Sunday, July 22, 2018


Today, my husband bought me an aromatherapy scent diffuser. I have nearly completed all my scented candles. I kept the containers.

After this, I am making candles, with these containers.

I can select my grade of wax, right?

I did need one. I mean a diffuser. It has to work by the tub. It is electrical, so it has to be back. However, it has color effects.

It's time to get on using scents. Maybe at the end of all that, I will know something about scents.

I have diffusers. Just something about them is not perfect. I am not sure what it is. However, here we go. And if it works nicely, you will hear about it.

You never know when you buy something exactly how you will use it.

For example, I decided to use the oil lamp the other day. And it won't stay lit. How long have I held that lamp in my home, and it won't stay lit? And it lets off a huge mess of smoke. If someone wants to purposely smoke their ceiling, this would work. And it would make a nice effect, which you gloss over with a lacquer. However, do I want that in my house, by its use? Nope. There are low chances I will be using it. So, I must decide if I keep it.

The smoke on the lamp looks okay as an ornament. I might leave it as that. It would not be an effective light. I will test another one, and see if it is a decent light.

Update: I received the oil lamp for Christmas in my late teens. A long time. You would hope something you save works, right? And it does not. I may need to fine tune some of my skills, or check it mechanically. And there's nothing to do: It is either an ornament, or you get rid of it. On the market, there are "looks like" products, and they don't work. They are not functional. And until you use something, you don't know. The product is not overstuffed where it is. It looks cute. Probably, it can stay. Say I want something for actual light, it is not it. It is cute enough to stay where it is. It adds something just being a decoration.

The code is:

Donna diffuser scent.


Later, I may come back. It's time to see if the diffuser works. I want to find books on blending scents.

Back to making candles, I am sourcing good wicks. I am looking at wick design. And I may have boring colors, because I am probably making white candles, or beige. This is a start. And I will YouTube it. I mean I look for recipes and how to instructions on YouTube.

I won't just do whatever is there because it is there. I will check it out. I had books with instructions like this somewhere, so I will have to look around, and see if I have what I need on my shelves.

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