Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Bent Reed

There's 22 different reed types in Israel.

Jesus is the bent reed.

You get a snapshot of him by looking at these.  Used to dress wounds!

I am studying  all the plants from the bible, and I shall group any more interesting reeds I find here.

Other Notables

Bay leaves kill intestinal worms.

Running to Win #1

At Erwin's church, he preaches a series over a service series.

We all use the Internet. I wonder if we should have different services, go deeper into topics, and we get caught up via Internet.

It is just an idea. I am just looking over the content on Erwin's site, and wondering if material could be delved into like this.

Erwin is doing a series of the enemies' 7 traps. I like it. I shall set my readers up with access. For now, I am learning.

On the other hand, you can do a sermon sweep on this blog, and find many teaching sources.

On this, click on archives, and you will find the whole series.

We are on the 5th or 6th, and these are very good! We are watching the whole series!!!

Okay, so here you have what I call a feeding well. You can spend a lot of time here. I am looking back to about mid 2013, and there's a lot in there. I invite you to look at Erwin's archives, and to select the things which interest you most.

What I appreciate is Erwin's willingness to broach the tough topics, and to do them with grace, and with strategies. 

Remember One Place

You have a large list of ministries, including Erwin Lutzer's Moody Church at the Page One Place. (over on the right)

Please use it. Yes, I finished Kingdom DNA. Now, Erwin is the third. I am listening to Erwin. You know there is a thread topic today. It is the same topic. God is talking through the preachers today.

At One Place, there is a strong base of Spanish, for my international visitors.

Also on this site, there are 300 Christian radio channels, and more pages to check out.

Today's Service

The question was: How often do you think about Jesus coming again?

My answer: Every day. When I awake, I think of that first thing. That's because I am excited he is coming.

My next thought: Lord, help me meet my destiny of what I need to do before he comes. Who do I have to touch or what would you have me do. That does not displace time with God though. My time with God is benefiting from his coming to get me now. I have that as my every day hope.

Lulu question: Lulu, do you think about Jesus coming again?

Lulu's answer: Meow. (Yes, he mewed.)

My answer to Lulu's little meow right now: Lulu, you should be excited, because Jesus really likes cats. Yeah, he created you just like you are, and he is going to have a kitty just like you for sure. He is going to have all kinds of animals, and he is going to go visit them, just because he adores all of them. He is even going into the wild hills to see his wolves and his wild cats. Yeah, he loves you creatures too. You should be excited he is coming too.

Music participation: Today, for the first time, I played the tongue drum to the service music. It was very fun. My husband brought it down for the service start. He applied its last coat last night, after finishing tuning it. My husband drummed  (we have three drums we are working on). You can have so much fun just listening in. If you, reader, watch First Alliance on the Internet, do join in banging or strumming or singing, or humming, or anything you feel inspired to do. Make a joyful noise.

We are getting reading for the Kingdom DNA message. Then Erwin. How about you? Then, pizza.

Kingdom DNA

This is Pastor Scott's new home church.

Later, I will get it set up here. Now you have access. It is live streaming now.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Pre-incarnate Christ

Do you like this one? I think it is cool.

The Garden Tomb

Do you see who discovered the Garden Tomb?

Who is Whose Favorite?

When I am with God - the set of three persons - I can't help it. I ask God for a fix on this word, because I think it should be a mystery word with 2 meanings, you know the kind God uses everywhere in the bible.

My gut cries out to each person - the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son, "You are my favorite."

I do not even know why. It just happens. What I think it means is, "I love you."

If I had children, I would call them all my favorite. I would. I tell all my cats their my favorite.

Anyway, I am safe in saying this, for any person of the Trinity - the three are one. To love on anyone, is loving to all three. However, in this, I am corrected. I am told, "Jesus is your favorite."

I answer, "Yes, I know." It is not a chastisement, but a truth. Jesus came and found me. He rescued me. He is my favorite. He is my hero.

I do not mean to hurt any of them, but the Father does not mind. He says, by loving Jesus as much as I do, I am also loving him, so it's all good.

In reverse now, every creature, including us - all of us are God's favorite. That includes all our pets, all the animals, all the birds - God loves every single one, and he could say to all of us, "You are my favorite."

That is because everything he is doing is for you. There is a custom plan to redeem you. And even your pet. Or your horse. Or go this far. Even your tree. Your flower. God loves everything he created. Everything.

It is impossible to fathom the nature of God's love. However, I now have a sneak preview, and it's great.

I think the word favorite should actually mean I have intense and immense love for you. That is what it should mean. I redefine it for my house. All my cats are my favorites. All my plants are my favorites. All my household are my favorites. Yes. That is what it means. Someone redefine it for a spiritual meaning, for I will not apply favoritism in the earthly sense to anyone. Except Jesus, since the Father and Holy Spirit insist. Jesus is my favorite - in the sense of the earthly term. And then, in the revised definition, it includes everything I have covered.

The word favorite for Jesus also needs a layer of meaning added. My meaning of favorite includes a deep appreciation for everything he has done for me, and before I was even born. He saw me in the distance, not even yet created, but just a little hope spark in God the Father's lung, and still he came forward and did all this for me. He saw me in time. He saw me today. He died lovingly for a little light that would sit in God the Father's light womb for hundreds to thousands of years, and he did it then knowing I would arrive.

Does that not make you think he should be my favorite? He so totally is. Mine. My favorite. Forever and ever.

I love my Dad too. He insists Jesus is my favorite, and I do not disagree. God made me knowing I would favorite Christ with my whole heart. There is nobody who loves Jesus like I do, but please compete with me, and prove me wrong.

Bible Code: 
I favorite Jesus.

Regarding the word "favor" and "favorite", I have not found them in the codes.

I tried to find - Donna loves Jesus most, but could not. I did find this:

The favorite thing is mutual. God has a thing going here, for these words arranged in a different order, Donna loves Jesus most, could come up, but they don't. So God has a hand in how he pulls things up. I think he does. I think God communicates intelligently through the codes. He says whatever he wants, and nothing else.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Crocus from the Song of Solomon #1

On this link, look at the crocus varieties from Israel.

The crocus in the Song of Solomon is the Saffron from the cross.

As a child, I collected crocuses. I have a few photos. I will link one later.

Crocuses grow on hills.

I am looking at where these are in Israel. The best navigation is on the Wikipedia article so far. That shows a crocus.

Where are the mountains of herbs in Israel?

I am looking to see where the various plants or herbs or fruit bearing plants show up.

There are 7 precious stone mountains.
There are 7 metal mountains.
Are there 7 mountains of herbs?

Your study: 

I think the 9 herbs could be significant, and if not, I shall perhaps know if Christ encountered them, based on his travels. Pull out the Song of Solomon Passion Translation, and look for all the plants mentioned here, and see where these are.

What are the scientific names of these plants?

Here is your research page:

Click on the plant for a common plant definition.

Okay, here's more good links:

Some Interesting Findings

Spikenard attracts cats! Is my cat mint spikenard? A form of spikenard is a lavendar, and the plant looks a lot like my cat mint!

All the herbs and plants, including pomegranate, have health benefits.

This Morning's Review

This is a language lesson. On the Flowers in Israel site, you learn all the plant pronunciations! If my reader would like to learn an area of vocabulary - here it is!

Jesus' Look and Nature 1

In the video of the Rainbow post, near the end, you see a man in the traditional garb, with a piece of leather on his finger, covered with a type of shawl, and all that. He has a box on his head, representing the Word of God, or a piece or promise of that.

Well, Jesus has come to me as this. He is rabbi.

Am I right or am I wrong? I am still in exploration of the picture or means of how he was dressed.

Does this traditional garb mean rabbi?

The Israeli praise rap video - also - the artist represents himself this way.

I asked Jesus if he does praise rap, the way this artist did. He said yes.

Jesus is the man who wants to answer our questions. This is like a rabbi.

I am to write out all my questions, and permit him to answer them.

You should have this relationship too. You can always talk to him and get good advice. You do not have to chase any leader for an answer. He will answer you directly.

Jesus does not always come dressed as this. This is recent. However, he has come twice thus far dressed in traditional dress.

This morning's call. The Holy Spirit called me back to the study of the Jewish Jesus.

Daystar Television has a Jewish Jesus program developing. I can't find it on the programming yet.

As well, my other source is Jim Staley.

I think this is very much part of the purpose of seeing Christ like this. My thirst is whet. It is time to go hunt this information down.


More See Rainbows Than Just Me

God reveals himself in rainbows. He brings them to comfort soldiers.

Let's review here. God brings dogs to comfort soldiers too. That's because his Holy Spirit can operate through his creation to do things for the Father. That's why we are good to God's animals.

And God works in other mysterious ways. He brings love. Yes, he brings our life partner in marriage to us, as part of his ways. That's why we are to be good marriage partners, loving God first, and receiving his empowerment to be good contributors to our family.

And he works through our pastors, priests, and rabbis. God even walks into battle with us.

Jesus sends bows (KJV), today's term rainbow, to me.

Since he does this for me, watch for them. They are his gift.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jesus Knocks on Imam's Door

This is a 2 part video. Continue on YouTube.

Please notice the power of the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Why Crops Are Lost

Harp Played Very Well

This girl Alisa plays the harp very well. This type of hard pluck playing is not my style. What she is doing is beautiful.

This is a great video to pick up strategies, even little ones you notice.

In the next up options for you, I recommend Mozart by Alisa too. Alisa and an orchestra in Russia.

The Mystery of Spiritual Warfare

How Satan's Rebellion Serves God's Purposes In the End

A Netflix Series

I've started on a Netflix series.

It is spy and nerd combined.


The typical issue to be concerned with: violence, suggestive apparel. It is PG.

The man in black - the one from Matrix - I think is in there.

Why I think it is good - it makes the average person a hero.

I like the interactions of the guys at Buy More and the comparison of what makes a hero, to what perhaps government considers a hero, to contain a manner of wisdom. There is revelation in this.

If compromised material shows up - stuff which is serious - I will quit.

Thus far though, I consider this good entertainment.

Would you watch a Bond movie? It is a similar assessment.

It is like Friends and 007 merged.

Yes, we were up too late. As it was opening, I was asking Holy Spirit for something good, and not something bad. It was good. We watched 3 of them. We have a late start today.

There is 3-6 months of viewing there. We won't be doing it all at once. It is just refreshing to have found something to our liking.

It should be categorized as comedy, for we get a real laugh out of each episode. There are good writers on board. As well, it seems to me like the writers for Men in Black, the movie series, are doing this. What I am saying is it is good writing.

Still - are there compromises here which you should not view? Ask Holy Spirit for his input as to whether this series is right for you. If you use this for family viewing, you are still responsible to discuss ethics breakages counter to God's culture.

So Many Uses

Aloe on the skin kills small pox.

Would it kill ebola or any other things? Yes. I think it is worth investigating. It could be used for sanitizing. Is there such a thing as an aloe spray?

Aloe is one tough cookie.

Fix This

Today, I speak for Jesus.

There is an abomination to the heavens.

It is this:

Rename this: Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Morning Star  -   Rev. 22:16 Bible Hub

I don't care which.

The name you have - it is like glorifying ebola or a current insidious hijacker and murderer.

You need a lens change.

Jesus is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Creator of All.

Jesus' Kingdom includes all you see with your space instruments.

Lucifer used to have light, and now has none to offer.

He is created, defeated, and is going to be put down. He is a deceiver and a liar.

Do not glorify death and the destruction and eradication of man and his name. Change the name.

Let all your space instrument names be named for Your King, before whom all knees shall bow.

He has 1000+ names. He does not have a short supply of names for you to choose from.

And remember, the only one you should be famous with is with him. You want Jesus to know your name.

Seeing Space Exploration

On the YouTube choice offerings to the side, Hubble looks interesting too. That is a keyword in the title.

The God - my God - Jehovah-Ruach-Jesus - made this universe. That same God, who made all this, made you to be his Son or Daughter.

That same God is calling you into relationship with him, through Jesus his son, who paid the way for you to come home.

In your eternity, this is your play space. How do you like that? What an inheritance you receive through Jesus!

As babies, we start off in cribs, move to play rooms, and one day, with the Father, we have this.

An Animal Rescuer

I love these stories! I love babies! Look at that cute baby wombat! Thanks God for the heart of rescue in this person, who has compassion for your creatures! Look at the thumb - for a size understanding. Also, look at the comparison of the claw to the knit work there.

Featured Event: Animal Rescue
Animal rescued: A wombat
Location: I don't know... Australia?
Photographer: Kim Hunter

A Milky Way Shot

Kudos to this photographer - good job! Keep it up!

Featured Capture:

Milky Way Panoramic Photograph Taken in the US Wilderness
Artist: Matt Payne

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

An Interesting Question

Should women preach?

When I look that up online, I get mostly religious debate about whether women should preach, and how it is viewed according to bible doctrine.

You know what I say.

Preaching - simple English - speaking the good news. That's what it is.

Everyone is supposed to. Men. Women. Children. Everyone should at their level of capacity.

Preaching can be official - as in the pulpit, or it can be unofficial at the check out line at Superstore or chatting with a neighbor.

The Sunday Church preaching - that is done for education, edification, and the list of purposes is huge.

However, whatever we hear on Sunday, we should be processing in our own way to share it with someone.

Now, should women preach to women, in women's groups. That seems a logical yes.

Should women preach to community groups? Well, yes, again. That is not very common yet.

Where you do see women preaching, support them, and invite them into your preacher circles.

God needs a dual gender army raised up, and he needs women to feel they have a voice, and that they can address people about things the Lord has set on their mind, paired to scripture, or for teaching.

In our end time harvest, there needs to be a sending out, and it is not just the men. Women, go too.

Use your love networks to get around, and go bring in the harvest, working your connections for speaking events, and spilling over the Holy Spirit gifts in you.

Should women preach? Yes. I say yes. What do you think Christ would say?

The woman at the well - she became an evangelist. And it was not just gathering in her town. No, she became a witness for Jesus. Women, if you love Jesus, build your voice for him, and work out a sermon or two. Go give it a go. If Jesus needs you to deliver a message for him, you should be ready to.

Practice in your small groups, giving voice to everyone so that they may have a go.

Loving a Whale

This is a true story, from my cousin who lives on Vancouver Island.

There was a regular seagoing man, and his employment I do not recall. He was out on the water around the Vancouver Island regularly.

He discovered the friendship of a whale. The whale would come to the surface of the water, and the man would pet the whale. This went on for some 4-6 months. The man would talk to the whale. The whale would talk to the man. They touched, in the sense he pet the whale's face, in the way I pet Thomas's face, and I kiss his little forehead, where he permits me to. Basically, there was friendship. Their visits were over the side of his boat. The whale would come up, and present himself for a visit.

The local fisherman were not happy there was a whale in their space. They were concerned this would upset their fishing practices.

They killed the whale. When the man learned his whale was killed, he was heartbroken.

The whale had the same type of joy and devotion to the man, which you see demonstrated between a dog and a man, except that it is experienced differently, for this whale had a big size.

The base issue here is man being willing to accommodate. There's a lot of men who do not consider God's creatures as valuable, in the same way that God has considered men valuable.

God's creatures are valuable. That is, in part, why he has redeemed you, to be champions of his creatures.

If my reader is part of a fishing institution, or a sea operating venture, please be considerate of God's whales.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

For My Reader Now

Search the blog in the search bar using "prophecy".

There's about 19 articles.

Also, if you open the blog to the timing of the release of the article, you will find many clustered there, for I wrote that whole suite in about 4 days.

How God Uses Dogs to Encourage Men



Kingdom Trading Floors #3 Update

Based on my reader's interest in this, I am going to begin developing this for you.

  • We can trade blood - Christ's blood on that floor. We never trade our blood or anyone else's blood, because Jesus did it all. That's why there's no extra blood shed as a believer, because the price is paid. It was expensive, and it is done. When we come to that floor, we can trade Christ's blood for some things.
  • We can trade fasting. There's many kinds of fasting. All the things you do for Lent, you could do. Media fasting is one.
  • We can trade prayers.
  • We can trade service.
  • We can give money - just our regular donation - and dedicate it to something.
  • We can trade love or devotion or purity.
  • We can trade gems or booty found in spiritual man war.
  • We can trade our generations back into alignment with God. (The devil gets people to trade their generations to hell. You do the opposite here. This should be your first trade in my opinion.)

That's a start.

You prepare a trade form. You put your motives/desires as to why you want something.

It is processed as a proposal. When you trade right - with good intentions as your base, and God approves, you get what you put forward.

Anything you get - scrolls, or documents - you put into your treasury by faith.

I've been there. One of my exchanges - worked out. For example, a car repair turned out less expensive, for God gave us wisdom to fix the car. I traded a tithe against an inexpensive car repair.

This is knowledge from the prophetic realm. This does not fit anyone's doctrine.

However, all of this is done by faith, and the base of it, you can see an example in scripture.

Do you have to see in the spirit to do this? No. You can understand this process by faith, write in your journal, and let God provide you the response to your journal. Most things done in the spirit, can also be moderated in a journal. The process does happen. So whether you see in the spirit or not, you could start.

This is a spirit man place, and a spirit man thing to do. If you see, and you get the concept, you are going to start taking your written declaration more seriously, for what you write here, gets transferred.

Prayer works too. 

You can declare your future with God, in agreements, similar to how King David did, but do that in agreements with God. What kind of future do you want? Well, work it out with God! Submit proposals, and God will respond.

If my reader understands the concept of hell's trading floors, every decision we make operates on a trading floor. We either trade on heaven's or hell's. It is our job as believers to live in alignment with faith in God - the Three-In-One, and everything about them, about us, and to live to that level. A miracle is bringing via faith the truth and operation of heaven, and that of relationship to the Father, here. We use our faith as the conduit, and it is understanding who we are, and how to operate here, first as a citizen of heaven, and second as a flesh being.

The 7 Spirits of the Holy Spirit

Have you noticed the 7 hell operating spirits are the stolen glory of the 7 Spirits of the Holy Spirit? God revealed that to me this morning.

Believer, as you seek holiness and restoration, part of the process will be God laying this upon you. It comes near the end of your healing process. When you receive the 7 Spirits of God, your decision making will be on cue to heaven. Keep pressing into deliverance and intimacy, and this is your end point.

The wisdom of the panel of teaching spirits will engage you, and show you much more than even I can here. They will do your ongoing training.

If you search this blog for Holy Spirit, you will find some training on this topic.

Peaceful Waters

Today, we kayaked Glenmore Reservoir.

I invited Christ and his heavenly host.

I had the most peaceful waters ever.

The sailboat out on the waters had a slack sail, and they used a paddle to get around.

Peace was with us. I was out there 3 hours.

There were Bonaparte Gulls, and regular gulls, and a loon.

The loon dove, and I watched, and it did not surface - 7 minutes. Then, I saw a surface air bubble, and again, no loon. That was amazing. I gave up. The loon was pretty though.

My husband floated (not paddling into) a big group of bathing Bonaparte gulls. He was among hundreds of them bathing.

An 80 Pound Baby

There was a baby white shepherd adopted. At that time, CatDad - for today, we are switching CatDad's name to DogDad. He was once. DogDad had a room-mate. His cousin.

Okay, someone adopted a beautiful white shepherd puppy. The puppy grew. The puppy, who knew somebody's lap, liked very much to sit on their lap. The puppy grew to be a goliath size. They took the puppy they could no longer manage to the pound.

See a White Shepherd on a Google Search. That's the dog found at the pound.

Enter DogDad's cousin. DogDad's cousin went to the pound. He adopted a fully grown white shepherd. That shepherd was named Goliath, for he was very big compared to the other Pomeranian in the house.

Goliath had goliath love needs. Imagine. What exactly does an 80 pound big baby need?

Goliath needed love. Goliath needed big love. He would absolutely need to come and sit on his DogDad's knee. His real dogdad was CatDad's cousin. However, in the durations of times away, or that cousin's work, my CatDad was this dog's dogdad.

Imagine a person. And the nice big dog, the size of a scooby-doo (an exaggeration), comes and sits on your knee, and you have to give all of you, to try and merely balance and contain him in a cuddle. Would your knees or legs go numb? Perhaps. Would it be worth it? Yes. It would be so totally worth it.

Sometimes, on this planet, some petparents are called upon to love big animals, and to generate ways to love on and cuddle big animals, and to make them feel valued and important in their house.

I hope you are one.

Now, we tie this to the spiritual. God the Father - the Godhead - the three persons - they are big enough to love on the biggest warrior or pastor or nation leader or mom or child. None of you are too big for God. None of you are too important for God.

God will take any of you on his lap, and he will love on you, like our cousin loved Goliath, holding him upon his lap, when the dog was far too big to practically fit on his lap. God will love on you with patience, and he will fill your love cup.

God's lap is big, and comfy and prepared for you.

So now, in the meantime, you love God's people and his creatures, growing his kingdom and establishing his throne, so God can come down. He is coming down anyway, but he is coming to us - those who love him and who are regularly filled up on God's lap.

Yes. You are meant to be loved on by my Great God. There are three thrones. I will make my way one to the next, and get all filled up. And you may too. That's because God has made a Way for you to come home.

Come home.

God the Father loves the baby inside us grown-ups. We all have been a baby, and he still remembers what we looked like at our first cry. It would endear his heart to hold you, if you are ready to come, and be totally loved on. And all that loving on God's lap builds a strong devotion.

Example: God the Father loves his children coming home this much. This is how great it is!

My CatDad's cats also love him this much, when he comes home, but they do demonstrate their love differently than a dog. They all come to the door. And that is great!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Silver Bow and Arrows #1

Tonight, Jesus gave me a gift. He gave me a silver bow. No, it is not the kind to make music.

I was interceding. I was protecting a place, and I shot down many spirits.

Yes, this is like a computer game, but it is the spirit man version.

I had a silver bow with silver arrows.

You should try it sometime. It is, I think, way better than a computer game.

Update: I saw a reader direction here, and I realized I could add something. The entire time I was doing this protective activity, I was speaking in tongues, and operating in my spirit man. That is not always the case, but tongues is part of what I do.


The concept of a witch flying - stolen glory.

God has preserved the best of flying for his believers. They are going to fly in the spiritual and be the conquerors of heaven.

And they will conquer any witch they meet. Jesus already won, back at the cross. That's why. The battle is done. You just have to speak out the victory.

That said, Jesus died for witches. Switch sides. I can say that confidently. The enemy would be he who deceived you, and you would be found precious by God.

The Latest Word

See how Bobby knows the Word. Know God's word like that. I love his enthusiasm. Speak out the truth.

In Bobby's Shepherd's Rod, he says God revealed to him - it is the fearful who end up in hell.

Fear God. Dread God. Yes, war with courage.

Do not join the armies of the yellow bellied doubters of God!

No doubt. No unbelief. No fear.

Being full of fear leads man to the biggest fall down to the abyss.

This also means do not be fearful of man - or man pleasers. Love and fear God instead.

That means you do not let go of Christ's stripes for the sake of culture. You don't make the stripe or the truth less than it is.

Truth is truth. A perverted truth is not truth. A turned letter is no longer a letter which is straight, and not misleading you.

As you stand for the stripes, you gain them, on your shoulder.

Live for the stars and stripes of heaven.

Who Made You a King?

Well, Jesus is a King.

And he makes his followers kings. Yes, Kings and Priests of the realm we do not yet see.

"Who died and made you king of anything?" Jesus.

If anyone asks you, "Who made you king of anything?", you remember, Jesus did.

He is the one. And it is only his voice that matters.

When Jesus places this spiritual position over you, you decree.

Can you do that for him? Yes, you are king of something - whatever he tells you.

And besides this, look at the extended creativity here. Lovely. You can make noise with so many things. Music. This is fun.

I have not over evaluated the words here. Just enjoy the sense of the overall music making. If you see the channel, the type of fun here is that kind which Rend Collective has. We make music, just because we can't help it.

Dave, see the trumpet? Your type of small and fun addition.

Musician assignment: Count the music makers here. How many are there?

And me, I am checking out their earphones.

One more thing. On the weekend, Pastor Scott said to war. Yes, to do spiritual warfare. Where the singer here tells the accuser to get out of here fast, you do that to your spiritual enemies, believer. Do that. Your identity is king - and king over the spiritual enemy of this world, and the smaller you see them the better. Your words, filled with the Holy Spirit, trump them. Yes. Kick them out.

To the artist: Nice voice. 

Set Your Research Focus

If you are here to research the end time scenarios, please spend half your time enjoying music, and the other half doing what you need to. We should have fun here. Be lightened in your spirit, for with God, everything is possible, and every enemy of God will be beaten down.

There is Immense Power in the name of Jesus. He can squash darkness.

Where to Find My Pastor

You will find his church link in 2 places.

1. By his blog on the Work Desk.
2. On a page to the right - just beneath FAC.

No, we are not losing him. He is too special. They are too special.

So, Pastor Scott and Pastor Tara will be found right there.

We will lose something on the right, for it has reached its capacity. Whatever is lost, will be up top in the Work Desk.

That will be fixed up for close to Sunday, or the weekend, when you would be looking for the service.

Drumming Instruments

God is Diamonds in the Sky!

Anyway, here, what we are looking at - the musician is using his guitar as a drum. For those of you who are wondering, he first did his guitar track. Then, overlayed on his track, he has added his guitar drum. Do you see? He is listening to the guitar track, and overlaying in this video the drum. What you get as the audio output is the two mixed.

I've been using my harp as a drum. My husband, who has done more researching, has told me the philharmonic players drum their harp.

Do you see the concept?

You may not even have to make a drum to have your first CD.

You just need to do you drum accompaniment on your guitar.

Well, whatever you do, have fun. This one is.

And yes, God the Father is Diamonds in the sky.

Today, we are going to get a good set of earphones for me - so I can start playing with overlaying and synchronizing tracks. It is time to play.

I find video very cool. I don't know about you, but it hits the right spot of creativity for me, and it worships my God.

If I could find this musician's CD, I would buy it. That starts my hunt. Doesn't he have a great style? This reminds me of something a person could use for soaking. This song is completely - Jesus. I recognize the Godhead in this. And it also reflects his desire for us to shine as his diamonds on earth.

The Stairway to Heaven

Enjoy - the Stairway to Heaven - that is a name for Jesus.

All those who love the song - this is one of Jesus identified names in the Word of God.

Do you like the Stairway to Heaven?

I do. I go up his stairs regularly, and I meet God.

How does your stairway to heaven work? Does it leave you with a headache? Mine does not.

By the way, I have a pitch shifter. It is in my software.

My harp likes to only tune to flats. That means I must shift her up a half note, if I want her to match my keyboard, for example. Yes. My harp has her own idea of what she wants to tune to.

Quick Drum for Music Classes

Water Bottle Drum

I hope these boys make it to the church for their meal! I hope that there they play their drums.

These boys are examples of those who get disoriented - and our church pathways are to lead young boys like this right home to Father God.

Make a Gourd Drum

Strike the word "shamanic", for that word cannot apply here. The rest of this drum fabrication is good.

It is approaching fall. These are soon ready. You cut them, stain them, and add these drum surfaces and ties, and you are good to go.

I am also investigating ceramic drums. These ibo drums are made of fiberglass, made to look like ceramic. Some are actually ceramic. Those, unless small, would be heavy.

If you go to YouTube, there's more videos - interesting to see - on the side.

I like that these look nice to hold on the lap. You could sew a carrier for them.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spirit Man Ascension Tip

Put your hands out like you are holding a goblet.
Ask Holy Spirit to fill up your cup.
Drink. Yes, it looks like air, but drink it. Make your invisible gulp.

You will be drunk with wine. If you want more, ask for more.
Have the room partly dark. This helps.
I was given this tip by Holy Spirit.

I have increased my sight in the spirit realm by drinking this wine.
This wine is the wine from Christ's table.
It is the only wine I drink.
I only drink that in encounter.
I sometimes drink that in the context of encounter, depending on what Christ offers me. He also offers me water. In encounter, you can also take communion. There is a table with bread and wine.

So, you have my tip.

Besides this, I take in many manners of Holy Spirit, but this is the one which helps me enjoy sight and hearing where I go. You've received my other tips.

There is a verse in the Old Testament. It is God's frustration with the Israelites, that they would not open their mouths to receive. Why God wants us to open our mouths is so he can fill us up with his Spirit, and it is for me a regular form of drinking, every time I ascend.

Flowing Oil #1

In John Paul's I Am study, he says, I am the Anointing Oil.

In the Song of Solomon, the beloved says to Christ, "You are Flowing Oil."

When I think of how oil has been valued through the ages, and particularly for technologies, well, and to have a nice and pleasant salad, and to run motors - all the earth values for oil - are high.

When in relationship to Christ, that Flowing Oil which he is, is also our anointing, for he pours his oil upon us.

Jesus is the Flowing Oil.  He is the most valuable oil anywhere, and one day, he is going to control all the oil, and there will be no more squabbles. All the political drama which has been set around access to oil will be done. Imagine "flowing oil" being partnered with lovingkindness in the earth. Now, that would be new. I mean in natural trade.

That is why there will be a Kingdom and a King. Oil is dripped on the forehead of a King, when he is brought into his role. Christ can anoint his own kings, from his own hand.

Tie Back to Scripture

Oil was used to anoint people to bless them and to pray for God to heal them. Besides being use to anoint a royal, it was used for this. This was the last highly valuable item this woman had.

Elisha has a story directly related to this flowing oil. Flowing oil can free a woman's family from slavery.

Elisha and the Flowing Oil

Do you know those teeny little bottles of healing oil you buy at the bible book stores? There's a couple milliliters in them. With this little remnant of the woman's oil, she filled all manners of pots, sold them at the market, and freed her family from debt - from slavery.

Jesus uses his oil to free people from slavery. This is sort of the opposite of the oil strangleholds of trade today. His other name is: I am the refuge of the poor.

Ties to Miracles Today

Christ manifests today as oil coming from people's hands and foreheads, and as oil pouring off pages of books. Look around in your church neighborhood. See who is experiencing these.

Occult Culture

Have nothing to do with any media regarding vampires.
Have nothing to do with occult - if you can identify it. Work on that.
Reject it. Spit it out.

The True Kiss - Christ kisses the bride - and brings her into her everlasting blessing.
The stolen glory - the whole vampire thing is a sick and perverted attempt to destroy the beauty Christ has in store for his bride.

Last Service

With our pastors Pastor Scott and Pastor Tara!

Please come for a visit.

Put your hand out and up for the anointings.

Go to the right First Alliance page tab, click on Streaming Media, and then the arrow.


Jesus robes were scented with Aloe. Ps 45.

Jesus used aloe on his skin. Does that make sense?

His robes would be scented with aloe, because he used it on his own skin.

I say, that's a tried and true beauty tip.

From Ruach. Done by Christ.

One day, I asked here, "What did Jesus carry in his satchel?"

He carried aloe. That was his skin moisturizer. And it works.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What is Encephalitis?

Encephalitis is the swelling of the brain in response to a viral infection.

Here is a Society which addresses this:

The 2014 Shepherd's Rod refers to next year's problem, so we are researching now for our tomorrow.

We have some time.

Here are the types:

Gut feel - I say Measles or West Nile.

I am not sure which.

Encephalitis as a swelling of the brain - when one has a fever, chill the neck and upper body, and even the head, for the fever and swelling are impacting the brain, and you can do something during the fever.

There is a story - in my recent memory of a man who had his child in the hospital with this, and you chill the upper body.

Now, as far as the cure for West Nile. Believers, store in house - Oregano, Black Seed, Cloves - antiparastics. Herbs. Jesus is the man of Herbs. I am asking you to practice on some simple in advance infections - try kicking a cold.

Another thing - you should store in house the basic vitamins and minerals you need to kick a cold. If I can have had a 400-600 store of vitamins in my house, you can have a store of 20-30 of good things on hand.

When someone has any kind of virus, there are immediate things you can do to come against it by boosting your body's immune response against it. This is a time for natural health. You keep a medicine cabinet with antiviral stuff.

The best things you can do - is have something that works against everything at once - virus, bacteria, worms, it all in one shot. You find some of these at your health food store.

Between the two, West Nile feels more likely than Measles. Just recall that measles was transferred on blankets in the past, so consider the same issue as the previous post.

Anyway, after having done all the good stuff which you will practice between now and then, you also pray on the gray. Yes, you pray. In faith. Believing. You kick the infirmity out.

Among spiritual tools, begin declaring your family will not be bit by insects at all. Start.

Where It's Personal

You know, warriors and citizens of our free countries, and even those where other types of government exist - in the First World War, my great-grandparent endured chemical weapons, and suffered, along with many others a cruel and unnecessary affliction for his whole life.

When you fall into any circumstance where there is a biohazard - biological or chemical - you decree against it and in fact with your words, you send it back right to those who put it there, working in the spirit realm - turn the fog or infection backward, and let God's wind spread it right back to those who intended to destroy your people's health.

Do you hear? I wish my forefather knew spiritual warfare, but it is time now to understand - you war. Decree. Watch God's wind and invisible messengers carry the tide of battle backward against heaven's enemies. Decree the removal of every bit off of you and your warring team.

You push back death to where it is loved and valued, and let it stay there and wreak its havoc among its own. I hope we are very clear here that I also mean in the military. If you are a believer and in the military, you are a warrior, and you must speak this out, when you find your group in some kind of invasive warfare such as this.

The Ebola Virus Situation #2

The Ebola Form and Fit and Function

So, Ebola, what do you look like, you little hijacker?

What does it look like? This is its morphology and classification.

Since it has a 90% kill rate, it is an excellent opportunity for a miracle.

Okay, so yes, we should also use the medical options and science options possible. And pray.

What you need is RNA multiplication inhibitors.

Research teams, what are you doing?

Yeah God: Two ebola patients released!

The current solution treats those who have already contracted the disease, but does not help someone who has not yet gotten it. That means there is room to continue this research.

The Current Vaccine

The zmapp concept. So, you've seen the blocks you played with a kid, where you fit a shape of a block - say a circle into the circle hole? What this concept of cure does - is it fits a bunch of branches onto the virus, and makes it so it now longer fits in the circle. Say you put a bunch of pick up sticks on your little shape, and now it won't fit.

The level of cure this is - it stops the virus from entering the cell. You load the system with these little ligands, and they bond to the virus, and the virus just can make it in.

By the way, who cares if it is unproven drugs, when there is a 90% kill rate. I would not.

Do the drug, pray, and watch. God can fix a bunch of the stuff anyway. God uses Science too.

It has to pass by direct contact with body fluids. In this sense, it is less transferable than say an influenza virus. The bad news is it transfers by sweat. All blankets or bedding needs high temperature bleach washing.

You see this order of solution did not go after the RNA replication inhibitor idea. It just stopped the virus from coming in.

Some Improper Social Responses

If there's a bunch of ebola killed people somewhere, don't go in where they are until the virus has had many weeks to die. Let the building stink. Whatever. Isolate it. I am speaking to the untrained community here. Do not go in. Let professionals handle it. There has been a problem with locals invading an ebola quarantined space. This is not a good idea.

Let those more trained in the specifics of ebola do the cleanup of infected spaces, and you stay out and listen to their instructions. If someone has ebola blankets, those are sources of infection. Dump them immediately in bleached water - at least a 10% solution, and let them be.

Clean Up Robots

Even though robots have a bad part to play in the future war, I love this...I love technology most of the time.

The Current Status of the Outbreak

Treatment Suits

Ebola is not hard to kill!

How Long It Lives Outside the Body

Several days. My first order would be to set off the area, and let things all dry up for a couple days. Let the virus die on its own, and then do bleach cleanup.

Is it that important, other than say covering a body which has died, and so what if it stinks, let it be, and let the whole room be for 4-5 days. Let it dry up. Then, spray the whole area, including the body and bedding with a high level bleach, and let it dry. Then, using proper body protection equipment bag the body, and remove it - to dispose of it.

The Ebola Burial

It's not what I thought. They can receive a regular burial. The body does not absolutely have to be burned.

Ebola Questions

The key problem is health literacy related to managing the disease, how to manage the society impacts of the disease, and how to work with what was a resource prior to potentially reintegrate that resource later.

Literacy focused community education needs to be centered on:

  1. How to have proper sanitary hygiene for treatment and clean-up.
  2. How to sanitize a treatment or former living environment - and even town.
  3. How to re-integrate an individual who survives
  4. How to re-integrate the former resources and living spaces where ebola was - my presumption is that ebola - without a source of life tissue to live in - dies. As things dry up, the virus dies. Is this true? Can a former town be lived in again? How would that happen? Should that happen?
  5. Can the means of the arrival of ebola to a town be traced?
  6. How is it that a hotel of the health care workers has ebola in it? Did a health care worker bring it home with poor hygiene, or did an ebola infected individual come to work, and then clean the the health care workers room, when they were not suited up?

The largest issue with plague is lack of knowledge, and the best way to overcome a plague is with education. Be prepared. This particular virus - its numbers of people infected could go down with some knowledge, so that people are not doing things which are counter to their own best good.

Then besides that, we need easy websites for people to find: plague response. The most plague losses are due to lack of knowledge which allows people to acquire them and spread them. We need to found good social plans for reducing the spread. I realize that government is going to manage their needs with military lockdowns - if necessary. I am not really against that. Even though I know it can seem mean, I realize it is better to fast than pick up a disease. The unfortunate thing is that government ends up using this means, for so many of us are undeliberated in what we do - we do so much in ignorance. When or if there is a military lockdown, let's do what we can do for as long as we can, to assist what is being done, for my hopeful thought is that our governments are not all spoiled, but are trying to help us. Do not do local demonstrations over disease control, but see what you can do to cooperate and improve your circumstances.

Whoever put up that salt water is enough to kill ebola, that was not cool. I do that for a cold virus, but for this - really. Since it is obvious that in these ebola towns and places people are looking online for solutions, guide people to the most authoritative and helpful websites. Our major news sites like CNN could be good information wells for people to draw from. Get the best content there. I do not even claim my material as best. What I would hope for is for community education information for plagues to be central and CNN, you could do that. You could carry community health information as 1 page, for this matter is going to cover several of our next years. If there were an agenda for you for these times, that would be one good one.

Community education sites need to have the latest education, and articles pre-preparing people for how to manage plagues. Given online and social media sites are being consulted, these need to become a go to solution for the public, preferably available using Google translate, or as recognized information depots for helping the world community.

I would love that to be the WHO. Or, CNN. Who is shaping these sites' community education? Please target improving and making your sites accessible, readable and explained to an elementary school level - making your science concepts as simple as possible. Provide the best information to guide people today. Test out Google translate. Does it accurately translate for you? If so, recommend its use. The cost of translating your material may take too long in a short term emergency response, so be aware of these options, and whether you feel comfortable recommending them.

Targeted Prayer - Pray on the Gray

How God prefers us to pray, is to pray knowing the facts. Yes, the Science. He likes us to pray for the extreme specifics. What needs to be done. Declare for what you have researched. In Christ's name, by his blood, and by the power of the Holy Spirit - but do your part and don't just plead, but speak out what should be done, after you have done a thorough investigation. Probably the best ones to do this are the ones on the teams, for they know exactly what needs to be prayed. You pray on the gray. Does that make sense? You do what you have to do, and you pray on the gray areas. And God does his part, filling in that which you cannot.

As believers, we are called to bring the miraculous forward. Yes. You pray for your arrival of food and water. The matter of plague is not an if, but when. Design some of your solutions now.


Why I am broaching this topic is for the rest of us - where there is knowledge, we have less fear. Community education sites need to have the latest education, and articles pre-preparing people for how to manage plagues. Given online and social media sites are being consulted, these need to become a go to solution for the public, as recognized information depots for helping the world community. 

The Scarlet Vine Digital Art

The Wedding Wrecker

As a bride, it is really difficult to be discouraged about the devil making a fuss.

That's because regardless of all the devil's tantrums, he does not win.

Jesus is getting married, and there's going to be a wedding celebration in heaven, while the devil has his major temper tantrum on earth, annulling marriage for those who give way to him.

While he wreaks havoc on man, everyone else is having a party - and celebrating their King. They get their eternal rewards and positions, and riches. There's massive partying in heaven, and love, while everything on earth falls to hell in the hand basket.

The devil is just a wedding wrecker.

Don't listen to him. Do not invite him to any of your parties.

That is serious, for his life form is here, and is just making a huge mess wherever he tramples, destroying marriage of man, and putting women into prostitution and slavery. You see his trail.

He is just upset there is a wedding going on in heaven, and he is so totally not invited.

In fact, the bride is going to come and trample on the snake. That is where she is headed, right after she gets wed. When she is wed, Christ's kiss is going to invade her with heavenly military power, and the whole church is coming after that devil. He does not stand a chance against Christ's bride. Not in the least.

When I think of Christ's bride, I think of Sandra Bullock in her movie stories where she is a cop, and a beauty queen. That is the type of woman Jesus is marrying, and it is not just me - it is a group of people.

However, where you see all the quirks of moving toward being in a beauty pageant, that's all good, because that is exactly the bride Jesus wants - is one who kicks butt on her enemy, and who loves on him, and who takes care of her community. The godhead make the bride beautiful, and this requires little to none of her effort. Now, Sandra perhaps has not yet realized who the Bridegroom is, but don't you think she should be a bride? I do. She is the perfect bride. The gist is this. Desire and worship is enough, and Jesus and Holy Spirit do the training. Father God officiates, even walks her down the aisle.

When you see Sandra Bullock - that's a bride. Miss Congeniality.

All believers who love on Jesus - more than any other, and who are mirrors of him - you could be a bride.

His Garden of Herbs

Includes Peas

I have gorgeous herbs. I shall add them, after I take a few shots.

His Garden Paradise

Has Double Rows Around the Drip Feed Soaker Hose

The Fruit Produced

Matches the Heart Intention and Energy Put In

He Is As Lilies

Dripping with myrrh.

I'm Truly His Rose

The very theme of his song!

The Scarlet Vine Pic

Even the flowers look sort of like beans. The bees go up and disappear in the flowers.

Today, there are many flowers, but 8 feet up. It took a little while for my bees to figure out I had a new flower and vine in this location, but now that it is found, this vine produces almost 10 inch long beans. We can eat a couple, and that is a snack.

These grow 14 feet tall. You could actually make a tent enclosure with vines. I find the sun is blocked in a very refreshing way.

Here is a photo prepped as digital art:

FAA Scarlet Vine Donna Munro

The image will show up in the slideshow as well.

The Odometer

We are closing in on 180,000.

Son Sets

Afraid to Make a Mistake

A lot of people do not engage in music, or playing for others, for they are afraid to make a mistake.

I have a few things to say to blow down that fear.

Most books are published with a 5% error margin on mistakes. Yes, there are mistakes, even in professional documents. That is normal.

Most instruments which are tuned properly, even if you play a note and timing perfect performance, have a note tuned improperly, and when you play, that note - the sharp or flat - is played, and it is a musical mistake.

The point is - you do not have to be a perfectionist to the point your fear paralyzes your production. So what? So what if you make a note error?

In the context of communication or music, the whole of the production is what matters. Do you hear the single flat key on the piano? Do you? Can you pick it out of the whole orchestra? I wonder. Unless you know that the single key is out of tune, you would not likely pick that out.

Instead, God wants heart alignments in tune to producing praise, and to let our your song, whether voice or instrument, and stop being afraid of making one wrong note.

Do you see birds stop to analyze their bird song? Yet, you do. You stop and you analyze your performance. Why won't you sing? You assess your individual off note too much, and you prevent the orchestra from releasing from your belly. Praise is war. Sing.

If my reader would like to make a difference in the world landscape, and decrease terror, find your birdsong.

The Joy of Age Three

When I was three, the devil tormented me.
However, where God the father has returned me to - in my status of relationship - I am like a child of age 3.
I am what I was supposed to be - way back then.
I have an immense joy, and relationship to the Father, and I am through all my hugging encounters where the Father lathers his love on me, and treats me like either a daughter or granddaughter, I am soaking this all up, because I was a child who missed having all the cares of the world lifted.
That devil has harassed me for a long time. Now, he is under my feet, and God has me setting him on the run.
When you see a little puppy, running to his owner, and you see the joy, and the puppy licks his owner's face all over, and plays about his feet, and sits on his lap, and I know this is not a perfect comparison, but God likes his creatures, this is how I am. I race toward God. I run, and I land upon his lap, and what I give, he returns, and I feel all the love, acceptance, joy, and empowerment that he can give.

This is also meant for you. You were meant to tread down the enemies of God. You are meant to put them down.

It takes the faith of a little child to see the Kingdom. That is where God has placed me, in my heart.

Discerning Anointings

Many who heal feel anointings. I do. God comes on me.
Those that do Reiki - they feel the anointing.
The anointing is counterfeit.
Those who preach that Jesus does not do miracles, and stand for that profusely, they are under a hell anointing, even if they stand in your church pulpit.
Jesus does miracles. He heals. He operates out of the non-rational to create our spirit man identity.
Those who would either redirect your spirit man identity, or deny it - that is a false anointing.

With Potential Epidemics

In the Shepherd's Rod, thanks to Bonnie, she shared a vision she had of encephalitis spreading. I am sure that is not the only one. We discussed this yesterday, and I would pin this as Mad Cow, but it could be other things.

In the news now is Ebola.

At the conference - a conference - for I've been at many between the online and in person - there was one who was both a physician and a Holy Spirit Practitioner - as a healer of disease. This may strike you as odd, but in the practice of healing spiritually to heal the body physically - that is deliverance - and in the process of doing the deliverance, at the end, where you kick out spirits, you also kick out various diseases.

In about 10 months at the Spokane healing rooms, there is a conference meant for the whole medical community, and it is targeted just to health professionals - the Royal Doctors of the Kingdom.

Jesus' name is going to be shown as the name of Power in the coming season. His name is going to be magnified, and it is going to come against the antichrist efforts to kill off the mankind populations.

Jesus is accomplishing this with Kingdom trained doctors.

Now, this is 10 months in the future. I am asking myself if some manner of movement on this training should come sooner. I think it should.

I have now named the place where this is going to be. Please, if you are a doctor and Kingdom trained in healing, would you get in touch, and see if something can be set up for Doctor training sooner.

Your Kingdom participation is shortly required. As the ebola fright spreads, and who knows how this is going to happen, but often with a flight arrival of one unexpected person to a major city, I would like both the church ready and these medical professionals ready.

Doctors play a very important part in the NDE witnesses you see on this site. All those NDEs were witnessed by medical professionals. Jesus has a role for these in intervening for him, for the sake of the harvest. He also has a place for them to testify.

Doctors, there is a role for medical training in God's future. He has universities, and though it would not seem to fit Kingdom, for isn't everyone there healed, in God's dynamics, there is knowledge, and it will be useful and brought into God's knowledge arts in the future. Faith. God is building faith and awe.

There is a Kingdom Counter Move against all manner of  human reduction movements.

That is because Jesus is pro-man, because he made us with joy, and intended us to benefit from the joy of life. We join to Jesus, and we have his joy. That joy completes us with the shalom of Christ - which fixes every stray or broken DNA strand, and makes us perfect as he is perfect.

Please assemble into groups of training for miracles in the Physician and Doctor training centers. Do not include Reiki, for I have found out that is a counterfeit. Christ has his own version of that. That needs to be delivered from those who have done it, and let the Holy Spirit bring you his own manner of training.

Yes, I participated in Reiki, as a patient. I have repented. If this hurts you, I am sorry. It is truth. However, know this. Whatever stolen glory it is, God has something way more powerful for you to use in its place. God's power is truth, and applied, it is immense power. You will not have protection from antichrist physical and spiritual movements, unless you agree with the truth, and not hell. If you agree with truth, you can have the assistance of angels deflecting your bullets. If you don't, and hang onto a lie, you get hurt.

In the same notion, all those who do Reiki, your heart motivation - that has good motives. The issue then is that the devil takes something good, deceives you, and opens the door to unwelcome entrants to your life, and you do not know why they are there. Reiki is one of the gifts of star children (sons of satan), and they are not of God. This is one of their bragging points. In the context of this form of Reiki that star children do, they communicate with a panel of demons/fallen angels, and they deceive patients. As a proof, they speak in angelic languages - tongues - with the fallen angel/demons. What you know as Reiki will be manifested in these things.

Swap your antenna to Jesus, and he will correct many things for you, you do not even understand. Jesus has a Kingdom to cure, and you need to be with him to do it.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Battle at the Gates

Notice the giants and false sons of gods. You are getting a lesson on how idolatry got some of its beginnings.

~19 min in. Animals used to communicate with men before the fall. I mean speech. We have often said, "Now, if our cats could talk, what would they tell us?"

We fill in their words for them, and we always seem to do a good job, for they give us a confirmation meow. They go, "Yeah."

I've told you - in the spirit realm - animals do talk. A God derived animal is your friend. I mean - part of your team, as long as it is spiritually clean, which you take care of. You should. Manage the spiritual environment of your pets. I declare for my pet he will conquer all bully black birds. Do you get the idea? Is your animal seeming to be afflicted by a spirit? Kick it out. An animal clean - is your friend and helpmate - one to deliver love and helps you with things. They even are faithful battle partners. You do not just manage the owning and production of animals, but you also manage their spiritual environment. You set up the Garden for a good life for them.

New Topic: In the Song of Songs, God refers to the bride as being the Pharaoh's best horse. When I see good preachers do their stuff, they remind me of that.

The End Time Battle: The gate of Satan vs. the gate of God. Use your gate.

Find this verse: Our God is a man of war.

Important Spot: The spot Jesus prayed in Gethsemane is a portal. It is where he comes back.

Advice: Make your secret place/prayer portal and hot spot. Make your gate. Everyone, but marked to Nation Leaders, check this out. You could use a cabin retreat as your God gate, if that is where you go to think and pray.

Drum Beats

The tongue drum is done. Now, all that I have to do is play it.

Now, we are working on more - 2-3 drums as different types of congas.

Now, suppose God had us doing this for some reason - say even to encourage my readers to make such instruments - I think wood based musical instruments - like these types of drums travel well. It would be hard to break them. As well, there are even drum kits where one smaller drum fits into another bigger one and so on, so that God's music teams could move about, and you would have sturdy equipment.

The tongue drum is heavy - and not one I would transport a lot. If you have a local ministry, you would say keep one on site. I am going to find a few of the research videos we have been doing for laptop drums. A drum - one of these as the metal variety - is $120 to $160. At home, $20-30.

The slap top cahone looks uncomfortable.

Do you realize the high hat you can make with craft beads? The frame under it is like $75, and you could make your own - a styrofoam ball, mounted with beads macramed (wow, I have not written that word in a long time). Here is the drum play list for more drum samples.

This is the travollete. This has something like a car wheel as a mallet.

Yes, this sounds good. Vater brushes. Kickers. Cool.

Do you notice the suite of content here. I write about being a drum, and then we are demonstrating drums.

For all my readers, if you have a team in your church who could make you a drum, it would not be long till you have some sort of a musical team. All this should inspire you to begin beating to the drum within us - and making a joyous sound.

Prayed for One Another With Very Good Results

This was one of Pastor Scott's sermons.

On my list of prayer requests that day - was my little guy Thomas.

He is doing well. He was also prayed for at my recent conference.

My old cat is jumping around the house like a young cat.

That is a very good result.

Praise Jesus - for he knows exactly how to have people pray in the Spirit. Thanks!

Mr. Joyner #1

I bought several of your books today. I am expecting a lot!

I got the Shepherd's Rod too. (I know this is yours Bobby!)

For your books, I think you should look back to them afterward, not during, and see how the dream symbols fit, for that is what I shall be doing. The 1 click delivery is kind of addictive.

It is 4-6 hours later (I am noticing the times on the blog - which I think are different), and I've read one of yours, Rick, and Bobby's.

How do I judge a book. I judge it based on there being something there which refines me.

The book is judged. It is good - the Holy Spirit blew on your words, and taught me on them.

I am teaching what I learned to my husband. Thanks for taking the time to put your words down.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

La Chanson Mes Trésors #1

Mes Trésors

C'est comme d'habitude. Il est possible de faire une chanson avec un peu de mots.

Mais j'utilise ma voix comme un instrument.

The Rock Dove

I am just listening to Joseph Prince, which I gave you in the last post - two back.

Last week, a rock dove perched above me, and guess what, he cooed above me for about 10 minutes, and dropped one of his feathers in my lap. My cats were out with me.

The dove looked off in the distance, to a set of other birds way off in the distance, very far, and then, after dropping me his feather, and cooing a bit more, he took off with great speed, and joined a bunch of little dots in the air. When they flew in formation, I realized he had found many friends. The rock dove can see very far.

Those doves still fly about my home. They even fly about to play in rain.

I now have a few bird feathers too. I am being surrounded by bird feathers, but I hope few of them are from cat play.

God can see very far. He can see us from heaven. We can see him with our spirit eyes. 

Israeli Praise Rap

This is praise rap. It is beautiful, right? You get an Israeli style.

These songs are linked to two different playlists. The second here is part of the Song of Songs.

It is like the Song of Songs acted for you. I get it. This is some music for the praise opera, or at least some enjoyment samples for you.

From this set of videos from this artist, I think you can get an idea of the type of dress for praise dance.

There's knee length leggings, and veils, and veil like tops of various sorts. If you are planning praise dance, look to the play lists, and study them further.

A Reading of Song of Songs

This is for personal study.

To review the Hebrew, you open the first, and listen to the second. You pick the text.
I am doing the Song of Songs. So, for example, following this example, I see the song sung from the top of the page down, left to right, similar to English orientation.

You will find pleasant songs to support this reading:

And here is a channel with a lot more to listen to: Ofra Haza. Some of this set has words, and you may sing along.

Last, I bring you 10 minutes of teaching on the passionate love of Jesus for you.

Living On Fire #1

I am on fire for Jesus. What does that mean?

With every heartbeat my heart cries out, "Jesus, I love you. You complete me."

Yesterday, in a Sid Roth sweep, I learned that God made us with a deep love capacity in our heart, that he knew only he could fill, for the spaces within us would be incomplete without him.

My heart, even without my own rest of my body and mind awareness, cries, "Jesus, I love you." And that love jumps up as flames to my spirit man, and everything is on fire with a passionate love for God.

God made us this way. We fill our body with earth addictions, but we were meant to be filled with Christ. Even the mind and imagination addictions, they were all meant to be filled with Christ.

It is possible to be head over heels in love with God, yearning for him to come close. For me, he is. My Christ addiction is filled on a moment by moment basis, and is exactly why I am his tent, so that I can be filled to overflowing with his love, and I am complete with him.

It still does not stop. I cry, "Jesus, I love you." He answers, "I know, Dear, and I love you too." This is never going to stop.

My heart is a dialogued response of I love you, and then, an I love you too.

It is a drumbeat. There is a melodic aspect to the drums.

His drumbeat is the shelter of the weaker one, but they live together in 1 tent - me.

I am the woman on fire. You can be too. Receive this by faith. Speak the words, and they will come to bear upon you.

Let the fire of God consume you. Let him melt your wall, which prevents you from feeling his love.

When I wake in the morning, I start in heaven. I go and get filled up by my God - all three men. Today, I nearly somersaulted onto Jesus, but he is a big strong guy, and he caught me. When you are on fire, you burn the curtain between the two places. I live in two places, and in the heavenly place, Christ preserves me. This morning, I sang to them, "Mes trésors!"

The three persons of the Godhead - my Dad, Ruach, and Jesus - love on me the same way I love on my cats, except they don't smuck me. I sit on their laps, and hug and kiss them all over their faces. And it is all good, for they are my creator, and they love me the way I love my kittens. This is where I get my love filled for the day. They are more coordinated perhaps than I am, for they never sleep. In my spirit man, as a woman on fire, I wear a beautiful red dress. You are always dressed in the spirit realm - always beautifully and elegantly.

You should go just for the fashion. The fashion is great. You can.

Later in the day, I shall find a Sid Roth episode which explains how. So, come back. James Goll. James Durham

A good way to start the day - is with God. For a believer, to be on fire is a pleasant thing, for it is full of promise. I thought I should explain that for those who are not yet believers. The fire of heaven is lovely, and certainly not the fire of hell. I experienced the fire of hell. It is not the same. It is good.

We need to get past just barely getting saved from the hell fire, and get moving toward heavenly fire.

A Frozen Parable

Finally, I've seen Frozen. We said, or a group of prophetic friends, said it carries prophetic nuances.

Did you find them? I gave you a little task some time ago.

Today, I am going to release a little piece of the big story - as a parable. You already saw the parable, for God releases his parables in people's hearts, for us to examine and wonder upon. Stories contain these, and even the author is unaware of their meaning sometimes, for God intends to release the meaning later.

If today, my reader is the writer of Frozen, examine this release of the meaning of your story.

I might ask did you receive the story plot in a dream?

Last night, I had like three dreams. Two I remember. I need to write them down. One is already fading.

Okay, so your parable snapshot.

In Frozen, you have the little snowball man. That is what I am going to call him.

Water in spiritual metaphors represents the river of God, and the release of his blessings to his believers.

The frozen snowman is the average believer, who has not yet melted to the will and ways of God. In order to achieve God's plans and purposes for the world, believers must melt in worship and awe of God. Till they melt, and believe in walking in an uncomfortable paradigm, they will not overcome their negative circumstance. To walk there requires faith. Look how that snowman approached the fire. He was willing to melt for the sake of salvation of someone else.

The frozen snowman walking in the warm fireside room - and his dreams earlier of not understanding what a summer beach side vacation would be like - all that is the snowman walking in the supernatural.

It does not matter that he has it all figured out. God has it figured out. We are supposed to be talking to God, and then accepting whatever he says to say or do by faith, so that we can make time dimension impacts for the world and people's destinies.

You watch all kinds of movies which glorify such things. Why won't you participate in one?

Holy Spirit would like believers to be filled with heaven's water on a regular basis, constantly asking for more of his living water, being willing to approach the fire and melt, and to be willing to ask for directions, interpretations, etc., and then acting to bring down time change impacts for people around them. It is about destinies. Holy Spirit says he wants his church unfrozen. He wants no more snow men in the pews. As he is Spirit, he is spiritually known, and it is time to embrace the things of the Spirit. Is it so hard to believe that Holy Spirit could maintain you in an unknown environment which takes faith to walk in? Why are you so willing to hear about walking on the water, and yet you will not advance even one step onto the water, where Holy Spirit must manage everything for you.

Holy Spirit wants control. That means you must cede control. It is a tug-o-war. You decide who wins.

The King decides who wins the competition of strength on all the tug-o-war games. It is the one who latches on to the most opponents and pulls them into the line of safety from the abyss.

For you to be a good player, you need to be unfrozen.

Melt, snowman. Walk in the Spirit.

Pastors, you may use my illustration and parable, but acknowledge me please. It is my interpretation. Well - Holy Spirit really, but I am his vessel. You may use the other interpretations here to as you see fit.