Thursday, April 9, 2015

Donna's Directory 2015

Donna's Directory 2015

Most of these Headings here are like a complete book. The Lady Codes is a Master Archive which continues to be organized. There's lots to study. I've not yet decided how to proceed toward making these available on Amazon/Kindle, or if there's even a need. Unless I see interest, I may not. There's more books on my roster to write, and I have the base content, but my stuff is not moving, so there is little requirement to get more out. That makes sense, right?

Would you like to be a student of mine? Help yourself right here. Be aware that what I have in the link here is a fraction of the whole blog. If you find something you really like, look around that article, just before and after it, for I tend to write thematic topics in suites for a time. There's likely more.

My old topics I have already put into books - those are not here. Those teach warfare.

On the Amazon ribbons on the right of my blog, you see four books of blog content already out, if you are interested. I've not yet gotten around to do training, but each book is a course. No, my blog books are not there. You will need to go to my Amazon profile. Here's my Author Profile: Donna Munro

Open Book Headings in this Blog Table of Contents as a new page tab by right selecting it. Enjoy yourself. I invite you to enjoy reading, and to read to music.

I am adding one more resource. It is my church. See #4. That is also for independent study enrichment.

  1. Beautiful Independent Study
  2. Cats Gospel Study
  3. Donna's Movie
  4. Lineages Speak Truth
  5. Art and Photo Scripture Independent Study
  6. True Story Independent Study
  7. Find You Independent Study
  8. I Love You Babe Independent Study
  9. Donna's Celebration of Language and Culture*
  10. Foothills Alliance Church Livestream
  11. Flood Restoration Concepts
  12. The Lamb's Mystery Revelation*
  13. Star Signs in the Heavens
  14. Periodic Table Bible Code
  15. Jehovah's Genius: the Science Teacher
  16. God's Love Notes FAA
  17. God's Loves Notes All Over
  18. The Lady Codes Related Posts@
  19. Lady Codes
  20. The Bridegroom Woos His Cinderella Bride
  21. Cocorico Love Song by Herself
  22. Donna's Antelope
  23. The Lamb's Puzzle Box Reveal
  24. Mysteries of His Heart
  25. Your Scarlet Cord Solitaire
  26. Getting Ready for the Wedding
  27. Donna's Writing Pad
  28. Periodic Table Bible Code
  29. Men of Eli Scripture Memorization Course Print !!
  30. Men of Eli Scripture Memorization Course Kindle !!
  31. Kingdom Training - Make Kingdom Movements
  32. Behold the Bridegroom's Awe
  33. Meet My Dad Jehovah Yahweh
  34. Holy Spirit and Trinity
  35. Holy Spirit Mini Course
  36. Luke Study Course 
  37. Witnessing and Warfare Training*
  38. Lord's Identities Second Round #
  39. Lord's Identity First Round #
  40. Nation Leader Training
  41. Love Song Study
  42. Love Notes In the Sky
  43. The Alephbeit Course on Hebrew Letters
  44. Animal Bible Meditation
  45. Tree of Life Mystery Expanded from World Views
  46. Media Analysis Course^
  47. The Firefly Migration^
  48. Jehovah War Art Release^
  49. Scripture Memory Course
  50. Visions and Summons**
  51. Community Words
  52. Blog Summary #1 
  53. Blog Summary #2
  54. Blog Summary #3
  55. The Nature of Prophecy
  56. Dream Interpretation Course%
  57. International School of the Word (Perry)

More blog summaries are coming. They will be similar to ones you see, unless their subject matter demands special design. The sub-titles will indicate which body of data the title will favor here. Laugh. I feel like trying a Blurb book. They do industry books. I just want to try one. I am going to do a coffee table picture book of something--flowers, sunrises, maybe Israel or Greece. I have plenty to work with.

*Not yet copied backward; I work up front to make it easy. I am still collecting. I am not ready yet.
**Not a directory fully, but a great lead.
# Very very similar, not identical, content blocks differ, and you can see those.
^ Just started. Wait a while for this. Some is done. There's more to do.
%Not mine.
@ Archive
!! First draft blog copy removed. This is a temporary notice. And it is useful to regulars.

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