Friday, June 27, 2014

What is a Ketubah? #1

This morning, I hear, "What is a Ketubah?"

I see the word too - that is how I have the spelling.

I shall hunt for this today, and add to this post.

I just searched it. It is a wedding contract. It is a Jewish Wedding Contract.

Here is my google search: Ketubah

Article 1.  More detail.  The Contract.

Jesus just married me. Verbally, I say, "I do." I do. I do. I do.

Do you see my part? There's a whole lot of stuff I have to do. Nothing a good woman would not do, though.

Israel, why did you not marry Jehovah? If God asked you to marry him, I really need to ask you why  you did not say yes. I do not get it.

Pastors, the top level covenant in the bible is a wedding contract. In a wedding recently, I also spoke these words. What I want to ask is, how is this type of agreement and promise useful to the church?

I accept. I am married to Jesus. Now, during this war, I am going to be a loyal bride.

Is there a take-a-way for the church?

I am obviously interested in knowing my Bridegroom's culture. I want to know what it means to be Jewish. I want to know his language. I want to know his traditions. In this world, had I married a Jewish man, I would want to know everything there is to know. However, I am trusting Ruach to be a good trainer, and teach me all that I need. He is not the best man for just any reason. He has Jesus' back. He knows how to train.

Yes, I am blown away. Yes, I told you God woos you. Personally. He does.

When I asked for a red diamond, Jesus filled my treasury full. He did not just give me one diamond, but the stocks of heaven. Now, in the spirit realm, I accept and sign this marriage contract, and I place this with the treasure you are Jesus in my treasury. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Reader, I just stored away this contract in my treasury. I taught you about that. Rather Ruach did.

When Jesus slept on the rooftops in Israel, or slept under the stars in the Garden, he would look up to the heavens. Sometimes, he would sweep the heavens, knowing he would set the stars in order, and redeem them. Sometimes, he would dream of Israel being the prosperous vine he hoped her to be. Once in a while, when he was in his dreamy mode, and he thought of his wedding, those days, he looked to a specific place. He looked to where he would make a tabernacle in the heavens, and where he would invite his beloved. That tabernacle is his secret place. I might have thought it was mine. No, it was his. I have been to the secret place of the Most High. Wow.

Update: I have studied the laws around marriage - the ketubah. This house is following them. This is going to sound weird. I began studying this material years ago. I encountered resistance. I am a New Covenant Christian. That would mean I do not have to pay attention to this. I have long felt drawn to the mikvah. I mikvah'd the day of my wedding. A friend drew my bath, and I had special things in the water, like the mikvah. God planned that. I think I had cedarwood in there. I can't remember what else, but flowers - rose petals. It was special.

So, here is the deal. Now, God has brought this forward again to me. I am doing it. I am doing this as part of his Ketubah, and our household agrees. I don't have to. I get to. It is responding to God's offer, and in this case, it applies to both husband and wife, for we agree with God. I will practice the mikvah. I will practice the laws God has set around the marriage.

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