Wednesday, July 25, 2018

7 23 2018

This is Monday's hailstorm.

I don't have the year just yet.

I did hunting for the year. I will come back. I saved the search.

Here, I have the year, but not the other.

I went through a set. Despite being recorded as found, sometimes, the code you think you got is not there. Maybe that is why you do some visual coding.


Pink is Hail.

Here's the thing about Hebrew and Year dates. The software converts them. So, part way through the year, the year advances. This whatever number is the equal of the Y/Mth/Day equivalent of Monday. As to what year that is, I don't know. I think we are still in 5778.

Yes, we are. It matches up. It's hard to keep straight as the coder at first.

So, quick question. What is the first month of the year in the Hebrew Calendar? And would it be significant to get the whole set as a tree code?

Based on meteorological records for Calgary, what if you could pull the last 10 hailstorms?

Would it be significant if you could get 7 23 and 2018? Would it?

What you see in that little screen is the alternate keycode window.  You don't get to see much. I scroll up and down to show you.

That should become an expanding screen, please.

Calgary is Red. Hail is pink. The two parts of the date are the next two colors.

Look for forest green and purple.

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