Monday, July 30, 2018

Donna's Beauty Man

Check out my Beauty Man.

This is his GQ cover. The entry GQ is Norma. What does Norma mean?

Here's the beauty man's song: 🎺

The song is also in that worship set, if you've been with me. Go back through the recordings.

Look at Adam in Hebrew. Check out the letters.


The processor hung. Starting over, this time with Enosh as man. Adam and Enosh both start with Aleph.

I lost a word. Oh well. Oh yeah, I was pulling God's GQ magazine cover. And GQ is Norma.

Yes, you know if I produced the GQ magazine who would be on my cover.

Here's a tip. If you pan for gold, and find it, stay there. Stay there, when you pan for more. Don't move.

Let's see what we get. Look at GQ all over the page.

Yeah. Aha. Don't you like it. Pick out the G. I also added Norma above GQ. There's two ways to spell Norma. Norma means Precept or Rule. Who named the branches? What will happen if we take the meaning of all the branches? I think there is an order from in to out. We put them in order. We put the meanings of their names, and we look for a message. Rule. Pattern. Use my rule. Look for my pattern.

As you know, your eye goes squirrely chasing spirals. 

So, let's use what I had before. Put the meaning by each.

Sagittarius. Bowman.
Perseus. Monster killer.
Norma. GQ. Rule. Precept.
Scutum. Shield of Antiquity. Yeah, that's for sure.
Crux. Cross.
3 Kiloparsec. Speedy Gonzales.
Cygnus. Swan. King.

Jesus Christ, the Beauty Son of Man, son of the Father, is our Sagittarius Bowman. He's got his bow and arrow on the monster. He sets out his GQ life precepts and rule, to create beauty in humanity. And he has his shield of holiness up, available to man since in antiquity. Yeah, that's for sure. The crux of kingdom is the cross following Gethsemane at the Hill of the Skull/Gath. Since Jesus' resurrection, his salvation comes to anyone who calls upon him, in three kiloparsecs. He's like Speedy Gonzales. And he brings over that problem man has his Swan King reign, and he chases monsters back to hell where they all belong.

Gethsemane is the Garden. Gath is that hill of Calvary where the giant of Gath's head is/was buried.

Jesus conquered death. He conquered sin. He conquered the giant. He conquered the bad guy.

Hey, the Jehovah Reku guys are here. Yeah. Welcome. Jehovah Reku is the Beauty Man. 

Well, Slovenia, what do you want? Decree an economic blessing over your nation, and I will come alongside you, and agree.

Get it up on your President's wall, and ask in Jesus' name, and I second that, watch things change for the better.

In the past blog, I pulled love codes to the nations. I've not visited that lately, but what I need to underline is that Jehovah is full of goodness and glory, and he seeks to bless his sons. I am very glad you appeared as little bird on my branch. May the Lord bless your nation.

L, Donna.  

In scripture, GQ is very abundant. So, on these GQ pages, see Jehovah Jesus. 

For example:

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