Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Milky Way Galaxy

Here's the Milky Way Galaxy. I put the Bible Wheel over the Milky Way.

Look at spirals...branches. I don't know what I am doing. But it's fun.

Sagittarius/Scutem-Centaurus: Blue repeat.
  1. Zech.
  2. Mal.
  3. Matt.
  4. Mark.
  5. Luke.
  6. John.
  7. Acts.
  8. Isa.
  9. Jera.
  10. Lam.
  11. Ezek.
  12. Dan.
  13. Gen.
  14. Ex.
  15. Lev.
  16. Num.
  17. Deut.
  18. Josh.
  19. Judg.
  20. Ruth.
  21. 1 Sam.
  22. 2 Sam.
  23. 1 King.

Norma. Inner.

  1. Tit.
  2. Phil.
  3. Heb.
  4. Jam.
  5. 1 Pet.
  6. 2. Pet.
  7. 1 John.
  8. 2 John.
  9. 3 John.*
  10. Jude.
  11. Rev.

  1. Rom.
  2. 1 Cor.
  3. 2. Cor.
  4. Gal.
  5. Eph.
  6. Phil.
  7. Col.
  8. 1 Thes.
  9. 2 Thes.
  10. 1 Tim.
  11. 2 Tim.

Norma Outer.
  1. 2 Kings
  2. 1 Chro
  3. 2 Chro
  4. Ezra
  5. Neh.
  6. Est.
  7. Job.
  8. Psa.
  9. Pro.
  10. Ecc.
  11. Songs.
  12. Gen. 1.
  13. Exo.
  14. Lev.
  15. Num.
  16. Deut.
  17. Josh.* Spiral ends.
  18. Judg.
  19. Ruth.
  20. 1 Sam.
  21. 2 Sam.
  22. 1 King.

I am not quite sure where to place the blue. I am working on it.

Zero base line Ruth to Ezra.

Here's more fun. Leftie. Leftie Universe.

You notice the Milky Way spirals to the left.

I might redraw this. The shape of this outer coil should look like one of the Milky Way Arms.

Which one starts at the top?

The Sagitarrius.

I have more work to do. This is meditating on the bible.

I have to think about what I want to do in the centre too. The firefly in the center of the Milky Way Universe is oriented to the right.

The firefly connects 2 Thess and 3 John. I think. I have to remove a layer, and see more precisely.

It's fun to play. And it is amazing what praise music can add to epiphany.

Jehovah Reku. Such a nice name for a Creative River of Speech.

I am not quite ready to head to bed.

How about a code with the Milky Way Galaxy?


Let's start with galaxy.

On our hangman puzzle, we have one more keyword.

Now, we really want a tree code. So, I am going to look around.

Let's see. I am still hunting.

You get scared when you lose your code. Well, I found one. So, it's all okay.

This is one of those funny readouts.

There's 2 codes.

I looked at one, and then, the next. The matrice is for the second code, which included a second word.

So, notice the colors. See that. I actually have all three words. You can tell by the three colors.


I call this set of data "The Hunky Man".

And yes, I know Jesus is the God Man.


So, what do you make of my Christmas Tree code?

Red. Green. What's that. I don't know just yet.

That is some pretty creative writing.

Oh, I forgot, this is a success. This is a tree code.

When you learn things, which are true, they ought come out in code.

Like Donna is CatMom to Lulu. That would come out.

What about the left spiral?

What do you think?

Now, if my screen is incorrect, NASA forgive me. You ought to train me, so I can pull the right thing.

So, ...

Notice the word way means wheel.

Here's my problem. There's 5 words for spiral.

Okay, so I am not there, but I want to show you something.

Look at the snail. His house is a model of the Milky Way.

Okay, so, I used all the words in the dico. No go. I opened my Hebrew dico on my machine. That game me a new word. I had to remove 1 letter. It worked. See. Lolli is the word spiral in Hebrew with 1 letter removed. The new word is purple.

Now, we learn about Virgo.

Did you know it was a supercluster?

Virgo is a referent on the great attractor. Who's that? Who is the great attractor?

That is hard to figure out, eh?


I met the Jewish bible order.

I am interested in ordering something that way.

Let's talk about fails.

We know that Bible Wheel's search failed.

Well, get this, Bible Gateway search has been failing.

How do you like that!

Don't use the Google Search tool.

Use something else.

On BibleHub, you have a either Greek or Hebrew Strong's database. Use that to figure out the number you want. Input it. The search tool at the base of the page works.

Partly functioning. For people who have Keys to the Bible, in there, you get 6 or so various kinds of gematria. I don't have databases that link the meanings of all that up, but one day, we will. I hope so. For now, we have this engine. So, take the number of interest, or word, and input it. And since the engine is demonstrating instability, save your data.

NASA has mapped the galaxy. I saw a pretty map with coordinates. Well, I kind of wish BCW was working. I can see coordinates in there. But here I am. Do I look up star coordinates in the Hebrew Keys to the Bible?

Hey, will you beat me to it, and get on the TV show? Are you? You better get running, if you want to beat the release, eh? Since Earth will be the New Jerusalem (Earth's space location), I think it's a safe bet to work with your map. And extend it out. 

New Jerusalem is somewhere else now. But it will come here. The city is a firefly chip somewhere else now. God will bring that here.

So, here, move around entering book number.

Once I make a little circle model I like, I have noticed there's a whole lot of circle organizers from Israel. Guess one I won't try.

Yeah. I will try them all, all I can find.

You guys like circle organizers.

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