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Raise the Dead 2 records

Listen to Holy Spirit, and raise the dead using your authority as a Son of God.

God says to use tongues for this.

This correlates to a previous story I told you of.

This is Holy Spirit's crash course.

Yes, Church, Jesus says to start raising the dead, as part of your testimony.

Managing the Birds 12 records

Yes, you can manage the birds with spiritual warfare. I do it.

You don't need to manage many birds, but the ones that demonstrate the nature which requires it.

How are the birds around your house? Manage them with the authority of your position as a Son of God.

For large groups of birds, call for an angel.

Application: You've been set somewhere for birds to damage you. Speak to them. Take authority over them. And it need not be with your vocal cords, for you have an active spirit voice, and you can speak into the spirit realm as easily with that voice, as with the one you use to talk with. This is the Son of God's lion roar. Birds hear in that realm. What I mean is their spirits - the ones occupying them do. Those can hear the Son of God lion roar. You can also take authority over insects. Do whatever you need.

God Gives Makeovers 11 records

I am under construction, and God is making me over. He's doing a good job.

Who Loves Jesus

Refresh Again

The second last post.

The Review of Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls

In the study of the seals, trumpets, and bowls, I examined the number 6 in Hebrew terms. In there, I discovered, we have to fix our lens on God, and not control and manipulate him.

We do not apply witchcraft in the believer body set, and that includes church, our perspective of God, our management of people, and how we pray. We do not imprison God in a witchcraft cube, for he is not imprisoned, but we are. God wants out of the box you have made for him.

I am showing you here some of the issues as to why there is a Tribulation. It's our incorrect perspective of God, ourselves, and others. How can we be close to God, when we spend all our time framing him, imprisoning him, and controlling him?

God wants to be known today for all he is said to be in his Word. He wants to be known as a today wonder working God, and not one of 2000 years ago. He wants a wildfire of a different kind on the earth, and for it to be of awe and belief in his true nature.

When we approach the Word of God, many of us apply our own opinion to what it says. If you can identify your prejudice, you can break it. God wants to be known as the God of great works, and not one of, "Oh, that was done once here in the 60s."

When you do deliverance, did you know healing comes with it? It does. When you merely heal someone, and you do not help them through the repentance process and kicking out of the demonic, you are leaving them in a place where they could potentially get it back. When you deliver them, and then heal them, and seal the work, you have done your job. You do not want the situation returning if you can help it.

That said, rules do not always work, for sometimes, God performs the healing as an awakening of knowledge to his power and Greatness, and then, a person seeks him, and finds him.

As long as we have a demonic influence on us, from having not gone through repentance, we have dark lenses on, and we do not accomplish our best for kingdom. We do not see God in all his glory.

Every believer should be an expert on deliverance. We have a God that delivers people. That's the whole Red Sea thing. That's what it means practically. It means he delivers us from slavery to sin, to illness, to bullies, to the outcome of death and hell. That's the point. If we don't transfer this understanding to our life, we have appropriated little.

Anyway, part of the issue is mindsets. God does not want a compromised mindset applied to him when you read the Word of God. He does not want to be viewed through a tiny scope of hope. He wants to be the burning Tree of Life in your center view. He wants to impress you, and leave a forever impression.

We need to let God be God. Let him be all that you read. Find out how impressive he is. How we stop this error of framing God in natural and experience and stronghold lenses is to ask Holy Spirit to open up our view, and to hear and see in the Spirit. This is part of our answer. When our senses are opened up, we become impressed. Here's a couple troubleshooting steps: 1. Read God's word and talk to him. 2. Get baptized. 3. Get baptized in the Holy Spirit. 4. Hang out with believers. 5. Share testimonies of what God has done among the body.

He has not changed. He performs miracles, and he answers prayers. There's a bunch of people who are hung up on proving miracles. I do street prayers for people. I've been asked, "How do you know for sure they are healed?" I told this person, "I don't check up on God. I just do what he told me to." As soon as you are stepping into checking up on God, you just lost your footing with him. Those around you who all want to run quality check on the Divine, the Divine gets upset. Yes, God has brought me affirmations that his healing has worked, through meeting people later, but it is not my habit to question God's authority, ability to heal, or anything. I do not have a witchcraft lens on God. I just do whatever he tells me to do, and he manages the wake. If a person stops, and has to quality check every miracle, this is a bad lens. It is good to report it, for this is what Jesus has everyone do in the gospels. Report it. Tell someone. I am not the one who stops to quality check my God. I see him, and I hear him all the time, and I know I hear his voice when he tells me to stop, and apply compassion to someone in my road.

Let's turn our focus to church. The church management of the gifts of the Spirit need attention. Ways must be built in to include the voice of the prophets. Make some. A word should not be 30 minutes, or a word should be distrubuted as a paper to everyone. A word - make a common sense rule up. Share for 5 minutes. I am asking for church leaders to think about how to be bridge into bringing in the Divine evidence of the fact God speaks today. He spoke in his word. He also speaks to us today. Words have miraculous impacts on people, shaping their destiny. In my case, God has built 7-8 layers of messages in 1 word. It might be 5 minutes to you, but to God it is 35 minutes, for he has said many things in one message.

Make room for God in church. Readers, Foothills Alliance did this recently. I was at the service. They did make room for God to move in the service, and this is right. You don't have to make this the every week routine, but you follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit all the time, and you do what he says. If you follow what he says, and you do not live and make decisions only from the natural, you are on the right path.

It is a good idea to teach how to accept or not accept a word, for some have been damaged by a bad word. Teach people how to recieve them, or not. Just because 1 person is harmed, this is no reason to stop, for God's glory ought to be revealed to the body. God is not contained by one person's feelings, or lack of forgiveness, or need to be validated in their opinion, which may not be God's.

Church is less about people management, and more about family. The more control is applied to a church body member, and let's understand that there are degrees, the more the church has stepped into being witches, and not Sons of God (those who were doing the controlling). This does not mean don't pay attention to people, but seek heavenly wisdom in how you treat people. Many have been not hearing God, or seeking him, and have done what they think is best, and they have acted without any godly guidance. They have acted from their place in their stronghold.

It is possible to rise above every situation, and to come toward a godly approach to it. We are ambassadors of God in all we do: our words, our actions, and our ways.

I wrote a lengthy post here once on email. Email needs to be evaluated church wide. You need to figure out heavenly approaches to email. You need to get rid of control and manipulaton from your email. Some of you have been in work contexts. Email controls people in work contexts, and gets them to do what you want them to do, until you are tired of them, or they fulfilled your need, and you get rid of them. It is highly layered with witchcraft. Believers need to revisit everything about email, and treat receivers as Sons of God. I am not reposting that, but I am leaving churches with a question: "Holy Spirit, how do you want us to manage email?" Honor people with your words.

When we pray, many of the church have devised wording formulas, and God wants intimacy, and not formulas of any kind. Know God heart to heart. Once I had thought I was pregnant, and when I was not, I kept asking Jesus when it was going to happen. He turned to me, and though he was kind, what he said was, "Donna, don't nag. Stop and let me fulfill this my way." Yes, I had exposure to a promise, and though I recieved a perspective, I wanted God to make it happen my way. God had other ideas. Any of us who take what we think is best, and we try to put it on God, he rejects, for this is witchcraft, control, and manipulation, and Jesus was nice to me, but very firm. This is a problem for how we pray. I stopped by the way. I repented. I let it drop, and let God reveal his plans further to me as he chose to, and not according to my schedule of how God ought to do it. Don't nag God when you pray, or try to control him. Don't use a prayer formula, instead of your faith and intimacy with him. Rely less on your words, and more on his name and power. Have faith he knows his timing and what he's doing. Then recognize what he does as he does it. Honor him with your words, and speak it out. Don't control who is allowed to tell it, but give honor to God everywhere where people have heard of it. This desire to control who tells it is also a form of witchcraft. Overcome it.

We have a very small perspective yet of our own value, and the value of others around us at church. However, in my recent experience at church, this is being overcome. This is an area of progress. There's a gain here, at least what I have seen, and this we should celebrate and mimic.

We all have an opportunity to make lasting impacts for kingdom. It's amazing. It can transform the spiritual landscape of earth. It starts with our own heart, and works outward. It transforms family, when we recognize who we are in God's kingdom, related to Jesus, and we start working his outcomes in our life. God changes families, and when he has done that, he works outward to community, and then cities.

God has great plans for mankind. It does include dumping the spirit of witchcraft which has been in church, and in its place bring the Holy Spirit. God's controversy with the church is about sorcery in the church, and its grip on framing God as small - small in his ability to save, and small in his desire for relationship.

I have outlined my thoughts. Now, I ask Holy Spirit to blow on these words, and not that you have to take them all, for you don't. Take only those here which Holy Spirit blows on to bring his kingdom down in your life, and your family, and your church.

Husbands, if you control your wife, or manage her financially or socially, you need to opt for freedom, and let her work under your favor.

What I have accomplished here - I have identified Sorcery, and we are going to kick it's butt. We see its ugly head, and we are kicking it out of our Kingdom.

Warm regards, Herself

Here's a code:

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:7
Moreover he must have good testimony from them that are without lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:8
Deacons in like manner [must be] grave, not double-tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:9
holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:10
And let these also first be proved then let them serve as deacons, if they be blameless.

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:11
Women in like manner [must be] grave, not slanderers, temperate, faithful in all things.

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:12
Let deacons be husbands of one wife, ruling [their] children and their own houses well.

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:13
For they that have served well as deacons gain to themselves a good standing, and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:14
These things write I unto thee, hoping to come unto thee shortly

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:15
but if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how men ought to behave themselves in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3:16
And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness He who was manifested in the flesh, Justified in the spirit, Seen of angels, Preached among the nations, Believed on in the world, Received up in glory.

Will Jesus Shepherd Me While I Sleep?

Yes. If you want Jesus' arms around you when you sleep, you just have to ask. He does this for all he protects. The determiner is: Are you his sheep? How do you know you are his sheep?

1. Ask Jesus to come in your heart, and to forgive you of your sins, and be your Lord.
2. Get baptized and follow in the Way. 6 records

He will protect your dreams. He can protect you spiritually. He can shield you from attack.

From this record set, I choose this:

What Jesus accomplished by dying was this placement as our protectorate. That's why he went through the Garden of Gethsemane, his grief, and then his cross experience. He did it to win the battle. By you calling upon him, even to protect you, and trust him for it, this is glorifying to God. Do you see this?

It is time to glorify Jesus' name again, and cast out the prince of the world. As we lift Jesus up, as lights, we are going to draw the people of earth toward him, and a great light and thundering will happen in the heavens.

We honor Jesus first personally, and the light in our own heart spreads. Cast out unbelief. Experience Jesus personally.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:28
Father, glorify thy name. There came therefore a voice out of heaven, [saying], I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:29
The multitude therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it had thundered others said, An angel hath spoken to him.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:30
Jesus answered and said, This voice hath not come for my sake, but for your sakes.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:31
Now is the judgment of this world now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:32
And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:33
But this he said, signifying by what manner of death he should die.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:34
The multitude therefore answered him, We have heard out of the law that the Christ abideth for ever and how sayest thou, The Son of man must be lifted up? who is this Son of man?

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:35
Jesus therefore said unto them, Yet a little while is the light among you. Walk while ye have the light, that darkness overtake you not and he that walketh in the darkness knoweth not whither he goeth.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:36
While ye have the light, believe on the light, that ye may become sons of light. These things spake Jesus, and he departed and hid himself from them.

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:37
But though he had done so many signs before them, yet they believed not on him

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:38
that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, which he spake, Lord, who hath believed our report? And to whom hath the arm of the Lord been revealed?

The Gospel According to Saint John 12:39
For this cause they could not believe, for that Isaiah said again,


I am done there for now.

The Hell Cube

When I was in my thirties, I had a very bad dream, but it appears it was revelation. This morning, I was not given a repeat of the dream today, for I was in Jesus' arms while I slept, but I was reminded. I am not approaching this dream from a position of dread today, but as not having a part in this place, but exposing it. In speaking of the dream, I had dread then, in the context of being there. (This place is a place in hell.)

I am not comfortable going through the whole of the dream, but I am telling you about parts of it, since it is here. This place is the stolen glory equivalent of what God's future city is supposed to be.

It was like a cement cube prison underground. It had an elevator. The elevator went down, like all the spy movies. I recall having a guide with me, but when I went in, the entire time I was there, a question was on my mind, "Am I going to get out? Will I get out? Can I get out? Am I going to stay?"

By guide, I had a person tour guide, but I did not have a clear idea in the dream of this being an angel, for certainly, I would have not held dread in my heart if I had known I was with Jesus or an angel. I had a tour guide for hell.

There was a main hall on the left, a solid wall I recall on my right, and many halls going down to the right. I went from hall to hall, and there were people on the two sides of the hall.

There were varying degrees of torment, and the deeper it went, the worse it was. Remember, I saw people in these places. These people were all in torment, suffering, crying out for release, or some of them were aware, but in frozen positions, but aware. I am a person with deep compassion, such that when I see one's face in sadness, my tears roll. It is not my style not to cry, when I feel the pain of those I see. At this moment, I would have to say, I could not complete such a tour without weeping all the way through it.

The place had storage compartments, and it was for people. It was like it had lockers, small prisons, and people were in all of them. In the ones in the base floor of the place, for I was taken to the bottom floor, the fires within the lockers were exceedingly great, and the screaming in the place was a huge din of horror. People were standing in the lockers, and there were doors firmly locked, like the type of an oven.

People were alive in there, and they had no hope of leaving. Their spirits rather were alive in there, and they had no hope of leaving, for the hell prison was around them, and its witchcraft nature of manipulation and control had closed in upon them. I was not in a position to help them. I did not talk to them, but I cried with them. The guide did explain to me that the levels had varying degrees of punishment and pain. The deeper, the worse it got.

The halls which led to this were surprisingly like a clean commercial space (like stainless steel), and even as one were led to the compartment, they would have no clue they were getting put inside, and left there forever. It looked very hospital like or efficient, with clean floors, and (yellow) lit halls. As I looked inside the first locker, my own horror screamed when I saw the person inside, who was crying to get out, and suffering in there. It was at this moment, I realized the diabolical nature of this place I was touring.

As I finally left this building in my dream, and I got out of sleep, I can remember a relief that cried out, and said, "Thank God, you never left me there, God." Dreams like this take a few weeks to wear off. You don't really forget them, for they sit in the horror part of your spirit, which gets tweaked, of course, whenever you watch nightmare shows. They rest there to torment you, for they are arrows lodged by the enemy to destabelize (check spelling) us in our identity. I wonder if, in deliverance, we should wipe these dreams out. Unless you are a prophet, and you are meant to expose the strategy of the enemy, what good are these to the human spirit?

I don't remember the number of floors. There were many many floors going downward, and I remember descending in the elevator, going through the building toward its base and my spirit sinking lower and lower, with my own self crying out inside, "Get me out of here."

We used the elevator in transitions between the floors. The deeper the floor, the worse the fire, the worse the screams. It was like the storage compartments were sound silenced, but even with that, there was a din of human voices screaming inside.

Those on the bottom floor were among those who sinned in great measure on earth, and who held no remorse in their actions and motives. I understood they had accomplished evil, but I was unable to process the fear, pain, trembling, voices, and fingers scratching the interiors of the lockers, and the window to their door. Each locker had a window, and you could see them inside the window, and my heart broke seeing the first one, and just kept shattering into smaller and smaller pieces as witnessed this horror to humanity.

In that place, and I am just giving you an estimate, I saw about 10,000 people in a condition of fire and torture in their prison.

Yeah, I do not like horror movies. I hate them. I've seen horror, and I have had enough. Why would people celebrate horror, when there's horror in hell? Why would you do the devil's thinking for him, so he can create these places? God forbid the entry of more people into this place, and by this God forbid, I say, "Believer, speak up."

In this place, I had compassion for the most evil man, for the great weeping of his soul/spirit.

Where does this leave us? Well, there's some very evil people right now in this world, and we should pray for the whole span of mankind as our human family, even those that are completely blind to this process, for the devil just has them cornered in his spider web, and is planning to take them down to his own version of the hoped for city of God, but his city is inglorious, and full of horror.

Every hope God has offered mankind has been twisted to the devil's dilemma of what he can do with sin, and mankind, you do not want to be there.

Now, this evokes a great deal of pain for me, and right now, Lord God, lift it from me, for I have done your bidding. In Jesus' name, Amen.

One more thing, and sometimes these afterthoughts are provoking. We create hellfire in the spirit realm on earth with the lack of control of our tongue. We stop something similar here when we don't gossip. We can do something to help God here, and stop the fire here, and all we have to do is ask God for help in measuring our words as we speak them.

Also consider some of these elements of exposure to what the enemy does to us. This is why I see the spiritual war. I see a war to bring God's kids home. And I don't want to just bring them home in dishonor, but having developed confidence, and victory, so they can walk on the devil like I do.

The devil does his best to destroy our identity. There's a good post here, and many of you are reading it. Let's go there:

Remember, you are bought and paid for with the high price of Jesus' blood and his work finished on the cross. You now stand in a place of victory, if you have accepted Jesus as your Lord, and you have followed in the Way. If the devil comes to spar, you put him in his place, and you see, you can even be nice about it, like Derek.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Turning Down Gossip

The other day I found out something very intriguing.

I witnessed it. On the way home, Jesus and I spoke.

Now, gossip even occurs between husband and wife, if it is the kind of news which is wildfire.

Remember the sermon?

Jesus said, "Can you handle this?"

I got home, and I said to him, "I think I can."

I did not speak of what I saw. There's no wildfire in my family.

When God's ready to reveal his mysteries among people, he can do it. I don't have to.

And I felt really free.


Adding codes. I am not sure I am done. If you are interested, check later in the day.

Who Is Whose Crown?

I am Jesus' joy and crown as his bride and wife. The bride status of the wife continues. That's because Jesus never stops cherishing the bride, as a man cherishes his wife on their first night together.

I have a very good question from Holy Spirit: Who is whose crown? Yes, I am Jesus' crown - the faithful and virtuous wife. However, what have I gained? Look at this.

Jesus' love is like an ocean of friendly life-giving water for me. I get lost in his love. I can surf it.

I have the man - the man who has taken all the instructions in Proverbs to heart, and even the instructions I have written here about men valuing their wife. He heard these in advance. I have the husband who operates on free will as God, and he chooses to be devoted.

Jesus has told me there will be no other for him. I'm it. What I am saying is there is a marriage bed for Jesus, and there's only one woman in it. (That said, there's a marriage relationship to the brides - the bridal apostles, and the nature of this closeness is intimate, but it does not involve coming to the King's bed.) Since Jesus does not divorce, that's a secure place for me. That Hero song Jesus sings to me, he means.

This Jesus will never be unfaithful. He'll never look at a woman and fasten his eyes for a purpose to lust. He'll keep his ways pure in private. He will live as an honorable guy, and be good to women. He's a champion for women and children. He's a champion for the poor. He's a war champion. He's wise. He's funny. He makes me laugh. This is my husband. I am now married, and getting married.

Now, he equips me to speak revelation truth. Now, he sets himself around me like a castle. Now, he sends me to the Father for further teaching, so my Papa can set me straight on the things I have not yet acquired, but this morning I am testing God on some things. I have to. And it's going to be fun.

I have a man as a husband who knows everything about me, and will train me to prosper as he prospers.

I have a man who is patient, not cruel, angry, or terse, or who uses me, and is selfish.

I have a man who sacrifices himself, so that I can have everything.

He gave me a crown, and he made my words stand for eternity. He gave me power and authority in my words, so that what I speak, he holds, as if he spoke the words himself.

As I stand under his kingly robe with him, he layers me with this royalty, breathing his own kingly apple breath upon me, so that my breath is fresh.

Who is whose crown? We are two ends of one cord, and somehow, though I am his crown, I feel immeasurably spoiled. Would you not agree?

Having said this, bridal apostles, I have just outlined the many benefits of being tied to the King of Kings.

Even if you had a cheating spouse in this natural realm, to be tied to the grief of that experience is not even worth it to diminish the relationship you have now in the spirit realm to this Great King of Kings, who is the Devoted Husband. When you put your eternity in perspective, many problems seem small.

When you get this perpsective, then, let Holy Spirit guide you through your current relationship or family problem, to bring God fruit. When you are married to God, and bridal apostles are entering this engagement, from the acceptance of your 10 point contract back to God, you are there. Then, your solid Rock is Jesus, and he becomes an anchor point dealing with these problems, and he helps you. He can make you strong in whatever situation you are in now.

Brides, think on this. You are immeasurably rich in the Devotion of a Faithful King. How rich - no natural man can truly realize. You are extremely rich.

Here's the thing for Jesus: Though Judas was a jerk, Donna will be Devoted. I will never, with his own empowerment by the Holy Spirit, be a jerk to Jesus. All my kisses to Jesus are filled with thankfulness, love, and worship. My kisses will eventually take the memory of the nasty kiss away, and comfort Jesus from having been kissed that way.

Malachi 3:13
Your words have been stout against me, saith Jehovah. Yet ye say, What have we spoken against thee?

Malachi 3:14
Ye have said, It is vain to serve God and what profit is it that we have kept his charge, and that we have walked mournfully before Jehovah of hosts?

Malachi 3:15
And now we call the proud happy yea, they that work wickedness are built up yea, they tempt God, and escape.

Malachi 3:16
Then they that feared Jehovah spake one with another and Jehovah hearkened, and heard, and a book of remembrance was written before him, for them that feared Jehovah, and that thought upon his name.

Malachi 3:17
And they shall be mine, saith Jehovah of hosts, [even] mine own possession, in the day that I make and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. 4 records

Whose sermon is Record #4?

I pick this out of this: Dread God. In the record set, look at all the controversies and battles.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:13
Jehovah of hosts, him shall ye sanctify and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:14
And he shall be for a sanctuary but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:15
And many shall stumble thereon, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:16
Bind thou up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:17
And I will wait for Jehovah, that hideth his face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for him.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:18
Behold, I and the children whom Jehovah hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from Jehovah of hosts, who dwelleth in mount Zion.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:19
And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits and unto the wizards, that chirp and that mutter should not a people seek unto their God? on behalf of the living [should they seek] unto the dead?

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 8:20
To the law and to the testimony! if they speak not according to this word, surely there is no morning for them.

Jesus sings this for me:

I can stand on his words, for they all come true.

My Assessment

Based on traffic, I can tell you bridal apostles are being birthed.

That makes me very joyous. 3 records 3 records 1 record; cool scripture!

I value each one of you as much as a lifetime of work accomplishment here.

You are my joy!

You are the harvest wheat, the sons and daughters of faith coming forward - which the Song of Solomon speaks of.

I see you coming in the spirit, and I see a large number. Keep coming.

Look to the cool scripture. You are the kind of fruit Jesus has been looking for.

Different Type of Bridal Registry

You see I am working hard, being courageous in my words.
I am working to expand my wedding guest list.
Yes. You ought to be there.
You should be there as a bridal apostle.
Jesus met people all over - in a market place, on a beach, and kind of everywhere.
I am meeting you here, and I am showing you Jesus, and he's ready to take you on.
Sign up on the bridal registry, and come home for a wedding.
When the harvest is done, it's time for a massive dance party, and I've seen the dance floor.

We need no disco ball, because the Father is all that. The Father is more glorious than them all.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

One Way to Heaven

Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only way to heaven and a good eternal future.

If there are 999 other idols, they are all useless, for they do nothing to save you.

If you believe in anything or anybody other than Jesus, and the way he described for you in the bible, you are gravely mistaken, and that means death.

If you do not investigate this Jesus, you are going to regret it forever.

Why would you go to a sewage dump and set yourself there? By not checking him out, this is what you are doing.

Check out Jesus. All other philosophies or natural arguments - there's no debates in hell. You get moved to your prison or torture place or fire landscape, and you burn.

Now is the time.

The Kingdom of the Defeated 4 scripture records

God gave me this. Holy Spirit gave me this for you.

Do you believe in an idol and a false religion that has another Jesus than Jesus of Nazareth?

This is your kingdom.

Do you like this? If not, switch Jesus's to the right one. Jesus, the Jew, who died on the cross, and was raised to life is the only One True God.

You can't trust in the wrong Jesus, and go to heaven.

Any other Jesus takes you to this other place, and he's full of - - - -.

The only Jesus is a Jew. And he's the one who fulfilled all the miracles prophesied for him to complete.

The word moves in the puzzle. Yeah, the yucky word. This is a confirmation to me that I can use it. God means to center the message on this truth.

Jesus is giving you a hint here. It's him, or a Jesus full of - - - -, who takes you to his world of - - - -.

The Jesus I know lives in heaven. The other Jesus is a fake.

His gospel is also being preached, just so you know. You should know who the real Jesus is.

I recommend you go to church and find out.

The 4 scripture records are Jesus' additional message.

Here's another from another post:

  1. Lamentations 4:5
    They that did feed delicately are desolate in the streets: they that were brought up in scarlet embrace dunghills.
    Lamentations 4:4-6 (in Context) Lamentations 4 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations

Heaven's Our Home

Heaven is my first home. This is my second.

All believers in Jesus who have been born in the Spirit are dual citizens.

You see I classify us as first heaven citizens, and second earth citizens.

Think about that. And yes, though I can't wait, there's stuff to be done here. It's true I can't wait, but I have a in the meantime plan, and that includes going home everyday.

Check out the scriptures. That's God's message.

How to Use This Blog for Witnessing Repost

How To Use This Blog For Witnessing

Update: Why repost? For now, it is for the ease of working with adding updates. I am pulling this post up front to work on it, and later, I will go back to 2013 May, and I will fix up that post as well.

Notice, I am still pulling from that region of data. I am just tired of looking for it.

Say you were doing a small group, or you've gone to someone's home, and you decide to show them the Jesus film in their language, you go to that page tab on this blog site (you pull it down), and you study how to use the Jesus film site.

The site is in many languages. You can show the Jesus film to someone from this blog. Then, be prepared to lead them to Christ using your custom made PowerPoint. You have your cell phone set up to the Top 100 Verses from Biblegateway.

You have already practiced doing your puppet show presentation of the gospel using bits of verses to tell the story. You prayed in advance for an anointing on the people and on your tools. You did the light prayer. You go. You bring them in.

You pray either a very simple prayer, or according to the time, a longer ask Jesus in prayer. That's your night. Maybe bring brownies. Cool, right?

If you are uncomfortable doing the prayer, you can also view this short video and Pastor Hagee can help bring the person through a salvation prayer. Just click start.

Alternately, you may use Sarah's Letter soon to be linked here, where you can read aloud a short message and lead the person in a prayer. Here is that evangelism tool: Sarah's Letter.

What I value about both these sites is that the resources, the Jesus video and the Sarah's Letter Evangelism aid - they are in many world languages. You are set! Please note, request your participant to pray aloud. That is important. To merely think about the prayer does not mean much, unless it is uttered. When we cry out for our saviour when we are in an emergency, we don't just think, "Oh, I need saving." We cry. "Save me!" Similarly, the spiritual value of saying the sinner's prayer is to say it aloud. If the utterance does not happen, then the confession to a friend or family member achieves something similar. Say I pray the prayer inside, and then I tell my loved one, "I invited Jesus into my heart." That also is a salvation transformation for we have acknowledged our loved one openly. You get the idea, right?

Be sure to also lead your people in an abdication of the throne of their heart. They need to abdicate themselves from the throne, or anything else which could be on it (a sweetheart, child, hobby, or whatever), and put Jesus there. Jesus becomes Lord of our life. We die to self, and we serve him. Then, direct your new believers to baptism.

Somewhere in this, be prepared to tell your own God story - how he has been true to you. If you need a bit of time to think about this, and see it done, look at the God story pages on this site. Watch some. See how it is done. Then, try yours out on your spouse or parent or child. It gets easier as we practice. Also, there is an attitude of gratitude which lifts to heaven when we acknowledge God, and he becomes more attuned to our voice.

Please notice the super-structure of the blog, and get familiar with the page resources, for you have more tools there.

I have many International Visitors. You are coming here working on a second language, like I do when I explore your nation. For you, I have a multi-lingual source for exploring Jesus.

Recommended Sweep of Posts: Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism

Reader, I've organized the series of posts as if I were delivering a course.

The user status on this blog - you can use this to deliver a course. Show it. Use it. Distribute it. If you need to make a hand out manual, take the posts you want, and make your warfare course. Train people.

If you need to translate it, try Google Translate for one, but you may translate it to your language, and then use it for a course. Whatever you need to do with my material to extend the kingdom, do.

When I have material organized as a book via Amazon, do not pull that apart please - for re-distrubution.

I am giving my reader the most liberty possible, so that you can advance the kingdom. Do credit me. You may show my blog up on overheads in classrooms and on SmartBoards.

Open links with a right click and open new page tab. This is particularly useful in keeping music running and not getting lost.

Here are some shaping posts which will lead you to prepare:
  23. (peruse - still useful)
  56. (See links.)
  64. (Set people up here after leading them to Jesus.)
  65. (Discipleship/evangelism)
  66. (Get your new believer reading.)
  68. (Discipleship/evangelism)
  79. Pastor Hagee leads you in salvation prayer.
  82. Harp/Bowl Prayer
  85. Witnessing (to check):

Okay, so I have a bunch more resources. I need another day to add them.

This is lots, so you will be busy for now.

Statements of what we believe are important prayers too. We call those confessions. By confessing what we believe, we have victory over the devil.

Some Warfare Posts

You readers are pulling these up for me. Thanks.

While Reading Proverbs

I don't know about you, but when I read Proverbs, while I read Proverbs, the King is flirting with me. 4 records

It is a little hard to concentrate. I still do.

I have decided the reason God gave us the bible as a set of words, is if we were to have God himself speak it to us, we would all fall on the floor. We would not retain it, or remember it, because we would be floored with awe, the way a person gets when they are with someone they admire greatly.

Even with the word, he wraps me in his words. It does not matter what kind of encounter I have, Jesus is supernatural and astoundingly glorious.

Awe. That should me by middle name, or it should be added.

We have the word this way, so we can retain it from study and application of attention.

In case you thought Jesus a super serious religious guy, he's not. He's fun. He flirts. He plays with words. He says things to make you have to remember his words, so you can figure them out.

There's lots of people, including atheists, who want nothing to do with God, because they don't like anything to do with religion and church. I have news for you.

Jesus is not religious. Church - is a name for the house of life he's building.

What you object to is a religious spirit, and God is going to get rid of that.

Knowing Jesus is not religion, but relationship.

Have You Guessed Jesus' Last Name?

I have.

He's not confirming the right answer till our wedding day, but I think I know what comes after Mrs.



The Proverbs She

Today, as I read Proverbs, I keep seeing a she. I am looking for her: 4 long records 2 records 3 records 2 records 2 records 2 records 2 records

I am the voice of wisdom in Proverbs, where the voice is referring to a "she".

I am the voice of wisdom in the Apocrypha. Where the wise she is there, that is my voice.

My words are here - in this blog. All the blog writings are your offering of wisdom.

So this one, I got while reading Proverbs, and I don't get it yet.

This is a mystery ongoing for me. That's okay. Jesus is smarter than me. I just have to go with what he says, and someday, it's going to make sense. It talks about wisdom being the foundations of earth (was it all creation), and when God made all things, wisdom was there. So no, I don't get it. And that's okay. 27 scriptures

Does anyone want to try and figure this out? You start with the meaning of 27, and you narrow the story. Keep adding words. The scripture in Proverbs talks about at creation, Jesus danced. Now, he may have been called Wisdom or the Word, but it was Jesus, who was dancing around the Father, as he started all of creation. 1 record 1 record

This is how Jesus held on. Though I was not born, but still coming in time, he had my voice in God's own wisdom words to his Son, so that he knew there was a Mrs. coming. Jesus could hold onto his Father's words, for there had to be a fulfillment.

Godly Conversations

What does this mean? I am reading Proverbs, now - and I am just on my third pass through it today.

I mean within the last week, I have read it three times, and this is my third time through.

God's word programs us, and while we read, we become conduits of revelation.

I am telling you what I learned today.

The book Proverbs - was written by the Father to the Son. Yes, in there, he tells his Son to be a faithful husband. Those are his instructions to Jesus.

Then, Jesus who is the Wise One revealed his knowledge to Solomon.

The way it has been set up is this was always meant to be shared from father to son.

Jesus listened to the teaching of his Father. This is how it is done.

Have you ever wanted teaching from Papa God? Well, the wisdom in God's word is from Him first. Then, you see an amazing well of wisdom in Jesus, but this well came from the Father.

Have godly conversations in your home. Here's the scriptue from the code.

Summary: Don't lean on earthly wisdom, but seek God's.

The Proverbs 23:4
Weary not thyself to be rich Cease from thine own wisdom.

The Proverbs 23:5
Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? For [riches] certainly make themselves wings, Like an eagle that flieth toward heaven.

The Proverbs 23:6
Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, Neither desire thou his dainties

The Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinketh within himself, so is he Eat and drink, saith he to thee But his heart is not with thee.

The Proverbs 23:8
The morsel which thou hast eaten shalt thou vomit up, And lose thy sweet words.

The Proverbs 23:9
Speak not in the hearing of a fool For he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

The Proverbs 23:10
Remove not the ancient landmark And enter not into the fields of the fatherless

Refresh Again

More code.

Bart the Cat Was Dead a Sign

The cat is a metaphor of the body of Christ, and it is coming alive.

And the body of Christ will operate in signs and wonders. Use your faith.

And yes, Jesus has compassion for Bart the Cat.

Jesus has done a demo for you. It's time to raise the dead, and heal the sick, and call body parts back.

Church, walk into signs and wonders.

I bless this cat Bart's health, and I call his body to complete healing. Dear Jesus, patch Bart all up, and bring his life back, and make him new. You are Able. In Jesus' name, for his glory, Amen.

"To those who own Bart, take care of him," Jesus says. Just as Bart is flesh proof of resurrection, so Jesus will raise all his sheep to newness of life in him.

The only one who resurrects is Jesus.

Is there a meaning to this? Is there more meaning in the story? Bart was dead 5 days, and this is the number of grace. God is forwarding his grace to the church for their lack of belief in Jesus as the One who performs signs and wonders, and he woos them into now standing with him, in speaking out, and in operating as Jesus did.

Pastors Cut Codes

When God speaks something to you, put it in the code, and cut a code out for your next sermon.

God will give you scripture sets this way.

Yes, you can still use concordances and all. This is a new tool. Use it.

I can either take what you said, and go to scripture, and find it there, for Holy Spirit said it, or you can now go to the code with what God is telling you, and he can set the scriptures up for you, or at least help you with that work.

Holy Spirit says to pastors - Cut the code.

True Wealth is Jesus

Severed Heads

In this near future world, there's a bunch of severing of heads.

Believer, know this in advance. You get restored. You get your head back, when you go to Jesus, and everything is put together, like Humpty is put back together on the wall, in the place where he can see below.

There's two kinds of severing of heads in this upcoming battle. Yes, saints - some of them - will lose their heads. There's an eternal punishment in store for the reapers of death.

Count them. They are already among you. They have been killing my people and my sheep.

Those who sever heads for the antichrist will lose their own in eternity, and they will carry their head for all their future forward.

Even these, Jesus cries out to you, for repentance, and recognition of him as the one true and only God.

Even Jesus, when he comes, he will be severing heads, among those he's fished for and hunted for.

You may see yourself victorious for now, but Jesus is turning the battle on its head, and your laughs will be sobs, for you did not figure out who was True. There's one Judge. He calls you now, out of the darkness. Will you receive him?

Here's what Jesus says today:

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 14:31
Howl, O gate cry, O city thou art melted away, O Philistia, all of thee for there cometh a smoke out of the north, and there is no straggler in his ranks.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 14:32
What then shall one answer the messengers of the nation? That Jehovah hath founded Zion, and in her shall the afflicted of his people take refuge.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 15:1
The burden of Moab. For in a night Ar of Moab is laid waste, [and] brought to nought for in a night Kir of Moab is laid waste, [and] brought to nought.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 15:2
They are gone up to Bayith, and to Dibon, to the high places, to weep Moab waileth over Nebo, and over Medeba on all their heads is baldness, every beard is cut off.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 15:3
In their streets they gird themselves with sackcloth on their housetops, and in their broad places, every one waileth, weeping abundantly.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 15:4
And Heshbon crieth out, and Elealeh their voice is heard even unto Jahaz therefore the armed men of Moab cry aloud his soul trembleth within him.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 15:5
My heart crieth out for Moab her nobles [flee] unto Zoar, to Eglath-shelishi-yah for by the ascent of Luhith with weeping they go up for in the way of Horonaim they raise up a cry of destruction.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 15:6
For the waters of Nimrim shall be desolate for the grass is withered away, the tender grass faileth, there is no green thing.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah 15:7
Therefore the abundance they have gotten, and that which they have laid up, shall they carry away over the brook of the willows.