Friday, July 27, 2018

Some Russian Prophecy

Here is something for you:

For what you find, code it.

And this is a counter view to other prophets. 

Did you know you can lie to an angel, and he will call you on it?

That's why we must be willing to be corrected all the time.

God will tell you that you are deceived, if you belong to him.

And we need that.

You need something more fun. See the Red Army Angel.

The prophecy applies to Ukraine as well.

Bob Jones is aware of the other prophecy. You need to know that.

That's why we sweep the horizon. We sweep, and we keep listening to God.

The key thing here to watch for is that lie Bob believed. What was it? An angel corrected him.

God is above nations. He is above our embedded view of nations. His view is from heaven.

As to how it all fits, keep this piece of the puzzle, because this is where Russia fits into God's glory.

For all the prophecy which exists, we must never forget God's glory is on the increase. And he increases wherever he likes. And he often does it, against our preconception. And he does not care what our preconception is. He does it. It's his glory.

Yes, I am repented. I am carryinging my right flame.

I ingested this last night. And I slept on it. And this morning, I feel right bringing you this.

Good news. There's good news. God has plans for his glory in Russia. And he will do it against everyone's mindset. He has a plan.

I talk to you about Jesus' swag. So, look. Look at the Red Army Angel swag.

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