Friday, August 31, 2018

Good Night

I will say good night to my readers.

Have a good day/night.

My heart sends twinkles to you.

L, Donna.


A Lunar Wink

Here, since you are here, I will share.

It would be nice if there were a little marketing tool to add to the blog. And if not, my blog Reader may have to keep in mind my SmugMug link.

The code is: Lunar wink.

As to goofing around intralingually, say with YouBible, you use the Search tool, and you find a metaphor. You find the word in another language.

Get a pretty word. And then, spell that word into the code by transliteration. Pull something cool out of Keys to the Bible.

Let's see a tree code.

You know, I would like the twinkle twinkle. I don't see it. Red. Pink. Green. Where is the green? I was not satisfied. I closed the search. I removed lunar, and I research with the words on the same color. I checked for duplicate letters, but I did not see that many that would duplicate. And then, I pulled one of the codes, this time, same place, and with two keycodes for Twinkle/Wink.

And it's a big spread. I found it. I only found one letter, but I did not feel like copying the whole spread. 

Look for the Green Tsade.

Vivid Bee with Basil

Queen Material Code

O-Bible. Get ready.

Cinderella, get ready. There's a holy Prince getting ready to wed you.

Cinderella, you are in fact queen material. Yeah, aha.

The queen of Sheba came along a trade river route. Who wonders if she brought King Solomon Roe as a delicacy? What do you bring a Man of Delight?

I set up the Roe Delight as a Translate output. I have an assignment for my reader. For the right column, review the English to Other. For the Other, review Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and Gaelic.

And notice a few similarities. Why is that? I am wondering were I to learn their alphabets, if they won't be more similar than I expect.

My Roe Delight's monastery in Greece hands out Greek Delight to visitors. Be sure to get some, when you go visit Jehovah's holy sites.

Two Cherries

The Roe Lens

O-Bible; Search Mon + Roe.
Why do I search Mon + Roe?

If my reader uses this engine with the BBE, you get different output.

I think this is the KJV.

As to the web address, look to the right to access the tool.

When you look at the world with roe eggs all over your view, how does it change?

I am interested. Where are our roe egg hatching grounds? I mean beside my own. I mean beside Alberta/Saskatchewan being a Munro hatching ground, where do my salmon roe meet to launch forward their new generation? Are they cared for?

When You See the Storm

For Japan,

When you see the storm approaching, you get your worshippers worshipping and praying for your nation.

God can accomplish his kingdom in the midst of a storm, and I've found the things which build God's kingdom, also improve the status and well-being of his sons.

They pray for God to accomplish his Kingdom with the storm.

And when God is exceptionally kind to your nation, you recall to thank and praise his name.

Had I your storm approaching, I would be praying.

And Hawaii had a pretty direct turn. What's with that?

See what God does. God launches our dice better than we can. That's what I know.

That's my thought for you, as you see the storm approach.

God has not forsaken you. Call out.

L, Donna.

Were we to pull that same code I pulled for Korea, I expect we would find you there. That's because God loves his sons. And among his sons, he also has his bride.

Japan Not Forsaken
Call upon the Strong Name
of Jehovah!


I move toward art.

Some may like to see that.

I will post a refresh.

Gaelic Language

Hunting tools for a lark, here:

How about Gaelic?

This looks like the sounds I heard in Liverpool. Who can understand? It wasn't, but you get the gist.

Before I went, I did a study to figure out the sounds I would hear.

For the opening screen I worked from, here:

This is where you get the stuff to make your own bible code from.

Will I? I might.

I would keep it on my machine, and show you the output like before.

I've been researching setting it up.

For nations here, you take the text of the bible, and you set it up, so you can hunt it as code.

I would use KJV. Why not? My mind is there. And there are ready dicos to import.

A designer with a bit of knowledge can do it.

You need different arrangements of text. The bible code is: No punctuation. No difference in capital vs. small letter. It is just a picture of the letters.

The other module you need is the scripture span, which encases the whole of the code, plus 7 verses about on each side, but the smaller the code, the less you need.

You do that, so you can see the context just a little.

Were I to set up my own code tool, I would probably enter every code I have already pulled as an index of success. And with each, I would identify the key scriptures found which release epiphany.

The gist of this task can be completed for any language. My taste is a bit diverse. I would like some Hebrew available. I would like Strong's. I would like Hebrew dico's. I probably would not mind some gematria values. I would like some means of being creative.

The Sword Project is one place you can make your tool.

From this place, you can find nice bible study tools. Here is one for Windows.

What I have found is that the apps you find say on Microsoft look like the handiwork of these creators. Microsoft's YouBible permits one to set up parallel views of scripture, similar Bible Gateway. And you can get a lot of languages, so you can set the second language up to whatever you need. We will see if I end my need to make something. I might get it here. And it is on my machine. There are some valued translations in here for the parallel study. How I do searches with two or three words can be done in the YouBible interface. It just does not color them. In the Bible Gateway engine, there was no way to do multi-word searches. The output is a blend of the two sets, sometimes having the two words in one verse/passage. You want a tool which is flexible, helps you grow, etc. Having played with this bible, I recommend it for my Reader. Here is an assignment. Look up "lily + flower".

Okay, so YouBible has more than 110 languages, and you can (at least online) work any languages in parallel one wants. There must be 60 minority dialects from around the world. And you can map it to one of the Roman letter languages (my paradigm). You can map it to non-Roman languages. There's Hebrew, Japanese, a bunch of Chinese, and so on. My eye says there's more than 110, however, I am used to seeing my Translate tool. This particular tool relies on volunteers. The chapters become available as someone does the work. That applies to audio as well.

I've remarked how I became deeper in my understanding of scripture by viewing all the scripture video I could. I viewed the gospels each 33 times, like I treated the bible like a Trekkie. The YouBible has the videos. And you could watch them on an iPad with a group. The tool has in its options color coding, to highlight meaningful passages. As well, there are lesson streams, set up on different people's needs. Say they need a boost in their marriage. There's a study for that, tied to scripture. Or for a whole list of those types of personal needs, you can find a study.

I've seen a few versions of French/English texts. Imagine setting up French/Hebrew. What do you think that looks like? And of note, there's two versions of Gaelic. That is rather two sets of Gaelic. Okay, so pair up French and Gaelic. Which text is longer?

These databases are the ideal means of having interfaces which promote a person's ability to create new language translations.

How many languages are left to get their Bible? On this site, and its friends, there is active translation happening. That is cool.

Get that antenna up:

Hello na h-Alba, is e seo ro bheag / sgaradh bho shiorrachd / gleann Calgary. Tha mi a 'fuireach ann an Canada. Hey. Gràdh, Donna

Assuming Google Translate works, my clans in Scotland will get my message.

The Chronology

Here is that manner of study which has helped forge current Messiah Jesus of Nazareth movies.

You go there.

Have fun.

I've been through a few strands.

There's one with 4-5 parts. And it was a pretty clear table. That was my favorite.

You need to explore.

I've reviewed them all. For my Reader, I recommend Study #3 and #6.

For these studies, you may need to increase the size of the font and overall view of your screen.

The guy that made this site has a good handle on legal matters pertaining to Intellectual Property. He's a good model.

As I visited the sites, I saw similarity in structure between the things on mine, and his, but you see his revelation output for you is different. And we need different takes. We don't all want just one means of breaking open the gospel. There are cool means of breaking it open, so we can understand it.

#6 has that concept of a bird's eye view, along with a commentary. The bird's eye view gives you a quick view. These are learning tools. 

NASA Aurora Saturn

I enjoyed this feature today from NASA. There is an aurora on Saturn.

I am not providing the link. I am setting you up to see something cool.

The Hack

Lord God, for the latest hack, which involves saying not nice things about your Beloved, break the hack. Undo the damage done, Lord.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

I think those involved in the hacking life should watch this.

If Jehovah is my Self Existing God who lives in Eternity, and by praying to him, he can break whatever, this hack should end. Something should go wrong.

Hackers have this self-concept they are almighty, because they can mess with people's data.

Watch. Watch what happens here. When you see the turn, and the hack gets difficult, perhaps these should consider finding my God, who is Life.

And then, hack his code, and find him.

Jehovah is Almighty. And he is bigger than the whole Earth hacker network. That's what I think. I think a lot of him.

One of the ways God works is he changes the dynamic. For example, the specialist agencies of the nations get a tip. The tip is from God himself. And they shut the hack down.

Watch this particular hack get shut down. Jehovah will release a tip.

Yesterday's hack was a faker pretending to be Google.

Eh Google?

I found the fakeout.

Here's a mirror.

If Daniel was not among them, they would all have been bird food.

Review Daniel.

Not surprising, the fakeout occupies Daniel.

Those interested, get the code, and study the fakeout search and output.

Lamb Code

Here's the Lamb.

This is our multi-lingual tool. Open your language. It's on the right.

The link concept does not work here. I am trying to fix it.

So far, it's not working.

When that opens, enter Lamb. Search.

Set the spread of the search to the whole bible, or perhaps try setting the spread to the Synoptic Gospels. Check it out.

Then, there's that tool on the bottom. And it provides you the meaning of all the names. We hope it is correct, but it is nice to have. You will want to further that study.

How you do, you can enter the name into Hebrew code, and see what comes up. It's not necessarily the definition, but it is very cool. It's a kind of word mystery.

You can't swap languages part way through. You must search over.

In all cases, on the right, as a learner, start with the search spread over the whole bible. In the selection of that spread, in every language, it is the last one.

Say you are a language learner, you use Google Translate and this to search.

I appreciate a few languages I would like to know better are in here.

This search engine drops to the opening view a lot. It just happens.

So, will I use this much? I don't know. I think this is an excellent tool for people seeking a word from God. God speaks in our dream with a word. And sometimes, that word is not your native tongue. So, find what you think the language is, and look it up, in its bible, if you read that tongue. Take a verse back to Google, and translate it to your tongue.

How We Will Work


Because this second tool reverts to the opening screen, I can tell you the search word to enter, and I can share with you a few sample outputs.

I would not share all of them. I would share what speaks to me, or a section of 5-12 verses. And I will probably continue with KJV. And Readers here can look it over, and repeat the search in your tongue. You start over.

This gives us our mode of operation.

Typically, in the past I would bold a piece that stood out. Now, rather, I will clip a piece. And my Reader will hunt it.

The fastest tool is Bible Gateway. You go there. After looking up the search on this tool, you head over there. And you do your parallel view. And set up the whole chapter around the key verses.

The Cry

There is no better name for finding hope and life, because Jesus Christ has death managed.

He has secured life for his beloved.; Live.

Praise Jesus.


So, I am continuing searches, but I am not providing you the interface picture.

You've seen the two new engines I am using. I will add them to links or something, once I've used them enough.

Here is the search Sweet and Heart.

o-bible; Sweet + Heart; BBE

This is a word for someone. Pick it up.

I may also run the search through the other engine.

BBE is the Bible in Basic English. It's like the bible reduced to a 1000 words. It is meant for making the language simple. It is good for this kind of hunting. It's also good for Second Language Learners to English.

The searches I am doing are those kind I would do for code. This here is the output.

The fact I know how and where to break words comes from previous coding.

Here is that second Tool.

Jehovah is Self Existing.
He's not Subsisting.
Little error there.
English error?

I was losing the placement of the tool. This one, you get the interface, till I recall where it is.

That type of data one could share here: The Version. Examine the color bits.

If God can provide you a code, for this is not intra-linear, but it is a code, then, what does this scripture say to you? Derive your word.


This is a new tool. I would like to push it. I would like to see what I can get out of it.

What you see here is I did an interlinear search.

I selected three versions of bible, and one is Chinese. Say I push the three version buttons on the top, I ought be able to see a different view.

If you search a word in English, you get the English bible turnout for the result. I played with the selections. It did not pick up in Chinese. There's two versions of Chinese. What I can do for English, which is examine two versions, Chinese speakers can do with the two outputs of Chinese. What is in  play here is a more interesting word version with a simple one. I believe the same is occurring with the Chinese.

This is a tool to boost literacy. You look at a verse. You look at the more complex version. You go to the simple version.  The underlined link is where you can go. Swap views. Play, till you get the tool.

On the right, these tools are getting set below the Hebrew, above the Aleph beit Training.

See it. Aha.

The negative of this tool O-bible is: It appears slow. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I think it should work faster.

Next tool. Bible Dbase. That's my short name for it. The name is long.

See it. Same place. This tool is fast enough.

And this might be a good tool to download for the purpose of study.

Look it over. See if it is good for you.

God gives you a word in the morning. You break it up. You search it.

You read the scripture. You pull out your message.

So, it's not all fancy, and between the lines. Whatever.

Why Seed Is Spread

First off, I have new birds. I have black birds, and I don't think these are starlings. However, they have iridescence.

I watched my sparrows eat this morning. All the seed they cast down, or a good portion of it, is that stuff they cannot crack. They need a bigger bird to crack the seed.

Larger birds, like pigeons, needs to come and eat that seed.

I watched my sparrow try to eat the large seed. It is one typically on the ground. And he tried for a minute. He gave up, and threw it down. That's a lot of time for one little bird to try to break a seed.

I need to find the right blend for my sparrow.

And it's okay, for big birds will come clean the floor. It is bad for my little bird.

It's too bad bread could not sprout, and grow new bread. The black birds are in my garden. They plant the bread they get from my neighbor in my garden. With all the bread in my garden, I ought expect good things to sprout out of there.

Young sparrows expect bird parents (us) to stay back while they eat. Baby birds don't have their fear built up. And so, that little bird will stay on the feeder for five minutes. And in this house, we let the little bird have the feeder, with little interference.

I've been thinking about all the seed on the ground. I wonder if they could eat it were I to crack it. I think the reason the little bird is there so long is because his beak is not quite as sharp. There's baby bird, who everyone feeds. And then, there's junior bird. And that is the one who is new to using a bird feeder. And his beak is sharp enough for certain seed, but not others.

This bird is a junior bird. How do you take care of a junior bird?

Bird food providers should provide some manner of food for junior bird. Or they could provide instructions on running it through a coffee grinder, as you put it out.

Some people don't like bird feeders, because they don't like feeding the squirrels. If the squirrel teeth are adapted to breaking open this seed, which I see fall to the ground, let them have it.

See the little bird beak? See that it is dull? It took 4-5 hours for the adult flock to get the little birds up in the air. These little birds were being tended to by mature birds. And at this time, I still heard some little voices in my office. That means a few more had to make this flight. Just behind this picture view, there's a rock. All the birds which came out of the kitchen vent went down to be on/near the big rock. It's a flat rock. The flock did their baby count on the rock. This would be part of that baby count. I recall seeing six moving in around the rock. Hard to see, but what I see is these little birds are standing on my buried garden hose. I have weeping hose. It does not cast water all around. That is what they are holding onto. It's not on obviously. It is soft and flexible. And it would be the right base for a little bird seat. That is why these little guys are lined up.

Here are three little birdlets sitting in a row. First on the ground, to take to flight slow. Just the first few hours of a flight winded life. Happy to have a seat while Mom cleans them up. 

BirdMom's Birdlets

Interesting Posts:

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Swallow

The link worked.

Come see swallow.

It takes a while to work out the linkages.

Here is where my swallow lands:

Here are instructions.

This interface permits you to open a whole page/chapter.

Pull open Job 8:16.

I have my yard to show you. Just a sec. We will benefit from Pixels.

This is my swale.

Find the pretty garden.

By the way, can you believe it, today, and yesterday, a few leaves turned yellow. Yeah. A few of my trees are already turning these colors, which you see in this painting.

And in that painting, you see my tree overflowing the swale. The apple hangs over it. And today, my forest has been cut down. However, it grows back every year.

By reviewing this, I realize this belongs to one more collection. I will add it.

About the unusual, I had a cedar, I think. I put in a $7-11 plant. And today, it's overflowing and about 10 feet wide. And there's other remarkable stories down there.

It is in the center of this garden. I have images of it. I will get the plant name right. And I will see what I can do to find the plant with its berries.

When I cut down the plants, particularly when I do it, for this year my husband did it, I was sad.

This particular image appears to be missing from this collection.

I will add it to SmugMug.

It was a set of images. I don't recall the whole count. This involves research, so it will be coming later in the week. I will post a refresh post, when it is ready to view.

For my Asian readers, I have no doubt you are bilingual.

Pull the same code, but do it in Chinese. Those tools are listed on the bottom bible versions.

I am pushing the tool, but I don't know what I am doing.

I was hoping for an output where you could swap Chinese to English and back.


Here's another tool with Chinese.

However, I pulled French.

Try it out.

You see what I did. Enter something. Adjust the bible to your tongue.

See what you get.

I am taking a break from the computer for a bit. Feel feel to stay.

I have a to do list. Don't you love them? Anyway, I should do a couple things, so I can check them off. Later. Here, later. 


Pull this code with your nation name in it.

Pull the Bridegroom's love for you.

Welcome Korea

South Korea.

Glad to have you here.

For my guest, I will pull Korean from the Keys to the bible.

I am not an expert, understand. I have no clue where we are going. We won't know if I don't try.




We are staying in the same spot. Song of Songs.

Here is King Solomon's love for Korea.

The strategy I used: I took one letter off your nation name in Hebrew.

Now, I am going back in, cutting 1 word, and we will see if we can speak Korean out of the code. We do transliteration. Yong-am.

Same thing. What are the chances? There's only two yong-am.

Were it not for God setting the odds, it would be difficult to track yong-am down.

For the whole of Korea, I would wish you all be the King's Bride.

I heard recently, by Brian Simmons, that they were going to throw the Song of Songs out of the canon, because the lava pour in it was too great.

And yet, it is the King's heart for his Bride.

See you, Korea?

My King's message here has been tied up. Love notes. I get to present his love notes.

When I write love letters for Mr. Lava Pour, I feel fire overpouring my edges. His fire is warm. It's not unpleasant. It's merely warm.

Lava Rock

Who has lava rock in her pots?

I do. I have lava rock in my pots. I just found a source of lava rock in my city. Happy woman.

In a few of my outdoor pots, I made a water cavern, setting a drain spot up about 6 inches, and filling the bottom with rock, to hold water, but not root.

That's so my plant gets water, but no root rot.

They sell it by the yard. I will see what I can do to get a little less.

Who loves lava rock? I do. That vine flourishing in my kitchen has her foundation set above lava rock. There's no more root rot for her.

The code is: Lava Rock.

In the lava rock code, we find King Solomon. 

What does King Solomon have in common with lava rock?

Where are the Karens? See the tie to other words? Foundation. 

When I was born, my family lived at Caronport. That's a bible college etc. It's not like an official town as far as I know.  Short term. Down in a couple days. 

Caron. Foundation? I am wondering. Does Caron mean Foundation? I have noticed people in other nations also name Cairns/Carons. You know, there are all these names for where people live.

Which book is made of 66 chapters?

This code is dicey. 

There's only 2 codes for happy.

What are the chances?

Jehovah loaded the dice.

Code 1 is the tree code with both instances of happy.

How does he do that?

About that lava rock in my pots, something to know is:

I forgot to water my flower pots for 4-5 days, and they are all fine.

This could be exactly what professional horticulturalists do for their city flower pots.

River Ro

Good morning,

This morning, I am thinking about Ro/Roe/Roy. What does this involve? Is it a region? Man from River Ro. Man from Ro.

And I am starting with a reader's meditation, because had I kids, I would read what they read, or remind myself of their texts, so I could talk to them about things.

I found a girl roe. Let's check out the girl Roe.

In research of Scotland yesterday, I saw roedeer. Yes, that's part of the landscape.

And roe? Like salmon, are there roe fish in Scotland? Is there roe in Scotland?

I did a bit of research this morning, and yes, there are.

What does Scotland do to protect their ro/roe? Do they protect their ro/roe?

Having Salmon spawn in one's river would be an advantage for certain wildlife, and man. Do men eat the fish eggs? Or do they preserve the furtherance of salmon, by assisting the completion of their life cycle stage?

I am wondering. Man from Ro/Roe/Roy is wondering.

And is there two rivers? Is there a Roy River, and a Ro/Roe River? I did not see one. How do I get an overlay to see where all this is? Is Ross Shire close to River Roy?

In the Americas, is Ro/Roe spawning preserved?

The lesson from the Salmon Roe is: Furtherance of the Family/Heritage.

The parent roe give it all, to assist the success of their young.

My two heritage nations are both interested in Ro/Roe. Norway and Scotland are in negotiation regarding ro/roe. Does Norway have Salmon spawning grounds? You think they would. I think they would. They do. Marine Science is an interest in both communities.

How will my family, who are related via me, be pleasant and smart, in their preservation of Ro/Roe?

I pray you come to some righteous agreement, which works for you, and for the furtherance of Jehovah's Roe. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Scotland and Norway have me in common. Yeah, you are so lucky.

Now, why is it that local language dialects in Liverpool, which are that unique language flavor, carry Norwegian in them? I don't know about Scotland, but investigate the Gaelic, and I bet you find some Norwegian phonemes.

See. Wisdom and Counsel for you.

The Living Waters which sets the path for the preservation of the Salmon also cares for you.

This Man from Roe has been to Bamfield's Marine Science Centre. Yeah, it's so cool. I met an octopus, and he wanted out of his bucket. And we kept putting all his arms back into the bucket. And then, we put the octopus back into the waters, so he could live out his days.

Let's talk about the Sons of God, mankind now. The younglings (made up word) were served oatmeal. And compared to cereal boxes with bright color fruit loops, representing the rainbow of food items to eat, were preferred to mama's porridge. Fruit loops, or honeycombs. Right? Those honeycombs must be full of the benefits of honey.

And the youth rebelled against the family porridge. Now, those youth are grown. What do they eat?

Like their parents, now, they all eat porridge. This man of roe ate porridge this morning. There is some cereal box in the cupboard to represent that wholly alter food source selection. We eat it occasionally.

Who will rebel for a brightly colored box? Yeah, that box represents all the fruits and vegetables, doesn't it? It surely must. That porridge looks so unsatisfying, compared to the pretty box.

At the same time, the Mrs. Man of Roe has cinnamon on her lips, and she recalls her raisins, added to make her porridge pleasant to her tongue. She can recall, because the remnant is there right now. She never makes her porridge, with spice and raisin. Her hubby makes her food a lot of the time, at least, as far as it pertains to her porridge.

Examine health or non-health. On that porridge, she puts cream and maple syrup. Yeah, it's still sweet. A tablespoon of cream, or something like that. And a tablespoon of maple syrup.

So tell me, does my sweet contain any nutrition? And just because there's no brightly colored box, does that make this nutrition less?

Little Men of Roe ought eat their mama's/dada's porridge, okay? Custom made. Odd question. Do people in Norway and Scotland eat porridge for breakfast? It stays with you. Yeah.

In scripture code, would you believe, I found a very long list of all the things parents tell their kids. Can you like believe it!

In this new code, Keys to the Bible, the code this morning is:

  • Son, eat your porridge.

And why? Because that is the Father's voice. He puts all this wisdom into mamas and dadas to instruct little ones to grow big and tall.

Can a brightly colored box compete with Mama's and Dada's voice? Can it?

I expect this to show up in Proverbs. Yes, filing. I have been checking the filing of all these records. I know where this goes. The second place this goes is Leviticus. A good Papa provides instruction. I would look there.


  • Son, clean your room.
  • Son, do your homework.
  • Son, that's enough television.
  • Son, come for a hug.
  • Son, come help me wash the dishes.
  • Son, take out the garbage.
  • Son, I love you.
  • Nothing jumpstarts my heart like seeing you on my horizon.

all this is in the code.

Think of something your parent told you. Look it up. God's wisdom holds in it all those things your parent told you, so you would grow up to be a fine young man, like that kind of pleasant roe a Mrs. Woman of Roe thinks of. What would my fine young roe look like? Yeah, well, I have ideas.

The Lord God invested much wisdom in the Salmon to climb their living waters right to the source/headwaters, to lay their eggs. And for this reason, I think the name Salmon has common word ties to Solomon. Where do you want your roe eggs surfing? Where do you want your roe eggs birthed? Whose waters should carry you?

Roe. Ro. Roy. Ross? I am not there yet. I don't understand the Ross.

My whole actual experience with the concept of a shire is the Lord of the Rings. So, you guys in Scotland, including clans, I would really appreciate it if you would explain to me the shire. And there were some other words pertaining to clan homes, which I have no understanding of.

Shire. Ross Shire? If your salmon descendant has no understanding of what and how to get back to the headwaters, how will there be a new generation of little fish in the living waters? Take care of the living waters, please. Keep them good spawning ground.

When I think of shire though, I think of Jeru/salem, the shire seems like a nice house/community for the King of Salem.

Let me tell you something about rural areas.

You would not know this had I not lived in one.

Well, settlers' farms, and their farmland is/was a defining means of navigating land for the locals.

And it just so happened that kidlets also build their house upon the same piece of land as the parents, just a little space away.

Yeah. I learned that. When you ask directions, you learned the names of the locals, because you had to drive the direction of the Andersons, to go left at the Cliffords, to go right at the Hardy's.

So, is the land division a map, or is the collective heart a map?

Here, we have larger spaces than in the United Kingdom, and some of these spaces are large, because these farms grow crops. Generally speaking though, you see a division of space/heart based on family identity in combination to the greater rural society. And you would not know this driving around.

The plan for today: I will pull and post code and meditate on parental instruction. And I've a bunch of images to prepare.

Here's my former thought.

Since, I have heard this in sermons, but you guys are afraid to cite me. Yeah. You could at least say you love the bride. Yeah. However, being called a sage was okay. 

Donna the Sage. Too bad I can't put that on my resume.

The mystery I wrote was not that of someone else. It's my thoughts meditating on scripture. Yeah, the Word of God.

Ruth's child, digest your porridge. I started off with eat, but I was not finding it. Perhaps I should go back. I used the word digest. I liked the look of that word.

Surprise. I found Ruth.

However, there is a code in Ruth. I will pull that one.

Code 3

Look into the river of the Man of Roe, and you get the sage advice, "Son, eat your porridge."

Who will quote me in a sermon? Eh? Who but your daddy tells you all that? Or your mommy.

Son, eat your porridge. Digest it too. That is this Mama's desire. I would not that you just ate your porridge, but also that you digest it well, and that the porridge bring wellness to your soul and spirit.

Consider my palace of light.

The word digest is also nutshell.

This garden we are looking at in this scripture is Solomon's Garden of Nuts. He would care about his squirrels. I am telling you I know. He cares about his squirrel.; Squirrel Mom.

This is really cute.

And here are my thoughts:; The Lamb Song.

As I chase music these days, and many I don't share, you see crumbs here. Compared to what I take in, you just get a couple. Anyway, do you think it weird if you have an album, and say for all the songs, you drop the cursor onto a time point in 8 songs, and all the songs sound the same in that spot in all the songs? That is something for producers to think about. They are recorded as different songs, but the pattern is so encoded, the artist is not escaping the pattern.

I am embarrassing noone. I am telling you something I found.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Harp Kits

I am heading to bed, but I see you here.

Look at this. It's cute.

On this page, look around for the new Vibrant Color Harp lines.


Output of Engine

We are doing a hunt.

We start here. Once public domain, a book does not revert to ownership.

Bible in Basic English.; The source code I am using is Public domain. I mean the bible.

Okay next.

This is not a fast engine.

For this interface, there's two versions on the bottom. Your interface turns Chinese, if you click those, so know the interface, so you can get back. The second one might be another Asian language. You can check it. If you are into the tool, you can download perhaps.

Man of Ro is Jesus. Man of Roe. I don't recall the spelling. I will check it as I go today.

Roe it is.

New Tool Man Roe Output

Who recalls this blog started with a clan motto: Dread God. Yeah.

So, for all those who are calling out the non-saving jesus today, what good would that non-saving jesus do for my clan walking into war. You are saying you don't have to fear God. If my people did not count on a fearsome God able to save, they would not have been valiant warriors. For all the non-saving god people, will you carry the devil on your flag into war? There's an picture of your god in the bible. You can use that.

When you come in battle against Zion, God Jehovah my Saving God is going to treat your battle regiments like Sennacherib's, eh?

So, when the regiment of the non-saving god come against the regiments of the His Name is Salvation God, who will win? Who has access to the fireballs in the volcanoes under the sea depths? Make sure when you go into battle, you cry out you have the non-saving god. The tumult of the Saving God's watercourses will send you your battle envoy.

בֵּיצֵי דָגִים

Munro Clans,

The ones calling out a non-saving God are followers of the antichrist. 

Do not follow them.  By their testimony, they call all the prophets/disciples/preachers of Jesus His Name Is Salvation liars. Baal worshippers. They are Baal worshippers. The baal paradise is fire. It's a pit, where men fall down through all the non-saving branches into the heart of Earth, where all the men with no hope are. Do not be deceived, eh!

Serve the God of Hope.

This search provides us verses in Matthew, including Mt. 27:24.
I am using two additional databases here today.
BibleDatabase Advanced Bible Search

Mt 27:24 So when Pilate saw that he was able to do nothing, but that trouble was working up, he took water and, washing his hands before the people, said, The blood of this upright round-color: lemonchiffon">man is not on my hands: you are responsible. 

New tool

From Donna L. Munro

See if you can find my Roe in Song of Songs. Note the spread of the word. I have the matrice.

I did a visual image search of River Roy. Kayaking. Roedeer. Yeah, roe hang out on River Roy.

So, guess. Did I find Gaelic for my clan in the Keys to the Bible? Hmm. Watch.

When Scottish people met me on the train in England, they told me where I am from.

In the Munro clan, look where Munro sits with Inverness. That's what they said. They said I look like clans of Inverness. Truth is searchable. The people did not know my name. They just looked at me.

Inverness is not far from Beauty. Who is the Beauty Man?

Who wants to be from that clan? Man from Beauty. How good can it get? And then, what about Davidson. That's pretty sweet. Who among the David Sons tracked back their lineage to the line of Jesus Christ? Anyone? Anyone? There's clans who walked in holiness to the manifestation of Jesus Christ. Those same clans which hosted Our God and King, they continued to live. So, there's a reason we cry things like Dread God as our Motto.

Scottish clans, chase Jesus Christ, His Name Is Salvation.

Don't chase Baal, his name is not salvation, everlasting death.

Rothach Clans, look. We start with your name in Hebrew. Your name is my name. I admit I don't know Gaelic. I don't know a lot of stuff I work with here. It's okay. We have the same name. See the dico? From this same site, which is listed here as a link, I see Munros live in Ross-shire. There is a French portion of my people. Do you see that! And note some spelling variation. I see Monro.


Something I know about Hebrew is they are vowel poor. One vowel goes. That brings your name to mine.

I've already pulled much on the name Munro. Who wants to find their name in Keys to the Bible? Get it. Munro is in there. Rothach is in there. And this probably means Rothach is pronounced Munro, right? Yeah, I definitely don't speak Gaelic.

Munro Rothach Clan

Jehovah's clans anticipate salvation.


Salvation is his Name.

Look at our clan in pretty colors.

My clans, chase Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the One Who Saves.

Please look at my Munro Clan Banner.

Hart = Man of Roe

The code search extended into Ruth. This code reveals the Kinsman Redeemer as well.

Here is a good stopping point to move over to art, since I have some to do.

But let's review:

That Kinsman Redeemer experiences where Ruth was provided a Covering by Boaz, that's Jesus' forefathers. It's all about the Scarlet Thread which leads to that Saving Name Yeshua/Jesus/Jehovah/Adonai.

In parting, here's news from the Ross Shire. It's not like I knew I knew them.

My other family root in this place is Brodie/Brodeur. I wonder why I have a French version of my name! Why is it Scottish Clans have French versions of their name?

A man with a bunch of arrows. Hmm.

This is a code to look up, as well, as the Brodie Clan, and their data. did names change so much? It's so weird.

I am not doing that today. I can leave something for tomorrow.

  •; For this to be the right castle I pulled code for, it needs gardens. If this house has no lands attached, I need a different one. I pulled the Brodie Castle. It's on this blog somewhere. There, that's better.

See this house? I pulled its architectural drawing out of the Bible Code BCW. Yeah, I did. What I can tell people living in modern homes is that you have most of the conveniences today in your house, even those living in my neighborhood, as this Brodie Castle. The average guy today lives like a noble way back in time. The average blessing of living is accessible to many of us, compared to early on.

So, Scottish clans, whose your Daddy? And whose name is Salvation?

It's Greek to Me

Image Correlation

Here's a tool which makes sense.

This tool maps everything in the bible to images online.

Who's got an eye for visual representation?

Look at the cross reference one, and imagine if you were looking dead on? Would it look like a Milky Way?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Geocode. Yeah, sounds good.

I tried it. It did not work. If I figure it out, I will let you know.


Who wants to build a name psalm?

New Jeru

I found something fun. I did "New Jeru".

Pull this.

You may have my epiphany as a big list.

You get color code of the two words.

See all the languages? Whatever we just did, you can do for your language.

Short of having BCW back, this is pretty cool, eh? I don't hate it.

Do you need proof it works in another language? Here.

Follow me here. We only did one book. We can do the whole bible, or sections. However, for the two verses which get pulled up, look at what is in common between them, and pull up a second word. And see that in a pretty color.

This is a candy store.

I am goofing around to get words.

You can a lot of fun with Google Translate and this tool.

I opened Greek, or a keyboard, or something, and I began to make words.

You make a word, and then, if it is bible worthy, bring it over, and try it.

Who speaks German?

Check this out.

What might you add to get a second color?

I am giving you fruitful searches. They worked. I am just showing the output. But, when you see it, say cool.

I have a gift for getting these apps to be friends. So, let's see if I can pull something out of Google Translate.


Oh, you know, I really like this tool. Wow.

Ukraine, Russia, here's a play tool for you. I used Google Translate first. Then, I copied my word in. Did it work the first time? No. I then, selected what I thought might be "all books" as my spread.

The output is pretty. So, your job is to make a two word code. Try it.

Max'd out results

Bulgaria? Results in 1 verse.


After my first word code, you add an additional word. This provides 29 verses.

I think God wanted us to play in his green pastures. So, how is it going?

This is an excellent tool for looking up word metaphors which go along with wherever you are in your bible, in any language.

On this engine, you can set your rainbow colors. Might I set the same ones as Keys to the Bible? Maybe.

Here's a more complicated one.

I could show it to you. That's okay. Try it. Adapt this exercise to your tongue.