Sunday, July 22, 2018

Baby Bird Sleeps

Look at baby bird sleep.

The baby birds hang out, and don't hunt much. And parent birds run, get food, bring it back, and feed.

This one's parents are not around. He is sleeping.

Donna L. Munro's baby bird

He tucks his face in his wing, and he looks like part of the tree. Look how the bird blends with the bark.

Today, three birds were lined up on a branch. Two were baby birds. The third who came and went was a mama or parent bird. And wherever they are, parent birds come, and feed them. Parent bird puts food in one mouth and then another. And then, they are off on the next food run.

The flock feed the babies. The babies know any grown bird feeds them.

So, baby bird goes and sits by my husband's peas, just regrowing. And he says, "Should I go make a raucus?"

I go, "Baby bird gets a pass. Leave my baby bird alone."

If the baby bird gets someone to feed him peas, he can eat. Flutter, flutter, flutter. "Someone come feed me peas."

The group training on moving as a flock, or moving with a slight sensation is taught by the flock. The little babies who don't understand cat, or wind, or human, get trained into moving when the whole flock moves.

The little bird turned and looked at me for a bit.

Donna L. Munro's Little Bird

So, as a birdparent, I may not be changing diapers, but I am part of the tribe. I will be part of the tribe/flock which will raise this little bird. And I will do my best by keeping my kittens back, while baby bird learns what he or she needs.

Bird feeders help bird parents a lot. They will get bird seed, and carry it to the branch with babies on it. And they feed them on the branch.

I have a picture here of him making a noise. Birds are supposed to make a noise, right?

I will look.

There's different ways of standing or sitting on the branch. Baby birds lay. They lay into the branch like a cradle. And they do that on the ground, which is a problem for lifting quickly into flight. So, there comes little bird, and lays down by my cats. Get CatMom all upset, and worried, eh? Baby birds like to lay down.

Here's baby bird tweeting to me. Make a noise, baby bird. Tweet, tweet.

Donna L. Munro's little bird
Make a noise, Little Bird.

It is amazing to me how his tones match the bark. On my first shot, I thought I had an unusual bump in my bark. Then, look. It's little bird. The bird's size is about the size of a leaf.

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