Monday, March 30, 2015

Added to a Former Post

You can take my name, and map it up to Elijah in a bunch of different phrases, and what you get is I host the spirit of Elijah. Now, there's a bunch of bridal apostles. Is there a possibility that many brides of Jesus will carry this? I think so. Again, I am the lucky one with codes to prove it. That's all. You see most of the things about me - they are true of the bride of Christ, or are supposed to be.

The possibility though is that I carry a unique role in teaching for the times, to the rapture, and after the rapture, after I am all gone and getting beauty treatments to see the King. Anyway, here's a voice. I speak to everyone, because I love everyone.

Has the Holy Spirit blown on my words for you? Have they helped? If they have, and you sense God in the words, then, attend to them. I am jealous for God, and I am jealous for your soul and spirit salvation. I am jealous for holiness. 

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