Saturday, June 30, 2018

Wax Pillars Bulge

This is the word. You will look for it in the code engines. Wax pillars bulge. That becomes wax pillar bulge.

Then, you need to orient your search. Here's wax.

That is the Lord's word.

I had a dream last night. It was a movie dream. My heart tends to focus on him. The dream ended with him. You know the him. I touched his hip. That is the world and paradigm revelation comes out of. Having had the him impression last night, I would tend to think the purpose of this word is the Revelation of Him. Your job is to look for cool manifestation of the Lord's presence. And after, ask what that means for you. That is the word. You have a stream. You have a code. Hunt.

About wax pillars, when they bulge, shortly it is time to stop using them. They become a maintenance hazard. Mine is red. Imagine red wax all over. We don't need that. I've learned by experience that if a candle leaks all over a lot, it's not worth the maintenance. You can manage it if the color is light, like you bone, ivory, or white. Those are nice, and I don't mind clean up. If those colors are dark, wow, what a pain.

So, there you go. You set the Bible Gateway view to parallel. You add your tongue. 

And as to focus, think about what words you hunt, as to whether they are archaic or modern. And I am not the specialist of all languages, but you are a specialist in yours. So think about it. Is your word archaic, or poetic? Is it an interesting word for your language? If it is, maybe check out the word history. See if you find that word appealing. And ask the Lord if he has a revelation to you in that word. Okay?

As to the new, for many like to see what is new, there are more images released into non-restricted galleries on my Pixel's page. And in those you can see, I've reset the stream of products to include all FAA's potential products.

So, enjoy. I am hunting ways to make the overall maintenance easier. I am not there yet. To set prices on the whole set, which I have done before, takes 2 weeks. I may be there another week. And there may be an easier way. That is what is up. I respond to the information I have. I might be doing something rat intensive, but it would be in response to that which I have as data. You do what you do, till you know more. There might be something released not refreshed, but in general, the pattern is that I release a record after it has been updated. And I am following through collections that way, to reset the collection. If you see a recently released gallery, and it has not been refreshed, soon it will be. It is up next.

I am finetuning collections. I've decided to keep gallery participation to 1-3. And I've decided to tag items by the top 1-2 things in the picture which define it, on its priority as where it fits. Hopefully, that means you can find things better. A bunch of former collections/galleries are disappearing, for I decided they were kind of non-descript. Those go. Specific gallery titles stay. I've processed loosely guessing about half.

The interface will not let me delete collections. If you see a collection with zero records in it, just avoid that one.

While you see better collections on FAA, Pixels, you saw my Adobe code. I use Adobe. I will be using their tech to help get organized. And as I review the collection, I will start tagging images at home here, from my archives, and I may now build those galleries with new content.

I hope you like pictures. It's not just new as from my archive new. I am going to be aware, and build those collections, by say having a life experience, bring along a camera, and hunt a few things. That is where the new will come from. Okay?

I have several profiles. One is SmugMug. I am reviewing SmugMug as a fit for new content.

The benefit of SmugMug is one can upload a folder, and set the folder content descriptors in 1 go. As to which profile I am going to build, I am not sure. I am doing a review of what SmugMug offers, because you forget. Just recently, I reviewed it. I just need a refresh. I will post my SmugMug profile here, along with Pixels. Once I have set SmugMug up properly, with all the right settings, I shall bring it forward to you. I did not transfer my full collection there. I had a little bit. And of that bit, audience settings were on, for it was for a specific group of people.

I shall make you something there in the future, as I progress in tending profiles. As to the profiles, I've thought about it. There is no point in duplicating data. Each corporation has a set of products to order. Each can have its full benefit of the image there. That is the plan. Images will be single purposed.

Generally speaking, if an item appears on this blog, despite not being heavy level editing, it has been altered for its purpose of illustrating this blog. Often, the degree of care is a percentage of what I would invest in something were I to want to feature it on someone's wall. If an image is on FAA/Pixels/SmugMug, it has had a quality eye upon it, for the sake of art/photography. Adobe is going to help me in my work here. I value the tools.

For anyone who knows me personally, and you are interested in a price for art, I will be making a catalog. I won't be handing it out, but I will be referring you to my art on its profile, with a price, for you to order direct. And I will also have a price for some sizes I will order for you, and frame should you like it. I can give you a verbal price for that.

That's where its at. Good day. 

Friday, June 29, 2018


I will likely be back later.

However, I am moving to Maintenance.

See you here.

The Missed Walk

I invited one to walk with me yesterday. It did not happen.

The code is: The missed walk.

We don't need details. You feel free to add your life experience to finding this code.

To be neighbourly, you invite. You don't own the ends. You let God do whatever. And people are free. They are free to choose. They get an option.

Just like my bracelet, if they clasp my arm, they also have that option to let go.

Being a neighbour starts in your heart.

We are better together. That's my word on being neighbours.

That's a tree code.

Part of this requires my reader to resonate with this. The one you resonate with is the code you hunt. The Lord confirms the right word in your heart.

For this, you need to get your eye on some books for your code engine.

Select two or three areas to search in.

Here is where my heart is pulled.

The Lord's message is in here.

We are searching the other words out.



Now, go to Zechariah.

And since the Lord speaks in streams, can you see an unrighteous clasp?

In one of those scriptures, you see how the Lord wars against unrighteousness. He lets the evil of an evil people rise against one another. He lets corruption take them down.

Tell me. Is hell ever unified really? And can a strategy or warring implement of hell ever really act against hell?

The Unrighteous Clasp

True story:

There's a bracelet. It is not a righteous bracelet. It is an unrighteous bracelet. It feels like it tricked me. Have you ever felt like that about something.

The bracelet is aged. I put it on. In fatigue/night, I could not get it off. Nor could another.

So, last night, I prayed, "God, get it off."

This morning, it came off.

And it may have been helpful I was nearly asleep while it came off.

Then, I could not war against the attempt.

Stuff ages. Beware. You need someone else sometimes.

I call this thing "the unrighteous clasp".

And that is the code.

To orient the code placement in scripture, you need to hunt the words either together or individually in BibleGateway, in your preferred scripture, in your tongue/translation which goes with your code.

Then, near some of those books, you hunt in your bible code.

Not everything you put on your wrist is truly beneficial. It had metal fatigue. I was upset when I prayed. I figure if we have God, we are never stuck. I asked God to make sure it came off my arm. Thankfully, and you can bet I thanked him, it came off. Had it not, it would have been clipped with some kind of metal clipping shears. And it would not have mattered how pretty it was. Jewelry is supposed to be an option, not an obligation.

I might have spent a long time trying to get it off. I hate to think how long. Hope and light comes in the morning. And the dumb thing came off.

There is another code. Metal ages. Feel free to search the one which appeals to you.

So what is the solution? Do you oil metal? This particular bit which upset me won't be on my high wear list. And I might part it out. Who knows? We will see how I feel. I can use the parts. Before I disassemble it, I will try oil, and see how that works. But you can surely bet I won't attach it to me for any experiment.

This is an issue related to aging metal, any aging metal.

Short term. This will be up for 3 days. 

For Adobe

I can see your name in Hebrew.

You should check it out.

Google Translate does not translate it. I do see something. There's "adobe houses". That word might work. I suggest you use the Hebrew alphabet, and enter your name phonetically. It's fun.

Suppose I were translating your name. One of the sounds I am working on is the letter a. Ayin. Aleph. Aspirated H. Your name starts with an a sound. I am sorting that stuff out.

In case you want to try, I don't hate this:

Clay brick.
לְבֵנַת טִיט

You might want to try this. Suppose we are looking at the two words. Where you do you break the word? You need to know, for if I put this into the code engine in one spot, it puts it all together as 1 code.

In this word, find the letter B. And after you find B, do you see a D? Is there a D? And why do we have a Lamed start? Does it make the a sound soft? Those are questions. They are not answers. However, my questions will shape you in your observations, and help you learn.

Hang on a sec. That letter is a Tav. I have to rethink this. Wait for the teacher to reflect. By the way, you can't look at your keyboard for this, because the letters don't necessarily match. I do have a keyboard layout somewhere. I am not using it. I have got a bunch of things. It will be a couple minutes.

Sometimes, you get a phonetic equal. Sometimes, you don't. What have we got. It might be:

  • Alabeneth/Alabenet.
  • Labeneth/Labenet.

If I were sounding the word out, with no vowels, that's my guess. The third letter is an N. The inter-word N is what you see. The end word N is long.

We are going to make "checker" words. Ben. In Google Translate, Ben demonstrates the letter B. In this word, we have a letter B. My name Donna marks the letter D. If you make yourself a set of words to demonstrate letters, it is helpful.

L, Donna.


Here's today's code.

And for it, I will give you a true story.

On my counter, I threw out two coffee machines. And it had two left. And my husband became interested in Nespresso. Now, we have one Nespresso and two others. And, of course, because of what is going on here, I am using the low caff coffee.

As far as these machines are concerned in relating to a family who does not mind tech, these are smart machines.

The code is: Nespresso.

That is a trademark/brandname.

When you put it in code, in Hebrew, you break it. First, try it together. Then, break it. NES + PRESSO.

Where will it show in scripture? I expect it to show in books where you find the word PRESS.

You look over the books with PRESS in them. And you orient your hunt there.

If my students find cool data and use it online, that's no problem. Right? The things you post should be things you hunted, and snapped. Permit me to tell you to mark your image with who you are, and maybe even your site, so you get a benefit from your image. We learn this as we go.

The word press is both modern and archaic. It will be in most translations.

What do you think of the word press?

I just did a quick check. And it's not necessarily right. Okay? On Google Translate, Italian for press is press in English. You need to double-check my work. From Press in English to the Italian, I got stampa. What I can tell you is in a picture in scripture, near where you find the English, you also find other language words. Say you start a search/hunt and you orient your scripture to a set of books. Later, you can do the intra-lingual search. And stay in that passage. 

Have fun. As far as I am concerned, it does not matter what language code you have. You enter the brandname phonetically if you have to. All languages depend upon our mouth. Sound it out.

I like sweeping scripture. You look for your brandname. You find something in scripture you relate to. It becomes one of your corporate values. Cool, eh?

We are still in that time I am doing maintenance. When I am done that, I will be back to do the usual. Right now, you do the hunt. And you derive your message.

A word from the Lord is still a word from the Lord, no matter how much I do for you. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Purple Nails

I have not done my nails for a while. I saw a girlfriend. She invited me to have my nails done.

I did. I think I might return to doing nails, without using a baking light. She made my nails pretty. I am wearing purple glitter.

That is the code. Look up "purple glitter".

Where is glitter in the scripture? I am guessing nowhere. But I will try. Wow, I found glitter.

Song of Songs maps to Revelation. The second most interest match is Isaiah. If you have a code engine which includes Revelation, use it.

That's the word. You do the code hunt.

We have three words from today. After completing the hunt, ask the Lord what is in the stream. He always layers a message in a stream.

What are the chances my reader knows the word for glitter in your language, and you can input it on Bible Gateway in your language? Would it show? I think "glitter" is a modern term.

I would like to recommend doing a study, where you select a modern version of a bible, and do a theme study on the word "glitter". I tried it. You get interesting things.

Lost in Space

I watched the Netflix series Lost in Space.

The word I received from the Lord for us to search for in code is:


Look it up. See what you find. I did some work:

I am not doing this code pulling at the moment. This is for my followers who use code.

The next thing is: You need to think where do you think danger appears in the bible. Look near there. I have provided you a link with research to help you find areas to hunt.

I've been looking for something in my home. I did a sweep. I have a Bible Gateway on my shelves. You know, you get lazy in this electronic age. Something is online, so we use the tool.

And I love the online tool. Don't get me wrong. I have a Bible Gateway on my shelf. I have 4 version bibles, commentaries, Hebrew references, etc., all here. I just don't go get them. Not including that, I am the lady with 27-29 bibles. One day, I should figure out which translations that all covers.

I might do the code later. We will see how the days go.

When you watched lost in space, did you get that the alien was naming his home planet/place of origin? And would you agree that were we to pull a word out of the series, it ought be "danger"?

Wool Hats

Here's a truth statement for someone to search in code:

Wool hats shrink.

The story: Last fall, I was wearing my pink ski hat. It is wool. And it was cold. I was recycling lots of cardboard. My hat fell into the recycling bin. Then, with great effort, I retrieved it.

And it was dirty. I could not wear it. It's been in my laundry room for some time, as I cleaned up all the items which were taken to thrift stores.

Finally, it's my turn. And my hat does not seem to have a match to go in with. It always was ignored. So, I threw it in. And I planned to make a load to go with it. It got missed. No big surprise. Towels were thrown in on top. And the load was run.

The hat come out looking like a tissue. It had shrunk so tight, it was super small. My husband lamented, for it was a good hat. Anyway, it's not been thrown out yet. He is stretching it out, as a hobby. We will see how long he feels like stretching it.

You hunt the code for the truth statement.

Then, look around for the most meaningful scripture.

That is an assignment. You do it if you want.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Interested in School?

I see some interested in school.

I like this one.

  1. International School of the Word (Perry)

Check it out. There is a course on for half price.

Warmly, Donna.

Windstorm Moon

For Sunday, 7/1/2018,

I call a storm on the lunar surface. I call a wind storm on the moon. 4 pm, Calgary Time. MST.

Moon, let the Lord walk upon you as a mighty wind. Sunday. 4 pm. MST.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Joel sign in the heavens. Watch Sunday.

You might need some equipment. Nations have cameras. I am providing you proof of the One who inspires me to speak.

Proof: Jehovah is indeed God.

You watch the signs. A bunch happen. It's against all the math odds. And you derive Jehovah is God.

This is my credo check. If you see the storm, I am being the honest servant for the Lord.

You don't see the storm, then, as some may have done, you write off the message and messenger. If you do, you might like to consider the Lord's incredible offer of Covenant. Yahoo.

I have not been working by myself here. I have been working for the Lord.

The bible clearly said there would be signs in the heavens. I am providing some, not by myself. In relationship to Jehovah, as I meditate upon his goodness, I am bringing these forward, so you can see his goodness too.

See the blog design change? All those dots refer to prophecy and bible code. Cute eh? And pink is Love. Those dots remind me of all the analysis I have been doing of code text, puzzles, etc.

Here is something to know, in case you look for me by using the term "bible code".

Page 20. Yup. Look for me in around there. Hey.

Regarding publishing, I am slowing down, and doing even some blog maintenance for previous projects. Maybe I did not keyword them right or something. Maybe.

I am going to develop an overlay for my work. Say I do all the work, and whoever takes it. It would be nice to see who did it. I will be coming up with something for the graphics, so that when you use my graphic, there's a means of coming here.

Thoughts. Here's something about me. I used the bible code as my communicative voice.

I would have to go back, and see how much or how often I used the term bible code.

It is most likely just that.

So, profiles need maintenance, right? It's amazing how far one can come, just chasing the Lord's voice. And in a partnership, you know he is enough. I can't question God's leading. It is exactly what it is. Everything God does for me, for us here, is a revelation of his Goodness.

It is his goodness which is providing you these signs, at that right time, so you can stand in covenant with the Lord. My humanness is that frail part, just like my reader, for I stand in covenant to the Great God Man Jehovah. I am just as vulnerable as all of you. I have had some practice standing near him.

So, remember the gospel message and all it is about. Because in the end, it is about you and him. There is a me and him. But you have a you and him.

My readers find good things here. BCW is not working these days, but if you look, you see a multi-lingual set of the Spirit of the Lord. It is around the first post here. Before BCW broke down, I had moved a little toward letting my reader explore, instead of me handfeeding. And I hope you grew.  For those still following me, for the kind of exploration we are doing these days, it would be great to get the Keys to the Bible, because that is my tool.

As you see, I have maintenance to do. However, hopefully, as I go, I give you a few tasks, so you can look them up. I will ask the Lord for some. I work on models. I will ask you to search things in Keys to the Bible I already did before.

Sun Burst

Joel. Sign in the heavens.

From yours truly, with an impression of the Holy Spirit during the night.

Sun burst. Mid range, not threatening for an EMP.

Tomorrow, 6.28. 2018. Noon. Calgary Time. MST.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

The tracking of the sun to my voice is the means by which you know I speak for Jehovah, and that I have been speaking for him.


If you are in that kind of place, where you track the Sun, set the timer. And watch.

It takes an EMP about 2 weeks to travel. So, you might want to examine the sun in about two weeks to see the burst. Or do you have technology which keeps up to the day?

Either way, I have marked out something for you to watch.

This is proof Jehovah is God.

There are low, mid and high sun bursts which are below an EMP level. They happen all the time. I am just telling what range tomorrow's is.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

In There

The Tooth Bible Code Project:

I've demonstrated the pattern that the parts named in our mouth for teeth are in the bible code.

They are in there. I am taking a break.

See you tomorrow.



Molar Bible Code

Here's the Tooth Bible Code Project.

This is the Molar.

Molar bible codle result
Molar Bible Code Result

Molar bible code matrice
Molar Bible Code Matrice

Incisor Bible Code

This is part of the Tooth Bible Code Project.

Here's Incisor.

Incisor Bible Code
Incisor Bible Code Results

Incisor Bible Code Matrice

Tooth Decay Bible Code

This is part of the Tooth Bible Code Project.

Here's tooth decay.

Tooth Decay Bible Code Matrice
Tooth Decay Bible Code Matrice

Tooth Decay Bible Code Results
Tooth Decay Bible Code Results

Dental Pulp

This is part of the Tooth Bible Code Project.

This is: Dental pulp.

Dental Pulp Bible Code Matrice
Dental Pulp Bible Code Matrice

Dental Pulp Bible Code Result
Dental Pulp Bible Code Result


This is part of the tooth bible code project.

Here's dentin.

Dentin Bible Code Matrice
Dentin Bible Code Matrice

Dentin Bible Code Result
Dentin Bible Code Result

Tooth Enamel

Here's tooth enamel.

Tooth Enamel Bible Code Matrice
Tooth Enamel Bible Code Matrice
Tooth Enamel Bible Code Result
Tooth Enamel Bible Code Result

How I am working this, the more rare word goes first, and you work to the least rare in the last position.

If you put tooth enamel, you see a hey on the beginning of the word tooth.

I think it would be pronounced ashin. However, Hebrew swallows vowels or something. What is recorded for the word is shin.

That's a guess.


I will do 10-15 of the snow vocabulary.

And I will pick something science.

I will do the ear or teeth.

If you feel like seeing that vocabulary come out of the code, that's what is up today.

I am not done at noon today. I did a few household tasks this morning.

I know you see my pages. I am updating an archive. Things you look at--I forgot. When I see them (because you open them), I put them where they are supposed to go.

And one day, I will update the page pertaining to that. What you see is the archive.

No big deal. Just maintenance.

Lyre Stuff #2

I see some of you on Lyre stuff.

Where I plan to put music is YouTube.

I am still playing just whatever from my heart.

I will try a phone recording.

I will add that into my next week. I will play enough to get something in a good suite.

Some of the whatever from my heart is known tunes.

Some is new.

For the new, I will call it Heart Melodies.

For the recordings on this page, I am going to be getting rid of the storage site. And I will be moving all the content to YouTube. That is where it will be for you.

The Impact of Anti-Parasitics

The thing is getting smaller. It's lighter color (more normal color), not as thick, and its mass is reducing. Before it made my whole cheek hard out around it for an inch and a half. Now, my cheek is soft.

I got rid of this once before, mostly by a sauna. And then, I had stopped the sauna. And it came back in a week. This time, its been hit with different kinds of treatments. There's about a 5 mth wait to see doctor. Well, I am glad I know something. If I did not, that would have been awful to live with.

I think I recently heard "anti-parasitics" is not a permitted term for sales. I hope it is a permitted term for self-expression. I am selling nothing here. When your body must clear a growth/mass, your liver has to work. And you need water. It is going. More than just an emergent treatment, I am considering those other things, which are lifestyles to keep this from recurring.

(I took Pre-Med. I apply that to myself, my husband, my cats, or my life umbrella around here.)

The treatment types of items are refreshed in my home. Considering my new objectives, I have kept their quantities to those amounts one can use up. I still don't want clutter on the counter.

I tell you this as I drink my morning coffee. I picked up half caf. Overall, compared to before, I am reducing caffeine. I am drinking dandelion tea. And made according to instructions, it is as strong as a coffee. It is roasted like coffee. And it's been here a while, but it would not be among items I consider expired. It was a fairly recent purchase, but had been ignored.

I have a tea box. Most of the things in it are health oriented. Based on its performance, and comfort and taste, will I buy it again? I think so. I kind of like it.

I rarely go to a doctor, before I give something a go first. I think this ought to have been given an anti-biotic. Something we missed in questioning was: The thing hurt. If it hurts, infection took over. I would parallel it to a flesh eating disease. It had turned into that. A 5 month wait for something to eat my flesh would not have worked for me. It's not like I would like a piece of plastic prosthesis instead of cheek. The cheek is restored.

This past year, I've seen that disease. And I saw the end. We don't need that.

I went to the doctor, because the spot turned painful. And I was surprised I left the doctor without an anti-biotic. However, his assurance it is treatable was comforting. His look over it gave me more courage to go after it. I do value my doctor. I don't wait for a specialist. It's not gone. It is going.

I assume my use of our health plan in Canada is lower than average, because I do things. Who knows. Compare my overall use of the health system to others later on. I expect my use to be a tenth of what others use. That is the side-effect of having studied these topics. And the texts sit as references on my shelf.

There is a key to any treatment working. You need good product. Somehow, you need to be able to get high potency product. And for normal health, I don't care. For an emergent situation, I care. At those times, I must sift to get that right product. This time, I found those things off the shelf. It was even geographically near. That is good!

For my one nation audience here, my husband read the article about the woman and her moving growth on her face. That was grosse! And yes, I am preventing such a thing from flourishing here.

Time Up: 2-3 weeks. I certainly hope this is out of date data in 2-3 weeks.

Monday, June 25, 2018


This is probably not a close for all day.

I just think it good to take a break.

Later, we will see what I am inspired to do.

See you. Have a nice day. 


I decided to look for Donna's Beloved Antelope.

Look at what Donna's means in Hebrew.

My name and it's possessive is the art of Debate, Expression, and Argumentation. It's always good when one's studies line up with their name.

I expect the code Donna's Beloved to yield Mr. King Aleph and Tav of Song of Songs.

And if you find his milk white teeth, well, you found my Love.

Now, get your heart, mind, and eyes upon my Beloved.

Yeah, handsome, eh? Now, perhaps you don't see Yeshua in this picture. Handsome like all get out. White teeth. Lips like scarlet. What more do you want to know?

Add his name, for it's there.

The word "dam" was not fashioned to say bad things. The creation of that word "dam" was first intended to be the expression of how beauteous Jesus Christ is.

Yeah. Then, it's meaning was perverted to bad. Jesus is beauteous.

The possessive of Donna to Donna's shows us a Lamed, the sword of his mouth, and a Shin, which is all our fire. Fire inside. Find my Beloved. He is in the red flame letters.

The farther I drop in these meditations, the more the nations can expect the rapture.

And don't be left behind.

And if you are, remember my words.

And don't take the mark, so that yours on the battlefield can cry, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me. Forgive me."

And come across the battlefield, and be mine.

There's that 33 million I want. If that arrival of Yeshua is your first epiphany, set it up so it works.

Now, look for his butterfly Aleph. That is apparently a metaphor, for look, Ayin is the end of his name. Ayin. The Ayin is the Lord's Eye. I Am.

The 9:28 A.M. Picture

Have you seen the one I love, who when he roars, he sets the Earth's foundations trembling?

Have you seen that One?

If we establish a nice set of timings here, my reader may take the effort to watch for the supernova.

Now, you know I am your sister, because I am restricting my lips from asking the Sun to supernova. However, permit me to point out that the day Jesus comes, the light here of the sun is going to be ten times brighter right then. It's going to be ten times brighter than now. Then, the sun dims during the Tribulation if I am interpreting that correctly. The point I am making is that the day of Armageddon, the sun shines like a supernova.

And if the sun supernova'd, only Jesus can repair that. No worries. The Son can fix the Sun. He's very handy. As long as the Son is in control, the Earth always has hope. God has vacuums to clean the atmosphere. Jesus maintains the house.

When the most beautiful vision of loveliness as a male entertains you in a vision, and brings these words to you, what do you do? Do you fall on your face? Do you examine his feet?

I think, "Wow, what incredible luck do I have to be laying before these very finely maintained feet. They look like a King's feet. Wow, they look like they have a King's sandals. What are such fine feet doing towering over me. Who might be up there?"

What happens to you when you encounter the most beautiful feet you ever saw? Tell me, do you think to yourself you have found the best place in the universe to have landed?

When you get to heaven, and you perceive my eyes upon my Beloved, you will see more than natural appreciation for the Beloved in my eyes.

I am certain I was birthed from the Father's womb to be his. Jehovah fashioned the word fate and destiny around the specific instance of heading to each other. He set us up. He made me out of him. He set me on the life path to him. And that's the only fate and destiny I fall under--the Father's. I am not trying to make this all perfect by the way. I am just expressing myself. And if you want to verify all the bits around this, be there. Be in heaven, and verify me.

I see something interesting in the puzzle.

In some of the translations, my name had an aleph.

And here, the last letter of my name is a Hey.

Look. This is how the software is putting my name.

So who knows? Maybe I will figure it out. I wonder if that is the impact of adding the possessive in. I don't know but I am guessing something may change when you add the possessive. It could also be I am just learning my name. Yeah. I expected an -a sound, but there's a hey sound. Not an aleph. Hey.

I am showing you to bits of letters. Notice the slope on them is the same.

How about Ps. 45?

Jehovah used his Living Tree, the scripture, to write our names in, like lovers engrave their initials in a tree trunk. Examine his Majesty.

Raphael Disputation/Extra color background by Donna L. Munro


Here's bouche.

Permit me to help you. Print a reference sheet.

Sound out the letters. Since Ayin is the Silent e equivalent, perhaps I should have added it.

I am not sure how super fine we ought be with adding the Ayin.

If you know French, you know the value of the silent e. Anyway, sound it out. And we see bouche entered in Hebrew can also mean "mean".  As to what kind of mean, we don't know. Do we?

Do you know Hebrew? Which "mean" is this?

Bouche Bible Code Search Result

Donna's Beloved Antelope

I did not find anything which looks like "mean" with these letters.

However, who knows?

As to this search, the mouth of the Beloved is lovely, so I set the search spread to only Song of Songs. In 8 chapters, we have 3167 codes. So, with liberal spread of his breath, how do we pick?

I say look for the mouth of the Beloved. See if you can find him specifically. His teeth are super white. Here are those poetic words which say that same thing. There is a somewhat rare word in the bible. It is the Darling. I think it's in there twice. But you know who that is, right? Yeah, aha. And you ought care who the darling is, in case it matters to you. Were I in that mood, and I might be yet, I would look up all the sweetheart codes in French, transliterated, and translated in the Hebrew code. I expect interesting results. And I expect interesting results intra-lingually as well.

So, you know I don't feel well. Yesterday, at church, I wore spikenard. I wore his fragrance. And of course, I forgot about fragrances. I needed his fragrance. Anyway, were you with me, how did you like his fragrance? His fragrance is my comfort. And I have joy in the regression and solution to the health matter.

Human Teeth Hebrew

Previous Work:

What can we find here to do?

Mrs. Lady who ought have no coffee can't do it. I will have to work toward it. This morning, I had a water upon arising to take some kick parasite butt capsules.

I will take less coffee. And I will take more water. The issue is moving into reverse. I can cover it with makeup at this point, and it's less noticeable.

Just before I met the champion, I had the Nespresso welcome package in the car. Good timing, eh? There's a half caf and decaf in there. I will be drinking some of those.

I know I did not get the complete vocabulary list. However, I will use this as a reference: 30 54 59 1 17 1 92 92 1 185 48 184 15 1 149 11 57 1168 1 All development stages.

And after, I will go back to the Wiki, and fill in a few more terms.

Where are the dentists?

It would be very nice for dentists to hang out.

I am not done with the translated words for snow. I am not sure how to turn that into the challenge. Maybe I will fall upon something yet.

I expect all these things to land in the Torah. However, I spent an evening in the Torah.

Teeth will land in Jeremiah. I expect them in Psalms.

We are going to try Psalms.

Here's a review:

Set the view up to parallel bibles. Add your bible.

As you examine my writing here, even in English, do you see the indicators I am multi-lingual? There's things there, and they tell you I chased words as butterflies through Academia.

Now, if my readers as students would like, you could either track me, entering these codes into software. Or, you could start building a vocabulary into this tool, and enter your language. I've not tried copy and paste of foreign characters into the dico, but I should try. I think a person could use this software for whatever language. That My Dico tool--you are stuck using it as a pulldown list.

I think you should look upon your native tongue transliterated Hebrew words. I think it would be interesting. I am not doing that. I might try one later. If I can get a light string, and it's cool, then, yes, I would do more.

A good cup of coffee yields good satisfaction. Crema. My coffee has crema. I am not talking about cream.

Regarding this set of codes, I have not been setting up drawers, though you could.

Teeth is the top topic.

I believe the logic is the same. The logic is you put the most prevalent term first.

The other day I tried a possessive in Hebrew. That possessive is "of".

Donna's beloved gets set up in phrase as "the Beloved of Donna".

Of was all over the place. And of course it is, because it's like 2 letters.

Because this is creative, and kind moves around, or may be inspired by music as I go, we have no clue where this is going. The picture thing I did was cool. I think we can do that for now.


Here's something to do. Today, I cried out. God, I want you. Where's my Hebrew and Greek bibles! Well, I did not find those. But imagine for a moment what I did find! Yeah aha.

I found a letter D. I found a heart.

Good Night

I see the time. Good night. I will see you tomorrow.

L, Donna.


Cocorico as gematria =

In Jewish gematria:

  • The key.
  • The Creator of Life.
  • Christ is coming.

In Hebrew gematria:

  • God does wonders.
  • Sovereignty.
  • A close friend.
  • The Lord of Israel.

For the Hebrew gematria, you enter the Hebrew word.

The results are in Hebrew.

You use Google Translate it to bring it to yourself.

I don't know if you have noticed, but the Gematria website and its tools changed. Earlier, you entered a word, and you received three forms: Simple, English, and Jewish.

Today, the tool generates Simple and English. Now that I am using Hebrew, you enter the Hebrew, and you get Hebrew and Jewish. I am interested in those. It has a couple more steps, including translating the results back to English. Hang on. Jewish is there. What is new then? I am getting the Hebrew. That's new.

Say you are using it, well, you adapt a couple steps to yourself, and your language, instead of to mine.



Science =

Red finch.

Nope. (my word)

There's a red finch on my tree these days.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

James Study

It's been a while which I have not published the next study in James.

Here you go.

The Eye

Tomorrow, I would like to do the eye.

I have a former project to pull forward to model it on.

Eye = Lamed = Son of God.

Search spread: Torah.

Spread: Torah.
Spread: Torah.

Spread: Torah.
Spread: First half Gen.

Spread: First half Gen.
Spread: First half Gen.
Spread: First half Gen.

Spread: First 9 chapters Gen.

Spread: First 9 chapters Gen.

Spread: First 6 chapters Gen.

I did not try Choroid in the whole spread.

Nor did I pull letters off the word.

Those are steps which can be taken.