Saturday, July 21, 2018

Cat Claws

Good Morning,

Welcome. I have a story. And then, for a giggle, I will code it.

I have two cats. And historically, though I have two cats, these two cats had not developed a habit of letting me cut their claws. I saw a nature story, about the impact of not cutting things animals need cut. I have various means of cutting claws. I bought the best. My issue was my cats did not trust me.

What I have found is that by approaching my cats with these tools, the range, and being loving to them, and just doing 1 claw, and giving them approval and petting them, over time, I was able to clip two. And for a long time, I would just get near, and say clip a couple claws.

It is important to not overclip.

The good news here is I clipped a whole paw set of claws the other day off Lulu. He trusted me enough to let me do his whole paw. Someday, I will be able to do both.

And I just did Martius's whole paw. My best experience is a smaller set of scissors. And I am still working out the right condition. In the past, it was a two person type thing. These days, it is a one person type thing.

I predict I will have fewer scars or wounds healing, based on improving this. I am working on their front paws. And their back paws are not as bad, for whatever reason. I don't know why. It just is. For right now, my kittens are not quite as dangerous as before. Just picking up my cat, you can get a wound/scratch, like a light one (just a red mark not anything more) but I am pretty much unaware of them, till after. They are kind of the impact of someone scratching themself. Those are not really anything to be concerned about.

  • Claw.
  • Cat claw.
  • Dona clips her cat's claws.

As a pet parent, you develop strategy. One of the strategies you develop is how to detach from your cat, like a rocket separating, such that there is no damage. My little kittens like to kick off, with lots of energy, so I need to think how to make our energy encounter less damaging.  And with each cat, it is different. You work out the separation with each cat. Say you have jeans on. You can let your cat descend your jeans. It is controlled. He can walk down. And he chooses.

Part of claw clipping is the cat allowing you to play with the scissors on the end of their claw. You do that a bunch, till they don't mind the amount of pressure you put, lightly pulling their claw firm, so it centers properly in the tool, and does not cause a side split. It needs to be right in the center, or it can damage their claw. You work out the mechanics, not doing anything, till they trust you, and don't pull, and then, you get a perfect claw clip. You tug on a claw for a good claw clip. You don't pull, in that way which makes the cat uncomfortable.

Cat's will sometimes get their claw stuck. One of our cats did. It was weird. Part of preventing one of my cat's from having this issue is clipping his claw. You need to check on your cat's claws from time to time, just to see what is up. And my cat had carpet fiber meshed around his claw. I spent a couple weeks pulling fiber out, from visit to visit for him. The carpet fiber was up around his nail bed. And whatever happened, it was bad.

If your cat's claws are long, and you are just getting started with this, you just take the tip. Take a little bit, so you can do it again. And eventually, your eye will attune to see a little black vein. When you do, you avoid it. You stay back. You test the success of your bout of claw improvement, by running your fingertips over the claw to see they are nicely formed. You want a nice shape to be the finish, just like a woman likes her nails shaped after her manicure. Say it did not work, or there is something rough. You could use your nail emery board to clean it up. That is another part, and I have not perfected that yet.

Say I want to wash my cat's face. The same cloth (beauty cloth) I would be willing to wash my face with is what I use for my cat. I am tired of buying product for which there is a lower standard for my cat. If 80 percent of purchase decisions for a family is based on the care of the child, how do you think the pet features in the choice of pet care implements for a home? For pets? For common use?

For the code, I need a truth statement.

You rearrange this word set to hold one of those with fewer appearances on the higher priority place.

God has a song for this one.

You take what he has here, and consider it in light of this song, then ask what is the message.

Not in this post, but near here, I told you to look at Code 1 Verse 1.


Now, we go to the last record.

We are going to the first verse, and I will check that last verse as well, of the last record.

In the interface, also look to the end of the scripture set.

Let your eye go over it, and ask if it is related to whatever the Lord is speaking. 

Now, as to the story of clipping claws, is Esther clipping the king's claws, or is she clipping a claw of danger? How important is that wisdom of how to clip a claw? And is that how one makes decree?

When I make decree, I have to remember I am not decreeing for myself, but for him. 

This is where our story ends here, for today, and as God inspires, when I stop to listen to music, I will write more. However, you see the trend. There's work to do on profiles. I am not here quite as much. I might be here. I look in on you, to see you, because I love you, but I am doing some other work. If you miss me, buy a book. Yeah. There's even one about a bee. Imagine that. And one is about little birds. I miss writing here. I prefer that. I would not be working on other stuff, if I did not have to. It kind of makes me think some of my other profiles are not convenient or easy, since they take so much work. Those profiles should be easier to maintain, some of them. They should not be so obtuse.

So, for now, here, but working on stuff. Have a lovely weekend. And expect to find your treasure.

Find ways to replicate my search. Make it yours.

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