Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The 100

Octavia, young woman, who played Octavia.
Come be Jesus Christ's bride. He has another gospel. It's revelation is a ring.
From, the Bride. On behalf of the Bridegroom.

Scripture says he calls us by name. I am aware how we also become tied to character sets we put on.

Here is the code you ought search in the Hebrew code:

Marie Avgeropoulos Bride. (Greek, aha).

מארי אבגרו פולוס

Enter your last name as two parts, and do it phonetically. And do consider this a love message sent to you by your Sovereign God. And the message was threaded into the prophets utterances. It's no accident. Eh?

In the matrice, pink for Poulos is missing the s in Hebrew. To get it, because I am lazy, I drop a letter. I can hunt a long time, or try that.

And later, say I want to improve it, I could try the reverse search, putting Poulos first, and Avgero second. That might improve things.

So, decode the message.

The overall subset theme of the 100 is we have 100 spaces for humanity, and everyone else goes.

So, 100 aristocracy, we love you, and we will chase around to get you, and everyone else, we will set you up to fight each other, and later eat you. It's all set around not enough resources, so 100 get to live. So all the rest of humanity, watch out.

Now, have I made an error? Have you seen it? It represents the human population reduction gospel. It is so unfortunate we don't have more than 100 spaces, but you get the idea. It's all about the preservation of society, in a series of complicated survival situations. Now, the rest of you humanity don't mind, do you, get erased or something. It's all for the betterment of mankind. If we float your parents, you know we did it for our humanity betterment. Right?

The series also models group suicide, and individual suicide, again, all in the interest of the betterment of mankind. There's repeated themes of getting young people to consider the thread of decision making which lead to drinking poison party drinks. It's just a means of reduction.

Now, if people act in a role, are they taking on a new gospel? And how many young people relate? The actors are pretty much cool. So? Youth. What are your thoughts? Have a discussion with someone about what you think of the series.

As to the outcome of the loss of a majority of humanity, the gospel of this series does consider it an acceptable means of sculpting humanity progress with human reduction of all sorts. 6.7 billion people are in the way.

And God Jehovah does not agree. So. Sew. Sow. Jehovah made Earth for his sons. And all you humanity reduction folk, wherever you are, you won't mind me taking a billion sons home. Right? Out of your way. So, what do you have to complain about? God's rebellion and victory to your human reduction is lifting his sons home, all who make their heart ready to come home.

There is a second series out called the 3 Percent. I have not opened it. But I expect the same gospel.

Hey Humanity, our future has sculpted out a great and amazing future for 3 % of 7.2 billion. So, come on, and let's party 3 percent, because well, we should celebrate or something, while all the rest go get erased.

So, I've defined the gospel in the series. And Jesus represents another gospel, which is eternal life for every man who will receive him as Saviour and Lord. This includes an understanding that Jesus rose again, because he is doing that to us, when we die. His hope overcomes death.

From the code today, we see Greek in the code.

Someone who believes in population reduction has a hand in the series creation. So, wonder. Do you?

I watch it, because God reveals things to me via what I watch. And then, I must be true to him, by speaking his heart.

New Jerusalem has enough space to house all God's sons. All of them that can be born.

One thing the series the 100 demonstrates is all the tests of loyalty. Well, there's a King. And he expects loyalty. And you get this life to demonstrate your loyalty to him, right to the death if must be. And he does not mind you living for him either, living by his law.

So, loyalty is important to him. And he brings us tests on purpose. And when we perform well with our test, he expands our authority in his kingdom. He expands our inheritance, etc.

Loyalty is a beautiful royal thread. So, the devil knew God a lot. And given much leash, he tried to stab God in the back. We get all those tests here, before we gain access to God's home in heaven.

Loyalty. And the loyal ones get all the goods that Lucifer thought he could steal and take. Nope. Jesus has them. None left to hand out. So, loyalty is rewarded with spoils Jesus won, and took back from hell. Loyalty, such a beautiful word.

And in the 100, we see the concept of the Ark. Jesus is the Ark. He is the door to the Ark.

About the 100, what could you code?

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