Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Calamity Name

I was born with a calamity name.
I was brought out with a comedy of Cain.
The curse of death swum around
To bring man the same
Yes I was born when calamity came.

Now, I looked up to hope's eyes
From my birth canal.
And he said, "You are quite the gal.
You grow up little girl
And let your light shine.
You tell everyone you are mine."

Well, I grew up a little calamity Jane
Running into accidents
Walking into altercation
And it brewed over my head like a storm
My little baby cry broke the norm.

When I was just 4, Shalom came.
Shalom came again, to visit upon me.
He called me to the Cave or the Grave I did see
My little Calamity Jane, I have a new name for you
You, little girl, are Shalom.

Shalom woke up, and yes, she did cry
Crying shalom over her house and houses nearby
Shalom come down, and bring to me
Restoration of my family.

Calamity Jane became Shalom
And angels walk with her
Averting accidents
And guards walk with her
To end altercation.
Shalom walks. She trots. She sings. She dances.

Shalom walks. She trots. She sings. She dances.
She has no more a calamity name.
She sings her name. Shalom. Shalom. Shalom.
Storm settle down. Shalom. Shalom. Shalom.

This is a song. I may work on this next. I am not sure.

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