Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Feather in Coral Update

I have a new feather present from my God.

I just received it. It was very tightly put into my coral ornament. It took effort to pull out.

I should have taken a photo of it. I had to pull.

I have 1 new angel feather. Yeah God!

God hides things for us to find them. It is like an Easter Egg hunt, and you have to pay attention to his ways.

He is just having a bit of fun today.

Update: No, it was a feather from my husband. He found it precariously placed exactly in the middle of the lawn. It was standing upright, like it was placed there. I am still placing it with my angel feather collection, for the oddity of how it was found. However, my husband put it in the coral and I was surprised. Husbands also set things up in places to find them for fun! It's not just God.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Working on...

Jesus the Magnificent...

If you want to sit on the post, and see it grow. I should be here another 20 or so minutes.

Harp Outdoors

I play the harp and sing outdoors. I have noticed that the kingdom is spreading a renewal out from my yard.

Maybe it is just me, but that is what I see. Now, I have not seen it spread all around, but you know I see the progress, and I am celebrating.

Prophecy Tip #1

What God says or reveals - release. Do not rationalize, tear apart, or inspect. Release. God's right. Whatever we rationalize, we destroy. When a person who gets a word from a prophet puts it into practice, they get God's response. If they don't listen, they do not get whatever was hoped for them from God. The more impulsive you can let your tongue be for God, the better. And then, let it be.

My thought: When a person delivers a word to another, and the word is rejected, you are not rejected, but God is. Those who were healed by Christ, they received a word, and those who would question - well, none of those healings are documented. We need to come to a place with Christ where it does not matter the manner of rejection you get, you know God speaks through you, and for his sake, you trust him more than those who say nay, and let it go.

That's a Bobby Connor lesson from tonight.

He has a book release called the Shepherd's Rod, built by a group of prophets, and they are done a year in advance for the coming year. That's on sale. The line was too long.

I will have to get mine by mail. Bobby is a fun preacher.

Tonight, my shirt was anointed for healings and raising from the dead. I am setting this aside for a few days, to see who might like to touch my shirt. What is funny is Bobby anointed a small cloth, threw it on someone, and they fell down. So, everyone at the meeting held a piece of cloth on their body, and he anointed all of them.

That should stir up a bit of healing. I could not waste this shirt anointing. I just went and let God heal someone, using this shirt. That's what we are supposed to. We are supposed to spread God's love around. Yeah God!

Celebrate Italian in Red Deer

Three brothers went to Italy and fell in love.

This is the Eat, Pray, Love story.

They fell in love with the culture, and the food.

They have created a restaurant that celebrates their passions for the food in Italy. They created the restaurant Famoso.

I had their gelato - and it was lovely. The gelato is sourced from Calgary by the way. There's 120 flavors or something. I will have to find them.

Famoso makes pizza - thin crust pizza. They import some of their ingredients from Italy, and they source specialty cheeses from the closest places. They make pizza recipe which is based upon that which they encountered in Italy.

Okay, so yes, sometimes, when you go to a restaurant, it is like visiting a country. This one would be, for the family who made this are working hard to create the experience of travel for you.

Conference Folks

I have instructions. I shall have to add these, for the staff wrote down the instructions from the Hotel to their restaurant. I shall be back to update this.

Lots of Detail

Come out of the parking lot facing South. Take a left at the first set of lights which is Gaetz Ave or 50th St. Turn left again, staying in the left lane and turn left on Ross St or 30th Ave. At the second lights, turn right into Superstore/Famoso parking lot.

Less Detail

Head north on Gaetz. Make a left on Ross St (30th St). At the second set of lights, turn right into Superstore parking lot.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Jesus il Magnifico

Jesus il Magnifico

Other ways of saying this is:  Jesus the Magnificent. Gesù il Magnifico.

Is the Magificent the man Lorenzo de Medici, or Jesus? I think it is Jesus the Magnificent. Who is Magnificent?

Here's Lorenzo:'_Medici

Here's Jesus:

In our time, the Lord we will see, he will be the most famous statesman, and he will overtake everything that Lorenzo the Magnificent was known for.

Lorenzo was a very socially honored man among his culture for all his contributions to society. He became both a success and an icon. As he aged, his family bank collapsed from bad loans, he had financial difficulty, and resorted to misappropriating trust and state funds. (Wikipedia).

Jesus the Magnificent is coming to restore order to our financial systems. That is part of what the kingdom business movement is about these days. Jesus is moving among Christian businessmen. He will be their il Magnifico.

The Glory Problem

Today, we are exploring the inexhaustible glory of the identity of Jesus Christ. Can't you wait?

We are also exploring how we can get off track by placing glory upon the wrong things, but based on our rational mind, logic, or what is popular, we miss that the one to whom we should ascribe magnificence - it's Jesus! How can we set our mind on the realities of Jesus, so that in our time of trouble, Jesus the Magnificent can answer us!

The Emotional Worship of Awe

What are we doing when we ascribe the word "magnificent" to a man? We are experiencing awe.

Who does our awe belong to? Jesus.

What is the definition of awe? According to Webster's dictionary: the rapt attention and deep emotion caused by the sight of something extraordinary 

What is the definition of awestruck?  According to Webster's dictionary: filled with feelings of fear and wonder : filled with awe

The non-rationale mind has overtaken the rationale mind. It does not make sense. We are left in a tizzy, with the synapses of our mind constantly sparking trying to figure what we see out, until we let our heart take over, and we begin to reason based on our faith, and accept God for who God is.

We are going to look at awe in scripture - Having awe as a trait - that is Jesus. He is the one who is awe inspiring.

Jesus the Awe Inspiring


Shall not His majesty make you afraid, and should not your awe for Him restrain you?
For the Lord Most High excites terror, aweanddread; He is a great King over all the earth.

Son of Elohim

And all men shall [reverently] fear and be in awe; and they will declare the work of God, for they will wisely consider and acknowledge that it is His doing.

Let all the earth fear the Lord [revere and worship Him]; let all the inhabitants of the world stand inawe of Him.

For the Lord Most High excites terror, aweand dread; He is a great King over all the earth.

The Amazing Benefits of Awe

How are we to treat God?
What are the benefits of having awe for God?

As a father loves and pities his children, so the Lord loves and pities those who fear Him [with reverence, worship, and awe].

Jesus Is Our Final Judge

How are we to treat God? How do we treat Jesus?

Psalm 4:4 Be angry [or stand in awe] and sin not; commune with your own hearts upon your beds and be silent (sorry for the things you say in your hearts). Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!

Psalm 111:9

Psalm 119:120

My flesh trembles and shudders for fear andreverential, worshipful awe of You, and I am afraidand in dread of Your judgments.
In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations

How do men filled with God's spirit act? Let's look at his followers.


The Multiple Place Christ

When with Christ, he has this ability to be more than one place at a time. I just witnessed this in the testimony of Bob Jones' passing. He was in multiple places at one time.

When I have been with Christ, I have fallen into what he does, and that is being in more than one place at a time. In this body, it does not work. In the spirit realm, it does work.

So for example, Bob Jone's chatted with 3+ people around the time he was passing by travelling in the spirit, and he also interceded for the church.

When you are in the spirit realm, God can redeem time, and he does it by making you useful in multiple ways and places at a single time.

Christ experiences multiple places. Being in his presence, he shared a bit of that with me.

Okay, so with him it is a good experience. I am not ready for that on my own. This is a very effective warrior tool.

That way of Christ is how he reaches to all of us personally at once. It is just who and how he is. I am so thankful he is our God.

A Bob Jones Saying

Bitterness is the inner liner of coat of hate. (Bob Jones)

The last several messages Bob had and gave to various prophetic disciples on his passing were - Reconcile. Before you pass away, reconcile with everyone you can think of.

Reconciliation is the inner liner of the coat of love. (Me carrying on Bob Jone's thread)

If you follow the fringe, you find the continued substance of the faith and thought.

Who do you need to reconcile with?

A Bobby Connor Saying #1

If not you, who?
If not now, when?
If not here, where?

God made you to stand up for him, and to make a difference. He put his best into you, so that you could stand up for righteousness, godliness, and the truth.

There is no one else he desires as much as you, to fill you with what is required for this day.

It's you, sweet thing (man and woman). Be filled with the Honey of the Holy Spirit, and taste like holiness to this earth.

Okay, so the first part is Bobby, and I carried on his thread.

Does 593 mean something?

By the way, I feel like I want some manner of quality check. I am going to start quality checking my codes in a different program. I can either show some of those to you, or let you know I ran them through something else. Where I am particularly interested in this is in the really long codes.

FAA Art Meditation Worship Warrior

Title: Worship Warrior
Artist: Dolores Develde

Where I have been, there have been invitations to dance, and I have. What fun!

You Make Beautiful Things

Arise and Shine

Pathways in the Heavens

This first video is from 2013.

This second video is from about a week ago.

My Italian Angel

One of my angels - for all intents and purposes - is Italian. His name is Italian.

Angels give us names we can pronounce. However, have you ever considered that our ethnicity types are shared with angel ethnicity types? These Heaven representatives live in uncompromised culture.

I am considering that now.

Angels also have names in their native heaven tongue, and those languages I am not sure we could pronounce, unless we happened upon it in heavenly tongues by the Holy Spirit.

After having said that, we had an Italian preacher today. I am checking his name, so you can look him up, and his ministry. His name is Rick Ciaramitaro. He has the fight of Rocky Balboa in his preacher instinct, and he did the Kingdom of heaven great good today. Rocky, check this guy out!

To my European audiences, I am going to hunt down some of his best on the Internet, and I hope he has some, and I will profile his work for you here. Why? I celebrate the champions. Yeah God.

You Are Invited to a Webcast

To the webcast of Frontline Ministries -

10 am, 7 pm, soaking - I am not sure that is broadcast, but that is at 2 pm.

There is a camera on, and you can see what is going on.

I understand 47 countries are participating. That's what I heard.

I wish you could see the last 2 sessions. That would be cool. I am looking to see if there is a way to view the former sessions, but I do not see that.

Come. To see what is up, see the conference schedule on Frontline Ministries Conferences. Here is the conference:

You will have to figure out your time vs. Red Deer, Alberta, Canada time.

You can order the conferences series by mail.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

More Time

There's more time!

I have a story to tell you about 7-22  (Gary's story), but I will flesh that out for in about a week.

Just know, there's more time.

The next 3 months is a supernatural release of faith.

In my heart, I have been anticipating going home shortly, but God has allotted the time to bring in the harvest. I do not know how long that is, but it will be sufficient.

A bunch of the devil's plans were just cancelled. More like stalled, but you get what I mean. What was imminent is not. We have time.

This is the good news Gary Beaton announced tonight.

Here are a few of the pieces:  (Please notice he goes to the root of a problem.)

My Angel Photo

Well, yes, tonight I did capture an angel photo. It was an angel or heavenly presence standing with Gary while he did anointings. I was taking a photo of Gary. I would love to release it, but I am going to wait, and ask approval. In the meantime, I am sending a photo to Gary. When we seek long enough, God releases proof!

Blue Fringes and Locks of Hair

I wrote either a song, poem, or story about my birth, and that from my little birthing canal, I was reaching out for Jesus' blue strings of healing, and also later on, I wrote how when I danced, Christ's fringes fell upon my feet.

I am Ketubah'd. That word Ketubah means, "It is written."

The blue strings on Christ's garments, if you reach backward onto the cloth, the cloth of the garment he wore, that symbolized the whole of the Word of God. The whole of the Word of God is a covenant with man. It is promise that God can fulfill. This piece is, I think, like a scarf, not the garment, but it is part of the overall outfit he wore. Look to Hebrew culture for what this looks like.

Here are the fragrances of Ketubah:

Besides this, do you recall I found Spikenard? Here is product with Spikenard.

One more thing. In the Song of Solomon, there is a description of Christ's crown as black letters on a crown of glory (gold/blazing glory). The letters are Hebrew letters which carry meanings, but they also look like locks of hair. When you look at the Hebrew letters, how many of them remind you of a lock of hair?

That hair is also representative of the entire theme strand of salvation and revelation of God through the Word of God - intended to be seen and understood by us. We will often gaze upon someone's hair. Well, Christ's hair, should you like to gaze upon it, that is his message in the Word.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Cheerios Miracle

This morning, I lifted up my Cheerio box, and I did not have the time to go to the store, but when I looked into my cereal supplies, there was not enough.

I said, "That's okay. It's time to practice a miracle." I lifted the box, and did what Christ did with the loaves and fishes, and then, I poured out the cereal, and there was enough for both my husband and I.

When your Cheerios are in short supply, and you have a family to feed at your table, lift them to heaven, and say, "I bring you praise, worship and thanksgiving for this food, Lord. I command this seed to multiply! In Jesus' name, Amen."

Pour out your cereal. You will have enough.

The Prophetic Signs

Today, along the highway, I noticed many eagles. In Patricia King's stories, she noted the symbolism of eagles for the gathering of prophets. On the road, eagles were perched in the air, sighting their prey, and diving. I was attuned to many, and I would see them just as they swooped into diving.

Today, I attended meetings of prophets.

During worship today, from my pores came oil with gold. Now, did God emit it or place it, I don't know. I felt oil on my chest, and rubbed it with my hand, lifted it to the light, and gold scintillated all through it. This looks like that gold bubble bath I received as a gift, but this was clearly no fake or metallic fleck. This was an even gold which scintillated all over.

There was some good teaching today. There were more impartations.

Making a World

God lets our hearts become full of the same ideals and dreams Christ had, and he also lets us fight for him.

He sets upon us holiness, righteousness, love, joy, patience, peace and so on.

He makes us habitations for the Son. We are light, just as the Son is the spiritual sun.

After the whole of our life, God measures our hearts, and the dreams, and the nature and measure of the dreams we have held inside.

He puts our heart before him, and he blows upon the heart. It is set in a beautiful purple satin box, like a treasure. I was with him, and it did not really feel like I was missing my heart, but he held it before him. We stood in space. (I wonder if my heart was like a spiritual metaphor. I don't know. I was in my spirit man, so the rules are not natural, but supernatural. How this works is a mystery. It does not work here.)

He blew. He blew over my heart. A world appeared before me in the universe in the direction he blew. Out of his mouth, a symphony of music came, and filled all around. In the process of breath and sound and song, he made a world. He began this process, and he pulled me close, and he asked me to also blow. I joined him in his creation of a world.

I saw a world which was not, but came to be. Jesus is the coolest Science teacher.

Take it serious. When God says he builds kingdoms out of our hearts, it is true.

He takes all the dreams, and he blows life onto them, and they become a manifestation of you in the future. They become destinations, and beauty and art.

Update Aug 4/2014: In my teaching this past week, I learned about not having false humility. I learned about just releasing what God says or reveals. I am not mincing words. What I saw - after earth dissolved, Christ used my heart, breathed and sang over it, and with it, he made the new earth. So, there you go. It is what it is. I do not have to rationalize or explain what Christ does and says and reveals, for it lies in the realm of his truth and awe. It is his glory.

Update Aug 18, 2014: There was a time I was, perhaps like others, wishing I had the closeness of Moses, or Elijah, or Enoch, or Jeremiah, or John the Baptist - to God. Today, I am glad to be me. In eternity, I am glad to be me. I carry all of Christ's dreams within me. I will get to see him realize them, and I know they will be realized, for I carry great hope, the seed of heaven, and the garden-paradise of God, and even that New Jerusalem. If I feel a tie to Israel, that's good, for I feel them inside me. When Christ says he is fulfilling all my dreams, he is also fulfilling all of his. His word lies deep within, and I will carry it with me toward whatever he wills. Wishes, emotions, coos, groans, dreams, daydreams, prayers, songs, encounter. 

What You See You Can Have

God builds kingdoms out of our hearts. That includes being close to him now, and letting your dreams be his, and vice versa.

Today, I saw galaxies that looked like colored marbles set in the sky. I saw colored gaseous spaces, mixed together like paints for a creative work.

I saw galaxies that looked like women's jewelry, designed from a woman's heart.

What you can see you can have. What do you see?

That's what God will make for you, as presents for his precious ones.

Little Pictures of Revelation of Christ

Okay, so I have something like 6 or so now of the Passion translation. I love the notes.

Jesus is identified in the gospels as having done the loaves and fishes miracles. He takes what there is little of, lifts it to heaven, worships his Father, thanks his Father, and commands his seed to produce. It works. It works because he has the authority, and he lifts his worship to the One True God in heaven.

Within the gospel, and through the bible, there are little pictures, but the pictures are hidden in the words.

My name is Donna. Within the name, you see Woman of the House. Inside the name, you see a picture.

Jesus name - means fish. Isn't that cool? How many miracles were tied to fish?

The town Jesus was born in - House of Bread. Isn't that cool?

David ate the show bread in the temple. There's another tie.

  • Bethsaida is house of fishing.
  • Galilee means revealed.
  • Nazareth means branch.
  • Purity is a homonym for priesthood.
  • Messiah means encourager for Israel.
  • Apostle means ambassador, missionary, or sent one.

I love the word pictures, and I see them in the Passion Translation.

Imagine the whole of the world being a tapestry, and the tapestry of time, places, details, and even names of people - they are all meant to reveal Christ - in the big overt details, such as God thundering from the sky, and in the little details of the meanings of words, the meanings of people's names, the meanings of their town names, and their father's names, and what they do for a living, and everything.

God reveals the nature of himself and his son in the gospel story, and it is so integrated that no matter where we look, we can get his message. How could we not?

How could we miss the offer of salvation? How could we?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Thy Kingdom Come Sermon

I needed a sermon. Carter will do us well. This is Carter Conlin. Good sermon!

At 17 min in, Carter talks of God building a kingdom in our hearts.

God builds kingdoms in our hearts. That's all of us. It is not just me. It's us.

Now, how this relates to overall eternity, and God's creation, I don't know, but I've found a premise here worth wondering upon.

Take Me to the King

Holy Captivated

Times One Is Not Healed

I could ask this question. Sometimes, God chooses to not heal. What is going on?

God just wants to take us home, because he misses us, and he wants us with him, to do something for him in heaven. Sometimes, he is looking for graceful people who interact with staff here, and in the process, though we may not know it, we have an impact on the people by whom we are treated. We pass on, but they saw the testimony of our life through the treatment, and somehow God uses this too.

God also considers how we have come along on our life destiny.

God always uses everything a believer has to offer him, even how and when they die.

Why is it that my Thomas needs treatment? So I can meet vets, and tell them about how amazing Jesus is for all he does for my cats. In the visits, there is a transfer, and God intends for the vet or vets to receive a holy handshake in the process, so God's eternal needs are met.

It is the same thing with people. We do not get it, but nothing is wasted.

I hope we all understand that when bad things happen, it is not God. He does everything to set up the way home for all of us. God is good. God is wonderful. For all the good things in this world, we can thank God, and we can even thank him for the lives we have had with our loved ones, even when we celebrate their passing.

I Am

Thanks Best Western

On my trip, we were lost. Though we did not have reservations at Best Western, their staff helped us to find where we were going. You are great! Thanks for your help in getting where we needed to go.

You were people angels. I am so glad for you.

Your Kingdom Come!

Your Love Never Fails!

The Virgin With Oil on Assignment #1

To be a virgin with oil ready to go also means to be on assignment. Today, I was on assignment for God. You have to be ready, equipped with Holy Spirit's words and tasks, and be at a certain place in a specific timeframe. That is so you can meet one you need to sozo or give a word to.

Today, cooperating with God - that feels amazing. I just returned from an assignment.

I am going to tell you about a time I went to heal, and I was ferociously opposed by the devil.

God moved me to go heal people at a hospital waiting room on Good Friday. This was my worship to Jesus that day. I tell you, I was really hoping for company, but if there is no company to go heal, I just go with Ruach, and he and I do what needs to be done.

This day, I woke up. In my whole life, this thing has not happened. I knew I had a designated assignment that day to heal. As my head lay on the pillow that morning, a disk moved in my neck. It was really bad. It was like call a chiropractor, and have 6-10 treatments bad. I lay in bed. I was morose. How could I be obedient to the Lord, and follow the Holy Spirit when I had this neck problem.

Even the rational mind worked against everything I was hoping to do. For example, why would someone all bent out of shape possibly be able to go offer healing to another. Think about it. My company abdicated. I was hoping to have a friend. Even to drive, Holy Spirit had to manage things for me, for my neck did not have the full mobility it needed.

Finally, despite the conflict and groanings, and even the temptation to drop into bed for three days, and take medication for pain, I decided to get up, ignore every assignment of the devil against me, and go, for does it not raise the importance of the task at hand when the devil strongly opposes you?

I went. I prayed with a bunch of people in the waiting room. Similar to healing sessions where I study, all the same things happened. People could feel Jehovah Rapha healing them. God whipped up a storm of healing that day for everyone who was willing.

My trip took a couple hours. I returned home, very glad I had obeyed God. And yes, my neck was still sore.

Okay, so I witnessed people getting healed under the power of Holy Spirit coming from me that day.

Now what. What about my neck. I called God my Great Chiropractor in the sky. I told him, "Father, you can heal everything the devil did to me today. He put my back out. If I go to my chiropractor, this is an easy $500 to $600.  So instead, Lord, heal my neck. I am not going to a chiropractor. You are healing me. That's where it stands. I praise you and I thank you and by Jesus' stripes I am healed. Yeah, God."

What happened? Well, over the course of the next 2-3 days, there were little clicks and bumps in my back, and everything returned to normal. Now, God my Father is my chiropractor. Every time something goes out, I ask him to put things back.

Now, I do have a couple of health tools around here, and Holy Spirit will have me use these. I have one on the Beauty blog. However, these tools are not enough to finish the job for sure. So, he directs me to do things, which I do, and then in addition, he does things, and we partner in my healing.

I have a great God. And he loves people.

Reader, when you are called on assignment, if the devil comes after you, and attacks you to stop you, go anyway.God can take care of whatever the devil assails you with. He will give you whatever you need. Just ask. Now, this day, I went not healed. I attended to my healing after I was obedient to what God asked. There's no rule here. One thing to note is you do not have to be in perfect health yourself to be used by God. You need the basic faith and anointing. Even without the anointing, you can do it just with faith, and God will grow your anointing by the application of your devotion and practice.

I dare you, believer. Go heal someone! Listen to Ruach. Go do something cool for the Kingdom.

So, I guess I should add that one of the functions of one of my angels - is healing. He has multiple functions. He is part of my healing team, along with Ruach. The right word is "office". I am not alone on these adventures, even when I am left alone.

One more thing. You do not have to wait to be fully delivered yourself to participate with God in this. Deliverance is a process. I find to be delivered yourself, well, it takes a few rounds. Just trust God that he has good plans for you, ask him for your deliverance, if you need it, and trust him to arrange it, just like he planned this appointment for me this morning. God will bring someone to you who has the skills to do what needs doing. In the meantime, listen to his voice, and do what he calls you to do, for he has a kingdom to build, and it includes you. There is an extreme joy you feel when you hear that God worked, and that he worked mightily. It is awesome. However, if you are not fully delivered, please, plead the blood over the healing process (your laying on of hands on the one to be healed) before you get started privately, and in doing that, you do not pass anything on which is not Holy Spirit. God has great plans! They include you.

It does not hurt to carry anointing oil in your purse.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Angels Help #1

My angels help me - a lot. They help me carry groceries. They herd my cats. They lift me up places I can't go.

As you go, you kind of have to ask Holy Spirit what they do and do not do. I have found out they help you dress. I have found out they set you down from falls.  They push your car when you might have an accident.

They help you find lost and stolen items. If you are one to lose things, you can pray/decree and ask the Lord to commission your angel to find that item, and they set it in your bags. They do up buttons. They help unhook difficult things. They help untie things. They help lift things.

Don't forget they enjoy you singing or reading the bible. You have an audience who actually like to participate. They like to protect you. They help you write.

I say thank you to them. I invite them to church and to worship.

When I need 7 Spirit type things, I ask them for their domain of work, and when I need my tutors and governors, they get their type of request. I also ask Holy Spirit for many things. As I am able, I try to cooperate with heaven as much as possible, and to be thankful for each thing or kind deed I receive, especially enablement.

If you travel, and you need something you forgot, they can bring it to you. Let's say a passport.

Expanding Encounter Concepts

In encounter, there are couches. Sometimes, I will ask Christ, "Shall we read?"

I read from the place of encounter. The author is present to ask questions.

"What do you mean by this, Lord?"

You can do this. You can read with the author, and he can explain things to you.

I will admit that sometimes I read, and I read to see him in the pages, for he is. I see him on the pages, through the paragraphs, and like a man and woman who connect through words, I connect to him through his words, or his whole human family history and redemption plan.

Encounter can include reading the bible. I will sometimes break the spirit man encounter, having set into a couch there, and read here, but know I occupy 2 dimensions, and in my spirit man place, where he is enclosing me with his arm on my shoulder on a couch, there I ask him questions.

This is an exciting realm to explore. How can you not be moved by the bible, when you have the writer present by your side, who will either tell you himself what he means, or set up an interview with the prophet.

I've only met Jeremiah, but I have the whole set of good guys on my to do list to meet, and I hope to meet all of them, if Jesus permits.

When I read, I forget about time and food and drink, and I read till I have the complete picture, and I define that as whole books. I will eat the whole of the loaf who is Christ. I will have him within.

The Castle Within

In encounter, Christ took me to my castle within. We go where he wills. I am the benefactor of his desire to entertain. I do not see anything he does not show me, or lead me to. This is not my creation, but his, or his creation which has grown within me, for how could I create such beauty within myself. He must have. He is the creator of these spaces.

You know in Lord of the Rings, the little home the hobbit has. Well, my home is not little. It is a very large castle with grounds not like unto Louis the 14th. I do not remember all those spaces, but I can tell you what Jesus showed me.

There is a great ballroom for dancing. It's huge. I could dance alone there with him, but I envision great socials there one day, where I will invite everyone, for I love the church.

There is something he called a creativity room. It is huge. He said he knew I would not likely be alone, but in community, and that it was not just my creativity I would fulfill, but a whole community, so he made a community space for a whole bunch of brides-to-be. I will be surrounded by others who love Jesus, and who want to use their talents and gifts for him.

There was a gourmet kitchen for great feasts. There would be a lot of eating, and eating in community.

There was a room with a bed, a bedroom designed like King Louis the 14th's (I do not know the significance of this - perhaps the Second Earth with time and sleep again? I report what I see. There was a divider between these spaces.), and we did not stand in the exact bedroom part, but in the drawing room which is in front of it, the part where you receive company. The whole room was decorated in blues. Blue fabric with gold thread. I did not see a clock. I did see mirrors.

Christ has placed about me metaphors which I can cling to, which are pictures of what he has for me.

This is just one place. This place and these places of paradise have been created within me. When you give your all to Jesus, he grows these destinations within us.

Jesus is full of abundance. He is full of good plans. You dump unforgiveness, bitterness, and earth bound emotion, and you let Jesus build, for he is a builder of renewal, healing, salvation, and it literally becomes a garden and the garden expands to become these amazing adventures - which on earth we travel to, but I can go there anytime I would like just by stepping in the spirit realm.

There is a castle in my heart. It is Christ's. This place is destined to be shared with you.

Disciple of Whom

I am a disciple of Christ.

I have profiled 60+ preachers here, and of these, some of them I fall deeply into their well of teaching, and who I am hunting for in their words is Jesus. I am hunting for the bridegroom, for his reflection, for his words, for his picture, and for his salvation. This can also include all the disciples of Christ, for I have hunted their writings of Christ too. And I have hunted the prophets.

I am not a disciple of any mere single preacher, but of Christ. If you mirror Christ, I will know. I will see him in you.

Akiane's Jesus Painting #1

At the healing room I was at, there was a monster painting of Jesus. I have been at the Louvre, and I have seen the whole suite of paintings there, and yes, I enjoyed them, and by my nature of creativity, I loved the creativity of what the artists made, but this painting of Jesus - I was for a moment breathless.  I was swept off my feet, in my spirit man. No, in real life, I did not fall down, but I fell down in glory.

If you do not have one of these paintings, and you have the space, and if she does these, for perhaps this was a large print, these have a very strong spiritual impact of Christ's humanity and presence.

I spent my time examining his eyes, for his eyes have been described as blue or green, and I felt his eyes looked blue in this painting. Truly as an artist, there was probably a mix of the two.

Akiane used a man who looks like Jesus for this painting.

I have told you also that Holy Spirit Ruach looks like the last Superman actor.

God the Father looks like a painting which included the Father at my church.

What is common between all 3 paintings is the nose length and the eyebrow. One day, it would be nice to set the three in near proximity, so that you could see the family resemblance of the Trinity.

And this Trinity thought to pull you into their family. Yes. And they are men. And they are wonderful!

Last night, I saw Jesus in HDMI, and yes, he is this same Jesus. Jesus led me to the art some time ago to see him. The large painting - I was enraptured by his beauty. In my encounters, he looked like this, but in the painting, I am not sure what happened to me, except that the glory of God burst out to me, and my inner man fell down. Yes, Jesus is beautiful!

Jesus is not the kind of guy to get married to you, and not let you see his face. Brides-to-be, step through the veil.

Physician Healers

Luke is on my mind. Luke is a disciple of Christ. He is also a doctor.

Yeshua has, in his kingdom plans, the recruitment of all the doctors, and training them into spiritual healing the way he does, and bringing the two means of treatment into 1 delivery.

There is a worldwide conference coming up in about a year. Physicians worldwide are coming.

I shall post it closer to the time.

Jesus is setting up a medical system for his kingdom, and it has nothing to do with population reduction, but that of population mass expansion, for his kingdom is bigger than just this earth. And those of us who follow him will see that.

I say, "Jesus, kick butt on the death doctor. Kick him right out of our land." I mean the devil and the whole human reduction movement.

Hello Beautiful!

I see you are there!

Immanuel and Violent Grace

This is Michael Card. Here is the playlist: Michael Card.

I find this music uplifting.

Here is one I would like to dedicate to the Flight 17 victims and their families: Violent Grace.

Jesus overcomes evil in this world by violent grace, that which he paid the high cost of our sin, so that he could free us to be filled with triumph. Life!

Flight 17 - the triumph of Christ's strategy over the devil's scheming. Christ overcomes death! He recklessly gives himself so we can be found, and born to new life and new hope.

Bach Lullaby

Is this wedding music? I think it sounds like wedding music. Pretty, eh?

During Praise

I saw Jesus dancing above us.
He was not dancing with me, but he was dancing as a single, and he danced just like people were doing in their worship, but he was dancing with joy and smiling upon us, thrilled he had so many lovers in the spirit realm who would offer extravagant worship to him.
He was dancing above the bride, who is the collective group of us.
During the healing and anointing time afterward, he came and kissed my cheek, and I stayed still and looked about in the spirit, holding his hands.

Fit for Dining With a King

Please view this from 54 minutes in, for it continues on the last post, and even that which I wrote earlier today. Please notice the significance of 17 - the number of Christ's victory over the devil.

Asked God for a Clue

Yes, I just asked God for a search term for the next post. He said, "Laurel."

So, it is 1 Corinthians 9:25 as a verse study from Bible Gateway.

What do we have here. In sports games, athletes compete for a laurel wreath, but we, we get a crown for our endeavors. Yes. God gives crowns, not laurel wreaths.

Therefore, for every man in his element, you should be knowing God has plans for you, and what you are doing here is training to your next endeavor in God's eternal kingdom.

Dying Well

There are 2 types of death.

When a man waits to settle matters of salvation till his last breaths, as he approaches death, say in the last stages of his health coming undone, he has visions of hell. And being in this status, he is in chaos. Sleep is constant nightmares of hell and ghouls, because the ghouls are enjoying tormenting their unbeloved through the death.

The second kind of death is where a man has put his trust in Jesus. That death - Christ gives peace in, and regardless of what the death looks like on the earth and in the natural, Jesus absorbs all the pain of death. He takes it all on, and he provides a death of peace and rest. The spirit lifts to Jesus while the body is in its last throws of suffering. You watch your death from above.

God helps even those who don't know him die well. In spirit travel, God has spirit missionaries, and these go to people on planes in air mess-ups, and they lead people to Christ in their burning plane seats.

We have 2 of these in our memory, and God uses his people in spirit missions to go get these. Then, despite what is going on with their body, the pain of that experience is lifted onto Jesus, and he takes the burning and the pain, and the person takes none. God really cares. He does everything he can to offer us salvation.

Have you considered being a spirit man missionary?

God has 100,000 people who do this. That is the number of people who attended a heaven meeting. However, this is a big world, and I think you could be a very good recruit to this type of ministry.

Pulled Healing #1

You know, I pulled healing from a servant of God last night, and I feel really good.

Thank you God.

When you know how this stuff works, it is God's currency for satisfying our needs. This is the particular anointing this one carried.

So here is a good question. I am a healer. I have a healing anointing. Why would a healer need another believer anointed in healing? God makes the whole system based upon the church needing one another. That's why. And yes, I do stand in healing for myself in many things, including for Ruach's beauty progress plan. However, this does not remove his need for us to lean on one another.

Adorned for God

King's harems - or King's brides, does it make sense they have jewelry? They do.

I've decided to think about wearing something adorning, and it is not for me. It's for him.

Women, and this includes me, sometimes do have clothes and do have accessories, and they do not wear them. They dress plain. I dress plain.

I have decided to look among what I own, and to make a conscious choice to dress for God, since he looks upon me every day, and I can't possibly upgrade to the luxury I wear in heaven right now, but I can upgrade how I look for him everyday here. I can dress for him.

You know style and all, even all the accessories, though I might have them mean little to me. I would not compete or desire 1 thing another woman wore, except to think how lovely whatever they have makes them. What I do know is that as a born again believer, my future life includes dressing for my king, and I am starting now.

Where God is people get to wear anything their creative mind can think of. They even get to collaborate. God the Holy Spirit loves both men and women generating holy fashion, and things that look good upon those of us he has made. Imagine the fashion parade in heaven. Imagine the jewelry. Imagine the cats. Yes, Lulu is helping type.\

When we realize our worth to our king, I think we can dress up. He is watching us every day. I know I do not leave my king's eyes. He watches every breath I take. Since he focuses on me, I would like to look pretty for him. If I dress pretty, please do not consider that I care for anything in this material world. I only care about God. Only him. Since he made women beautiful, and he made us to carry his adornments, including the adornment of our husbands, I say, dress up. Women who believe in Christ, you are going to be beauty vixens for eternity, so start pleasing our King today. Enjoy what you have. Holy Spirit will give you his whispers on how to use what you have to dress up just perfectly, and it does not matter your weight or your status according to the world, for Holy Spirit thinks you women all look absolutely beautiful right now. He sees you for the queen you are in eternity, and in the spirit realm, and what he sees is extraordinarily beautiful.

I am beautiful. And women of God, treasures of heaven and treasures of men - who might not get it yet for their heart is earthbound, someday they will. They will see exactly how beautiful their wives are and how worthwhile they are in the context of eternity. They are going to be blown away by how beautiful God makes us. And he is starting now. Our fashion coordinator would love a session. Let him help you.

God tells me where to go in my house to find things which would look good on me. He likes to match coordinates up. He will for you too.

Update: Christ dressed up for me. The next time I saw him, he dressed up. Imagine that.