Monday, July 30, 2018


Angels are helpers sent to man on behalf of God Jehovah.

Okay, so there are some other ones.  We want the holy ones.

See the word resin.

One of the symbols of the Father is the Evergreen.

On my tree, in nice weather, with no rain, the pine cones of my tree sit in the light, and a resin hangs down from the cones like an inch or more each.

Oh yeah, that is what must be on my grass. I was trying to figure that out.

It hangs as a clear syrup. And it glistens in the sun.

In Hebrew, saraph is angel.



A seraph says holy holy holy as an utterance of awe. It's like wow, wow, wow, yeah, yeah, yeah, yahoo, yahoo, yahoo. And they are constantly seeing the new.
I expect the new.
It's not just the old.
God constantly does new things.

We are going to close there for a bit.

I will hopefully see you in the evening.

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