Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Byblos Naan Bread

The other day, I sampled bread at Costco. When I sample bread, or get the details of the product, I call everyone around, who is in ear shot,

Come over, and try the bread. You would hate to miss out on this bread. 

I build the rep of the seller, if I have enjoyed them and their bread.

I had Byblos Naan Bread.

Anyway, you can imagine, that a piece of bread is too much for me anyway, based on its calorie count. I bought hummus to go with it.

I have a little hummus and bread, and I look to all my birds to share.

I hate it when a bird tries to eat a piece of garbage. It upsets me. A magpie tried to eat a piece of paper outdoors. "Eh magpie, real food, right here. Come here."

So, I called the magpie and all his/her compatriots to my lawn. And I fed them my bread. I fed them two. With crows, magpies, and sparrows in my trees, I am a little amazed at how a piece of bread can disappear. First of all, did you know birds bury their bread? Did you know? They follow natural instinct to get it into the ground, and away from light and air. And when they are ready to eat, they unbury the bread.

There was a little sparrow, and you saw the size of the beak. It is the size of beak to eat a piece of bird seed. Little mama bird carried around a two inch piece of bread in her beak. And she can break a piece off, and feed baby birds, who come by her, and flutter their wings. Everyone ate.

I put the bread in the freezer. On the first day, it's amazing. Second day, it has lost a bit of its glory. On the second day, I put it into the freezer. I will take out three pieces a day. I will have a bit, feed a bit to my husband, and the rest is for the birds.

On the second piece of bread, I just threw it into the garden, since the birds take it there anyway. My husband had been out watering. Bread was stuffed in creative places in the retaining wall. Yup. Entertainment. If you want entertainment, feed your birds.

CatDad makes Scottish Soda Bread. I am missing a word. Tea Buiscuits. It's like tea buiscuits. He makes some fresh. I am watching calories. However, I know I ought get a portion. And he knows me. So, what is my portion of this bread. It might even be warm at the time. I cut a portion, that which I know is mine, and I toss it to my birds. What I choose to do with my portion is up to me. I can eat it. I can feed my little birds with it. And in that definition, we need to include crows and magpies. And I am surprised at the participation little birds have in eating this bread. Sparrows. I go in. The flock comes. The bread disappears. It has been buried.

Bread. Bread right here. All you birds, come eat.

The code is:

Byblos Naan Bread.

I licked off a few remnants of hummus. I had not thought out the impact of hummus on their little feet, so I cleaned that up.

Let's see what we get for code.

My last couple days have been calorie rich. Maybe it is better said, my day has been treat rich. However, I feature fruit in the treat. That's good. After I've been to Costco, for a few days at least, till I freeze things, and I should in fact freeze a few things today, my life is treat rich.

Paper is not nutrient rich for my bird. Birds assist me with my diet, by eating the bread and food I cannot, because of hitting the ceiling of calories I ought to eat. And it's more than that. You know it is more than that. I think it is smart to share food fresh, while nutrients in it are fresh, and valuable for growth and life maintenance.

Having said all that, the lemon poppyseed cake from Costco is very good. If you need a sweet treat, get that. Lulu ate some. It must be good.

When you feed a critter, the output is good for your garden. It's been reduced to a fertilizer. Imagine that. Naan becomes fertilizer. Basil grows. Bees come. It makes me all happy.

Update: Based on what you are reading, Reader, today, I played with Lulu. And he hit my hand with claws. We play elastic. And I had very little impact from his claws. So, yes, clipping claws is good for my health.


We are starting with Byblos.

Just in case we had not noticed, we are going to see the Great Works of Jehovah.

Four nations stayed.

For these four nations, Lord God, I speak a very large harvest on this fall's lentil crop, whenever their next harvest is. Bring them lots of lentils, as proof of God. Yeah, aha. You can do it. In Jesus' name, Amen. Give them so many lentils, their neighbours look upon them with envy. Yeah, aha. I know you can.

Since the lentil forecast is poor in one of my nations, you ought to appreciate this. You can certainly use a food increase. Because the story here involved hummus, I speak the prosperity blessing over all your pulse crops. That will include chickpea.

For the added detail, I seal the word, in Jesus' name, Amen. My little birds need to be fed. This time, it's you. Jehovah foretells crop turnouts. We learned that yesterday.

The miraculous is often involved in such production. For example, somehow, a storm which impacts neighbouring places does nothing to that place, except nourish it. God must do things. Say hail falls. He reduces the impact of hail, so it lands lightly, because God is growing a lentil crop, so you can see his rep. See how he works?

I am careful with God's rep, even when I see hail. Say hail comes, and it hits my place. I go, "Look at what my God is going to do. He will protect my garden. We will see."

I did not do that yesterday, but this is what I do normally. I amplify the rep of my God in my life. And then, based on seeing what he does, I will amplify him for you. I have provided four nations a sign that Jehovah is Mighty, and that he speaks out the future. And his word stands. And he loves to bless his little birds. He loves it. He is the guy out throwing bread to his birds, because he loves them. And Jehovah is thrilled with the ingenuity of his birds, tucking bread into the retaining wall. He adores them. He adores you.

About the Naan bread, the software auto-assigned the words. 
I did not do it.

We know Nan is different than Naan. Right?

In Hebrew, there's a dot system. The longer the set of dots, the longer the phonetic sound.

Were I writing Hebrew, I would look to see which dot fit. Is it 1 dot, 2 dots, 3? What do you think? The bible code does not distinguish dots that I know.

There's another rule in Hebrew. The length of a line lengthens how long you say something. So, I think the word for bread may be lechem. I am still working on a letter. I hear a ch.

The ch sounded Germanish. So, look, I figured out a way to see if the voice I hear is authentic. Look:

I scored. I heard God say the right thing. Yes, there's some excitement here. I am pretty happy.

For fun, find the flatbread, okay? And see the bits of bread which God throws, so we can chase Jesus down the way. And see if you see the story of Hansel and Gretel, because if Jesus sees those two, he is casting out bread, to deter them from the witch, and lead them to heaven.

For today, I am going to do a couple more hours, but how it is spread out, I am not sure.

I think it's good to meditate. And I have lots here. I would like to meditate on my findings, to see what he wants next.

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