Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Jeff Fenholt Story #1

Tossed out of church as a sinner who came forward to be saved, Jeff went home, and told Jesus, "I don't fit their country club. However, I will sing every song I sing to you."

Jeff had no new songs, so he sang what he had already made, even though it was misdirected--to Jesus. He made his notes and voice praise. You know - God sees the heart. He sees intention. If a sinner comes to church and wants to be saved, save them. Do not tell a sinner they cannot be redeemed by Jesus.

This reminds me of a dream I had. I think this is a detail I was supposed to notice.

The lie is a man wearing makeup can't be saved. The truth is Jesus died to save the man who is wearing make-up. Jesus died to save Boy George. If you look to the material I watched here, and I have to look to it and update it, you can witness to all sinners. All of them.

In the church, we make an assumption that sinners outside the church, which do not conform to our social norms - that they are the ones who are the great sinners, and who carry demonic spirits. The truth is believers also have sin hangups, and some of those are opinions. The opinion is a stronghold, and is a sin ledge the devil grabs you on, and then attaches an evil spirit misery to.

The truth. Jesus died to save everybody. Jesus died for homosexuals, and cross-dressers.

After coming into belief, then you have a sinner with habit hang-ups. The grace Jesus has covers a sinner who is not freed from a stronghold yet. What matters is that they recognize Jesus is God, and that he does not agree with their lifestyle. Even a sinner still caught in the round table record player for a habitual sin hang-up, and that would include porn - is covered by grace, as long as he does not agree that it is right, but in his heart wants to be free.

Ladies, if we have partners stuck in this, and yes, I mean husbands, we need to have grace, and not put the shame and condemnation on ourselves, but really try to look to Jesus for our meaning and value. We need to not judge, and pray our husbands out. We need to stand on top of the issue, and possibly bond with prayer partners who are able to stand with us.

Everyone who is not delivered has sin hang-ups. Everyone. That includes pastors. However, as believers, once we recognize Jesus is the one who saves, heals, and delivers, make it your goal to delve into deliverance as a lifestyle.

So, Donna, you have sinners going to heaven and believers going to hell. The gospel is the same for everyone. It is consistent. It starts with what you agree with or don't agree with. It starts with your conscience being alive to Jesus, so that you can hear his voice when he corrects you. To be righteous means to agree with God. We need an education on this matter.  We do.

All of us need this education. I need a reminder too. Whether you are a sinner or a saint, you must watch what you agree with. That is where sin starts. That is where you lose your freedom. What is the truth? Jesus is the truth. Do you know what he says in the bible about you? Do you know he is God?

A believer who chooses to agree with Jesus about truth is not going to hell. It is the ones who depart from the way, and who choose to believe and agree with a lie, and then live the lie and live in sin who are the ones who end up in hell. They get off the path. As believers around them then, we need to be teaching one another about our identity in Jesus so that nobody departs from the path.

It starts back there, at identity. We must know who is God, and given that God made us, who are we in him. We are loved. Because he loved us, we love one another. We love the sinner. We love the unlovable. We love past our opinion and our judgment. We love past the judgment of someone standing beside us, who says, he or she is just weird. It starts with loving Lester out of Chuck. You love, and by love, you encircle the one who needs direction with golden cords of love, and you draw them not just to the cross, but to freedom.

Ask God: Where are my love blind spots, God? Who do I need to love better? What opinions or judgments are holding me from showing your saving love to people?

See You

Tomorrow. I had fun. Did you?

Jesus the Wanted Man

Bible Code: 4 records

Please read the scripture set on the 4 records.

The Garden

Learn to Love

Signature of Divine Yahweh

Jesus Freaks Are Fly

Okay, so here I am, and I am asking God for cool ways to say that his way is right.

Do I use this speech all the time? No. No.

Do you like the saying though? Jesus freaks are fly. And this is meant to be positive.

Who Knew?

Who knew the occult evangelists of heavy metal became Christians?

I did not. It is like the next step God is revealing.

Jesus is better than the life of heavy metal, drugs, and occult.

We were just wondering who does the evangelism for this lifestyle now. If you know of who this is, ignore them.

You see the trend. Jesus is better.

Use the gifts of music to extol Jesus' name and his ways instead. Be pure in your images and thoughts. Be virtuous.

Devil Worship Is Not Cool

Don't lift high any manner of devil worship. It's not it. Jesus is.

If you want to worship someone, worship Jesus. He's cool.

Jesus Saves Everybody Who Asks

Jesus is the only way, and he wants all mankind - so you see him reach out to rock musicians, and they are just as needy for Jesus as everyone else in society. Jesus saves everybody who asks for him to live in their heart, be their Lord, and to forgive their sins, and make them new.

Do you think you do not qualify to be saved by Jesus? You do. However, you need to ask him into your heart. Ask him to forgive your sins, and to be your Lord and Savior.

Rock's Reggie Arvizu Saved

Alice Cooper's Point

He said musicians pour out of their heart that which they know.

If you know God, or are seeking life, you pour that out.

I would say, if you don't know God, you are hell stream, and you pour out what you know.

These three musicians found Jesus, and he completely changed and transformed their lives.

Do you need a life transformation? Jesus can do it for you.

Alice, in his interview, is unsure of healing. I am not. It's real. It's no show.

Okay, so the rock stars have found Jesus. Praise God. The life of drugs and sex does not satisfy. I hope many readers see these testimonies and decide to give Jesus a chance with their life.

Rock's Jeff Fenholt Saved

This musician was in Black Sabbath, and has become a Christian.

Jeff Fenholt is the one who made Highway to Heaven popular. It was then based on drugs. However, the highway to heaven is Jesus Christ, and he is the stair up. The road is narrow, and the gate is Jesus. He is the only way, and I am glad Jeff found Jesus. Now, if you look on YouTube, Jeff has a wide range of Christian music. There are a lot of songs here. What is next is - his testimony, and then after that a song of praise he has done.

9 min in. 1970s. Where the Holy Spirit was in the revival meeting, people were both singing and dancing. That's like today. There's a lesson here from Jesus. No judgment. Please notice this. Jesus would not be happy. I am referring to the testimony above.

Rock Brian Welch Guitarist Saved

Jesus is all about saving people from their addictions. Jesus can! Jesus can clean up personal messes.

Rock's Alice Cooper Saved

Jesus is the answer.

I have gone over all of Alice's titles, and I see hell stream. I do not mean all of them, but you see a trend. He has some good ones today, but you must filter.

What I see I could use to teach you about hell. I could use the mindset of having been compromised - to show you the snapshots of what it means to be held captive by the enemy. Lyrics you sing matter, so make sure the lyrics you sing have hope. Some of these songs are hell declarations, and even listening to them - you might want to have this music broken off you. You have to look at the mindset of the band at the time the music was put out. Remember, the Holy Spirit was just teaching us about that. See? It is like this is the next step.

It's Cool to be a Jesus Freak!

Will you be a Jesus freak? I am one. Donna is a Jesus Freak and glad to be that.

Watch the drums!

Amazing Love

God Is Jealous

Don't be thoughtless and make him jealous. The bridegroom is jealous.

Get rid of every other competing idol, false affection, or inappropriate focus of your attention.

Keep to the goals Jesus set for you, which is to have a happy wife and kids, and after that love him only. 

He is to be above the love of your family, but once that is so, you should be a good lover of your family, like as if Jesus had filled you with himself to love completely.

Jesus is no idol, and able to take your thoughtless un-devoted action. He is emotional, and cares when you ignore him, or favor something or someone else over him.

The Treasure I Found

In encounter, I hold my hand on Jesus' heart, and it beats in my hand. I feel his heart beat in the supernatural place I go, using the 5 spiritual senses which overtake the 5 natural senses.

I hold Jesus heart with great care. Jesus' heart is entrusted to me as my treasure. He willingly gave himself to me. I receive him. I think of what he wants, and how I can be devoted to him.

Jesus and his heart is my greatest treasure.

Virtue Is Lovely

How Jesus Conquers His Dynasty

Jesus wins. And he always wins.

The devil has sons in his kingdom, and he tries to pervert and kill all the seed of humanity.

However, Jesus is having sons.

The seed is preserved. And hopefully many of man will become his bride.

The Second Adam has a lineage. What more do you see in the coded message?

Honeymoon Time

Yes, Jesus is going on a honeymoon.

That is before he comes back to whip the devil's butt.

Jesus Does Not Drink But

The day Jesus gets married, he is drinking. As High Priest, there is an exception for his Wedding Day.

Come have a drink with Jesus. Make it as his bride.

If you are a priest, and you wanted to share a glass of wine with the Father, you too should make it.


Refresh. Scriptures and codes added.

It's Going to Be a Good Day

Donna - Lamb's Wife
Bride - The rest of humanity who come as Jesus' bride.

It is going to be a good day - the day Jesus weds Donna and his human bride - numbered hopefully in the billions (hoped by Donna).

Yes, this was taken from the Paris Wedding video.

Let's look at the bride - the many men (and women) who will be the bride:  (See the scriptures.) I like record #5. 5 records

Un Beau Mariage à Paris

Un métaphor d'un mariage naturel est le mariage spirituel connu avec Jésus - un jour futur dans le ciel.

Jésus t'aime tant qu'il est venu souffrir dans ta place.

A Wedding In Brazil

Our destiny is Jesus, and brides, it is a wedding and a forever intimacy with God.

It is as meaningful as the most amazing earth wedding. It is for men and women.

And it will last forever, for Jesus does not divorce. Yes, there are many codes here. Can you see them?

I Love You More

Jesus said to me, "I love you more."

The idea here - God loves us more than anybody. It is this love Jesus had - which is why he went to the cross. You are worth that much.

God expects first place in everyone's life. When we put him first, then God sets up our relationship for its balance. If we love God, we live in relationship differently. We treat one another as having an eternal destiny.

Virtue Is Beautiful Baby

We Believe in the Famous Three in One

O Tempo de Deus - Rui Nunes Toronto Canada

Igreja Novas de Alegria em Toronto Canadá - Pr. Rui Nunes.

I Am In Your Hands - Em Tuas Mãos Estou

Getting to Church

Today, we were a few minutes late to church. God and I agree I am supposed to come to church. The devil does not. Today, I warred merely to get to church. The devil does not want me to have the fellowship of a church. I am going to go through the war it took to get to church this morning.

Getting ready - not a problem.

We started the car. The car was cold. This is the second day it has been -18 degrees. Last night, it was also this cold. It is not a good night to be digging out a wheel from a snowbank. That was helpful last night. I forgot how cold it was.

Anyway, I was not driving. The car - appeared to be wanting to stall. I have not seen this car stall before in the cold. This car does not have a heater. There is no plug for it, and it never needed one. Anyway, we were having trouble getting a few blocks.

  1. I spoke to the car, and told it to come into alignment with the fact Jesus wants us to go to church. I told it to agree with taking us to church.
  2. I asked God to release angels, to come and fix the motor, and to push us through traffic on whatever icy condition we might face, and get us safely through traffic.
  3. The car died at an intersection. My husband was frustrated. He pronounced he was done, and we were going and staying home. I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Speak in tongues." I told my husband the car would start. The motor would stop stuttering, and I was going to speak in tongues all the way home, so once it started to take us home, I was not stopping. The plan was when we got home, we would watch the sermon online. I started in tongues. The motor started, stuttered as it had been, and it became smooth, as I was obedient. My husband spoke to me, and I told him, "I am speaking tongues till you get home, so you manage that, and I am talking in the spirit realm."

The car goes, and he gets us all the way home. He sees a miracle. He says, "Do you want to go? The car appears fixed." I had suggested we take a different car or stay home. I said, "I really want to praise God, so we should go." He said, "Okay, let's get back in this car and go."

We go. I have an angel set that is not getting worship. On the way to church, I say to God, "You know the devil does not want my worship to take place, or the worship of my angels who are here also to worship you. God, that's not right. I pray Lord God you would keep 3-4 songs of worship in the time slot for us, so that my angels get their opportunity to worship you, Lord God."

We went to church. There were 4 songs sung in our time there. I am not sure how late we were. I don't know. We did enjoy the sermon, and songs before it. Will you, believer, war to get to church?

God will tell you to do things to accomplish his purpose. He asked me to speak in tongues to come against the spiritual forces who were working against us. Yes, they do. They try to steal opportunity from us.

We are home, blessed, and I am thankful - for we worshipped.

God Came Near

Into the Neighbourhood

Blessed Be Your Name - Bendito Seja Teu Nome

I love the declaration at the end of this song. Beautiful!

The lyrics are sung in English and have sub-titles in Portuguese.

Here's Portuguese:

Here's some God Stories.

People are mouthing the lyrics. You see people in all status of need - and despite that need, they bless Jesus.

How About ASL?

One New Man Bridge - How Is It Different?

How is the One New Man different than how I've asked for seeds of hate, disdain, contempt, and prejudice to be overcome with love?

It's not different at all. Is is identical.

The issues between Jew and Gentile are exactly the same.

The Gentile - the Christian by name - has harmed the Jew. The social group of Christian nominal communities have harmed the Jew greatly.

God is asking for us - commanding us - to make the bridge of love to the Jew - and to receive forgiveness, and to repent for mistakes made in the past - and to make out of an earthly impossible situation and mystery of hate - to make a godly reality of love to walk upon as one new people.

How? God gave me this morning. In addition to events - historical events - God told me to have you break the dark word seeds and weeds and full thistles and plants of hate which are grown up. Spiritually weed. Ask God to remove the weeds between you, and to set up a clean bed of soil to grow the new vine upon.

God's root rot is hate. He hates hate. You are to break every word which holds the two of you apart, and then build the new vine. Grow the good word seeds, and build bridges of love in truth and deed.

This is your Kingdom mandate.


Who Is God?

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Son of Man. He's the Lamb. He's the Word of God. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is eternal - the Alpha and Omega.

That's who God is.

I met him face to face. This is his name. Sometimes, he roars like a lion.

He roars his name Yeshua HaMaschiach.

He speaks a message of truth, that he saves when we call upon his name by faith. He speaks no lie, so we are sure of his salvation.

He saves you for his kingdom.

Lead Me to the Cross - Leva-me à Cruz

One More

Just before I go

Alas Time for Bed

Or I won't make it in reasonable time to praise Jesus at church.

I want to praise Jesus in a church. That's where I want his presence to come down.

I want it to be where the body all benefit, and I want to benefit from that body experience of having Christ's presence blanket the whole group.

I have to go to sleep. I could sit and listen to this praise music for hours more. Since a few of my readers do not have that problem, continue to stay and read and listen to songs. Good night. God's peace to you.

Jesus Awe High and Lifted Up Above Man 2 records

Okay, so we are working this backwards now.

We found out that God wrote all the worship and love songs into the code.

Let's work backwards. Let's now use the codes, and make praise, love, and worship songs.

What do you think? I think we could do that. 

The Encounter

Okay, so I have this movie. I have watched it. I recommend it. Watching movies on the computer - visual quality varies. Does it work for you? I did it for enough to get familiar with the movies, and then bought them. You get the story and enjoy it here.

When Love Sees You

Here's a playlist with drama of The Story:

I need to find this movie. On this playlist, there's lots of good songs. Take an evening and enjoy this. This is a good find tonight. Yeah, God.

Heal Me and I Will Be Healed

Jesus heals us. Do you need healing? Pray this song by singing it. Stand on the scripture promises that Jesus' heals.

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Do you see the dancing? I think that is prophetic. I don't think you can be in love with Jesus, and feel the joy of his love, and not dance.

All For Love Tudo Por Amor

Clipe com legenda em inglês e português/Sub-titles are English and Portuguese.

Deeply in Love

My Heart Your Home

Reader, you may use this song to ask Jesus in your heart as your invitation prayer.

This is a worthy romantic invite. Don't you think?

Healing Is In Your Hands

Waiting Here for You

Are you willing to wait to hear God's voice? Are you willing to worship?

Multiplied Hallelujahs

I like this song. This is a good royal type of praise.

This YouTube video has the lyrics. The band is Need to Breathe. This sounds like coffee house music, don't you think?

Good Morning Vietnam

I am so glad to see you. Welcome.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Jesus' Christmas Present

As Christ carriers, we should bring this Christmas present to people: healing and salvation.

Who wants eternal life?
What wants something healed by their faith in God?

Reader, please notice Acts 10: 35 in the scripture record. Cool, eh?

Merry Christmas Prince of Life 1 record

Do you want to go back a level and see more scriptures? Take off Prince of Life, and do just the first part.

What scripture set do you get? What do you think about the scripture set?

I would like to wish my readers a Merry Christmas this year with a scripture set for Christ Meditation. The Prince of Peace was born for us. He's the Prince of Life.

Do you wish Merry Christmas to the Prince of Life? Do you greet God at Christmas? You should. When you do, he might greet you back.

Merry Christmas, Prince of Peace and Life.

How many people call Jesus the Prince of Life? This looks like an under-used name, doesn't it? He is. He is the Prince of Life.

Ask God to Sing For You 1820 records

Expect three voices singing in harmony, and expect them to sing love songs for you.

That is what they did for me.

Try it. It is proof the Trinity lives, and that they love you.

Reader, I declare right now your ears open to hear God sing for you.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

See the enormous record count? That is proof it will happen. Ask God. Ask God to sing for you.


My Love Testimony

If it seems like I walk on clouds of love in an unreal space, it is because I have Jesus.

I can hold his ideal of love, because he occupies every part of my heart.

I am delivered. I am full of Love. I am freed to love. I can stand over hell. I bring life with my words. I have the apostolic authority to speak to change earth. That's why I am careful with words.

I can live love very day because I have Jesus. 

Angel Protector

I have angel protectors. Yesterday, a sharp knife fell from the counter onto my foot. What could have happened if I did not have an angel protector would be - my toes would have been cut or cut off.

Instead, I felt the knife blade hit, with a sharp thud right on my foot, and it did not penetrate. It fell to the side.

Why? God loves my toes. He has assigned angels to protect my toes.

And I thank and praise my God for loving even my toes. Praise God.

And yes, I also thanked my heavenly friends who live here with me. I said thanks to my angel, who was carefully watching over the danger around me.

This is the "all of me" benefit. God protects my toes.

See? He does.

When I speak of God, I mean the Trinity. The three of my God - all of them love my toes.

Love Is Jesus Kingdom 43 records 1 record

Love is Jesus' kingdom. Spread Love.

Look for "is" in the puzzle. Read the scripture. That is God's word related to this. What does Holy Spirit say to you from this scripture?

Believe in Miracles for Love

I place this as Jesus' prophetic cry over Earth today. When you embrace love, you will feel love transform your interior. Your dreams come true when you find love.

Calgary Believers

As you watch God melt our roads this afternoon, also note God is working in the spirit realm to squash and kill hate where race riots are. That can be your indicator of God's power. 

Speaking Love Over Race Riots

Today, and believer, if you are living in the impacted places, join me, I speak a release of love right now over all the places in the world where there are race riots. The problems, Lord, are complex, but with love, you can bring forward both justice and peace.

Theoretically, I should not have the power, for I don't live there. However, as a scarlet cord, Jesus holds the other side of this rope, and I have the apostolic authority to speak over the whole earth. So, I am doing it. I can speak over earth.

I speak over the places where race riots are, and I speak right now, Peace. Peace. Peace.

I speak to the hate - Die hate. Die spirits of hate. Die spirits of hate.

It seems rather simple, doesn't it?

To these places, I also cry Justice and Truth. Let Justice, Truth, and Light come down. Love, come down in rivers, and bring your Kingdom to every place where there is a race riot today.

Bring the leaders of the people your 7 Spirits to give them counsel on managing the root issues which led to race riots. Right now, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Also to the people who burned down business, right now, I call you to rebuild them in a community effort and to repent for your hate. What you did is wrong. Do you see this? I call forth love in your spirit man, and that it will be expressed first with remorse, conviction, repentance, and that you will make bridges of love in your community. Release judgment and establish love.

This bible code relates to this release today: 4 records

A Cry of My Heart 5 records

I cry this prophetically, but it is specifically over the whole earth's believer network, and not just the church building, but the land, and over every believer gathering site.

I cry, "Devil, get out of church." I cry this for Jesus.

If you carry Kingdom well, and speak out to the place of your believer meeting to the devil to get out, I speak to every servant of the devil - witches and warlocks, you are going to listen to every pastor voice who cries this for Jesus. You are getting out and off God's premises. I command this for the Father now, in Jesus' name, by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Resist the anti-kingdom. 1 record

Updated Code

Read the message in the code. That is God's voice out of the codes.

Hell's Devil Mountain Is Made of Bat Guano 37 records 4 records

The devil's fortress in hell, which holds his palace/ark of all the values of hate and death is made of bat guano. Bat guano is slippery, and carries men to an interminable destiny of suffering and lostness.

Today is the day to fight hate and death. It starts by realizing what is in hell, and working backward.

In hell - that bat guano fortress is made by mankind, believers included, permitting seeds of hate, contempt, disdain, and judgment into their thoughts, words, and then deeds.

God calls you to awareness. No longer plant dirty seeds into the spiritual grounds of the earth. Stop.

See the previous post.

As far as the post, I will revisit this tomorrow for any new words God brings me.

Does 4 mean anything, for as you notice, I kept ending there?

Walking in Love

This post is about walking in love. This is the opposite of walking in a life which is controlled by seeds of contempt or hate. My reader is possibly aware of race riots in North America. I heard there were some in England too.

I am going to the root again. That's where I deal with. I deal with root rot.

We are drawing on my knowledge as a language teacher today. I studied multi-culturalism. It is like going into a language and seeing the window frames around language, and whether we know it or not, it is like a knowledge or perspective paradigm of the world. When we learn language, a lot of learners take on the other culture without any filter. I call for humanity who learn second languages to identify the paradigm they are picking up, and to evaluate whether to take it in or not. This is a godly thing to do.

For example, there is nothing wrong with participating in a Cabane à sucre. There is something wrong with celebrating sorcery. You need to develop filters which are godly when you learn other languages and cultures. That includes music culture. Take the good, and dump the bad. You can do that?

If someone gives you a Christmas gift from Costco - a gift bag or basket, you take the things you like, and you do not use the things you don't like. Yet  with music and language learning, people let in a whole bunch of things which are served with the intake, and you do not filter the things God would not want you to take in. Begin to ask God, "What do you want me to filter, Lord?"

We are going here to get to some roots of perspective containment held in culture and language. Within these areas, you have bat guano piles of untruths about other people - and we know these as spiritual fortresses which break down love between peoples. These are opinions and judgments about other people. These are limiting stereotypes upon other cultures. And you find that the worst ones go very deep, into the knowledge of what has happened to family lines backward, and which are horrible things which have been done to one another.

Do you know that I, as an English person, have been held accountable for something done in Acadia? Do you know that in Francophone culture, that there are hard feelings about the genocide against the French people who were loaded on boats with nothing, and those French people are now in Louisiana, and developed the French culture down there? I went into the French culture far enough to realize the hatred against the English people, and that this is a root of hate between our people. There needs to be repentance done for this matter. The English in our country need to repent for their harsh and very bad treatment of the French in this matter, and the French need to forgive us for our stupid actions.

I felt that hate. And is it legitimate? Yes. It is spiritually positive for mankind? No. Those who hold onto seeds of contempt and judgment do not make it to heaven.

We have some land cleansing to do, and it starts here. We have First Nations repentance to do. We have inter-racial relations to do. To overcome the race riots which are happening now, in order to walk in authority over that, we need to start at the root. Where is the root rot? What can we do to set up kingdom authority over our land? This issue impacts Canada and United States.

We need to manage thought in our mind, and in our conversation as it pertains to planting and cultivating seeds of contempt, hate, disdain, false judgment, even true judgment which is legitimate but condemns and hates, and limiting statements about one another.

God calls us now to walk in love, and to stop planting seeds of the anti-kingdom. No more bat guano. No more slippery slope to hell.

Ask God what he thinks about the limiting perspectives you hold over others? He will tell you. He will help you begin to fashion good thoughts to bring about his and your kingdom dreams.

There has to be codes on this. I am looking for codes about bat guano, and I making a new post with them. God has words in the codes for us. How do we stamp out hate, contempt, disdain, and stereotype? How do we serve up love in our everyday walk with people?

If we can carry this, we can stand on top of the race riots, and we can squash them, and call God to bring justice through his means. If we ask God for anything, as a Good Father, he brings it down. Do you trust God to bring justice? Who do you trust to bring justice? Are you listening to his heart for what is going on today? Can you do anything to release peace to these troubled areas?

Where are we at? We are at the place where we repent for historical sins of our people, and we remove the curse and sin from the land. That is so we can prophesy kingdom to the land, plant seeds of love, and grow the plant. The kingdom is like a vine, and the vinedresser is calling you to attention.

Very Icy Roads #1 Update

The roads in Calgary are horrible. They are too icy, and there are too many vehicles off the road.

I just speak to the roads, and I say melt in the Glory of God from the sunlight which we have right now.

Whatever you want to do, God, I appreciate. Would you mind melting the road ice for us? I realize it is winter, and I like the snow, but the roads are too dangerous for Calgarians. Lord God, please melt all the ice on the roads in Calgary this afternoon. Give us a blazing hot sun, and let it melt all the dangerous places. That includes where people need to walk on sidewalks too.

I praise you and thank you Father, for you are a generous and kind daddy.

In Jesus' name, Amen

How Did God Answer

All the city snow on the streets did not melt. The traffic in Calgary this evening - I think was peaceful. I did not see active accidents, or many people who had just got stuck. This evening, I saw three vehicles with tape to the side (old incidents?). God does not always answer the way we ask. He does what he wants, but he does respond. He answers his way.

I did notice less ice on the roads. There were still some icy places, but traffic was moving without problems.

I do not want to paint for folks that God does exactly what I say, for I say what is on my heart. And then God does exactly what he wants. He always does good for me.

In this prayer thing, you are working with God, so ask, and see what God does. It may not be exactly what you ask, but you are not in control, and he is, and he does respond. It is like a divine telephone call exchange, and things are adjusting as you go.

I am going to tell you about two things which happened which were cool. It is because I have angels I thought to ask. On the way to our destination, we were stuck driving on a route with an icy hill upward. Yes, we have winter tires, but the hill was still formidable. I asked our angels to push the car up the icy hill. We drove up a long icy hill successfully. It felt like we had a push. I say success.

Second one. My husband pulled over to the side in a snowbank. You know, you do these things sometimes. What could happen is you need to get out, and dig out your wheel to get out. And we did not have a shovel. We had begun to spin, and he was stuck, and I prayed, and asked for help, and then asked my angels for a push out of the snow, and presto, we were out of the snow.

For the Children

When I saw the Father's face, I saw babies. In addition to that, I have visions of children.

So a believer friend has given me an idea of what to do with this.

She suggested going to websites for orphans and prophesying over their lives.

Do you support a child monthly? I do. Prophesy good over their lives.

Parents, teachers - you can do this for children in your sphere of influence, and as a Son or Daughter of God, you can call God's good forward.

At the same time, break every negative or controlling or limiting word off their lives, both those spoken to them, and behind their back or out of their ear, so that the enemy's control over their destiny is removed completely. Call them to a worthy and wonderful destiny, and that they will complete it.

Teachers, you can do this for you class roll lists.

What a wonderful idea to do with visions for children, right?

Friday, November 28, 2014

For Weeks This Has Been Burning

Okay, so this is a tip on the repentance that needs to be done. After taking Jericho, a disobedient family stole an expensive garment and silver, and hid it under their tent. In order to make repentance, and stop God from carrying out judgment, they took the family, and all their stuff and burned them. I think of this scripture. What happens with a few affects the whole flock.

Now, what I suggest you do - pastors - for you are the lead on your flock - you are going before God, and you start by repenting on behalf of your flock. Afterward, then, God will direct you on how to war - both in the pulpit and in prayer to fix this.

Being a prophet is about helping save sheep. I really hope this helps.

Ask Holy Spirit to bring to light the places where God has been rejected or not listened to. I am expanding this to the whole church, for as a prophet, it is like he has me in a crucible, and it has a larger prophetic impact. This is a time for us to enable God's voice. Acknowledge God in all his ways.

One of the end time things - God does bring plague, and there will be sorrow. Those who are truly disobedient and unrepentant in heart - do receive judgment. Those who are willing to bow to God's ways are safe. Try to keep your eyes fixed on God, even when it seems like people are dying. Instead, like in the Old Testament, ask God what is happening. Yes, God will judge those who hate. You are going after bringing back those who are not full of pride, and are willing to listen to God's appeal.

Where I Need to Grow - Do You Need to Grow Here

I need to grow in something. I learned from Paul Keith Davis that God wants us to go into the heavens and contend for change.

I have done some contending. I have gone to court, and in prayer, I have spoken for change. I argued for change, and presented my reasons why there needed to be changes.

You know how people have areas of their life where they are dissatisfied, or where unfair things have been done. Well, rather than praying weakly, or petitioning God over and over, as if they were not sons, instead God has us go to court by faith, and you present before heaven's courts, and it is witnessed by the heavenly population, and you appeal for change.

You can do just individual court. You can go and champion everyone who is in the same circumstance as you. That is a bigger wop on the enemy.

There's things I should take to court. That is my area of growth to the end of the year.

As a son or daughter of the king, you have access to this court. Make use of it. It goes along with the scripture to come boldly before the throne, and contend for change.

Some of you should be doing this now. Make a list. What needs change. And yes, you are engaging in prophetic acts by doing this. That's because Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. His apostles act in this realm.

It personally benefits you. It corporately benefits you. It benefits your lands and nations. Develop your heavenly voice. Use it.

The Bridal Apostle Story

The Tribulation period for bridal apostles is about walking in apostolic authority, and having success, getting closer and closer to Jesus, until she - the bride - is raptured. (The bride is a group of believers who are all in.)

The bride of Christ walks on top of mountains, overcoming the enemy, and every storm thrown the way of the bride.

This is a different story, than the doom and gloom. There is a Disney happily ever after story in the middle of the Tribulation. Bizarre and wonderful, isn't it?

This Happened Recently

I am the witness.

The 7th seal is related to this.

The scripture is relevant. I can't bring it down. The number 4 may be relevant. Find out what it means.



I will do another set of the 7 tomorrow.

This is kind of draining, for the dread of the seals is upon me.

I am letting this go for today, and I will do it in parts.

Seventh Seal Silence

Impending judgment in silence for what is going to come.

This judgment - is for the believer mute.

You were ashamed of Jesus, and because of this, hell won many occupants to its living space.

You were mute. This is God's grievance.

In the second code, as you see it is larger, you can sculpt out more information.

The other ones have grievances too, but Holy Spirit has not given me them yet.

You also muted the prophet's voice. It is the prophet's voice which calls heaven down. It is a voice of faith which keeps God's heaven stream coming down, and you silenced God's voice in the prophets.

You lose in the war, because you would not hear or permit the prophet to speak. Whose voice did you silence? God's. You fired God.

You made God mad.

There will be a similar method to pulling out data on the other seals. Over time, I will revisit these, and see what more I can pull.

Sixth Seal War in the Stars

How to War in the Spirit

Example: This may have been Heidi's boat mechanic. Africa. Bobby, if this is yours, forgive me. I will ask some friend if they recall this, and if it is yours. Then, I will tidy this up.

Two believers are praying tongues around a fire. It is another country. A witch flying overhead falls in the natural flesh through the roof and onto the fire in the middle of their house/dwelling. Their trip was messed up by the believers speaking tongues. They land in fire.

This is what I am talking about. War in the spirit. Hell's forces are taken down in the spirit.

What the Sixth Seal War Is About

The cosmic surrounding of earth is going crazy, and people will be wondering what is going on. Everything is stirred up, and the heavens are darkened. What is the spiritual equivalent of the 1/3 stars falling? I hope it means God takes out 1/3 of hell's forces out of heaven, and they are knocked to the planet. You then have them to contend with on the planet, but part of this is God sets order in the heaven. That's what I think.

More reflection: How long does it take current ships to fly from earth to the fireflies? Has anyone found the two cities? How many can go, or do you send a representative population? How will God use ships, or can he just walk people through a port? I am just wondering. I am operating on a mystery realm here. I don't know. I just ask questions, and keep hacking.

Can this be a plan? Please test these codes in other languages and in your own software. Is there a timing of the sixth seal and an exodus?

Fifth Seal Not Happy Day

This does not apply to the remnant or the bride. They are already faithful now. They would die for Jesus now.

This particular judgment is a positive opportunity to all those who would not give up their sin before judgment came to stand for Jesus, and show their faithfulness later.

Jesus does a rapture. His bride goes. The rest of those who won't repent - they are given this chance then to be devoted under duress. I say that its too bad it takes that. It is still honorable. However, it is going to be really tough, but can be done by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I think God sends back pastors and some people he designates to go through it, and these are pure, for God needs some models of good martyrdom. Does that make sense? Or he raises up strong people in that last moment. The leadership demonstrated in that moment is going to bring hundreds, if not thousands through to Jesus.

Fourth Seal For One Way Only

Third Seal Code

This seal does not release things in the puzzle. I am setting it aside, till I get more.

It brings forward the scripture.

To get more, I would look at the word black horse in Hebrew.

Second Seal Code

God cries, "You don't listen!"

God is calling his church into obedience.

It includes kicking hate and murder out. You could try the word "murder" for "death" in this code if you want to. This is not a church discipline thing, where the pastor has to go and personally kick out every person who has an evil spirit in them.

It means they are to establish healing options into their program, to use spiritual authority to get the devil out of church. It is lack of obedience which brings on this judgment. And yes, it is first directed to churches. They are the ones who are supposed to have brought down the kingdom, but they were stubborn, proud, and disobedient.

There's more. That's all I plan to filter for today. 

One Grievance 2 records

There's people at church who don't believe Jesus is God. If they did, they would not have secret sin.

The two matters are connected.

Head knowledge has not become experiential knowledge or heart knowledge.

Or some big assumptions about God and who he is have been made.

The Good Wife Training

I am not extensively using The Good Wife for posts here.

However, the Holy Spirit has used the series to set up an understanding of a legal battle in Revelations.

The Tribulation is a kind of court case, where God argues with the church about her misbehaviour, lays out his grievances, and his punishments.

The Tribulation is about God having enough, and it is mostly with the church.

The devil is a tool. Yes, there's a sub-plot, but the actual story is about God requiring faithfulness from his bride, and requiring obedience from the church. 1 record

Is Walid a Prophet?

I tried Walid in the codes. His name did not come up, however, if you take what he teaches, I expect that will. I did not try his first name alone. Try that with prophet. Walid prophet. 7 scriptures - Interesting, isn't it?

It may seem weird, but all of the theories of end times all fit together like a puzzle. They all merge into one.

Walid's material is extremely relevant. If you are wondering, I've been saturated in 30-40 hours of his material. Check it out. This is for my reader now.

God's Grievances

Today, I am setting up the codes for the bowls, trumpets, and seals.

Yesterday, I realized each one ties to a scripture.

After you find the scripture, you must notice a semantic trend.

Then, you need a personal prophetic lens or voice to read you what God's grievance is related to the passage.

If I set the groundwork up, someone else later can tie it up.

Every one is somehow tied to a grievance God lays on the table. That's what I think this morning.

Whose Is She

This is my morning vision.

The Spirit said to Truth, "Whose is she?"

Truth said, "She's mine."

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Decoded First Seal

Go to that post.

God's Going After Hate

So I have to give up this other issue which is really bad, but I am still dealing with. I am not even ready to explain it to you. I had exposure to the danger of the issue by knowing people in deliverance. The issue is Martial Arts. I had to repent. Yes, I participated.

I've been researching the godly version. I've been wondering what the Israelis do as combat training. I've been wondering if God redeems the training. As you can imagine, this one is not fixed for me here. If God is coming after hate seriously in the church, I also have to release this.

I know that Martial Arts is a stolen glory of something. Is it letting angels fight for us? Is it Holy Spirit coming on us, and fighting for us? I don't know. Seek this out. I don't have the answer. I highlight the problem, and I don't have the solution.

Prophets, prophet-preachers, please seek God for me. You see I have come some distance in understanding this matter of letting God to the protecting. He gave me angel bodyguards. I get it a bit now.

This is an area Jesus is shining light on and he wants purification. It is not about being totally passive either, for God has plans to defend lands.

God Judges the Church

If judgment is coming, direct repentance.

The rest I hear, but can't fit in the browser is: hearts not turned warned.

Now is the time to get this out of the church.

I can confirm to you the day I left church, in my spirit, I knew God was going to bring judgment, for it was not just me rejected, but I was sent to test the love of the church, and Jesus, the Father, and Holy Spirit were rejected, not just me. I felt like something walked in the door of the church as I walked out. I knew it was a matter of time. I just did not know when. It's now. God has dealt with me. Now, he is dealing with the church.

I interceded for the church today. I prayed that God by his power and by his spirit, that he would bring about conviction of sinful attitudes. I asked him to do some God level things to bring the change that needs to be done. I prayed for a separation of evil and good. I prayed for more than this, but at this time, these are what I remember. Hebrews 13. Romans 12. These chapters of the bible were prayers today.


There Should Not Be Hate at Church 34 records 13 records 1 record 1 record 1 record 3 records

Look for "be" and "at" in the code.

I'm really think there needs to be a base level reform, and you need to stamp out hate. Today, I am speaking from my gut, but my gut is right. Fundamentally, what has hate got to do with church?

I'm crying out to pastors to meditate on this matter, and ask Holy Spirit what to do. I tell you the truth that I met Hate at church. I should not be meeting these Spirits at church. Holy Spirit, what should be done? This is where root rot comes from. Eradicate hate. I should be clear. I was shamed at church. The spirits I met were: Shame, Condemnation, Murder, Witchcraft, and Hate. These are the spirits you must deal with.

When I walk into church, I should feel like I walked into heaven - home - or at least God's home here. Does that make sense? With this, I am going to close on this topic. I have brought the matter to the church this way. Now, I entrust the matter of dealing with this to you. I don't have to do any more, because you are going to take care of it.

This post stays up, for I think God has a desire to cleanse the church. Pastors, focus on bringing love to church. What does that look like? Church, I forgive you. I've had some healing. I still carry pain and trauma. The heart arrow is gone, and the heart scar tissue is removed. My heart is healed. 

Hang Onto Prophetic Words Loosely

Pastor Kimberley taught last night.

In the teaching on prophetic words, we were told to hold to our prophetic words loosely in our hand.

And we are to hang onto scripture tightly. The scripture takes priority always. You will notice in prophecy that prophets often speak scripture over one another. This is a good practice.

We keep our words, and remember them, but we keep going to God in scripture for his verification, and continued revelation from scripture. God does bring more out of scripture. I find that. Look at all the scripture I find which extends everything I learn.

As the pastor, she welcomed the voice of God the prophet to the house, and as a Son of God, she shut down every voice from the enemy. Then, she set up activities for the people in the house to prophesy to one another.

God's voice did not stop with scripture. He's alive. He's alive and he speaks through us.

She made a great point, and one that was echoed by the one who wrote Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.

With our God stories, even if all the bibles in the world were destroyed, by rebuilding our God stories, we should be able as believers to reconstruct a basis of knowing our God. If we put all our God stories together, we would have a new bible, which reflected God perfectly. That is because we are the living church, and we have a living God, and he speaks and demonstrates his amazing qualities in our lives. All that is to be known is organically experienced in the church today.

What do you think about that? Today, God speaks. That has to be in the codes.

God Saved My Uncle Fighter Ace

I have not asked God to show me my Uncle Harry in vision, but the fact he took care of my uncle in the Second World War, that is found in the bible codes. Uncle Harry is my grandfather Niccoll's brother. He is with Jesus.

He was lost in the war, but God picked my lost uncle up for eternity.

When you look at lost soldiers, the best thing that could happen is God picked them up.

This is why war-time initiatives to spread the love of God to men who are about to die is really important.

Is that now?

By the way, First Alliance Church did a WWII initiative, and my uncle was around (I don't know exactly where he waited), and I am proud of that very lovely act. That was a spirit led individual who leaned into that. And all of us have a few more lost soldier family members in heaven, because of their outreach.

Did Jesus Get My Friend?

We Dance

Amazing Grace

You Raise Me Up

My Hiding Place

This is a perfect praise opera song.

Out of Your Hands

I like this. The words are sweet.

Selalu Menyembahmu Be With You

This is a Singapore derived praise song. The lyrics are here in English. It is a pretty song.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tonight's Worship

Tonight, we had encounter and listening to God's voice assisted by our minister. Then, we prophesied. The evening started with 75 minutes of praise.

I had some great encounter. I had a group hug with the Trinity. Father God pulled me up on his hip like a little girl, and the three of my God pressed in for one great group hug. Have you hugged the Trinity. You should.

It Is Well

A girlfriend recommended this tonight. Have we heard this before? Oh well. This is about examining the well of our soul.

Let's not stop there. Here is an album: You Make Me Brave playlist.

Cool Stuff

You guys are reading the coolest stuff on the blog.

The manifestations of God are the coolest.


I'm safe.

Proverbs 9 Where's Lady Wisdom?

Proverbs 9: 1-6 Passion Translation: Lady Wisdom

I researched the bride of Jesus, throughout the visions, and accounts of heaven. It was not that I knew it was me. It was a mystery I was seeking out. As a result, I had picked out the traits of who Jesus' bride would be, when he would get married. I figured out for myself that Jesus wife - his Eve - would be Lady Wisdom or the spirit of Wisdom as she is portrayed in the bible. Later, I saw her throughout the Apocrypha. Now, I come again to the Passion Translation for a reading of Proverbs.

I read Proverbs 9: 1-6 of the Passion Translation. I've lived this in my spirit.

This passage bears resemblances to my spirit man activities. There's a palace. I did not count them, but there are pillars around the dance floor. There's a kitchen, where a big feast is being prepared for the wedding. And I have already invited people to come.

Do you have this? If Jesus is Wisdom, am I lady Wisdom? 7 records 3 records 1 record 1 record 1 record

Lady Wisdom
Lady Wisdom Lives Here

Why it is important. I had identified wisdom as Jesus' spiritual match - the female Wisdom in the bible, and in various visions and NDE encounters. I had done this early in my research.

As Jesus match, this would be me. God put this perfect match for Jesus - this spirit who is his match in heaven - as part of me when I was born.

I did not just get it. I have always had it. This is why when I would read of her, I felt like I knew her. God set me up. Perfectly. When you read of this heavenly spirit wisdom, you see she occupies heaven. That is me, or the heaven version of me. I do identify more today with heaven than earth. There, I feel like a perfect fit.

We have a clear view of my destiny here. Every day, I would ask the Father to take me two steps closer to my destiny. The day I walked through the portal to Jesus, I took all the steps closer to my destiny, for my destiny always was Jesus.

My estimation of the world family and our chances is why I have been very sad. There's other reasons too. There needs to be authentic and unadulterated love in the world. There needs to be love at all levels of society.

Would you like to try a few codes? Try families. Try marriages. Try women. Try children. Try parents.

Love is essential. That's a code too. 1 record

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If You're the Sun/Son, I Wanna Be the Moon 24 records 2 records

If you love Jesus, show it. Show it to him. Show it by loving others. The scripture is relevant.

Love Essential

Kill Me With Your Love

Shoot me with your gun. That's what she told me. Kill me with your love.

Each statement has a spiritual equal. Take the negative, and make a positive.

Everything here can have a spiritual solution. Let's see one. (7 records)

Instead of bringing hate, bring love. The scripture set is relevant.

When Jesus walks your hall, and you grab him, do it for love. He's already been grabbed by hate.

God's Currency is Love

Love is God's money.

Let your heart's bank be full of love. God does not use money persay, but his currency is love.

His transactions he has done for you are love in action.

Even when you spend and use money, let love be the higher exchange in all you do - related to any financial or human transaction.

Why the Rebuke

To belong to God, and to be in relationship with him, that means he corrects you. To be able to receive that correction indicates you belong to him, and he is bringing you closer to him with the rebuke.

Respond appropriately to the rebuke.

Each person individually accounts for his deed. Pastors do not have to take on undue remorse for the status of their flock upon themselves. You can be sad with me, and pray for change. Do not carry a burden which is too big. Jesus needs to carry this one.

Where Is Love? 2 records  6 records

The Son of God and Man loves me. He is Love.

I am encircled in a castle and wall of cedar boards of the Trinity.

The Father, the Son, and the Spirit love me.

What confuses me is that as Jesus' Wife, I can't find love in people's eyes at church.

That is some manner of natural mystery, for it is not a mystery of God.

When I come to your church, I am looking for Love. I am looking for an ability to see that you too are a mirror of God. I should see a reflection of Jesus' nature in you.

The Surprised Occupants of Hell

All these church goers end up in hell, and they are going, "Why am I here?"

Why? These church goers had no love.

What part of the bible - does not contain a message of love?

To have received Jesus as your saviour includes having a heart of love.

You do not remain a grinch. You open your heart for love.

I Have Been Very Sad

I go to many churches, so for right now, we are not naming or profiling one. Okay. I am not accusing. I am not shaming anyone. I am pointing out a problem.

God has pointed out to me a few places where I can find love. My problem is that there are churches that don't have love.

I want to meet love at church. I know who he is, what his face is like, how he talks, and his gestures and acceptance. However, I have not seen him in some churches.

It is my deepest desire to find Jesus at church. Does your church carry the face and words and gestures of Jesus in it? Consider this. I ought to be loved when I walk in the doors of a church and not hated. Why then have I encountered hate at church?

Jesus says, "Where is love? My house must have love! If love is not at church, then where would it be?"

Start with your focus on the transformation of your church to have a heart of love, before you move to transforming your city. Love must be in your hearts, in order to pour it out to others.