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In light of protecting mine in Canada this Christmas, I feel this appropriate.

As to those who are in the midst of scams, please note the role of magic.

Jesus Christ stands greater than all magic. War in the Spirit.

Rebuke the devil.

Here is the model of rebuke:

Elisha left Jericho to go to Bethel, and on the way some boys came out of a town .... Suddenly two female bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the .... Baldness was a reproach (Isaiah 3:17; Isaiah 15:2), and suspicious as one of ...

You don't say what or how. You merely rebuke the devil and evildoer. Seal it with Jesus' name. He does the rest. If someone contacts you, they are automatically under your spiritual authority. So, speak.

I would like all mine to have a merry Christmas, and part of it, you are accomplishing this way. 

I strongly recommend corporations stop having customer service centers in phone centers in other nations.

Bring customer service back to your own nation.

The skills you taught these other nations, they are using to come back and extort the one who gave them a vocation. Something needs to change.

Ghana, how about a waterspout up your river. This is proof Jehovah is God, and not the devil/spirits you worship. Watch my waterspout walk up your river. In Jesus' name, Amen. Tomorrow. To get a time and date on this, in the next 24 hours. 9:24 pm. 12/15/2018. Enjoy. Who is glorious like Jesus Christ! Get all your devil tricks out, and see if any of them can stop the progress of the Living Waters up your river. They won't be able to. And why is that? That is because Moses' rod/serpent ate the magician's serpents.

That's why. You've been pressing on my people with your dark arts. Well, it's time you realized there is a God. He has a name. It is Jehovah. 

Elijah's servant-hood to Jehovah was valued greater than the servants who worshiped Baal.

Jehovah judges evildoers. This is a learning experience.

After you see the waterspout come up your river, you may know I serve a Living God, and he is who I glorify. He defends me. And he defends my nation.

Get the magicians out. Get them all lined up on the river. Do all you can. Go for it.

And see exactly what your magicians etc. can do. Eh. Jehovah is up to a contest for glory. So, come on. Get out. In that interest of not revealing users of this blog, those 2 users of this blog, who came here for the interest of scamming, without using your name, I rebuke you in Jesus' name, and I rebuke your magic arts, the devil, and your whole network of people in your company. Like Elisha, I will trust in Jehovah's ability to assess judgment. As to the larger society which does not know Jehovah, I have just provided you a sign, where it's heavenly arts against hell arts.

So, come on. Get out. Stop the waterspout if you can. Eh. Nations with cameras, watch Ghana's waterspout. This is a sign of Jehovah as the Living God. And if the magicians line up on the river, to get the waterspout to leave, also notice the zip they can do about what God does. There's noone like Jehovah. Yeah, aha.

Ghana magician, say zip. It's all zipped up at the cross. Who is glorious like Jesus Christ! Who is great like him! Who is holy like Jesus Christ! Who ought one revere!

I rebuke and break your curses and witchcraft upon me. In Jesus' name, Amen. Oh, and I return them to sender. In Jesus' name, Amen. Yes, you may have them back. The one who made the curse may have it back. I realize this will not be pleasant. You should probably not have uttered evil things. 

As to this code, and the tree codes, the utterance is: Ghana, get your government/magician to the river. Stop Jehovah's waterspout.

So, what can you do to stop it! See how pitifully unpowerful your gods are. However, it would be very cool for lightning to come from God's waterspout. How about it. And what will you do with your lightning, Lord God?

In establishing glory, when you walk, will lightning come out from your cloak?

All the utterance is here, except skipping around, I did not see pink.

This code profiles Samson. Why is that?

At least for those few who watch my waterspout walk the river, you help people forgive, and call their losses in money back.

Lord, let your fire fall. Lord, glorify your name.

Lord, walk among the people, and let your glory rise in the nations.

Yes, from the waterspout, you may see fire fall. I am seeing that now. Watch for it.

Lord God, I would not mind if you did a detour and rip apart the scamming center. But that is up to you. Lord, Samson ripped off the city gates, and carried them up a hill.


I think I am for something big.

Something to remember. So, Samson, Jesus, do something cool.

You examine results, right? Pink is missing.

So, Jehovah is addressing the magicians. However, I would address Ghana's government, and tell you that this is not okay. You don't have these criminals gnawing at the hinds of my people.

Do something. Now.

So, I lighten up a little on government. Instead, based on results in the code, this is for the magicians. There is a glory contest at the river. So, will you be there?

Glory contest.

If your magicians etc. cannot stop the waterspout, perhaps all the scammers etc. should be worshiping Jehovah, not hell spirits.

It is written thou shalt not steal. It is written thou shalt not lie. It is written thou shalt not covet. It is written thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain.

Fill out the list, eh. 

As to the rest, cease and desist, or else.

The or else is the Lion of Judah's roar.

Back the blank up.

You back the blank up, or there are wonderful plagues I would bring against your evildoers.

Contrary to those who think Jehovah does not act as a Person/Man and judge evil, and reward righteousness, here comes judgment. Hark, it's not in 50 years.

No way.

Yes way. Jesus is the Way. For all those who think God does not judge, here comes. Oh.

So Ghana, get your scammers under control.

I feel this coming to a close. So, to all the details I may have uttered, I seal the words in Jesus' name, Amen.

Scammers, spell judgment. Jugement. Juicio.

Your gods are in the service of Leviathan. I serve Jehovah. We have a division of interest.

So, watch the sign of Adonai's glory tomorrow.

Sing his praises. He is the one you ought to be worshiping, not your dull spirits.


For Romania,

I bless this construction project: Romanian People's Salvation Cathedral.

Lord, bring the funds. Bless the community. Keep this as a pleasant habitation of your holiness.

Bring renewal not just in that building, which is new, but bring your glory to the neighborhood around. Be present to the people in this place.

In Jesus' name, Amen. 

Sonic Boom Nanaimo

There was a sonic boom in Nanaimo.

Someone figure out what happened.

Yours truly.

I did the research. Military planes. And if it was, you flew too low to my family. Get up.

The list of impacts is multiplous. Don't fly low over people's residences. This action is not kind.

One might assume the plane were Canadian or US. Well, whose is it?

This occurred in the last couple days. I notice this is not in the news. I do not have permission to share the details. However, it is worth looking into. I notice nobody has noted what the impacts of a sonic boom are. Well, make a list.

Jul 21, 2018 - Powerful Mystery Boom Rocks Canada's Vancouver Island ... supersonic aircraft capable of producing smaller, less intense sonic booms.

Calling Money Back

A thief stole money.

It's from someone I know.

I called the money the thief stole back to the victim's kitchen.

When the victim forgives the thief, for I prayed already, then, God will fulfill the word.

It was enough to be concerned about.

But God is King. And I rebuke the devourer off this victim's life. As he ceded to Jesus' kingship, via forgiveness of his brother, and not maintaining his position of moral authority as a means of hanging onto his unforgiveness, when he does, the money comes back.

And it will go into his cutlery drawer.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

We have a pattern to follow. We don't rage about all the bad works the roaring lion of hell does to us. We cede to Jesus' way. And then, he can do something for us.

See the money? Do you? Well, that money is coming back, pick pocketed by heaven's angel, as soon as my victim friend lets go.

Heaven's rules operate in my life.

Would Jehovah send an angel to take back the money stolen? You bet. You bet he would.

This works elsewhere. You apply the principle.

And, if you don't mind, watch.

The deal here is that the money will not come back, until he has forgiven the sinner. Unforgiveness is not a pleasant companion in this season.

And I should note for you that the pickpocket is busy at Christmas, busy destroying people's Christmas.

Lord God, secure the Earth. You knock off all fraud from Earth from now till January 15 of next year. Where there are security break apps, make them all fail. In Jesus' name, Amen. Set a seal from heaven. Make it all not work, like a successful Fort Knox.

We are supposed to enjoy the Lion of Judah's birth, in case you did not know.

Fraudsters, you get your eyes on Jesus, and celebrate his birth. And you leave your brother man alone.

With the rapture and return so close, it's a great time to repent. All fraudsters, set down your burglary tools, and celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ.

And for that one who received my word, and who despises it, and tries anyway, that one, Lord God, you may treat as the Sons of Korah. They don't need more time here. I seal the extras I spoke, in Jesus' name, Amen.

When your fingers want to lead you toward doing evil things, put aloe vera on them. And God will help the evil desire subside. That's my word. And I am speaking to those who have no control over their ways. God is here. He can help you.

And a very merry Christmas will be had by all.

If I were not a person of pure words, this would not be fulfilled.

However, because I place my faith in Jesus, and seal the utterance with his name, watch.

If you head to where my Lambs live, and celebrate, there's a good chance you will find a meal. Come and eat. And where you do, my Lambs can pray over your provision, so you can have an honest income. God cares. Jesus Christ provided meals to the crowds of the hungry. He still does, through his bride the church. That is partnership between the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of God upon the Earth. There is one. And it will grow. Maybe God's Kingdom can grow in your heart.

Jesus' Lambs, for those who were ripped off, or had resources stolen, forgive first. Then, call the money back in Jesus' name.

There's a woman, Joan, and her business partners ripped her off of her business, and they wrote a new contract. And by this, they were giving her zip, or some interpretation of that. And she did the right thing. She forgave them. And Jesus put the original contract into the bank vault, which held that legality that she deserved her share of business profit. She was paid. All three were Christians, by the way. Yeah. Two tried to rip the third off. And when they found the original contract in their bank vault, they repented. And they honored their business contract.

Jesus Christ is the Advocate of his lambs. Hell, got all that? You can try to rewrite the contract, but Jesus' say comes first. He won this say at the cross. So, all hell can back down, and heaven and joy and love can reign. Yeah. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, mingled down in blood and water, which gave birth to the church bride.

This is a demonstration of the power and glory of Jesus Jehovah. And this is a demonstration of the Love of Father God.

Being a believer in Jesus means you have access to kick the devil out of your life.

So, if one one of Jesus' lambs out there is plagued by the sin of theft, it is time to kick the devil out.

And no layer of religiosity makes hell in you better.

You kick it out.

Over all the soup kitchens around the world, who are feeding the pour, all of you, in churches or not in churches, wherever you are, are fulfilling the mandate of Jesus Christ to feed the pour.

Over all the kitchens, everywhere upon this Earth, I call Shalom.

And over all the typical inclinations to steal, I speak rest. And this rest is a testimony also to those who have that compulsion to steal, that God is able to bring rest to evil desire.

The evil desire you live under is torment from hellions.

And there's a Way out. It is Jesus. The power of Jesus in you can kick all hell out.

Hope. He's here.

Lord, I call your angelic protection over all the celebrations. And in either the to or from of a delivery of evil against your church, Lord God, break the wheels of the evil ones. If they have a van, en route, break the wheels.

And when you break their wheels, let this be a testimony the Lamb is real. Jesus is real. I call this same manifestation to the evil doer in Strasbourg. Break his car wheel. And let him be found by his broken wheel. I call out broken wheel. Broken wheel. Strasbourg bad guy, broken wheel.

Every new means of transport you get, despite what the transport is, anything, everything, every means of transport you use will have a broken wheel, within 1 minute of your use of it. Taxis, don't pick up a bad guy. And for those who might, you ask Jesus to lift this word from you, if this applies. I am heading after the bad guy, and making sure he gets caught. And if I see he is caught, great, I release the word. I need to learn to pray with when. When the bad guy gets caught, release the word. This is not about creating suffering for the godly. Nope. This words comes after the one who is carrying hellions in his heart.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Tip: Even if God did not send an angel to go get the thief resource back, God is rich. He has lots. So, expect the money back.

If the thieves had any idea how rich Jehovah is, they would revise their life to go where all Provision is. And to think Jesus Jehovah provides all that to his as a free gift. Like come on. Come on.

So, as a note of caution, those believers who have that desire to steal, and who perpetrate fraud in the church, in this time, which I have just delineated, all you now are under the word. If you ignore this word, you have that consequence of the Sons of Korah.

You know my word, so we won't have a problem, right? I will limit the word to just you. Your whole house is not impacted, though it could be if implemented exactly.

In hell, in the guest entry spot, right there, let the hand of God Jesus Jehovah write in steel ballpoint upon the walls, Jesus is the only way and salvation to heaven.

There. Confirmation within the gates of hell.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Let all men who walked over the lies written on the Sheol way be recalled to see the truth. Blue ballpoint, please. Blue like Jesus' eyes.

Over the course of eternity, I will paper the walls of Sheol with the truth, and hell's hellions can shake by seeing truth. Look there, hellion, truth. Your guest entry wall. Shake. They shake in rage plus. But you know, truth elicits all kinds of reactions in hearers. Right? So, grit your teeth. You might want to release them from time to time, so you have some teeth left.

And this is also a visual confirmation for God's sons, who ignore this word, and do whatever. When you arrive to that place of rebellion, chaos, etc., see my word in blue ballpoint pen written upon the wall.

Some of the responses of rage in hell are the same as those we have. One is holding one's breath.

Hellions who see truth painted on the wall will be so enraged, they are going to make a mean face, and hold their breath.

Look at my blue ballpoint pen, eh. Yeah, look. Your wall. Don't you like it? Hold your breath, and see if it changes the truth. Keep holding your breath. Keep holding your breath. Did it change? Your face is getting red. Yeah. Look. Did the truth change? Keep holding your breath. Did the truth change?

Hmm. You hellions might need some deliverance from rage.

Right now, in hell, the new arrivals are looking at disturbed hellions. Oh me, oh my. This means they are not quite as mean as they hold their breath. That punch is not packed with as much hellion power.

Truth does not change. Eh. Truth does not change.

As my God reigns, I will paint his glory on your walls, and you can shudder and tremble and roll. Your stomach will reel with grief over the glory of the Son. What does glory do to evil eyes....

Oh, and I forgot about the seed of man, convinced by devil lies, that the devil is god. You guys, when you do get through your port, and not necessarily come back, in the very port you use, just at the portal delivery to hell, I write this same message that Jesus is the Only Way and Salvation. In Jesus' name, Amen. When you get to hell, there is no guarantee you come back. Enjoy the nutmeats you chased.

The threshold is painted with truth.

One of the great failings of evil men is they fail to assess Jehovah's excellent reputation of following through. They do it anyway. Well, test the word. Test God's name. And see the result. God's word is pure, righteous, and holy. His word does not fail to produce.

For the evil men, who decide to chase the scarlet thread I have provided you, in the soup kitchen, ask for someone to help you attain salvation. And if there are those ready to help you further, also ask for deliverance. Our walk in truth is a process of sanctification. That presence of being non-transformed fully at first should not cause you to fail in reaching forward. God's always got good plans for those who trust in him. He will lead you forward to a firm foundation, in green pastures, by pleasant waters.

Trust in his name for Salvation. I feel a close. I will move to art. Coming out, I call earthquakes in the hellions, that all their loins will shake. Yes, I am speaking to the hosts and legions of evil beings in my sons.

Shake. In Jesus' name, Amen. Shake at this truth.

This word does not shake the Earth's foundations. It is shaking the vile among my sons. There is a head on collision of truth and hellions. It is coming.

For all the vile who despise my seed, the shaking in you is the Justice coming toward you in your future. That is called a sign.

Here something to do.

A parent has been defrauded for like a million.

Lead that parent in forgiveness. And see if God does not put all the money back in their account.

Jehovah is that strong name which saves. And he does it now.

I Am Jesus Christ

See my Lion of Judah! Yahoo! I like the opener graphic.

I like the glitter. The glitter is meant to be glory.

You know how I enjoy singers who have a love cry? Well, this preacher has a love cry.

And I love that. This morning, or yesterday, yesterday, I listened to my doves cry. I sit in my chair, with my kitten looking out the window, and I heard my doves. They make lovely noises to one another. And I listened to bird love talk. Intimacy. Love. Belonging. Caring for one another. I heard that.

Sometimes, as I near the window, the flock dives off the roof, and carry off into their flight.

I like that too.

YouTube Epic Bible Prophecy

Since we either see Jesus as a Gold Lion or as a White Lion, let's see what a white lion lives with.; Time marker 1:51 and watch.

Most white lions don't make it to adulthood, because they get picked off.

Lord God, assign a host of angels to the white baby cubs, and to the whole litter, and make sure these lions have a good life. Don't let them get picked off. I would like to see more white lions on Earth, who have that mirror of you. You walk in color. You walk in both gold and in white. Because you walk in transformation, I see you in both.

Sew, save me some lions, as a representation of your snow white deal for man. In Jesus' name, Amen.

The gold is Kingship. The white is the work accomplished by Messiah, which provides man a Houdini escape out of hell.

The Cat Kiss

This morning, well just now, I hugged my cat. And he gave me a cat kiss. He sniffs my forehead. That is a cat kiss.

And now, you may watch for your cat kiss.

If a cat sniffs you, that's the cat kiss.

This cat has been fed. My aviary outdoors needs attention. That can be next.

And intimacy between birderer and bird are staring sessions between us, from the house to branch.

However, I had a long shared glance with a flicker, and that is why we do suet. We do suet, so my little birds love my branches. The flicker had white things on it. I was trying to figure out if he was carrying snow. It probably was feathers, which are white. Why would a bird be covered in snow?

The Trail of Tears

There were two trail of tears, no three. No, four.

  1. Jesus' walk to the cross was one.
  2. The Native Indian walk across the prairies was another.
  3. The Jewish walk to Assyria/Babylon is another.
  4. Of the various entries to hell, one is a trail of tears.

When man dies, one of the experiences is: You wake in a room, like a Senior's home. You have a visitor, who calls you to the hall, and you join others, all figuring out what has happened to them, such as having a body, and seeing through your hand.

And these companions guards who kindly called you to the way lowercase, because it goes to Sheol, eventually reveal their true nature, and they abuse people on the walk. Eventually, you get to the edge of a mountain. And the hell/demon/whatever guards, who began to reveal their character, push people over the edge. People fall, down in the central landing welcome spot to be processed.

People have their court. They are shown they are legally there.

And I have told you much.

The fall is a metaphor of the fall of man. It is this fall from the edge of a mountain into hell proper which being saved and born again saves man from.

About Jesus, he did not fall to hell. He surrendered himself into hell, like an angel. There was no fall for him. He came to hell differently. Hell had plans, but the son of man warred from the cross, and sent the fire tornadoes back to hell, and he told the hordes to wait.

I just thought you should know, despite the one trail of tears Jesus had before the cross, after he died, he did not do the second one.

Jesus' experience going to hell was that of the Son of God, not of a man of no placement, authority, and power.

The trail of tears those evil angels walked man down are paved with false religion. I am seeing the words of hope they offered men written on the walk.

There is One Way to heaven, the Father, and Jesus. It is Jesus.

I have seen and revealed to you what I see. Might this be of use? I hope so.

This story is written in the equi-distant code of the bible.

In the Earth, where any lead God's sons in a trail of tears, they are mimicking hellions.

I can recall stories of children led on trails of tears in Africa, being offered only leaves to eat. That is a man full of evil spirits, acting as a hellion, that would lead God's sons on a trail of tears.

Friday, December 14, 2018



Go to 1 hr in.

And listen a bit. That is worship warfare. That's a small sample.

See the sync. The keyboardist is actually playing, and it's not that hard. That is a worship anointing.

Suppose someone were praying as warfare. This would be good place prep as prayer.

Worship is prayer. 

One New Man

Cry for Jesus. 

This group is an example of One New Man.

The Ulm Minster

I am looking for a miracle for Germany. I looked around. I thought perhaps of sending you lightning. I see you have a problem. And its with the degradation of the stones of God's church, the Ulm Minster.

So, instead, I am going to God to ask him to repair the walls. And I am sure you have done some, but if we strive only in the natural, we get natural outcomes. And God's building ought be lovely.

Lord, as a sign to Germany, can you send angels to repair the walls of the Ulm Minster, due to degradation impacts of urine. Timing? How about for church on Sunday morning? Does that sound okay? What you should see is less degradation, as a result of this prayer.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

So, one more sign. For you.

I am giving you these signs to prepare you for the times.

I find the Ulm Minster very pretty.

When Jesus has his buildings on Earth, what do you think would happen to those who relieved themselves on his walls? Do you think there should be a law for that? There will be.

In the meantime, enjoy this sign.

Guys with satellite vision, it's not Sunday in Germany. Do me a favor. Look at the lower walls of this building, the Ulm Minster, now. And then, at the time of the Sunday Service in Germany, look again.

I am not just doing this for Germany. I am doing this for you all, and you have cameras with high vision. Look and see what God can do.

The I is a mixed drink. We. I. You get the idea.

God usually uses signs to teach something. I forgot that.

God is repairing the walls of his house.

And Papa God is handing over an inheritance to Jesus, and we all know what that is. It's a rulership to Jesus in Jerusalem. 

Cat Pic

Since you are there, I will do a cat pic for you.

You will see it in a bit.

There's 20 minutes work, I am sure.

It would be nice if I could get a squirrel pic. I will watch for one.

For the Nations

For those who respond, Perry's got a discipleship school online. You can find that on my directory at the end.

Brown House Sparrow

Yesterday, I saw a pair of brown cap house sparrows on my tree.

The color was new/distinctive from others.

What you see happening here is the Day of Atonement. 

Check Perry Stone. 

One of his recent teaching is about this.

We have our days of repentance, leading to the day of Atonement, where the devil brings accusations against God's beloved. 

Jesus' finishing work on the cross gained God's beloved a better position in this advocacy.

I added my tree. See Sapphire. Light and dark.


What has happened here is I entered a word in first and another position. The further position overlaid the red. What we learn here is don't repeat the search word. You can find what is supposed to be red.

As to the sparrows, we stared at each other. I did not run for a camera. I have pretty birds.

I deleted the duplicate.

This falls in Esther and Song of Songs.

There's a scripture of a sparrow making her nest on the alters of the Most High.

In the natural sense, an orphan Esther did that in her day. She made her way to that place of the Most High of her place. I am not saying he had status of god. I am saying the Lord led her to a position high beside authority. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

For You

Sie werden Dämonen austreiben


Yesterday, I had symptoms of a heart attack.

So, we prayed.

If (the if prayer) I had anything malfunctioning in my heart, I asked God to give me a new one.

After the prayer, the symptoms released.

And today, I am fine.

It is helpful to know what the symptoms are.

Kitchen Tip

Have you ever been in a house with dirty dishes, that the occupant let go, and  it became a nightmare?

Sometimes, you see that with a room-mate. It is lack of life skills. Here's what I do. And this is my life skill, developed from living in a home with 2 feet of counter-space. I did not love that. It's just the deal I got.

So, I throw out the food, and I stack the dishes, as if they were in the cupboard, dirty. I get them clean enough to do this. You don't want dishes sticking to dishes. I have both a clean and a dirty utensil/cutlery holder. One is for clean. One is for dirty. I stack everything. I put it all in its place. Then, I have stacks. I can clean the counter. I can put the pots on the stove, till I am ready to clean them. Everything goes in its place. You could come in my kitchen, and think it was clean, and it would be in process.

I stack all the cups as if they were in the cupboard. And ones which need it, I rinse. I don't like stains.

My tip here is for Japan. I have seen pictures of Asian kitchens, and you have kitchens with 2 feet of cupboard space, like I lived with.

Say I organize it at night. In the morning, my husband puts the dishes into the dishwasher, because it's so fast. It is very fast. It's like I am breaking up the steps.

This is the result of working on assembly lines.

As a life habit, people need to be taught organizing. It is shared one person to the next. And it is a life skill.

I have been in Asian kitchens. And shock of shocks, there's no cutlery. So, part of this tip may not be usable. However, something here will be of use. God always brings something. Right?

I mourned the lack of cutlery. And I wanted to fix it. However, my friend is Asian. He knows how Asian is. So, he nor his kitchen need my fix. So, instead, I enjoy. That's what I do.

This concept of clearing and stacking dishes, pots, cups, etc. would benefit the Asian kitchen. That is setting the cutlery issue aside.

Other factors I did not assess for here are timing, the number of helpers, etc.

The Custom Post

If my visitor stays, I will take the time to pull a code in your tongue.

It's a bit of work. I will pull Merry Christmas in your tongue.

I will gauge it. If you stay, like a cute little bird on my cherry branch, I will pull you the King's love note.

Thanks for your patience. And entertain yourself. Sometimes, these come fast. And some are 30 minutes or more.

חג מולד שמח

I work to get software to talk. 
Today, I am using a greeting software, and seeing if I can get that to work with Google Translate, or my other dicos. Just so you know, I am hoping for emphasis based on Capital Letters. And for that, I must trust a software, because I am not there yet, in your language. I am a pixel editor of your language. I study the letter nuances, to make sure it is right. As a translator for Jehovah, it is my intent to bring his heart here.

This is your Christmas love note from Jehovah. 

I am certain I can pull the Japanese greeting from the code. This is the new.

We move to the English, because that is my base language. And there are some other good reasons. Say you had a Japanese to Hebrew code, that would be cool. 

Merīkurisumasu watashi no tame ni kono yoru
Merī-kurisu-masu wat-ashi no tame ni kono yoru

Here's a start cutting this out. I could use one more entry for a keyword. I could consider bringing no up to another word. Or I can consider dropping the no, which I have no idea what that does to my words. I can rearrange. 

Remember my concept here. This is a love card. I look for the sender. I look for the receiver. 

I am looking for the Bridegroom. He's the one sending you this love note.

If I find my words are not showing up, I test the matrice. Or I make my search precise to a location, based on perusing the locations provided by this wide search. The processor cuts out, so I don't get the full picture of what is in a code. Often, when I open the matrice, I get a bunch of words filling up. 

Searching a code is like searching for a constellation in the night sky. I moved left. I moved right. The colors are there. I even have the last one, in the dark and light teal. The talent you become good at here is recalling the color order. You set that color order, by the way. The user has control over that, so you can recall the various colors. You set up the process. 

I picked this one, because it lands upon Ruth. Here, we see three words. In the breadth moving right and left, I found more pink, green, purple, light teal, dark teal. We have 9. We look for 9 colors.

Here's another snap focusing on words closer to the end of the utterance.

The zero colors show in the matrice.

I recall seeing the tan.

These were the colors. You can make your own list and order.

The minimum search is 5. However, the software shows all the words, with a 1 skip count.

I am on an Esther record. Skipping around, I did not see tan.

You have the greeting in Esther, centered around Esther. In this hunt, the most common word is no. Two letters. All the colors are there. Maybe I need to verify the tan. I will look for that one.

I have to go back here, because I like another code. Let's see the Bridegroom in Song of Songs.

Now, Song of Songs. The tan is missing. And there might be another color missing. Maybe pink. At least, in the skip searches I do. Pink is there. I just found it. So, tan.

My heart is playful.
Were I playing with this, I would start wide, and then, I would try to get the smallest range possible, like a skip of 50. That would be fun. That's because I like to find butterflies.

Now, I realize other languages and tongues would have other gematria values.

For the time being, I would bring that tongue to mine, and find the value based on that.

Till I have a better plan, that's my plan.

I plan to adapt this search a bit, and then do gematria.

Here's the list of inspiration music. The card started off in this language. The benefit of this is that the card software includes many languages. I can grow using it.

Now, my receiver just left. However, we had time, didn't we.

At Christmas, I often do something special for my readers.

This year, as I have time, I will pull for those who are here. I will pull this kind of love note.

My house is good enough now. My tree is up and decorated. It's on. I don't have a good reason to not try that bike. I will.

The code adaptation, I simplified this to meri kurimasu. Have I drifted at all in my understanding of these words? I don't know. Meri kurisumasu looks like Merry Christmas. Doesn't it?

From Jesus.

We need 5 colors.

See my Yeshua butterfly?

Red. Pink. Green. Purple. Where's the tan? The word from. I can either move around, and hunt tan, or pick a new word for "from".

I went left and right. I found "from" in tan.

Look at my little lost word, which we found, despite the word being missing from the civil record.

Even if someone erases you from a civil record, Jesus will always find you.

Yes, he finds the little word, and he finds the missing color.

Meri kurisu masu. 740. 74 x 10. 5 x 2. 37 x 2. 1480.

Look. Is my software inter-operating? See anything right? See anything wrong?

The copy paste function pastes in backward. Does it matter? In this instance, I am counting the value of every letter. It does not matter. 


You arrange the list into an utterance from the Lord of Hosts.

As to a few cool things, I will show you a snap. 

That Ezekiel reference is the Lord in the wheel in wheels.

And today, we work three wheels, and sometimes big wheels and little wheels, and medium wheels. 

How are we doing?

What if we search it. Go to Images.

On Images, we get a bunch of Japanese Christmas cards.

Question. Is this Spanish or Portuguese?

Para Minha nesta Noite

Which is which?

So, I don't necessarily know how I fell on the tracks.

What I was searching is: Merry Christmas on this night.

And my revised search was Merry Christmas from Jesus.

This is what I worked from. Perhaps this means I must re-enter my dico words. I will check.  But I did the whole thing. I did the whole message. All this is in my Hebrew dico to craft out this message.

Let's end.

The Bridegroom's message to Japan, and his Bride in Japan is:

Merry Christmas. For mine on this night.

And this refers to Dec. 25.

This year.

Thanks to those here. I move to other things. Perhaps, now I craft paper cards. See you.

There is something left to do.

Craft this small. Try it.

The Modern Christmas Gift

These days, modern Christmas gifts are add-ons.


I am considering some dico updates, which will work here. Not all of them did.

I had like 6.

I am not filling up my machine like before. I had a lot. My mode is moderate. Why fill a machine with software to have all of it made not usable by a large measure update? I've decided to leave updates for the purpose of getting in tune to a new system.

That means unless I've got a very good reason, I don't need it.

I'm assessing my very good reasons. Because I am in the process of attaining Hebrew, I would do the Hebrew dico.

As to my work tools, Adobe takes care of me. I don't have to manage that.

Suppose I do update a dico. I would be sad my flags disappeared. I am just getting to know the nation flags, like well. Not having flags would be a reason not to update.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Product Supplier

I have a new product supplier for shakes.

I hate it.

So, I need to fix up my order, and not include any shakes.

The Rapture Visual

Regarding the Huawei Detainee

Treat her well.

I would not a woman mistreated in the name of justice.

I am not happy with what she did.

While you figure out exactly what you do with her, make sure she is comfortable.

I might have spelling incorrect here. I don't spell this all the time.

China Leaders, it appears you have detained one as well. Same thing. Okay?

I do speak not as a rep of my nation. I speak as a rep of Jehovah.

Update: I did not know the extent of what she did. Hmm. Anyway, the concept I had was treat her as innocent till proven guilty.

Get the Bad Guy

Lord God, you are the Mighty One.

There's a problem in Europe.

Please look to Strasbourg.

There's a bad guy gunman.

Help the police.

Keep the police and protective servicemen safe.

And Lord God, get the bad guy.

Fight in the men who are on detail, and run with and in them, reveal what is needed, and you go get that bad guy.

Bring comfort, order, and light to those who have been harmed.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

When we pray, I believe God works immediately. Watch. Watch what happens.

The event and the bad guy is in the code.

But what good would it accomplish to show everyone?

I could right putting the man's name, and don't be a bad guy.

Would he listen?

Yes You See

I know you came here, because a word just produced.

When you see precision, you know it is Jehovah.

Not my doing.

He gets all the glory.

My doing is being in sync.

8 words produce. All are spoken in Jesus' name.

Chances are 1 x 10 to the 17th power that all those words would produce.

Those are the odds Jesus is God.

Who Watches

When I work here, my husband watches me. Apparently, he's tried a new Adobe program. It's new to him.

And he says, based on me, and what I do, that program will be easy for me.

In the New Year, I have something to do. I will make a project or so with another Adobe program.

He produced a successful project. And he knows I can do the same. However, to work through that successful project, he said he heard my voice. He knows what I say about software. That's funny.

I work. He's the gamer. When I am making things here, he is gaming. 

My Perpsective on Art

What art does is it brings thoughts, relaxation, pleasant things, into a room. Sometimes, it matches a person's heart theme. It matches their style. It matches what they like to do.

A picture expands a room, by expanding its view, or life experience, or the idea concept map of that room.

That's my thought.

Angela Merkel

Dear Angela Merkel,

I know you are in the midst of your celebration good-byes.

Thank you for your service. Have a great retirement, or remaking of your time schedules. Find some cool activities, which expand your life into enjoyment. I expect your life held stress. It's time for relax, create, and enjoy.

I am Canadian. I don't speak for my nation. However, I do appreciate you. As an individual, I appreciate you. Thanks.


Donna L. Munro

What Impresses You More?

In the bible code, what are you impressed with more?

Is it that all data is encoded in the bible code, like Sheru's life story in India?

Or is it that God encoded that he loves you deeply, and he wants you home with him in eternity, and he wants to be with you as your Mighty Friend right now?

Changes Downtown

I don't know what it is like in your city. Yes, I see the post you are on. I am writing you a bit more.

In my city, in the downtown, outside the clubs, they have hooked up outdoor speakers. You can go one club to the next, and the outdoors is pumping with music.

The ones it might harm are those who live downtown. And?

It marks where the club is.

A place I like this is on the train stations. There's pretty music at train stations. What I don't know is where they picked this up from. 

The Squirrel

I watched the squirrel make progress yesterday, down the fence line. He came down the fence line at my home, and he ran to my deck. So, I put out a combination of cat food and bird seed in a dish. It was about a minute after I saw him, it was out. You wonder, can his little nose find it? Anyway, based on observation, this morning, someone ate it.

It could have been the squirrel, or a magpie, or a crow. The food is gone.

Abundant food source. My home. Critters, come.

Oh, I have pine cones. If the squirrel wants to eat them, he can.

Oh yeah, the little guy ran down the fence line. And when he got to my house, he came down, and ran to my house. I was happy. He was very cute.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Metal Finish

So, I am testing print outputs, right? Well, I did my approximate approach. I do that, well, here. When I do things, I approximate.

I did that. I ordered prints. And there were white edges not printed on. Anyway, I tried it. I framed it. It's up. It's the metallic prints.

Now, I can leave those white pieces. Or I can paint them. I am painting, and dressing up the white pieces, in a means I've done here before on other work.

I've decided there is a better way to do this. When I do that particular output again, I will make the file fit exactly. And that is why there is finishing work. And it's okay. I don't mind.

You learn by process and experience.

About metallic metal finishes on photography, I love it. I might put temporary tattoos on the edges. Or I might put scrapbooking stickers. Or, I can paint them.

White with a metal finish looks pearl.

In marketing applications, there are metal finishes. Those would look good printed metallic.

Because the metal finish prints opal, say someone had a drawing, and the edges were plain paper. A metallic print would be perfect. Who does not want opaline paper?


Going fast has never been excellent.

I am slowing down. I will add my name. 

Anyway, you get the idea. I have a lot of images here to load.

This is a big job. It's not taking over this time. However, I can continue to build collection.

A thing about having your name on art, sometimes, it is a problem in production. You have to know you want your name, and where. And your production afterward must honor the display of the name. So, there are good and bad aspects of having the signature. At some point, I may move to initials.

Yes, the folder is growing. If you want to watch the folder for a few days, I am building a section of images. And later, I use that folder to figure out the ones to produce.

You might think that easy. Seeing the image on products is helpful.

Say I want a set of 11 x 14s. It's nice to see the set, as if it were a showing. There's finishing work. Yes, even here, there's finishing work.

On SmugMug, you can choose to have your name set up as a brand. And it overprints on all your images. That might have been good to know at the beginning. It does mean you can't fine-tune. And that is important.

For Video

Sometimes, the video changes.

You see something. You monitor you. There might be another version. I did not rewatch the whole. And there are more versions.

With a skip through, a bunch of it looks similar.

That song is the scripture, and between Jesus and I, we are looking at each other through it.

I just had a vision. Like an hour ago.

I was looking a these matrices flying like a flag in the air. And over the matrice, an eagle flew. The eagle wore very bright colors.

I am missing an image. I will begin the hunt for it.

It is a development further than this:

I will look for it. What it is--it shows the Lion of Judah ripping through the paradigm.

You get the start of it here. It is actually an image intended for my wall. When I find it, you will see it on SmugMug. I need to talk size with my husband. I need to point to a spot. I need to tell him the size I envision. And then, if he thinks that size works, then, I can get it.

All the images going up on SmugMug are low quality. I keep originals stored. Someday, might someone want something produced, it involves contacting me, and I will make the arrangements to provide an appropriate image for print. I don't mind sharing some with you. As I compare here, I see quite a few cats to share. I will make that quality of file to share.