Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some Creative Searches

Is Awe Arising?

The stuff you can find in bible codes - creates awe in me.

Does it in you?


Jesus is awesome!

In Chuck, one of the characters Devin's nicknames is Awesome.

I like that character.

However, I think Jesus is nicknamed Awesome too!

And if he is not, I am calling him that. And Devin, when he gets to heaven, he can keep his name too. I mean the real guy.

As Awesome was recounting the list of everything he does for Ellie, my own natural this earth husband had quite a few matches on the list. Something Awesome did for his wife in Chuck, he would run to the market to gather ingredients for his wife's shake. He does not do that. I notice that my husband is a lot like Devin, also known as awesome. Husbands, do you do these things?

This character is a good type of character for husbands to follow. Awesome esteems his wife.

Jesus Calms Storms

Jesus Raps

What Does Jesus Love Codes

Doves I like this scripture.
You Okay, I like this too!  The word "me" does not work.
Apostle Paul
Me specifically

This particular software does not do complex stuff, but it does enough to be entertained.

It still probably does enough to help decode dreams.

Jesus the Light of the World


36 records - Jesus is the Light!

Record 10 is really cool! I love it when Jesus is a rabble rouser!

Record 23 is where the terms start as puzzles. Up to there, it is in the plain text.

Records 23-26 and 36 are ones where the word light is hidden.

See those ones.

The fact that the rest are in plain text shows that Jesus made it easy for us to follow him as the light.

We get that one. Now, readers, we look to connect him to all the other God metaphor identities. We have that in a previous post.

Message: Jesus is the light of the world.

What Rapture Is

Just for Fun


You see each successive search term? I brought the whole search down greatly by adding Jesus, then beat brought the records down not at all. The last two search terms brought it down to 2 records.

So, the message is Jesus is going to destroy and beat the UFO empire set up in Babylon.

Read the related scripture.

A Use of the Code

Put a prophet with a bible code software, and would you not get some interesting output?

For example, I just put a symbol from a dream, and it came up with interesting output.

People with dreams and visions can input their messages, and extend their inquiry.



Bible Code Video

Code de la Bible

http://www.torahcodes.free.fr/ Un logiciel gratuit pour télécharger.

http://bengarno.webs.com/lecodesecret.htm Comment le logiciel fonctionne

God's Character Reference

Have you ever considered asking God for a reference? I just did.

Here is what God says about me:

This is my character. Look at how many tie to the vine and the vineyard. By the way, I am a watcher. That's what I do here. That is a gifting term. You see the Nebuchadnezzar in there.

You can get carried away with this. It is kind of fun for others (you my readers) who decide to try it out.

Here is a little assignment. Put in little things about you with your name, and see what comes up.

Here's a little note. To search just my name - comes up 516 times. However, to search my name with things comes up much more. I do not know how that works. Try yours. Then try your name with something - like your character trait. What comes up? This qualifies as child play.

Use my creativity above, and see what you find.

Here We Go - Evidence of Encounter

I asked for an idea to put in. Here is evidence of encounter!

http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/meet-god 12463 instances!
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/encounter Just because this one is not up and down or diagonal, you still look to the verses below to decide its value.
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/meet-jesus 939 instances - That is why you have a bible!
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/meet-jehovah 6846 instances Jesus' Father!
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/meet-jehovah-yahweh 11 I used a composite for the Father.
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/meet-yahweh 11 These are not necessarily the same matrice sets as the previous.
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/meet-holy-spirit 660 instances
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/meet-trinity 3 instances
http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/trinity 2 instances

This may be a growing post. I am exploring.

Will you meet God?

The bible serves to help you to meet God, and to know how to go about that.

There's about 20,000 codes here which tell you, reader, that this is what the bible is for.

Meet God. These are his names.

Sample Prayer Conversation

J: I love you.
D: I love you more.
J: I doubt it.
D: You are right. I can't argue.

That's prayer.

What does your prayer sound like?

Yes, that's about right.

Kissing the Lamb

Kissing the Lamb

I've been kissing the Lamb.  I decided to see if it is in the code, since it is my spirit man life. It is there. It is also there in the reverse searches.

The Word is Jesus. The Word is the Lamb. Jesus is the Lamb. I have said here before to my readers that I kiss Jesus and he kisses me. It is a spirit kiss. In Song of Solomon, its says something like, "you teach others to kiss me as you have done."

The kisses of Jesus Christ are amazing. I encourage any who he might kiss to go ahead. All that you will get is life. Life unlimited. Experience the spirit kiss. Go ahead. To kiss the son is a precursor of kingship.

You may not have the experience yet, but you will. That's how it goes. My kisses have been preparing him for battle. If you take his kisses, you get daily preparation for your battle.

Guys, it can be as simple as a kiss, or as receiving his breath breathed over you. It's cool.

You have here over 1000 evidences that this is recorded in scripture puzzles above.

When He Comes #1

When Jesus comes to fight the Tribulation battle, he's already won.

And he's married. The wedding has taken place.

When he sets up his kingdom, the women and men who are his brides - that is who does cleanup with him.

Do you see this? I see it.

The first rapture is tied to wedding bells. It calls the bride home to prepare for the wedding.

Don't miss it.

I have a hunch that the second rapture just precedes the wedding, but those who come are wedding guests.

The interim between the first and second rapture, the bride is beautified for the wedding day. This is like the story of Esther.

Everyone from the first and second rapture, and all of heaven participate in the wedding banquet.

Repeated Calls

Readers, every year as we approach this time, I am reminding you to do a bit of repentance and God approaching, and Kingdom cleansing, for I am after the largest number lifted possible.

I am after you, and your eternity for God.

If you see rapture calls every year, it is because I love you.

After the Bridal Rapture

After the bridal rapture, the church gets it. There's big churches, and a bunch of people still in the church, and an antichrist looming, and a political and government system setting everyone who is in the church in society's margins.

There is a second rapture - 3.5 years in. This is the rapture Ken Peters sees. In that miserable period of time, where conflict arises - success is mediated by the dome theories. At the second rapture, God lifts people as the trucks are coming. He lifts them right out of the enemy's hand and plan to harm them. I should clarify this. God lifts those who are truly his, and have not held onto sin. These that held onto sin - get an awakening, and they arrive to heaven as the beheaded saints, who are purified and refined in their trial.

There is yet another. Wow, God is full of grace. If you are interested, go back and find the teaching video. Watch it. In a vision, I saw some of this. This confused me, for it did not fit any theory known.

Whether raptured or not - we all work as one kingdom. God will have surprising ways for us to work together.

I have 1 word. Courage. We all have the tendency to be hard hearted and proud in our ways, holding on to our opinions as higher than God, so God is going to test all pharoahs. He has no pharoahs, except Sons of God in his kingdom.

If the first rapture comes, and you miss it, get on track. Do what you need to do, and begin using the tools God has.

Ask Yourself Why?

Ask yourself why there were 19 hominid versions of two legs and two arms which lived and died out? Why?

All were perverted by evil spirits/fallen angels, and God killed them via natural disaster.

Then, God created a hominid version with a Christ face. That version he set up to rule and conquer above the devil. The devil stole the rule - with sin.

You are more than just a hunk of flesh - a hominid. You have a Christ face.

You are Sons of God, and you are not to ever call yourselves - sons of stars or star children, for you would be picking a lower destiny and future outcome for yourselves.

God gave you an opportunity to live with him, and to live a life of expanding glory. Figure this out!

A Chuck Lesson: Evaluating Wisdom and Justice

Somewhere in around episode 69 - and I will specify this later, there is a Chuck episode where the Intersect is used - and has been improved to make people basically a killing robot.

Chuck is the spy who uses tranq guns to get all his work done, for he values life, and he does not kill - for just anything. Chuck does, in many ways, represent a very godly man. God loves life. This trait - is godly. He demonstrates what it looks like to be Holy Spirit inspired.

Anyway, at some point, the CIA puts the Intersect technology into people, and tweak it to remove the value for life. They want better agents. They don't want ones who second guess killing their brother man.

Chuck ends up using his knowledge to disable a nuclear bomb, using Holy Spirit inspiration flashes, and had the same set of data been used the by killer intersects, you would have had a city blow up. Or more.

Here is my gist. God's word is an intersect, holding all wisdom, knowledge, and all data sets of all knowledge going back and forward coded in its writing.

Recently  here, I found a star child antichrist teacher teaching about God's word coming from Sumerians and Atlantis.

Atlantis existed, but God killed them, for they were a species of nephilim.

God's word was given to Moses. Do not get confused. There is no alien papa race. Father God is the only origin of you.

Just as you, mankind, have figured out how to clone, so did the other created species of fallen angels.

You figured it out. They figured it out.

The nephilim among you are the hijacking of man's body, for God took away the body of fallen angels. They don't get a body. By mixing their DNA with yours, they pick up a body.

Back to the star children thing - the antichrist religion. One of these approaching God's word gets information, but not a Holy Spirit directed set of information. Two different types of people approaching God's technology get different outputs based on their heart.

You need a good heart to pull out what God wants and what he says, and God will even hide natures of his Word from those he does not want to understand it. You will, those who are of the antichrist leaning, never have full access to God's intersect.

God will, however, release the understanding and wisdom of his secrets and ways to those he loves, the pure in heart. Chuck, in the series Chuck, represents the pure in heart.

As we move toward the Millennium, knowledge releases from the Word of God will take place, and it is here where we will derive our technology advances from.

The blueprint of your IFO is in there. And no, I defy any unworthy scientist or researcher to find it, for it is barred from you. The pure in heart will find it, and in the finding, they will encounter God.

God is still wooing man - through the revelation of his might, great knowledge, and wisdom. You cannot get the full benefit of Jehovah without embracing Jesus for salvation, and receiving the inbreath of the Holy Spirit.

With lower level and mud and guck based heart intention, you get killing and war engines, and people control. With godly intention, you get human advancement, but one tied to being Sons of God.

All your answers you have traded with aliens for - they are all in God's word. All of them. That's too bad. God's word was free to you, and you did not value it.

Harvesting Everything But God

Yes, an antichrist model does exist, but it's too bad. I am bringing forward a concept which I have found. I am sorry I have found it. And yes, it is a programmed model set up for indoctrinating people to accept antichrist.

The current model in government has been set up to manipulate and control people - but the first piece I have heard of this frankly sounds created, and not true.

I am in the early stage of investigation, for could it not just be a conspiracy theory or a hoax?

Here is the model:
  • Theological Repatriation
  • Faith-based Initiatives in Government
  • Netflix oriented Messianic TV shows to convert masses to leader worship

This takes everything good about the arguments of faith and Christianity and Judaism, and sets the antichrist, or alternate identity (Nebuchadnezzar) in the center, and presto bango - worship a god.

A current model has been reported to be set up around Obama, however, the model - if you consider this a social programming thing, is set up, and could be used worldwide to promote the deity of any person, and will be used at some point to promote the antichrist.

If it works in the end times, it will work for God has lifted his covering. And it will work until God has decided people have repented, or whatever his 7 precious gem mountain eyes are looking for here.

It is said that while Christians are being sidelined in the U.S., that this leader worship is being expanded and pulling in the believer masses.

There is no leader as great or worthy as Christ. There's enough leaders who have gone to eternal punishment for getting this matter confused.

I am here to say, "Enough!" I see a future and I think some of the current leader's destinies have been mapped out to that future, and not this one, which ends in the drop-off to hell. Enough!

I have hopes for current leaders. I do.

There are timelines in the overall suite of the Tribulation. At some of the time points, there are liftings. Things get worse at these, and power structures shift. Well, leaders, your presence is required at a wedding in heaven, and you have been invited as honorary designates. Are you going to make it? Are you going to participate in that wedding?

Do not be fooled by this world's Scarlet Robe fly, which fakes being the answer. There is more for you.

It is the real honey, the real manna, and the real God - Yahweh/Jehovah-Jesus-Holy Spirit. You want the honey bee.

I am not done. I am not going into the details of the theological repatriation. I am not going to raise fear.

I still dream of the rapture taking up whole nations, and for that to be a whole nation, sirs, I want you, the leaders. You are part of the nation. This Jesus is real. Some of you have had visits from prophets.

In the event that your attention and focus has been sidelined or swiped by an imposter Jesus, I say seek in earnestness, and I pray that if you seek, you find - this Jesus - the Son of Man, the Son of the Living God. You may think that the imposter is living, and I guess in the sense of not yet being in judgment, he is, but he does not have life forever, and the God you want is one who has lasting eternity batteries to produce life. That makes sense, right?

I am going to talk of how differing inspirations affect the receipt of data from God's word. Please come to that article as well. Have a lovely day, leaders.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fixing Jasmine


I am not giving up on Jasmine.

When you have a problem, you ask Holy Spirit for revelation!

If she has root rot, we will wash off all her soil, and re-establish her root base in a new larger pot with brand new soil.

I am a dedicated vinedresser. She is not going down yet. Holy Spirit, you are a better vinedresser than me, and I anticipate with joy your botany hints.

All Music Genres Are God's

All music genre are God's. A person can praise God in any music genre. How you know what is honoring to God or not - is the words being directed to God and not the musician.

A praise song focused on the person writing the song, instead of God - well, do you see the point? Directing praise to either oneself as a musician or to God is also seen in one's manner of performance style.

A guitar is a modifed lyre. Things advance, right? Instruments will advance further. A guitar is acceptable in heaven, in both acoustic and electric styles.

God has many ways to make music, and he is not limited by anyone's perception of what can or cannot be praise, or in his throne room.

There are drums in his throne room. That's because it is nice to have a beat, especially a war beat for a King who is at War and is a Warrior.

The Lion King's Glory Stripes Update

Updated Painting The Lion King's Glory Stripes

This link takes you to my post containing this painting.

Possible Rapture

According to a recently posted teacher, he thinks a rapture may occur in the 40 days following Rosh Hashanah. The first rapture gathers the bride, as the Tribulation starts.

I have a word - that my words will bring healing to the nations. I am not sure my ministry here is done. I don't think it is 2014, even though I would like to go. Can the words I've already written be enough to bring healing to nations?

Do the bridal apostles referred to in Proverbs not get a chance to bring in the Harvest and establish Christ's kingdom? Or is it the 144,000 who do this?

Later. I know in Ken's dream, the gathering time was 3-4 months. God can accomplish a lot quickly.

I think I will be here 40 days from now. My work is not done. Or is it. I am not sure.

I do think the Tribulation is starting with the Second Moon Events shortly. For the church that gets left behind, you will focus still on being disciples as always. The first rapture is a wake up call.

Why I Dream of Cubes

I carry the cube.

Here is an art meditation: The Cube Blueprint

Artist: Stephen Younts
Art title: Rubik's cube patent 1983

Is It Time to Tear Down the Vine

This morning, I am wondering if it is time to tear down the vine. My plant had shown an enduring status of vibrance. She had been blooming. My plant held her flowers for over a month. I mean all of them. I think it was more than a month - 40 days. She put out pleasant aromas at night, around the dinner table for this time. She was flourishing.

One day, something significant happened, my heart was torn, and all the flowers fell on the floor in 1-2 days. Her white petals and blooms fell upon us as we ate. I was so focused on the fact she lost all her flowers, that I did not notice her leaves turned yellow.

Today is a day of assessment. I have given her fertilizer. I have spoken gently over her.

There is no pretty picture for her today, for she is not a pleasant plant. If you saw her, your heart would carry desolation, and as mine does, you would consider cutting her down and starting her over.

The thing is this. Is her root stock good. If her root stock is good, I could start over. It's too bad, for she had reached 12 ft from the kitchen, heading off to new places in the home.

This vine has never brought anything but pleasure to me, but today she is a sight for sore eyes.

Here is a search: What does vine bloom fall mean?  It pertains to judgment in response to hardened hearts, and establishing a new throne for Jehovah (Solomon is used here. He will build Jehovah the temple). These passages also deal with purity of heart. God sets an example before his people of ones who love God and his law with full obedience and blessing (the Rechabite). There's the mission mandate in two books - Christ's declaration he had all authority - and he called his men to go make disciples. Then, there is a call to a covering of righteousness in Romans. We experience redemption from his blood. The last scripture is a very interesting one. It ties to the 7 spirits, but first focuses on the relative maturity of a believer. You see in the last verse an aspect of being trained in the kingdom by tutors and governors. As believers, we are supposed to be trained to maturity to operate as Sons of the King, following Jesus' example, and being full of the Spirit, as he was.

Okay, so I am not tying this together. Reader, read the texts. What is God saying through the composite of these texts. When a person dies, they emit their last words. The one hearing tries to put it together. This is the kind of thing you are doing.

What is God saying?

I did not lose a plant for nothing I hope. Or perhaps the vine will turn?

I have been able to pair the message down to one main point: the vine's blooms were white.


I use the 6-33 range number of records for overall data gathering on a topic, and I pair down the message to one to see if I can find the main message - you know like the dominant theme of what the message means.

What is God saying, and how do all the other points now tie in?

Remember God speaks in symbols, so use dream interpretation (should be called Holy Spirit language) to read and understand this.

Part 2. Here is another intersect into this problem/story:


The owner of the vine speaks of getting other husbandmen to tend his vine.

The second begins with the House of God having been destroyed by the sons of Athaliah, then, a restoration - a physical restoration followed by Jesus preaching, healing, and feeding his sheep, and finished with his blood covering on the cross. Follow the texts - for there is a building of the story, and a message. There is a tie into discernment.

What is God saying?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Brides Try Your Name


In place of the name Laura, brides, if you do dance with Jesus, put your name in the search, and see if you come up in this search.

It is a type of gifting to dance with Christ, and I am not the sole woman to do this.

Other women do this. The dancing is part of the warfare done today.

A Bible Code Magazine


Okay, so here is a link to the kind of data you find in bible codes.

God has a whole other level of expression, speaking to those who were involved in the story lines in the gospels.

There are whole further scriptures in here, and thoughts of Jesus.

The bible codes pull passages of the scriptures together, by placing the New Testament story into the Old in a bible code in Isaiah for example.

It speaks to guilt and innocence.

This is not the level of content I think I will get to here. If I do, I would be surprised.

We will see. In the meantime, I am using the bible codes to have fun and promote bible literacy and wonder. That's where we are at.

To explore this site after the article, click Home.

Recall the 40 Names

Remember the 40 generations of men which led to Christ?

These 40 names are 1 of God's (Jehovah's) names.

God represented himself among men through a lineage of men set apart to himself, meant to bring forth a Messiah. They were to live sexually pure lives. Holy.

Anyway, later, not now, I will set up a search on all their names, and see if Jesus does not come up in every man's story. I pretty much guarantee it will.

Currencies Study in Scripture

Let's go again.

mite Jesus giver
silver Too many
silver Jesus
gold  Too many
gold Jesus Maybe - What does gold represent? Sanctification. Let's try that.
gold sanctification Jesus  Okay. Should I lift Jesus?
gold sanctification Are these the same scriptures? There is the same number of records.
denari Jesus
talent A few too many
talent Jesus
reward Is this too many?
reward Jesus

Okay, so what are the overall themes here. Do you see connections among these? Does anything come to your mind?

Does this tie at all to the parable of Jesus talking of the man who was forgiven a debt, but did not forgive another a smaller debt? Does it tie to the parable of the widow's mite? How does this tie to our heavenly reward or lack of it?

Remember, that being set apart is also valued in God's assessment. He values us being set apart to him. It is not just about money or tithes.

With the gold sanctification and gold sanctification Jesus searches, you get an extra text. What does this say? These are different results for both, even though they are in the same passages. I notice this.

Spices of Song of Solomon

The Spices of Song of Solomon - A Scripture Study

This is a study on the spices of the Song of Solomon. These are Jesus' smells, and the herbs he gathers in the garden of his Shulamite. As the Shulamite, it is our job to know his smells. We go to him for feeding. We are going into the scripture to look for Jesus' fragrances, and to see where this leads us as a set of data.

We are studying the semantic maps of scripture, and these go down into the puzzles and intersect selections of scripture. Notice how many times Jesus is matched to aloe. He is our healing. We see that scripture is an integrous whole. The books belong together. One note about this code software is that is does not manage sentences like other paid software.

 This is about picking up some skills, and making discoveries. Let's get started. The first ones have a good search spread. I will mark ones with large search spreads, and pair them down.

When I have too many terms, do you see I put in "Jesus" to pair it down? Reader, skip the ones where there was too much data. Do the ones I paired down. Read over the scripture selections.

Ask Holy Spirit for broad observations, connections, semantic connections. What you see here is an interesting intersect into the gospel story, and the metaphors of God for sanctification, holiness, and so on. What do you see? Have fun. I will post my findings in a couple weeks.  I will give you the head start.

Aloe 10 085 matches. Can we pair this down? This is too much data.
Aloe Jesus 939 matches.
Aloe Balm Jesus 89 matches  This is manageable data.
Aloe Balm Jesus faith 22 matches.
Tears Tree 1024 matches This is too much.
Tears Tree Jesus 127  You could do this.
Tears Tree Jesus suffering 7 matches. What do you think?
Henna 1608 Too many.
Henna Jesus 197
Henna Jesus forgive 9 Henna is a symbol of forgiveness. Please note how many occur in 1 passage, for that is interesting too. To have a passage about Jesus and forgiveness, and say have 5 henna words in there is cool.
Apple tree Jesus
Apple tree
Cedar branches
Pines Jesus

What does it mean in the Song of Solomon to be fed under the apple tree? For us to be a Shulamite means - check that scripture which comes up...for "Apple tree Jesus".

Can you tell I've read this book many times? I pulled a bunch of stuff up by memory.

Some Gleanings on the Gathering

For the use of the free online English bible code software, the word "gathering" is the word for rapture.

I did a search. It brought up results. It is nice to get some of the results on your own. From the videos, I picked up some good search terms.


You have 16 pages. If it does not come up, do the search on this site for "gathering".

I believe in empowerment. We should know how to do some of this searching for ourselves.

Remember, you also study the texts below.

I've read them. If you cross-correlate to the herbs which represent Christ, in the Song of Solomon, these sticks mean people. Jesus is a bundle of myrrh. These special fragrances come from trees.

The term sticks along with the gathering are important. You can try say looking the two terms up: gathering and sticks. 

The Future's Rapture News

This is a theater presentation.

An Agricultural Parable of Rapture

Okay, three levels of rapture. 1. church. 2. mid-trib. 3. gentiles. These happen at different times. Believers categorize themselves according to which one they hold to. What if there are all of them?

The people who make it through the Millennium - people of the earth - are barley. They are not either wheat or tares. That's the billion I am praying for.

This researcher uses Perry Stone as his education.

45 min in. There is a pastoral strategy. I have spoken of this a couple years ago. Yes. Yes.

Rapture Search Matrix as Learning #1

Executive Summary:

In many searches, covering many sections of the bible, as searches are complicated and span smaller sections of the bible, the concept of the rapture is there. There is also a separation of wheat and tares, which indicates a second rapture. That's what we have here. This was not the purpose of this research. My purpose was to pick up skills on the software. What I recommend to people is if you get this type of software, I highlight the term "gathering" for your search. According to a review of videos, you can find rapture referred to in a full range of the gospel. There is one. There may very well be more than one.

Another video is coming after I assess it. This shows how to use the software. That is what we are doing. It is a good topic.

2014-2016 is the set of dates.

Do you see how patient a researcher must be? I've dumped one which is boring...

So you don't have a date, but you do have an expectation, right? There's a rapture. Remember the concept of possibilities. God has recorded a set of possibilities, and he will do something which will be a surprise. Whatever he does is to his advantage.

Something interesting comes up here. There is a concept of a dual disappearance. The rapture could be a different event than the separating of wheats and tares. The separation of wheats and tares ties to 2017-2018.

Bible Code Documentary #1

This video is on a playlist. Over time, these videos seem to move around on YouTube or get deleted. Use it while it is convenient, and if it does disappear, search for it using "bible codes", and BBC. This set of videos - so far - are worth watching fully.

This is cool! Do you hear? Jesus name is written all through the Old Testament! We found that already.

Mathematicians, scientist, historians, biologists, it's all in there.

The Pentagon uses this. Yes, you see things of the future. Hmmm. I am not sure what to do with that. Not yet.  The fellow who uses this at the Pentagon - I think that's him - he said there are possible futures in there, with warnings. It has been used to warn leaders of assassination events.

This video shows the bible code on Lady Diana's death.

Welcome, beautiful! My keyword brought you.

What I would like to know is what is the best software. This is a review of the top software.


Very Cool Data about Yeshua

In the Torah, every 172 letters, going forward, Yeshua is spelled over and over. Then, going backward, HaMaschiach is spelled every 172 letters. The Torah is all about Jesus Christ!

This is in the 4th video, but don't miss the rest. They are good.

The Father of oceanography found a term "pathways in the seas" and based on this, developed the whole science of oceanography.

4th video 8 min in Chuck Missler describes how to use codes - it is not for doctrine or theology. We do not use it for divination. Another experts says what is in this code is not commandments.

What it is - is data. It shows God is supreme. I expect there to be data matrices in there - like the area of Physics, and the top scientists. Yes, even Atheist contributors to Physics will be in there. That's my thought. God's knowledge holds all of us in there.

50 years ago, this coding was discovered.

I am moving onto the next set of videos. When this research was being developed, they used something like 50 rabbis names, and put in all their data, and their name, birth date and death death were in there.

Your name, your birth date, and your death date are in there. I just did this in the English software, and I did not get it. I would like to try it in Hebrew. I guess I should learn Hebrew.

The second set of video focus is more on this as a science. It is not Christian/Hebrew exactly. I will update this at the end. There was an event in there predicted, and when it did not happen, they then found, "Will you change this?" It is like there are indicators that as humanity we need to change things. This video set appears to be a New Age use, but I am still in assessment. Whenever there is a truth, an access to truth, both kingdoms will access it, and use it as proof. This particular video document set ties into star children theology, which is antichrist and sumerian. Watch it. Know it falls under a different leaning, and would try to sway your belief in Jesus. I think so.

One of the basic first level lies of the antichrist is to disarm the truth of God Yahweh/Jehovah. Readers, the placement of the technology of the bible being first with the Sumerians, and tying it to that whole culture - it is antichrist protocal to destroy these ties. The second set of videos is not Christian, not Jewish, totally the other side, but look how smooth the snake is. It is no wonder whoever he contacted in Israel did not maintain ties. Keep your eyes open.

As I go through this, I shall be considering Kingdom ethics. How do I go into this, and use this in a way I can honor God my Father! Holy Spirit, help!

It is true that God uses prophets and intercessors to stop world wars. That is true. God will wake us up and tell us to do something, and it is to help him with his order of things, and how to guide us forward. 

A Sample Coded Software


This software does 5 languages or so, and starts in the Hebrew, and translates the code words to your language.

This seems cool. One which would be interesting to do - would be the flight numbers for planes that have been downed or crashed or are just plain missing.

What do you do with this afterwards? Well, I am not sure anyone would care, but those who are interested in the bible. It is for your own personal growth.

For the multilingual, you can get all the languages.

Do notice how God integrates the use of Wikipedia? I use it a lot.

Here is a matrice on President Kennedy: http://www.bible-code-software.com/matrices/Politics.html

On this site, look at the matrices samples.

The videos on this do not work, but if you search YouTube on your own, the BBC has produced a series on the bible codes. That would be interesting just getting into this.

Do not use this as proof to condemn people. That is a spirit of condemnation. That is a warning.

Do not fall into fear over conspiracy videos, for that fear must be saved for God only. He whom you fear saves you. He is bigger than the other guy.

So yes, somebody has done the missing flight recently. Please focus on videos which direct you how to use them, and to make examples. We are not here to get glaze focused on fear, but to see how this works.

YouTube Bible Code Videos

What is very weird folks, is it looks like God uses a variety of translations, and does that not seem a wonder?

The King James version works.

In the short video on Flight 370, 7 min long, you see the term "delivered them" in there. I will tell you what I think it means. In disciple translocation, God drops servants into crisis - this one in the air - and they lead people to Christ in that emergency. That is what I think it means. They are not going to appear again, but God took care of it.

You could spend hundreds of hours on this. I suggest time sliding a few videos to the key parts.

A Heavenly or Alien Technology

You know how in space movies, you see guys pick up a foreign or alien technology, and they start hacking at it. Last night, I had a couple of cool dreams.

1. There was a hand and a loupe. Loupe are for magnifying things. The loup moved around a few sets of art. The art was drawings of Jesus, and I think but am not sure, that the art was drawn in pencil as a self-portrait by Jesus. Now, what does this mean? I think it means when we are looking into the bible codes, we are getting pictures. You know how when you teach Math, you can plot points on matrices in a grid. It is sort of related.

2. I have been dreaming of scripture. I have a tie to rainbows a lot. I see the scripture as a rolling cube made of a gem, and unlike here, in heaven, there's some 140+ colors which can stream into a space.

In heaven, when you take those lights, and shine them into the cube, you see pictures. Do you recall I met God, and saw words and pictures around and above me as a matrix in the air? The scripture carries this same trait.

Why is it that I come up in specific texts for example? I think there is a picture of me in there, that if I were in heaven, and I could apply a combination of lights to the cube, I would see an artistic representation in there.

In Edmonton, about 15 years ago, there was a great artist, who has now died. When I went to Las Vegas, I found that they had collected his art. He did a couple of Jesus artistic impressions. What he had was cubes or resin acrylic, and in the centre, he had sculpted pictures of women, or women and men, or Jesus, or angels, or things like this. Here is a search. Look at the Images and notice the man and woman face in the sculpture, and also notice the cube. Both are close to the top.

Acrylic Sculpture Search

Okay, so here you get the idea. You may even have a few pieces of this artist. I recall a piece I really liked, and it was $45,000.

Back to scripture. In heaven, with access to 145+ light colors (used alone or in combination), we could shine light through the scripture cube, and by shining them, we get pictures. Those pictures are in there according to matrice points which God has pre-planned, so that we could see art.

In heaven, there's a sculpture, and the sculpture is God's word. He can shine light on the cube for his pleasure, and make different things appear.

This is the reason that we have scriptures kind of all over which tie things together in this sort of random database. We are working with a high intelligence technology, though many of us take it for granted as a mere book, and one which some find boring, for they wonder, so why did he talk about lights here, and then drop it. Why did he talk about palm trees here, and then not for three more books.

What I am saying then is that God has got acrylic type sculpture in his Word. That is what I am saying. We need to be in heaven to see the nature of light and how it corresponds to the cube which holds his scripture.

There is something also with rolling the cube like a dice. I do not understand that. I think if God rolls the cube, he generates a video.

I hope this vision of scripture helps to explain a bit why there are all these matrice information points.

In the scripture, there are many things recorded. By investigating the bible code, you may discover a few surprising things for yourself. We do not use it in a manipulative fashion for the future, but to confirm things God has already done. And it should be used to display God's glory.

I hope I keep having dreams. They are cool.

The scripture is the blue print for the New Jerusalem. Both are cubes.

All Done

Readers, if you like what I am doing, use the site, and carry on from one of my searches.

I have in around 8000 coded Jesus names through the bible.

It is time to sleep.

I must say this is cool. My husband always asks me how I get on the next trend of whatever I do.

I always say, "The Holy Spirit said..."

What do you think of this stuff? It is pretty interesting, isn't it?

I wish I knew Hebrew, for I would expect cool things from Hebrew text. Anyways, good night.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Tip

When I am researching, just keep my page up, with the growing post, and just refresh here and there.

I am writing, and will continue for another half hour.

Probably for most readers, what I am doing right now would be very significant.

What we see is Jesus name is set in sort of graffiti all through scripture.

This proves God breathes the inspiration of scripture.

Jesus is everywhere.

Jesus Name Composites Searches

Enough of me. I am done. That was cool. Okay, so we are going to start doing God name composites:


What can be proved here? Do you recall how in scripture, Jesus said, "I am the light." And much later on, I built the connection to the Lamb? Notice also that both Jesus and Father God take on identities as Lion, Ox, Eagle, Man. They both do this. Both Jesus and Father God have been eagles to me. Both carried me on their back, while they flew. I see in one of these searches above with Lion in it, Jehovah is in there. That is significant.

I think in the scripture that in the telling that God coded in - because though the writers were writing - they were writing from inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so that means we will find more identities of Christ within the passages which reveal the nature or names of the God head. And do I really know what I am doing? No. Who cares. Let's keep trying. Here's a God name resource to draw from:

From here, we are doing Jesus Name Composite searches in the bible using the two pages to get ideas from:

Please note that the Christ name composites cross both the Old Testament and the New Testament. If we had all the apocryphal books here, they would cross those too. Look at how Jesus name is written all through the bible, in the crossword fashion! His name is often fashioned diagonally through scripture. I can bet you the whole of scripture has Jesus on every page. Do you see how Jesus has been marked all through scripture? I'm at something like 7000 incidences.

Here is a question. What words become statistically insignificant? Are any? Some of the suggestions - war, love, end, and run - look like they may be so frequent in here, that you can expect them to come up easily.

Jesus' name is all throughout scripture - old and new testaments in this coded equidistant lettering. That should be noted for those who wonder if he is the Messiah and who the scripture is about.

Are you a programmer? Do you consider this significant? I find this significant. I expect it to go on and on and on. There will be tens of thousands of Jesus names coded through the whole of scripture, for that is what it is about. God the Father sent Jesus to come get us back. That's the story. Any gamer will get that. Or programmer.

Does anybody remember me asking God for truth 7 times refined? This is it.

The same exercise can be done for Jehovah or Holy Spirit.

New Use for Pairing


Look how these searches pair up certain scripture passages.

I think that is neat. If you get too specific, you miss these pairings.

My Identity in Scripture

What is my identity in scripture?

I have gone into scripture looking for my name within many of the broader themes I have studied here on the blog, and tied to some of the mysteries and prophets I have studied.

http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/code/red-heads-writing-donna-esther-queen-over-come-Haman-with-authority-god-and-visitation-throne 2 records

My name is written in the scripture passage referring to the New Jerusalem seen in the first bullet. I find this stuff amazing. I am addicted to the Word of God.

By the way, remember I am a hacker. I hack at things, till they are fruitful, but with the help of Holy Spirit. For what it is worth, this was fun. I just received a confidence boost. The things I have seen in vision and encounter mean all the more to me right now.

I tried throwing in other names. I got zero search results.



Jesus is the Melody Man

The Kingdom Diary

Today, I am recording something which could go in my diary, but I will transfer this later.

In my heaven visit this week, one of them, I visited the 7 Spirits of God, and I received another dress.

I will not say no to new dresses. I have a rainbow dress.

It is one which emits light out around it, and makes rainbows around me.

Okay, so in my future, and I hope for a future in ministry, I declare rainbow manifestations around everywhere I go, showing up in the sky, and in the natural, and in supernatural senses.

As a matter of fact, I declare a rainbow for Calgary tonight. I think we should have one.

And I declare a rainbow over the Vatican whenever their next supper bell starts. I declare a very bright rainbow over you tonight. Look out at dinner. I love rainbows. They are God's gift. They are a confirmation today of Christ's call to revival. Yeah, rainbows. Also, where you eat, look around, and see if God does not set a bunch of rainbows about you in other places. I see them all the time. Let there be rainbows tonight at the Vatican!!!

Examining a Murder


Okay, so I tried a whole bunch of keywords.

The additional message God has is in the scripture text on the bottom. If there is revelation as to the why or how, see the scripture and meditate on it.

You would have to be interested in this to want to try it out.

Remember, God confirms and explains what is going on. God teaches and confirms with this tool. That is how we use it. We are actually seeking out his heart and wisdom. That is what we are searching for - his heart and his ways and his truth.

This search is about JFK's murder. You notice the CIA came up. You know this is an old topic. It is just interesting that the CIA and JFK come up in this search together. Right?

Please notice that we are down to 1 of 1 matches. That means we are pretty precise. That is why we let go, and we read the scripture below.

New Terms of Engagement - Why?

Why are we trying new terms of engaging the gospel - by looking into it for God's codes?

We are doing this to become sharpened swords, becoming knowledgeable in the use of God's sword of truth.

That is why the Holy Spirit is doing this. Read and know God's word, and then, begin sweeping God's word.

I trust the Holy Spirit is going to lead us down some fruitful paths, and some entertaining paths. Everything he does is creative, and intelligent, so he is training us here.

The Vatican a Wedding Proposal and Revival

The Marriage Proposal to Priests

On behalf of Jesus, to all the priests at the Vatican, I propose to you - a wedding proposal - "Will you marry me?"  Respond as if I were on one knee, holding an engagement ring, and I were looking into your eyes - I mean Jesus.

Answer, "Yes, Jesus, I will marry you."  If you eat as a group, you can do this as a group. You can respond as a whole group.

Get a ring for your right hand. If you have a priest consecration ring, dedicate it also to this purpose. Jesus is going to teach you how to be pure, holy, devoted, not religious, but like him, full of love, full of the Spirit, and full of all manner of Godly traits. He is going to train you to be his devoted bride.

Today, I am taking care of Jesus' proposal to the priests there. Now, if my reader is a priest, and you would also like to respond, please do.

Also, please think of your future in the kingdom, and that which you would like to do. Write out your list of 10 things you would like Jesus to do for you as your Bridegroom, as this is part of your Ketubah. Put this in your journal. If you forget something, tell Jesus later. I have. For example, I love the Holy Spirit. I was wondering if we get the Holy Spirit forever. Part of my Ketubah adjustment later was - I asked Christ to never take this Holy Spirit from me. I enjoy him a bit too much. I would be devastated to not have him, even in the capacity I have him now. That is an example later modification.

I am very happy to be the messenger today. I love Love. Your Love has called you. The Mystery of God awaits, and it is his mystery to woo you, the Beloved, today. Yeah, God.

When you see the rainbow over the Vatican tonight at your supper bell, please consider this wedding proposal from Jesus. These things are not automatic. We do these things by faith, knowing these things were meant for us, as described and revealed in the Word of God, and attested to in the Spirit realm. The rainbow is a miracle for you, to speak to this testimony of his wedding proposal to you, his priests!

Part of your bridal preparation program is to get fit. Work out. Run. Engage in the creative. Do not feel guilty about taking time to be fit, and care for your body. Christ cares for your body. He wants you healthy and fit. He will also lead you into spiritual arts. Do not work yourself to exhaustion. In the time you take to be fit, the Holy Spirit will train you and talk to you. He does to me.

I speak to your corporate body of priests - rest, renewal, energy lifting, I kick out sleep apnea, and I kick out physical and spiritual lethargy, and I bring peace, joy, and a lifting of your face to the King. In Jesus' name, I seal these things, Amen.

You are enough. You were born for this. Prepare yourselves a wedding feast this coming week!

Cleansing the Grounds

I declare revival at the Vatican. I cry for Jesus - Revival! Revival! I will have my priests! They will be mine!

Hell and any of hell's children, retreat! I send God's fire, arrows, and hail in the spiritual to cleanse the grounds.

Devil, get out! Every creature or flesh related to the devil, get out. Jesus is overtaking the Vatican, and he is gathering in his priests!

Antichrist, pack up, and get out! In Jesus name, Amen. These are Christ's grounds, and he will have them by force. Fire, fire, revival fire to the grounds!

Let the battle armaments of heaven strike against everything ungodly on the Vatican boundary today! Let the fire not stop till every priest has been fully revived, and breathing in the Holy Spirit's breath of life.

The Revision of the Post

The weight of the Holy Spirit is landing on this wedding proposal. This is the first order of business.

In the process of engagement of Christ to each one of his beloved priests, he is going to do battle for you. He fights for you, because you are worth it to him. Yield to him, and let him place his coat of righteousness around you, embrace you, and let his fire light, and pass to you, so that you too burn with his flames of holiness. What a day. You know, I am going to celebrate this day for eternity! This is one of the great accomplishments of this blog for Christ. Heaven, record this day. This day, many brides have been espoused to Jesus.

Let wedding songs ring in heaven. Fill the streets with singing and dancing. Yeah, God. Sing wedding songs over the Vatican! Fill the heavenly realm with songs and music.

Update:  I never knew this was the Feast of Trumpets. I did not connect the New Year to this event.

Domes in God's Word Code


Please read the link end for the word searches I twiddled down to one page.

Why did I choose compass? That is a mystery all of its own. In the end time, a woman compasses a man. This is where I derive my knowledge. On the same token, the church - the bride - rises up, and that is more than just me. There is a mystery in the word compass. I do not have the Hebrew, but if I looked it up, I expect a word duality. Compass - as you know is used to establish maps. Compass means to set boundaries.

In the end times, the church is going to set boundaries, and it is boundaries protected by angels, and seraphim and these keep the devil and his kind off. I am asking the church to now start establishing those boundaries and lines for the Kingdom. I ask for Jesus. I gave you instructions here already how to do it.

Now, if you have to be motivated by having someone attacked by a black-eyed child (they kill and eat people - like the alien in Men in Black), so be it. Once you see the nature of your enemy, you'll get it. You have to fight for your boundary, and if you do not, you will soon figure it out.

When you pray for healing, God will heal the wounds your persecutors bring you. He will heal both kinds of wounds - physical and emotional, but you are going to have to come to him, and ask for healing to be healed. You must call his name.

Whether you do this now, or later, it is all the same. Whenever you find the spiritual attack is heightening, you will naturally be induced to do something. What you are supposed to do is here. God bless.

The Great Banquet Parable

The other night, I listened to a preacher minister of God - and he had read the story of the banquet which a man threw, and though he had invited many guests, none of them would come. He went to the streets, and he brought in everyone from them, and he fed them all.

This man has a church. Anyway, in his sanctuary area, he pulled out all the chairs, set up tables, and set the finery upon them, and tablecloths.

He set up teams. There was one team, and this team made steak, roast, and the finest food he could think of. He made a wedding kind of feast. The entire banquet was for the people he pulled from the streets.

Anyway, at the same time as his staff and church members were building a gorgeous meal, he sent another group of people out with buses and vans, and these people brought in all the street people, people under bridges, lying in the public parks, some from a shanty town area, prostitutes, drug dealers, and every kind of street person he could find.

He decided in advance that the bible did not talk about proselytizing. He invited them for the meal, with no impression that they had to listen to a sermon to get a meal. Instead, he offered them food and friendship.

He called out, "I have a free meal for you, restaurant style. I've set it up, and I want to honor you with a great meal out. Will you come?"

Everyone came. The whole sanctuary was full of street people, all those who are rejected everywhere else.

They ate. They ate well. They felt honored.

Many of them came to thank the man who did this, saying, "I have never eaten such a good meal in my whole life."

A woman with three children came, who had been living in a car, and she said, "My family has never eaten such a lovely meal. They have never eaten in a restaurant. Thank you."

Another came, and she said, "I have not eaten since Thursday. This has been a lovely meal."

Anyway, this pastor had Jesus lenses on his eyes, restricted judgment, and went out and gathered in all the people who never come to church, and brought them all to the sanctuary, where the Spirit of God could minister to their spirits, without them having to say even one word. The glory which had already been established in that sanctuary, and the grace and mercy which had been offered to them without any expectation in return was received.

Love was proferred. Yes. Love. When you come to a church, do you feel love? It is a feeling. It is non-verbal. It is found in faces, reactions, and conversations. God ministered with Love. It does not have to be speaking scripture or sermons. It is found in the plain and simple words of being able to relate to someone.

Though this minister did not speak of how this event impacted his neighborhood, I believe that it did. I believe that in the spirit realm, great good was done.

How is the love quotient in your church? That love quotient needs to be fairly high, so that when you do someday speak of the gospel, that your body language matches your words. If you speak words which say that you love someone, and you really don't mean it, you know. Do you remember having a sibling when you were young, and having them grudgingly say, "I love you." Some of you might know this. There are times a parent asks you to say, "I love you" or "I am sorry", and there is no internal match to the words. Over the course of many family events, you build that love. It really starts down deep in your heart.

Again, how is the love quotient in your church? Without love, there is no point in having church.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bible Code Analysts

Are there others out there who could do the bible codes in your languages?

I think that God - the Real God - my God - that he works messages in every language.

You notice I am working with English. If I had a French version of software, I believe it would have codes in French.

There's so many languages. Look for the bible code software in your language. Start putting terms in it, and see what you get there.

You know - I do this for fun. You try it for fun. I do not know where you will find the bible code software in your language, but Holy Spirit will.

There is something about my God. He has word play and puzzles in every language, because he is the creator of them all. I think you should look for his intelligence within your language version of the bible codes.

I keep thinking of a verse - which pushes me here. The verse goes like - speaking of the glory and knowledge of God - that there is no voice or language where he is not heard. I think that may have been about the stars, but God is way bigger than me, or even what I know, and I think he is reachable in every language, and he makes it happen.

Explore the glory and knowledge of God. Find the bible code in your language and check it out.

Children's Part in the Harvest

In the end time, children play a part in the harvest. There's 1.2 billion children in the earth. They are going to help the Kingdom bring in the harvest.


There's 7 matrices. To get God's input, first of all, you use either numbers to go through the matches, or click next match.

If a person had time, you could do a fine tooth comb hunt through the block of text, if you have found a rich one, and you would look for a coded word. The letters are equidistant and follow a pattern.

Any way, after that, then, you look at the pages of scripture which are related to the search. As you look at the set of scriptures, ask yourself, "What is God saying about children in the end time harvest?"

There's no right opinions here. You are engaging the non-rational brain which must decode dreams. Now, you are decoding puzzles, to see if God has a complex view on a topic, or if he is revealing something new.

The new - perhaps you find in the code - or you find in the scripture.

The data set is the 7 pages, which include the puzzle and the scripture sets below.

Did you get anything?

eg. I've not tried these yet but: poor, justice, servant, pure

Justice is in there. I mean in the matrix. I derived it from the bottom scripture text sweeping I was doing.

Children in the end times will be active in justice movements. This is part of the harvest.

What if poor could be found? Would this refine the search?


In the text, you get a directed God message which says do not oppress your servant! This is turn affects their children. If you stop oppressing your hired servant, this improves the household. Look for semantic themes - you see justice here. Now, it is in the scripture, but it was in the word puzzle too.

Use dream symbols and metaphors as well in decoding your messages.

Was that fun?

A New Kind of Task

As we head into this tribulation storm, I will be bringing to light things from the bible - out of the bible codes - which God calls his Intersect.

There is nothing hidden in time which God does not see.

This is another manner of giving God glory.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

There's Domes!

Yes, in the bible codes, there's domes! I sang for that!

Neville, do you hear? There's domes!

Refresh #2

Please refresh again.

I am done. I have enough to show a remarkable trend to my husband.

I am cross-referencing and sort of proving my testimony of having danced with Christ in the stars, and having been to his tabernacle, and doing an opera with him in the stars.

Look For Yourself #7

Executive Summary - Trying looking you up! I am stopping my search now. I have confirmed from the bible - for me and my husband - that my experience is here - like a second testimony.

As I go lay down, I hear the Holy Spirit saying, just as Chuck Bartowski (on Netflix in the series Chuck) has an intersect, this bible code thing is his intersect. For all the nerds out there, check out God's intersect.

I am going to give a few instructions on the bible codes. The frequency should be noted. For example, you can find one, and it occurs 18 times. You can also notice more complicated word puzzles. The more complicated the better. Also, notice the passage - for it correlates to a message for the thing you are looking up.

Here is the Holy Spirit intersect: http://www.biblecodewisdom.com/

Testing the Waters

Okay, so I have a theory. If you are a bride of Christ, I bet you are in here. These are couples united in Christ as brides/kings.

  • I did a Donna and my husband name search. I found my name, his name, King Jesus.
  • I did a Scott Tara search and found a Scott Tara Jesus. Scott Tara king is there. Scott Tara King Jesus is there. Look to the other bible codes. Say my Pastor Scott were to make a list of items he knows about himself, and put them into this search engine, he is going to come up. I can tell that already. The couple search is like a nice little test to get started. Tara bride Jesus comes up. Look to the passages of scripture which this comes forward in. That scripture should apply to you, or go through the series, and see how they are applicable to you. Tara ministry Jesus is there.
  • Adam and Eve king is there. This one does not count, for these two are written about, right? Hang on, for they appear in the codes, and not just horizontally.

Other aspects of your ministry, if you are a bride, is in here. I am using Scott and Tara, because I know they are brides, and a few details of them. I am trying to see if they pop up like I did in different types of searches. You kind of have to know the search term, and some of these I am getting from Holy Spirit. If you work with this, you need to ask Holy Spirit for search terms.

I've been trying married couples names. Some are in here. Some are not.

Pastor Scott Matrix: I will include here successful finds:

Scot surfer - 3 matches! Is spelling relevant? How does Scott spell his name? I missed one "t".
Scott opera - 8 matches!!! (with one less t - over 100 matches)
Scott Jesus bride - 2 matches
Scott Jesus Tribulation War Massively cool! You are in one of the coolest parts of Revelation! Look at the verse matrix!

The related searches on the bottom - you have to press them to see them. You do not get an automatic result. That is a search suggestion. On the top though, you see a number of matches - of identical matches, and that tells you how many times it is in there. The more complicated the search puzzle you can get the better. As you are tabbing to more complicated searches, if you hit a "blank" search screen with no results, go back.

Okay. So folks, this is not language specific. God knows everybody's name. I expect this to work in any language version of this. Don't you? God knows everything. If I were a nation leader, I would be trying this out. For one, for fun. Obama Jesus is in here. Nation leaders, can you find you? If I were President Obama looking at this, I would use my first name, and try some different search patterns, using key terms you know pertain to you and your gifts in leadership, and see where they pop up. This goes for all leaders. If you want official stuff related to positions, use the last name. If you want personal stuff, which ties to you, use your first name. You need to cue the search term, or ask Holy Spirit for them, and he is going to help you.

Where I go from here: Now, I study all the scripture passages which revealed my identity. I ask Holy Spirit: Do you have more to say? Put your name in with Jesus name, and notice the other word searches to try, but really notice the scripture passages which go with this. It is like directing us to scripture to notice for us.

You can do the same thing. You can study the scripture pulled up related to your identity.

The God of Puzzles #2

Today, for a lark, I watched Matthew in Spanish with English subtitles. I noticed several things I had not before. I like the producer. Bruce is Jesus. The producer set Jesus up to be like a good Italian mama. That is one of God's character traits. He feeds his people well. Jesus in Matthew is set upon feeding everyone bread. It is integrated in many scenes, so much so I can't help think people should get the understanding that Jesus is the Bread of Life. That is one thing I noticed. Now, this thing about the bread - I have noticed before, but it was not as remarked as perhaps switching to the other language. There also were the scenes of the multiplication miracles. As the disciples are coming around Jesus, telling him the problems of everyone needing to eat, Jesus is busy healing.

So, in those three day ventures, where the 4000 and 5000 (just the men, folks) were fed, how much time did Jesus spend healing the thousands, how much time did he spend preaching, and how much time was spent on administrating? The numbers of people were likely closer to 12,000 and 15,000. Of these numbers, Jesus fed and healed many.

Okay, so let's set that aside for now.

I've been through many books, noting the semantic maps and expressions.

I've been through 30 chapters of Jeremiah today. Why did God speak in what sort of seems like a chaotic order, with these theme strands spread over teachers across time? The gospels are the complete revelation of the prophets, and even the psalms and proverbs. What is going on? Besides God fulfilling all the words of the prophetic nature of how he speaks - I think that the bible is really his conversation and his message in those times, and by the nature of who he is, everything sort of comes together and is fulfilled. He has set word puzzles into every chapter.

There are prophets who call this bible codes. You know crossword puzzles? God has those right throughout scripture, as another version of a verification of the truth. That is where I am going next. The Holy Spirit is going to teach me that. You can't predict from it. You verify from it.

There are so many people who are into crossword puzzles and word searches as hobbies. Well, God has built many many verifications of his truth by this means. It is impossible to not get it. For example, the fact that Jesus is the Messiah is cross confirmed in these word puzzles. It is sort of like with the Hebrew Alphabet, and man's names, how God puts his story forward. He does this with word theme pictures, which are built in certain passages of the bible.

God is a God of puzzles. There is no way to truly think he is anything but awesome.

If my reader is a crossword or word search enthusiast, you ought to investigate these treasures in God's word. Now, what do we do with this? I am not sure. It should be a proof to many that God is the God of gods. It should be proof that his voice is God. All of this is to say why it is that you have little bits on the palm, or the three, or a measuring reed, or a pot all in the places they are. If you look at the Hebrew, the placement of the letters reveal word puzzles.

There is something else I have noticed about scripture. I am in Jeremiah. There is a certain voice and tone which Christ uses as the Word. That tone is in Jeremiah. When Christ was here as Jesus, he would provide many parables and teachings to unveil his mysteries, but his voice was set always in dialogue. The Word speaks in a sort of monologue, of the Almighty speaking from the eternal realm, from the throne in heaven.

That's what I noticed today. I hope that is useful to you. And if not, Holy Spirit, breathe on something here, and make it an ember in my reader. Pastors, when releasing your awe movement, check out a couple of these word puzzles.

There's 2 more puzzles in the Word of God. There is say a Hebrew word, and the word has 2 meanings. For example, the word "apple" means "breath" - and Jesus is the Breath of God, and also the King alluded to in the Song of Solomon.

As well, if you have studied the full meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet here, even without knowing Hebrew, if you can pinpoint a word, and not know it, you can use the order of the letters moving right to left, and get the meaning of the Hebrew word. God designed that.

And to add to that. God is a musical God. He set up key notes on musical scales so that when a person reads the Old Testament - all of it - it is a song. Jesus is the Melody Man. The Word of God is a song. When he breathes his word, he breathes it as a symphony. The whole Old Testament could be played.

Add the correlations between Christ or God name composites. That is another chase through scripture. I am perfecting the technique. As you chase down the correlative name composites, you get the revelation of Jesus as Yahweh, Jehovah, Messiah, and so on. He is the full revelation of the Father.

Is that enough awe for you?

Let's turn our focus.

The bridal study:

If anyone wants to follow me in my bridal study, I read Song of Solomon, Proverbs 31, and the bride psalm more or less daily. This is where reflections here come from. And you find hints about the bridegroom in many places, even in Matthew. I am thematically alert to terms bride and bridegroom.

My readings are sometimes fully aloud. Sometimes, as I read, I declare parts. That applies to reading the book of Psalms too. Though I can read very fast, I also know the power of declaring God's word, so I read whatever parts my heart stirs on in a reading of it. That slows it down a bit, but I read so fast, that it is hardly much of an effort.

Yesterday's reading and the night before was Psalms. Yes. 150 of them.