Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jehovah Reku

I put this into my translation engine.

We know the one.

So, sow, sew.

Reku is Slovenian for River.

I heard someone speak tongues. Reku. River.

Add Jehovah Reku to God's name list.

Jehovah, when he reveals himself to you, will wreck you.

He is a river of love over you, to renew you.

In Yoruba, River is Odo.

In Vietnamese, River is Song.

For fun, I pushed on Reku.

Reč is Speech.

So, for fun, look around. And if you are lost, push "translate" to English by a Google/Internet translation tool.

Here, I use "wreck you". Check out Jehovah Wreck You.

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