Sunday, May 28, 2017

Refresh Esther's Embroidery Colors

Esther's Embroidery Colors

I am a little starfish
Earth foretold in ancient time
Who would come out in harvest
And cry for light to shine.

I am a little starfish
Which cries from 450 million years ago
And calls eyes to Messiah
The one to whom we all need to go.

I am a little starfish 
Made from a blooming branch
All my colors come from embroiderer's hands
And God painted me while he danced.

I am a little starfish
With a golden crown
All of my gems
Jesus gathered from the ground.

I am a little starfish
Sort of a queen
And if you look close
You will see Messiah's arms.

Why is a little starfish
The little fish of hope
She sees Messiah in his fishing boat
He calls men to his Ark all to get in.

Why's a little starfish crying now
Jesus is coming, dropping his net,
And he's filling his bow
Then, with all his fish, he's heading home.

Who wants to be caught in Messiah's net?
I do, I do, I say and I get.
Who sees the little starfish beneath his boat?
I can tell you when he finds me, he's not throwing me out.

By Donna Munro 2017.

It's a song, and I have been singing it here in my mind. 

It has development yet to go.

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