Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cinderella's Findings

Let Cinderella share some of her thoughts on cinders.

I am playing with the firefly concept in the middle of the Milky Way.

We already saw the Milky Way Galaxy enough. So, here, we have the Galactic Bar.

And in there, we see it is a firefly, and looks like fire embers.

And Cinderella is telling you what she sees in the fire.

The word galactic in there is interesting.

Who bets if we do galactic alone we get more?

Processor speed, order of words, occurrences, skip count, the passage searched: It all speeds up or slows the process down, and causes things to be found or not.

I decided to find that word galactic. It is pronounced galactic. I am trying to figure out the use and distinction of the two C sounds. I am not there yet. But see this one?

Who wants to see Cinderella eye to eye?

Check it out.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVwjU1kp9fQ ☝

Find the Galactic Bar in the center. Find the 22 arms of Esther's Sea Star.

And find the intersections of the holy books which currently match the model I am playing with.

It might change. I will keep overlaying and organizing till I like my ball of yarn.

The scary part is as I enlarged my eye, you could see the whole room, the camera, and my husband.

You could see all my stuff. The story was in the lens.

I have a couple dots off. They map all the Milky Way Branches.

As to the next time I map the branches, I will put a directional aid in there, like you see here.

As to my research, this is the same file. I have a whole bunch of files overlaid, and I keep checking them. So, here's to a layer of the research. The Milky Way Galaxy reminds me of a human eye.

And were we interested in mapping out the Milky Way, we ought to be able to map it with the metaphor of a blue eye.

Say you take my eye, and you place a snapshot of the model I've been working with, line it up with the dots. In the meantime, I am making other models for fun.

The interesting word was starfish.

Starfish lands in Ruth. 

Ruth needs a bridegroom. 

She needs a kinsman redeemer.

Hopefully, I've marked the right word.

The story of the Starfish is the story of Esther.

This fish has 22 arms.

And I need a different word for arm.

However, I had a set of data, so, sew, sow.

The interesting word of this next set is transform. The word here is convert.

However, there's 1. In the set, there's 1.

The story line of the letters you see here is that Cinderella rises from sitting in her ash to being her King's Esther. That is how it is supposed to work.

The gospel has 22 arms. And that's my starfish.

Suppose one wanted to qualify the Milky Way as a bowl of noodles.

That would not work. It's too ordered.

I would give the starfish a lift to her water.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbg-tQ6FJgQ ☝

Here are snapshots of things I see, and I don't know for sure they are relevant.

These three snapshots are from biblenumbersforlife.com

I included 50, because the prophecy divisions are based on 50 there, at least some of them.

I called one of these formations an hourglass. It's not. Sorry.

But I counted, and I need to figure out how to count the outside.

Beside that, 66 is the number inside.


When you look at these, it's like these are separate parts of the sky. If we are on the ground, we look up, we see that, till we see part 2, then part 3, then part 4. Or whatever.

Each 1 you see is 1 spoke. 1 letter. The maps of four seasons, two seasons share the map. There's two for the year coverage.


When I pulled the stars in BCW, I used this website.

But I never found it this way.

Pull the list. They are in the Keys to the Bible.

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