Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jesus Jesus

I am about to write out the Hebrew alphabet by hand for the first time.

Who wants to hang out!

This is an eye.

You put up with hand printing (via paint) here, because it's easiest.

My dot picture may change, though they are on the path of the branches. When I have figured out my scripture model for the background, I can solidify that.

In the meantime, enjoy this as my mucking as artistic representation. This is William Blake's drawing.

In the lens of my eye, do you see what I see?

I am goofing around.

Here's my best at Hebrew letters. I am able to line bible books up, but I am reorganizing them.

I added glory to the picture. Later, I will try another few shots at it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHz0w-HG4iU 🎺

I do this. On YouTube, the next week, someone copies this, and the person calls me to a reckoning.

Well, the fullness of time is a reckoning.


How do you reckon it ought be done?

So, take notes. I would hate for you to miss something.

I don't necessarily need the extra. The iris alone looks like lightning or something. It's time to steep. I will figure out the better rendition tomorrow.

So, lovelies, good night.

Here's where I pick up tomorrow.


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