Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Windswept Messiah

This Morning I read the Song of Songs and fell asleep. This is not all, but a few captures of what I remember.

This is my song.

Windswept Messiah

Oh this morning Messiah came to visit me
This windswept Messiah who's going to marry me
He's dressed all in white and his face I did see
His beautiful eyes and his skin so close
On his skin, was sand of the sea
The sand of the sea of Galillee
He was sun-kissed by sitting on the beach
This Messiah is going to marrry me

Now, this Messiah what did he do
This morning he came and he left his shoe
This morning he forgot what he's supposed to do
How's he going to walk with just one shoe
While I walk this highway like I'm supposed to do
In my satchel, I shall carry my Messiah's shoe
It's leather and its woven, fine like made in Brazil
It set for some good walking, so what's he to do

How will my Messiah walk in just one shoe
How will my Messiah dance like he's used to
How will he forget me, he's not likely to
Because he gave me his leather shoe
If you want your shoe back, I expect a kiss
I will bring it to you, but you left me and it's this
Now I miss you, and the wind took you away
The wind picked you up, and to heaven was swept
My love, my King, and all my tenderness

I love you Messiah, and now what will I do
Shall I tend the sole of your shoe
Or will you let me marry you
For I pick you, Messiah, I pick you
If this shoe is mine, Messiah, I want your foot inside
I want your foot to fill this shoe.
What good is your shoe, if I can't marry you.

I love you Messiah, and I want to marry you
How long till I get this on this road so true
The gold's getting thicker, so this I can see
I can see the tree where you are going to marry me.
I can see just beyond the church where I'll meet you three.
You tell my Dad it's almost past three
And I won't a late bride be
You better at the right spot in the church be
And what are you wearing, for what I have is key

Messiah, how will you marry me missing your shoe?
Messiah, how important is this shoe to you?
Messiah, how will we dance if I can't put this on you?
Messiah, I want you to come and fill this shoe
Tell the wind that it forgot I am supposed to marry you
And it forgot me here, and left me only your shoe

Messiah, tell the wind, I am going to marry you
Let the wind carry me right there to you.

The Owl City style is what I have going on inside, but it's my voice.
You got the dream/vision I had this morning as this song.

Context: He gave me the shoe off his foot. For him to leave, he left with one shoe. He did not just bring a single shoe to me; it was one he needed.

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