean something impressing upon the external world, but rather a gathering in, or a sharing of the joy. And First Alliance, this is a desire of my heart, but you will know to check your own spirit for Ruach, for that is wise. Where I worship, sometimes, windows open, and people dance outside, where music has extended. There is joy in and out. I reread this today, and this needed a little clarifying.

I have a strong affinity to feathers. They are the covering of the Most High, and they are indicators of his presence, either personally, or of his angels. Look for that feather. Lord God, keep that feather in place. And let the one who values your angelic realm and your presence find it, and start their feather collection.

I do not always make an assumption that a bird feather is from an angel. I look for circumstances. I also look to the Holy Spirit for his nudge that this is one of his.

This feather is black and white.

Just so you know, my cat will hunt my feathers, so I must keep them in a safe place. There is not a church cat, so I think your feather collection will be safe.

Where God's spirit is, there are birds and angels. Feathers are an identity of the Holy Spirit, and of God Jehovah's own feathers, and even Jesus. This is a strong identity of the whole Trinity.

If I could, I would wear feathers in my hair, but my Lulu would probably swipe them. So, I can't.

Feathers are a symbol of holiness.

I pray Lord as you have released your Presence to me with an abundance of feathers, that my people will also begin seeing feathers in the air of the sanctuary, in their offices, and in places where worship has increased your glory. Grow your garden of peace toward men and creation from our First Alliance Sanctuary outward, which lavishes love and abundance and gentleness outward to animals and birds and every manner of creation You created. Just as after you died, Jesus, no bird flew in the vicinity of Palestine, so with your blessing and your Presence, let the birds flock to our sanctuary and to this land of yours, and let us live in peace with your nature. In Jesus' name, by the power of Ruach, Amen.

A Transformed Mind

I taught my readers the bridal cry.

Did you know Jesus speaks in tongues?

Sometimes, I speak in tongues, and he also speaks the same words in the same language.

God has converted my mind - and I think in tongues.

I think this is a constant form of prayer.

When I am shopping for apples, I am speaking in tongues.

When I mutter, or I am alone, I am constantly speaking in tongues.

There is no more worry. Instead, I constantly release the river, wherever I am.

My mind is a pleasant place, for I am constantly rejoicing for and praising my God Jesus and his Father, in the company of Ruach.

When the two voices of tongues combine, this is a form of bridal cry. It is a war strategy.

What this requires is the believer to hear in the spirit realm, and to hear Christ's voice releasing with them. The two of you are accomplishing battle together.

Ways to Receive Inheritance

There are two ways to receive your spiritual inheritance. Here they are:

1. Work for it. Fight for it.
2. Marry for it.

Here, I am just stating the obvious.

Bridal company, marrying for it is not a bad idea. Yes, I am wealthy, but not by any riches of my own derivation. I am rich because I love Messiah - Yeshua HaMaschiach. This is a spiritual decision. I am not saying love won't cost you. Standing for your King costs.

However, that spirit realm and the future natural world, and man's eternity - there is more. And God will bring it to pass. And it starts here. He offers you his hand into a bridal agreement. Love him, because he is your valorous suitor. Not just because you need fire insurance. Love him.

Married love is warfare against the enemy. The war is won by knowing God face to face, and having access to spiritual tools to fight a spiritual enemy. The war is won by following the plans of the Husband. And the Husband invests in you, such that you will stand, using his power. 

The Harp and Bowl Model of Praise and Worship

Harps and Bowls

Harps and Bowls have to do with praise and lifting up of worship. Lifting worship/praise and prayer, and decreeing scripture, and doing war in prayer, and declaring how God is good - all this is agreement with God, and sets in motion heaven's armies. When we praise and worship and come into agreement with God, even without direct warring with hell's armies, God removes them from power, and sets his armies there.

On this page, the first video introduces the concept, but it does not introduce the 16 pts. it is labelled for. Then, on the next video, there is a better description how to have an organized group participation in what looks to me like a 24 hour prayer and praise room. The third video is how to use praise and worship to move hell's government off your land. You accomplish more by moving the heavens in worship and agreement to God's word and his identity and Presence than by doing war yourself. God moves his armies in place when we place ourselves in agreement with him, through repentance, declaration, and praise.

You do not hear harps and bowls discussed much in these videos. Just so my reader does not get confused, it is more like a metaphor. Harps lift praise in song. The bowls of praise - are what is poured out as a sweet savor before the Throne of God.

Former Thoughts 

Angels and demons clash only when there is prayer intercession. We make war with prayer and music. I use praise as prayer. When I make music, I am praying. I am warring. This teaching talks about "kissing the son" and doing this in worship. This is my first encounter of this here.

I recommend going through the training on worship. It is about trembling, awe, celebrating, and intimacy in in worship. This is training where you must persist. In the end, you learn the strategies of praying for cities.

It makes sense. You declare how good and wonderful and great God is. That praise open the heavens, and you make prophetic decrees, and then, God releases the army to take a city. There are exceptions where the Holy Spirit speaks to a leader to work in unity to rebuke a spiritual identity working over a city. You listen to the Holy Spirit. We do not take a prayer model and fashion it to 1 success story. We follow a model - and we also listen to the Holy Spirit. Let your prayer model be God focused.

Spiritual warfare is agreement with God's ways and heart, because we choose to, not because we have to. It is glorifying God in our agreement. Coming into agreement with God - we repent and agree in unity with one another - the dark spiritual forces are pushed back.

Worship is agreeing with God's beauty, worthiness, goodness, and the truth of who he is. Intercession is agreeing with what God says he will do. Worship is agreeing with what God says he is. That is what moves angels and drives out demons.

Healing - agreement with God's power to deliver people.
Serving - agreement with God in humility. It is warfare.



Jesus the MMA Champion

Have I talked about this before? One day, I happened to be surrounded by an MMA team. There were all these competitive guys checking into the same hotel I was. These are the same young fighters who you see fighting on television. They are full of guy nature. They compete for the girl. I am married. They checked out my hand. They were just making sure. You know.

What I want to tell you is that the guy oozing character of a man who would fight for you, which those MMA guys have - Jesus has.

Jesus did fight for us. He was lifted up for us. He has a jealous and strong masculine side, and that nature will come against his enemy. However, even though he has already fought for us, Jesus expects us to recognize him as the Champion, and as the catch.

I would say that the nature of the MMA guys and Jesus - there is a bit of a match.

I would also say that those MMA guys, if they have a girl, that they also would expect their own appeal to keep the girl interested, and faithful. Wouldn't you? They are extremely good quality guys. They are fit, good looking, good fighters, commited, competitive. There is a whole lot of stuff about them which is to be valued.

When I think of Israel's champions, the top 37 military fighters in 2 Samuel - who took down Goliath's brothers and other giants - I think of MMA guys in battle gear.

One of God's natures is a warrior. Guys who are in MMA are experiencing one of the identities and natures of God in them. Now, there are two possible derivations of inspiration. Heaven. Hell.

Today, if any of you champions read this, I would like you to switch your warrior reputation and derivation of your inspiration to be who you are - switch to heaven. Switch to Jesus. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, and come under the Lordship of Jesus, my King, Lord, and Savior.

You ought to be one of God's top 37 today. You need training in God's ways, so get your bible.

I value you - the MMA guys. I think you ought to be God's warriors. I have seen the Warrior. He carries himself like an MMA guy. And he is a worthy suitor for all mankind. He is a worthy King. He is jealous for our affections. And he will lead men to be better men, and to fight for his causes.

Jesus is an MMA champion. He humbled himself on a cross. When he comes back though, expect a complete Warrior, full of MMA champion ways, for he will have trained new mighty men, and these will be his guys, close to him like David was to the mighty men who fought with him.

So people, in the spiritual world, there is room for a bridal company. This is a level of commitment to Jesus which goes further. Jesus is checking out your hand. Are you available? Are you a willing partner? Are you ready to give him the love and faithfulness he deserves?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tonight's Music Project


Tonight, we are researching our next music project. The tonal wood called Padauk is excellent for carrying music resonance.

Here is an article on it from Wood

Please notice that King Solomon used this as the pillars for the temple. Wouldn't that sound nice resonating the harp music.

This is what I pick for the next harp wood. I am picking it, so that the red orange wood can remind me of the fire I stand in with Jesus. I stand in a furnace, and this wood almost does it for what I hope to get out of the harp. I would like to see harp music which sets people's spiritual lives on fire. I would like to see the fire of the Holy Spirit come.

Today, I am dressed for fire. I did my nails to match the fiery furnace where I enjoy standing and being. For a bit, I am going to dress in red, orange, and yellow. Just because - it is a signature of Jesus.

For the inscription on the harp this time, I am looking for a scripture sentence in Hebrew. It will be either God's name, or a description of him in his grandeur. The side ornament will be flames - because refining fire, friend, is very comfortable and pleasant to stand in.

Because Padauk is a resonant wood, I have asked my husband to use all the leftovers of this harp to make me jewelry - bracelets or other things. I would like my jewelry to resonate praise to Jesus. I would like to create resonance of praise to all around. I would like my jewelry to carry fire. The Lord will make the bride's spirit bright. Such jewelry will carry fire and a bright fiery courage and righteousness on the bride, and on the church.

Bring the fire, Lord God.

Other Projects

There is another project on the go. I am not doing it. My husband is making 4-5 drums. They are not too difficult to make.

I learned today that there is a skilled craftsman in Calgary who makes cigar box banjos, with license plate resonators, and I think that is cool. We may try making a banjo, but for now my list of projects is good. We know of this now. We'll see.

About the New Resource

There are about 1200 hours of Jim Staley material online.

That is about 30 weeks of training at 40 hours a week.

A bible college could take that material, pick out the content you want, pay this fellow something in an agreement, and get this going in a school.

I wish I could cover all his content. Over the next couple years, perhaps I could cover it.

What he has, though Christian, he has a Messianic Jewish training which he teaches.

If you want to see the Jewish Jesus, you will find him here.

You will see his material posted here, as I have gone through it.

I put interesting time notes. What I notice is that the Holy Spirit has taught him a few things he taught me. When I see similar ideas - I recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit who is teaching Jim.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Feasts a Prophetic Calendar

Yom Kippur

Pastor, check out 45 min in on the Scarlet Thread miracle. That's cool!

At an hour in, Jim says it is an insult to ask God for money. He has already given it to us. It is promised in the scripture.

1 hr 18 min - this talks about the 10 virgins matter.

Yom Teruah

Feast of First Fruits

8 min in. Leadership as a dance analogy.

20 min in. This is funny. Jim shows how a giant is a stolen glory of the true glory of Yahweh. He describes God as 150 ft tall. He is huge. The nephilim version - well they were what 40ish feet. That is a whole lot smaller than Yahweh. Yes, stolen glory - even for the giant. The devil tries to imitate God, and can't.

This is growing.

2 Samuel Summary

I read this book today. This book, 2 Samuel, is about how David's whole family situation goes downhill.

Due to his sin, a family curse comes on him, and the difficulties go awry, as well as family relationships.

David makes compromised decisions due to loving those he is supposed to love, but loving people who have not necessarily been making the best choices. Families get messy when we sin. What we do impacts our family downlines.

If there were 1 key message in 2 Samuel, it would be to keep pure, not go where you are not supposed to go, and repent quickly. If we don't, we get judged and cursed by our sin.

David did not repent right away. He kept on with his relationship with Bathsheba, and even had a baby with her, before the prophet confronted him. David could have brought his secret sin forward sooner. By not doing this, he had increased negative consequences from his choices.

When you see this book, it makes you want to trade on the right trading floors. It makes you want to clean up how you make decisions.

In this world, God deals with sin corporately. A sin affects the whole body. At Judgment, sin is dealt with personally. The yeast leavens the whole lump refers to how groups of people get affected by the private sin between two people.

About the Ketubah

At 18 min in, there is a divorcement of Yahweh with Israel - at the time of Jeremiah.

Covenants Question

What are the 5 levels of covenant in the bible?


Pastors, fill this in for your congregations.

Justice Later

Sometimes, in our lives as believers, we do not get justice here. For all outside viewing ability, someone's life looks like they failed, or they did not achieve, or they lived a reduced life, due to either bullying or an unfortunate set of events which plagued them.

There is a form of justice for these who get to heaven. The justice is delivered in heaven. God pays back the 7x amount of emotional stress reward to you in heaven.

I realize this does not help many who make outward and inward judgments with being recompensed here, but in the end, all things pan out for the good of an individual who makes it to heaven.

God collects our tears in a bottle. He will make all things right.

Christian Movie Review the Interview

I agree with Kim Jong-un today - that the release of the movie - The Interview - is not suitable material for entertainment.

This movie's basic spirit, which is twisted humour satire - that spirit is murder.

I do suggest to the American country leadership to view the movie, analyze it, provide an analysis of the critical comments in it to Kim Jong-un, and together, the two country leaderships decide if this movie should be released.

Believers, do not support this movie, until its damage has been assessed. My leading is not to see the movie at all, based on the premise. Free speech is not an excuse to act inappropriately, or to create political problems for our country. (I know I am not an American, but I am stating a value.)

President Obama, please have this movie assessed first before it is released. Have a courtesy for President Kim Jong-un, and share with him the clips of concern, if there are any.

It is very difficult when you love a country, and you are praying for its renewal, to allow harmful stuff like this to pass. I have hope for North Korea, and I would appreciate that this situation be assessed.

What is a Ketubah? #1

This morning, I hear, "What is a Ketubah?"

I see the word too - that is how I have the spelling.

I shall hunt for this today, and add to this post.

I just searched it. It is a wedding contract. It is a Jewish Wedding Contract.

Here is my google search: Ketubah

Article 1.  More detail.  The Contract.

Jesus just married me. Verbally, I say, "I do." I do. I do. I do.

Do you see my part? There's a whole lot of stuff I have to do. Nothing a good woman would not do, though.

Israel, why did you not marry Jehovah? If God asked you to marry him, I really need to ask you why  you did not say yes. I do not get it.

Pastors, the top level covenant in the bible is a wedding contract. In a wedding recently, I also spoke these words. What I want to ask is, how is this type of agreement and promise useful to the church?

I accept. I am married to Jesus. Now, during this war, I am going to be a loyal bride.

Is there a take-a-way for the church?

I am obviously interested in knowing my Bridegroom's culture. I want to know what it means to be Jewish. I want to know his language. I want to know his traditions. In this world, had I married a Jewish man, I would want to know everything there is to know. However, I am trusting Ruach to be a good trainer, and teach me all that I need. He is not the best man for just any reason. He has Jesus' back. He knows how to train.

Yes, I am blown away. Yes, I told you God woos you. Personally. He does.

When I asked for a red diamond, Jesus filled my treasury full. He did not just give me one diamond, but the stocks of heaven. Now, in the spirit realm, I accept and sign this marriage contract, and I place this with the treasure you are Jesus in my treasury. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Reader, I just stored away this contract in my treasury. I taught you about that. Rather Ruach did.

When Jesus slept on the rooftops in Israel, or slept under the stars in the Garden, he would look up to the heavens. Sometimes, he would sweep the heavens, knowing he would set the stars in order, and redeem them. Sometimes, he would dream of Israel being the prosperous vine he hoped her to be. Once in a while, when he was in his dreamy mode, and he thought of his wedding, those days, he looked to a specific place. He looked to where he would make a tabernacle in the heavens, and where he would invite his beloved. That tabernacle is his secret place. I might have thought it was mine. No, it was his. I have been to the secret place of the Most High. Wow.

Update: I have studied the laws around marriage - the ketubah. This house is following them. This is going to sound weird. I began studying this material years ago. I encountered resistance. I am a New Covenant Christian. That would mean I do not have to pay attention to this. I have long felt drawn to the mikvah. I mikvah'd the day of my wedding. A friend drew my bath, and I had special things in the water, like the mikvah. God planned that. I think I had cedarwood in there. I can't remember what else, but flowers - rose petals. It was special.

So, here is the deal. Now, God has brought this forward again to me. I am doing it. I am doing this as part of his Ketubah, and our household agrees. I don't have to. I get to. It is responding to God's offer, and in this case, it applies to both husband and wife, for we agree with God. I will practice the mikvah. I will practice the laws God has set around the marriage.

Here is another post related to this:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Place vs Nation Leaders and Pastors Place

As a prophet, and for my revelation, I expect that as Jesus is my treasure, that most of my understanding and revelation is not necessarily going to be from going about heaven. I go to heaven, but with Jesus. For example, I had been dancing a long time with Jesus. You could even say we had danced so much, I might not have had to pay attention. Even in the Spirit realm. I was following.

He says, "Today, we dance for the Father."

He immediately transfers us to the throne room, and we dance for the Father. We are dressed up.

I follow his cues. All of a sudden, I am paying massive attention to everything in the spirit realm. I was aware of every step. At the end, he approaches the Father with me on his left, and he bows, and then I bow. He lifts up words of love and praise, and I do. I follow him.

I had not expected perhaps that there was an event he was planning.

I think much of my revelation will come from the arms of Jesus. I won't just be walking around heaven's libraries. It will come from the arms of intimacy and ministering to him.

I think, though I am equipped with weapons of war, you are always hearing my perspective from the identity of the bride. You will always see him reflected through the mirror of my femininity.

As for you, pastors and nation leaders - you are warriors, and you come from a strong masculine viewpoint.

I think you will be assembled for war meetings, and not necessarily me.

When you are there, consider for yourself my assessment. I say Jesus is beautiful. You will know for yourself.

All my knowledge is couched in an intimate relationship, and from that of one who is looking at her rescuer.

He rescued me. More than once. Many times. It started with knowing to shout his name to the heavens.

When God trains us, he has things in mind for us, and events he plans for us to participate in - in the future. He knows. Each of us has a personal life plan, though we are all working toward his. As you train, just be aware that the things which seem like you could take them for granted, don't. Just mostly be aware of his voice, and what it is you are accomplishing with what you are doing. If he has not told you the end game, still listen and obey.

A Key Analogy

Just like the alephbeit tells a key story, where each letter continues from the previous in revealing a story, the last letter of the bible finishes every word before, and when we come in covenant with the Messiah, we are agreeing with every word in his book, and that means we obey and align with every word in his book, from the beginning to the end.

Are there words in there we have ignored, or adjusted for our own benefit?

When Jesus says I am the beginning and the end, he is saying he is the et. He is the direct object of every sentence in the bible, and every sentence reveals him. He is the revelation of all the I Ams in the bible.

He is all those things.

There is a very strong argument here for having read and understood our bible, for it is our covenant.

The biggest curse on man is: Not hearing God. By not hearing him, we don't obey him, and we lose the blessings he hopes to set upon us. We must be willing to let go of the stuff in our life - materialism, bitterness, and when we let go, God pours out blessing. God responds to faith. We remove our idols. God rejoices. He shows his relationship to us.

Who do I respect more: Luke Skywalker or Jim Staley. Jim Staley, for he is accurately and wisely handling the sword of truth, which is really what Luke is supposed to be representing.

Luke is the learning tool or metaphor. Jim is the living version of how we apply that to our spiritual life.

The Destroyer

As in the bible story of Passover, the angel Destroyer, who is Christ, came and killed the firstborn, and those who had not made covenant with him. The blood was the seal upon the doors of those who feared him.

Though we often think of the devil as a destroyer, and yes he destroys, but the greater Destroyer is Jesus, for when he comes at the end of the testing of man, he is looking for his mark Tav on people's forehead, and if they don't have it, he kills them. And he starts with the priests and his sanctuary.

God judges the church. We are not to be caught up with the traditions of men.

The angel goes and marks all those who are sad about what the devil is doing. This is where I understand that God separates man according to their alignment with the Beast or to him. I see and others see that societies come through. However, the Tribulation has a lot to do with God judging his own church, who are supposed to be the water and light for the times. God goes after the nations, and brings them under his kingdom - those whose hearts align with God. God and his angels can read our hearts, and they know where we stand.

Letter Tav.

The cross Jesus died on is a sword. That which was used to subdue him, he yields in victory.

Do you have a Tav on your forehead? Do you submit to him?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Donna's Sunday Education Stream

Discovering the Alephbeit

Reader, if you want to get to know God, going through the video training on the Alephbeit and God's names is an excellent place to start.

1. Review God's names on the page linked in the right page architecture.
2. View and listen to the I Am Video. Jesus is all of these names. The Trinity is all of these names.***
3. Do the video training on the Alephbeit found here. 26 hours.

You have already jumped into it. God will reveal himself to you.

Hopefully, you have accepted Christ. If not, the top right 5 pages help you do that. That is Key.

Based on already doing dream interpretation, I can tell those here interested in that, this is a good base. There is a whole lot of grounding in the video training on the Alephbeit.

I am bringing this training into our Sunday afternoons, until this household has had the training on the alephbeit. I think this course set holds within it enough that will grow our house. I am also interested in the material on the various feasts, and the deception of the enemy. There is a sermon set on love. I like that one. It takes time. Just the alephbeit could take 4-5 Sundays, if we do 3-4 hour sets of material per Sunday afternoon.

Reader, I am setting this up for my house. However, if you would like to join me, I am setting up all the links to the lessons here. It is difficult to find the content, even on the channel. This is going to be updated and ready for Sunday morning.

I think understanding the alephbeit is key to our discipleship. We can use it as a troubleshooter to see where we are in our spiritual walk. I think it is worth setting up for our study. For example, why is it you have not yet received your anointing? Troubleshoot. There are a lot of prayers included. Participate in these prayers. The Holy Spirit is active in these prayers. A few of these include deliverance type prayers. Put your hand up, and pray along.

Where this teaching fits into your week, is it has been my Sunday Education Stream for myself and my husband. I now pull it forward for yours. In this post, I am merging some of the content of other posts you see in the post directory, so you know.

Let's Introduce the Speaker and the Topic

The Key Analogy

Just like the alephbeit tells a key story, where each letter continues from the previous in revealing a story, the last letter of the bible finishes every word before, and when we come in covenant with the Messiah, we are agreeing with every word in his book, and that means we obey and align with every word in his book, from the beginning to the end.

Are there words in there we have ignored, or adjusted for our own benefit?

When Jesus says I am the beginning and the end, he is saying he is the et. He is the direct object of every sentence in the bible, and every sentence reveals him. He is the revelation of all the I Ams in the bible.

He is all those things. There is a very strong argument here for having read and understood our bible, for it is our covenant.

The biggest curse on man is: Not hearing God. By not hearing him, we don't obey him, and we lose the blessings he hopes to set upon us. We must be willing to let go of the stuff in our life - materialism, bitterness, and when we let go, God pours out blessing. God responds to faith. We remove our idols. God rejoices. He shows his relationship to us.

The Teaching Pastor and Speaker

Who do I respect more: Luke Skywalker or Jim Staley. Jim Staley, for he is accurately and wisely handling the sword of truth, which is really what Luke is supposed to be representing.

Luke is the learning tool or metaphor. Jim is the living version of how we apply that to our spiritual life. Jim is our featured speaker for this Alephbeit Teaching Series. I have given you both linked pages, and a playlist to work from. Occasionally, videos move around, so this does not hurt. Decide which organization structure of the content works for you. Your context will affect this choice.

The Alephbeit Teaching Series:

As I am listening to the last few sermons, I shall be setting this page up.
The Hebrew alephbeit describes man's spiritual journey, and can be used to troubleshoot spiritual life problems. Here is a page with the alephbeit listed as a chart:

Pulling Content Together

  1. ***This post.
  16. (song)
  18. What does Aleph add to this?
Note: *included in this post; ***this post.

I am pulling the content on the Alephbet together here. That is the Jewish Alphabet - and knowing about this enables your mind to work prophetically. Every letter is a revelation of God. Every one is God's name.

The first post I pulled up top - has all the links. This is the Hebrew Alphabet. 26 hrs of content. Do you want to understand the overall and complete message of the bible? Here's the quick route. Learn this, and then use this to decode other things. If reading the bible were a swimming lesson, this is where you get in, and count to 22 holding your breath. That might be a bit long, but it is the start. Get wet. This can be your first step to God's symbol language.

Alephbeit, alephbet - I've seen both. I use both. You see them mixed in my posts, due to the mixed nature of the word in the research I read.

God created the universe singing the alephbet. That song reveals the whole story of God coming after us, to bring us home. God sang his own alphabet name to make the universe.

What you see in these courses is potential book planning, for later, I could pull these into course books, or you could use them as they are, and put them into church photocopy booklets for training.

I am also going to tie whatever I have here to collections of the videos on my YouTube channel, to make an education stream like a course. It does not allow me to order them, or I would. However, to have them in 1 playlist will hold them together for those who want to deliver courses. That takes a bit of time, so that will not all be done today. Chasing them down in YouTube was not as easy as it sounds.

Letter for Serpent This is a Google search for Serpent.

  • I said every letter is a revelation of God.
  • The letter of a picture of a serpent - reveals the enemy of God.
  • The word serpent - Jesus is symbolized as a serpent lifted up to save people.
  • Serpent = shining one.
  • Let's look at stolen glory vs true glory.
  • The devil as a serpent stole the glory from God. He faked his lumination as a shining one, to steal people's awe. However, the truth is that Jesus is revealed in the end as the true shining one, and savior of all people.
  • This is the true glory. Jesus overcomes the devil, and he takes the place as the only shining one.

Here's the course playlist: The Hebrew Alphabet

I am still working out mine. In the meantime, you have this.

This is a 26 hour series which teaches us the Hebrew alphabet. 46 min in - Pastor - there is an interesting bit on houses.

The variations on this Hebrew word are:   alephbet, alephbeit, alephbeyt

For those who pursue study, I have a couple learning resources on the right of the blog. Download the .pdfs you need, and combine them in a .pdf booklet for yourself. You will increase your learning by having a booklet. Look over on the Right Hand Side for Hebrew and Aleph beit page titles.
#2 here - when you click on the letter, it will open up an article on the letter. What I suggest is opening each letter, and printing it - 22 articles - and having these before you while you listen to this overall teaching.

That will be your manual. I've gone through it before. It took a while. It makes a decent amount of material.

#4 here - I used that for my God name reflections.

We are ending with a song.

Make it Personal: Look for Hebrew Letters in Your Life

We made it personal by inscribing Hebrew letters on a harp my husband made me to play. Then, having already been familiar with the alephbeit, my husband recognized something unusual about our cat's neck jewelry, the natural white fur star burst on his neck. It was something!

Vav or Resh

How do you get words from God? We just finished a second harp, with God's names inscribed on the sides, and today, we just realized our cat's neck jewelry is a Hebrew letter. Martius, my cat, wears a Vav or Resh on his chest as his cat jewelry. Is that not cool?

Google Search Hebrew Numbers

Select an image of the Hebrew alphabet.

In reviewing bible code, we found out that numbers have meanings - both for dream metaphors and also from this source of Hebrew alephbeit. Each letter is a number with a meaning.

I am bringing this forward for understanding bible code.

As for why our cat Martius has a Vav or Resh on his neck - that we are still figuring out. What does that mean. We are still deciding which letter it is. Every stroke God has written has meaning. Isn't is amazing God put a Hebrew letter on our pet?

Jesus Is Good Looking Updated

Jesus Is Good Looking 

Here's the code: 2 records

Jesus may not have been good looking on earth, but I am telling you he is good looking now.  He is the most handsome male in the whole of the universe. Sorry, husbands. He is. I have plenty of time to look at him, and I know. In the status of the spirit realm, desire exists, and Jesus is desirable.

It does not help to say that our mode of sexuality exists. It does not, but I have described what intimacy looks like. I think Diogo is a good representative of the good looking nature of Jesus now, though he is not the same, but close. I think Jesus picked him to show who he is now, and that is desirable.

Jesus is desirable. For all those who are going to compete with me for his hand, I think you should know the catch you are going after. He is the hottest man in the universe. He is worth competing for. Those who succeed in their devotion receive the benefits of leadership under his direction. He teaches them to judge. Those who succeed get closer relationships to Jesus. Intimacy.

I am a bit of a sociologist. I understand the concept of going native, and delivering neutral or objective truth. What I am saying to you is meant to be objective, though obviously I am subjectively and emotively involved. I am being a representative of humanity and a reporter of truth when I tell you this. I am not just being a woman who has a crush, but a woman who cares to properly represent who Jesus is. I hope this helps you.

A First Hand Encounter

A Few Time Point Explanations

Jim Staley describes intimacy:  25 min in.

This shows how God loves us.

52 min in - speaks of fear. Yahweh teaches us to see perfectly, see life, and not to see any fear.

Letter Tav - God the Bridegroom. God the Refiner brings Ruach. God the King reveals himself.

The God Relationship to Man

All of us are courted. If we recognize God is God, he starts to court us.

  • He puts his fire on us. He gets his teeth in us. He sets his Spirit on us.
  • Then, he comes as our king - Revelation - the consummation of relationship with the King.
  • Covenants are created over dinner (breaking bread).

Some Teaching on the Bridegroom King

Mike Bickle Lesson - The Bridegroom King

The Bridegroom King Wages a War - Read the doc. The .pdf does not work.

And yes, God the Father says Jesus is the most beautiful man. It says that here! He is revealed as the fairest of all. What I am telling you is true.

Tonight, as I worship and write - I have 2 red sparkles on my face. That's cool. I am on the right track here.

So, yes, this Jesus I present to you is beautiful.

When the Lion's Feelings Are Hurt

I have this cat Martius. This morning, unlike all mornings with Lulu previous, his feelings were hurt. The two engaged in battle. It was a real battle, and what was sure was something happened to hurt Martius' emotions.

My cats occasionally display a nature of Christ.

When and if the Lion's feelings are hurt, and that includes us, and includes those who harm us, he attacks, and it is not pleasant. He is attacking for a kill, and not for fun.

If we harmed the Lion's feelings, we better recognize that we harmed him quickly. Cats are better to those they love, but they will still swat them.

If there is one who harmed us, the Lion will take after the enemy and finish him like a mouse. He will fight very aggressively, and fur will fly. I am cleaning up fur on several levels of my house.

This is the Christ that sinners and unprepared fear on the day of his coming. I could not get it, but this visual display communicates it.

A Trade That Did Not Work

Recently, I prayed for $7800 or $7600 to pay for a personal trainer. I prayed a couple weeks, set up a fleece date, and mode of delivery, and spoke that if God wanted me to pursue training, he would provide the money.

I know he could. God is very financially endowed. He has everything. He did not answer. I checked the mail. There was no check.

I went to a brother in Christ, and told him of my prayer, and that God chose not to answer.

He is full of the Spirit. He said to me, "Why would God pay you money so that you could substitute his voice for someone else's?"

This person is full of gifts of the Spirit. I know he is right. This is why I never received this answer.

Just so you know, sometimes God answers with a no. And we must be okay with whatever he does, for he is smarter than us. He will answer according to his needs and interests.

I hope this is received. We do not get everything we ask for, unless it meets God's desires too for us.

If this was done as a trade, don't feel bad, for God will bring you a benefit. It will just be one you were not expecting, and recognize as his blessing. Always remember, God is for us. We can't hold against him what he decides for us.

A Student of Another

Do you recognize the Holy Spirit's lessons in others?

I do. Someone I know revealed a strategy of the enemy to me.

He called the devil's strategy against him to be one of the something forgetter. Something might have been persistent.  He had a word, and I forget the first word.

This morning, the Holy Spirit tells me that pastors should add something to their sermons.

This is a prayer against the devil coming and swiping the seed of the gospel from people's hearts and minds, after they have been in church, and  received your instruction.

Something we do in deliverance - we seal the good work which is done, such that the enemy may not take the least iota of good which has been accomplished away.

Pastors, seal your meetings with this prayer. Seal in the good work and the gospel.

Doing this will let the good seed ruminate, and produce fruit.

The devil tries to take away all progress, and we need to fight that. He tries to make us think we made no progress, or that we have not been healed, by bringing back parallel circumstances, and then accusing us.

Such circumstances are set up to make us doubt, even when we have been healed. That doubt wipes away progress, and for this reason, we need to kick the devil off, and do it up front.

I will ask if I may have that phrase again, and I will share it after receiving permission. The point here is - well, we have a lesson, and I received it from the Holy Spirit working in the astute spiritual observations of another.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Between 13 and 30

Jim Staley - wonders what Jesus did between 13 and 30.

I've wondered that. Haven't you? He thinks Jesus studied under John the Baptist as an Essene.

How does that sit with you? That sits right with me.

At age 30, you are required to go into ministry.

If you go to the teaching on Lamed, you will find teaching on tribes.

Lamed means to teach or instruct with the authority of the staff or the scepter - for the making of tribes.

19 minutes in. The all consuming fire of God brings covenant. Don't spare the Shabbat or you spoil the child. The Sabbath is designed as a rod, authority, ability to teach, for the purpose of guiding and teaching God's tribes. It is our authority. It is the day of rest where we connect with God.

42 minutes in. Baptism explained. The baptism here creates kingship in the spirit realm. That's my thought. What do you think? What does baptism mean? What parallel action happens in the spirit realm when we get baptized here?

In this video, notice all the affirmations of my revelations.

Letter Tsade - 40 min in. - Deals with Good Marriage. Understand this. Pastors, watch Tsade. This at about 52 min in explains the nature of idolatry of the Israelites when they made the golden calf. This talks about righteous slavery - the concept of taking care of your servants, and also releasing bitterness.

Letter Resh - Deliverance Lesson. The Holy Spirit pulled Jim into deliverance. We are to ask those we are in community with if our fruit stinks or smells good. Others can tell us and see things we do not see.

When God Gives Diamonds

God is blessing his people with his Shekinah glory.
How exciting it is to be among those who receive diamonds from heaven.
Those diamonds were crafted in God's belly.
God's own treasure is poured out.
I am beginning to look for the diamond in my whereabouts.
When I find it, it will be a ring for my right hand.

Here is the question. Do you believe God can manifest his glory here as diamonds?
It starts with faith.
God has the freedom to make this diamond any color he chooses.
What I expect? A red diamond - for the scarlet robe, and for the setting of who I am in his diadem.
God, I will receive a red diamond from you. Any size.
I just learned in the teaching I reviewed on the bride that God sets his treasure on his bride, and she adorns herself for him. It is biblical, and I am a willing receiver. Those contending for the Bridegroom wear his bling, and that is setting her up to receive him.
Yes, there is a reward for understanding scripture. And if the diamond is any other color than red, I would take that too.

Update: I was not just given 1 diamond. My treasury was filled. That treasury is in the spirit realm, but this shows the generosity of Jesus.

Food Prices

Food prices are going up. I think that local, provincial, and federal government need to be aware of this, and think about how they are going to address this.

I suggest community operatives. I suggest communities customize responses.

Meat prices have doubled.

God Answered

Remember I cried for a deliverer for the pregnant woman who was assigned 100 lashes?
Jesus has arranged a deliverer.
Thank you, Jesus.

God, I ask for you to send her bodyguards - two angels.
I ask you that you would protect her, bring her family to her, her children, and shelter them under your protection, Jesus.

I love Jesus, because he sees desperation, and he lifts us from it.
Deliver a 100% healthy baby, and renew that woman to 100% health, and beautify her. She deserves it!
Whatever church receives this woman, protect and care for her and her family.

The Ultimate Bachelor Competition

The 10 virgins who are ready for Christ - they go into the Bridegroom.

Then, of those 10 virgins, Christ picks a bride. 5 are ready and 5 are not. So, I guess it is the 5 who go in.

This is the ultimate bachelor competition, and the prize is Christ.

The invitation - he makes. He sets up the engagement process, and then, in a wait, the bride fights, having been prepared by him.

Along with this, given that the Ruach Hakodesh is the Best Man, I have a proposal to make.

I think Ruach had an active part in the salvation story too. I think he was the Spirit of Elijah in John the Baptist, and what John the Baptist did before, was he prepared the bride for Jesus, to help her recognize him.

And he is here again, this time in us. When we drink in of the spirit of the Living God, we drink him in, and he becomes our partner in preparing us for this ultimate competition.

You have seen the reality shows on TV. You have seen the Bachelor. Well, you need Ruach on your team to help you prepare for the 10 virgin competition.

Are you competitive? It is time to become competitive. Fight for your Jesus. Pursue him. He is the prize.

I am competing with you. I admit it. However, the pursuit of Jesus is my favorite thing to do, and I would love the companionship of being among 10 virgins. I have never been competitive in the standard way. I would give you a lift up, and then celebrate you if you were picked.

Do I get the permanence of what is going on here? No. What has been identified is there is a competition, and what it requires is devotion to Jesus.

Wow. Did you know there was a Bachelor Competition in play? Just as this bachelor selects a bride, so the Father selects a bride from among Israel. The Godhead is having a family.

I wonder about the yet not told story of Ruach. I wonder about him. We will see him manifested as a man in our future. What will that story yet reveal? Currently, he is a Principal of a major school. He is the Lead Director of an acting company. He is the Innovator in all beauty advances. He is going to have a developing story. Since he is in the background, yet in the foreground, I'll bet he has a story in play we do not even see. We see just a little.

It is possible to be dropped from this competition. Unfaithfulness. Yeah. The virgins must be faithful to the Bridegroom. They must be ready. Did you notice recently Jesus came to me and insisted I be faithful? Be open to correction. That correction is obedience to his words.

Did you know there was a competition, and the Bridegroom was giving himself as the prize? Did you know that? What status is this competition in? What does this mean for all of humanity? Is this competition across all of time from the Garden? Are all the women of all time competing? That is pretty amazing.

The least this should do for you: It is in this life which we release our devotion to Christ, not in the next. The foundation is established here.

If you get it, compete. This is the prize.

The Final and Ultimate Realization

The final and ultimate realization of the truth of the bible is to step into covenant.

Where are all those covenants? If after we recognize God, and we know He is, then we come under him in covenant. The ultimate covenant is marriage.

We must know his statutes. We must know his commandments. We must know all the precious things he offers us. We must think in God's terms.

Once God's law is on our hearts, no other man can write on it.

God gave his first commandments on a sapphire cube(s).

We now - are the ones who are to carry his commandments on our heart, instead of on this cube.

What is this bride who is a priest? She is separate.

Lv 10:10-11 You can distinguish between the clean and the unclean, between holy and unholy. Teach. To distinguish. Teach the Israelites the law. Keep people accountable to holiness. The priest is the closest to the King. The priest teaches holiness. The job of the law spiritually protects the people.
The bride operates from Melchizidek priesthood, not the Levitical priesthood. Christ offers, and we choose to be set apart. The priest is closest to the Presence and Passion of God. Melchizidek - the King of Righteousness offers this position. This is an invitation, not an anointing. Only those who choose to be set apart walk in their destiny.
Malachi 2. The priests lips should keep knowledge, and be a messenger for the Lord of Hosts. They should seek the truth at his mouth.
Matthew 5:15-17. Jesus came to fulfill - fill up - the prophets. Jesus is here to fill up the prophets - fill us up with the Holy Spirit.
Hosea 4:6 - How to get rejected as a bride/priest - to have no knowledge. To have lost the knowledge of God's word.
Mt 7:22 - How to get rejected - practice lawlessness. Practice Torahlessness. 
Ecc 12:13 Fear God. Keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man. 
Rev 12:16. The dragon goes after those who keep the commandments of God and holds to the testimony of Jeshua. 

Priests serve at Christ's feet. He knows our name. This is the duty of the bride. You can intellectually keep the commandments, but it does not make you a bride. The bride loves the Savior with her heart, from her belly. Christ's testimony is the other side of the bride.

The bride adorns herself for her King, her Husband. The book of Esther is about how to become a bride. Esther bathed in myrrh. This draws the impurities out of who you are. She was assigned a servant. The servant teaches you how to serve the King. "Whatever you say, my Lord, I will do." When you listen to the heart of the Ruach Hakodesh - he is the servant who prepares the bride for her approach to the King. The Ruach Hakodesh brings you to wear jewels.

This last bit is profound. The jewels are the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given you, to adorn yourself to be known by the King as his bride. The Holy Spirit is the servant, the Best Man, and the Preparer of the Bride.

Jim talks of how when Jesus Messiah comes, how everyone of mankind will fall down, tremble and shake in fear.

I am sorry. I can't relate. I tremble in union with him, and not in fear, for he made me righteous. Jesus would put his hand out, and invite me to be with him, and set me up, but I could not see dropping dead on the floor in fear. I have feared God already, and attended to that which I ought, so that I can look forward to his arrival in celebration. This is true of those who are not ready, or who misconceived him. We need to be healed. As we step into being ministered to, and delivered, and into relationship, we will be changed.

I expect Jesus to pick me up when I die. I literally expect him to be on the other side of death's door, birthing me to eternity. Then, we go home together. I have an exciting death ahead, however it looks here, that will not be how amazing it will be for me. Death is a door to dynasty. That's because I have realized who Jesus really is.

How many of us have missed this? Jesus has an offer to each of us, and it has all been in the bible, and have we overlooked the opportunity? It is more than being saved. It is so much more.

With Christ on Judgment Day, there will be both servants and the bride. These will judge with him.

Hos 2:16  The Bride will call the Lord her Husband and not her Master.
Mt 25:23 The Bride becomes a ruler over many things.

Brides seek the affection of their husband.

God sent his son - not so he could have slaves. He is looking for a bride, someone to share his affection, love, emotion. He wants us to sit at his table. The bride serves her husband out of affection, not of obligation. A bridegroom never stops loving his bride. The bride feels his love. The bride absorbs, desires, and chases after her husband. She sees his Presence with her eyes closed.

Jesus desires for his people to desire his face - his Presence.

When you desire the love of God, the panim - there is nothing you will not do for him. Do you have that desire for your bridegroom? I want to know you. Show me your glory.

Eph 2:8 Humility - the devil would deceive followers of Jesus by putting pride in their hearts, and lead them off track. Followers of the devil are judgmental.

Jesus loved unconditionally.

The Bride has a testimony of Yeshua. She feels his love.

When we take our walls down between us and Jesus, we can feel his love.

Watch the third. This tells the story of the whole engagement.

The bride walks around her husband 7 times. As she surrounds you, she makes sure you become everything you need to be - to be holy, set apart, and that the husband becomes all that he should be for his Father. She cares more for the husband than for herself.

The Kiss - nasaq - this is what it means! To touch, attached, fastening up, to arm and equip with weapons, to rule.

The kiss equips the Bride with weapons! When Christ kisses - he breathes up close - and I interpret that to be filling me with the Spirit. I breathe his lovely breath in. Your spouse has your back in a war. You equip in love for war. He equips us to break strongholds. It is to equip her for war. Christ knows the enemy wants to steal his bride. He kisses her to give her enough information to keep her and equip her till he comes home.

He blows life into her. Yes. That is it. And that holy kiss gives weapons for war.

Scientifically, when a couple kisses, they transfer information. It helps your teeth.

When does it please you to seek the love of the king. Where is the Beloved? I need to know where he is at.

He will stay hidden just long enough to find out who seeks him as their Beloved. We don't seek him long enough.

Her life is the dance of the two becoming one. She has the heart of her king. His heart is to reunite the two camps. The bride is Spirit led, and intimate with the Bridegoom. She worships in spirit and truth.

God is spirit, so you start with the Spirit, and you match it with the truth. You discern truth. Deep calls to deep.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit - for the building of the Temple, there was one craftsman who was filled with many gifts to accomplish the task. To be filled with the Spirit is music and humility.

Eph 5:17 Do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit.

Signs and wonders come from a heart of a bride who desires her Ruach Hakodesh. She is bold in speaking the Word of God.

The Bride speaks tongues. The abuse? Some say that tongues are the finishing point as to whether one is saved. When the Bride speaks in tongues - the miracle is in both the speaking and in the hearing. God works a co-miracle, where the hearer hears something in a language they understand.

The Bride prays that the devil's/dragon's scales of blindness are taken off other's eyes. The alternate imposter bridegroom is the secular world, who comes to dance with the one who is supposed to be with the Bridegroom. Ask God and listen. The testimony of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, self-control, and longsuffering.

The bride who carries love and who carried the Holy Spirit - that is her dress.

The Bride has joy. She seeks the things of the Spirit. We are to desire the spirituals.

There are 3 types of light - natural light, the light of the Menorah (the Torah - from the oil), and and the light of the glory of God - the Shekinah. These are steps toward God. The middle chamber is the guest chamber - the servant. The inner chamber - you come to Yeshua's court, and his light houses you. You have an emotional response.

There are outer courts, inner courts, and in the Holy of Holies. The Bride pursues the Bridegroom by seeking to grow the gifts of the Ruach Hakodesh - to be mature and a bride worthy of being chosen. Career, vacation, food, and all other things are less important to the bride. She is dedicated daily to him. Songs are continually on her mind and mouth. Every move she makes is done with her Messiah Husband on her heart and mind. When she wakes up and when she goes to bed, she always thinks of her Husband. This is why David is said to be after God's heart. God's desire - he came to die for his bride, so she could be a light to the nations. She goes to his chamber and looks upon the one she loves.

Whether we know whether we are the bride or not is not important, but instead, we are to seek the Husband, and in that process, we will become the bride.

Yeah God! Yeah God for everybody!