Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Proper Reading

This is how John would have recounted Revelation.

I love this account!

Go to 2 min 37 sec.

You hear about visions. Don't you feel this one?

His account brings me emotive tremblings. Love it!

When you watch this, you are getting a visual definition of awe.

I'm off coding for today. What do you hear? Code it.

Look for correlations.

Note: I am listening to him multiple times, because he is so sincere. It's fun to watch.

So, you see preachers, and some of them are not very excited. If a preacher had a revelation of God, wouldn't he preach like this?

It's something to think about. When a person is telling their story, because of the emotion and awe in their narrative, they might not have all the details ironed out. But the account feels fully sincere.

You see the timing of this video? It was Easter. God does that. He takes whatever Feast his people celebrate for him, and at those times, he brings his revelation down.

This account makes me feel like colorizing and adding glory to this image.

William Blake


There is not a full flood of Earth, but based on these two accounts, Perry and this Dan Shelley, there is a storm coming, and it involves water. There is a water disaster.

Blue hurricane. Online here recently, I saw a tornado destroy a barn. In a second, it was pick up sticks. When God had all Earth's precious BioScience resources in his ark, he chose to keep his hand over the Ark. In adversity and storm, though the storm was out there, it was not on the Ark, because God's hand permanently stayed over his Ark.

A hurricane or tornado could have ripped the ark into pick up sticks. But none of that happened.

People assume a lot. And they have presumed also. God did a lot to preserve Noah and his family. While everything else was destroyed, the Ark was safe.

Question: Have you seen him whom my soul loves?

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