Friday, August 5, 2016

We Are One

Every occurrence of my name Donna in the bible code sits with Jehovah.

It is as if we are one name. We are one name. Add "one fire" to this puzzle. It is still 516.

In my research here, I am looking at the occurrence of my name, in the puzzle, surrounding "Jehovah spake". See that. This does not have to be hard. Just do the 100s back. You see it.

And when you add the word "fire", the record set for the 100s changes. These studies need to be simple. Your eye scans.

Dona is in the bible code 6892 times. Here is the occurrence of Dona with Jehovah.

That is not 100% occurrence. However, is it enough to wonder? To the code, you can add One.

Why did God allow me to find this? Why would this be beneficial to him? And if you found such a thing, would you be happy or afraid? Would you want to throw your sins away?

Remember how Esther fell before her King? Well, who do you think this is? Jehovah is my King. And he is full of fury and glory and majesty. Here is proof.

This is this morning's sunrise. Though this looks like a ball of fire, to the eye, the sky was pink. Like a very bright pink. When in love, the King speaks with pink. You see the fire though. The color here is the color of some of the gold upon the King. It is red fire, like hot embers. So you see, the Son really does look like the Sun. When you approach him, you feel the heat and glory.

I have removed one shot. I will add it back later.

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