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This is my new coffee name for Nespresso. However, I must go back and check I did not already make this. And then, I need to form it into actual language. I might code it. I don't know what language I make. I know it is an effort to communicate. If I already made the word, I will make a new one. I wake up with new words.

I have heard of someone else losing their bees. Who else lost their bees?

Should the city make bee houses? Can we have some at the zoo?

To hear about this makes me wonder if there was a larger event. It might have been larger than what I thought impacted my bees. I am troubleshooting based on analyzing my problem. I do everything I can to take care of my environment. I do what I can.

About Seniors and Weeds, Seniors should get weed treatment of their yard, and not pick their weeds. Their best choice is to have weed treatment. It is a small amount, compared to the risk of hiring someone who comes around to their door. Were my Grandmother around, I would advise her to get weed treatment, or buy it for her. And I would get to know her yard, its features, and advise them properly.

The world has changed. There's lots of things which were trends before, which are not suitable today. The other night, we sat around and talked about all the things which have changed. There's lots.

One thing I like to do is open Google Translate, and see what language my word fits. I don't know where it goes.

I am going to see what language participation it belongs to. I would guess Italian, but I read the Portuguese bible, so it might be that. I am not fully done all the Old Testament. My work there fell off a bit, to explore Italian.

It is Portuguese. Intimidade. I am missing my bees.

I've been out in my garden. I have two versions of black and white bee.

I have a small one. I have a large one. I've seen 1 colored bee.

We have been talking about natural causes for the loss of a bee community. So, do I know we are correct? If a queen dies, does her hive disperse? If something happens to Queen Bee, does her hive just fall apart?

Last night, I listened to a song about a queen bee. That song does not appy here. It was personalizing a queen bee to be a bad woman. Not that.

A personalized queen bee here would be tending all her bees. She would tend her bees, and she would tend her husband. I am looking for a better song. That song was offensive. I certainly could not relate to the song. My heart is seeking the well being of my bees.

We notice the things which are missing, don't we? And is it truth. Did you see all the pictures of my bees? And do you see them now? Well? Something is up. So, I may be here crying about the disappearance of my bees, but something happened, whether I have the reasons all correct or not. Something happened. And well, if there's a corrrelating next consequence, I guess it will come. It will come from the missing bees, whether or not I get all the reasons right. So, there better be some protective measure put in place, or the next consequence is coming, like a domino. If my city had a biologist, that biologist better be on this.

Queen bee is telling you.

Have you ever realized you had the right word? I did. That is the word.

I don't need to translate it. Nespresso can use the concept if they like. With a language barrier in place, how many people actually try to understand or make sense of a word?

When I wake, I hear a word. Someone I know speaks a whole lot of languages, so I try to take whatever I hear seriously. I chase it. After thinking I made a word up, and when it leads somewhere valuable, I must then assess who gave me that word. Hmm. He says, "Intimidade." This was the first word I heard when I awoke, into that mid-dreaming state, coming out of deep sleep.

Kingdoms have been made and broken by my words and wisdom.

A prophet preacher once said God has things to reveal out of his word. He did not know what or where it was.

Here it is. Intimidade.

As to what we pour, I don't understand it all. But you will continue to search these things, perhaps even after I am not here. Please know I have spoken my words out of a great love for you, and my beehive. I deeply miss my queen bee, and her collective. They are not here.

However, I know the One who restores the missing to their loved ones.

I hope in him. Trust in him. If my queen and her collective were not missing, I would not be grieving.

So, I do code hunting. You think I get my beehive? Nope. 1 bee. Just 1 bee.


How am I going to track down my 1 bee!

The last words in the left column also means rapture. Don't get too upset. This describes where I sleep. When I sleep, I go to my tent in heaven. I exist in the arms of him who died for me. And we breathe. He is my safehouse.

I am listening to that song which speaks to this nightly rapture.

And tell me, don't you hear the King Bee, when you listen to this song?

Do you hear Jesus Christ?

Because I am going to save myself 5000+ scrolls, I am rearranging my record. We will find my bee.

This time, I get the beehive, and only one queen.

Hang on. I got 5.

In my 5 queens, I am going to look for the King.

I did a sweep. I brought the record set down to tree codes. The hero revealed is that hero of Esther, Song of Songs, and Ruth. All of them. All the glorious expressions of him are there.

I am setting up some parameters of interpretation. In BCW, the first record was always interesting. I did the first and last record, and then, I did skip counts through the center.

Do the same.

The first record is always interesting. And in this particular tool, the first verse of the first record should draw your eye. Yes, the rest may be interesting, but I am telling you how to go through this.

You do the first and last. And then, based on the number of the codes, you are going to determine how to do sampling. Say you have 5000 records. We will treat this as if it where BCW, and we will check the approximate thousands.

1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000. And the order is 1, 5000, 4000, 3000, 2000, 1000.

And then, based on the most interesting finds, you deepen your hunt there.

These steps will permit mine to find gold.

And is this exact? You start off with exact science, and later, once your steps are established, then, dream. The dream comes after developing the habit of walking. You can walk and dream, after you can walk.

When you pan for gold, a tip I have, which does not even make any sense, pan the first 12 records.

I don't know why it works, but God seems to set me something near the beginning. If I have forgotten to do it, I will go there, and check. And yes, only 5 queens in the lot, and I found 1 near the beginning. There is a higher hand helping me out.

See record 2? Like who does that!

It's like he set the gold there.

Look for 3 colors on the page.

And it is amazing. It is only record 2. But then, God does that for us. He will set gold in a place, just so we can find it. That is him.

5 records with a queen.

Record 1 has one.

If I was God, and I am not, but if I were, I would purposely hide a queen in each book. So, I do a bit of sweeping in each book.

I found one in Esther. I will give you the record number in a second. Based on knowing God's word, I like to project how he thinks. I try to think as if I were strategizing a code hunt, an Easter egg hunt, for my little ones. Based on that, I develop my methods of search.

Once you pick up my methods, use this method set to draw yourself into intimacy with the Lord.

Record 78. Esther 1:5.

Two more. How about the other two books? There's some Lamentations too.

Record 49. It lands in Esther, but it spans Lamentations through Esther. Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther.

Record 45. Same thing.  The last letter is in Esther.

What draws you into intimacy with the Lord? Chase it. Chase the strings of his prayer shawl.

In Esther, you have the King who saves his people from a mean attack, meant to wipe out his whole beehive. Yeah, you can bet he turns kingly over that.  And in Ruth, you have the Husband who offers his hand to a woman to save her and provide her a house and extend her seed. And in Lamentations, you have the Fountain of Wisdom which sums up all a man should know to live well. And in Psalms, you have the Wordsmith, who has many words, more than any could have thought he was capable of. Ecclesiastes holds him in chasing the wind. Chase the wind, and if my God sent that wind, you will find him.

I can't sweep the scripture and not find him.

How you find things in scripture, you imagine you set up a treasure hunt, and it is a husband who set the treasure hunt up for his espoused to be. You set it up, so that as she finds each little gift, she arrives at her final present, and in it, there is a diamond ring, and a proposal. I know one who did this. I was impressed. My friend did a whole house search, and her last present, after going through the whole house for hidden presents, she found her ring. That is a true bridegroom.

Yes, once, I had a fake bridegroom. Well, he has no ring. The authentic one comes with treasure. If there is no treasure where he hid it, he is not the bridegroom. Mine hides treasure.

The test of my bridegroom is to find the treasure where he purposely hid it.

My bridegroom is that King returning from war conquering, glittering as he arrives back from the warfront. And you can bet he is coming with good things for me, whatever they are. It might be more than his scarlet robe.

However, who would want the scarlet robe, without the King bee along with it. I don't just want the coat of many/any colors, if it does not hold him in it.

I have one other story to chase. And then, I will let this hunt go. Back to the other morning story.

A bridegroom without treasure is not a bridegroom. If there is no treasure, he is a fake. If he is not offering treasure, out of love, and caring consideration of a person, he is a fake. 

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