Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Terminator

Jesus is coming back as the Terminator. He is going to kick devil ass.

How he kicks sin off you is you receive him as savior, repent of sin, call him to be your Lord, King, and Redeemer. Walk in the way. You play a part in walking out from the old man. You walk yoked to Jesus. And it is his position and authority which pulls you from the spider web, toward his kingdom of light.

Jesus is both the Second Adam and the Terminator. In his picture, who am I?

I am the girl he is motivated to get rid of fly populations for. He is going to clean up this world, so I have a place to live. And the place he makes will be glorious just like him.

He says, "I'll be back!"

Arnie, sorry, Jesus is using your line. Are you okay with that?

We need a movie cover. How about a kiss of love from Jesus to the Bride, and a picture of the cross?

Let's have it. We have a 5 minute wait, while I clean the image. Martius was sitting on the table watching the sunrise. Yes, cats like pretty skies. I came up to him, and asked him a few questions. He looks up, makes cute cat eyes to his catmom, and he gets pet. And we watch the sunrise.

To see the image larger, select it with your mouse. You see a kiss. You see a cross.

This is our message from Jesus. His kiss to us was set up by the cross. And he loves us that much. And to save us, yes, he let his ass get kicked, but now, he is in a legal position to save us, and kick the enemy ass. This is this morning sunrise. See the cute pink cloud there. That is Love. Yes. It is a little hug from God to us. It is just a little bitty cloud, and is very meaningful.

And we need a song. And it has a code. And see, God knew what he was saying by giving me the word Iris. The code is: Terminator Jesus: I just want you to know who I am.

This is Love: Jesus had his ass kicked for you, so you could be free.

All these records are cool. Search them out. Do you see the love letter written in the sky for you? He also wrote, "I'll be back."

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