Friday, October 31, 2014

Being Made New

In your spiritual transformation, you are aiming for this - see the scripture.

You do this by going to Jesus, letting him cover you, and by his power, he transforms you to be one mind and heart with him.

I do not know if he will kiss you. The Song of Solomon indicates that the Shulammite leads others to kiss the Son. What I do know is that my spiritual union with Jesus and my representation of his voice here is constantly refreshed with a spirit kiss.

I feel re-created by him.

Raptured Where

This is from a prophet - Ian. Now, it seems to me Ian said two, but I am not sure.

I might have to go back to my previous posts.

Adam, before the Fall, was fairly advanced, more than what we know.

These cities exist in space, and have been held by angels, and could be where men get raptured to.

Will you find them? Not without the Holy Spirit. The enduring Holy Spirit, not just a flash.

Jesus Will Conquer All Space

I am stuck. Yes, I have to try more later. But this is very cool, isn't it?

There is spiritual war in space, in the first heaven, and second heaven. Jesus is going to win all the war going on there. And do not forget, he has to re-orient the stars to not lie anymore.

Stars were not made for astrology. They were made to be a testimony to the Lamb of God.

The Road Home

In the Millennium, there will be a road made to Jerusalem.

Those who need to see Jesus will travel with ease.

Millennium Food

Millennium Food

Can singing grow food? In the Millennium, it will.

People will be taught how with their voice, they can grow food.

You still need seed, but something miraculous will be taught to us.

Despite high population, there will be no food shortage.

Will Jesus Dance Like David

Jesus will dance a victory dance after the Tribulation War has been completed. He is going to have a huge celebration in Israel, and everyone will be invited. Here are snapshots of his perfect body and this future event.
Note: This is a very complicated puzzle, and it occurs 15 times in scripture. I consider that a type of a verification. I have not gone through them all, but I find this interesting, for sometimes with a complicated puzzle, you get them all - all the terms - in one passage, not repeated like this. I have not gone through this, but later, if I find bits in the scripture I find relevant, I will add them at the end.

Where It Stands

I am done now. This puzzle again could yield double. I still have words coming, but this is all that fits.

A few more words I hear are: Take his hand. Gives life. Okay, I will delete some terms and add them. If you like the artful word appearance I pulled for you, reader, Google plus this post.

Will Jesus Dance Like David?

Will Jesus one day dance clothed meagerly - in worship to God the Father? Yes. When he has won the Tribulation War, Jesus will dance a victory dance, and I expect him to somehow have a replay of what David did. I think this is important, because of what the devil did to him before, which was to take his humanity away. The devil made him a mashed worm. Jesus has been restored. He is a king. He is a perfect man.

Mankind will witness his perfect body in this dance, and yes, you will say, "He's all that." The tan is from glory. He has a gold tan from being in the glory. See, I put his vocal range for you, since he sings for me. He is a tenor.

Okay, I will share. He will dance with you. Anyway, he dances very well. And I am joking. He is a really good dancer, so usually those guys are pretty surrounded on a dance floor. He dances every dance that you can think of. He knows and can lead in them all.

Jesus would win a Mr. Universe Pageant. That is true. One more thing - and I have not searched it yet. He has doe lashes - really long lashes.

Jesus has a standing invite to you to come to him, and get the house he can build for you. Besides, he wins. He's the victor. The winning man has his hand out to you. And he loves you. Jesus is the one who gives life as a present. Come.

Oh yeah, and he sings Harlequin

Reader Assignment: See How This Works

Assignment to reader: Take one of my long puzzles. Actually, here is a part done one.

Add "doe-lashes".

Okay, add this: -doe-lashes

What do you get? You get something. Yes, more confirmation of a very beautiful man! This would show up in the puzzle. See what comes up. See. Jesus has doe lashes. I mean really long lashes. They flutter like a butterfly. Isn't he pretty?

About Mr. Universe

I looked to a few videos of Mr. Universe on YouTube. No, that's not Jesus. He does not have hunks of muscles on him, because he is a dancer. He is cut, but graceful. I think we need new descriptors for what Jesus is. However, I noticed all the Mr. Universe candidates had to bronze up. Jesus has a gold tan, and that is just from glory. It does not come off. It looks good. It does not look weird. It is just tanned skin.

Exercise Answer From Above

I do not know what God is doing. Everything I say comes out. Look!

The Other Two Godhead

Do you want to see the other two? Here are puzzles revealing the description of these:

Law and Justice Codes

Here are the Law and Justice Codes:

The scriptures related to these searches matter.

Jesus' justice system will be set up, and it will be based on scripture.

Current legal systems will conform to his truth.

I Will Take You Forever

I Will Take You Forever Love Codes

Jesus Love Codes:

Reader, do you see anything to take to the love codes?


Interpretation: In romantic love on earth between men and women, even though being born again in the spirit is a mystery to many and not understood, yet in love songs, the wording of this type of love speech is everywhere. So why is it that man does not get that his second birth and relationship to Jesus starts the same way? I declare this truth opened up to us. It is opened via these love songs, for it is repeated throughout.

World Geography Changes

When the Millennium arrives, I've written here that geography changes. How it is that God can have more people on earth - he takes away the oceans. That was my utterance. I wonder if I can find that in the codes.

He moves all the marine animals to another planet.

There is a metaphor there too. The sea/ocean will not be able to represent hell while Jesus is here, and no siren anything will live there. It does not apply to the Second Earth. I am not sure what Jesus is going to do then.

It is funny that Star Trek has a movie or episode about visiting whales from another world as an alien, for I think God is going to move all the ocean/sea to a different planet, and then, men who did not appreciate them while they were here, will have to take a space ship to go see them then. That is ironic, isn't it?

Our Father Our King Song Prayer

Here are your lyrics and song details.

This is just for fun. This song is a prayer.

Love You Like a Love Song

The Jesus of the Song of Solomon would sing something like this: Love You Like a Love Song.

Okay, so bride, enjoy! It's a woman singing, but the concept is right.

Jesus is the Melody Man, emitting music just with his words. When he speaks, he makes symphonies with words. It fits.

There's no assignment here. Just listen.

Habebi Hadi Love Codes

Habebi Hadi / Habebi Up Love Codes

There are some sensual images, so adjust to your taste. The words of the song are very interesting. I would expect Jesus to speak all languages, but especially Arabic and Hebrew, wouldn't you?

The concepts remind me of Song of Solomon, and metaphors of Jesus' love in the bible.

Reader, you are searching this song's love codes in the Bible Code:

All true statements of love are in the bible code. These true statements are from Jesus to the Bride of Christ, those believers who truly love him. Does Jesus have a message for you in the bible code? Look. See.

Put these codes into the search field of the Love Code site.

Watch the song, and have the bible code site open, and as you watch from a second window on your screen, pull love codes, and type them into the Love Code Site, and see what comes up.

Lumeenous - Love You More Codes

Lumeenous - Love you More Codes

Reader, you are searching this song's love codes in the Bible Code:

All true statements of love are in the bible code. These true statements are from Jesus to the Bride of Christ, those believers who truly love him. Does Jesus have a message for you in the bible code? Look. See.

This is a Yoruba/English hashup.

We are using the English parts of the hashup. Ignore the italic in your love codes. Do not put that part in. It does not take 2 letter words. Use the rules I have shown you so far.

Put these codes into the search field of the Love Code site.

Here are the Love codes:

Jesus loves you more. (and more)
Jesus thinks about you always.
Jesus calls you his love.
Jesus finds you when you call.
Jesus answer when you knock.

Ifeoma Give Me Your Love Codes

Ifeoma / Give Me Your Love Codes

Reader, you are searching this song's love codes in the Bible Code:

All true statements of love are in the bible code. These true statements are from Jesus to the Bride of Christ, those believers who truly love him. Does Jesus have a message for you in the bible code? Look. See.

This is a Igbo/English hashup. Shall we call this cheating? Maybe.

We are using the English parts of the hashup. Ignore the italic in your love codes. Do not put that part in. It does not take 2 letter words. Use the rules I have shown you so far.

Put these codes into the search field of the Love Code site.

Here are the Love codes:

Jesus says give me your love.
Jesus wants to marry you.
Jesus wants to settle down. (with you...)
Let Jesus know youre his.
Jesus serious about you.
Jesus is not messing around.
Jesus wants know your his.

About Hausa Songs

These are on the Internet, but few are translated or have visual lyrics, and not even to French.
I could pull the truth statements from that, but I am having trouble.


J'envoie Valser

Cette chanson, je présente juste pour le simple plaisir d'écouter une chanson d'amour en Français.

English lyrics are in the sub-titles.

This is just for fun and listening.

There's no assignment here. Enjoy.

I tried the truths in the love codes, and they work. And yes, there are rich returns on these codes.

Yeh Dooriyan This Distance Love Codes

Yeh Dooriyan Love Codes

Lyrics are under "Show More" on YouTube.

You will search the Jesus love codes from this song. Go to:

Suicide spirits are alluded to in this. To feel anxious about love - that is okay, and yes, we feel like the world will end, but do not let your heart be that troubled, for if you seek God first, he will settle your love issues. Also, to use that as an excuse to get your beloved to respond is a type of manipulation. That is not nice. Instead, be nice. Be a good lover/friend/partner in everything. Then, when you get this person, be an amazing spouse. Support them. Love is the long haul, after you say, "I do."

I pulled the love code statements from this song. Put these statements into the Bible Code search field, and pull up puzzles of these truth statements. Adjust them as I have shown you. eg. Pull of an "s". Try swapping in a word: eg. watch - becomes sees or see, wants becomes want. Pull a word off. What can you pull up?

Love codes

Jesus wants you near.
Jesus wants you his path.
Jesus leads you where finish.
Jesus brings you the distance.
Jesus always watches you.
Jesus watches you everywhere.
Jesus wants you finish well.

Nakupenda Wewe / I Love You Codes

Nakupenda Wewe / I Love You  Codes

Your lyrics are in the song. There's English and Swahili.

The codes you will find are here:

The Jesus Love Codes drawn from this song:

Jesus will give you rest.
Jesus will solve your worries.
Jesus never mad you.
Jesus approves you.
You can't disturb Jesus.
Jesus brings you peace.
Jesus loves you holy.

Try these truth statements in the love codes.

Get Your Vision Settled

Now, get your vision settled, your clarity set on Jesus, and work toward unity in the body.

Your concerns can be settled in the codes.

Next, unite. Bridge sects and across gentile/Jew, and become living networks for Jesus, pulling in a mighty catch.

Ken Peters Prophet Age Five Saw the End of Days

True Tom Horn's Testimony

Do you know his story? Carry on.

His brother-in-law disappeared/was killed under mysterious circumstances, related to UFO research.

Add that. Put UFO in the search.

Bible Code Topics

In the bible code, there are other things you can look for.

There have been revelations from Ken Peters:

and other prophets.

For these things, you take simple expressions, and instead of being concerned of these people as making up something, now take a piece of truth they represent and put it in the code.

Okay? This can be your confirmation. You do not have to test the whole thing. It's God's code. He puts in it what he wants.

Ken Peters prophet. Do you get a result? Good. Done.

Tom Horn prophet.

Do not be surprised that their scripture set supports their revelations.

The prophetic conflicts - don't worry about them for now. Just don't argue and name-call. Do not use the bible code to argue for a particular prophet point of view or validity as a prophet, but just check out something which troubles you. See. Try.

If you wonder, press into God, and see for yourself. Ask questions.

Please remember this is a simple database. Other codes software will bring up more. At the same time, God has pulled pretty cool stuff out of this.

You need to ask Holy Spirit for words to extend your search. Sometimes, you can hack and get zip. Put on praise music, read the word perhaps first, and get in the mood for hunting.

However, if you don't get anything from a complicated search, do other things for fun. God is about fun! Let him teach you and train you into the skill.

I did not find Kat Kerr, but this is no reason to say anything...

If you want, take a piece of truth from her. God breathes out living beings. Put that in. See if it comes up.

God's breath is alive and creative. This is an amazing scripture about Jehovah!

Leaving to Worship

Yes. It is that time. You will see writing again in the afternoon at some point.

My Hero

Forever. Yours too. You just don't know!

Try this in the bible code. Put instead of my code, put "mans hero jesus".

I bet something comes up.

Use the link I made. Or use this:

The main set of the home page works best, just so you know.

Jesus is your hero!

Okay finished

Check out that puzzle!

Refresh This One

I am already at a complicated puzzle, but if God keeps giving me words, it keeps growing.

It's pretty cool.

How Jesus and Samson Are Alike

How Jesus and Samson Are Alike

There is more in this puzzle. I expect this puzzle to be double its size in better software. Reader, do you see why I am impressed with Jesus? Who else does this? What other God comes down, takes your place, receives your punishment, pays for you, and brings you home, so you do not have to be punished? Who? Nobody but Jesus!

Reader, please notice, we are now in 1 passage, and this scripture text is relevant.

Yeah Samson and yeah Jesus! This is our Deliverer!

Okay, military leaders, does Jesus not seem like some kind of awesome weaponized military man. I tell you what it is. Glory. It has different effects on different people. On good people, it gives us a sontan. On bad people, it melts them.

Jesus is weaponized with glory!

Pastors, where you build the glory, evil cannot stay. They melt, like the wicked witch of the West.

Go for glory!

This morning's code pulling is being done to Harlequin's song: I Did It For Love. When I listen to music, God brings the words to me, a little faster, like hackers who listen to music to speed their thinking. God is pulling the love story out of the codes.

Okay, so all of hell humanity was watching, and the devil was going to make a big demonstration. Instead of being made to look bad in front of all of humanity, Jesus beat the devil, and it was a great wonder for all who saw it. Jesus stood up to all the devil army.

The pathway which humanity walked on to leave hell, and remember that a soap bubble is pretty fragile, right, well, humanity walked out of hell on a pathway of a iridescent bubble sheet, the kind that Jesus and I dance on. It is the same floor. Now, is that not a miracle? Over the fires of hell, a soap bubble floor Jesus made permitted all of humanity to walk out! Yeah Jesus! He secured man's freedom!

Jesus has self-represented himself in the metaphor of a soap bubble in our interactions. He was building this understanding.

Where Scripture Is Relevant

This piece is relevant. Jesus paid for the sins of idolatry of Israel. His story is parallel to that of Manasseh.

He was bound in chains and carried to (self-delivered for our sins - he chose to go) to Babylon (hell), and he was humbled for our sin. However, he constantly held out his hope for the moment his Father would come get him. And his Father did. He came and he got him, and they stood up together.

Jesus, by his love of his Father and us, redeemed the bride - his bride, the Father's bride. He redeemed humanity and all who would come toward him for removal of sin. Jesus is man's hero.

He performed the Red Sea wonder a second time, like Moses, and Jesus led his people away from hell/paradise. It was awesome!

The Second Book of the Chronicles 33:11
Wherefore Jehovah brought upon them the captains of the host of the king of Assyria, who took Manasseh in chains, and bound him with fetters, and carried him to Babylon.

The Second Book of the Chronicles 33:12
And when he was in distress, he besought Jehovah his God, and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers.

The Second Book of the Chronicles 33:13
And he prayed unto him and he was entreated of him, and heard his supplication, and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that Jehovah he was God.

Good Morning Indonesia

Glad you are here! :)

God Is Love

When you listen to all the love songs, and you see how those who sing them, they sing them with passion fortissimo and it's from their inner man, their gut if you like...what you are seeing is that love in any of mankind is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

He is the one who is responsible for creating the emotion of love, and particularly that brand between man and woman, which creates such beautiful flames of passion.

If we were to start doing a sweep of all the love stories in the world from film, and take the truths and actor's lines from them, you would find them in the bible code too, for God is Love.

Everything about God is the Love Fabric which makes our family glue bond and stick. It starts with a man and a woman.

I am in love with Love. He is the one who gives us all this present of his spirit into mankind, and it is a foretaste of heaven, and the great love wave we will all feel there. In heaven, with God, and with our human family, we are completely accepted and surrounded by love and by Love.

People who do not feel love - there's a couple reasons. Sin can remove our ability to feel love - addictions. As well, walls can make love bounce off. In deliverance, these things are fixed, and people and their families are blessed into love, and there is a love outpouring on their family.

If my reader does deliverance, please do not forget this very last step, which is to bless households into great outpourings of love. As a matter of fact, pastors, you can do this for your congregations. I have experienced this blessing, and it did open a window of love into my house. Love resides here. Since he and his nature are so wonderful, you should begin the process, and outpour love on your people everywhere. Love makes a difference. Love makes the world go around. And by doing this, you are accomplishing great feats of war against the enemy. Decree love on your family. Be a prophet, and call it out. Let your words create, and speak for the Father!

There there be a wave of love set across the Sheep nations. In Jesus' name, Amen.

A Metaphor Search

Do you remember the cord color riddle I gave you?

It's here. I mean the scripture.

Do you remember what each embroidery color stands for in the Godhead?

You will see the cord color here, but I think I posted earlier yet than this with the riddle the first time.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Can you believe it?

I can sing that German love song. It's coming.
Listening 30 or so times, you pick it up.

When All Done

I will make an International Love Song playlist on my YouTube site.

I will try and put all the songs I used in a play list.

However, some of them - you will want to hunt more from the artist.

I found some pretty cool songs.

Five More Languages

Tomorrow, we are doing Hindi, and the three languages from Africa, and Swahili.

These are all set up as exercises for my readers.

I will have fun finding you the videos and lyrics.

Kannamuchi Yennada Startled Kannamuchi Love Codes

Kannamuchi Yennada/Startled Kannamuchi Love Codes

Here, you are searching a Tamil love song for Jesus Love Codes, written inside the bible to his bride.

The English lyrics are in the video.

  1. This time, reader, you are watching the video.
  2. Watch the English lyrics, and in a file, a Word document, type out English love phrases which you get from this.
  3. Then open the Bible Codes.
  4. Enter the truth statements about how Jesus loves you, his bride.
  5. Start with the most complicated phrase, and cut it down.
  6. Swap words with synonyms, favoring simple expressions.
  7. Do use apostrophes, for God seems to write with shortcuts.

How did you do? Did you find love messages from Jesus?

Yeah! Good job!

Api Hamuwunothin Revolution Love Codes Exercise

Api Hamuwunothin Revolution Love Codes

Reader, you are looking for Jesus love codes hidden in love songs around the world.

The lyrics I used to pull the love fragments are in the video. I worked from visuals as well.

Here are the bits to look for in the bible code:

Reader, you are doing this one. You swap the love lyrics around to Jesus singing to you, or giving you love advice as his bride. Rework the bits I pulled from the lyrics, and put them into the Bible Codes. You can do it. And if you find something, kudos. Keep two windows open for your convenience. You omit all 2 letter words in your phrase. You can fix verbs to present tense, and this reduces the record count.

Jesus Love codes:

Jesus cherish your love.
You light up Jesus life.
Jesus cherishes you.
You live in my heart.
Jesus blessed to meet you.
Don't let our love stand silent.
Jesus loves your laughter.
Do you wonder how you and Jesus would be.
Don't walk away love stranger. ("a" not included)
The day you asked Jesus stay was his blessing. (or swap the sentence to the reverse)

I wish you divine help - the kind I get. :)  And then, if nothing else, enjoy the song.

Narsha - I'm In Love Codes

Narsha - I'm In Love Codes

Here are the lyrics. Lyrics are also in the video. I am searching for a Korean Love Song. This song Narsha is a mix between Korean and English - a hash-up?

Jesus Love Codes:

Guilty as Charged

The only thing Jesus will ever tell you of - where he says he is guilty as charged - is that he loves us.

One day, he kissed me in my spirit man, and I asked him, "Did you kiss me?"

He responded, "Guilty as charged."

The only thing Jesus is guilty of is love. That's all.

And that is why he is an excellent champion and lawyer for Heaven's court. He is also judge.

Jesus went to the cross because of this love.

The link above is a code: Jesus kiss Donna - 28 records.

Updated again.

I Did It For Love post. Same one. Tweaking.

Happy Pup

Okay, so this is a clue derived from the throne room. When I go to see Father God, he calls me "Happy Puppy." This has to do with how I race at him. When we danced the other day, he told me I was his happy puppy. And I agreed. I am.

I bring this to the codes. Happy puppy - entered.

Out of the search, I pick this piece to share.

The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah 23:28
The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the straw to the wheat? saith Jehovah.

The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah 23:29
Is not my word like fire? saith Jehovah and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?

This overall search says that if you have Jehovah as your back pocket help, you have everything.

God is good to those who seek him, obey him, and honor him.

As far as the types of praise and worship, I do all of that which is mentioned here.

There are so many ways to acknowledge God - with our life. Just add one to your life today.

When you do it, God will make you a happy pup too.

The Good Wife Justice Codes

In The Good Wife, as you go through the episodes, if you can find a truth about justice, you can put the truth into the Bible Code, and it will come up.

Statements which are not true will not come up. Alicia considering going with Will, if it has anything to do with her feelings of being jeopardized - that does not cut it. We take our oath to God, and that is not changed by an emotional status which flickers. Most of the time so far, Alicia has done pretty good.

Alicia should be faithful, just because she took a vow.

And neither should the husband be unfaithful, for then God can't bless his house. God wants whichever spouse was cheated on, to stand, and pull the other back into righteousness. Example: Hosea. 

Anyway, there's tons on justice in the bible codes, and you can pull the truth statements from this series - the Good Wife.

People who have been cheated on - tend to be afflicted by self-pity, judgment, and a few other things. These can be dealt with spiritually, and a couple freed from spiritual harassment. Every marriage faces temptation, for the devil hates marriage. He does everything to destroy it. People must learn to war for their marriage, with proper lenses on. It ends up not being a who does it first thing, for the devil works all angles to get one. Instead, pull together, and start figuring out what the roots of identity are which are damaging your marriage, and what open doors there are, and begin aligning yourself to the Word of God, and learning how to shut the devil down, and keep your home strong and stable. It starts with decision, and not emotion.

In progress...

I Did It for Love

I highlight this song as a love worship song for Jesus...since he sang it for me.

Jesus sang this song I Did It For Love over me today, while I cleaned the house.

I did look at the lyrics, before posting this. The feeling of insanity comes from being rejected by one's love.

Did you think Jesus would sing Harlequin?

Jesus did everything he did for love. I am his witness.  He did it for me. For you. For humanity. For the earth. Good love song, Harlequin.

Okay, so I did witness Jesus' story. I will link that. And yes, he did it for love.

This is how I witnessed Jesus' story:

Jesus did this for you. He was beaten and bloodied to the visage of a slaughtered ox for you, and clothed in blood only, walked the path to the cross. He was turned on by the very people he healed. They were turned by religious spirits. I saw Jesus suffer in hell. I saw his victory moment too.

Like David, I saw the Passion moments of Jesus pre-crucifixion, his rejection by the crowds, his walk to the cross, and his cross, and his torment in hell, and his conquering of the devil in hell.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, during the early morning time he was praying. I was with him. In one of my encounters with Jesus, he dropped me through a portal to himself in the Garden. I spent time with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. That means in Jesus' real time, I visited him there, while his disciples slept. I think that is what it means.

At the cross, I touched Jesus hand with the nail through it.

I experienced time travel, like the prophet David. Jesus dropped me to witness his passion personally.

Spoils of Victory

Last night, I read about the Proverbs 31 woman.

  • Did you know that the whole proverb is a poem? An acrostic of the Hebrew alphabet.
  • And did you know that in the song Jesus sang over me, he said, "Her words each falls off like a note of the harp." You can see the song on the Songs Page.
  • And did you know my harp has the Hebrew alphabet on it?
  • Did you know that the strings of a harp are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet? 22 letters equal the 22 strings of the harp.

Coincidences. And it also says, that this woman brings the rich spoils of victory to her husband.

That's what I plan to do - with all that I write. That's my life goal.

At the time I received the song, I did not get that I was the intended recipient. That took awhile. I was just releasing what I thought was a prophetic utterance of Jesus.

This reveals another name for me. Lily.

Record 1 though I am in Enoch's passage. Does anyone find that cool?

When you look into the history of this blog site, you see one of the mysteries I was looking into was who was the bride of Jesus. There was one. I named her. It was just a puzzle. It was a wonder. I searched the heavens and the earth for her - in the context of biblical writings. I had seen her, so I wanted to know who she was.

Now, I know all those names I found pertain to me. All the metaphors of that person pertain to me.

Any of the names or metaphors you find pertaining to the bride - are me. So, since God has included me in his puzzles, I am now using those to figure more things out.

God wrote the bible to me. It was a puzzle for me to figure out. And then, he must have something for me to do with it. Find the rest of his bridal company. And get busy being apostles, to bring the great victory of humanity home to him for his wedding.

Jesus gave me his mystery robe - his King's robe, covered with mystery insignias and designs all over it. He wrapped this over my shoulders.

I did not know what it was for, except that it indicated a position he had gifted me. His mystery robe is still being revealed. All I can say is that there are good things coming.

Done for Today

Cleaning. Yes, I must clean.

India, I will work on your love songs tomorrow.

Updated Tagalog Post

Check it out. You are doing the searches this time.

Ang aking awitin Maybe Codes

Ang aking awitin / Maybe Codes

Most Tagalog love songs are long tape versions. We are using Ang akign awitin/Maybe as our love song for decoding and finding Jesus' love codes to the Bride in the bible database.

This is the first song, if you would like to listen to it. (I've listened to half of this, and it is good listening for computer work, in case you are wondering,)

Here are the song lyrics.

This time, reader, you go to the codes, and look these up.

I have derived the love codes from the song lyrics.

Here are the codes to look for:

  • Live with Jesus.
  • Live Jesus side. (look for "by")
  • Jesus feels for you.
  • Jesus won't leaven you stranded. (Take the apostrophe out.)
  • Jesus whispers his love you. (leave "to" out, but look for it.)
  • Winds sing songs for you.
  • Winds sing love songs for you.
  • Winds sing Jesus love songs for you.

I have set you up. Look for Jesus' love codes in the bible code database.

Remember the rules. The codes do take shortened speech versions like "don't". You start complicated in a sentence structure, but simplify. You do not use two letter words, but look for those in the message. Simplify the verb, and see what happens. Simply the plural, and see what comes up. You are looking for the most complicated, most complete search set possible, and you take off letters until the search shows.

It is significant to have 100s of records show up. That is God emphasis.

Palang - The Cross Love Codes

Here, I am searching for a love song in Malayim. I am narrowing my search to one which typifies Jesus' love to the Bride.

This song above advertises Christian Radio for Malaysia.

This language group search today covers Malaysian and Indonesia. I just did research on Indonesia, so we are covered there, and I am moving on. This is your song. Indoneisa has 700 languages. Wow!

Jesus sings over us in all his love songs. We shall look to this song for Love Codes.

Here are the lyrics.

Here are the song's bible codes about how Jesus is singing over you, and how you should respond:

Are you ready to open your heart's door? Say, "Jesus, I'm yours. Be my Savior, Lord, Love, and BFF - Beloved Forever Friend."

Ask him to forgive you of your sin, and invite him into your heart. Swoosh. The best swoosh you will ever feel. To see more, look for the Jesus movie here on the Right, and the top 7 pages, explain more about your decision. Sweep them for one which works for you.

Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit Mashup Love Codes

Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit Mashup Love Codes

What we are searching for today is Thai Chinese love songs. This is what I found. The lyrics are both in Thai Chinese and English, and as a mashup, you hear a bit of both languages - for fun. It is a bilingual song.

Here are your Lyrics Gangnum style.

With the Gangnum style, it is like the band put in an add into an existing song.

The song base is a love song, and the extra is like the dance move section.

Here is where you are going to search, based on love code possibilities I pulled from this song:

All you do is copy and paste the love code in the search engine for the database. Keep two working pages open. If the search is complex, you pull something. I do not apologize for ones which do not work, for this is your learning process. Take away words or letters to try to bring up records, after trying the whole phrase. Try these below.

Jesus Love Codes:

  • Jesus love classy
  • Jesus bride classy
  • Jesus bride loveable
  • Jesus bride demure
  • Jesus bride dresses pure
  • Jesus has great ideas
  • Jesus bride beautiful
  • Jesus bride sexy

Okay, so some of these come up. Which ones. How many records?

The word classy seems to be a problem, so I tried it alone: 

It brings something up. Everything in the bible codes is about revealing Jesus' love to the bride - which is the whole set of believers who are earnest about their love for him. So, based on this, I search two topics: Jesus, love, or the nature of that love. So here is one which now worked.

This will very likely reveal more, but I am going to leave this for you to mash-up Gangnum style. Go to it. What more can you find in this record?

Jesus loves his believers - his sheep with an extravagant love. We, who lean toward him, will all receive his fruit forever. Clue word: Rich. Play. What would describe classy love? Should not Jesus be in there? He does not show. Put a different word for him, and it works.

And yes, when we all get to heaven, you bet we are sexy. The true nature of our beauty - for each of us - is revealed. Okay, you are going to search this anyways, so here:

I believe I have said he is good looking. That is true. Here I address the young and teen crowd who look to the pop stars for this. They have absolutely nothing on Jesus. You should switch. Jesus is all that. Yes, search it in the codes. It will probably come up. The difference is there is only 1 of a pop star, so a relationship with the masses is difficult. With Jesus as Divinity, he can be with all of us at one time, so you get your pop star. That is way cooler, isn't it?

In heaven, there is no sex, as we know it here. However, there is a type of intimacy. The two have spiritual similarity. In the future earth, man gets a make-over. God the Father comes to live on earth. When Man gets a make-over, this form of man gets re-installed. Do you understand? Man as a society will live in a perfected version of what we were meant to be from the beginning. It will include couples, marriage, and family.


Added a code to the war story.

At Jesus' wedding, he is supplying very good wine.

If you think the story in the bible had good voluminous wine, wait for this one.

If you enjoy a glass of wine, be there.

A Different War Story

Think about this Heaven War and Love Story.

First think of the earth war story. Great looking young fit warrior military man, the kind that the Russian Love song story talks about, sees someone he loves, and he marries her, and he heads off to the frontlines.

Here is the heaven war story.  Great looking young fit warrior military man, the kind the bible speaks of, sees someone he loves, and he marries her, and he heads off to the frontlines. The difference is that the warrior does not go alone, but brings his wife, and the whole bridal company with him to fight on the frontlines. Why? He has equipped them to fight like he fights, so it is Chuck and Sarah on a mission. And like always, they are successful.

Before he goes, all he does is party. From the time of the first rapture to the time Jesus comes back, I think it is all party, wedding, reward, and good times. Yes, there will be interventions between these two places, but there is going to be a lot of rejoicing and partying in heaven.

If you are a party-er, there is no better place to be. There's wine. Lots of wine.

Today I Overcome

Today, God is giving me something cool. He said so.

I expect what this is - he will help me paint.

Something today will make a difference.

Maybe what he is giving me is out there.

Maybe it is an awakening, and that would be good for me.

I am finishing today with a song and dance in my house halls, making up songs which sound like war love songs, and such, and dancing to them. I should dance for the victory, for God places it in my hand.


Added a code to the Feast of Tabernacles.

You will like it, Pastor Hagee.

Feast of Tabernacles

What Pastor Hagee is doing with the Feast of Tabernacles, and blending the Jewish people with the Gentile church is exactly what God wants.

He is doing several things God wants. He is being obedient to the Feasts in God's word. He is developing the One New Man. God is pleased!

Pastor Hagee, the scriptures related to these puzzles will mean something to you. Reflect on them. One thing I get from the One New Man is that by honoring one another we create the unity God is seeking, which then permits his power conduit to open. What more do you see?

If you get a chance, check this out, and see what it is about. This is a key strategy step in our time.

You build the bridges between the Jew and Gentile in your church house. This is a current societal teaching model of what to do.

Here is the Google found news on this event.

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