Monday, July 30, 2018

Past Tense

I've been watching for news of Redding's fires.

The news of the fire is past tense.

Does that mean the fire in Redding is out?

My worship service at Harvest Hills, this concern was lifted.

Fires and gang violence were lifted in prayer.

I was checking on this yesterday. 

I had noticed the wind changed. And that might give them a chance to get something out.

See the emoticon. I may have two uses for it. One is going to be "news article".

My readers like to be here when I am here. I have an alternate project which will take till noon.

See you in the afternoon. I estimate this will take me a couple hours. If I am done early, I will be back.

L, Donna.

In the meantime, you may join my contemplation.

I work to audio.

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