Monday, July 30, 2018

The Shake

I went to the store. I told the sales rep/manager the feedback on the yucky shake.

I didn't return it. All the other shakes were gone, and that one was still on the shelf.

Why would you waste your shelf space with horrible shake?

Anyway, I will finish it, but it is a dilemma. You don't like your food. I told her I would like a good tasting product, not something gross. She pointed out a product.

I brought home Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor product, which appparently flies off the shelf. We will see. It has common traits to the other shake I buy.

I am going to try it. Yes, it's breakfast. And she says, if it is gross, I can return it.

It is a known problem in the shake industry that vanilla cream flavor is a problem.

So, fix it.

And you should not be wasting store shelf space with a product you know is gross.

I don't think any person should have to do gross everyday. I will alternate them.

You know, about my writing process here, after I write, with double space going on, finding errors is easier. And then, you pull writing to single space.

We are doing a few things different here. I should go have my shake. See you in a bit.

Ready? It meets my expectations of life quality. It will do. (That is a compliment.)

One of my favorite LA Weightloss bars was Chocolate Peanut Butter. This tastes like eating something with full flavor. This is not for weight loss. The shake is my choice for a healthy interruption in my day. Maybe weightloss is in my view, but keeping a healthy diet is more in my view.

I share the stuff with my reader which is not gross.

Hang on. The product is AllMax Isoflex. Let's Google it.


I made the product with mostly water, and a dash of milk.

Suppose we want a code.

It is AllMax Isoflex.

Note: The bump probably was not my cat claw. Someone asked me about a mosquito. In that season, a couple mosquitos were in the house. Russia's article was helpful to me. They helped shape my treatment. You make sense of your problem the best you can. Right? The best part is I love my kitten. And we know today it probably had nothing to do with it. I blamed myself for not getting on it. It came on quickly with a bit of stress. Whatever it was multiplied with stress.

Today, the bump is smaller than a blemish. It's there, but you can't perceive it. You can feel it. It is internal now. Having a growth in your cheek causes all the cheek nerves to go dead. Today, there is some restoration of nerve. It's not all there, but I check daily to see if I have more feeling. I can feel on the one cheek, but not on the other. This leads me to think that those who do Botox have a temporary loss of feeling. What do you think?

Another side effect of having a cheek growth is your teeth get all sore. My teeth have been sore. However, with a bit of love from my hygienist, my teeth are feeling better. She knew my situation. She gave me a few tips. I followed them. I feel better.

The first impression of the bump was I had a mosquito bite. The second was, I have a bubble under the skin. Can that be a mosquito bite? I treated it with heat. And it seemed to work. And stress arrived. And it did not. And you see the process of trying to figure it out. 

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