Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Cottontail

I've been outside. And I've been there with a lens. I had a few bees. Maybe 20. God is kind. He hears.

What I will share with you later is a new bee, and I've not had it before. I am calling it the Cottontail. The end of the bee is white.

Later, this code is: The cottontail bee.

On the same bush of herb, there was also a black end bee. They were pretty much the same, but the end of them was a completely different color. I came close.

On a few of those days, where I only had 1 bee, I thanked God for my bees. Now, there is a legitimate -s on that.

I would appreciate it if either the province or the city would make a bee picture upload site. What do you think? That is a proposal.  And the place should have times, placements, etc., so we know who our little bees are.

This bee is new. It is not a black and white bee. It is a typical yellow and black bee, with a cottontail.

How would I find out if he has been seen before in Alberta?

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